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String date = "10/08/18(Mon)05:19:05";
String comment = "this should be a regular thing

confused eggs, go"

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if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827400 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)05:20:02")

"I'm not sure if I'm trans, hate being male or just have a bad life in general.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827404 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)05:21:50")

do you experience severe gender dysphoria, especially physically? how the fuck could ppl be confused, don't trans people know from age 5 that they're a woman or w.e"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827431 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)05:31:13")

why do you want to transition?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827448 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)05:38:39")

why do you want to look like a girl?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827467 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)05:46:16")

I do hate my body and would want a female body instead."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827485 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)05:57:15")

too bad hrt doesn't give you those things, it makes you some in between motherfucker for most people. if you aren't going to pass there's literally no point in trying to transition"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827515 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:07:14")

yeah sorry about that. you can try to repress and cope that way, i heard it works for many. the thing is people will push you to transition, even yourself but it's just a bad idea if you are starting that late because you won't look like a girl like you want. it will make your dysphoria worse actually because you will still want those things and features you can never have. if you repress you can appreciate your masculine characteristics and possibly even celebrate them or at very least not think about them."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827518 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:08:19")

>I do hate my body and would want a female body instead.
That's just dyshoria.

Or maybe you'll pass. There's only one way to find out."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827520 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:08:40")

>it makes you some in between motherfucker
that still sounds pretty neat though,
fucking with people because they cant tell if youre a guy or a girl desu"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827531 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:12:19" && image=="1538592150532.gif")

>unironically my thoughts right before I pulled the trigger on transitioning


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827532 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:12:26")

>if you repress you can appreciate your masculine characteristics and possibly even celebrate them or at very least not think about them.

I'm in my thirties and repression is tolerable at best. It's almost as if "appreciating your masculinity" isn't really compatible with gender dysphoria."

if(Chad !J4bdgG8R2s && title=="" && postNumber==10827534 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:12:59")

>don't have dysphoria
>want to transition
I think you already know the answer"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827553 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:26:03")

"I took the titty skittles for a month then quit after experiencing real dysphoria - I was growing boobs and found I don’t want them";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827556 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:27:16")

elaborate please"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827561 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:29:12")

It really does suck, makes life seem pointless if I'll never be ok with my body."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827589 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:39:47")

its "you are trans" lol"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827617 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)06:51:22")

I initially felt dysphoric about my non-hrt boobs but started seeing them as a bonus after cracking. Ideally, I'd prefer looking like a cis girl without boobs, but it's only because of plausible deniability. If normies didn't consider traps gay I'd be totally ok with having huge tits."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827661 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)07:16:56")

I don't really have dysphoria, but I want to transition, because I'm a pervert and I want to be a trap 24/7."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827723 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)07:34:46")

>should be a regular thing
got a link to the previous thread then?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827747 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)07:41:07")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827889 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)08:25:37")

"Everyone in here look up Trans OCD first before you decide anything and bring it up to your therapist.

This does not invalidate the experience of trans people. This stops false eggs from hatching."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10827915 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)08:31:03")

i'm like an unfertilized egg anyway, i can't hatch"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828004 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)08:56:30")

goddamn it now this just makes me doubt myself more"

if(Chad !J4bdgG8R2s && title=="" && postNumber==10828011 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)08:59:14")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828201 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)09:48:38" && image=="1536854153858.jpg")

>trans OCD
Looks like dysphoria with a few extra steps tbhonker.
If someone desperately looks for an "excuse" to transition and feels bad for not being dysphoric enough, he should just take his fucking pills."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828220 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)09:53:05")

1. Never present as female if you don't pass.
2. Do not talk to the media if you don't pass."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828234 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)09:55:31")

it's blatant bait for shit stirring purposes"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828237 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)09:56:10")

It was made by some young transitioner who allegedly went through hardship for being a tranny and blamed it on hons ruining the public image of transgender women.
I kinda half-agree with her in the sense that people should either transition ASAP while they're young or not transition at all unless they have confidence in passing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828240 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)09:57:04")

>people should either transition ASAP while they're young
>or not transition at all unless they have confidence in passing.

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828247 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)09:58:31")

>repressed til 16

>look like pic related because all websites said hrt before 18 is illegal, came out as soon as i found out they just were not updated but at that point it was too late. The wait for hrt, the nail in the coffin."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828285 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:05:33" && image=="nKbiFpL.jpg")

Sorry for bad English. What I meant is that there are people who can pass at any age but they're exceptions to the rule. See pic related. Most repressors become hons in their middle twenties and therefore shouldn't transition."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828292 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:06:51")

your english is fine
>therefore shouldn't transition.

