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String comment = "CYOA /e/ general #6. Post stories, post votes, post images.

Latest story: Camp of Dares. Previous thread: >>2206962

Archived parts of the story (Pastebin):

Part 1: j33PCQMC
Part 2: ZsyZ8C0t
Part 3: PG6Y5C6U
Part 4: nebbyBe6
Part 5: nZaWE1Dw

WARNING: This story is over a quarter million words long and growing. Catching up takes a while.

List of characters so we don't lose track: w77HRNJh

A girl in her late teens visits a summer camp. Her roommates start a game of dares that progressively get more extreme as time goes on. The protagonist finds out The Game is being used by a young witch as a way to garner Ritualistic Power. As the price for her silence, the protagonist is given a potion that gives her superhuman agility and senses, but turned her into a cat-girl.
After several careless mishaps, the camp is speaking about the legend of the werecat. Join us in a populated world in which your actions have future consequences in an /e/ centered adventure longer than most novels which the first saga is half done!"

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if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211514 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)12:39:17" && image=="2_Lisa.jpg")

A few points!

1) The content of the story has basically no restrictions other than what might be seen on /d/. In the end anything goes as long as the audience wants it to. Make your suggestions and you'll see them eventually implemented, although don't get mad if people don't vote for them. The story mainly focus on /e/ content (mostly ENF) but if you cannot tolerate /u/, beware!

2) We are still in an imageboard. People may vote at their leisure with a single post, but votes containing images will count double. Images are encouraged to have something to do with the situation the story is dealing with at the moment, but any good ol' pair of titties will do.

3) We need for 6 different people voting to continue the story. This number is liable to change at any time depending on the size of the audience. Author is no longer a NEET, so sadly updates will be around 2-3 per day depending on voting speed.

4) Story will go on indefinitely. As long as you keep voting, it will keep going."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211516 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)12:48:20" && image=="3_Carmen.jpg")

“I am afraid it is not,” Medea answered after meditating about it. “We could easily excuse the behavior of Kathy, rationalizing that it is merely her inexperience playing The Game; but it is my personal opinion everything that needed to be established has already be made apparent. I cannot see this dare she issued as anything other than ill-will towards the loser, in this case, Lisa.”

“’No’ would’ve done just fine,” Jill grumbled; she turned to Kathy. “You heard her, Kathy. Go find yourself a nice girlfriend.”

“What? I just completed my dare!” Kathy bleated desperately. It was a very annoying sound to tolerate. “This is my turn! You can’t do this to me!”

“She said time was running, right?” Lisa interrupted her, which was good for my ears. Did anyone time it?”

“I did,” Erika giggled, being suspiciously giddy at Kathy’s misery. “She’s got seventeen minutes to go! She better hurry.”

“Jill…” Kathy pleaded, crying again. “This isn’t fair.”

While Kathy knelt in a very pitiful position with her hands behind her back and making puppy eyes to Jill, Carmen surprised us all by crawling near Kathy and lifting her own leg as if she was going to take a leak. Erika and Lisa both laughed heartily. Jill tried not to, but she couldn’t suppress a smile. I started licking the back of my hand to hide mine.

Kathy threw a tantrum at the gesture, kicking at Carmen’s leg. Carmen whined and ran away, climbing on my bed. Kathy was once again the wailing tears and snot monster with a terrible appearance. She would have a hard time finding a couple like that.

“Sixteen minutes!” Erika chanted, showing a timer she had started on her phone. “If she fails to get a girlfriend in twenty minutes she receives and additional penalty, doesn’t she?” Erika licked her lips in a cruel gesture of anticipation."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211517 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)12:50:21" && image=="4_Erika.jpg")

Kathy somehow calmed herself. “Where is my phone?”

Jill pointed at where it was, but couldn’t give it to her, since helping Kathy with her tied hands was forbidden. Kathy could hardly grab the phone after having to lie flat on the floor sideways just to have it in her hands, much less do her unlocking pattern or pin or whatever she had; and I guessed using it was not feasible.

Kathy realized this soon enough, and with more tears of self-pity, she waddled to the door of the cabin, struggling to open it. “Fourteen minutes!” Erika happily announced. “Aria, Lisa, you go watch her. The rest of us have to start thinking about the penalty game.” Erika handed her phone with the timer to Lisa, who agreed to watch over Kathy.

Medea was a much better choice than me for going out, since I was naked and all; but I guessed that I wouldn’t be much help in coming out with a dare if I couldn’t speak, and having Carmen follow someone in the dark without her having Feral Powers was a bit too much to ask. My nudity was not that much of an issue in the dark, and much less with Kathy drawing attention from me.

Kathy headed right for her own cabin; this was also where Jill and Melanie slept. Her intentions were easy to predict. The commotion Medea had caused had already died down, and absolutely no one was outside. Taking a look at Erika’s phone, it was nearly two in the morning.

Rudely and without any lack of consideration, Kathy started kicking at the door of her own room, shouting “Open up! Melanie! Come out here!” She didn’t stop even when we could clearly hear rustling – or was that only me? – inside, someone was standing up to attend at the door."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211518 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)12:51:12" && image=="5_Medea.png")

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” an unknown, feminine voice answered. “What? What is… Kathy? Why are you-?”

“Not now,” Kathy cut her off. “Where’s Melanie?”

“I thought she was with you guys? Have you asked Jill? Seriously, what the fuck are you-?”

“Call her! Call her number! Please!” Kathy begged.

“Are your hands tied? Do you want me to-?”

“Call Melanie, damn it! Naomi, please!” Despite her name, the girl Kathy was talking to was clearly white. She had long, straight, black hair; but that’s where any similitude with Asians could end. Well, that and her unimpressive cleavage showing a pink bra beneath her camisole.


“Just do it!” Kathy insisted with enough authority to annoy her roommate.

“Look, you wake me up at who knows what hour, you come out bashing at the door naked and with your hands tied behind your back asking me about Melanie! And you’ve been crying! I have questions!”

“And I don’t have time!” But she did. Over twelve minutes.

“I’m not doing anything until you explain yourself,” the girl presumably named Naomi answered, sealing Kathy’s fate. Kathy was forbidden from explaining it was a dare.

Kathy’s face contorted in rage, but she gave a few deep breaths. “Naomi; would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Naomi at first was left dumbfounded with her mouth wide open, but she recovered surprisingly quickly. “Oh, I get it now,” she said. “This is one of Jill’s sick games. Is that what you want Melanie for? Whatever, I don’t want any part of this,” she was ready to close the door."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211519 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)12:51:58" && image=="6_Jill.jpg")

“Wait! Wake Christina and Wilma, at least!” Kathy pleaded, but the door was closed on her. She got into another tantrum and started kicking the door, shouting for Christina, Wilma and Naomi.

“Shut up already!” the door to the neighboring cabin opened.

Tammy came out, followed close by Denise. I had now mixed opinions about them both. They had been very mean to me when I was trick-or-treating; but as a cat Tammy had been kind, and Denise… she could work on her technique, but she did orally please me. Neither Tammy nor Denise could see Lisa and I. Lisa was hiding behind their own cabin, while I was at the roof; and people hardly ever look above.

“What the fuck is your deal?” Tammy asked, half-laughing, looking at the now scared Kathy.

“I think they tied her up and threw her out like that,” guessed Denise.

“Does… does any…” Kathy ventured to ask, impressing me with her courage. “Do any of you want to be my girlfriend?”

“I will be your girlfriend,” Denise quickly answered,” but first, show me what you’ve got.”

Kathy was good noticing that sort of hints, so I doubted Denise’s desire escaped her. Denise ordered Kathy to sit on the porch and spread her legs. Kathy complied and Denise illuminated with her phone. Tammy made a gesture of exasperation to them both and went back inside her own cabin.

“Cute pussy,” Denise complimented. “May I lick it?”

“S-sure… go ahead,” Kathy responded, looking rather worried. She was lucky enough to find a lesbian. “Does that mean… we’re girlfriends?”

Denise didn’t answer. She knelt down and started licking in that selfish way of hers. She tasted Kathy, loudly slurping and sucking at her vagina. Kathy did gasp and moan, as she wasn’t made out of stone; and patiently waited for Denise to satiate herself."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211520 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)12:52:39" && image=="fan art.jpg")

Denise stepped back, and cleaned her mouth with her hand. “Sorry,” she apologized. “I’m already seeing someone. You taste great, though. Come out by whenever you want me to do that again. Anytime.”

Squeezing Kathy’s tits as some sort of way to saying good-bye, Denise walked away licking her lips and went back inside her room, ignoring Kathy’s constant compromises about becoming a couple.

“It’s three minutes,” Lisa whispered from her hiding place, aware I could hear her. “I think she’s already failed.”
a) Kathy also will have her feet tied a two-feet distance from one another, becoming able to only walk slowly, for a whole day.
b) Kathy’s condition will persist for three whole days. She may not play The Game again.
c) Kathy will be taken with a leash to wherever the most people can see her, to be tied somewhere nearby as a show for the whole day tomorrow.
d) Kathy must comply with any order given to her by anyone. Orders given first have priorities. People should figure out her condition first.
e) Kathy gets a girlfriend, after all.

Is it time for the day dare yet? YES or NO.

In case of YES:

1) Loser has to go around with a sheet of paper on her back denoting the price of everything she was wearing, and forced to accept the payment if offered. In order to avoid this, she might opt to go naked.
2) Loser does the laundry. Not very embarrassing (or is it?), but the group direly needs someone to take care of it.
3) Loser needs to get laid at least three times before the day is over. It has to be with different people, and members of the coven don’t count.
4) Loser must masturbate at the cafeteria, pool and tennis court before the day is over. She doesn’t need a witness if people are recording her.
5) Kathy loses the day dare as well. This makes A, B, C and D all together. That’s some awful three days for her."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211521 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)12:53:43")

In case of NO:

1) Lisa dares Aria to regain speech so she gives an Oath that whenever possible, she will spend nights with Lisa as her teddy bear. Other than speech. She has to act like a cat.
2) Lisa dares Medea instead to be her teddy bear.
3) Lisa dares Carmen to chase Aria. Aria will be given a handicap. If Carmen manages to bite Aria’s tail, she gets a band aid to cover her vagina tomorrow when being a dog. If she can’t catch it, nothing happens. 3Y catches aria, 3N doesn’t.
4) Lisa dares any other loser or Aria to a panty raid."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2211522 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)13:02:17" && image=="4b89fbc53355a490ba13819f5366ca99.jpg")

B, somehow I don't think she'll want to play again anyways, and this way the repercussions echo on into the future for a while. It'll be fun to go to the tennis courts a few days later and still see Kathy naked and tied up.

YES, it's already 2 AM and we've gotta get some sleep tonight.

1 Aria (to reduce her wardrobe, we're getting closer!), or 2 Aria. I know it's the third day dare in a row for her, but day dares work best from the POV character."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2211523 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)13:02:19")

as for day dare is it going to be issued by Lisa?
and is there an option to make this game go overnight till next morning?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211525 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)13:10:59")

Yes. This time, you have a choice between YES and NO.

YES: Lisa gives the day dare; game is over for tonight.

NO: Lisa gives another dare. Game is not over.

If you keep picking the option that makes the game go on, it could theoretically never end."

if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2211526 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)13:35:22")

"Poor Kathy, she was so close...

A, yes, 2
I'm very intrigued by implied laundry shenanigans"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2211528 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)13:51:38")

No-4 let's see where it went and hope they have enough power to not fall asleep mid-day tomorrow (or should we just make it happen although that doesn't seems like it would end good)
If yes then split between announce 2 before rolling and then Kathy, or 4 random"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2211573 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)17:01:26" && image=="2113fcce9d9a2862df9ceebe77443dfd.jpg")

A, yes, 2 with my suggestion earlier of having to ride the machine.

I feel bad for kathy at this point. Like I said before, the dare wasn't bad, just too long. Either way, I know aria is good to go, but everyone else needs to sleep, despite the AMAZING options for dares. The Carmen and Aria chase scene needs to return."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2211580 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)17:07:39")

Given how we were first offered a laundry scene when we were at the lake, I doubt there's an actual machine involved. The ambiguity of how it's being be done without a machine, and what... unique elements are added in here, is even more enticing to me."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2211583 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)17:22:54")

I assumed the lake option was more of "the camp didn't have a huge laundry room" more than anything else."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2211634 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)19:22:22" && image=="4a594c4256621ce5d605f42c0777d81f.jpg")

B YES 2 Medea, I feel like Medea would be the best suited act actually completing the laundry"

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2211667 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)21:22:31")

B2 YES."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211687 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)23:21:27")

"Last day dare isn't magical in nature, unlike all others until now other than Night 1. Just a clarification for the change of mechanics.

Don't worry about Medea's ritual. It's going better than she expected, and next night will be insane.

If you want a laundry room for something specific (like your suggestion) it can easily be done. I have something else in mind, we can put it to a vote when it becomes relevant. Girls do like sitting on driers.

Lisa was right. Kathy got desperate and went after the girl who had given her oral sex. She pathetically begged, kicking at the door while making promises about being the most complacent and nice girlfriend possible to anyone who would take her.

Ana, the blonde girl who seemed to call the shots in Tammy’s group opened the door and jumped out with broom in hand. She chased Kathy away. Kathy tripped and fell on her front. Ana mercilessly attacked her behind with the broom, calling Kathy a whore in heat and warning her to go away and let people sleep. Kathy spent her remaining two minutes to complete the dare in the same shameful position she had fallen with her knees bent, crying.

“Time’s up, Kathy. You lost,” Lisa approached her. I jumped down and in an act of mercy I liked Kathy’s hands. “Come on, let’s go back.”

Lisa offered to help Kathy up, but she rudely refused. Kathy half-held the intention to go back to her own room and just get to sleep, but Lisa and I blocked the way and escorted her back. It was for Kathy’s own sake. She did not want to go against The Game.

“So? Who’s the lucky girl?” Erika asked with a yawn, back at our cabin."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211692 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)23:22:39")

Lisa explained what had happened. It was very humiliating for Kathy to hear; she had begged to a friend, been refused, willingly accepted to be molested by a weird girl, got nothing in return, then chased out to be later spanked with a broom. Erika loved the story. Jill laughed very little and rubbed Kathy’s behind saying “there, there.”

“These two had very crazy ideas about your penalty,” Jill warned Kathy. “Don’t worry, I negotiated it down for you. “You uh… still have to spend three days naked with your hands behind your back. But it’s not so bad! I bet you’ll get used to it after the first few hours and people will eventually get bored of seeing you naked!” she tried to console the crying Kathy, to no avail.

At least Kathy didn’t throw another tantrum, but she remained crying and unresponsive next to Lisa’s bed, wallowing in self-pity and with a good reason to do so. Everyone was tired and we decided to give the day dare to finish the session. Jill already knew what it entailed, and if Kathy did not, she didn’t speak up.

Carmen had fallen asleep on the floor, we woke her up. We struggled to make Kathy sit back on her place of the circle, and she was very reluctant to come up with a day dare. Jill or Erika could have made Kathy do it, but everyone was too exhausted for any more fights.

The group collectively decided that the loser would do the laundry of the whole cabin. Medea and Jill both pointed out that it would be for the better if Kathy didn’t participate in future iterations of The Game until she had completed her penalty, and she was cut a break at least in that regard. Jill stepped back and only the five original members of the coven rolled for this one. It would be rather unfair for Jill to wash our clothes, she was very busy as it was, and she also had to spend the next day with no clothes on."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211695 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)23:23:46")

Erika lost. She accepted it with stride. “Alright, everyone go to sleep now. It’s too late for any more shit. Leave your laundry near my bed and at noon I’m taking care of it. If your laundry isn’t by my bed at… let’s say noon, I’m not fucking chasing you around like I’m your mother. You lose your chance and that is that.”

While it was the first time someone had set conditions for their dare, we didn’t have a problem with it. Maybe it was because we had gone for a marathon; we had been playing The Game for over six hours non-stop.

“Can we not fight?” Lisa asked to Erika. “I uh… need Aria to sleep, is that okay? If you really, really, really want her too, I guess we can all squeeze together in your bed, which is the largest.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” Erika dismissed with a gesture of her wrist. “You can have her tonight. If that’s okay with her, I mean. You should be asking her, not me. What do you say, Aria?”

“Meow!” my dare was until tomorrow morning. I was going to sleep as a cat.

“I’m taking that as a yes,” Lisa avowed. She broke a loose string from her towel and used to guide me to her bed.

“You fight for who sleeps with Aria?” Jill asked, understandably confused.

“Yup. She’s super warm,” Lisa explained, hugging me while I kept playing with my string.

“Oh, I get it,” Jill acknowledged. “Well, good night; everyone!” We all answered her back cheerfully. I chirruped and Carmen woofed. “I don’t know about tomorrow, since it’s the bonfire and all, but maybe we can do this again in the future. It’s freaking insane… but I like it!” and she walked out, closing the door behind her."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211696 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)23:24:46")

People brushed their teeth, Medea changed into sleepwear, and girls who needed to use the restroom, used it. I had a hard time making people understand I wanted some more water. Medea lent me a mortar; the ones used to grind herbs and similar into dust, and poured some water into it for me to drink. Licking at the water felt oddly natural; even if it called attention my way.

Carmen slept on my bed, since getting up to her bunk while being a dog was problematic. Everyone except for Medea slept naked. I nuzzled besides Lisa and give a swift lick to the tip of her nose; she kissed my forehead as a response, and wished me good night.


One of Lisa’s movements woke me up. I tried going back to sleep, but noticed Medea changing.

“Sheesh, are you going out?” Erika asked her, still on her own bed; then gave a monstrous yawn.

“I have to,” responded Medea. “Someone has to make sure the dare’s conditions have been fulfilled. I already left my laundry next to your bed. I will be going out.”

“You worry too much,” Erika said, turning to cover with her sheets. “Jill will keep her word. But do whatever you want, don’t let me stop you.”

a) Aria joins Medea to help her check on the tennis courts.
b) Aria offers to downright replace Medea so she doesn’t have to go out in the sun.
c) Aria goes to have breakfast with Lisa.
d) Aria is FILTHY. She goes to shower on her own.
e) Aria sleeps until noon and accompanies Erika to do the laundry. She needs to have a talk with her regarding a few things.
f) Aria helps Carmen on her dare. She couldn’t use the toilet yesterday because she was a dog and she’s about to explode."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2211703 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)23:30:42" && image=="b7af488cce09f94987cf29fd6877512a.jpg")

A or B, we kinda ditched Jill yesterday and I'd like to not keep that up. Plus, she's directing tennis in the nude and punishing Kathy, who is also naked, so there's plenty to see.

I'm glad Jill liked the dares. Hope she'll be back for more sooner or later."

if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2211713 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)23:46:56")

A or B"

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2211715 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)00:08:59")


if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2211718 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)00:14:20" && image=="8c2fd06f0a8a97925973dda0faa8311e.jpg")


if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2211739 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)01:16:23")

A or C"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2211757 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)03:34:50")


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2211826 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)10:45:59" && image=="1528885449550.jpg")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211852 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)11:26:54" && image=="Curvature.png")

Lisa was still asleep, I could tell from her breathing. I gave her a quick peck on the lips for no other reason than because I wanted to. No harm done.

“Medea, wait. I’m coming with,” I quietly said, leaping out of the bed over Lisa, speaking for the first time in what felt ages. “Hhnnnggh!”

“Do you realize you may now stop acting like a cat?” Medea asked me, wearing a long-sleeved dress over her green underwear.

“I’m just stretching,” I explained. It was a non-negotiable ritual whenever I woke up. “Let me get dressed.”

I couldn’t let Medea head on alone, but also understood she had an obligation of going. She could most likely take care of herself, but the camp had gone out of control as of late and it seemed like we couldn’t turn a corner without finding some sort of conflict, and tiny Medea fending off for herself out in the sun under such circumstances felt wrong. Besides, I had a ton of things to ask her.

Last night I didn’t realize how dirty I was when I went to sleep; spending hours naked outside and climbing trees and cabins had made me downright filthy. Lisa’s sheets would need a throughout cleaning. I would undoubtedly mess whatever I wore, but Medea had just finished putting on her hard, so I did it in a hurry. My hair felt like a mess and I knew there was no time to fix that, I would groom it later.

I wore whatever I produced first from my baggage. A white pair of panties; my fancier ones; they had black, frilly borders and it was supposed to be worn with a bra that was already dirty. A jumper dress; blue and with long sleeves, knee length; fairly uncomfortable but it was literally the only thing I had to wear. My pair of ruined black loafers; might as well get some use of them."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211853 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)11:27:29" && image=="Hiding it.png")

Other than that, I wore a stylish black bowler hat that Medea handed me without a word. I didn’t question her decision; I would have a hard time fitting in after yesterday shenanigans and my hair didn’t look that bad in it. Medea also got a cloth bag with my breakfast inside.

“Shall we?” Medea grabbed her parasol, opened the door for me and closed it behind her. I had that odd feeling of my eyes quickly adjusting to the light; like someone upstairs was messing with the whole world’s hue and lighting settings to better accommodate me.

It wasn’t as early as I first though when waking up and still feeling tired. My phone said it was 10:37 AM; this was bad news because everyone was awake and people were on and about. I had figured out a way to tuck my tail as if it was some sort of belt; it felt odd while walking, like I was prone to falling over my butt like a stumbling toddler at any time; it kind of brushed against my intimacy, but at least it did hide everything and I felt I could maintain the position for hours; even if having to walk with my feet flat on the ground instead of just the tiptoes added insult to injury. My ears were covered by Medea’s hat and the eyes, and nails I would just have to be careful with.

Even then, I felt like every person we met was trying to take a look at me. Medea kept telling me to act natural, which made things worse, making me self-conscious that I was moving the hat to cover my eyes in a dodgy way like I was a wanted criminal. My nerves were wrecked by the time we made it out of the cabins, and I quickly pitched an idea.

“Can we go through the forest?” I pleaded. “It’s way shorter if we’re heading to the courts, and…” and people wouldn’t see me.
“Of course,” Medea kindly conceded. “Lead the way.”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211854 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)11:28:32")

I felt at ease going out of the camp’s main road and into the tranquility of the forest. The thickness of the vegetation also helped with Medea’s sun problems, and I felt great being able to walk naturally again, I even freed my tail.
We passed near the place where Medea issued her dare yesterday and a question occurred to me.

“There’s… something under the dead leaves there,” I pointed, “right? Maybe something similar to some other thing that we may or may not have in…”

“Yes,” Medea interrupted, catching my meaning and taking over from there. “Despite what Lisa believes, when she was in an… altered state of mind, my intention getting away from her was not flight, but instead coming here to prepare that what is beneath the leaves. I will be useful tonight.”

“You mean to say… no way! Medea, are we playing The Game on the bonfire party?” I questioned; evident fear in my voice.

“That is my intention, yes,” declared Medea. “If everything goes according to plan, after tonight I will have everything I need. The last few nights I have gathered far more power than I thought possible. The emotions garnered… well, I suppose you don’t need to hear the specifics. Suffice to say that after tonight, and maybe tomorrow, The Game might end.”

