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String fullTitle = "/i/ - Oekaki";

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class Thread extends Board{
public void coloringyoushitforpractice.Sendmewhatyouwantcolored(OP SSquid){

String fullTitle = "coloring you shit for practice. Send me what you want colored";
int postNumber = "552137";
String image = "xcvxcv.png";
String date = "08/11/18(Sat)00:47:37";
String comment = "I need practice in coloring. Send me anything you want colored. Humans/Sonic/furry ect
I'll color it and maybe even
Sketches & lineworks only

only vanilla stuff. no scat/ hyper and any weird shit. Drawing doesn't need to be yours."

public void comments(){
if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552138 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)01:17:20" && image=="filia simple.png")

"Here's one";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552139 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)01:19:01" && image=="linecrouchhead.png")

Here's another (as you can tell I'm very lazy with coloring"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552140 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)01:29:02")

got a specific color pallet?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552141 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)01:41:03")

not really, probably purplish for the top one"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552146 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)02:38:47" && image=="itsunknownanon_pcz2x2Tch21sjome3o1_booty clothes hair sketch color.png")



if(sterling && title=="" && postNumber==552147 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)02:52:27" && image=="frop.png")

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552150 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:09:11" && image=="brown beach gal 1.png")

Shit Im rusty been 2 months welp hope this is good enough"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552151 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:10:38" && image=="white beach gal 1.png")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552153 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:23:27" && image=="tegaki.png")

"thanks anon";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552156 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:38:52" && image=="frog gal.png")

whos next"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552157 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:43:17" && image=="tegaki.png")

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552158 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:49:55" && image=="tumblr_pa90ruiBze1u6podyo1_1280.png")

reminded me of this"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552159 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:53:21")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552160 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)03:53:42" && image=="bunny.jpg")

tried to do grey scale. poorly but ok thats enough for tonight"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552161 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)04:01:10" && image=="er.jpg")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552162 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)04:04:06")

why would you lie on the internet?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552165 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)04:42:23" && image=="1533253194784.jpg")

I am not! I redrew the original. See the difference!
>pic related is original"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552166 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)04:46:11")

well I'll be damned"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552174 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)05:41:10" && image=="01993_189842.png")

"This one please. Ref:
Godspeed OP!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552189 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)12:51:59" && image=="ber00_p6ezwr6Ceg1u97r0vo1_sketch boobs ref color.png")

"try this";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552192 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)13:53:49")

They said Vainilla"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552198 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)14:42:58" && image=="ako in hobble skirt.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552201 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:16:45" && image=="K Warcry Made Art.png")

A gift to an old friend"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552202 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:24:35")

that needs to be cleaned up"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552203 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:28:52" && image=="box cat.png")

hope its decent"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552204 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:29:56" && image=="ber00_voltron.png")

lawd said no hyper, But this will be the exception"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552205 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:34:07" && image=="1525171310197.png")

this was the original file"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552206 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:37:31")

It is, thanks a lot"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552208 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:40:40")

what program do you use?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552209 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:42:59")

Krita 3.0

its free and just a foot below Photshop"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552210 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:48:12")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552212 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)15:58:09")

source on that op pic? I see some rocking titties"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552224 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)18:44:22" && image=="Mizore in bed.png")

"Requesting color for this Mizore.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552225 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)19:03:19" && image=="149226472943.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552226 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)19:05:40")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552227 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)19:05:44" && image=="1533472814166.png")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552231 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)19:41:44" && image=="tumblr_p31nshDvVL1u6podyo2_1280.png")

something I also did before my art block."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552233 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)20:05:02")

Kinda looks like she's got two assholes."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552249 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)22:05:02" && image=="anime tras.png")

not a fan of animoo so I made it a quikie"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552252 && dateTime=="08/11/18(Sat)22:52:37")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552253 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)00:28:32")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552255 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)00:35:09")

good lord this is fucking crap"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552262 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)01:08:07")

wasnt trying with it"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552263 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)01:11:33" && image=="cat chick tits.png")

put a bit of time in this one. edited a bit of the lines since the pre shade was throwing me off"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552264 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)01:13:16")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552267 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)01:26:35")

I do but its not worth sharing. its been kinda dead haven't posted any art in months"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552268 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)01:29:11")

just share it"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552269 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)01:33:28")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552270 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)01:40:00")

are colorfags the worst?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552272 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)02:16:10")

That's pretty good man!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552279 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)04:07:04" && image=="boi.png")

"color my boy
will post reference after posting this"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552280 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)04:07:37" && image=="329403294923.png")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552283 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)04:24:48")

*insert Rick and Morty catchphrase'"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552339 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)21:22:30")

If you ber00 that’s based"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552340 && dateTime=="08/12/18(Sun)21:27:16" && image=="based.png")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552363 && dateTime=="08/13/18(Mon)01:52:58")

"Do the Summer ones too";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552364 && dateTime=="08/13/18(Mon)01:59:10" && image=="download.jpg")


