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Pipeline Edition

Previous thread:

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if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643372 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)06:52:54" && image=="Screenshot (774).png")

Any anons know what hair this is?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643436 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)13:25:04" && image=="KassandraSmall.jpg")

"That's one sultry tribadist!";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643440 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)14:08:46")

Noice scene. Is she thinking of battle?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643445 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)14:52:21")

That's some comfy lighting. How much of it is postwork?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643447 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)15:04:42" && image=="Kass_BA.gif")


The setpiece has very little post-processing, but the characters are all on separate render passes, which have then been blended into the base render.

Glad you like the way the lighting turned out. You can see here in the before and after just how stylized it is, but in my eyes I think it works, just to give it a little bit of a romantic feel."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643500 && dateTime=="09/26/18(Wed)00:24:49")

just when you thought you couldn't polish a turd."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643572 && dateTime=="09/26/18(Wed)14:36:47")

"Daz is soo fkn complicated, needs to be simplified.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643664 && dateTime=="09/27/18(Thu)12:11:08")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643703 && dateTime=="09/27/18(Thu)18:33:05" && image=="ConfusedSweatyLips.jpg")

"My various user libraries are too damn large. Besides uninstalling selected things via install manager, what's the least painful way to selectively uninstall things from a user library that were not installed via install manager? (Renderosity, Renderotic, freebies, etc items.)";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643704 && dateTime=="09/27/18(Thu)18:39:31")

I'm pretty new to DAZ, but it's my understanding that that kind of content must be uninstalled manually, going through the list of files that usually comes in the attached readme file.

There's this tool, though, that arguably would help managing content from places aside DAZ Store:

The downside is that apparently cannot work on already installed content. Haven't tested it yet though, so hopefully I'm wrong. I'm just relaying what I read elsewhere, trying to come with a solution for managing a mess of a library."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643715 && dateTime=="09/27/18(Thu)20:36:37" && image=="ArentYouALittleTooBIGForASleepover.jpg")

Yeah, something like another DB that keeps track of modified files.
Oh well, 100% it's absurd textures taking up so much space. Time to get digging.

Maybe daz should use some "compressed but not really" format. That way you could just throw HugeFutaDickV8.Daz into your user library folder. Inside it can be the usual folder structure. Kind of how video games of old had .wad, .pak, .pk3, etc."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643756 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)05:27:44")

buy a 4tb external for it or something"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643757 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)05:29:18")

I have an 8TB I'm using for long term storage but its USB3. Never considered doing live/constant read/write to it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643775 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)09:11:20")

what hair is that?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643778 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)09:59:12")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643785 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)11:15:46")

Soon, Daz3D will be nothing but an asset store. But that's their core business, so... no problem, I guess?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643792 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)11:39:49" && image=="e76.png")

Nina Hair for GF3/8
Not holding my breath on that just yet. Tried the reallusion suite about six months ago. Their own assets are not worth diddly, interface is nearly as obtuse as Daz.
With all these hype videos people have been shilling, I may pirate it again in a few months to see how things have progressed."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643799 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)12:43:04")

"I do most of my final renders via viewport preview, since it's faster for me, but sometimes it just breaks and renders a blurry image.

Any reason for this?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643803 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)13:31:05")

Viewport renders only render for 2hrs max"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643850 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)22:27:40" && image=="eye01.jpg")

More work on the shading of the eyes."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643861 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)01:57:34")

Yo, can you post more of her? Maybe an unlit scene? Great character."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==643950 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)15:35:34" && image=="skin.jpg")

Now, the skin."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644117 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)22:41:01" && image=="new03.jpg")

Took a different approach for the skin; less accurate, but much faster to render."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644129 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)02:47:10")

"Can't believe 3dzone is fucking dead";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644131 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)03:26:13" && image=="Gnome Rendered in Iray.jpg")

"Kinda like how nice the Warcraft models render in Iray. I might just have to start rigging and making clothes for them.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644154 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)08:46:06")

