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String comment = "Been doing a dumbbell only workout, M-W-F after reaching my weight loss goal.

Am 5'7, was 200+lbs a little over a year ago, got down to 135 with a 1500 calorie diet, and have started lifting now. I started with body weight exercise using some apps with routines, and now I'm doing a full body, A,B variation with only dumbbells and a bench, for incline variations and such. I've modified it (added a couple exercises) from a routine found on /r/fitness, where each time i repeat a previously completed exercise, I increase the weight. I've pretty much maxed out after a few weeks which is normal, as this was just a stop gap before gym lifting, but doing this routine plus athleanx ab workouts using his app have been leaving me feeling good after a workout.

I calculated my tdde at around 2370 calories, and used the pinch method to estimate 14.97% body fat. I've decided to cut and eat 1950 a day, in order to get rid of the excess fat around my belly, as that and my lovehandles were the last to go. I've put on weight to about 141-142, and its stayed there for weeks now. I feel like I'm making at least baby gains with my current workout, so my question is does this mean I'm shedding my excess fat and toning up at the same time? Or should I be concerned that my weight is staying the same despite being on a minor cut and lifting with progression 3 days a week?"

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