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828294 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:07:05")

Would you want kids to be screened for being trans and forced to transition for their own benefit if they are?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828343 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:14:04")

"if i've learned anything from this thread it's that i should commit suicide already";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828355 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:16:23")

There were definitely some people who I saw didn't have dysphoria and definitely had an OCD issue with it, I think it's just something people need to bring up with their psych. In one case, the psych says "yes you have those tendencies let's explore it," in another case they say "no you don't, it's probably dysphoria." Either way it may help someone and that's what is important.

>If someone desperately looks for an "excuse" to transition and feels bad for not being dysphoric enough, he should just take his fucking pills.
Ahh fuck please don't say this to me. I'm trying to repress again because transitioning doesn't feel like it's working out/right for me and the idea of being a bf for some cute tranner out there that would feel as though they're being given the world, make them feel special and cherish them so much as if they were the girl I was is making me feel better about who I am, being born male and whatnot."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828362 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:17:16")

>forced to transition for their own benefit
Sounds messed up tbfranky.
But then again, so is cracking when you're a hon and it's already too late.
I don't think there's a good ethical solution for this, unfortunately. I've heard of teens getting on puberty blockers at 16 as a compromise but there's no way it's good for their health and mental development in the long term."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828375 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:19:04")

By the time I was 16 I was already 6'2 broad shoulders anyway, so that still wouldn't help enough."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828377 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:19:18")

If blockers are bad, they should take hrt instead but most doctors aren't daring enough to do that despite it being better."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828396 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:21:24")

No, the process of self-discovery is important for development, otherwise they'll end up feeling forced to be someone and it may mess with their heads."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828398 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:22:10")

It isnt that easy. I never believed in god, but I used to pray as a kid that I'd wake up as a girl in the morning. Praying, _hoping_ that if there was a god that he'd come through and correct a mistake.

But that was when I was like 8. A decade of repression suppressed that memory pretty deep, and I only recently recalled doing that. Repression is weird m8"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828420 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:26:14")

>Had pretty much this same experience
It hurt when I remembered."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828465 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:32:21")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828471 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:33:11")

It stopped my questioning and made me realize that it went deeper than j originally thought. I initially had a jerk reaction to the realization though."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828495 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:36:11")

I honestly still wonder if that was just something kids do, or if I somehow faked those memories. As a kid I was surrounded by girls too, so maybe it was just wanting to fit in better?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828515 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:38:24")

>be 15 or something
>try dressing up as a girl
>filled with hope and anticipation
>those new feelings are like a beam of light in the darkness of my everyday life
>see a disgusting hon in the mirror

>crack 15 years later and realise I'd actually look decent but the psychological damage is already done
>besides, I'm never getting those years back


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828533 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:40:03")

can't change the past, but there's still more years ahead of you"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828553 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:44:48" && image=="1514295769824.png")

"Am I trans or do I just hate my body?
Am I trans or I just feel more inclinedu towards the socially accepted female traits?
Am I really "ok" presenting as cis male, or am I just too scared to get out of my comfort zone?

So, to make it short. Am I trans, or just GNC male who likes to crossdress?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828614 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)10:56:08")



>tfw every night I prayed for the aliens to come and make me female
I also remember wishing on every birthday cake to be a girl, hazy memory but now it's coming back strong."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828651 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)11:04:26")

Makes me wonder how many kids thought that praying would do anything. I did the same thing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828658 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)11:05:42")

I think most kids know on some level. It's more about bringing it out instead of forcing it down and repressing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10828949 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)11:50:01")

At that age my friends were all guys, and I really didnt have any interest in girls. I dont think it's just something kids do, normal people dont do that. They dont wake up in the morning disappointed that their prayer didnt come true, not because it shows god didnt answer, but because you were still in the wrong body.

Is it odd that when god didnt answer my prayers, I did start believing maybe I'd be abducted by aliens and they'd do it instead as well? Holy shit, so weird other people did the same thing! I silently wished on my birthday for the same, but stopped when nothing ever came true.

I didnt even believe in god, I just thought that if there was a chance he'd do me a solid. Then I would wake up and cry because I thought it was because I didnt believe hard enough. And then I just...stopped believing he was real and anything would ever change. Quite sad.