“But,” I hurried to protest, “we’re going to be playing in front of the camp! Are you…? That’s crazy! There’s no way we can do that!”

“It goes without saying that our dares will be tamest at first when surrounded by public. We will also need seven participants, so we shall need to procure two more to our little coven. It will also be a chance to reveal you are not a monster.”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211855 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)11:29:33")

I kept hunting for flaws in her plan, and Medea assured me that if I didn’t feel ready, I could either be replaced by another participant or we could just go back to the cabin; as she was ahead schedule with six nights to go, in either case. That kept me at ease, even if a little guilty Medea could have thought to alter her plants for my sake for a second time.

“Although we will have to be careful about the weather in the future,” Medea proceeded in our conversation.

“What weather?”

a) It will rain.
b) Hard rain, probably thunderstorm in the way.
c) There will be a tropical storm.
d) There will be a hurricane.
e) A deluge is on the way. Save your electronics!
f) Actually, the weather will be fine.

And when? If you vote F, you may still apply.

1) Tomorrow.
2) The day after tomorrow.
3) Day 11."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2211858 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)11:38:21" && image=="unknown 3.png")

B. Not sure how powerful a tropical storm is, but I don't want it so intense that camp basically stops for a day.

Any time is good, I think. The bonfire's today so it won't mess that up, and beyond that it's fine whenever."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2211865 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)12:48:46" && image=="c3a52ee2d1af8d5f15362d7f8cb9ffd7.png")

B, maybe with a bit of hail, or a short power outage."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2211867 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)12:59:26")

How sensitive is Aria towards high wind (tropical storm) versus noise (thunderstorm)? Which one would screw up her sense more?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211869 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)13:06:39")

She'll know if a storm is coming a few hours ahead of time. That's where the sensitivity ends. On a side note, she can also predict earthquakes.
Wonder what she feels about thunder? She's shown to hate loud noises."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2211874 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)13:15:42")

Tropical storm/hurricane are both just tropical cyclone with different strength and the difference in strength matter relatively little
split B/C/D/E
As for time, probably 2, or maybe 3 if something is supposed to happen day 9"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2211878 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)13:25:58")

Actually I would just want OP determine this one according to what OP sees as best"

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2211884 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)13:49:09" && image=="enf_rain2.jpg")

B. I like stormy weather

2. Gives the girls more time to prepare (think on what to do) for stormy weather."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2211887 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)14:05:53")

I actually "1, maybe 2 if....""

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2211898 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)15:03:27" && image=="b513936aed74281808633de552c59b59.jpg")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211926 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)16:45:45")

"Sorry if this chapter feels heavy. There was plenty of plot points that needed to be included and mentioned; but couldn't be expanded upon without making the story feel sluggish.

“Do you not read the news? It will most certainly rain the day after tomorrow,” Medea told me. “Very hard rain; it will darken the sky from early in the afternoon.”

It made sense for her to pay attention to that sort of thing, so I didn’t discuss the point further or tried to paint her as the odd one out for checking the forecast.

“Anything else you want to tell me? About anything?” I tried to keep the conversation going. I had plenty of things I wanted to know, but could name none of them because of our little promise. Medea had to take the initiative, as always.

“As a matter of fact, yes. Do you have any plans of what to do after camp?” Medea surprised me with the question.

“N-no, not really, why?” I quickly answered without actually thinking about it. It was true that if my house was still infested by perverts by the time I was back, I would find a way to get away; and summer wasn’t nearly over, so there was that.

“Your answer is not as definitive as I would expect. Could you start addressing it with your family? Tell them you are going to spend some days with a friend you made at camp.”
“Oh, sure!” I happily replied, spending some days with Medea was something to look forward to. “Do you live nearby?”

“It is not for leisure. I have no doubts we will enjoy each other’s company; I have not made it a secret that I appreciate you, it has nothing to do with that. Because of your new condition, there are some people I need you to meet in case the worst happens.”

“Like what?” I was forced to question. “Will I… keep transforming? Or…?”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211928 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)16:48:25")

“Being found out by society as a whole,” she warned. “We will address that problem once we are outside. There is no reason you should worry about it now; this place is isolated enough for your carelessness to pass unnoticed by anyone of importance no matter how many videos are uploaded.”

“But I’m done transforming right? I won’t become any more of a cat,” I bargained.

“No, I do not think so, but it is unpredictable. I would venture to say your condition is permanent, for better or worse. You won’t transform any further, but you won’t transform back, either. I am afraid you will be forced to live the rest of your days as you are now.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” I reasoned. So long as I could find ways to keep my clothes on, it wasn’t an issue. My hair had been growing as of late. Fast. I could use that to cover the ears, the eyes could be covered by contacts, and the way I was tucking in my tail seemed unobtrusive and comfortable.

We continued to move southeast; I was happy that most of my questions had been answered, and that I would be spending some time with Medea after camp. I didn’t have to worry about asking permission. I would send a text to my dad and that would be it; he had no right to complain since he was the one who sent me here to get rid of me.

“That does it! The lack of respect is incredible!” I spat. “Can you hold these for me?” I started taking off my shoes, then my dress and panties, handing them all to Medea, who asked me what was going on. “What’s going on? The squirrels! That’s going on!”

They were so close to us, so noisy and annoying, constantly moving above disregarding us; like we didn’t represent a threat. Anything that doesn’t respect predators should expect to be killed so you don’t pass on your stupidity to their offspring. I was being strident while walking and talking to Medea on purpose, and they didn’t give us space."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211930 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)16:49:37")

I leapt to a low branch, from there to a higher one, and clawed my way up chasing a squirrel which finally learned the danger it was in. The smug little bastard went into the thinner branches that couldn’t support my weight, but the dumb thing didn’t know I could just break those easily and force it down.

“Aria! Leave that poor thing alone and come here!” Medea ordered.

“He started it!” I justified myself. “It won’t leave ME alone.” Its constant scurrying through the trees as I was trying to relax and its little claws scratching bark were both maddening.

Medea sighed, and sat down, starting to mess with something in her bag. The scent made me stop. After nearly glancing the little, furry devil with my nails, it didn’t seem like it mattered anymore.

“Here,” she offered. “You are not angry, you’re hungry. Eat this,” she left an open can of wet food for me to grab. I gladly accepted it, jumping down the tree. “You do realize you have hands, do you not?” she chastised.


Instead of continuing to eat like an animal, I picked up the can and carefully used the little aluminum lid as an improvised spoon. I finished it very quickly, and asked for another one, after properly thanking Medea.

“It is very unhealthy for cats to go hungry. I am not sure whether you kept the human proficiency for fasting, yet it is better if the need to know never arises and we play it safe,” she warned me, showing me what must have been around a dozen cans of cat wet food inside her cloth bag. “Just learn to recognize the instinct to want to go out and kill something, and ask.”

I nodded. While my sense of smell had given gigantic leaps, my taste was apparently regressing. Instead of craving anything sophisticated, the desire to eat the same things over and over intensified."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2211931 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)16:50:45")

“Can you keep my clothes in the bag?” I asked of Medea. “I uh… it’s really comfortable to be like this,” I admitted. Clothes got in the way of the full range of movement, the dress weighed heavy on my tail when it tried to go up, and the shoes were a pain to use. Panties, I could bear; but since they were already off, might as well do without them until I found a reason to use them.

Medea kept asking about my behaviors and reasoning. I had no reason not to tell her the truth, even when it was embarrassing. She waited patiently while I did my nails by scratching a tree, and in turn I said nothing while she examined the soles of my feet as they had something on them.

“Do you mind if we take a detour?” I urged. “There is something I have to check around here.”

Medea took my request even if I knew we were running a little late after so many stops, but I couldn’t help it. I smelled something wrong in the air, and it was driving me crazy. I left Medea behind while I hurried forward in all-fours.

“Is something wrong?” Medea asked me after she caught up, worried.

From her perspective, I must have looked crazy. I went running into a random direction, and now apparently I was crying over nothing. Saying it out loud made no sense, but it still was important to me. Something had marked my tree.

a) Jill isn’t even at the courts yet, but will arrive soon. Aria is to speak to the people already playing tennis first.
b) Jill has been all morning at the courts, people all over have already gathered around to see her.
c) Jill is already at the courts, but she woke up late because of yesterday. The word is traveling, but she still enjoys relative peace for now.
d) Jill is not going to suffer alone. She’s been harshly training all people under her, most of which have stripped already."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2211933 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)16:59:43" && image=="Coin.jpg")

A -> D. D is a great option and I really want to see it happen, but I also want Aria to learn what people think of her after yesterday without Jill's spotlight getting in the way."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2211934 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)17:07:25")


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2211935 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)17:15:12" && image=="bfb544c35d3ab75823373a23e8461372.jpg")


if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2211939 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)17:48:39" && image=="enf sports.png")

D. Someone might want to get revenge on Jill later?"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2211944 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)18:23:57")


if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212000 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)22:15:22")


if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212004 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)22:35:09" && image=="3c56e9e80c41bfa637c0ac5107db69a0.jpg")

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212024 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)23:55:05")

"Tomorrow one or two updates during the morning; nothing until maybe late night.

Whatever it was, it was male; and its scent was very pungent. I didn’t feel like marking over his scent; besides, the challenge had already been understood. Eventually I would find the guilty party and punish it.

I kept telling to Medea that I was fine, and that noting was going on. She knew I was lying, and just took it as a signal to leave it alone and that I didn’t want to talk about it. I asked for my clothes back, and ate my third and last can of Aria-food; concluding my breakfast.

We didn’t talk much the rest of the way to the tennis courts; in any case it was too close for a long conversation. Medea’s pace slowed now that she wasn’t shaded by trees and upon hearing people running and shouting I got nervous again, still unable to figure out what to say if I was approached.

The court was in a lower elevation than the exit of the meadows, so we got to see in advance what waited for us. Jill was keeping the end of her bargain, but apparently mostly everyone else was, as well. The division between boys and girls had never been clearer. Boys stayed outside of the fence, whistling and howling, shouting obscenities and sticking their bodies so close to the wall it must have hurt.

The girls were, instead, inside the fence. The gate was locked with a racket. It was easily removable if anyone cared to try; but the boys seemed to understand this was a show for watching and not touching."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212025 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)23:56:07")

Jill was in the middle of it all, she wasn’t wearing anything other than a sun visor, and a whistle on her lips that she kept abusing by constantly punishing my ears; it got worse with every step we gave and if I was to remain near the place we would have to talk about it.

I could count six other girls around. Two of them were having what looked like a strip match; since both of them were in different states of undressing. Natty, the girl with the huge rack, wasn’t wearing shoes or a shirt anymore, and was playing against a girl in white underwear.

Two others, one of which was Melanie, were being tortured by running around naked around the whole six tennis courts, close to the fence and ogled mercilessly by the eight boys gathered around it like hungry wolves. That the troglodytes weren’t even recording with their phones except for a notable exception of one fat bastard was evidence that whatever Jill thought she was doing had been going on for quite a while and everyone had as much footage as they needed.

The remaining two girls were a tiny brunette, as short as Medea, which allowed to at least wear a purple bikini – she looked young, VERY young – and Kathy, still with her hands tied behind her back; this time with what looked like a skipping rope and in a more comfortable position, with both forearms together. Kathy and the middle-schooler were doing lunge squats at the rhythm of Jill’s whistle.

Kathy’s tits and the small breasts of the girl in the bikini bounced with every beep. Melanie was already in tears, tolerating the lascivious comments of the morons as she jogged past them; the girl behind her was in not much better condition, she was a redhead with very tiny breasts; but looked around Jill’s age, maybe a little younger.

Natty scored a point, and the brunette with blonde highlights she was playing against cursed out loud."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212026 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)23:57:10")

Jill stopped doing what she was doing and furiously walked in all her naked glory without bothering to cover to the girl who uttered a string of bad words. “Just for that, you’re taking off your panties first!” she strictly barked, and the scared girl complied, awkwardly pulling down her underpants and revealing light brown pubic hair covering her pussy; she honestly looked lovely.

When Medea and I reached the fence, I saw a girl that I hadn’t noticed before. She was sitting cross legged, in a full tennis uniform, if anything just showing the pink panties she was wearing underneath with her sitting position and caring little about it. Who would even look at those with so many naked girls around? She looked older than me, and had a mean stare. Even sitting, I could tell she was tall; which was a shame for the tiny mounds under her shirt, currently hidden between crossed arms. She had bright eyes and a button nose, her grimace showed perfect, white teeth; and it was rare to see hair as curly as hers which was also long; it must have been a pain to care for that brown mane every day.

One thing I had to admit is that poor girls suffering such horrible humiliations were at least a magnificent camouflage. No one had noticed that the infamous werecat was walking around in plain daylight.

“I say she’s keeping the end of her deal, even with no one looking at her,” I whispered to Medea, she nodded, impressed.

a) Greet Jill and ask to be let inside.
b) Jump inside and walk to Jill. Medea will have to stay outside until she’s let in through the gate. A and B are very different.
c) Everything is under control here. Aria feels like going back to the forest to exercise a little.
d) Medea convinces Aria to run along while she stays to watch over Jill. Aria goes to shower instead.
e) Aria stays to see the training while Medea leaves. Aria tries to not call any attention to herself."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212029 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)00:05:30" && image=="Yukikaze 2.png")

A and B are very different? Best guess I have is that A results in us being separate from the... training and B has us be a part of it.

A or B, I'm fine with either as long as we stay here for a while."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212052 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)01:16:51")


if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2212073 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)03:46:07")

C or A, I'd rather say hi to jill and leave quickly, we have had a ton of tennis."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212077 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)03:56:03")


if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2212081 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)05:38:52")

"C or D, I feel like there isn't too much more to do with tennis.";

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212088 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)07:01:14" && image=="AdA6Ray.png")

C. Aria needs to find out who challenged her territory. I'm kinda surprised how upset Aria got."

if(Damp of cares && title=="" && postNumber==2212092 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)07:42:05")

"Same as gnattering yawn";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212096 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)08:05:33" && image=="__shijou_takane_idolmaster_idolmaster_classic_and_idolmaster_million_live_drawn_by_andou_shuuki__sample-86fb87c86e11bda46a18be0de7bd0b90.jpg")


if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212099 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)08:22:14")

change to C."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212131 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)11:12:50" && image=="1527550558116.png")

Tally for A."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212153 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)11:36:51")

Sorry, C was nearly done. Link your post next time and you get double vote; because that's a terrific image.

“I don’t think she’s backing down anytime soon, either,” I imposed, trying to hide that what I wanted to avoid was Jill noticing me and forcing me into her training, something I could see happening.

I doubted she would be mean, but as I interchanged a short stare with the tearful Melanie, streaking around in her birthday suit, I knew it ten minutes that could be me if I wasn’t careful. Melanie didn’t have time to greet me or say anything at all; she continued to run, leaving her jogging partner further behind. I heeded at Medea, waiting for an answer.

“This is quite the conundrum,” Medea mused in a low voice, trying to pass unnoticed by the males around us. “Jill does enjoy the privilege of Erika’s confidence, as well as yours. I have no desire to have her question my trust by watching over her for an uninterrupted day. Kathy is of course, a different matter, but Jill has that covered.”

“Why don’t we check on her every now and then?” I suggested instead. “There’s no need to babysit her. If we drop by every few hours or ask around, we’ll know if she’s still naked.”

“Yes, I am not against the idea,” Medea allowed herself to be convinced.

“Back to the forest?” I pled, anxious to get away from the cheering perverts and the humiliated girls – even if it was an erotic spectacle that I would undoubtedly think about sometime in the future, maybe while all alone – and return to the tranquility of the groves."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212156 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)11:38:01")

Medea smiled, giving me an affirmative answer. We turned our backs and walked the way we came, satisfied with what we had learned and watched. I discarded my clothing as soon as my ears and nose could tell we were all alone; it was hard to admit it, but I found it very comfortable and natural to wear nothing at all; except maybe a pair of panties that I didn’t want to dirty so I didn’t wear.

To my surprise, Medea soon imitated me, taking off her clothes and revealing that ridiculously perfectly bare and symmetrical pussy, those small breasts and the surprising feminine curves of her body despite her otherwise immaturity.

“Gazing at all that physical activity has made me uneasy,” she exposed. “It has also been long since I found a proper playmate. Aria, would you like to exercise with me?” she asked.

I didn’t answer at once, and was embarrassed that Medea caught me gawking at her; she may not have had the hyper-feminine, hormone stench of Lisa and the results of it, but damn, she was such a cutie. Medea didn’t seem to get offended by my eyes, she even joked that she didn’t have that physical activity in mind.

Medea surprised me by closing the distance between us unnaturally fast, her face right in front of mine making me nervous, and without me even noticing since I was too busy peering into her eyes, she brought me back to reality by touching one of my nipples. “You’re it!” she sang, and bolted out.

I was left aghast for precious few seconds, but soon realized what we were doing. I went into all fours and chased after her. As fast as Medea was, she wasn’t faster than I when I went into full throttle. The forest was a huge playground, and while I could barely register her little steps on the distance and she made clever use of the trees to give sudden turns to force me into changing direction constantly so I couldn’t achieve full speed, I was closing on her."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212157 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)11:39:09")

Medea was no dummy and took notice of it. She disappeared. Not from my sight, obviously; but from my ears. She had positioned me against the wind so I couldn’t smell her easily and only knew she was ahead; but she had hidden herself and if her feet were quiet when she was running, now they were plain inaudible.

I did the same thing, carefully circling the area so the wind wouldn’t transmit my scent and reveal my location, opting for stealth instead of speed. I prowled using the tall grass areas for cover with ears held high and tail held low. It didn’t take me long to find her, Medea’s smell was incredibly unique, even more so than my own. A single change in direction was all it took for me to track her down. I approached the location carefully and patiently, finding Medea hiding behind a tree, looking at the location I was approaching from a minute earlier, completely opposite than my new one.

Without making a noise, I closed on her, and when I thought I could make the distance, I pounced on her from above. Medea yelped as I landed on her, my hands on her arms and my knees over her legs. Medea’s appearance was delicate, but she was incredibly sturdy, brick wrapped in silk. I knew she could send me flying with a movement, but she didn’t. Medea only giggled, allowing me to remain above her like I had caught her. Her giggle intensified when I started licking her face as a sign of affection, she moved and bobbed her head from side to side, trying to run away from my tongue, to no avail.

“Alright, you win!” she conceded defeat in the middle of laughing. I hugged her and play-bit her neck as a sign of victory. “You do not want to exchange bites with me; Aria, dear!” she joked."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212158 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)11:40:16")

I stepped my head back and again I found myself peering into Medea’s eyes. They were half closed and she had a smug smile painted on her face, maybe from giggling so much. Just when I was about to take a chance and do something I might have regretted, an awful stench came into my nose. I growled and stepped off Medea.

“It’s him!” I spat. “He dared!”

It was a Tom; he was young, no older than five years; and kind of fat. That’s all I knew from the scent of his urine and the stench of his coat coming right into my nose. What offended me the most, is that I finally realized from the smell of his whiskers, coming ever closer, was that it wasn’t a challenge what he issued when he stepped and marked over my territory. The stupid beast, who was searching for me, was not marking the tree, he was marking ME.

The dumb fucking thing was trying to communicate I was to be his Dam. The insolence! The insult! A feral hiss escaped my mouth and I lunged myself forward in a fury. The stupid beast still beseeched me, and didn’t think about running away until we met eye to eye. He was an orange, stripped cat with piss-yellow eyes. His tail told me he was very surprised to finding out I was ten times his size, that he was terrified, and that he knew he just fucked up. He leapt over a tree, like that would make him any good. I easily followed.

He would pay.

1) Kill the cat.
2) Injure the cat.
3) Leave the cat alone.

But who cares about some cat? What will Aria do next?

a) Be photographed/recorded in her feral state chasing a cat.
b) Shamefully walk into the shower with some unexplained blood on her skin (1 or 2 only).
c) Go back to the cabin and join Erika in doing the laundry (40 minutes to go until noon).
d) Keep bonding with Medea."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212161 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)12:00:57")

My very slight investment in Aria's cat-priorities is sated by her just scaring the shit out of the other cat. Maybe it's because my cat was killed by another cat it got into a fight with, but I don't think anything good can come of literal catfights.

So 3 D. Hopefully Medea stops us, talks us down, and we talk about a little cat stuff before returning to fun and games."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212164 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)12:27:48" && image=="6aa192f80854d11737ebf22bad4753ed.jpg")

2, While I don't advocate animal cruelty he did mess up Aria's tree and that just won't stand.
D, still haven't had proper sex with Medea like promised days ago."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212169 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)12:51:41" && image=="Belle.jpg")

2/3, Aria would probably be sad, afterwards, if she killed it.

C or D, maybe D --> C? I like this bonding, so maybe a half hour more of it and then go see what the laundry's all about?"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212172 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)13:08:03" && image=="7816408bedcbe02bc65c8f96b2ae5978.jpg")

3D. No reason to hurt a cat for trying to mark territory. It is what comes natural and Aria is a bit too obsessed about her tree."

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2212185 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)13:45:26" && image=="enf_cat.jpg")

3. I think I would be funny if that cat started following Aria around. Love know no bounds.

D. Medea and Aria bonding warms my heart"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212189 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)13:48:38")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212196 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)14:12:28")

2 D"

if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2212206 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)15:09:21")

"2 or 3 D
No reason to do anything Aria will regret later... Or would she even?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212215 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)15:32:04")

"Story had to be cut short (default was going to be B).
Going out. See you back tomorrow, maybe late night if we get lucky. Next Sunday should be more active.

She's far colder than she used to be.

Great idea. I'll test it out, see if the audience likes it.

“You leave that poor thing alone this instant!” Medea yelled at me with authority from below, just when my claws were about to close around my offender’s tail.

The Tom used the chance to jump to a higher branch, and in a split-second decision, I opted for disobeying Medea, following it. Soon, it had nowhere but down to go to; and it was quite a drop if it wanted to jump down, I would not have ventured to do it myself. I was blocking the only exit he had, I had cornered the cat.

“What has that creature done to deserve this treatment?” Medea said from the bottom of the tree I was on. She didn’t need to shout, unlike me.

“This… asshole, it marked over my tree like I was… like I was his!” I sibilated, fuming. “Like I was his… female cat!”

I looked at him. His tail was spongy, his ears were down – like mine – and he was yowling with a low vibration; terrified. He remained submissive, unwilling to fight. To my great distress, I could understand very easily the mixture of odors he was emitting, his behavior and body language. He was shouting “Don’t hurt me! I am no threat and come in peace!”

“Aria! If you swipe at that cat you are going to kill it! Is that what you want?” reasoned Medea, finally convincing me.

I sighed. No, I didn’t want to kill him. Now aware of the language for the first time, I signaled to the cat in it. I believed to have said something along the lines of: “I will back down. It is okay, now. I am not an enemy.”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212216 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)15:33:07")

To my surprise, the cat understood perfectly and changed his posture accordingly. He approached me, affectionately. He was being very forward, head-butting my arm. I had no option but to make him desist. “I will not hurt you, but you have to stop that. I am not searching for a mate,” I told him. The only response I got was “you smell nice,” and while that was true and I very much agreed, it didn’t help at all.