The weekened is over, progress will be slow. Hope yall understand. a nibba gotta work to feed mai unwed children. so yeh"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552365 && dateTime=="08/13/18(Mon)02:07:46")

Holla holla if you hear me,
Big yote"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552475 && dateTime=="08/14/18(Tue)21:35:00" && image=="1529811265240.png")

How about this?
Here's the reference"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552477 && dateTime=="08/14/18(Tue)22:01:50")

scan it or clean it up. unworkable in this state"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552479 && dateTime=="08/14/18(Tue)22:38:30")

Its not unworkable, you just suck trumparino"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552968 && dateTime=="08/19/18(Sun)14:06:06" && image=="tumblr_p4hhkk4BWk1u6podyo1_1280.jpg")

"to anyone who even follows this dead post
Wanted to get an opinion.
Im thinking of coloring this one Overwatch comic, think its by Bear hand, and wanted to know if its even OW is still something people find wankable to??"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552972 && dateTime=="08/19/18(Sun)14:15:48")

>is OW still wankable?
Seriously dude? Has OW porn even slowed down that much?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==552975 && dateTime=="08/19/18(Sun)14:18:43")

BTW are you still going to color stuff from this thread?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==552997 && dateTime=="08/19/18(Sun)16:08:40")

yea I still focus on this page every now and then"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553033 && dateTime=="08/19/18(Sun)18:03:41" && image=="ksoq.png")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553071 && dateTime=="08/19/18(Sun)21:06:10")

It still has it's community of fappers, if that's what you're asking."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553341 && dateTime=="08/22/18(Wed)04:58:28" && image=="Suffragettes End Game.jpg")

could you do this please? Your really good. Feel free to add your own thig to a bubble version too! :)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553342 && dateTime=="08/22/18(Wed)04:59:32")

or maybe this one..?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553343 && dateTime=="08/22/18(Wed)05:00:08" && image=="Raiding Viking Girl Confused by Monks drawings of Snails.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553392 && dateTime=="08/22/18(Wed)19:28:21" && image=="FB_IMG_1534980412964.jpg")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==553927 && dateTime=="08/26/18(Sun)19:08:56" && image=="terrible beach.jpg")

Not dead yet, but yeah keep em coming I guess. maybe better ones?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==553928 && dateTime=="08/26/18(Sun)19:24:40" && image=="out back hoeing.png")

another butter"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553965 && dateTime=="08/26/18(Sun)23:21:51" && image=="Laka.jpg")

"Can somebody color this?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553972 && dateTime=="08/26/18(Sun)23:53:37" && image=="GalMaid.png")

"I intend to work on this one myself, but since you wanted stuff to practice on, I'll pitch in something for you too.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553981 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)00:46:45" && image=="Sketch-tan bukake.png")

I would scan it to make it easier but I lost the original a while back.. it was a gift for my SO and I lack any coloring tools, so it would be much appreciated. And if you want, I can draw you something as thanks"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553988 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)01:33:18")

I like how you gave it a backround, thank you!"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==553989 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)01:43:46" && image=="shake-2.gif")

woh, getting a drawing in return for a color job. My career is rising up."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==553998 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)04:16:35" && image=="Jeff Davis crown of thorns.jpg")

"Could you add a battle flag to the background too?

Official portrait you can use for reference."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554027 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)11:35:08")

"Give this a try, please?
That hand is supposed to be kinda transparent"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554028 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)11:43:33" && image=="Che1pPkUgAE4WQQ.png")

Have a cleaner PNG."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554032 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)12:29:00")

"Fuggin' Huey, man";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554079 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)19:48:55" && image=="download.png")

Thank you in advance! Oh, also, real quick, forgot to mention, her color scheme is basically this (online mii maker was the first thing I thought of)

And start thinking on what you'd like me to draw, I can't do too much detail, but I will do what I can"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554083 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)20:44:35" && image=="download (1).jpg")

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554084 && dateTime=="08/27/18(Mon)20:49:03")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554106 && dateTime=="08/28/18(Tue)02:56:04" && image=="Huey_Concept.png")

Oh, of course. Sorry. And thanks in advance."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554259 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)01:22:30" && image=="pat boi.png")

well if your still here. Here you go man"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554261 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)01:26:25")

glad you like it"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554264 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)02:16:23" && image=="3 gals.png")

So far this is the best sketch on the board so I put a bit ore elbow grease into it.
From left to right.
my original colors since you gave none/Star vs evil/ Vivan

hope you like, also you the one who offered to draw something in return?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554268 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)04:12:19")

OP did a shit job so I did you a better one.
Bad thread OP. If you don't want to put proper effort into coloring a piece, don't fucking do it.
Also. "I don't really like anime" doesn't work as an excuse when you 1) open to color anything and 2) do so on an art board full of anime artwork on an anime-based forum site.