All of this makes me sad to think about it desu"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829147 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)12:19:46")

>tfw stopped believing in God because he didn't make me a girl.
Guess that's kinda a dumb reason looking back on it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829158 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)12:21:07")

"Am I trans if I voted for Hillary Clinton";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829194 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)12:28:30")

Not wierd considering trans lol, but I started doing it because of an anime. I also stopped when nothing ever came true."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829255 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)12:44:24")

Oh hey, I was talking to someone last night about asking you guys more in depth about this, so here we go

Am I an egg? I like cd'ing, I prefer to be the smaller one in the relationship, and I'm pretty sure I'd like bottoming, although I've never actually done it. I have had strong dysphoria in the past, although it's not particularly strong right now. That being said, it's late onset dysphoria, I never really cared until I started to age into my twenties. Whenever I look into the mirror it's like 75/25 whether or not I'll be disgusted with my appearance, and it feels like a constant struggle to not look like trash. I mentioned I like to cd, but I also hate that it looks like garbage. I also don't really like to look at other non-passing hons, and I cringe at the thought of being like them. Hell, most the time when I have gay fantasies I end up cringing at how awful it must look. All in all, I feel a lot of guilt, and I hate myself for it sometimes. But I hate the prospect of being manly just as much, it feels like I'm stuck. But I don't always hate my body. I wouldn't mind being a male stripper, if I had the body for it. I got chest muscles recently and I can't stop touching them.

Sorry for the word vomit"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829264 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)12:47:31")

I didn't stop believing in him because he didn't make me a girl. I was skeptical from the beginning, and decided he wasn't real when I saw no correlation between prayer, belief, and older stories and an affect on modern day events. But that's a whole other topic"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829488 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)13:30:46")

its not that easy for everybody. I built a mental wall behind this and was only doing weird trans-shit i discarded as eccentric. my behavior became worse and worse and the wall eventually finally crumbled and now im as fucked as you physical dysphoria and everything"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829522 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)13:42:38")

>I dislike looking like a guy and I feel like I would just be more comfortable that way
that qualifies as dysphoria btw"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829574 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)13:52:47")

"Am I trans if I only began experiencing dysphoria since my teens? I always hear people saying they've acted and felt like the gender they end up transitioning into since they were children but I didn't start feeling anything until puberty hit.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829664 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)14:11:22")

not everybody starts at 4yo, some begins at puberty"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829694 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)14:16:40")

I'm pretty sure I'm trans (ftm here) since I wish everyday I was born a cis male, I just can't stop doubting myself, because of OCD and anxiety."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10829729 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)14:25:09")

are you diagnosed with ocd?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10830462 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)16:22:36")

I hope some day I will finally answer all these questions for myself"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10830644 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)16:52:55")

"i dont hate my body that much, but im assuming its because my body isnt very masculine, but the thought of my body masculinizing any further and me turning into an adult man makes me want to die, im starting hrt soon and ppl tell me i have good potential, but i dont believe i could ever be anything beyond someone forcing themselves into a group where they dont belong, i keep seing people post stuff about them having huge dysphoric episodes but i never rly experienced something like that, i dont know what ot think anymore i just wanna not exist anymore";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10830826 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)17:27:51")

My body isnt even masculine but I still manage to pick out small details that are and they make me hate myself"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10830855 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)17:32:42")

yeah thats what i mean, like my measurements and stuff are goodish i think, but stuff like my adams apple and legs make me want to die, do u think from what i said that im trans or what? i dont know what to think anymore"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10830915 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)17:40:23")

I cant really say anon, most here say if you have dysphoria you are trans but its hard to say.

I've known I was trans since I was a kid, and I still didnt get on hrt for 3 months after already deciding I wanted to start, just to prove to myself it wasn't a decision made on impulse, and that's usually what I recommend people do as well."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10831923 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)20:36:48" && image=="wl.png")

">tfw have only had sex once and didn't want to show my body so made sure it was in a dark space
>have anxiety about evening taking my shirt off in around others
>have been told have "feminine hands and traits"
>in drama class, always wanted to play female characters, especially during Shakespeare
>make a lot of jokes about being a woman/trans
>cross dressed last summer, liked how I felt, but didn't do a great make-up job so it felt off, haven't done it since; but sometimes puts on panties while going to bed
>have always tried growing in my beard but usually get sick of how I look/feel a few weeks in"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10832896 && dateTime=="10/08/18(Mon)23:46:49")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833047 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:17:05")