Believing I was done there, I climbed down, jumping down from branch to branch in an athletic feat that elevated my self-esteem by making me realize just how agile and nimble I was.

“That cat is following you,” Medea stated the obvious.

“I know,” I sighed, exasperated. I still didn’t want to hurt him, but would love it if he just stayed away.

“This being is dangerous, I do not like it,” the cat warned me about Medea. “It is a stranger to me and its scent is dangerous.”

As far as I could tell, there were no words in the feline language to convey “Nonsense! She’s my friend and she’s perfectly fine!” so I did an approximation by being affectionate to Medea.

“Aria, what…?”

“I’m speaking cat,” I interrupted her, understanding she could find it odd if I started to rub against her and purring. “I’ll uh… translate later. I’m sorry if it’s weird.”

The cat didn’t allow himself to be touched by Medea but after plenty of coaxing. Medea was dead set on befriending him, going as far as to offer him my food. I would have protested and cried out loud, but I knew since yesterday that Medea had bought the cans at her own expense and even when they were meant for me, Medea was free to do as she pleased with the delicious goodness.

Medea found it fascinating that I could ‘speak’ with the cat – which basically meant understanding the odors and body language, both of which were disappointingly simple – and talked me into keeping him around for the time being."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212217 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)15:34:10")

“F-fine!” I finally had to agree, Medea’s puppy eyes were dangerously disarming. “But if he starts trying to hump me, he’s out!”

Medea played with the cat using a loose branch with some leaves. I was very prideful at first; not wanting to chase after it like the cat was doing, having the time of his life, but I couldn’t resist for long and joined in despite myself.

It was intoxicatingly fun; the sound of the small leaves brushing against the soil and grass just compelled me to chase it, it was much better than videogames; like the mind created the image of this imaginary pray in virtual reality and you got to chase it, the controls being my own body.

Medea kept speeding up her branch, and we – the cat and I – kept following. As a finale, Medea threw the branch into the distance, and the cat went right after it. Instead, I pounced to Medea again; biting and licking the arms he was using to cover her face and neck.

Having to give up those objectives, I was forced to go lower. It started very innocently, when I began licking and play-biting around Medea’s chest area, I wasn’t thinking about… pervy things, it was a game. My human mind realized what I had been doing, and that Medea didn’t mind.

Yes, Medea’s scent was dangerous and singular. It wasn’t any less pleasant because of it. I continued licking lower until I found the cherry-colored little buttons that crowned Medea’s blossoming mounds. Unable to help myself, I started sucking on the one I found, Medea moaned approvingly."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212218 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)15:35:25")

“Here? Naked in the middle of the woods?” she laughed, and used a hand to rub at my thighs, going higher to touch something else and with my full permission to do so. “Very well.”

a) The cat interrupts in the heat of the moment for the second time.
b) Aria and Medea embrace each other.
c) Medea shows Aria the pleasures of The Kiss; she also powers up considerably for three days, but Aria might feel lightheaded.
d) People interrupt them both.

And of course, what happens afterwards?

1) Laundry with Erika. Last call to catch her before she begins, but she will be busy for a while and you can drop by whenever.
2) The pair badly needs a shower after rolling around on the ground.
3) They’re not the only ones fooling around. They get to see another couple. 3F is for 2 females, 3M is for male and female.
4) The cat stays as a permanent companion (This is non-exclusive with any other choice)."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212219 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)15:40:52")

B, 1 & 4"

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212221 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)15:51:41" && image=="c4c21b454557d125408e8e988ea061d7b675d475.jpg")

B 1+4, agreed."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212222 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)16:08:25")

B1, anti4"

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212229 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)16:18:45" && image=="47c507ae363610adef8a9f8bc989da7d.jpg")

B, 2
hmm I think I'd rather the cat just drop in for visits now and then instead of being an actual companion. so -4"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212233 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)16:29:10")

C if it doesn't mess with her stored potion magic, B otherwise.

1. -4. I'd think it be fun for the cat to poke around ever so often, but Aria doesn't need a familiar and the last thing she needs is to be seen as the werecat with a cat following her."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212234 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)16:29:47" && image=="c4d84324b8c80caf1c53fd46169c453f.jpg")


if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2212238 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)16:45:36" && image=="enf_cat2.jpg")

C. Aria and Medea sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
First comes love.....

1. Long awaited Laundry day.

4. The cat does not have to be mentioned every chapter it can just be there stalking. I think it will be funny if the girls tease Aria about her little stalker."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212240 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)16:59:07")

Ehh fuck it, lets see some blood sucking, switching from B to C."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212241 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)17:04:32")

They don't *sound* mutually exclusive, but yeah, it looks interesting to see.

Switching to C 1+4."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212243 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)17:08:18")

Well considering that the Kiss is often used durring sex with mortals, there is no reason it sould be exclusive, I kinda assumed that C implied B even."

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2212256 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)17:35:07")

B and C at the same time.

And the cat showing up every so often is fine."

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2212258 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)17:36:09")

3m too"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212261 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)18:11:25")

c is a ritual while b doesn't seems to be"

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2212263 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)18:19:56")

Wait does that mean Aria is going to be a vampire kitty?"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212265 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)18:27:05")

Ah I see but that might be too much spoiler to other readers for now that I recommend deleting [spoiler](do spoiler tags work in this board?)[/spoiler]"

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212269 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)18:40:19")

Oh yeah sorry, spoiler free answer. Not a ritual, and won't make her a vampire."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212274 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)19:01:53")

"Things have been going so well, I got a phone to check the thread with, still can't write next part from it from here, sadly.

It is a shame about the many mistakes found on this last part. They will be fixed in the definitive version that will be released after the camp saga is over. As stated before, I ran out of time and this part was rushed.

C includes B to some extent. I should have clarified that. No, Aria will not become a vampire. The method for making one is much more complex; and more importantly Medea cannot convert, her blood is incredibly thin, she's 3/4 a 16th generation and 1/4th human. A half-Damphir as already mentioned.

This is on purpose. Both Medea and Aria have been nerfed (Aria's weight) so they aren't too far above mere mortals and there are more stakes and dangers."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212285 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)19:38:33")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212287 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)19:51:36")

>she's 3/4 a 16th generation and 1/4th human
So she's mostly vampire?"

if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2212298 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)21:05:51")

This right here, this is the good shit. I like /e/ as much as the next anon, but I love me some straight worldbuilding prose

C sounds interesting, but I'll go with B or C. No preferences on the other choice."

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2212300 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)21:12:25" && image=="b631ece0aa6f1a4b0037650bd0338e79.jpg")

Very popular vote, adding picture, if it's not too late, of best vampire"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212302 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)21:21:58")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212303 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)21:23:47")

It isn't too late. I can check on the thread every now and then on the phone, but next part is coming tomorrow.

More on her ancestry later. Suffice to say that regular Dhampirs don't mind the sun in the slightest and their supernatural strenght is permanent."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212339 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)01:36:42")

"Sleep is for the weak. Next part comes now.

Medea’s right hand teased me by going slowly upwards and getting closer to my groin, to then change directions and tightly grasp my behind.
I used the chance that Medea wasn’t covering her vulnerable neck anymore to leave a slimy trail of saliva with my tongue all the way from her breasts to her ears, and tenderly bit on one of them. I became more aware of Medea’s breathing, and enjoyed the simple pleasure of our warm, naked bodies in contact with one another.

In an unexpected turn, Medea took the wheel. She easily turned me around and pinned me down with a strength that was both alluring and a little scary. I got my hands in a half fist, both below my chin in a protective gesture, like a damsel in distress. Medea grabbed my chin and kissed me with possessive fervor.

I invitingly opened my mouth, our tongues met and intertwined. We both closed our eyes and rolled our heads in opposite directions to explore each other fully. One of Medea’s knees was just below my crotch and started rubbing against it, making me longingly sigh as we continued our kiss.

Our teeth clashed at one point, and I was surprised that my sharp fangs met another pair just as vicious and as long as mine inside the cute, little mouth of Medea. I touched them with my tongue just to be sure, and she allowed me to investigate. She finally separated her lips from mine; leaving a string of a viscous, clear liquid between them.

“Does it scare you? Are you afraid?” she asked, not afraid of judgment, but instead enticing and confident. Her enormous eyes, usually blue, shone an unnatural red."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212340 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)01:37:45")

All the hairs on my back stood on end, I stopped hearing the Tom playing with the branch and instead noticed him running away in fear; part of me wanted to do the same thing. The other part was curious; and most of all, despite the danger my instincts warned me about, I would easily place my life in Medea’s hands at a moment’s notice. My trust in her was absolute.

I answered her question by licking my upper lip and doing bedroom eyes. I returned the favor her knee was doing to my intimates by using my tail to reach and brush Medea’s pussy. I slowly caressed the outsides of it with my tip, still notably smelling like Erika. I knew I couldn’t ram it inside; I was dealing with a virgin.
Medea allowed herself to be molested like that with a smile on her face, only breathing more heavily than usual, and more than anything never breaking eye-contact. My tail started feeling humidity starting to form and slowly falling from Medea’s little hole; same Medea’s knee must have been noticing occurring.

That was enough foreplay. Medea let her weight fall over me and her mons pubis slowly crashed against mine. We started rubbing against one another and I was happy to find out our genitals met perfectly well, even with her face against mine. Our nether lips kissed; I moved up and down, Medea moved left and right. The contact between her humid and warm vagina against mine was exquisite. I kissed her.

Medea soon found out the mastery I had attained over my new flexibility as I accommodated my body so our nipples, mouth and vulvas could be in contact with one another at all times. She became more frenetic, and while it was a challenge, I kept all the important parts touching what they should."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212341 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)01:38:48")

We were both small. Our bodies matched a certain symmetry that I couldn’t attain with Jill. Our pussies brushed and massaged, grinding in a delicious friction that made my purring go crazy. I broke from our kiss, gasping for air, and embraced the sensation of a beautiful orgasm coming my way.

“It has been so long,” Medea mused quietly. “Forgive me, Aria. I need it,” she intensely mentioned.

Medea drew a sonorous breath, opening her jaws and baring her fangs. With a quickness that I couldn’t anticipate, her mouth desperately searched for the side of my neck. I felt a piercing pain that lasted for a fraction of a second, and before I had finished registering it, something impossible to describe followed.

Yes, an orgasm was flowing from my pussy filling my body with pleasure, but it paled in comparison from what I felt at my neck, where Medea’s mouth made contact. I was rendered paralyzed, found it impossible to continue my movement. I felt a warmth, bliss and joy like never before. Pleasure itself had immobilized me. If I died there I wouldn’t have cared.

And as the beautiful sensation continued, I felt the very life draining out of me. My heart synchronized with Medea’s; I could hear them both as clearly as the wind itself. They pumped and contracted at exactly the same time. My blood itself started flowing as if summoned, right into Medea’s mouth. The excitement was over all too quickly. Medea’s teeth exited my body, and she licked my neck in a gesture a cat or a dog would do.

I felt faint, but realized. My orgasm had mixed with whatever Medea did to me and they had intermingled in a delicious and impeccable feeling of completion, which forbid me from moving even so much as a finger. My tail however, had gone haywire; moving out of my control as I purred like a jackhammer."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212342 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)01:40:02")

Medea kissed my closed eyelids, one after the other.

“I was unable to resist,” she profusely apologized, hugging me. “I have… no excuse. I am so ashamed of myself. You will be compensated for this, I promise!” she stressed, like making me experience the very meaning of Heaven was something she had to be sorry for.

a) There is a laundry room at the camp. It has a few driers and laundry machines. They’re very few and it’s a hassle to fight for your turn.
b) There is a fairly big laundry room at camp. You can expect a little privacy.
c) Campers are forced to wash their clothes at the lake, which brought great inconvenience for many reasons.
d) You’re just supposed to hand over your clothes to a lady in the kitchen. You might get them back after a few days, you might not.

/*A few notes: OPTIONAL READ.

Medea just fed. Feeding has nothing to do with converting anyone into anything.
Aria is perfectly fine, but she should probably consume lots of liquids and take it easy for a few hours. Her life is in no danger.


Aria is left without a scar or mark on her body from the bite. If you have any doubts, I am mostly using 5th Edition World of Darkness’ Vampire: The Masquerade (or what I remember from it) for most supernatural aspects of Medea. You don’t need to read anything, it will be explained as it becomes relevant; if you have any doubts you may skip ahead to any of the booklets.

WoD 5th edition is amazing, but flawed. Through trial and error, I rebalanced that shit over the years. If you see any difference between what I’m describing and the booklets; just fall on what I have already stated. Believe me, it is for the best.

Most of my notes were lost with my older computer, but they can be rebuilt if necessary. I wrote whole books about it and it can be done again.


If you have any questions, never be afraid to ask; more so if the question’s answer could alter your voting decision. */"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212354 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)03:14:38")


if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212357 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)03:28:18")

C. By the way you dropped the nametag"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212388 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)07:12:12" && image=="e9d85983740dbdaf45bc35f745547765.jpg")


if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2212402 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)09:13:31" && image=="laundry1.jpg")

A. I think this will be better than washing in the clothes in the lake. 1. This option seems like it will bring the most conflict among the campers (conflict makes a story fun). 2. The washer and dryer could be the type that will lock the door when started with no way to cancel (to prevent stolen clothes [of course if the clothes are neglected after the machine is done, clothes will disappear]). Meaning if washing ALL the clothes there is no way to get them back till the machine is done 3. Machines doing the laundry means the girls can do something fun in while waiting."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212431 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)10:22:26")

"Also, how 'addictive' is the kiss? Would getting in twice in a few days cause someone to go crazy trying to get it again?";

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212437 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)10:40:06" && image=="Linkle 3.jpg")

C or D. The idea of Aria needing to wait a few days to get any clothes back even if the laundry goes well, is simply tantalizing. Barring that, I can see many interesting ways for manually washing them to go wrong."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212445 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)10:45:48")

Thanks. Corrected; that text is indeed mine.

Alcohol, give or take. Noting too crazy. Once every few days feels great. Abusing it over time will get her wishing for a fix but physical dependence will take fairly long to set itself in.

Twice in a few days should be no problem. You're worrying about the wrong side, here."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212451 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)10:54:26")


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212465 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)11:40:20" && image=="064ca39a7abc65875e428e5004ddaa64.jpg")


if(Aria Bloom !VkN64Qi1nA && title=="" && postNumber==2212475 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)12:31:32")

What, worry about Medea being able to give the best orgasm ever? She should honestly be doing this to ever one in the camp.

Maybe even to Duke as well. Maybe in a public setting where she can hide somehow. You know, so everyone just gets to see him mess his pants."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212555 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)21:42:13")

"Dayum, finally free. Since it took so long, you get a special treat to a new opportunity. Not gonna lie, it had been requested long ago and I had been putting off since it's not a certainly it can be pulled off correctly.

You don't have to take the chance this time.

I had never been so done after a single orgasm, not even my very first one. There had been times when I thought I only had time for the one, but for the first time I was over, wasted, exhausted.

Feeling lightheaded, I couldn’t even bare to lift my head. All I wanted was to continue lying and take a nap on the ground.

“Aria, speak to me!” Medea panicked, shaking at me.

“Don’t do that,” I requested, getting dizzy. “You’re going to make me throw up.”

I didn’t want to say something so unromantic after how incredibly well Medea had made me feel, but if I didn’t warn her, what I just stated was a real risk.
“How do you feel?” Medea asked, concerned.

“Great,” I sighed. “Just… great,” I simpered, beaming at her.

“You should get some rest, I will get you back into your bed,” she offered.

“I’m fine here,” I agreed with the rest part. I wasn’t entirely sure of what had happened, everything was hazy and a little surreal and while spending the whole night out would be too much, sleeping on the morning or early afternoon in the cool earth suited me just fine.

“Perhaps, but you will be better under warm sheets,” she decided for herself, and in a feat of strength that I had never seen more than for instants at a time from her, Medea lifted me in her arms, as if I weighted nothing. She still had to bend her spine so my weight wouldn’t shift us forward, but I believed it was equally impressive.

To further prove my point, Medea proceeded to walk at a brisk pace carrying me. If I could have articulated more complex thoughts, I would have surely commented on it."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212556 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)21:43:17")

Once we were nearly out of the woods, Medea carefully dressed me, and then herself. I had no memory of anyone ever putting panties on me before, just the opposite.

Instead of carrying me again in her front with just the freakish strength on her biceps, Medea placed my upper body over her shoulder and helped me walk instead. I had recovered some semblance of sense by then and again twisted my tail under my dress, halfway to our cabin, I refused any more help.

“I’m fine,” I insisted. “I was a little disoriented back then, but I’m fine now.”

I wobbled a little, and was forced to let my tail loose and walk in my tiptoes so I could fake feeling perfectly well.

“The werecat is covered in dirt. Did she come about after a night on the forest? Some people say, she has sex with giiirls,” Goatee annoyingly sang with his stupid guitar, as usual sitting outside of his cabin; this time he only had two groupies with him. “She walks to her doooorm, she looking pissed. She eyes me likes she hates me, wonder if I’m neeext. She opens her door, she gives me the finger. Fuck you too, that’s what I saaay.”

Erika was still on her bed, her sheets were spread chaotically, and she was upside down on her bed, face down as well, still naked and while I wasn’t sure, I might have briefly flashed her body to Goatee when I opened the door. Lisa was nowhere to be seen. Carmen was eating breakfast in a bowl; but at least it was human food; just some cereal; she had wisely backed down from the door until Medea closed it.

I woke Erika up, since I didn’t want her failing her dare, by getting on her back and kneading at it, demanding attention."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212557 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)21:44:34")

“A’ight, I’m up, I’m up,” Erika slurred. “Get off me, Aria. You’re heavy.” Just for that, I bit her butt, making her stand up even faster. “Fuck! Aria!” she cursed. Erika rubbed her eyes and stood up in a hurry, but still yawning. “Just you wait until I… are you alright?” Erika asked me, her bad groggy mood forgotten.

“She needs to lie down and have some rest” Medea insisted in pestering.

“You know? That’s not a bad idea,” agreed Erika. “You look kind of pale. And Medea… you look kind of not,” she noticed. “Anyway, Aria; you can use my bed. Carmen called dibs on your old one.”


While nuzzling all around in Erika’s scent sounded like a pleasant follow-up to the Heaven on Earth I experienced at the hands of Medea, I was more bothered by the fact people thought there was something wrong with me. I was getting better by the minute. I didn’t feel dizzy anymore, weakness was subsiding and I thought to have proven it by leaping in and out of Erika’s back.

Details had been fuzzy until now, and it might have sound dumb, but it took me this long to figure out that Medea might have bitten me and sucked my blood. I could remember it more or less clearly, why had it slipped from my mind? Had I been so content with the feeling? And why did it feel so good? Maybe I did need to lie down.

/* No voting with A, B, C this time. Choose the people you want to go to the lake with. We have Aria, Medea, Carmen and Erika. If Aria isn’t picked (she might need rest); you may instead choose for the very first time to change Point of View to someone else!

It can’t be Medea, not before the phone call at day 10. You’ll know the one.

EXAMPLE: Carmen and Erika; POV: Erika.

If you don’t want to change POV yet, it can be offered later. We’ll see how it goes. If Aria stays to rest and we keep our POV on her, we skip a few hours into the future. The bonfire approaches. */"

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212559 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)22:25:29" && image=="22060f7e-a5c0-4fa0-b437-b924b669eb86.png")

Changing POV for a short time is okay with me. Interludes are a tried and true tradition. (We can also have Erika describe what it's like to Aria when she gets back)

That said, Aria + Erika sounds fun to me, so I'll vote for that."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212565 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)23:05:44" && image=="55a2476df5fd72e40b3a8ede2e7b9f82.jpg")

All four go, may as well make it a group outting keep PoV on Aria."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212566 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)23:09:10")

as for resting, Aria can just nap in the dazzling sunshine by the lake, maybe feast on a fresh fish, or a wild bunny, meat is good to rebuild lost blood."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212632 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)01:37:54")

Aria, Erika, and Medea; POV: Aria"

if(Duke && title=="" && postNumber==2212636 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)01:58:01")

All PoV Me clearly Duke is the main character (aria pov is good)
Only public ejackle.. edujac... Only public jizzing I'm doin' is up your ass."

if(Damp of cares && title=="" && postNumber==2212692 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)03:58:41")

"Aria and carmen......carmen get’s freaked out by supernatural stuff......would be good to see her experience this more. Especially in her dog state.";

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212693 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)04:23:41")

Erika + Carmen, Carmen POV"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212695 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)04:58:56")

"If Carmen is in the group, Carmen POV";

if(Aria Bloom !VkN64Qi1nA && title=="" && postNumber==2212708 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)07:13:02")

If you could even catch it."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212716 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)07:55:44" && image=="c24563f3ea7be8f5c0762e3bef1b8737.jpg")

I like the idea of Carmen and Erika with POV Carmen.

Aria needs to probably ask Medea some questions in private too."

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2212732 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)08:32:16" && image=="enf_cat_girl.jpg")

Erika and Carmen with POV Carmen"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212792 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)10:51:58")

Sounds like fun. Is there any possible option to have Aria come along without an Aria POV?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212798 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)10:59:11")

"Erika+Carmen won; but Aria PoV won.
In this situation Aria would stay on the cabin and we would skip to night; yet it is unlikely that is the scenario you wanted.

I'm making the executive call to respect the voting, but giving some choices.

Love that one.

We'll play with the PoV stuff. If I can do it correctly, we can keep trying new stuff.

Was that why Medea had apologized so copiously? My memories returning raised so many questions my head was about to explode; but all of them depended on one that I wanted answered above all, a question I couldn’t directly ask because of my oath to Medea.

Erika handled me, but complained I was filthy. She knocked off as much dust as she could and removed the dirty clothes off me to wash them as well, without asking for my permission. I just allowed her to do it, even if she was leaving me with nothing to wear if I wanted to go out. She placed me on her bed and tucked me in like I was a child and somewhere inside of myself, I loved that treatment.

“She is merely feeling under the weather, she exhausted herself in the forest,” Medea tried to explain. “I will remain here to watch over her.”

“Uh-huh,” Erika responded with sarcastic incredulity, “That’s why she’s covered in dried pussy juice and there’s scratch marks on her arms and shoulders like someone with tiny hands was over her.”

“T-that is…” but for a rare occasion, Medea was out of words.

“You fucked her, so what?” eased Erika. “We’ve all done it. Except Carmen,” Carmen barked angrily, making it understood that she had no intention to let that change. “That tail of hers? Fucking insane. Relax, shorty. I’m not judging. Did you actually make it to Jill’s, though?”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212799 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:00:18")

“We did, and she’s keeping her word, maybe a little too much,” I intervened, changing the topic. Medea was uncharacteristically embarrassed and I could see the relief in her face when I took the conversation to myself. “She does not need anyone to watch over her.”

“I am sorry to have omitted that,” Medea suddenly spilled. “Yes, I had a sexual encounter with Aria, and it is likely it contributed to Aria’s current condition.”
She did not need to say it like that; moreover, it had already been established. I whined in shame at her comment and she wouldn’t shut up. Medea told how I initiated and even told them about my feline suitor.