Anyway anon, hope you like it. I couldn't just sit here while you were given shit. I'd suggest going on the /e/ color/edit thread next time. And sorry I did this quickly, so there might be a little missed spot here and there or something
>at least I put effort into it
>normally I'd do some sketch cleanup though sorry
Also if you know the original artist, I'd appreciate a link

Look OP. I want you to succeed. But damn, again, if you're gonna offer, at least make sure your shit is quality or at least has fuckin effort put in.
>"But it's for practice!"
So, before you or someone else gives me that, tell me what you learned from the worst-than-a-5-year-old color work? You didn't bother to fill anything or even follow through with the full character.
Listen. Just say you don't want to do it rather than put out something that benefits nobody and nobody wants.

>Also false advertisement much with the OP image versus the Mizore image?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554270 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)04:17:11" && image=="mizore.png")

Fixed a quick thing"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554272 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)04:29:52")

Good, anon. I would've done the same since I didn't like that OP did a lazy job and justified it with a low effort excuse, but I haven't had access to my tablet recently.
>Also if you know the original artist, I'd appreciate a link
Use saucenao"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554274 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)04:33:26")

>use saucenao
Yeah, I'm just being lazy lol. Figured if anon knew it offhand, it'd be easier. If I don't get a response tomorrow, I'll just look around for it myself.
Yeah. I mean, I probably wouldn't have jumped on it if OP at least did proper flats. But cmon. What they did actually makes me upset, and it takes a lot to do that.
>I wouldn've done the same...
I gotchu you dude. I may be late, but damn I jumped. I was looking for something to color anyway."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554285 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)09:29:53" && image=="Smile.png")

Thanks man!
Sorry I didn't give you any colors to work from, I didn't consider that at the time since I'm not used to asking doe requests. Still, the stuff you came up with is neat.

I didn't offer to draw something in return in my post, since my outputs been slow/inconsistent and I don't want to string people along. But if you want to through an idea at me anyway, I won't stop you."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554322 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)16:03:31" && image=="9DAECCAB-A2F3-4179-93B4-B8E61926E290.jpg")

"Can you color this please? It’s a backside view of Tionishia from monster musume. She, in this drawing, has pubes";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554358 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)21:15:24")

Alright alright before you stab a nibba let me shed some light.

Im still pretty new to having my own board on 4chan, honestly thought it would have been taken down by now, didn't think i would get any responses.

So when starting I thought I would just do just about any request I was given, cuz I didnt want to leave anyone out.

then then at some point i realized that some of these are just not worth it. and that being the anime pic was the last one till I started picking and choosing.

and yeah totally admitting it. "I didnt want to do it." but at the time I had a different mind set.

I did half ass it thinking "something was better than nothing" but fuck I guess not.

But thanks anyway for the harsh crits "if it benifits nobdy then don't do it." Note greatly taken
and doing something I couldn't give two nipples about. and for what its worth your edit is pretty good.

last'y. OP image was my original style before my hiatus and I lost it all. and Is the set goal im trying to reach once more. I know Im not as good as I once was, therefore im doing this on my free time to try and get back to my former style."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554360 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)21:36:11")

/i/ is a slow board in general. If you make a thread, it'll stay for a while.

To me, the bare minimum of coloring is getting the flats down or at least doing a monochrome image. So, when I saw your coloring where you didn't even bother for that, it really appalled me. So my flip was switched and, gotta say, I was a bit harsh.
Glad you're taking it like a trooper though. Honestly, if I wouldn't want the end result, it's not something I'd do. Simple as that. And I hope that sticks with you too.

Like, in this thread, you actually have some decent coloring work done... Most I'd say is work on your shading. You don't really have a definitive light source and you seem a bit afraid to do any bold shading.
(Like >>553928, based on the BH you used, would have some harsh lighting and shading)

Thanks for being chill too. I was ready for some shitty argument lol. Also also, thanks for digging my color work.
I wish you the best OP. Just don't feel like you have to rush anything and do more bold experimentation. Here's hoping I come back to the thread or see you around and you're putting out quality work."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554362 && dateTime=="08/29/18(Wed)21:37:12")

BG* not BH
>shitty keyboard"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554380 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)01:17:35")

Sorry to butt in, but just want to say that first off, I agree that OP's coloring job for the picture in question was much less than satisfactory. But on the other hand, there is no reason to be so freaking hostile about it. And you're also judging OP's entirety of coloring work based on that one half-assed one that he admitted when posting that he wasn't really trying.
When you're running a thread, and drawfagging for many anons, it's inevitable that your art will suffer a bit after time, and especially trying to please everyone, and even more especially when you're forcing yourself to take a request from an anon that you're not really passionate at all about.
Which brings me to another point, you also were criticizing them for simply that, not liking anime. Sorry to break it to you, but not every single person on 4chan is obliged to be a weeb, even on an art board. Anime is far from the only freaking art style on the planet.

I appreciate you being a lot more laid back in your response, but I still would like to get my point across."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554383 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)02:13:15" && image=="38b0a3d1c6abab083e76ddecd12d3f5390bc53ee566ca85887a27fb8cee6a441.jpg")

the egyptian slut from animal crossing"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554385 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)03:06:34")

Boy oh boy can't wait to crack into this one.