In reading your post I remembered yet another time I did something like that as a kid. It only makes me feel worse though, like I failed younger me. He (she?) had so much confidence that everything would be fixed in the future."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833060 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:19:57")

whatever elliot"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833069 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:21:25")

"hi i want to be a girl am i trans";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833117 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:33:38")

Are you a girl or a boy, this is important"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833126 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:37:14")

"i don't know that's the problem!";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833133 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:39:18")

Is there an innie or an outie in your pants?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833142 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:41:48" && image=="1e9db20f59588eed70903b88790945a6692fc2106f22f9eea146d2c58cf0b258.png")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833151 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:43:20")

I'm sorry anon, its terminal. You have approximately 60 years left to live"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833160 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:44:50" && image=="cute.jpg")

Okay, Anon, which one do you want to be?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833187 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:49:28")

It sure would be nice to be the cutie on the right..."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833198 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)00:51:59")

Wow, maybe I *am* talking to a cute girl!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833431 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)01:40:09")

">tfw I know that I'll look like a horrifying monster mash if I put on a wig and dress right now
>know that loosing weight makeup and even hrt probably wouldn't change anything
>guess I'll at least try my best to get the look I want
>I'll probably hate how I look either ways
>already know whatever mental damage this will cause is just a drop of water in the ocean compared to all my other problems
I just wanna be a stay at home wife, but I know I'll have to get a regular job, wife, and average number of kids and pets in the end because of the shitty hand I've been dealt"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833436 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)01:41:14")

>60 years
This sounds too long, any way to speed up the process?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833438 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)01:41:53")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833459 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)01:52:32" && image=="15191213543897.png")

">be rather feminine kid but think nothing of it, no dysphoria or anything
>start interacting with other trans people at 16
>after this I get jealous of the attention they get and how they get to just 'cheat at life' and be a girl, be cute, get a feminine body etc
>this soon became immense depression and dysphoria leading up to a year later, when i transition
seriously I cant be trutrans right, this has to be rapid onset"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833480 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:01:20")

>after this I get jealous of the attention they get and how they get to just 'cheat at life' and be a girl, be cute, get a feminine body etc
>rapid onset

yeah feeling jealous and dysphoric when seeing transgirls is totally a normal thing that all cis guys experience"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833481 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:01:41")

can i get the name of that anime girl? she's adorable and i want to cuddle her and pat her head."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833498 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:12:02" && image=="IMG_2703.jpg")

Aqua and she's dumb and gross. Go for pic related, a much better anime girl and also a (male)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833505 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:16:08")

Aqua is cute and I want to protect her! Astolfo is the token anime trap.
But it's whatever, since both are cute and I can't actually cuddle or headpat either of them."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833507 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:17:15" && image=="_mmd__yandere_chan_is_thinking_about_something____by_thekunhaitofamily-db8yfeg.png")

am i trans if since early childhood, my biggest secret was i never liked or wanted to be a boy, was always jealous of girls in general, resented having to conform to the male standard, and wished i was born as a cis girl from the beginning?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833508 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:17:49")

"Am I feeling dysphoric because I'm trans or because I am just a lazy ass who is neglecting workouts and looking good?
Do I want to act girly because that feels right or do I just want successful social interactions like popular girls get?
Do I genuinely want to wear dresses and heels or is that just a crossdressing fetish that's become too ingrained because of years spent fapping to it?
Maybe I'm not a repressing trans girl, but just a miserable ruin of a cis man?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833516 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:22:19" && image=="Blank_07de5c6aec5395ae3c28225f7d06bd66.jpg")

You watch your words, I relate to Aqua and think she's best girl"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833522 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:23:58")

Does that mean that you're best 3D girl?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833567 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:35:29")

"Crossdressed since a young age. Never had stereotypical male interests but also didn’t have any female interests.

I get turned on when I crossdress. I sometimes masturbate when dressed. In the past I’d feel shame after cumming and quickly switch back to guy clothes but now i leave everything on.

Started posting on Instagram dressed as a girl. Loooove the compliments I get from guys. On a diet now to look even better when dressed. Going on on Halloween in lingerie with another CD.