After Erika had a laugh at Medea’s pathological honesty, she decided that it was about time to take care of the laundry, and checked her phone.

“How do people do laundry here, anyway? I asked in the group, but these lazy fuckers wouldn’t answer,” Erika griped with a clip of the tongue. “Oh, fucking finally! There it is!” she paused to read. “What? Are you for fucking real? Shit, this is just a joke.”

Erika stopped reading at her phone and used it to call someone.

“Took you long enough to answer,” she accused. “Yes, it’s Erika. I know you have my number, you should have read it; don’t you try to be cute, dipshit. No. No, shut up. That you wrote in the group, is that true? I’m being serious here, Johnny. Are you sure? I am asking if you’re sure. If this is a joke I swear I’m going to fucking salt the ground around you, you won’t get laid in camp as long as I have a say on it. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Well, then fucking make sure!”

She angrily hung her phone, shaking her head and started dressing.

“I have heard similar things,” Medea warned. “There is no laundry room available, not anymore.”

Erika soon got a call of confirmation."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212800 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:01:27")

“Seriously? I have to wash by hand all of your stuff?” Erika fretted. “I don’t even have fucking detergent! That is hard labor!”

Medea handed Erika two bars of washing soap. Erika reluctantly accepted them, but repeatedly thanked Medea for the gesture. Medea then impressed us all by grading the soap, and making a mixture of many ingredients and powders, the only one of which scent I recognized was baking soda. Erika joined in the grading, and in ten minutes they had a bag of detergent. Erika was pleased and congratulated Medea by messing her hair. Medea was not pleased.

“Alright, Carmen. Let’s go,” Erika ordered. “I’m putting on your leash. Oh, and your tail.” Carmen barked incessantly and then whined questioningly. “Don’t you give me that face. Lisa might have saved you from getting breakfast, but you have a penalty to endure and I’m not taking no for an answer. The lake is just fucking there, come on. You can stay in the cabin after.”

Erika fetched Carmen’s tail, and Carmen obligingly raised her butt and allowed herself to be slowly penetrated by the butt plug; she didn’t even need to be masturbated beforehand. Carmen did her best, but she couldn’t contain very human sounds while the plastic utensil entered her anus and nobody held it against her.

“We should get you kneepads or something,” Erika thought out loud. “Tell you what? I’ll strip naked and be lead on a leash, and YOU wash the clothes. How about that?”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212801 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:03:37")

That’s the last we heard of them as Erika kept leading Carmen outside with a leash and Goatee started singing something about BDSM and sick people.

a) Follow Carmen and Erika (PoV: Carmen).
b) Do you want to hear it from Erika’s die (PoV: Erika).
c) How’s Jill faring with her training (PoV: Jill).
d) Hear it from the embarrassed girl perspective (PoV: Kathy).
e) Aria and Medea talk about Vampires (PoV: Aria).
f) Aria talks to Medea, but rets (skip to bonfire).
g) Do you want to switch to someone else? Lisa is having a date. Leslie is at the pool and she’s become more confident. Check character roster. No one is off limits, and whichever you pick we can place them in an interesting position.

Just no time traveling. It would require and organization that I would've happily jumped to on my NEET days. Once we make a choice, time only moves forward. We'll experience each day once."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212803 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:09:42" && image=="Malon.jpg")

B. We can visit Jill again today and talk about Vampires with Medea a bit later, but the laundry is now and now only."

if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2212815 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:21:21")

A or B, but I'm also interested in Aria's talk with Medea. Recap in the future?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212827 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:37:35")

Erika's side* on B.

Erika's not going to die.

That's Romani, not Malon. Don't you try to fool me.

Recaps are okay. Time travel requires to organize the hundred campers and plan the whole day out (if we see story from a camper in the cafeteria, the cafeteria is now barred from entry for the protagonists so no contradictions can happen).

Organizing them is technically no problem, but limiting our choices is an antithesis of what I'm trying to do. The organization would also slow the story down even further. We don't need that just yet."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212828 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:37:58" && image=="55d02efa779c73ecad3c55170751af47.png")

B, would like to get back to that vampire convo later though."

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2212829 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:38:07" && image=="enf bikini2.jpg")

B. Looking forward to seeing Erika's point of view.

Learn about vampires is tempting though..."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212831 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)11:46:33")

>That's Romani, not Malon. Don't you try to fool me.
Huh. I'm usually good at checking the source when I'm not sure who the character is, and I certainly wouldn't have been sure here. Thanks for pointing it out!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212878 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)14:33:20" && image=="__drawn_by_go_robots__b5e5a238952f20fe8f539ddb0fa82bd4.png")

If we go for B then it will mostly be Erika's monologue which would be less fun than A"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2212892 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)15:11:24" && image=="53b9378b43562cad1e36b935a909ef35bdee90fb.png")

A with a recap of E later. Surely Medea can say something about what happened."

if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2212894 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)15:29:52")

Changing my vote to just A"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212923 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)18:13:52")

"Erika knows most people by name by now. She's great at learning those. If you don't know who's someone, either read the notes or ask me if you don't want to read the notes.

It's mostly because of the short bow. Both games feature the Lens of Truth, which I'm guessing is what's being used to look beneath her clothes.

“Cut it out, Olivier,” I shouted at the jerk that started to sing a song about his usual bullshit. No one appreciated been sung about, much less the bitch-girl I was walking.

He didn’t stop, not until I picked up a stone from the ground. I threw the stone his way anyway, kind of hoping it would smash his window or in one of this minions and start something. It didn’t.

I gawked around, just to see what was in store for Carmen. Place was nearly deserted, the lucky girl wouldn’t get to be seen by many. “Come on!” I pressed her, making her walk faster and yanking her leash. If we slowed down too much, the moron started walking on her knees, instead of just on the bent soles of her feet. If her knees started bruising, I didn’t want it to be my fault.

Someone pointed and laughed at us. It was that damn trio; Maude, Ruth and Clara. Sue was with them, but she knew what was good for her and kept her mouth shut. I walked Carmen to pass near their porch, give them a better look.

“Hey, ‘sup,” I greeted. “Something to say?” Even outnumbering us two to one, the bitches didn’t dare to speak, they just looked at me like I had killed their dog. “Nice patch, if you want another one just speak up” I told to Clara. She had a huge, white bandage covering her nose, an improvement, if anyone were to ask me."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212924 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)18:14:55")

Clara had hit me up in Facebook yesterday, saying how she was going to make her brother beat me up or some shit. She wasn’t so brave when she had me in front of her. The bitches allowed us to walk in peace, even if they whispered between them. If they were talking about Carmen’s pussy, how nice my ass looked in bike shorts, or how they were going to kill me in my sleep, I didn’t care.

I said “Yo!” to Cirio on the way. This time he didn’t drop his can, he just took a good look at Carmen, who just closed her eyes, started to breath like she was about to give birth and blushed like a raspberry. I gave Carmen a good slap, and spread her ass a little so good Cirio could see where the tail came from. I held Carmen from lower that I should’ve, and got some of her pussy juice on my hand.

I wasn’t as dense as Lisa, I knew ever since the first time Aria had dared Carmen to be a bitch that she was into sub stuff. I’m kind of a dom myself, so no worries. I wiped my hand on my shorts, trying to not make it obvious. Carmen thought she was being so clever with her secret fetish and would freak out if she found out how wrong she was. I didn’t need that drama.

The lake looked clean enough. Once knowing the posts I had read in the cap groups weren’t jokes, I knew what to look for. I was supposed to head down the lake, until I found a creak. It was a long walk, I was more than once about to tell Carmen to just break her dare and that I wouldn’t tell anyone just so she could stand. It was kind of a dick move, but I had her haul one of the five bags of laundry on her back, her own.

Aria hadn’t readied hers, so I readied for her. I was this close to let her have to deal with it herself, but whenever I was going to get harsh on her, something happened that made me change my mind. Why was she so goddamned cute and helpless?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212925 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)18:15:57")

Because of Carmen’s dare, we had to take two brakes on the way. I could hear the fucking ‘creak’ half a mile away, the thing was huge; it looked like if I wasn’t careful with what I was washing, it could get loose and end up in the sea an hour later. That was no creak, not even a stream; it was one hell of a river. People could fucking drown there.

The water loudly crashed into plenty of rocks, finding a spot where to wash shit couldn’t be that hard. The strength of the water was good enough for some deep washing!

“We’re here, Carmen!” I told her, wondering if I could use the detergent to also take a little bath.

If I was lucky, I could even wash what I was wearing. I had worn a sports bra so I could take off my shirt, some tight biker shorts that I was cameltoing the hell out of, and a white T-shirt that I didn’t want to get wet. I wasn’t wearing panties; I was running low on those.

a) The place is empty. Erika washes clothes naked.
b) There’s people around. Erika only takes off her shirt.
c) The place only has girls. Erika washes clothes in just her shorts.

And of course…

1) No incident, for now. Clothes get washed just fine.
2) Some clothes were inevitably lost by the strength of the stream (Can specify which of Aria’s).
3) Most of Aria’s clothes get lost, but it was Carmen’s fault.
4) Duke is there. Erika loses the whole laundry (it’s okay if you vote A or C; it will make sense later).

If there’s anyone you want Erika to talk to for some reason, speak up. Can’t be anyone we’ve already mentioned to be back at the cabins."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212926 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)18:17:04")




-Beat up blue sports bra (dirty)
*White with Blue Polka dots, light blue ribbon (wolves tore it)
*Red beaten up one (Medea broke it)
-Light-blue bra (dirty)
*White bra with black frilly borders (held by Duke)

-Black, lacey panties (dirty)
*White with Yellow Polka dots, light blue ribbon (wolves tore it)
*White panties with alternating purple and red horizontal stripes (Dan has them)
*Purple Lycra briefs (held by Duke)
//White pair with lacey borders
*Plain white with pink ribbon (torn by Lisa)
-Plain white with pink ribbon (dirty)
*Yellow pair (buried in a whole)
Black tanga
-Plain white (dirty)
Red with transparent sides
Blue and red stripes
Blue with laces in front"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2212927 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)18:17:45" && image=="Sure wish I could draw.png")



-Pink with yellow, Lyrical Nanoha (dirty)
Yellow, Spongebob
Pink, hole in butt

*White t-shirt (destroyed by wolves)
-Long sleeve button-blousse (dirty)
-White undershirt (dirty)
*Blouse (held by Melanie)
*Blue baby doll (destroyed by Medea)
*Red t-shirt (destroyed at movies)
*Button blue shirt(torn and the rest abandoned)
//Blue jumper dress

*Blue jeans (destroyed by wolves)
*Blue skinny jeans (made into volleyball)
*Blue skinny jeans Levi's (held by Melanie)
Caqui shorts
Black mini-skirt
White knife-pleated skirt

*White sneakers and socks (lost in the woods, survived the wolves)
//Black loafers (ruined)
Gold Earring
*Baseball cap
*Second and last pair of sneakers (lost at cafeteria)
3 clean pairs of socks
-6 dirty pairs of socks
*1 pairs of socks destroyed
Blue ballerina flats
Brown slip-on shoes

-Tennis clothes from Melanie. Roughly Aria's size. Includes cap.
-Tennis polo shirt from Jill. A little big for Aria.
-unfitting panties belonging to Jill.
-unfitting bra (Melanie)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212941 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)18:41:47")

C, 3
Everything but the pajamas"

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2212942 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)18:49:20" && image=="e183782c26b5451b2b0bd2d2dc0ee7d5.jpg")

3 or 4 for sure, this is prime opportunity for Aria to start falling dangerously short on clothes, which will make for many great moments in the future.

A because no reason not to."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2212951 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)19:38:32")


if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2212954 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)20:01:54")


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2212999 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)21:04:56" && image=="af92219fb939afcd4677b8eb67e7161d.jpg")

A, 4. Since the obvious solution if just Aria runs out of clothing is for her cabin mates to lone her some, the only way to truely put Aria into a low clothing state is for everyone in the cabin to be running out of options."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213017 && dateTime=="07/10/18(Tue)21:15:40" && image=="6b0e1e6c31047f996072b2a92b18c8bf50921830.jpg")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213061 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:20:03")

"I included a mannerism seen in the Duke posting here. Hope you don't mind.
Sorry that's not happening to Aria. She's far too well defined.

The part is long as fuck, and there's not that many /e/ or /u/ in it. Hope that's not a deal-breaker.
Got crazy playing with perspective.

There's something about that pose.

We had the whole place to ourselves. Not a soul in sight. “Well, ain’t that a lucky break, huh; Carmen?” I nudged at her, kind of hitting her in the head. “No one’s here to see you. I figured since you can only wash your stuff here, it’d be packed. Maybe we’re a bunch of lazy morons while everyone just washes their stuff responsibly and don’t leave it for last. What do you think?”

“Woof!” of course she said.

“At night it might be funny, but we have to get a system to let you speak if we do these animal dares some more. This is just plain fucking annoying,” Carmen nodded, giving me reason. “Oh, look, there’s a clothesline and everything.”

I don’t know how stingy the camp management was, or how much time this spot had been for washing clothes, but there were five clotheslines with a few clothespins on each. Pretty convenient stuff. You could cross to the other side of the river if you skipped over a few broad stones, and I found a good spot where the water crashed against this huge boulder, I could just let the foam do most of the work. Washing everyone’s clothes could not be as time-consuming as I first thought.

Getting Carmen to skip to the river’s other side was a bitch; being in all-fours and all. I separated all the bags with the clothes from each other so I didn’t mix up the clothes and cause problems that way and then picked one of them.

“Yes, I’m washing my clothes first, got a problem with that?” I told at Carmen, I thought she was eying me funny. “Everything’s getting washed anyway, so who cares? Alright, where’s the soap powder shorty made?”


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213063 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:21:07")


Medea had come out of the bathroom, she had dried her hands but they still smelled of a peculiar humidity. She had taken the endeavor to wash Carmen’s dirty bowl in act of consideration, rationalizing it would be overly hard for a dog-girl to do it. The bowl had some leftovers on them, and while I didn’t care much for the sugary, brown balls of cereal; my nose had gone crazy for the milk; and even if Carmen’s tongue had been all over it, I was about to tell Medea to give it to me before she disposed of it.

“You should consume more liquids,” she advised. I grunted, thinking about the spilled milk. “It will help. Get some rest and I will take you to the cafeteria.”

“I want liver,” I gulped just at the thought. “It doesn’t have to be cooked.”

“Yes, that would make sense. I shall see if I can procure one for you,” Medea sat on Erika’s bed, where I was currently cozily tucked in.”

“Can I ask you a question and you won’t get mad?” I inquired, doubtful, and taking into deep consideration what I would say next.

“Anything you like,” Medea offered.

“I know I can’t talk… about stuff like what happened at the forest. But what can you tell me about it?” I beseeched, doubting she couldn’t find a way to humor me.

“You can’t talk…?” she echoed me. “Whatever you mean, Aria?” she looked positively confused, but it just annoyed me nonetheless. “Speak freely, by all means.”

“Don’t… don’t play dumb, Medea!” I muttered. “The promise… and stuff. You know I can’t…” I articulated slowly so I could be stopped at any time if I ever crossed a line."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213065 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:22:15")

“Your promise, to me?” Medea now questioned me. “That only applies to my nature as a… you may not call me or make any insinuation as to me being the archetypical old lady with a pointy hat and a crooked, long nose, usually of a villainous sort in children’s stories. That is it. I… see. I was very distraught when I begged you for that promise; I can see why you would misunderstand…”

“What do you mean misunderstand?” I fumed. I had been dying to ask her things!

“It is perfectly fine if we discuss my vampirism, Aria,” she casually revealed.


I was a genius. I had found just the spot. I rinsed the piece of clothing; I soaped it, scrubbed against a stone and then held it inside the river to let the water do the work for me. The hard part was wringing them and having to move and every four or five pieces of clothing when I ran out of space on my boulder, having to go to the other side of the river to put the washed things on the clothesline I had found.

At least I didn’t have to skip through the stones, just wade through the swallow parts of the river. No one was around, no sense in wearing clothes. My biker shorts, bra and t-shirt were already hanged and drying up, and with the boiling sun high in the air fucking up my skin they would be good to go in no time at all.

I was busy washing a pair of black pants when Carmen distracted me like barking like a mad dog. She woofed with all she had in the direction of the clothesline. I looked up. Shit. No, not him! Not fucking here!

Duke. That creep was walking to my clothes, no doubt wanting to grab them.

“You fucking leave that alone!” I shouted at him, standing."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213066 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:23:27")

He stopped, and looked at me. “Hey, bitch,” was his way of saying hello. “Nice rack. Not! And I never got that thing about shaved pussy. That’s for fucking pedophiles. You should let your hair grow wild,” the little shit commented on my body. I couldn’t back down, with snakes like Duke, if you showed weakness you were done.

“I’m going to make your life a fucking living hell if you don’t step away from that!” I shouted again, but he didn’t even look back and just walked ahead to grab the things I had already dried. I jumped to the water and told Carmen to watch over our stuff. “I am warning you, Duke!”

“You got some fuckin’ shit taste, you know that?” he said in his hillbilly accent. “These pair of panties are okay, but come on! Sports bras? Are you fuckin’ twelve?”

I had reached the other side; I got out of the water and stepped on his way, trying to grab his arm so he’d leave my clothes. “Give me that!”

The fucker easily pushed me away. His arms were thick as logs, and he was much taller, if I was to beat the gorilla the frontal approach was not the answer. “Out of the way… Smell-rika!” was as much thought as he could put in an insult.

Ignoring me, aren’t we? When he gave me his back, I kicked upwards as hard as I could, sneaking a leg in between his fat ass and thighs, getting him right where I wanted to.

“UUUUugh!” he cried, bending over in pain, covering his balls, but to his credit he didn’t kneel or fall down.

There was no backing down anymore. I stepped back and kicked him on his sides. It was floppy, but sturdy. I tried again, but he stopped my leg with his palm. “You fuckin’ bitch!” he went and pushed me to make me trip and fall, but let go off me.

“Give. Me. My. Clohes. Back,” I demanded, getting up.

“You want them? Here!” Duke was making funny faces of pain, but still got to the river and threw my shit in."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213068 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:24:32")

“No!” I snapped. “Duke, you moron!” I ran to him to try and tackle him to the river as well. I was like running into a two-hundred pound sand-bag. I tried punching him, trying to get him in the jaw, but he got my arms. I tried kneeing him, aiming again for his balls.

He let go of one of my arms, that I soon used to try and get to his eyes if he had just given me the chance. The dirty bastard grabbed me from below the crotch, and lifted me to toss me overhead to the river. I am not proud of it, but I screeched like I was going to die.

“That’s what ya get!” he yelled.

I coughed some water. “You fucking coward! You piece of shit! I’m going to kill you, just you wait!” I threatened, I had not been so mad in camp yet. What if my head had landed on a rock? I could have died! He was lucky I had landed on one of the deep parts of the river.

I fought against the current to swim to the sides, where it was swallow and I could stand. I spat, got myself out of the water again, searching for something to hit Duke hard on the head with. “It will have to do,” I found some stones to hurl and a big, nice stick. I ran back to where he had tossed me with, the river had dragged me a good distance. “Duke! Where the fuck are you!” I shouted to the sky, not seeing him.

“Over here, shithead!” he answered.

Carmen was nowhere to be seen. Duke had gotten to the other side of the river and was near the bags of laundry.

“Don’t you dare!” I shrieked and go back on the water to get to him as fast as I could.

“Oh, yeah! There goes one!” he tore one bag open, and tossed the clothes for the river to wash away. That looked like Lisa’s. “Oh, another one! Shit. Those panties looked nice. I would have liked to keep those.”

I got to him just as he emptied the third bag. I couldn’t take the stones with me, but I had the club. I would teach him a thing or two.


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213069 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:25:34")


“I can ask! You’re sure? You’re sure?” I repeated twice in quick succession, shocked enough to jump out of the bed.

“Yes, you may,” Medea assured me, but grabbed me by the shoulders. “Go back to bed, Aria. Please.”

I did as requested, but kept talking. “So, you’re… a vampire?”

“No,” she shook her head; and started to tuck me back in. “As far as I know, my mother was one. I am something of a hybrid species. Some circles refer to my kind as Dhampirs. I am sorry to disappoint, but I am actually fairly ignorant about my own condition.”

“So no one converted you?” I immediately followed. “And what was your father?”

“No, to your first question. I was born the way I am. As for your second… I am the daughter of the lowest piece of shit you can imagine, his blood flowing through my veins makes me sick; I hope he is dead, but I doubt it. Can we not speak about him? It sours my mood.”

“Y-yeah…” I agreed, but Medea was giving me lots to think about. We kept talking.

Medea couldn’t go out in the sun without suffering nasty burns on her skin; even a few seconds were painful; a minute and she would get red blisters like she had been submerged in boiling oil. Getting close to an hour? She could die, she suspected.

Medea wasn’t undead, she had all biologic processes any regular human would have, including her period, which she worryingly revealed she started having when she was fifteen. She could eat any food, and didn’t share my inclination towards meat; she actually hated cold animal blood."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213070 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:26:42")

Medea had some measure of supernatural powers; super-speed, super-resilience and super-strength. Nothing too insane. She was strong enough to bench press over two hundred and fifty pounds, but couldn’t use that strength for long unless she had recently consumed human blood. She was ‘though’, but not though enough to say, jump from as high as I could. She could run even faster than I, and I took her word for it she could pluck my eyes out before I noticed; but she could only use that speed for seconds at a time.

Abusing any of her powers, including her regeneration, would get her thirsting for blood and in the worst of cases, lose her mind. The impulse and thirst disappeared after a few days. Medea had drank blood of other humans exactly seven times in her life – she counted me as one –, and she made a conscious effort to avoid it. She again apologized for drinking mine – I got confirmation that it happened – saying during our game of tag she might have used her speed and strength one or two times too many, and couldn’t help it when we came into intimate contact. She flattered by telling me my smell had driven her to do it.

“Am I… going to become like you?” I fretted.

“No,” she asserted. “No one I ever drank from changed on the slightest, only suffered from mild anemia. You will notice I left no marks with my fangs,” I tried to look at my neck; Medea assisted me by using her phone as a mirror. “If I lick the marks, they disappear. I don’t know why.”

“And what about… the thing you did. The… err… sexual thing. The thing that felt very good.”

“What thing?”


I came about to Carmen’s face. My head hurt like crazy, I grunted and sat up.

“Erika! Are you okay?” she asked, crying. “Oh, my lord! I thought you were… that you were…!” she hugged me, crying.

“Wha- what happened?” I wanted to know, the world was slowly becoming a little clearer, then everything came back."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213071 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:27:50")

I had gotten Duke with the stick, I aimed for his head, but he blocked him with a hand. He yelled and cursed at me, crying in pain. I raised the stick again, but he rushed me. He pinned me down, and grabbed my neck with both arms, then I remembered feeling faint, and then… blacking out.