>there is no reason to be so freaking hostile about it.
I agree that I was a little harsh, but given hot shit the delivery was, I wasn't going to deal with any shit.

>you're also judging OP's entirety of coloring work based on that one half-assed one that he admitted when posting that he wasn't really trying.
Actually, I redacted a LOT of info here I was actually giving critique to several of OP's deliveries. I decided to cut it down to the one to actually make things easier on OP. I could talk about every single delivery OP made, but they still had EFFORT put into these. Even if these aren't good, this IS a practice thread. A shitty delivery is different than a delivery where you don't even try.

>When you're running a thread, and drawfagging for many anons, it's inevitable that your art will suffer a bit after time, and especially trying to please everyone,
This is /i/. The art board where threads last for weeks. If after PRACTICING for a few days, you get WORSE, you have a problem. I've ran several threads where I would color and draw people work. Over extended periods of time in the SAME DAY, my work can degrade. However, over the course of several days? You refresh every day to every other day. You have no deadlines. You don't even have to do every request. This idea of yours is stupid.


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554386 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)03:07:38")

>you're forcing yourself to take a request from an anon that you're not really passionate at all about.
And ths is something I scolded OP on. It's something OP should NOT have done. OP is doing this for practice. If you aren't going to LEARN anything from a delivery, OP shouldn't do it. And, as an artist, you have to get used to doing work you aren't passionate about. That's just how the industry works. Get over it.

>you also were criticizing them for simply that, not liking anime. Sorry to break it to you, but not every single person on 4chan is obliged to be a weeb, even on an art board. Anime is far from the only freaking art style on the planet.
1. I didn't say the board was full of anime works. My point was that, if you are openinng requests, you have to be prepared to do anime pieces since this is PRIMARILY (not entirely) an anime based site. 2. OP actually HAS colored several anime images. So the fact OP used it as an excuse was not okay and was really rude to the anon that was making the request. 3. If OP REALLY didn't want to work with any anime images, they should have said. However, they didn't. Its completely understandable to not want to work with the medium However, OP was a hypocrite."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554387 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)03:15:30")

Note to OP:
We chill btw. I'm just talking to the anon. Like, I'm shit talking past you. You keep doing you and learn shit man. Git gud, I believe in you."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554389 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)04:38:57")

Doubt note to OP:
While I said I could (and almost did) give critique on each delivery, I just want you to know you work isn't shitty (I used a generic shitty in context) and all what I planned to say was constructive.
Again, wishing you the best man. Keep on improving."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554405 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)13:59:20")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554423 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)17:11:17")

"Just wanna know if OP is still gonna deliver some of these";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554439 && dateTime=="08/30/18(Thu)18:53:14")

lol OP stole all the drawings and ran away, fucking bastard"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554499 && dateTime=="08/31/18(Fri)03:17:36" && image=="ugh e (1).jpg")

>When a possible fight was cooled down and we all had a laugh. and everything was going back to normal.

>A kind soul tries to defend me and starts the flame that was once avoided being lit.

>Now the first guy I avoided conflict with just said some shit that rides me to holy hell. cuz I explained my deli-ma in the first post

mfw I just wanted to color porn cuz im too lazy to ask artists I like if I could color their shit."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554500 && dateTime=="08/31/18(Fri)03:19:15")

I have no need to steal garbage"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554501 && dateTime=="08/31/18(Fri)03:22:33")

the ones I have planded are the
request the person said who would draw me something
the My name is Jeff erson president headshot
Huey from metal gear

and maybe a final recolor of the maid girl.
and maybe this new robo cat,
everything else I wont touch"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554502 && dateTime=="08/31/18(Fri)03:33:05" && image=="at.jpg")

Look I got my lumps, Im fine with what you said harsh yes but I aint made of onions.

the only thing I'd like to correct is the "Things I wont draw"

again, my spelling was shit and I wasnt even clear with what I wanted and didnt want to draw, more and more things could be an option but I was again near sited with the choice and thats on me.

Like I know 4chan is known to be the worst of the worst but I like giving the benifit of the doubt with peeps.
Im thankful for the kind words from both you guys but yeah its all good mang right?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554546 && dateTime=="08/31/18(Fri)13:30:16")

Yes!!! Thank you."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554601 && dateTime=="09/01/18(Sat)02:25:59" && image=="Tionishia fin.png")

tried again to do a blended render style, something about hard cell shade is tougher than I thought"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554606 && dateTime=="09/01/18(Sat)04:39:34" && image=="zuri.jpg")

"some recent from me.
color it as you like"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554637 && dateTime=="09/01/18(Sat)13:59:56")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554645 && dateTime=="09/01/18(Sat)16:47:10")

looks traced"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554652 && dateTime=="09/01/18(Sat)17:11:37" && image=="D43240DD-54DE-43E8-B234-AFE0FAF2F77E.jpg")

From my old doodles"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554666 && dateTime=="09/01/18(Sat)22:19:05")