I don’t know if I have dysphoria or not. When I see girls, I’m not sure if I’m jealous or I want to fuck them or both.

Not sure if what’s holding me back from transitioning is the effects it would have on my social life or not. Would I transition if I were financially secure and didn’t have to look for a new job? Maybe. Would I transition if I knew I could pass? Maybe.

I don’t know."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833574 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:36:32" && image=="aqua praise me.jpg")

Maybe if I ever got out of this constant depressive slump and could fix my body?

When I drink it can be ignored more easily and I become more myself which is similar to Aqua!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833588 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)02:39:54")

Then I'm rooting for you, Anon! If you fix yourself, then you'll be the best girl ever!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10833833 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)03:39:31")

Working out is fucking easy anon, go do some of that if you're worried."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10834161 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)05:10:30")

"Is dysphoria looking at women and feeling like you're missing something? Not like a romantic interest but an almost jealousy or longing";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10834201 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)05:21:20")

One aspect, yes."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10834247 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)05:33:51")

"I dont think it would be trans in my case. I see everyone saying that they have always been or at somepoint they realized that they are a woman. For me i have always been fairly feminine and have wished to be female for longer than i can remember. But it feels like it is just something that i want to be, i still feel like even if i want to be a female that im a man. Im just confused about how what i feel compares to people who are confidently trans.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10834530 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)07:16:14")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10834548 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)07:19:13")

>after this I get jealous of the attention they get and how they get to just 'cheat at life' and be a girl, be cute, get a feminine body etc

so much this
everythnig is mostly fine but when I see happy non-hon trans people I'm full of envy"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10834667 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)07:48:47")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10834958 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)08:53:01" && image=="1532590056883.png")

That's dysphoria before it gets much much much much worse

How old are you anon?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835179 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)09:58:11")

27...been fighting these urges for about 4 years now"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835193 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)10:03:14")

"I had the "wanting to be a girl" but I never had as much physical dysphoria. I felt awkward with big hands but eventually got used to them, and I have always hated my feet and felt they were huge. I occasionally tried to throw in little comments about how feminine I was, and people responded how men can do that/be like that too and still be masculine.

I crossdressed sexually whenever I could, and really only fapped to women (like them dancing or getting off)/"trap" hentai, never real porn bc it disgusted me. Why would there be a man in it? I always watched Yuri anime because I've always been uncomfortable with a man in the relationship. Then I would have weird fantasies with me getting into the groups of girls in things I would watch, but it was somehow ok because I was the only guy allowed in.

The only thing is, estrogen makes me doubt that I'm trans. It makes me feel a little dissociated, and I think contributes to my IBS. I also don't always 'feel' like a girl, whatever that means. And I used to only feel comfortable with lesbian relationships, but now I'm more opening up to guys in the relationship, and I can't tell which one I want to be - sometimes the guy, sometimes the girl. It'll flip-flop even while looking at the same picture.


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835195 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)10:04:17")

How do you feel being called a cute girl anon? Or a beautiful woman?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835204 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)10:08:31")

That's not a good sign."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835242 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)10:21:07")

sounds like dysphoria to me
you should visit a specialist though"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835594 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)11:48:29")

do you worry about being trans or about not being trans enough to pursue transition?
do you do checking? if you do, what do you check for?
are you jealous of trans who are out and living as their desired gender?
the article she links, originally a forum post iirc is worth a read but you'll have to look it up on
the tldr is that for example those with hocd are afraid of being gay and might look at gay porn to check for signs of arousal, not because they like it. a gay ocd sufferer might be afraid of being straight and check
if you have ocd you probably know it.
realizing you're trans tends to throw a wrench into your mental state and shit in general so don't doubt yourself just because it makes you feel bad. it can be like a wound you didn't realize was there, it hurts the more you look at it.

i think a tocd sufferer would be more worried that they have to transition as opposed to wanting to transition on some level because they want to live as the other gender/wish their body was the other sex being worried about how that transition would go. there is a difference between the ocd version and not being pleased with the knowledge that it's the only real treatment for gd for all the difficulty and uncertainty over the end result."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835667 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)11:59:54")