"Has anyone used Facegen with Victoria4?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644176 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)12:34:59")

I don't believe FG is rigged for non-Genesis figures."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644178 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)13:19:39")

"Peeps, is there some proper documentation for DAZ? Like a manual describing techniques, with a reference section, etc., that kind of thing? I know about the Documentation Center (, but honestly it feels like an incomplete community effort. What am I missing?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644179 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)13:25:50" && image=="d707abf035aef7a60e518fc009e4cc95-1.jpg")

It's really trial, error or getting answers from community sites or discord. Most appear to be pretty empty but 3DX discord is very active.
>through dick, unity"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644270 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)18:36:54" && image=="f624e2f8-8d45-406c-9c88-bd9f.jpg")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644271 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)18:39:57")

When you look at the models it's funny that only the Belfs and Nightbourne elves have detail painted on the female nude crotch textures. Some Dev at Blizzard really likes spanking it to elves."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644273 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)18:46:11")

Void elves do too."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644277 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)19:01:04")

Link, please? For research, of course."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644288 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)20:31:15" && image=="transfer01.jpg")

Got pose and basic prop import working."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644377 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)09:47:51")

">"buy" Marie Rose hair and morph
>morph is shit, disregard
>hair is surprisingly good, lots of bones and decent texture
>fit to current fapfu character, it *really* suits her
>decide to make some 2Mv1f wrestle ryona rape shit
>really want to set it on a beach
>no simple beach stage environments available
Why does every DAZ beach environment made have to be a giant fucking island with forestry and rivers and shit?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644390 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)10:46:42")

lots of beach hdri's"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644453 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)18:23:15" && image=="hann-mei-and-hann-mei-short-hair-for-genesis-8-female-00-main-daz3d.jpg")

">Hann Mei is a very close friend to me, who is living and working in Hong Kong. We graduated from the same university, but later we walked along different paths. She always dreams to be an actress, but the reality is what she must accept.

>Now Hann Mei is doing her best to be a great mother of 2 kids and I am trying to be a better me.

Okay... what have I just read?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644457 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)19:45:42" && image=="1535243768700.jpg")

I gotchu senpai"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644460 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)20:12:46")

>"Can I please not have cancer any more?""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644462 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)20:27:01")

>Hann has fallen on hard times but to support her two children she is not above whatever degrading scenes you cast her in. Imagine Party officials holding her sons in police custody as she allows Triad members to use her body as a human toilet, or Mei as a rising pop star trying desperately to forget the organs black market she sold her mentally disabled twin sister to, or lonely fall nights where her boys have tied her to the bedposts, staining silk sheets as they use her unwilling flesh to become men."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644463 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)21:56:10")

He's trying to be a better version of himself, Anon, cut him some slack."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644471 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)23:03:30" && image=="cm.jpg")

Fucking saved buddy.
Anyway. I don't come to these threads with so many requests expecting anyone to go hunt them down. I post requests hoping that somebody along the way has come across something I'm looking for and shares that info with me...anyone know the hair used on left of pic and if hair on right of pic (my waifu) exists for daz/poser."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644472 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)23:20:19")

"I want to share scene folders between my desktop and my laptop so I can pose shit while away from main render machine.
What's the best way to keep the files synced? Google Drive?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644507 && dateTime=="10/04/18(Thu)10:35:22" && image=="DAZStudio_2018-10-04_16-33-10.jpg")

If you have all the content you need on your laptop, Google Drive or similar should work, if you are careful not to unexpectedly overwrite files -- which tends to happen with live-synced cloud storage.