Oh that explains it."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554705 && dateTime=="09/02/18(Sun)15:14:07" && image=="metal gear nerd.png")

lil proud on this one. been reading some tuts on clothes shading, doing the lines was the hardest part"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==554711 && dateTime=="09/02/18(Sun)16:02:05" && image=="white gal gooder.png")

final recolor"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==554734 && dateTime=="09/02/18(Sun)19:35:12")

when you think of what you'd want drawn, let me know, so I can work on it while you're coloring
(just a small disclaimer though, I'm not amazing at art, so don't expect too much)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555075 && dateTime=="09/07/18(Fri)18:33:54")

Thank you anon! The clothes look pretty nice.
If you want me to sketch you something (I drew that Huey 2 years ago), just ask!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555100 && dateTime=="09/07/18(Fri)23:02:39" && image=="1460443538597.png")

"could you color this please

Here's reference:"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555164 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)00:06:42")

"sorry bin absent Update, cancel on the president, I just can make it look good,.
Im still coloring but life is life"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555166 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)01:14:48" && image=="bukk gal request.png")


sorry it donest look as good as other requests, but because it was a scan of a paper drawing it was really hard to get rid of the grain without looseing the lines.
You dont have to draw me something, its not my best. But if you do I'll pose something"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555167 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)01:36:28" && image=="Jeff Davis crown of thorns.png")

heres what I had before I gave up."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555170 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)02:02:41" && image=="1465528441403.png")

"This one please, take your time

Color Ref:"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555180 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)03:21:35" && image=="9450f67506e5dd4aa45017528391e7da.jpg")

"This Please?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555186 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)04:29:44" && image=="nagata.png")

"Could you shade with only pink? Specifically #f8c0d9";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555204 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)11:25:12" && image=="bukake reaction.png")

That's fine, she loved it regardless!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555216 && dateTime=="09/09/18(Sun)16:10:02")

Challenge accepted."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555352 && dateTime=="09/10/18(Mon)19:17:34" && image=="Jefferson Davis Crown of Thorns Battle Flag.jpg")

>it's not even that bad"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555433 && dateTime=="09/11/18(Tue)08:10:34" && image=="sceawwy.jpg")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555752 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)00:26:16" && image=="pychonuts.png")

I didnt like this because this game was my childhood but here you go, tried to do simple shade"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555753 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)00:27:18")

glad you like it"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555757 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)00:44:17" && image=="tegaki.png")

"Please fill in it took me a while and my mom says i can put it on the fridge";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555758 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)00:45:33" && image=="tegaki.png")

"best drawing i could do";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555759 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)00:45:38" && image=="tegaki.png")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555774 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)02:00:43" && image=="robo anka.png")

thanks for another tame sketch. hope you like it"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555775 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)02:01:37" && image=="2ECB4163-203E-444C-B4BA-2978197EB7A3.jpg")

"Here’s more Tionishia. She’s so beautiful. Requesting this";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555776 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)02:09:29")

tell your mom she has bad taste"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==555834 && dateTime=="09/13/18(Thu)22:25:48" && image=="princess blacked.png")

finally a good pic."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555886 && dateTime=="09/14/18(Fri)21:55:20" && image=="1510906048245-1.png")

"Please color and add a popped belly button protruding from under her dress, will post another one by the same artist down below so you can get colors right. and what not.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555887 && dateTime=="09/14/18(Fri)21:55:52" && image=="1511313362168.png")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555888 && dateTime=="09/14/18(Fri)22:43:46")

isn't this anne frank"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555890 && dateTime=="09/14/18(Fri)22:56:35" && image=="1489993151564.jpg")


W-What gave it away?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==555894 && dateTime=="09/14/18(Fri)23:05:29" && image=="WhiskeyJill&TontaPresenting.png")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==556037 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)11:22:36")

"jantor is deleting shit. Iike the OC I posted that wasnt even fur as well as the poke request.
Ill do the poke later"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556038 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)11:46:03")

The fact that you're autistic enough to become infamous web-wide."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556039 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)11:56:36")

God, they've been cracking down on furry stuff lately wgen they clearly didn't care before"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556041 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)12:33:04")

Poke requester here, thanks a ton man!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556065 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)17:51:48")

"This may not really catch your interest, but I'd be very grateful if you could color it!

Color ref:"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556066 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)17:53:02" && image=="IMG_20180916_230221.jpg")

And of course I forgot the pic, haha"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556068 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)18:04:31")

You can do that yourself. Come on, man."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556069 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)18:15:51")

My laptop broke and I don't know how to properly color anything on my phone. But since it's such an easy request, I thought it wouldn't be a burden"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556082 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)20:58:43" && image=="1537143017022.png")

"The gynoid or female android is wearing a bodysuit";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556083 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)21:01:30" && image=="robot-and-bodysuit.png")

Color refs for the robot and the bodysuit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556091 && dateTime=="09/16/18(Sun)22:10:31" && image=="sanic succ.png")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556104 && dateTime=="09/17/18(Mon)00:59:15")

I'm very sorry for giving you this color request, this game is my childhood too, remember to take requests that you actually want to do"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556162 && dateTime=="09/17/18(Mon)18:43:39")