Holy shit I do have OCD but I think it's about not being transgender, rather than being, and liking boys/men. Though I can't tell if my sexuality is actually changing a bit, but wow I definitely have OCD.
I came out as trans around 2 years ago, and started transition and everything. Then, recently, I drove myself partially insane with weed and not eating and forcing myself to constantly watch physics/math youtube videos and "fit a puzzle together" that was the universe (this sounds schizo but it partially was, though I am not schizo. This has gone away for the most part) BUT during that I felt the need to 'sacrifice' my sense of well-being and self and gender things, and lately (past ~3.5mo since I came home) because of this I can't tell whether I am trans or not and whether or not I was obsessive about being a girl for a long time and grew out of it, then reopened the feelings when I was abusing weed and alcohol 2yrs ago, or whether I'm being insane and trying to repress again. It's been killing me, because:
>i think a tocd sufferer would be more worried that they have to transition as opposed to wanting to transition on some level because they want to live as the other gender/wish their body was the other sex being worried about how that transition would go. there is a difference between the ocd version and not being pleased with the knowledge that it's the only real treatment for gd for all the difficulty and uncertainty over the end result.
This describes much more how I feel. I want to be a girl so badly, but it feels like I am not and I don't always feel I am, and thus put myself back into depressed male mindset w/ trying to make a girl happy by being her bf and getting fulfillment from that"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10835675 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)12:01:20")

I have certainly felt super fucked up lately over this and I can't stop obsessing over whether or not I am trans, and whether or not I like men.
Also I get lots of pressure in my head when thinking about being trans rather than being just a boy, and some dissociation (I think) from estrogen."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10836774 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)15:13:43")

What're the other aspects?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10836826 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)15:22:27")

I mean I like it. I almost get turned on"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10836837 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)15:23:59")

who wouldn't?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10837886 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)18:13:42")

"I'm terrified of being trans, but I feel if I don't live it out, my life means nothing";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10838754 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)20:25:27")

"So for months and months I put off going to a therapist because I figured I was fine and that the trans thoughts were just lark or cry for attention.

But now a year on, the thoughts, the debilitating anxiety are back, and even my subconscious is in on the action; having dreams of searching for a vague female, shouting "when will you find me" seems to have been the latest trigger"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839020 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:19:16")

A cis guy"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839072 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:33:37")

"Cis people wouldn't normally have these invasive thoughts would they?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839086 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:37:26")

Why are you terrified of being trans?

If it's genuine dysphoria, there's a good chance it'll stay and eventually get worse. Putting it off isn't a good idea.

Probably not, no"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839089 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:37:48")

Then what the fuck am I?
Being called a beautiful woman feels a little silly, because I'm not one, but a cute girl does feel good, even if I think it's incorrect.
desu I'd probably fall hard for anyone who called me a princess when crossdressing"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839098 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:39:48")

Maybe you're just a crossdresser? There's nothing wrong with having a kink. I wouldn't judge anyone I knew for it"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839101 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:40:07" && image=="1535655503651.gif")

">20 years old questioning what gender is
>Dysporia is so bad I can't go to the pool or beach.
>Lost my GF because of my dysphoria (among other things)
>Remembered repressed memories of my young self dressing in girl's underwear.
>Twink figure with little hair
>constantly made fun of for not being "like the other guys" in high school
>fell for the computer science meme

I still don't know if I am trans. Even if I was I think it is too late to transition."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839116 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:43:19")

20 isn't too late"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839126 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:45:13")

I'm terrified of what my family will think of me, how those around me will view me and generalally being a transwoman in society would easily be a social pariah"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839128 && dateTime=="10/09/18(Tue)21:45:42")

I'll admit I get turned when I do it, but it's mostly because I don't get to do it often. And when I look in the mirror I just get kind of sad that it looks bad.
But I don't think of it as a kink, at least in my mind. I don't do it to get off.
The thought of it just being a fetish and not being some deeper expression of something makes me hate myself."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10839993 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)01:18:21")

Me too :("

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10840775 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)05:39:48")

>do you worry about being trans or about not being trans enough to pursue transition?
the latter

does frequently posting asking about if im trans or not count

>are you jealous of trans who are out and living as their desired gender?
maybe not _jealous_ but more like _admire_ or something along those lines

>if you have ocd you probably know it.
its the same with asking if youre trans or not, the signs are really vague and you cant tell at all

either way i think the "cis people dont question their gender" thing is a pretty good rule of thumb
still tho, i just think i cant force myself to be able to clearly say im trans even if i start medically transitioning

this also brings up the question of are traps and femboys trans,
they might not experience dysphoria in being a man, but they definitely enjoy being girl-like"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10840864 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)06:14:31" && image=="hang in there.jpg")

"Every time I see my face in the mirror I feel disfigured. Every time I see a reflection of my whole body and its "inverted triangle" shape, I want to cry. Sometimes it takes me a hour to shave my face because it hurts to look at my facial hair.