If the plan does not involve installing all content also on your laptop, you'll need to have it in a path accessible over the network. This is what I do, I install everything (directly and through the DAZ Install Manager) to a remote folder, and also save scenes there, so everything is available everywhere. Since DAZ doesn't care too much about actual paths, but finds content based on unique identifiers, this is quite simple to set up. Pic related, it's how I set the paths in the Content Directory Manager."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644508 && dateTime=="10/04/18(Thu)10:48:52")

I've got everything installed on both. I save frequent and usually multiple copies or versions"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644531 && dateTime=="10/04/18(Thu)17:03:59")

"> down

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644535 && dateTime=="10/04/18(Thu)17:26:59")

the left lighting makes her look like a granny tho"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644536 && dateTime=="10/04/18(Thu)17:28:13")

this is the one doll software that even manages to outjew DAZ"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644541 && dateTime=="10/04/18(Thu)19:10:19")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644597 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)03:55:49")

Wow model viewer. Let's you rip most character and monster models from wow or just view them."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644627 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)09:40:54" && image=="OrcMaleCensored.jpg")

"Orc commission! I'm not gay."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644631 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)11:12:40")

That's one dirty donger."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644634 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)11:33:03")

You know what they say. Once you go green, you'll need a new spleen."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644635 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)11:38:55")

Zone is down too. Also another big VG site. Don't believe its all an accident within a few days"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644641 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)13:57:29" && image=="1534009571949.png")

"All download sites are down. The end has come.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644642 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)14:45:04")

zone is up you absolute donker"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644643 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)14:47:55")

Start paying for what you use, thief."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644645 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)14:50:12")

It wasn't up for a few hours."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644664 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)17:34:10")

Just like my dick. But now that I've come home from work, it's time to fire up DAZ and fix that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644665 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)17:39:13")

How pathetic."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644670 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)18:48:31")

My wife is out there with some guy I don't even know. What else am I supposed to do?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644671 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)18:49:16")

Well, I would suggest that you commit suicide."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644739 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)10:57:08")

"is zonegfx legit? worth sending them the gift card for reg? how does it compare to the now-dead dazposer?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644761 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)14:19:55")

>sending them the gift card for reg
huh? I don't remember anything like this when I registerd a year ago or so but then my memory is like crap.
Anyway besides from the crappy point system their links work most of the time and are not on slow ass hosters like rapidgator or premium-only novafile."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644777 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)17:10:04")

Not him, but I tried to register and yea, it seems they ask for some $5 crap DAZ gift card."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644816 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)21:57:27")

"Fuck what happened to

Where am I supposed to pirate daz stuff now. gfxstuff doesn't have as much"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644817 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)22:00:09")

What is the url exactly?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644818 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)22:06:15")

And they want 5$ gift card

I don't know why there was never a revival of daz torrents after kickass died, for shame."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644823 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)23:40:51")

Relax, people on other file shareing sites like load and gfxstuff made accounts in advance just for suck an occasion. Most stuff on zone are on the other sites, the new content is just a measure of waiting."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644884 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)13:04:03")

its up again under a differen URL"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644887 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)14:37:45")

Give a hint, please."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644917 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)19:32:54" && image=="eyebrows01.jpg")

kek. Now, eyebrows. The first step towards recovery."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644928 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)00:03:41")

Seconding this. Please tell"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644929 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)00:21:14")

just google"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644956 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)08:23:21")

topgfx and zone are back who tf cares
lmoa its down already"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==644962 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)08:57:52")

>lmoa its down already
It's a different URL, retard"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645008 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)15:56:18" && image=="toon-boy-and-boyish-dforce-outfit-for-genesis-8-male-00-main-daz3d.jpg")

"You're out stroll around the neighborhood taking pictures of women undressing for 'reference material' and suddenly notice this coming down the sidewalk towards you. What do you do?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645011 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)16:14:54")

Slap myself on the face. Hopefully this is a nightmare and that'll get me out of it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645015 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)17:13:46" && image=="neon_temple_by_rohancreates-dcoibvc.jpg")

"I wonder if he makes porn. I'd really like to see it.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645020 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)18:25:15" && image=="eyebrows02B.jpg")