She looks lovely, thank you for taking my request!"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==556708 && dateTime=="09/21/18(Fri)22:56:50")

"Updates this weekend";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556741 && dateTime=="09/22/18(Sat)11:16:51")

Nice, can't wait!"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==556770 && dateTime=="09/22/18(Sat)17:25:19" && image=="000 sanic.png")

Gotta go feest"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==556771 && dateTime=="09/22/18(Sat)17:43:15")

no bad blood though, it was weird but no probs."

if(nib && title=="" && postNumber==556792 && dateTime=="09/22/18(Sat)23:55:57" && image=="lame robo .png")

hope this is ight"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556804 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)02:06:40")

Not OR but looks good OP"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556819 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)08:54:07")

Yo thanks a lot! The color scheme is really cool"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556826 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)12:47:52")

Thanks anon, really got me wet x"

if(nib && title=="" && postNumber==556853 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)18:32:13" && image=="000 robot suit.png")

Sketch was a bit hard to read but this was the best from what I was able to get out of it"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556854 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)18:32:56" && image=="1537090549524.png")

"Requesting colors for this, please


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556855 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)18:35:44")

Whoa! Not OR (I'm the anon who just requested another gynoid) but really nice job dude!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556856 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)18:38:06" && image=="drossel_von_flugel_by_davidbaronart-d9fqc11.png")

Oh, I just noticed that a part of her head is missing in that ref"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556867 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)20:46:30" && image=="gaige_by_d_oppelganger_d7kcu5j.jpg")

Would ya consider coloring this? Here's a reference to her colors:"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556873 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)21:36:10")

OR here, that looks awesome, thank you! You did a great job"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556876 && dateTime=="09/23/18(Sun)23:32:01")

It's clearly retracted into a straight line.
Jesus fuck, you're begging this hard and you can't even recognize your own request."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556880 && dateTime=="09/24/18(Mon)00:21:34")

The first color reference is clearly missing the headpiece. (You)r post is pretty embarrassing"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556894 && dateTime=="09/24/18(Mon)08:26:26")

Nice backpedaling you begging faggot"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556903 && dateTime=="09/24/18(Mon)10:37:13")

How on earth am I backpedaling? The headpiece is missing in the first color ref, so I posted a second pic. Period. It's that simple

No need to be so angry and insulting"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556905 && dateTime=="09/24/18(Mon)12:23:10")

"Report shitters and hope for a permaban";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==556935 && dateTime=="09/24/18(Mon)19:52:11" && image=="image0 (2).jpg")

"Lets keep this thread rated pg-13 home slices or Ima smack down fools back to /pol/

just kidding, but for real lets stay cool peeps."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556938 && dateTime=="09/24/18(Mon)20:37:51")


But sure thing, I'm cool with anon if he's cool with me. Like I said, no need to get angry"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556950 && dateTime=="09/24/18(Mon)22:46:24" && image=="Afro Mushroom.png")

"Little shroom I drew up rq. Don't know if it's worthy to color, but I wanted to share.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556960 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)00:49:01" && image=="Home3602.png")

"Draw Rarity fighting a giant Applebee's.";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==556972 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)01:37:05")

read the rules"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==556977 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)02:18:56")

"Update this weekened

Fire fox poke
thicc robot with snow cone head
gage from bordderlands
current list."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==556997 && dateTime=="09/25/18(Tue)11:21:02")

Sweet, lookin' forward to these!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557046 && dateTime=="09/26/18(Wed)11:51:41")


No Anne?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557076 && dateTime=="09/26/18(Wed)21:24:37")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557081 && dateTime=="09/26/18(Wed)22:02:30" && image=="request uncolored.png")

"Can you color this in for me? I got from a drawthread on /tg/ ages ago. Never got the complete version.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557094 && dateTime=="09/27/18(Thu)03:18:54" && image=="raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa-ca443f4786.jpg")

"Requesting some colors for this disgusted possum, please";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557112 && dateTime=="09/27/18(Thu)15:35:50")

or here thanks"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557137 && dateTime=="09/27/18(Thu)22:08:39")

Colors foo??"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557142 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)00:18:24" && image=="no BLOOD borderlands Gage.png")

version 1,
honestly this was too sketchy but I think it came out better than I thought.
btw, is it possible to get the artists name for this one?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557143 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)00:19:09" && image=="BLOOD borderlands Gage.png")

version 2"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557145 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)00:34:41")

Not OR, but this looks great! The added blood is pretty creative"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557150 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)01:38:34")

Foo? Sorry I'm absolutely retarded, are you asking for a color ref or something? Or did you just misspell 'for'?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557159 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)03:18:18" && image=="billy12.png")

Can you color this OP? The only thing I really care about is that the hat should be a light blue."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557165 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)06:18:14")

OR here, this looks fantastic! Thanks so much.