“I ran with your phone to call someone!” Carmen said. “I’m so glad your password is your birthday!” Not for long, it wouldn’t be. “I called… well, everyone! Everyone in camp you had the number of that I thought could help. I called Jill, and Kirby, and… well, just them. But Kirby told me that he was on the way, and Jill that she was going to make some more calls and get help!” she paused to sniffle. “I was so scared! I came out to tell Duke that I had called your friends and the police and that they were in the way. I showed him the phone and told him I had already recorded him and uploaded that he had been strangling you!”

“Shit. You showed him my phone? And did he take it away from you?”

“No, he ran away. But he did toss all our clothes to the river. I also didn’t call the police. We might… we might want to solve this between ourselves, quietly,” Carmen insinuated some dark shit, and for a moment I thought about taking her on it.

“How long have I been out?” I asked.

“Three minutes, almost exactly,” she answered. “I am so glad you’re okay, Erika!”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213072 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:29:42")

“Don’t sweat it, I’m tougher than I look. Sure as fuck tougher that that nancy-boy, woman-beating Duke” Carmen helped me up.

Well, fuck. Our clothes were gone, Duke had gotten the best of me and I had made Carmen fail her penalty. Just my fucking luck.

a) Erika leaves the hunt for Duke to her friends.
b) Erika refuses to tell anyone about what Duke did. This is personal.

By the way, Carmen didn’t fail anything. There are clauses for exceptions for situations like these. Just clearing that up.

1) We stay with Erika and hear her talk to Kirby and a bunch of people while naked.
2) We go back to Aria. She has to wear pajamas to the cafeteria to get some liquids while talking to Medea.
3) We go back to Aria, but she stays in the cabin and hears about what happened to Erika.
4) Do you want to switch to Carmen?

//Sorry, just kept writing and it came out this long. More /e/ in the future."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2213076 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:42:50" && image=="b3cbe8e148b37c84b8f943f8d0b9454f.jpg")

A, no point in calling everyone over if you aren't going to explain why. Bonus points that Erika would have to explain naked.

3. If Erika's mainly recounting what just happened then we don't need to go over it all again directly, so we can continue the Dhampir discussion and then catch how the rest of the emergency meeting turned out.

I quite liked this chapter. The cuts between Erika valiantly fighting Duke and Aria chatting with Medea did interesting things to the tensions of both parts, this chapter introduced a very nice consequence for the future of the story, and in the meantime we got pretty good /e/ out of Erika fighting Duke bare naked."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2213077 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)00:47:32")

"A2 simply because I want to hear more about Medea's powers. And unless Erika goes about dealing either Duke a different way than she just tried I don't see a reason she would try that again.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2213114 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)04:13:34")

I really enjoyed the switching perspectives. I say A and 3 but mybe with some switches to erika interacting with her friends naked."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2213133 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)07:03:53")

"A. And not voting for numbers for now since all of them.seems interesting";

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2213155 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)09:12:56" && image=="enf_tries_to_cover.png")

A. 2. I am interested in Medea's explanation for why her bite made Aria feel good.

If possible, just one small scene of everyone's initial shock of seeing Erika naked would be great."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213174 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)09:50:27" && image=="9033a026ca9a877475dbc23349f905bc0d11f362.jpg")

Lore and set up is good. It isn't like this is a terribly written post. Stuff like this just makes the smut scenes even better.


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213213 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:04:19" && image=="1526433036969.jpg")

very good chapter, great for setting up interesting events in the future"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213216 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:31:10")

"Medea has answered about her powers and peculiarities, at least in general.
If there is anything else you want her to tell you, go ahead.

Aria will ask any question you make, and Medea will answer them.

“Anything else you want to ask before I… return to being a dog?” Carmen had calmed down some, and let go off me.

“What do you mean returning to being a dog? You already failed the penalty, at least you don’t have to put up with it anymore,” I said to her.

“It was an emergency! Of course I can forget the dare if it meant saving your life!” she nagged me, but I guessed she was right; and if she wasn’t, I was going to argue in her favor anyway.

“Yeah, thanks for that, by the way,” I knew Carmen couldn’t stand up to Duke, what she had done was the correct choice. “Guess I’m facing the penalty all alone, then. Shit, everyone’s going to be so mad about their laundry…”

“That was not your fault! You defended our clothes with all you had! If anyone wants to penalty for that, then I’m out of The Game because that’s bullshit!”

I didn’t know about that one. I had screwed up big time. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but now I could think of a shit-ton of things I could’ve done to keep Duke off. I had been dumb, and if the group wanted to have me parade naked with four dildos up my ass, then I would accept it.

“Alright, then. Before you return to being a dog,” I changed the topic. I didn’t even want to talk about Duke anymore. “How do you know my birthday?” I would have to change my nip. It’s not that I didn’t trust Carmen, but using the same nip for everything for ten years straight couldn’t be a great idea. I would use Aria’s birthday or something.

“You sent me a Facebook invite, remember?” Carmen went in all fours. “You pose in underwear and in partial nudes a lot,” she said when no one asked her. “Anything else? Emergency like? Because I’m doing my penalty.”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213217 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:32:14")

“Nah, that’s all. You be a good doggy, now,” I told her, and she started barking.

A thunderous fucking march behind us distracted me. A dozen people were running our way. Only two of them were girls. Leading them was Kirby, my boyfriend.

There was nothing to it, they would see me naked. Carmen to my side cowered like an abused dog, which was a good call to hide her goodies. In consideration to Kirby, I covered my tits with one hand and my pussy with another. He was the kind of guy to cover me with his own shirt in this situation, but he was only wearing swimming trunks.

“Erika!” he shouted from a distance, the beautiful mass of muscle closed in fast. “Erika! Are you okay?”

“Come, Carmen,” I said to her, trying to calm down and think about some other stuff. Having to face so many people all nude was bad enough; I didn’t need to blush like a Christmas light, too.


Medea had no idea of what I was talking about, at least not fully.

“I was aware my bite paralyzed people,” she disclosed, “but not that it did so with pleasure. The only other person who I have talked to about it and that I have bitten said something similar, granted. However she is very… peculiar.”

“I don’t mean to make you feel like you’re not a good lover or anything, but it felt better than sex,” I was forced to admit. “Not just sex with you, but sex with… well, basically anyone.” It was a little bit of an exaggeration, but I wanted to make my point clear."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213218 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:33:17")

Not that there was much sense in clarifying anything. Medea just didn’t know about that blissful sensation I had experienced; all we could tell was that the catalyst was her bite. I had half a mind to ask her to bite my wrist just to test it out, if she could close the wounds with a lick of her tongue it shouldn’t be a problem, but she addressed my proposal before I could make it, saying that it would be risky for her to sink her teeth into anyone, as she didn’t trust herself not to drain that someone dry.

“I cannot describe the sensation of warm human blood near my mouth, so I am not even going to try,” she solemnly disclosed. “All I can compare it to is a powerful addiction.”

I didn’t press Medea on the matter; even if I was a little sad I couldn’t feel that delicious sensation on demand, as I hoped I would be able to earlier on our talk. I was brimming full of questions, mostly on Medea’s private life and more specific things I could think of that didn’t involve her being a witch – hopefully. As I was deciding what to ask her first, she went first.

“You are looking better. Your core temperature must have returned,” she placed a hand over my forehead. “It is difficult to tell. It feels like a fever, but we have to remember your normal temperature is higher than usual.” Yes, I never got to hear the end of how I was so warm. It had turned me into a commodity for Lisa to use. “You should be able to walk. We should get you something to drink, replace the fluids you have lost.”

“There’s a little problem with that, I got nothing to wear,” I pointed out. Erika had taken with her basically all my clothes save a few remaining skirts and underpants."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213221 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:35:56")

Medea didn’t take my word for it; she went to my basically empty luggage bag. “You have these,” she told me, taking out a humiliatingly childish pair of yellow Spongebob pajamas. “And these,” she also took out a different pair, pink pajamas that I had used for years, and while I didn’t care when I was in the privacy of my room, the pants had a hole in the back.

1) Pink pajamas.
2) Yellow pajamas.

You can also pick the panties. I’ll list everything Aria has remaining. Remember you can ask any question to Medea. Aria will ask anything that doesn’t make her friend spontaneously burst into flames.

a) Aria finds Lisa and her date.
b) Sue and her gang are around (girls tortured in wooden horse).
c) Ana and her gang are around (or cat-dare cabin crew).
d) Doctor Schneider is around (the old doctor), he thought he could use some air and eat with the campers.

None of the options is mutually exclusive, but it could get crowded at Aria’s table if we pick them all.



Black tanga
Red with transparent sides
Blue and red stripes
Blue with laces in front

Caqui shorts
Black mini-skirt
White knife-pleated skirt

Gold Earring
3 clean pairs of socks
Blue ballerina flats
Brown slip-on shoes
Black loafers (ruined)


if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2213223 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:44:50" && image=="IQAVUSbZ.jpg")

No strong preference on the pajamas, but the hole in the pants sounds interesting so 1.

A+C. C because we never followed up on the girls who wanted to keep Aria as a pet, and A so Aria's got backup if it comes to it."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213225 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:48:58" && image=="a4276b53013559bd7bce02f067cffe45.jpg")

I like this.
A + C."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2213226 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:52:41")


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213227 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)12:54:44" && image=="b9db7a350414aa226e490517306b96c6.jpg")

2, they are pajamas, may as well just go commando, if we use the pair without the hole. keeps the panties we do have clean longer.
A+C, maybe baseball bat wants to pick a second fight with the werecat."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213230 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)13:13:45")

Ana's crew are the ones that Aria trick or treated, and that later were fascinated by Aria being a cat, luring her in with food.

Lillie's crew was, I guess, the one I should have referred to as "cat dare cabin". My mistake.

If you want baseball bat, though; you got it.

Which ones were you thinking about? I messed up, so we'll call Ana C1 and Lillie C2."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213231 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)13:18:39")

Ahh Lillie's crew was the ones I was think of, so C2"

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2213232 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)13:22:34")

C1. Aria was full cat mode during that encounter and had a hard time expressing herself, so they didn't exactly part with full closure."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213251 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)14:57:43")


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213505 && dateTime=="07/11/18(Wed)23:35:08")

Oh yeah there was a question I wanted to ask I almost forgot about well a couple.
If vampires are real what other super naturals are real?
and more importantly does she know of other super naturals at this camp?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213510 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)00:20:06")

"Couldn't get the 6th vote. Oh, well. Five will do for now. Might need to cut back in our expectations again.

“What the hell happened here?”

Kirby was one of the few who looked concerned anymore. Juniper, one of Jill’s friends, looked disgusted at us; my guess was that she thought she had the moral high-ground with me naked and Carmen in all-fours with a collar, a leash, a butt-plug and some dumb looking sock-ears. The other girl I didn’t know. She was as tall as Duke, and had arms as thick as him; I would have thought her a boy if not for her massive tits.

The rest were just drooling all over me, or Carmen. Their eyes shifted fast, so it was hard to tell. Everything important was covered, but if you took a simple look at the eyes of the guys ogling at us, you wouldn’t believe it.

“Dude! They’re naked!”

“Why is that that one on a leash? Was that something that Duke guy do?”

“No, I saw her on the way. They’re on a BDSM play or something.”

I hadn’t told Kirby about The Game, so he must have a funny idea of what I was doing with Carmen; guess it was as good as time as any to explain to him a few things.

“Hon, can you send away your… army?” I asked of him, irritated he hadn’t thought of that first. “Duke’s not here anymore.”

“Eh? Ah! Sure!” he said like if he was mentally challenged. He was a good man, but a man in the end.


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213512 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)00:23:00")


“Can’t you just bring me something?” I pleaded, immediately realizing how insensitive it was to ask the girl who always needed a hand for a parasol to carry something for me to eat or drink. “I just… I think I’ll rather go hungry, or tolerate the headaches a bit longer other than going out in… that.”

“You have been to the cafeteria naked,” Medea argued, like that was a point.

“Not on purpose!” I remarked, offended of how that declaration made me look. “I’m just going to look like such an idiot… come on! A Spongebob pair of pajamas? On a girl, a woman my age?”

“Then use the pink ones,” she coached. “Yes, I can see the hole in the back that made you not even consider them. You know I can sew.”

Medea didn’t even wait for a reply to take out her box of old cookies with her sewing kit on it. It literally took her three seconds. The tossed the clothes to me.
“I’m going to dirty them up…” was my last excuse.

“And you will get a batch of recently washed clothes in a few hours, at most,” she predictably shut down that avenue for me. I saw that coming a mile away. “Aria, you know how heavy my heart is for what I did to you,” she sorrowfully whispered. “Please, allow me to make amends. Seeing you bedridden claws at me.”

That was not fair. Now she was making ME feel bad. I acquiesced defeat with as much dignity as a naked cat-girl putting on pink sleepwear to go outside could. Damned be lovable, cute Medea and her puppy eyes. I would do that trick to her sometime, see how she liked to be emotionally manipulated."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213513 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)00:24:16")

I didn’t wear a hat, despite Medea’s pleads. Wearing a hat AND pajamas was just too much for me to bear, I would look like a clown. People were going to be staring at me anyway, what was the point of hiding my ears or tail? Yes, my attitude was a bit of neuroticism trying to punish Medea for her idea of making me go out like I was dressed by exacerbating my already precarious position. What was a little passive-aggressiveness between friends?

“The cat-girl looks all ready to sleep. At least this time, she isn’t naked,” Goatee pestered me with his stupid guitar and his deep voice. I was in no mood, and walked to him, asking Medea to wait for me by the road. “She’s walking to me, she’s looking scary. I think she is-”

“Excuse me, can you knock it off?” I asked with a smile. “Please?”

Four people were surrounding Goatee. He looked at the girl closer to him, as if to consult her approval. She grimaced, as if I was being ridiculous. Everyone looked uneasy around me.
“Don’t take it personal, okay?” he shrugged at me. “I sing about everyone. Hey, my friends and I, right? We’ve been asking, is it true that you…? Hey! HEY!”

Continuing to smile, I reached forward and with a single finger, I passed it over the cords of his damnable guitar, I got three of them, slicing them with a satisfying cacophony resounding on the sound hole, followed by even more satisfying complaints and bickering, even a downright insult. I closed both my eyes so I could grin from ear to ear, showing my teeth, as if I was a six-year old who had some something cute. I turned tail – literally – and walked away.

“Not cool, man! Not cool at all!” Goatee fumed.

“Grow a thicker skin, bitch! That’s like twenty dollars to replace! What gives you the right?”

“The werecat is such a cunt.”

“She’s just mad ‘cus she thinks the cords are made with her cousin’s entrails.”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213514 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)00:25:23")

I tolerated whispers and stares on my way to the cafeteria. It was somewhat liberating to be the cat-girl out in the open; and in the end, no one even talked about my pajamas.

I kept experimenting with my ears, asking Medea what looked more realistic. I pulled them down, tried to bury them in my growing hair, nothing convinced her; she suggested we should use ribbons. I thought at first it would be ridiculous, but she took a picture, and used an app to let me see how it might look. I looked super cute. I could pull off that look, easy.

I asked her if we were the only ‘non-humans’ in camp. Medea told me that while she knew what I meant, both of us were still quite human, or at least she considered it so. The question was answered negatively. She came alone at camp, with no support of anyone else. The follow-up question was what kind of people could have supported her, and if she knew any other ‘peculiar’ humans like us. To that, she said yes; and told me once we were out of camp I would find out all about it.

I didn’t have time for any more questions before we made it to the cafeteria.

“Huh, the place is nearly empty,” I observed, scouting for a place where to sit. “Let’s go to the table we always get.”

“It is rather late for lunch,” Medea explained like I needed to know that. “How did you feel during our walk here?” he inquired, interested.

“Just fine. You worry too much,” I bent over to sit down. “I’m just…” I felt something on the back of my pants split open, and I wasn’t wearing any underwear because Medea didn’t toss any my way when I was dressing up “… fine.”

I was about to ask Medea how much of a seamstress she thought she was, but she beat me to get a word in.

“Oh, look. Lisa is with someone,” she looked into the distance. Really? I had taken a look around the area and seen no such thing, and the place was quite empty. How did I miss it?"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213515 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)00:26:37")

I was about to turn to discretely peer in the direction Medea was eyeballing, when someone unexpected sat at my table.

“Hey, you,” I hated when people basically appeared out of nowhere. Even when the place wasn’t crowded, there was enough going on inside the kitchen and people moving around for it to be easy for just regular people to sneak up on me.

This time it was Ana, she had Tammy, Virginia and Denise following her. They all sat at our table without asking for permission first. Talk about rude.

They hadn’t seen me since I had to be a cat and they had lured me into their cabin with food. Denise I remembered the most vividly, after what she had Kathy go through last night. How the hell was I supposed to greet them?

a) Aria tells them she was just acting like a cat for shits and giggles.
b) Aria tells them she remembers what happened, but implies she had no control over it. It isn’t a complete lie.
c) Aria plays dumb and as far as she’s concerned they haven’t met since Aria went trick-or-treating.

The girls are:

1) Friendly. They had warmed up to Aria because of what happened last night.
2) Not so friendly. Edith isn’t there, which was more or less the moral-compass of the group.
3) Downright conflictive. They’ve heard plenty about the werecat since last night and they came up looking to provoke Aria.

Tell you what? You get a pick at Lisa’s boyfriend.

A) She likes the older guys. She’s dating one on the camp’s janitors, a guy in his early twenties, Edwin Reiter.
B) She likes them weird. She’s dating Francis Watts.
C) What a coincidence, she’s dating Kirby’s best friend, Rodrigo Borgues.
D) She likes them big and though with an attitude, Jonathan Jericho.

Lisa’s got a new ally, if it works out. Do you want an insider in the staff? A burly guy who beats shit up? An insider on the Satanists? A shameless reference?"

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2213517 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)00:34:44" && image=="Mio Sakamoto.jpg")

b, it'll help spread a disconnect between regular Aria and 'the werecat' which lets Aria get away with anything at night as 'just the werecat'. Plus Aria being a bad liar is fun to see.

2, the most interesting thing about them is their dehumanizing possessive attitude towards Aria, and I'm interested in seeing that play out more.

No strong preference on the boyfriend, but A and C sound interesting."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213520 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)01:23:48" && image=="28e465eab141dd1fb7cb8336270ab645.png")


if(Duke && title=="" && postNumber==2213534 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)01:51:40")

"Fuckin' sweet man, I put that dumbass girl in her place. The fuck did her dumb freak friend call the cops for. Pa is gunna give me a beatin' good if the cops bring me home again.

D the only kinda real man"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2213536 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)01:57:29")

Just caught up on the story, loving it and the world you've built.

b since Aria is a terrible liar and playing into the more dangerous aspect of the werecat is interesting, because...

3, Aria's been extremely conspicuous whereas she was supposed to be hiding her cat features, I could see that coming back to bite her

Also no preference on the boyfriend, I'll leave that up to you or everyone else."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2213566 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)06:37:41")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2213637 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)11:10:27")


if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2213656 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:05:53" && image=="enf_cat_girl5.jpg")

B. Maybe they will believe they can summon/control the Werecat with food at night. I am looking forward to whatever misunderstanding Denise gets from this answer.

2. I agree with Yawn for #2 >>2213517

B. This will be funny."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213670 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:31:52")

I couldn’t tell them it had been a dare; we were not supposed to directly be able to tell people anymore, but I got nervous lying and my tail was out in the open to show it. I had to at least tell them a half-truth. Not to mention it would be really embarrassing to admit that had been a hundred percent me; I was pet, played with… sexually abused, too awkward to say it was out of my own volition, to a point.

“Look, about what happened yesterday…” I began.

“Oh, so she does remember,” Tammy interrupted me; making use of my long pause before speaking.

“Yes,” I carried on. “I mean… most of it. It’s kind of a blur,” I looked away from Ana and at Medea, looking for some assistance. She must have been aware I couldn’t disclose the details.

Ana and Tammy had sandwiched me, sitting each at one of my sides. Denise was to Medea’s right, both were in front of me. Medea didn’t think much of the whole situation or understood my predicament, leaving it all to me.

“What do I get you, Aria?” she kindly asked.

“Just grab some milk, to start,” I answered without thinking too much about it. I was itching for some and Medea did say I needed fluids.

Medea stood up from her seat and walked away, leaving me all alone with the three near-strangers. I knew she didn’t mean wrong, but sometimes I wished Medea was more protective of me like Erika, or even Lisa was."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213671 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:32:56")

“So the kitty likes her milk?” Ana teased, reaching my chin with her index finger to scratch it from below. I was angry at myself that I liked it.

“Nice pajamas,” Denise added. I scowled at her, was it not for the pajamas and the tear on the butt, I would go and search for another table.

“You’re the werecat everyone’s talking about, right?” Tammy asked me, flicking her finger at my tail, which showed my nervous state by twitching wildly from side to side.

“We saw you naked, so we know the tail and the ears are the real deal,” Ana evidenced, freely putting a hand over my head to search where my ears used to be. “How come you’ve got cat body parts, huh?”

I was about to answer something, but I yelped and tried closing my legs. Denise, sitting in front, maliciously grinned at me with her head resting in her wrists. She had taken off a shoe and was using a toe to molest me under the table.

“What do you remember?” inquired Tammy. “From last night, from being at our cabin. Do you prance around naked every single night?”

“She’s going commando,” disclosed Denise, her feet had noticed.

“H-hey!” I protested, grabbing Ana’s hand, which had pulled my pants to see if what Denise said was true. “My clothes are drying! I have… barely anything left,” I excused.

“How many tits do you have? I think cats have six,” Tammy joked while Ana was busy seeing the spot my tail came from, without letting go of my pants.

“T-two, you moron!” I blushed at the mere question. She placed a palm on my flat abdomen. “Didn’t you see yesterday? You were talking about how you… c-can you please let go off my pants?” I turned at Ana, I was worried people could see if she kept it up.

“There’s a hole in them,” Ana told me with something that approached concern."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213673 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:33:59")

“I know! Please let go! Ahh! Hnngh! Stop that!” I sibilated at Denise. Between Ana stretching my pants backward to make a camel-toe and Denise pushing her big toe against it, I didn’t know what to do.

“Would you relax? No one is looking this way. We’re all girls, here,” Ana tried to appease me. “I’ll show you mine later, if that’s what all the fuzz is about.”

Ana let go of my pants, but snuck a hand beneath my top. I tried to slap her hand away, but Tammy grabbed it. “You have huuuge nails!” she said, “They look sharp.”

“Seriously? Not a bra, either?” Ana criticized. At least she was checking on the back instead of the front.

“You’re pulling them down!” I tried to quietly chastise at Denise, who was becoming bolder by the second; now she had grabbed the waist of my pants between two toes.

“Ugh, you need a manicure like, NOW,” Tammy contributed. “Want me to do your nails? They look awful, and you have dirt under them. Sheesh!” she exclaimed with condescending disgust.

“What’s the first thing you remember on this morning?” curiously questioned Ana. “When did you come about? When is it usually when you lose control?” she had also checked for extra nipples, and obviously found none, at least she had left the two I did have well alone.