I was fortunate to never have been forced into a "male role", so I don't feel any discomfort about the way I am treated by others. The only exception is when people make a point to call me "sir", because it's totally unnecessary and draws attention to the thing I hate most about myself.

I'm 27 and fully masculinized now, but when I was younger (15-20), I was frequently mistaken for a girl. I hate what my body did to itself in my early 20s. I wish I had known that transition was an option back then, because it's no longer an option now. If I tried to transition now, I would only end up a parody of a woman.

I don't know what to do. I'm on HRT for its dermatological effects, but I recognize that it will do very little for someone with my skeletal structure. Everything seems so hopeless."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10841036 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)07:12:35")

I'm also 27 and I haven't even begun HRT but fuck it. I know I won't be a real women, I'm some sort of simulacrum of a women but as long as I can wear dresses be called her, I'll be fine with that. I've got a tad bit of masculine features but some FFS should clear that up, other than that I'm happy my body has some female dimensions to them (hands, skin small waist).

Seeing some photos of girls who transitioned late do seem successful, and god forbid, certainly not going for a porn star look, but if one can reach the point wherein they don't get misgendered it's worth a shot"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10841754 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)10:23:21")

"Does anyone else get super tired doing just about anything during a dysphoria episode? Mines been going on for about 4 days now, I'm well rested but I feel as if I could just lay down and die";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10841907 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)10:50:27")

">crossdress since 11 y/o
>from a young age forced fem fantasies were my exclusive sexuality
>got kinda sad at growing a beard during puberty
>sort of wanted to stop my body from looking manlier so i tried learning magic to cast a spell on myself (i was like 16 at the time)

aside from that im a manly guy with male ineterests"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10842084 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)11:23:13")

>crossdress since 10yo
>repeatedly pray to god to turn me into a girl in high school
>disturbed by pretty much all changes brought on by puberty
>pretend to be a girl online
>play female characters in video games
>currently taking estradiol and growing my hair out

Pretty sure I'm not trans though."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10842095 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)11:25:12")

just a normal guy taking some hrt my dudes"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10842204 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)11:41:08")

Das it bruv"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10842348 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)12:01:13")

"this isnt "am i trans?" this is more "i think my friend might be trans, and id like to let them know its ok to be like that, and ill be their friend no matter what?"

>be me
>be boy with breasts (started hrt as a femboy, developed dysphoria with them, trying to cut them off)
>good friend knows this
>but he always jokes about body swapping
>"how about you get put in this body and i get your cute body" stuff
>and also tells me, again and again, that cis men would die for my body, and so would trans women
(not relevant but if cis men would die for it then why do i, a cis man, have dysphoria over having this body)
>hes always telling me how cute and hot my breasts are when i obviously have issues with them, like he wants them

wat do"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10842514 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)12:26:17")

>wat do
"i [worry that you] might be trans, and id like to let [you] know its ok to be like that, and ill be [your] friend no matter what"?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10842538 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)12:31:39")

that sounds good, i just hope im not being crazy in assuming he might be"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10843100 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)13:59:50")

>The thought of it just being a fetish and not being some deeper expression of something makes me hate myself.
being cute girl would be fun, I would do this even at a price of being asexual"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10843132 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)14:08:08")

There's no shame in being AGP. AGP is something deep that's expressed by transition."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10845207 && dateTime=="10/10/18(Wed)21:23:11")

Is that what I am? AGP?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10848611 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)10:26:24")

Yes, most trannies are AGPs."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10848627 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)10:31:14")

Probably not, no. You're just experiencing the same thing cis women do when they dress up nice - you feel sexy."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10848697 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)10:47:15")

Do cis women schlick to dressing up in lingerie and being called princess?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10848706 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)10:50:45")

Um, yes? Ever read erotica aimed at women?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10848851 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)11:19:43")

I started a 50 Shades type book but only a couple of chapters."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10848898 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)11:26:53")

Well let me tell you. there's a LOT of focus on what the women wear. Feeling sexy is an important part of sex for many women."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10848992 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)11:41:54" && image=="1534253397858.jpg")