Hmm, I just checked their DA account and it looks like the artist deactivated it? It was from this person: four or five years ago."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557185 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)10:58:56")

foo bar"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557188 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)11:08:47")

Ah alright, thanks. Sorry for being so slow

I would really appreciate some natural possum colors, like in this ref. The belly is as white as the face"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557189 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)11:09:43" && image=="opossum_doodles_by_sinful_souls-d89i2ht.png")

Dang, here's the ref"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557231 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)19:50:04")

Ah, hang on, I found em again! They changed their name, but this is them:"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557232 && dateTime=="09/28/18(Fri)20:10:23" && image=="20180928_210845.png")

"Color my shitty sketch, maybe it'll look better";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557259 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)01:46:59" && image=="FB_IMG_1513843242458.jpg")

"Try this";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557298 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)13:33:33")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557333 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)21:48:44" && image=="no thicc bot.png")

I have 2 other versions but im lazy and wont post them here, I will post them on my art page in a few days and link here. but yeah this one is the best out of the 3"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557334 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)21:49:56")

thanks mate, your a good one"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557337 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)22:36:57")

>i'm lazy
>i want followers on my page because numbers matter"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557342 && dateTime=="09/29/18(Sat)23:37:54")

Unfollowed ;^)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557344 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)00:18:19" && image=="1533245865486.jpg")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557351 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)01:58:28" && image=="V09QrOQ.png")

nigga, how is that a bad thing,"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557352 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)01:59:22" && image=="unknown.png")

is it that bad"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557355 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)03:20:21")

Just ignore those attention whores"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557370 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)10:46:13" && image=="7D0A505D-04B0-470C-9B36-31EC6298E5B6.jpg")

"Can you this? She’s color Mero from monster musume. This is one of my favorite pictures!";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557371 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)10:50:40")

Lotta unfinished sketches"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557372 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)10:52:29" && image=="127D1196-1543-4F02-B779-D9840C058542.jpg")

"Requesting coloring of Papi from monster musume too!";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557378 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)13:05:01")

OR here, thanks a ton mate! You did a brilliant job!

Also, checked"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557379 && dateTime=="09/30/18(Sun)13:06:04")

Oh and please do post a link, I'd love to see the other versions!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557429 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)01:13:44" && image=="kCZS5sF_d.jpg")

This is a man (white) grilling video game discs I would prefer hot coals in the grill"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557443 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)02:32:26" && image=="thicc kat ver 4.png")

"just finished coloring this one. took goddam forever";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557447 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)02:53:39")

Not the requester but it looks nice"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557488 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)16:50:25")

"Hey SSquid, you already colored a pic of that thick robot, but would you mind another one? This one is VERY simplistic";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557495 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)18:25:18" && image=="1537057301796.png")

"This dragoness wearing armor

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557502 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)19:51:10")

I'll color anything that fits the rules, readable, not so sketchy that its unclear in most areas, and generally something that doesnt seem too time consuming now.

send it, I'll tell ya if I will or not. just to not keep you waiting"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557503 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)19:52:15")

weird gross, but interesting"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557505 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)20:09:16" && image=="BB58FF95-A5FA-4AAE-BC10-409205ABDE94.jpg")

Is this too sketchy? It’s papi from monster musume >>557372"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557507 && dateTime=="10/01/18(Mon)20:28:33")

no its good enough, the problem is that it falls under the rule "weird shit" futa and gay stuff isn't allowed here boi, but the monster mmusiem is still allowed. sorry"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557534 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)18:01:44")

Alright, got it!

It's this already partially colored one here. I'd really appreciate if you could color it properly, and maybe clean up the lines a bit


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557535 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)18:03:53" && image=="1537829684008.png")

Shoot, forgot the pic

But hey, we can post again!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557540 && dateTime=="10/02/18(Tue)18:57:35")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557625 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)08:51:18" && image=="Jasmine with Hotdog up her Ass (Requested).jpg")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557655 && dateTime=="10/03/18(Wed)18:15:03" && image=="1_Poisonous.png")

"How about this, OP?
Color it however you want."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557960 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)17:58:42")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557965 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)19:49:52" && image=="cool robot.jpg")

"Current Updates:
things on the to do lists.

1.Billy with light blue hat
2. cat ears girl with big cock over her
3. grillen Cds
4. Hot dog in disney butt
. Maybe dragon bitch
Maybe weird monster crawfish looking thing
Maybe 2nd robot thong.

everything else sadly didnt make the cut"

if(Uglypatch && title=="" && postNumber==557981 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)21:01:28" && image=="20181001_112635.jpg")

"kolor dis my dudeariningdingowe";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557982 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)21:03:15" && image=="smug McCoppin.png")

fucking rip the ones who didn't make it"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557984 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)21:05:14")

What in the name of the fuck is that"

if(Uglypatch && title=="" && postNumber==557985 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)21:20:54")


if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557987 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)21:25:16")

No colors?"

if(Uglypatch && title=="" && postNumber==557988 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)21:29:27")

colors you associate with the heat death of the universe."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557989 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)21:52:27" && image=="image0.jpg")

like ima know the hell thta means>>557988"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557993 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)22:13:12")

I think he means that you color that creature in some Doom-style or some shit like that"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557994 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)22:34:04")