Touched up the skin and eyes shaders, and switched the skin maps to Gia 8's. Improved the eyebrows slightly, too."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645044 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)21:17:02")


Dat shota bulge."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645047 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)21:25:15")

select clothes
load female MILF model
produce porn of ethically questionable standards
ride the patreon gravy train like every other untalented degenerate"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645079 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:51:11")

It looks good on a thumbnail, the seem natural, but the complete lack of small and mediun skin details kills it when the fullres image is opened"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645080 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:53:52")

the colors*"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645250 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)10:30:41")

What the fuck made you think those huge chipmunk cheeks look good?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645267 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)13:46:51" && image=="toon-boy-and-boyish-dforce-outfit-for-genesis-8-male-12-daz3d[1].jpg")

Set the bar to 50%, there perfect proportions cartoon shota"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645281 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)15:38:07")

Don't forget Laudanum's Xtreme Penetration Morph's 100%."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645288 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)17:03:24")


Yep was about to say this, 50% looks the best. Would suck dick and lick feet."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645305 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)19:30:24" && image=="DicksonDick_MainPromo.jpg")

>I goggled it
>a place called renderotica
Dear god MY EYES
MY EYEEEEeesss..."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645314 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)20:24:23" && image=="Screenshot_2018-10-11 Laudanum Xtreme Penetration Morphs 100% - Google Search.png")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645315 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)20:34:46")

Congrats, newfag"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645436 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)22:38:16" && image=="puff-the-majik-dragon_full.jpg")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645437 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)22:41:08" && image=="AyoAlmoesChrismass.png")

">Christmas soon you say?
OP should have went with Halloween pumpkin tits . Last two images have been meh."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645440 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)23:30:50" && image=="eyelashes.0.jpg")

Thanks. I have only the displacement map to add detail, so I increased its strength a touch. I think it looks better now, but there's only so much that can be done without a proper sculpt.

kek, to be honest, I'm uncertain about them.

I'm now working on the eyelashes. They need quite a bit of polish still."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645443 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)23:57:31" && image=="c6160dcec2dbb18786ede897d1bc24.jpg")

"Am I kawaii desu /3/?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645445 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:00:36")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645449 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:54:15" && image=="chibi ceasar nd 1.jpg")


What Toon shader are you using?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645450 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:58:15" && image=="Bruce.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645457 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)03:52:36" && image=="DPDNw9OU8AUwZKo.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645471 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)09:35:37" && image=="absolutely-barbaric-3381926.jpg")

That's not chibi, that's just a cartoon boy in an inappropriate outfit and with gooey-looking hair."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645490 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)12:04:39")

What Toon shader are you using?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645520 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)19:06:47")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645528 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)22:36:21" && image=="eyelashes.1.jpg")

Some more work on the eyelashes."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645535 && dateTime=="10/13/18(Sat)06:11:59")

Visual Styles Manga Shaders."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645536 && dateTime=="10/13/18(Sat)06:14:15")

You fucking Hail Chibi Caesar, Centurion or you're going to be crucified."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645563 && dateTime=="10/13/18(Sat)12:16:49" && image=="3e2.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645745 && dateTime=="10/14/18(Sun)15:08:08")

You didn't get the hint the last time did you Elagabalus"

if(Gif Author && title=="" && postNumber==645856 && dateTime=="10/15/18(Mon)03:44:05" && image=="Hag_Bimbo_Pumped_0060.jpg")

Needs bigger eyelashes I think."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645859 && dateTime=="10/15/18(Mon)04:01:32" && image=="laura-hair-with-dforce-for-genesis-3-and-8-females-01-daz3d.jpg")

">We need a promo model for this hair
>>I got you senpai"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645884 && dateTime=="10/15/18(Mon)08:54:37" && image=="1519709264244.jpg")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==645893 && dateTime=="10/15/18(Mon)09:56:43")

I am not Bingo!"

