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int postNumber = "13754910";
String image = "dURfh.jpg";
String date = "10/12/18(Fri)05:19:44";
String comment = ">go shopping for clothes
>literally every shirt, jacket, sweater or blazer I pick out is a few inches short at the shoulders and constricts me like hell
>the only stuff my shoulders fit in is designed for obese motherfuckers and hangs way too low
having broad shoulders in this current trend of lanklets is hell
and I don't even lift"

public void comments(){
if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==13754924 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)05:28:40")

">complaining about being genetically handsome.
Try a tailor"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==13754927 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)05:31:48")

I am also just about as wide as a barn in the chest/shoulder department and have more or less given up on shirts. Tank tops are the way to live."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==13754942 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)05:40:58")

"I too am a little chubby";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==13754960 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)05:56:09" && image=="Shoulder-angle.png")

"Some people with this problem may have sloped shoulders which, if fixed, ought to give them narrower but more aesthetic shoulders.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==13755061 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)06:57:45")

not rich enough
It's already a big investment for me to blow 200+€ on a jacket, not gonna spend half that again on having it refit
>Tank tops
yeah, no
no offense, but I don't want to look like a douchebag
also I live in a chilly place
I'm definitely on the square side of the spectrum"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==13756993 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)21:09:44")

Nigga, just head over to a dry cleaners and have them tailor it. It really isn't that expensive."