Well I associate colors with the heat death of the universe with some cold blacks and greys"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==557996 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)22:43:51")

So, similar to Lovecraft style?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==557998 && dateTime=="10/05/18(Fri)23:00:56" && image=="This is a man (white) grilling video game discs.jpg")

Ima serve up these requests piping hot tonight. or at least one tonight"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558013 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)05:17:41" && image=="1537740021653.png")

Op please share your blog"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558062 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)20:26:20")

I wil in due time friend, but Im reluctant, because someone told me once you do, you get doxxed into oblivion. I just saw it happen to another thread requested here on /i/"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558064 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)20:29:05" && image=="colored Jasmine with Hotdog up he.jpg")

Doggin a princess not that bad of a pic"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558080 && dateTime=="10/06/18(Sat)22:58:17")

who in the fuck would eat grilled discs"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558096 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)03:07:30")

Thanks for everything, anon!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558136 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)16:43:32")

"Hey SSquid, are you good at drawing edits?";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558146 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)19:39:41")

I havnet tried so Im not sure?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558147 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)19:43:28" && image=="Screenshot (420).png")

your very welcome my dude"

if(Jk && title=="" && postNumber==558149 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)20:12:25")

this picture is amazingly beautiful"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558150 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)20:13:28")

Do you draw pictures, specifically lewds?"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558155 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)21:17:55")

I dont draw, but Im good freinds with someone who does, but in this case. It would need to be a commission and not a request. I can make a commission sheet but not sure if anyone will be interested."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558156 && dateTime=="10/07/18(Sun)21:20:13")

Sure. but if it goes missing its because of the janitors or what nots"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558175 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)02:00:25" && image=="tumblr_pg7vafXh9G1s5fmdy_540.jpg")

"I'm thinking her armor is mostly black.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558176 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)02:12:40")

"Say, how come no one touched this yet? >>555894";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558177 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)02:20:25")

Who wouldn't?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558191 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)12:22:34" && image=="1537736443930.jpg")

>Maybe 2nd robot thong

SSquid my man, I would be forever grateful"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558258 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)22:19:08")

Inice drawing, but I can't do pictures of pictures, please get it scanned, because this is not plosable to do."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558259 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)22:25:10")

Cuz Im the only one coloring.
Though its not a bad picture, Im not really digging how the pussies have been drawn, maybe if they were fixed and If it had a color ref, I wouldn't mind trying it."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558266 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)23:14:29" && image=="colored billy12.png")

Another done request, Dont know why, but I called it Billy Blue hate boy.

Not sure what skin color would work but I think it was shaded good enough that just white looked pretty good alone"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558267 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)23:28:38")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558270 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)23:34:42")

is he still doing things? Last time I checked was in 2014"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558272 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)23:36:25")

I don't know, I just remember something happened with that cat girl, Shima I think it was her name"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558275 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)23:50:24")

that's when I checked out honestly. Wasn't too much of a fan of the channel expansion"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558352 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)00:21:16")

don't forget about this one"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558358 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)02:16:04" && image=="small hell beast.png")

Alright well... Going in Blind with this one with zero reference other than, "DOOM" colors this is thebest I can come up with. took about 2 hours but again. its was a rough as hell sketch so I did my best trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at.

I feel like it came out ok, but lemme hear what you guys think.

BTW I had to srink it because the file grew to 10 mgs from the one megbyte it was, I guess I put too muh detail"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558359 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)02:18:03")

I will be posting high def versions of these pictures on my tumblr later on. because 4chan got a 4 meg limit"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558419 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)23:16:39" && image=="Cat gal gets dicked.png")

SO Ive been told this is a trap or a dude under the dudes dick. I wish I was told that before, so because I was harshly dooped . I will need to ban weeb stuff from requests.

Also, that yellow OC squirrel thing is almost done since its been deleted here I will post on my blog when its done"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558422 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)23:29:32")

>not liking traps"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558428 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)01:28:33")

Uh, thanks OP."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558478 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)18:39:02")


Ok, please share Blog when you're done."

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558520 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)12:03:14" && image=="robo thong.png")

welp closed the line holes a bit of color so here you go/"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558523 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)13:30:16" && image=="tumblr_pg7vafXh9G1s5fmdy_540.jpg")

"Cleaned up my lines for you.";

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558532 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)14:49:40")

hmmm alright I guess, I'll give it a shot"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558539 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)16:06:23" && image=="1537561143189.jpg")

Thanks a ton SSquid! I love you no homo"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558643 && dateTime=="10/13/18(Sat)23:52:09")

Not OR, but that looks good"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558661 && dateTime=="10/14/18(Sun)10:01:44" && image=="dk.jpg")

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558674 && dateTime=="10/14/18(Sun)14:28:15")

needs color"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==558697 && dateTime=="10/14/18(Sun)18:38:09")


Oof thx, OP that looks great!"

if(SSquid && title=="" && postNumber==558728 && dateTime=="10/14/18(Sun)22:35:20")

glad you like it dude. have a good one"