“Your hair is soft; and sooo thick! Is it because it is cat hair or a conditioner you use?” wondered Tammy. “I guess it’s the first thing, because your hair is kind of a mess. Didn’t it used to be a bit shorter first time we met? I don’t remember.”

“She’s wet,” Denise sang with her shit-eating grin. She had uncovered my crotch but at least the back was still shielded.

“They say you attacked a girl yesterday, is that true?” Ana followed up her question. She had gotten her hands out of my clothes and was looking at my left eye like it was a curiosity at a museum.

“Why aren’t you purring? You wouldn’t stop last night,” teased me Tammy."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213677 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:35:09")

“I like it when they shave it all,” Denise lasciviously commented.

“Hey! I’m asking you questions!” insisted Ana.

“STOOOOOOOOP!” I bleated at the top of my lungs, standing up with my hands made fists at my side, my tail high up and puffed up and my head facing to the ceiling to denote my frustration.

The cafeteria suddenly grew completely silent, and I became the focus of attention. Being upright, the three inches wide hole on my pants’ left buttcheek became evident, and my pants were still a little pulled down on my front; thankfully my vulva was still hidden, but at the very least people could tell that I didn’t have pubes.

a) People laugh it up and then leave Aria be.
b) Lisa signals Aria to sit next to her.
c) People start asking werecat related question and start pestering Aria.
d) Medea signals Aria from the entrance of the Cafeteria. Aria goes in all fours and escapes. They get the milk.
e) Denise makes use of Aria’s freeze to pull her pants down completely.

Lisa will be dating Rodrigo. It still can be changed if enough people speak up."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2213679 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:38:52")


if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2213680 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:39:28" && image=="Yoko 4.png")

E, with her pants hostage they have leverage to make Aria stay and humor them - at least for a little while."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2213683 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)13:50:21")

>How many tits do you have? I think cats have like six.

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213723 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)16:29:55" && image=="bc520d6a0d1994a48bad4c20a477a87d.jpg")


if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2213740 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)17:27:43" && image=="Enf.jpg")

E. I like Yawn's idea >>2213680"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213748 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)17:49:55" && image=="ef3fc4d5cf94ca816fa669d163b0d619.png")


if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2213781 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)20:56:30")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213803 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)21:53:40")

Sorry, don't think we'll be touching that one.

I froze. No movement I could do made any sense, so my body opted for locking up all of my muscles, rendering me immobile. I finally saw Lisa on the extreme side of my eye. She was with a boy that I couldn’t distinguish from the angle I was standing; she stood up and left, taking her companion with her, probably ashamed to have to say she knew me. I didn’t blame her.

I would have preferred if people pointed and me and laughed, jeered at my uncalled for disruption, or at least started whispering; but they just stared at me with blank expressions, completely silent.

The sickening calm was broken by a widespread gasp. Denise had jumped forward over the table, and pulled my pants down. With no underwear, and the top of my pajama not being very long, I was showing everything. My paralysis hadn’t subsided, it lasted for a whole more second and half, eternal from my perspective.

I shrilled like a monkey and tried to run away, but my movement was impeded by my pants. Ana, still sitting, grabbed me by my shoulder and forcefully sat me back down.
“You’re making a scene,” she grumbled like I was doing it on purpose.

Little by little, the cafeteria recovered its liveliness. With Lisa gone, no more than ten people remained, including us. The laughs and whispers that I had wished for a few moments ago had now made their appearance, but they didn’t improve the situation.

“This camp is awesome! The other night Jill and now this! I had never seen a pussy before coming here!”

“Isn’t she a little young to be going Brazilian?”

“Is that a tail? Is she the werecat, or did the original bit her?”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213804 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)21:55:23")

“Damn, I wish I had an ass like that.”

Why did such things always happened to me?

“I have to go,” I spilled, tearing up and reaching down to pull up my pants.

Ana snuck her feet between mine, stepping on my pulled down pants, trapping me.

“Aw, don’t cry,” Denise said, patting one of my knees from her side of the table. “You have a beautiful pussy. You don’t have to be ashamed of showing it.”

“Let me go!” I demanded, glaring at Ana.

“You can go anytime you want,” she smirked. “We’re not even going to stop you.”

“Let go off my pants!” of course I could leave, just not without taking them off.

“Why? Everyone’s seen already. They can still see your butt. See that boy over there? He’s taking pictures of it,” she mocked me. I didn’t look in the direction she pointed at, if she was telling the truth the last thing I needed was my face to be in those pictures.

“I’ve done nothing to you,” I cried. “Why are you like this?”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic. Like you’re not naked in video and pictures everywhere,” justified Tammy. “Half the camp has those pictures saved: the other half are girls and don’t care to have them. I don’t know why you even bother to wear clothes.”

“N-no!” I shrilled again. Tammy was reaching for my top.

“Tammy, that’s enough,” stopped her Ana. “Pantsing her is enough. And we’ll keep our word. If she wants to leave, she can leave. Or… she can stay if she wants.”

“Just… leave me alone,” I pled. “Or, or I’m going to hurt you,” I warned, decided. I scratched at the table, making the sound of several thin knives running along wood, and leaving a mark according to the sound. I opened my mouth fully, so they could see my fangs. “I really don’t want to fight,” I tried to convince them."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2213805 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)21:56:35")

Ana glared at me, calibrating my response. Tammy looked worried. Denise just acted as if she hadn’t heard me, and kept poking at me with her legs, attempting to again be in contact with my genitals.

“Here is your milk,” Medea offered, she placed in front of me a tray with five boxes of milk. “I told the lady I was picking a box for each of us,” she happily explained. “I hope you do not mind?” she turned to Ana. “Or perhaps where you planning on drinking milk for your lunch?”

“Uh… no, not really,” Ana replied, disarmed by Medea’s unexpected arrival and casual acceptance of the situation at hand.

Medea sat down next to Ana. The table felt a little crowded with four people on the same side.

“Is there any way I can possibly convince you to leave my friend to have her meal in peace?” Medea interrupted Ana, who was about to say something. “It is despicable to pick on the weak; and she is in a weakened state.”

“We’re not picking on her!” Ana countered. “I just want to ask her some questions.”

“I kind of am picking on her,” Denise admitted. “But I mean well, if she wants to pick back at me, I have no problem.”

“Then could you stop stepping on her clothes so she can wear them? We are in public and you are forcing her to expose her body. I would venture to say you are making her uncomfortable. If you do not call it bullying, then whatever you call it.”

Ana frowned.

a) Medea convinces Ana and her crew to leave in peace. They secretly ploy to embarrass Medea later.
b) Medea intimidates the girls to leave.
c) Aria intimidates Ana, but she’s forced to use her cat nature, and do it pantsless.
d) Aria recognizes the volatility of the situation and asks Medea to go away; tolerating any treatment Ana deems fun."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2213809 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)22:04:55" && image=="Urd 2.jpg")

D, but nicely? Medea needs to check in on Jill at the tennis courts again, so Aria can catch up with her there."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2213830 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)22:43:47")

"Somewhere between C and D";

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213834 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)23:12:56")

Torn between C/D."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2213842 && dateTime=="07/13/18(Fri)00:06:58" && image==" - 267973 sample.jpg")

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213844 && dateTime=="07/13/18(Fri)00:17:13" && image=="e8b34836ee1e0b9cacfc64f953774f18.jpg")

C, I feel like this situation will only escalate more, and I'd rather Medea (the only ally left in the area) in case things get worse."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213845 && dateTime=="07/13/18(Fri)00:18:38")

C, I feel like this situation will only escalate more, and I'd rather Medea (the only ally left in the area) not leave in case things get worse.
Opps accidentally dropped a few important word there."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2213900 && dateTime=="07/13/18(Fri)08:12:29" && image=="e8b34836ee1e0b9cacfc64f953774f18.jpg")

C, I feel like this situation will only escalate more, and I'd rather Medea (the only ally left in the area) not leave in case things get worse."

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2213988 && dateTime=="07/13/18(Fri)12:32:16" && image=="enf cat girl shibari.png")

D. I agree with Yawn >>2213809 but have Aria make some kind of deal with Ana for nicer treatment (Aria draws some lines for later harassment)"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2213999 && dateTime=="07/13/18(Fri)13:30:28")

"And Lisa probably left just because of what she heard about Erika?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214377 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)01:10:41")


if(Damp of cares && title=="" && postNumber==2214447 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)07:11:27")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214477 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:01:01")

"It's okay if the 6 votes take a while. No rush.

Yes. I needed her to leave since it didn't look like you wanted her to be there to help Aria fight the bullies. She got a text message from Jill and is now rushing to the lake. Aria thinks Lisa was just embarrassed to see Aria make a fool out of herself.

“Why don’t you make me?” Ana challenged, relinquishing the last of the pretenses of not being the bad guy.

Medea was the physically strongest person I knew was in the camp. She wouldn’t have a problem against the girls bothering me, but I wasn’t dense enough to not realize she had a good reason to not face them directly in a straightforward confrontation. To her, much more was at stake that if I gott a little harassed and maybe even embarrassed by some annoying people.

“I’m okay. Why don’t you go check on Jill instead? It has been a while,” I proposed. “I will be fine.”

“Yeah, beat it,” Tammy growled, encouraged by Ana’s change of demeanor. “Your friend here is buying you a pass. You should use it.”

“I am confident we can reason a peaceful solution; there is hardly a need to-”

“Medea, please,” I interrupted her before she could make her point. “You’re my friend and you want to help me. I get it. Do the rational thing, like always. I promise you’re not letting me down,” I stoically exposed.

“This is the rational thing,” Medea disagreed, oddly enough. “You find yourself in a weakened state because of me. You are my responsibility to bear.”

“Then it’s the moral thing, not the rational one,” I argued. “You don’t have to feel guilty, okay? I… enjoyed what we did. I am glad it happened. If something happens we can’t take back because you defended me… I don’t know what I’ll do. Let me be the selfish one, okay? It’s unfair, but I’m asking you to not letting me feel guilty by you feeling guilty, does that make any sense?”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214478 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:02:04")

Medea sighed, then nodded and smiled in a way she only had done back when I promised I would never say what she is and thanked me.

“D’aaww. How cute,” Ana quipped mockingly. “You’re such good friends, aren’t you?” she sarcastically remarked.

“We are,” Medea beamed at me, then turned and walked away.

It was for the best. There was no possible way I could tolerate the stigma or risking Medea’s life for something as dumb as teaching some bullies a lesson. She was not to display anything that could be perceived as unnatural as long as I was around. One of us being deemed a freak was bad enough as it was.

“Do you believe these two?” Tammy derided, making fun of the moment Medea and I just had.

“I know. I’m all for girl romance and even I thought it was lame,” Denise agreed with her, still making efforts to sneak her feet between my legs.

I had many hurting and even witty remarks I wanted to say to answer those insensitive comments, but I held my ears high and waited. I decided I would tolerate anything until I could no longer perceive Medea in any way, before risking a fight on earshot of her.

“Alright, sacrificial lamb, off with the pants,” Ana ordered, transparently annoyed. Denise crouched under the table at the command and I allowed her to downright remove my pants. “You’ll get those back after you answer me a few questions. If you don’t,” she unbuttoned the upmost button of my pajama top, “you’ll be sorry.”

“What’s that about you being on a weakened state or whatever?” ventured to ask Tammy. Ana didn’t appreciate the topic being changed and she showed it on her face. Tammy apologized with a gesture. I broke them both up by answering.

“I fainted. I am a little anemic at the moment.”

“Fine. Drink the milk or whatever,” granted Ana."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214479 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:03:09")

“I want to give it to her,” Denise announced, excited. She grabbed a box and opened it; she held it high over my head. “Say ‘ah!’” she jokingly commanded me to, leaning forward from her side of the table.

“Yeah, do it,” Tammy added.

Focusing on it with all I had, I could still hear Medea walking, so I couldn’t be conflictive, not yet. I looked up, opened my mouth wide open, Ana made a comment about the length of my fangs.

“Say ‘ah!’; and take out your tongue,” Denise requested. I did so.

She poured the white liquid over me. I didn’t catch the first stream, and after I did manage to align the falling milk with my mouth, it was impossible to drink it all. The sticky, sweet substance rained from the corners of my mouth, down my neck and stained my only piece of clothing.

“Yum! Yum! Kitty loves her milk!” Denise cruelly cooed, emptying the whole thing over me; I genuinely tried and only got to drink about a quarter of the stuff, if that. “Do you want another one?”

Honestly? Yes. It was so sweet and delicious; I just wanted to be able to drink it myself. I had been rendered wet and I knew it would feel outrageously uncomfortable within a few minutes. My chest was stained white and the cold, refrigerated liquid had run across my most sensible areas on my upper body, making them uncomfortably stiff.

Tammy laughed at me; Denise prepared to open another box.

“Are you done?” Ana chastised them both. “I came here because I wanted to talk to her, you can play with her later.”

Both her minions apologized. I uncovered my left forearm and started licking the milk over it before it could dry."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2214483 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:09:22" && image=="Samus 13.jpg")

A or C, losing her top."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214486 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:24:16")

>Ana tries to answer questions while being orally pleased by Denise.
Well that would be a 180"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214488 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:28:19")

>>2214479 (You)
“Alright, Aria; if that is your real name,” addressed me Ana. “You’re going to answer me a few things.”

I couldn’t hear Medea anymore.

a) Aria refuses to answer and gets abused.
b) Aria answers Ana’s questions while Denise and Tammy tease her.
c) Aria answers with obvious lies, making Ana mad.
d) Aria tries to answer questions while being orally pleased by Denise.
e) Aria refuses to answer and becomes violent.
f) Aria runs away leaving her pants behind.

/*Never forget you can add suggestions. Do you want Aria to lose her top in any of these instances? Do you want a wider audience? Medea should come back, after all?"*/

Sorry. Dunno why I always forget to proof-read options."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214489 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:32:42")

C until the buttons on her shirt are all undone, then F during which she loses the shirt in the escape"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2214495 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)10:51:14")


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2214556 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)14:32:43" && image=="sample_b76fc53262e009e0951dbab87a68d2a5.jpg")

E + F, its not a good idea to stand and fight when this out numbered, better just leave one of them with a scar then run away before they can mount a counter attack."

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2214597 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)17:37:21" && image=="enf_cat_girl4.png")

D. Would like to have the questions be centered around whether the werecat rumors are true. I would like to see how Aria answers the question "Is it true that you have sex with Jill" while Denise is working her.

Maybe it would be fun if Aria is convinced to take off her clothes during the questioning.

I think it would be hilarious if Francis Watts butts in with his own crazy questions out of nowhere. (Maybe not)"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2214602 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)18:19:38" && image=="2b67a5583baa16869db75694611459e6.png")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214656 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)22:07:24")

Francis Watts is skeptical to a fault. He's Stoneheart, the burly metalhead who knows his roommates are weird, and stays with them because they're fun and fuck what everybody else thinks.
I can have another Satanist if you want someone wacky showing up.

Just started writing. D won. Any suggestion will be taken into account and tried to be worked into the part. It should take a few hours."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214683 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)23:15:16")

Answering a few things seemed innocuous enough, at least. I was getting plenty of attention at my exposed and uncovered behind, but I could cover it somewhat with my hands.

“Tell her to open her legs,” Denise asked Ana, frustrated. I didn’t have much going on for me, but I did have strong legs; she couldn’t get past them after all her attempts.

“Will you stop it? We’re in public,” Ana reprimanded Denise to little effect.

“I’ll do you next if you make her open her legs,” Denise bargained. “Not here, of course. Two times. I’ll do you two times, you decide when. No questions asked.”

I found it very revealing – and yes, a little arousing – that Denise made the proposition. Did the girls have some sort of arrangement? Did Denise’s apparent passion for licking and touching others go so far as to propose her roommates? From an objective point of view, cunnilingus was pleasant enough to not care much who was doing it as long as it was getting done.

Maybe it was projection, maybe it was because of Ana’s apparent consideration of the choice she had been given, but I thought no matter how straight she was, oral pleasure was oral pleasure.

“Aria, open your legs or we’re opening them up ourselves,” warned me Ana with a tone that admitted no discussion.

I took but a second to obey, a second in which Ana’s hands moved straight to my top and I barely managed to open my legs by the she reached for my second button.
“Thank you!” sang Denise. I didn’t know if she was thanking me or Ana. It didn’t matter.

“This is the last time I let it slide,” Ana told me in a very bad mood. “When I ask, you answer. When I tell you to do something, you do it. Take long enough and you’re going to regret it. Got that?”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214684 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)23:16:19")

“Ye- AH!” I tried to answer immediately as to not to provoke her, but Denise had snuck under the table and had grabbed my legs, forcing them further open and I offered no resistance. I could easily do a full split, so it wasn’t a problem on that part; the problem was Denise had lunged herself to my crotch as a hungry animal. “Yes, I get it!” I tried to speak again.

“She took a while to answer,” Tammy said when nobody asked her.

Maybe she had made up her mind already, maybe it was Tammy’s suggestion, but Ana undid the second button of my top, leaving it open nearing the midriff. I had only two more buttons to lose.

Denise had started doing her usual thing on my private area. Without so much as a warning, she savagely licked and slurped at my vagina; it felt very uncomfortable since I wasn’t very well lubricated. Did she have no idea of what foreplay was? It was more painful than pleasant. If such treatment was what awaited Ana, I didn’t know why she even agreed.

“First question. Are you the werecat or not?” proceeded Ana.

I couldn’t think of any clever thing to lie about. Between Ana’s order to answer immediately, Denise abusing my pussy, and the uncomfortable stares that my bare buttocks and Denise’s suspicious position were drawing, I had too many distractions, too many things going on in my mind, and little choice but to just say whatever came to mind first.

“Y-yes,” I panted. “I, I think I am.”

“The ears and the tail are real, correct?”

“Yes… they a-AHH! Are,” Denise, the idiot, had given a bite to the side of my vulva. It had been a mild love bite, not very strong, but still…"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214686 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)23:17:31")

“You do remember when you become the werecat at night, but you can’t control yourself. Correct?” I was glad Ana had set up the scenario for me to make it a simple yes or no question.

“Yes, co-c-correct!” I barely manage to utter as Denise became more aggressive. My usual worries about my tail betraying me were now null and void. I was in such an altered state that my tail trashing about and my eyes wandering into the distance could be considered completely normal.

“Why aren’t you wearing any underwear? And the pajama, why come to lunch wearing that? And with a hole in your rear, no less,” she asked next.

“L-laundry day… I barely, barely, Ah! I barely have…”

“You barely have any clothes left, got it,” Ana finished my sentence. I nodded. She was getting annoyed by my struggles on giving her short answers, but still did nothing about Denise.

“Check it out, that girl; under the table. She’s eating out the pantsless girl,” a male voice said somewhere behind me.

It was inevitable someone would eventually notice, and the boy I heard wasn’t the only one. I had been trying as hard as I could, but my love cries had just escaped my throat without much control; and it didn’t matter how strongly I bit my lips, I was forced to speak to answer Ana’s questions.

The reaction my body was having to Denise’s shameless stimulation was quite obvious for everyone, even Ana was blushing slightly, or maybe it was because of the topic of her next question. “Did that girl, Jill, tell the truth yesterday?” she asked. “Did you have sex with her while you were the werecat?”

Everyone in the cafeteria save the staff had my undivided attention. Even females seemed to want to know the answer. The embarrassment was just too much to bear. I hesitated."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214687 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)23:18:32")

“Answer the question,” Ana commanded, undoing another button from my top, revealing my belly button from the front and the side of my breasts as the area exposed became wider. The last button was basically just symbolic.

“She was… sh-she was!” I stuttered. Even if it wasn’t my fault, Ana had noticed that most campers had stopped eating and were either directly scrutinizing me, or pretending to look elsewhere with at least an ear focused our way. She took pleasure in it, and with that excuse she finished undoing my top, now only supported by my shoulders.

“You better answer fast,” she goaded me, and I didn’t care to think of what would happen next.

“It’s, it’s true!” I yelled out, “I had… I had sex with Jill, it’s… tr-true!” I said between pants.

No one bothered to pretend they weren’t directly fixated on me after my statement. Two different boys whistled at the revelation. People started to whisper. Tammy laughed, Ana smiled at my humiliation.

a) Ana keeps asking Aria embarrassing questions for the sake of Aria’s public. You can write suggestions.
b) Now that everyone’s looking at Aria, Ana asks the supernatural-related questions.
c) Aria orgasms and faints.
d) Aria can’t take it any longer and runs away.
e) Ana and Tammy join in molesting Aria, making a show out of it.
f) Nightshade appears and things quickly go crazy.
g) Aria loses her top. This option is to be taken with at least one other option to count as a vote."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214692 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)23:37:00")

D and G"

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2214693 && dateTime=="07/14/18(Sat)23:41:57" && image=="Rumi Yokoi.jpg")

B+G into D, I can easily see Aria tripping up trying to give a thorough enough fake explanation for how she became a werecat."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2214704 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)00:30:49")

E to C then G occur off-screen while they throw Aria into the forest"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214705 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)00:35:27")

anti b"

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2214745 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)03:53:05")


if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2214748 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)04:26:04" && image=="enf_catgirl11.jpg")

G. Less clothes the better.
B. It would be funny if Aria makes up a silly story on how she became a werecat.

Some examples,
Nightshade cursed her (it would be a laugh if people took Nightshade seriously from now on),
Aria got bitten by/made a wish to, a special cat (she describes the cat that marked her tree)
Aria got indoctrinated into a secret society for werecats."

if(Damp of cares && title=="" && postNumber==2214769 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)06:21:56")


if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2214776 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)07:17:18" && image=="d9524146c72ee224f13fe60b7d645607.jpg")

C + E + G"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214824 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)10:42:46")

"Sunday has come, boys and girls. I can write all day if necessary. Keep voting and you'll have fast answers.

“Ask her how she became the werecat,” a female voice from the audience suggested.

“What? No. Ask her about what she did with Jill, the details,” a male voice asked, I believed to have recognized it, but in my current state I was in no position to start remembering or had any desire to turn to them. To his declaration, cheerings and encouragements followed.

“Ignore the boys! Ask her about the werecat stuff!” the girl insisted, or maybe it was a different one. As Denise kept working on me, I started fading.

The insistence of Denise’s aggressive approach at oral sex had finally gotten to me. It was painful no more; complete lubrication had been achieved. If she was any decent at it, or at least less selfish, I would have even enjoyed it.

“Denise is so crazy! What is she doing?” someone noticed, or at least began talking about it. I rather doubted people had just realized what was being done to me.

“Are you blind? She’s licking Aria’s cunt,” that voice I thought recognized said. Was it one of Dan’s friends? Maybe someone I had seen at the pool?

“Say you love it. Say you love being in front of everyone being eaten out by Denise,” Ana whispered to me while the discussion around me continued. “Say it!” she grabbed and grabbed one of my breasts, making me grunt in pain, or at least attempt to grunt and yowl instead.

My right breast, the one on Tammy’s side, had already jumped out of the pajamas. My hands were busy covering what they could out of my butt crack. I wanted to move one to hide my boobs, but Tammy wouldn’t have it.