if(Shelly Shekelstein && title=="" && postNumber==646030 && dateTime=="10/16/18(Tue)11:42:52")

Hey hey hey /3/, have some free stuff! Probably just today but what the hell, why not."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646038 && dateTime=="10/16/18(Tue)13:02:01" && image=="marlene-bob-hair-for-genesis-3-and-8-females-00-main-daz3d[1].jpg")

"Oh hey is this mable's voice actress what's her name?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646039 && dateTime=="10/16/18(Tue)13:15:08")

too much chin but I feel you"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646040 && dateTime=="10/16/18(Tue)13:18:55")

She has 0 fucking chin faggit"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646043 && dateTime=="10/16/18(Tue)13:46:05")

No I mean Mabel's VA has 0 chin, this character has more chin"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646150 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)08:51:59")


the god himself!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646228 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)20:16:38" && image=="for fucks sake daz.jpg")

"The ride never ends.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646230 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)20:42:45" && image=="phx-ohanzi-for-genesis-8-male-00-main-daz3d[1].jpg")

DAZ artists work in mysterious ways, like someone watched fargo season 2 and said "that indian guy, I have to make him into a daz figure right now, that's what the store is missing!" brilliant"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646235 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)21:49:23")

that in no way resembles bourdain, where did you find the pic before slapping Anthony on it"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646236 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)21:52:43")

that's the Kim Basinger "Goldie" hair SAV made, right
You're still using V4? Intrigued as to how you made the lip morph."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646239 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)21:58:42" && image=="feenween.jpg")

Phoenix1966 specializes in celeb likenesses. I've never watched Fargo but I recognized this guy from Westworld right off the bat. You can probably recognize these ones from his Rendo store."

if(Gif Author && title=="" && postNumber==646243 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)22:36:42" && image=="face.jpg")

That's the hair.

Still using V4! The morph is made with the morph tool in Poser by hand, just pulled and finessed into shape. Kind of like zbrush for kids I guess."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646251 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)23:31:02")

Glad I'm not the only one still using good ol' V4. Thanks fuck I can zbrush out her dated old joint bends though."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646255 && dateTime=="10/17/18(Wed)23:49:10" && image=="legal briefs.jpg")

>Thanks fuck I can zbrush out her dated old joint bends though.
google sasha16, it's a completely weightmapped rebuild of V4 that's leagues ahead of the last weightmap V4. Mainly useful for nudes."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646271 && dateTime=="10/18/18(Thu)04:04:15")

Hail Chibi Caesar!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646296 && dateTime=="10/18/18(Thu)07:25:00")

Looks a little like Brittney White."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646308 && dateTime=="10/18/18(Thu)10:09:06")

What in the actual fuck is that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==646309 && dateTime=="10/18/18(Thu)10:36:34")

>it's actually the man himself
Don't know if I'm supposed to feel honour or disgust. I do have a question though, Mr. Gif Author, do you actually get turned on by your content or do you just make it just because of the shock factor?"

if(Gif Author && title=="" && postNumber==646336 && dateTime=="10/18/18(Thu)13:53:50" && image=="Jessica_80s_Bimbo_0003.jpg")

I have Sasha and have started using that for new characters but unfortunately all my existing characters are on V4 so they all have exploding asses and elbows I have to either fix or ignore. I've tried Perfect but injecting them didn't work and I'm a simpleton.

Disgust is normal.

No I don't make anything to shock, it's all variations of themes made for me. I didn't used to share everything but after the early ones got """popular""" people wanted more. So they got more, and I think most people regretted wanting more.

The strangest thing to me isn't the strange stuff I make, it's people who click on my stuff and then get angry enough to post about it or downvote or whatever. Why even click it? I guess it's this society of outrage we've cultivated where outrage is currency used to gain moral high ground, so everyone vying to be the most upset by everything.

Whoops, slipped into a blog post there!

It's an obscenely bimbo-ized hag."