“Ana told you to say something,” she whispered and grabbed my uncovered breast. Ana uncovered my left one, and the top fell off my shoulders, held only by the sleeves and impeding the movement of my arms even more."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214825 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)10:43:55")

Was it there any point in my humiliating myself any further? I was already being molested in three fronts, and functionally naked. The only thing covering my most intimate place was Denise’s head.

“They’re not big, but they’re nice. I like them,” a girl commented on my anatomy.

“Suck on one of them!”, “Or at least pinch them!”

Ana pleased the crowd by grabbing my nipple between two fingers and vibrating her hand on it. My hands stopped covering my rear and tried getting her to release me, but I was stopped by both Tammy and Ana. Each had a hand of mine, and I had no way to overpower either of them.

Tammy left my boobs alone and instead using the hand she wasn’t holding me with and went lower and lower.

“N-no…” I pleaded, barely able to speak one word at a time anymore.

“Yes,” she said in a somewhat seductive voice and her hand reached near where Denise’s mouth was.

Denise was mindlessly slurping and tasting at the outer parts of my vagina, but the arousal was enough for my intimacy to have gotten flexible and open. Tammy reached on the upper part and found my clit. She started rubbing it tenderly. What Denise couldn’t accomplish in what felt like minutes, Tammy was already approaching with a few caresses on the right place with the right amount of force.

“Aria, we had a deal, remember?” Ana sang. “You have to answer the questions and listen to my orders, dear. If you don’t… I’m sticking my thumb up your ass and making you lick it clean.”

“B-but… B-but I… I, I, c-c-can’t…!” I tried to make it clear that even if I wanted to; speech was just out of my reach. My eyesight was going black, my body was numbing, I could barely think and she wanted me to answer her questions? That was just not happening. Maybe she just wanted an excuse to abuse me.

“Just scream ‘yes’,” Ana allowed, but not looking very happy about it. “That ought to do it.”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214826 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)10:46:00")

I tried saving the air I could get in between the convulsions my body was having due to the massive incitement I was suffering from.

“Is it true what that whacko said? The Nightshade guy? Did he curse you and you became the werecat?”

“Y-YES!! YES!” I yelled as loudly as I could manage, albeit at a rather inappropriate time. Rather than a cry of passion – that it was, in the end – it was taken as an affirmative answer and the topic of discussion changed very fast.

“Oh, my god! Is it true?”

“Is the curse true? You’re cursed?”

“YES! YES!” I continued, more because it eased my mind to have an outlet to the intense sensations than because it was what Ana had ordered.

“She says that’s what happened!”

“So the sickos with the black robes and shit, they’re for real?”

“That can’t be true.”

“But you’re seeing the tail; it’s real! Look how it’s moving.”

“I know, but…”

I couldn’t take it anymore. Denise’s tongue was one thing, but Tammy rubbing my clitoris, and Ana pinching my nipples and cupping the breasts, all in tandem was too much.
I let out a final shriek, it sounded similar to ‘YES’, but not quite human. I started shuddering, my toes curled, and my butt couldn’t stay put, giving small jumps up and down.

“She’s cumming!”

“Oh my god!”

“Shit, I exited the camera on mistake!”

The pleasure, the embarrassment, the misunderstanding, the abuse, my nudity; and all in front of people; it was too much to bear. It had been a while since emotion alone had caused me to pass out, but I simply swooned and if Tammy hadn’t caught me, I would have hit the floor hard. I lost consciousness in her arms, with Denise grabbing my legs and Ana helping supporting my hips and grabbing one of my hands."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214828 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)10:47:42")

I could barely make out voices and the meaning of what they were saying was beyond me. Some sounded concerned, some excited.
I came about an indeterminate amount of time later. I was looking up at the blinding light of the cafeteria lights, on despite the early hour. I looked around while my mind slowly recovered and made sense of things.

A dozen campers of mixed genders were around me. I was lying face up on the floor, Denise’s lap serving as my pillow. I was completely naked, my top wasn’t on and someone had taken off my loafers.

“She opened her eyes.”

“She’s still drippin’ wet.”

“Oh my gosh… so embarrassing.”

“How is she going to live this down?”

I jumped from my back to my feet in a swift motion. Someone gasped. I jumped at least ten feet in the air, almost touching the roof, and passed over the people blocking my way and probably giving them quite a sight. I landed on a table, and gave another spring forward. I went in all fours and began sprinting, crying tears of shame.

a) Aria runs in the direction of the lake, finding Erika, Carmen and Lisa.
b) Aria runs into the forest and stays there (skip to bonfire).
c) Aria’s strength fails her and she stays. She’s spoiled and cared for.
d) Aria’s strength fails her and she stays. She gets abused and humiliated.
e) Aria runs back to the cabins to get some clothes.
f) Aria runs in the direction of the Tennis courts.

//Three second places of several combinations. Basically everything happened."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214846 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)11:08:53")

Well C sounds cute"

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2214859 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)11:48:26" && image=="wB5igAJD.jpg")

F, Medea's waiting for her and with Jill's regimen Aria at least won't be the center of attention."

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2214878 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)13:09:55")


if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2214884 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)13:28:51")

Let's see C for now"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2214888 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)13:44:08" && image=="9c4acb7ac6963d66425caeff4a26ba60e9fd4042.jpg")

C. I'm sure some of the campers might care for her now, considering they think she is cursed."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2214890 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)13:50:09")

She never got the rest of her milk, did she? Switching to C, don't want to neglect this and have it come back to haunt us later."

if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2214910 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)14:42:28" && image=="9b396636115d0b4c2a0d8f333daf7a76.jpg")

C. pamper the poor cat"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214911 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)14:54:56")

My running style was peculiar. Stabilize with hands, jump forward with both legs; stabilize with both hands, jump forward with both legs. It was also physically excruciating, and after merely three leaps, I felt like I couldn’t go on.

When I landed from that precarious third leap, my hands just couldn’t hold me and I fell forward, sliding and rolling into the floor. I must have looked quite ridiculous in that fall.

I tried standing up to no avail. There was just no energy left in my arms to propel my body forward. As I pressed my body to listen to me and to make an effort, the lightheadedness came back and my vision went blurry again. Just when I managed to get from the floor to all fours; I felt dizzy, leaned sideways and fell again pathetically. More tears streamed down my cheek, instead of just shame, they were of self-pity.

“She doesn’t look so good,” I heard a female voice heard, with a dozen pair of feet approaching me. “Did you drug her or something? Why did she faint earlier, too?”

“I already told you people, we didn’t do anything to her,” Ana defended herself. “Her friend, the short one…”
“Medea,” Tammy helpfully added.

“Yes, Medea,” Ana acknowledged and went on. “She told us she was weakened, somehow? I guess she looked kind of pale.”
“She’s crying,” someone noted.

Of course I was. I was in the middle of a public space, unable to so much as stand up, completely naked, and surrounded by people who wanted to make fun of me and had humiliated me. I felt so miserable and helpless that the only thing I could do was feel a deep sorrow and hope it was soon all over."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214912 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)14:56:04")

I kept facing the floor, with shaking limbs barely managing to support me as it was. I was covered in sweat, dried milk, and some less flattering substances near my crotch; struggling to breathe. The crowd finally reached me.

“Please… let me go…” I begged on my knees and palms. “I haven’t… done anything… to you,” I sobbed, unable to say another word as my vision went nearly black again.

“Just… give her back her clothes. This is not okay.”

“We can’t. They, uh… got dirtied. In milk. They’re wet,” Tammy explained.

“Unbelievable,” said a male voice, reprehensive. “And what had did she do to you?”

I felt something on my shoulders and back. Someone had placed a jacket covering them.

“We weren’t bullying her, we just wanted to ask her some questions,” lied Ana. “It might have gone a little out of control, but we didn’t want to hurt her.”

“She can have my shorts. I’m wearing my bikini under, anyways.”

I could only trust what I heard and smelled; my other senses seemed to be somewhat offline. I was forced face up on the floor rather easily. Everyone must have gotten another look at my bare body, but what difference did it make? I had been out for who knew how long and they had gotten to stare at it from ever before that.

Someone lifted my legs as if I was a baby getting a diaper change. Shorts were placed and accommodated up my calves, then thighs, then finally resting around my hips and covering my crotch. Meanwhile, some other people manipulated my arms and placed them inside the jacket I had been given. It had a zipper that was fastened to also cover my breasts."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214913 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)14:58:13")

“She still looks out of sorts.”

“Does she need mouth to mouth?”

“Denise, for fuck’s sake. Stop it. Not now. Let her rest.”

I was being handled all over; hands were everywhere on my body, but they weren’t touching me sexually.

“Thank you…” I said after a sniffle to those who had dressed me. I was so happy to feel clothed again, even if all the people present had taken a look at my genitals.

My head was again placed on somebody’s lap, and I felt some of the drowsiness and weakness that I had foolishly brought upon myself by the physical exertion of my sprint, fade.

“What seems to be the problem?” I heard a voice I hadn’t heard in a while approach the mob.

I heard the steps of that person clearly, wearing high heels. She had a horrid mixture of hygiene products and perfume coming out of her body; and the strongest concentration of make-up I had ever smelled on anyone’s face.

“Over here!” someone unnecessarily yelled. I could tell the owner of the female voice was approaching quite sure of our location.

“Is that her? What happened?”

“Yes, that’s her. She just… fainted. She woke up, tried to run and then she fainted again,”

I felt a hand on my forehead, and I could make the face of that clumsy nurse, Maggie, just two feet away from mine. “She’s burning up!” she said with concern.

a) Aria gets taken to the clinic under the hands of the old doctor.
b) Aria explains that’s her normal temperature. The nurse starts molesting Aria, why?
c) Aria doesn’t want anything to do with the nurse, and the crowd humors her by deciding to take care of Aria themselves.
d) Aria feels well enough to sit, drink some milk and talk to the people at the dining area."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2214914 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)15:01:35" && image=="Ranma 7.jpg")

D, maybe with the nurse telling Aria to get a checkup soon or something. We're long overdue for the perverted doctor seeing some quite unusual anatomy."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2214915 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)15:24:39")


if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2214916 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)15:29:18")

B, or A, preferable both."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214917 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)15:32:03")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214921 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)15:47:34")

This is not the cute I wanted, this is just kinda sad."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214922 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)15:53:27")


if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2214929 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)16:20:29" && image=="e604a6a60bd40dd99f85524f01a99860.png")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214946 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:22:14")

Setup for cute (B and C).
Had to justify change of behavior from abusive/bully to nice. Was gonna use pity as catalyst.

“I’m okay,” I surprised even myself by being able to say. Sight was barely returning and my own voice felt unbodied, like someone else had articulated the words with my throat.

“Can you stand?” the nurse almost cut me off, she grabbed my hand.

I wasn’t sure.

“Yes, I think I can.” I moved a leg just to see if I could. I wasn’t fooling anyone, I was sure it wouldn’t support my weight. “Can you help me sit down?” I asked.

“Absolutely. Can some of the girls give me a hand? The cold floor is not going to be doing her any favors,” the nurse thankfully guessed I would rather be handled by females.
The tiles on the floor were rather cold, in that Maggie was right. Five pair of hands, including the nurse’s, surrounded my all over and I tried doing my part by forcing my legs to help, but that proved a mistake.

“It’s okay, we have you. Don’t try to strain yourself,” the nurse advised. “Er… what is…?”

I had been lying on my tail, and as sensitive as it was it didn’t mind when I was the one pressing against it. The shorts I had been lent were high on my hips, forcing the tail up, and the jacket was intended for someone a lot larger than I was; both factors helped cover my tail nicely when I was lying, it kind of got out when I was helped up.
“That’s her tail,” Ana finished the Nurse’s thought. “Don’t ask us why she’s got one. She just does.”

“It’s fine, nothing to worry about as long as it’s daytime. She’s been cursed,” someone else added. From Maggie’s expression, she thought we were either pulling a prank or plain crazy. I didn’t mind that skepticism for now. I was placed by gentle hands and arms sitting on a bench of one of the tables, facing outwards."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214947 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:23:18")

“Can you guys stand a little back, give her some air?” the nurse asked, dismissing what she had just heard and being obeyed in her instructions. “How do you feel? You have a very high fever, and very low blood pressure,” she professionally stated. She leaned forward to where my ears used to be and whispered. “Are you on your period?” making sure nobody else heard.

I shook my head from side to side slowly, a negative answer to her last question. I still had at least three days to go until that, then I addressed her first question: “I just feel a little weak, I’m fine otherwise,” I insisted, looking to be just left alone; now feeling much more content that the cafeteria crowd had proven to not be nearly as savage as I expected.

My senses had been returning for a while now; and I realized that I had been sitting on the table I had been molested on. My pajamas were on the table just next to me. I caught a whiff of something delicious, and grabbed ahold of one box of milk. I tried opening it, but I even just straining my arms hurt my head. I cut a piece on the top, remembering I had nails sharp as knives.

“How did you…?” the nurse started to formulate, amazed. I suppose it must have looked very unnatural. I only flicked at the box with a single finger and the top of it came clean off. I couldn’t answer her question, I quickly started drinking the delicious liquid like there was no tomorrow.

It felt amazing! It was cold and refreshing; I didn’t realize I was so thirsty until I gave the first gulp. It was sweet, incredibly sweet; I felt the effects of the sugar rush almost immediately, like the very liquid was granting me strength; it was the best thing I ever drank.

I took a deep breath, and sighed in a near state of bliss. “That is so good!” I exclaimed, then suppressed a burp. “Excuse me.”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214948 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:24:38")

“You may have been dehydrated, would you prefer some water instead? Milk might be a little heavy for you right now,” the nurse coaxed me.

“Mmm-mmm,” I negated, and reached for another box. I had downed the sixteen ounces of the last one in seconds. Before I could get grab it, the nurse stopped me.
“W-wait, that can’t be right,” she looked at me with deep concern. “Oh, no… oh, no…” she sadly mused.

Now that I could see more clearly, the nurse was wearing her nearly transparent white outfit, very strained due to her incredible voluptuousness. It wasn’t a mystery to anyone she was wearing a pink brassiere with white panties. At the very least she was wearing a lab-coat, covering her scantily clad outfit from behind. On one of the breast pockets, she had a pen-light that she grasped with shaking fingers.

“Look this way, honey. Okay?” she asked me with tone so gentle one would figure she was talking to a child. She turned on the light and started teasing my eyes with it, shining it on and off.

“Quit it,” I requested, referring to both the shining of the light on my eyes, and her holding my hand and not letting me drink anymore.

“What sort of concussion causes that…?” she mused very quietly to herself; I doubted I was supposed to hear that. “Did she hit her head when she fainted?” she loudly asked, still looking at me but making it clear she didn’t mind who told her.

“Maybe, but not very hard,” Ana was the one to step up. "She hit her shoulder, I think. Is she going to be okay?”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214949 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:25:44")

“Aria, does it hurt anywhere?” I was flattered the nurse remembered my name. “She placed a hand on my head, touching at it. “Does it hurt anywhere, Aria?” she repeated, and then stopped moving her hand. Her eyes went wide open. “Where…? What happened to your ears?” she fretted.

“They’re over her head, are you blind?” one of the girls had the courage to speak to the nurse disrespectfully. One of my ears twitched at the suddenly accelerated breathing of the nurse.

a) Aria gets taken to the clinic with plenty of alarm.
b) Aria asks Ana to entertain the nurse while she makes an escape.
c) Aria agrees to be examined by the nurse so long as she doesn’t involve anyone else.
d) The nurse faint and there is now that to deal with."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2214951 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:32:05" && image=="IMG_20180619_204432.jpg")

D, Aria needs more milk and the nurse's discovery of Aria's peculiarities should be suitably dramatic."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2214953 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:44:50")


if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2214954 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:47:19")

C or D, preferable just C."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2214958 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)17:52:58" && image=="71baf4b00b0d04790f0d22a608c30bc0b7ea4498.jpg")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214959 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)18:02:08")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214966 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)18:19:39")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214973 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)19:13:20")

Wanting to soften the blow on the nurse who was left speechless and open-mouthed, I tried to play it of as if the fact I was a cat-girl was something funny.

Letting go of the milk, I meowed as harmlessly as I could, and moved my hands upwards and in front of my face like they were paws, making little circular motions with them. My upper lips curved in a way I didn’t know they could; the middle of it went up while the sides staid down, giving my mouth the shape of a ‘w’, kind of showing my fangs.

“Meow! Meow!” I went.

Maggie’s eyes rolled backwards until they were almost just white, she let out a curious sound out of her throat, like if she was just a mindless instrument and the air had just escaped her. She fell, dropping like a bag of sand to the side. Brad, the guy I had met in Elmira’s cabin, barely caught her.

The silence that the nurse had managed to command under her authority was easily broken and ten people started speaking all at once. It was hard making anything out.
“Is whatever the werecat has contagious?” someone stupidly asked.

“She’s not the werecat, her name is Aria. She’s only the werecat at night.”

“She was just impressed I am… the way I am,” I said to Brad, Ana, Tammy, Denise and one of Dan’s friends; the short one; the only people paying attention to me. “Can we clear a table? We have to lie her down there. She’ll be fine in a few minutes,” I guessed, being the only expert in swooning.

The table I was sitting on was splattered with milk. Dan’s friend climbed on it and called for attention, no easy feat considering his kind of squeaky voice. He relayed my instructions. The campers cleared the neighboring table and plenty of volunteers carried Maggie to gently place her above it. All the volunteers were male, and they were not very considerate with where they placed their hands while handling Maggie."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214975 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)19:14:45")

“Aria,” Ana approached me, “you have to go to the infirmary. The nurse said there’s something wrong with you. Did you hit your head?”

“Nothing is wrong with me, it’s a misunderstanding.”

I explained to everyone who cared to hear how the nurse thought I had a concussion because she flashed her pen-lantern thing at me and my eyes reacted strangely. My irises went into slits under the light; that was it. The nurse didn’t expect that to be the case because that was not the way it was with regular humans. There was no reason to worry about me, my cat-eyes were normal, for my standards.

“Even though it’s kind of your fault because you’re the one who bolted out running, sorry about the whole undressing you thing. I just wanted to have some fun, I didn’t want to hurt you,” Ana used the chance to quickly apologized in a very low voice. “You should have told me about the faints and how you were not feeling well,” she justified herself, even if Medea had already touched on that a long time ago.

“What do we do about the nurse?” a boy I didn’t know asked.

Someone was way ahead of him, using her phone to take pictures of the poor defenseless young woman’s underwear.

“Aria, right?” a young girl called my attention. I quickly recalled who that was, having her in front of me. She was in the cabin with Baseball Bat, that girl named Lillie. She was the younger one there, and hadn’t laid a hand on me during the whole affair; the fourteen year old. “Can I ask you something?”

I was currently enjoying that half the people around the cafeteria, including the guy who was in charge of the food counter, were focused on the nurse and I had a breather to drink more delicious white goodness that made my heart sing so happily. I nodded at the girl, acknowledging her presence and somewhat bothered and letting it show on my face."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214976 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)19:15:51")

“That… that thing you do,” she started, fidgeting with her hands which held her phone, “to the nurse. When you… when you said ‘meow!’. Can you do it again?” she asked, blushing.

“That was super cute,” Denise butted in.

“Ugh, I thought I was going to get diabetes just from looking at it,” Ana complained.

“Oh,” I exclaimed after finishing the milk, being caught off-guard. It was an odd request. “I uh…”

“I’ll give you ten dollars if you let me film it!” she immediately proposed with her eyes closed, like I was about to hit her.

“Come on, werecat. Don’t disappoint your fan,” teased me Tammy.

It felt very awkward, but I had no reason to refuse. “L-like this?” I felt stupid doing the hand movement, making as if I was scratching an imaginary post with my hands.

“Y-yes!” she beamed at me, and got her phone ready, pointing it at me.

I meowed, and felt inspired enough to pass one of my hands over my head like when I groomed my hair, closing one eye. The fourteen year old squealed with a high-pitched flute-like sound, fascinated at my mannerisms. I guessed she liked cats.

“Thank you! Thank you! H-here you have!” she searched in the pocket of her skirt and produced two crumpled bills of five, offering them to me.

“It’s… it’s not necessary!” I waved both my hands in front of me. Ana snatched the money."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214977 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)19:17:01")

“Don’t be shy,” she said, “you earned it fair and square,” Ana put the money inside my shorts; not inside the pockets, she deposited it as if I was some sort of stripper. Placing the money in those places was very unsanitary!”

a) Aria leaves before the nurse wakes up and goes back to her cabin. Some people are waiting for her there, and she’s about to be given very bad news.
b) Aria leaves, and walks to the forest near the lake with the intention to take a nap. She finds an old enemy, or new one; depending on how you see it.
c) The nurse wakes up and insists in taking Aria to the clinic.
d) The nurse wakes up and insists in examining Aria. Aria agrees so long as they keep it between themselves.
e) The nurse stays asleep and the boys use the chance to do unsavory things.
f) The mob gets worried about Aria and cares for her themselves, in exchange for asking her questions about werecat nature."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2214978 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)19:19:59" && image=="40818220-20Dark_Chronicle20Dark_Cloud_220Maximilian20Monica_Raybrandt20Mystic_alpha.png")

We've shied away from it before, but let's try E out. As long as it stops before anything *too* bad happens."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214979 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)19:23:32")


if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2214982 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)19:43:10")


if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2214992 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)21:48:21" && image=="90b07bf37f6c91ad7e251385aa7ddf25.jpg")

>about to be given very bad news.
I don't like the sound of that CoD. You take that bad news and put it somewhere else.


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2214993 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)21:55:20")

She lost over a hundred dollars worth of clothes. That's very bad news.

There is not escaping it and it will have to be addressed. Sorry."

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2214996 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)22:07:48")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214997 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)22:14:23")

"I feel pretty bad for Aria desu. First outed as a lesbian pretty early on, has been subjected to countless instances of molestation, got anally penetrated by a crudely made "tail", embarrassed herself in a perverted doctor's office, and lost several articles of clothing.

And this is all BEFORE she was turned into a cat girl with absolutely no chance of leading a completely normal life due to her altered body and new instincts. Since then, she's also been subjected to even more molestation, been harassed by boys and girls alike, been subject to powertripping staff, been further anally violated, been rejected by a girl she really likes, been made a freak of in front of the entire camp, and to top it all off, she's lost pretty much every single article of clothing she came to camp with, both cheap and pricey.

Poor girl."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214998 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)22:34:33")

Oh that. I thought Medea died or something"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2214999 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)22:35:06" && image=="97e267e5bb756f303a8dd19f0368f8f2.jpg")

not E"

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2215024 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)23:05:18" && image=="1eb30a8e78a3cc07676bc4b82f58db27.jpg")

B, Oh man a lot happened while I was away, wasn't expecting this sudden burst in activity given the slower upload rate recently."

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2215028 && dateTime=="07/15/18(Sun)23:18:42")

Oh, right that."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215044 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)00:13:27")

The last " shouldn't be there, just in case anyone was wondering.

Aria is a /e/ heroine. It's in the job description.

Story's not nearly as dark as to allow that to happen randomly.

I'm a sucker for dark fantasy, it can shift of tone the second you want it to.

Sorry about the speed. It's hard on weekdays.

“I’m leaving,” I announced.

“How? You can barely stand,” Ana claimed. “I’m done fucking with you, okay? I’ll leave you alone. Just wait until the nurse wakes up so she can tell us if there’s something wrong with you.”

“That’s the problem. I think she’ll just overlook my slight anemia and focus on the fact I have a tail and ears. I don’t want to deal with that,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, I can see how that can become start some shit,” Dan’s shortest friend said. “This place is fucked up. Banshees and now curses. I’m going to tell Dan to have a talk with that Nightshade guy, don’t you worry.”

Whoops. Well, sucked to be him. I was too deep in the lie to walk it back; and he did claim he had cursed me.

I grabbed another box of milk, opened it and started drinking from it as fast as I could; becoming just about full. Denise took the chance to get close to me and ask me an inappropriate question."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215045 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)00:14:33")

“Did you like it? What I did to you? You know, I can do that anytime you want!” she offered, as if she was some cunnilingus master instead of the least talented amateur I had ever known.

“Err… thanks,” was all I could think to answer. I wasn’t in a particularly conflictive mood to tell her that her oral sex was awful and that she needed some fucking pointers before attempting that on anyone ever again.

I thought about grabbing the last milk box for the road, changed my mind, thanked Brad for his jacket, got my dirty pajamas and peacefully and slowly walked away remaining in relatively good terms with everyone despite the brutal embarrassment that I had been through in front of them. I used the backdoor so I wouldn’t meet any more people on the way, sadly I did meet one.

“Hey! You can’t be back here,” an older girl shouted at me. She was sweeping the floor on the kitchen and took her headphones to speak with me.

“Sorry, just passing through,” I excused myself, but didn’t change my trajectory or lost my resolve. I wasn’t going back to the cafeteria. “I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Oh, okay,” she quickly gave up her authoritarian tone. “Cute ears”, she commented and put her headphones back on her earlobes. It got me thinking what was I supposed to do for headphones now.

Exiting the kitchen, I found myself with an acquaintance, which was happily searching for a meal by the dumpster. He greeted me affectionately. I acknowledged his affection and moved on."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215047 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)00:15:36")

“I am hungry,” he told me in his own little way. “You smell delicious. Point me to the food.”

“Food is right there,” I struggled to tell him, being a beginner in his language, pointing at the spot where he just came from. “Leave me alone.”

“You smell better. Point me to the food you found,” he stubbornly requested.

I took a sad look at the cat; the same one who had marked my tree. There was no way to convey ‘it’s just past the door, ask the humans for the milk I left behind’; he was fat, he was doing something right and would surely figure something out. I left. I gave a few steps into the grove back of the dining area when the cat ran to catch up to me.

After a short and fruitless conversation, limited by the animal’s stupidity and the simplicity of the ideas he could understand, we more or less became friends. He still tried to convince me to be his Dam, boasting about his smell everywhere in the forest and all the territory he believed to control. I rejected his offer, and told him I was tired. He led me to a nice tree in a very fresh part of the woods after a relatively short walk.

I had never been so far south in the wilderness of the camp. The smell of water was everywhere, and you could hear a powerful stream somewhere in the distance to the west. Maybe because I was energized thanks to the fluids I had taken, but it felt trivially easy to climb the cat’s tree.

I found a nice, thick branch on the lowest parts. I stripped naked since that was just the way I liked to be when no one was looking, kneaded myself a bed with all the clothing I had, and curled next to my new friend to take a refreshing nap, sharing each other’s warmth. I fell asleep almost instantly.


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215048 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)00:16:44")


The cat woke me up. Once awake, I heard the sound that had probably woken him up. It was someone cursing, loudly walking our way, using a long, whip-like branch to hit at the trunks of trees he passed.

I barely had time to put on my jacket; there was just not much space to work with. I climbed as far up the tree as I could without risking breaking something under my weight, and with hatred I stared down at Duke, thankfully unaware of my presence. I quietly hissed at him; it was necessary to tell the cat “That is a bad and dangerous creature, stay away from it.” I didn’t doubt for a second Duke was the kind to kill cats for fun.

“Fuckin’… piece of shit, crap; who does she think she…?” he muttered half sentences, cursing under his breath and angrily striking down with a green branch he had snatched from somewhere at anything in his way. “Imma fuckin’… should’ve beaten her ass… callin’ the cops on me… fuckin’ bitch,” he venomously spouted.

a) Pounce on him from above and run away like hell.
b) Let him pass and continue to nap. Go back to the cabin to hear the bad news.
c) Taunt him by hurling things from above. Aria feels safe on the tree.
d) Ask back for the underwear he stole."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2215050 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)00:20:39" && image=="explosive.jpg")

A or C. Kitty vengeance!"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2215061 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)01:14:15" && image=="1389eea5c7a01d6ffb46321f17a1622cb25d3301.jpg")

I feel like A might be a bad idea, even if Aria is fully recovered.


if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2215067 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)02:07:02" && image=="1354817050669.jpg")

On one hand it feels like meta gaming if we pounce and run, on the other hand it is Duke and we arn't likely to get a free shot on him like this again.

I to enjoy dark fantasy, and certainly would not mind if it got a little dark now and then."

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2215068 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)02:11:47")

Don't worry about the slow speed, I was more making an idle comment expressing my surprise, then a critisim. I fully understand the trials of trrying to do creative work while keeping a day job."

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2215072 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)02:53:48")


if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2215120 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)07:54:43")

We have reasons to hate Duke without knowing about what he just did, and a hit-and-run is about the right amount of vegenance for what Aria knows right now.

That being said, I still dont advise it. I foresee it going badly."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2215132 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)08:27:52")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2215252 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)14:55:32")


if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2215263 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)16:07:15")


if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215277 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)16:55:29")

What was Duke doing in the woods? Did anyone other than me have any reason to ever venture in them? I wasn’t sure if Duke had already seen me naked and thus how appropriately embarrassed I had to be, but regardless, I quickly maneuvered to wear the shorts that I had been lent, just in case Duke happened to look up, and watched him.

He gave one beastly swing to a nearby boulder, managing to split the green branch he was using as a whip in half, cursing so loudly a few birds flew away. He sat very angrily on the boulder, like he wanted to stop the stone with his butt, and kept muttering to himself, insulting someone who wasn’t there.

I felt well-rested as it was, and moreover, there was no way I was getting so much as a wink of sleep with Duke nearby; there was only two people in the whole world I would rather not sleep nearby to; and none of them was in the camp.

“He smells strongly like anger,” the cat informed; or more accurately said aloud. I could tell there was something peculiar about Duke’s stench, but couldn’t have placed my finger on it. So that was what anger smelled like? Was it adrenaline or something along those lines? I had smelled similar things before in the past and had no idea what it was.

It looked like Duke had settled for a resting place, probably because the area felt so fresh and calm and he had instinctively noticed, being very close to being a beast himself. Thinking about what path I could take to sneak out of the problematic boy’s path, I came out with a much more entertaining plan."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215278 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)16:57:40")

Being as high-up as I could, there were plenty of breakable branches for my hands to reach. I grabbed one, and Duke, being dull, didn’t even turn up at the sound of the wood snapping. In a few minutes I had a whole quiver of ammunition. I climbed back down to the lowest branches, still too high up for regular people to try and get to, and carefully aimed.

The first one missed, it landed harmlessly a whole yard away from Duke, startling him. He reflexively looked up, and that’s how my second shot got him right in the mouth.

“Pfft!” she spat reflexively. I couldn’t contain a snicker, giving away my approximate position even between the thick foliage. “Who the fuck threw that?” he loudly boomed, worked into a rage. As a response, I threw a piece of bark that he impressively slapped away. “Imma fuckin’ get you, asshole!”

Duke grabbed a few stones, his attention always up from where the branches had fallen from and I couldn’t land another hit on him. Once he had a respectable amount, he started throwing those up the trees. Duke had quite a throwing arm, it was getting very dangerous. He had missed all throws by a long-shot; but if one of those landed the brute could break my arms or even kill me.

“Stop! Stop!” I was forced to call for a truce. I waved my arms and my colorful red jacket should have been enough to give me away.

“Oh, it’s you,” he derided. “What the fuck is up with women not knowing their place? I try to be a fuckin’ gentleman, you know?” he entreated, like the sentence would impress me. “But sometimes, sometimes you bitches what you need is a FUCKING SLAP ON THE FACE, that’s what!” he made a slapping motion, I saw with ease of mind that he let go of the throwing pebbles and rocks he had collected."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215279 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)16:58:46")

I didn’t know what to add to that. There was no place to apologize for what I had done. He was bleeding from his lip and I was glad. I had figured I was safe up in the air, and maybe I was if I went up enough; but I didn’t figure he was the one with the advantage so long as he could up hurling things my way with his pig arms.

“How the FUCK did you get up there?” he asked, looking around for a logical solution; there wasn’t any. I had claws and I could jump high. “If that’s how you ask for help, you got another thing coming!”

“I’m not stuck, you moron,” did he not know I was the werecat? There was no doubt everyone know there was one out there, but I guessed from what was presented my identity wasn’t necessarily as widespread as I had feared.

“Keep telling yourself that,” he mocked me, seemingly forgiving me for the injury on his mouth. “Tell you what; you throw all you’re wearing this way, and I get you some help,” he instructed, very pleased with himself. “All of it. Underwear and all.”

Feeling deeply offended at his senseless petition, I chugged a few more branch-spears his way. He ran for cover, laughing; no doubt thinking he had me right where he wanted me.

a) Throw him the clothes just so he leaves. Aria still has her pajamas and there is no need to show herself to him. That way he also doesn’t get to find out Aria’s the werecat, yet.
b) Keep talking to him, Aria finds out firsthand what he did.
c) Aria shows her nature and reveals to be the werecat, doubting it could do much harm.
d) Wait him out (skip to bonfire, three hours and a half remaining).
e) Leave and go back to the cabin."

if(Rathasath && title=="" && postNumber==2215281 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)17:02:58")

B, stripping her self for him is really odd."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2215284 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)17:10:31" && image=="Hose.jpg")

B+C, her nature isn't a secret anymore and I'm sure Aria can flaunt her abilities a little to show off."

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2215295 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)17:47:12")

B, -C"

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2215306 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)18:26:19")

"p.s. the story make me wonder is there anything supernatural going on regarding the howling I hear every early morning at my home in recent years. It sound like it was done by a human but I can't locate where it possibly come from because there are more than a thousand family living in area that the voice could originate from. Or maybe some wired species in a mountain nearby too";

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215313 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)18:46:32")

Well, since we already reached the bump limit... I guess there's no issue getting a little off-topic.

I'm sorry, my Japanese is terrible, but it is unfair you're the only one who makes the effort.


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2215328 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)20:25:24")

>is there anything supernatural going on regarding the howling I hear every early morning

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2215340 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)21:10:22" && image=="5032b1d16607c726f5db7884264a5ebd15124edc.jpg")


if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2215347 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)21:43:23")

B for sure... And then Duke must pay"

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2215354 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)22:24:23" && image=="7c9643409b8c8b5b28cb84b80ae808ce.jpg")


if(Wrong Person && title=="" && postNumber==2215356 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)22:35:53")

B. Let's get Aria up to speed"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215363 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)23:18:33")

“In your dreams, loser!” I flatly rejected his offer. I had been burned before by dealing with him and now wanted nothing of that sort to ever happen again. Duke was not to be trusted.

“I’m the loser? I’m not the one stuck at the top of a tree like some sort of retard,” he countered. It wasn’t as offensive as he thought it was because of course, I wasn’t stuck; but I didn’t mind letting him think whatever he wanted.

“Yeah, you’re the loser,” I sustained. “You even have people call the cops on you,” I said, alluding to what I have heard about his private ramblings.

“That’s none of your fucking business, bitch!” he exploded. I was pleased to have him react that way, and the obvious path to take was to exploit his newfound weakness.

“What did you do this time, more theft?” I attacked; still bothered by the pair of underwear he stole from me back at the pool. “Do you steal clothes from women because you can’t get any to like you; or are you just that poor?”

“Fuck you! I do what I want and if you don’t like it you come and stop me!” he dodged. “See what happens to you when you try!”

“What happens, big man?” I goaded.

“You get put the fuck down,” he proudly declared. “And don’t think that because you’re a chick you get a pass. Fuck no! Even decency has a limit! You mess with me; I fuck you up like what I did to that Erika moron! She thought she was some hot shit, taught that bitch her place!” he disgustingly gloated."

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215365 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)23:19:39")

I paled at the mere mention of my friend’s name; my heart sank. The weakness that I thought I had recovered with came back with a vengeance. I was scared.

“W-what, what did you do to Erika?” I cried. The mere thought of such a gorilla placing her hands on the poor thing was too much for me to bear. “What did you do?” I urged him to reply.

“Oh, right; you know her,” Duke smiled broadly. “She defended you when you knocked on my door the other night,” he reminisced. It was the time I was dared to go treat or treating. Erika had been so cool defending me back then. How did Duke know that was me? Wasn’t I wearing a mask? “What, you worried for her?” he taunted me.

“What did you do to her?” I repeated myself, at the border of tears; terrified of what fate she could have suffered at his hands.

“Should have smashed her head in, that’s what I should’ve done,” he angrily growled.

“N-no…” I could barely whisper, I felt like I was going to black out again. “You’re lying!” I accused him, petrified in fear. “Erika’s fine, Erika’s fine…” I mused to myself in a prayer at the border of a panic attack.

“ ‘course she’s fine, you fucking moron,” he corrected me. “I said that’s what I should’ve done, not that it was what I did. And I would’ve done it, don’t get me wrong; but I’m a gentleman. Had a man pulled the fucking shit she did to me, I kill’im right there!”

“Stop saying those things!” I begged, already in tears. “Where is Erika, what did you do to her!”"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215366 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)23:20:45")

“Stop with the fuckin’ drama!” he shouted. “I didn’t even hit her, you hear? I didn’t even hit her!” he insisted like he was talking to a lawyer. “So if that bitch goes around saying that I did, that’s a fucking bald-faced lie! She was out of fuckin’ control, tried to beat me with a club, she did. I did what you do with crazy bitches like that; I put her on a sleeper hold ‘cuz I’m a fuckin’ gentleman!” he justified his terrible villainy.

The sleeper hold was dangerous, it cut the influx of oxygen to the brain; his revelation didn’t dispel my worries; if anything, it exacerbated them. I yowled in sorrow, thinking about the possibility of the dumb Neanderthal killing Erika without even meaning to. I sobbed for my dear loved one, and desperately raised my nose and whiffed at the wind, see if I could smell anything resembling her. If Duke was here she couldn’t be far.

“And all that for some stupid clothes,” Duke went on. “She had what, five fucking bags full of laundry? Like all fuckin’ woman, that’s what I don’t get. Why so many fuckin’ clothes? I just wanted a pair of panties, maybe a shirt, that’s all. She made me mad and she got what was coming to her. I threw all her fucking clothes into the river, yes sir I did!”

I realized what had happened. No further explanation or context was needed. I should have been there! I should have accompanied Erika to wash the stupid clothes!

I should have been there!

I should have been there!

I screamed.

a) Aria sees nothing but red and attacks Duke in a blind, feral fury.
b) Aria tracks Erika down, caring little about anything else.
c) Aria faints and falls from the tree. She’ll be perfectly fine, but at the mercy of Duke.
d) Aria keeps talking to Duke and realizes the role of Carmen in the story.
e) Aria succumbs to sorrow. Only choose if you want to see her devastated."

if(Gnattering Yawn && title=="" && postNumber==2215370 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)23:25:37" && image=="68204978_p0.jpg")

B, Aria needs to see for herself that Erika's alright, or she'll tear herself apart."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2215371 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)23:30:34")

A as long as A involves Duke getting the significantly worse end of the deal

Otherwise B"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==2215377 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)23:48:58")

A if Duke gets the short end of the stick

B otherwise"

if(Kogekisaru && title=="" && postNumber==2215379 && dateTime=="07/16/18(Mon)23:55:40" && image=="646d5a16afb7c14dd21e337a6f0da410.jpg")

A, ride the frenzy"

if(Lorefag && title=="" && postNumber==2215390 && dateTime=="07/17/18(Tue)00:24:50")

"A if Duke gets assblasted
B otherwise"

if(SorrySleeping && title=="" && postNumber==2215433 && dateTime=="07/17/18(Tue)02:52:05" && image=="d1da4d5976863412d6d2ab9371e469fb.jpg")

I still dont trust an encounter with Duke. At least not without back up.


if(Damp of cares && title=="" && postNumber==2215493 && dateTime=="07/17/18(Tue)06:46:45")

"A - sorry for the late response. Give duke a fucking hiding. His idea of being a gentleman is like a hillbilly understanding Shakespeare.";

if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2215512 && dateTime=="07/17/18(Tue)09:29:19")


if(栞 && title=="" && postNumber==2215528 && dateTime=="07/17/18(Tue)09:42:10")

(I can understand your Japanese story from when you're young, but in fact I have only started learning Japanese rather recently, despite being fairly familiar with the kanji script. It's still easier for me to write/read in English [in most situation] when compares to Japanese, despite my English ability is also limited)"

if(Camp of Dares !sbwvMTnf4o && title=="" && postNumber==2215531 && dateTime=="07/17/18(Tue)10:00:19")

"The A/B conditionals become A.
Sorry, Duke is roughly three times Aria's weight. It just isn't happening.

Oh, I kind of figured you were Japanese because of your name, Shiori. What is your native language then? I can only communicate in three languages; but can understand a few more. Who knows? You might be able to vote in your native language.

My scream cleared my nose, which had been blocked by mucus until then.

“What, you got stung by a spider or somethin’?” the insensitive primate asked.

I didn’t have time for him, I caught the whiff of something; at least I thought I did. Leaving both Duke and the cat behind, I jumped to the tree in the direction I caught a faint scent of human females. Duke expressed plenty of surprise watching me jump from tree to tree swimming across the branches and bouncing off them like a crazed cricket; I didn’t even register most of what he was saying, he could go and die for all I cared.

Terrible scenarios played on my mind, torturing my very soul and I had to tell myself aloud that I had to stop it, that I had to press forward and that I couldn’t falter no matter what.

I couldn’t catch even the slightest confirmation of that scent I thought I had smelled, it became harder to breathe or even hear anything as I approached a fast-moving body of water. The stream crashing against several rocks was deafening and having nothing to rely on but drawing the conclusion that the empty clotheslines were definitive evidence that I was standing where Erika came to wash our clothes, I sniffed."

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With my nose to the ground, desperately, I tried to catch something, anything. I had told myself that I would stop thinking sinister things; that they got in the way; but it was much easier said than done; I had to constantly sniffle and try to keep my nose clear, my tears wouldn’t quit and my sobbing intensified all the time. I was a mess. The strength of the water current was definitely enough to wash a body away and my heart jumped when, after several minutes of fruitless labor, I smelled that familiar and lovely, oily scent that was Erika’s. She had been nearby.

I easily followed the trail to the opposite side of the river, when a strong concentration of the soothing fragrance was concentrated on a boulder; she had laid on it at some point, for a prolonged time. I shouted her name hysterically, in a progressively harder pronunciation to understand as I broke down.

I hyperventilated, my pulse accelerated, my head pained me, my throat dried; I had never been so terrified on my life; but as my lungs made the sound of a dying animal, pulling air with as much force as they could in my state of horror, I caught something else.

At first I had ignored it; smelling a bunch of indistinguishable amalgamation of human stenches was hardly useful on a place that was supposedly often visited for those who needed to do laundry; but I drew the conclusion that at least a dozen people had been nearby and very recently. Had they seen something? I had to know. I followed the trail past the river and close to the lake, back north."

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It was an easy scent to track; and I followed it running as fast as I could. My body soon informed me that it couldn’t keep that pace for long, but I didn’t listen to the endless warnings. I told it to keep going, to do whatever it had to do to keep that speed. I ignored the pain on my sides, the burning sensation inside my lungs, the tiredness of my limbs, and even the murkiness in my vision. Between that combination of people I was certain to have perceived Erika; the scent could as easily be from her heading into the river instead of the opposite; but I hoped, I hoped with all my heart and as I ran I kept making internal dealings with the divine; promising all sorts of things if they could grant me one simple wish.

I made it back to the cabins so fast that I questioned my spatial senses of judging distance. The smell of humans was so strong that I just couldn’t discern a particular one, even if that scent was Erika’s, my very favorite. With nothing else to go on, I gave a last sprint to my cabin, more or less unaware that there might have been people pointing at me; I could no longer see to my sides, and my hearing felt impaired and dull. Running straight was a challenge, I kept swaying to the sides, but kept insisting to my body that we were nearing something. “Just a little more… just a little more…”

The window was open. I jumped through, barely making it, hitting a knee on the frame, which oddly I didn’t quite feel.

Sitting on a bed, the most beautiful sight I had ever contemplated looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Without stopping to think, I ran to her, jumping to her chest, pushing her back to the mattress.

“Uff! Aria? What gives?”

I wailed like a toddler on her breasts, grabbing her shirt and crumpling it. I passed out on her arms seconds later.


Fifteen minutes later. I was happily humming, comfortably tucked in Erika’s bed. She was sitting by my side.

“Erika~!” I sang with absolute bliss."

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“What is it, Aria?” she patiently replied, smiling.

“I love you~!”

She rolled her eyes, but didn’t stop smiling. “So I’ve heard,” she said.

I had been repeating the same two lines for a while now and deeply appreciated that Erika allowed me to continue without tiring of it.
“Getting jealous, Kirby?” Rodrigo; Lisa’s new… friend, teased.

I had been explained the situation. I didn’t care about Duke anymore; if he just fucked off I was fine like that. Erika had just made it back from the lake herself; she had recently worn new clothes, she had a few remaining. Lisa and Carmen were there. Carmen was hiding under my sheets, allowed to cover her body since neither Erika nor Lisa appreciated their men looking at the naked body of another girl.

Erika was just in the middle of recounting everything that had happened by the time I had unexpectedly come in. I wasn’t out for long, and once I had woken up and been forced to rest, Erika had started her story from the top for my sake. I had also told my part of the tale.

All our clothes were lost. Big deal. Erika was okay, what else mattered?

“Erika~!” I called again, I couldn’t help it.

“What is it, Aria?” she humored me.

“I love you~! Kiss me!” I demanded.

Erika placed a hand on my head and after petting me, she brushed my hair out of my face, so she could kiss my forehead. I would find it impossible to describe the sentiment of contentment and realization of having those lips touching me again.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!” I spilled, unable to avoid tearing up. I just had to get it out.

“Now I know you’ve gotta be jealous,” Rodrigo insisted.

“Nah, it’s cool,” Kirby shrugged.

a) Aria has neglected it for too long. Erika showers her. They have a talk.
b) Aria rests until the bonfire.
c) Aria gets in a fight with Kirby over Erika.
d) Aria leads the hunt for Duke.
e) Aria goes to search for Medea; she should be waiting."

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A -> E, Aria and Erika having a talk sounds like a thing that should happen, and then we'll have been away long enough that Medea will have started to worry so we should handle that too."

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