">kind of want to be more masculine
>kind of want to be more feminine
>see pictures of buff guys and think i want to be like that
>see pictures of cute anime girls and kind of want to be like that too
>want to try cross-dressing but feel like i'm too ugly to do so
>want to get swole so at least i can be attractive on some level if i try cross-dressing
>read people talking about they're completely masculinized now and don't get mistaken for a girl anymore, remember that i used to get mistaken for one too and feel kind of bad that it doesn't happen anymore
>remember that i always got kind of annoyed when it happened, but it also always happened around other people who made fun of me for it so i don't know if i actually liked it or not
>feel guilty when i even hint at this kind of stuff around actual trans people
>feel really weird in the pit of my stomach and get a boner for some reason when i talk about it on here
who else /noideawhatthefuckeven/ here"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10849030 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)11:45:45")

Can you give me an example from women's erotica?

>Feeling sexy is an important part of sex for many women.
You're equating what she wears with feeling sexy. But what she wears is what makes her *look* sexy. Seeing the two as the same is an AGP or male perspective."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10850606 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)16:03:53")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10850694 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)16:21:53")

">when I was a kid and and played with my neighbor friend I was always chose the girl characters
>never had male interest like cars or sports
>found out about transgender people in my teens and lurked reddit transtimelines
>see this one who looked really nice and get kinda jealous and wonder what my parents would think
>also ask friends in school what they would do if their son came out as trans
>would make kik accounts and pretend to be women stealing random pics from the internet and talk to guys and cyber. I loved the attention and got really into it
>would crossdress as well around age 16-17 and loved it
>stopped in case someone found out
>forgot about all this and got into bodybuilding and my peers liked it but I never felt really good
>fast forward now I came out as gay to some close people and had stopped working out for a long time
>wish my butt was nicer because have hank hill ass
>grew hair out, get called cute and trying to lose muscle still I hate muscle
>not sure how id feel if people refered to me as a girl
>dont hate my dick
Im 21 now. Im not sure"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10850990 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)17:03:00")

would you prefer to be an average middle aged woman, or an average middle aged man?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851005 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)17:05:03")

Idk anymore. no point anyways im broke and saving up for all that shit would take years and im guaranteed hon at this point"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851476 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)18:29:06" && image=="daa69dec488fc4fbedb1ae749a2fa7e0.jpg")

>used to get turned on near exclusively by trans and sissy porn
fast forward to now
>can barely watch any of the stuff because i feel immense shame
>only thing that turns me on is guys jacking it to me now
>cant look my face in the mirror anymore cause i just get depressed
>some days i get depressed when people refer to me as male
>i have a panic attack sometimes when i look down on my body and its a boy
>when i see any of my hair i immediately wanna die
>anytime i think of myself as being male outside of the context of wanting to being a cool dad eventually i want to die
>dressing as a girl just gives me a huge sense of relief with the only stress coming from fear of being found in my girl clothes
>some days i wake up and don't want to die tho
what the hell should i do. ive already tried no fap and it didnt work."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851478 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)18:29:58")

transition you idiot. you have severe dysphoria."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851505 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)18:35:43")

I'm like half as dysphoric as you but only being turned on by guys jacking it to me and only wanting to be male in the context of being a "cool dad" made me fucking laugh because of how much it fit me. go get your pills instead of agonizing over this you wanna do it sooner rather than later."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851512 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)18:37:52")

The most important thing is to stop further masculinization, so some sort of AA + E. I've seen some people that spend literally $6 a month on those.
>im guaranteed hon at this point
if you think that because of your age, there's plenty of counterexamples

I'd say the most important thing is to figure out if you do or do not have gender dysphoria, preferably in a timely manner. Best case scenario you don't (and I hope you don't). But if you do (and pretending you don't is a very bad idea), pretty much everyone I've seen has recommended treating that shit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851542 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)18:45:35")

>Best case scenario you don't (and I hope you don't)
>But if you do (and pretending you don't is a very bad idea)
so im fucked either way?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851557 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)18:50:02")

Let me put it this way: tranners wouldn't wish gender dysphoria on their worst enemy. So not having it would be a very good thing, in comparison.
But if you do have it, you should treat it because from what I've seen repression doesn't work out well, and many trans girls end up living happier lives.

So if you have suspicions, work on figuring out whether you have it or not."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851601 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:03:39" && image=="1539041962267.jpg")

"Unsure trans
>been questioning for five years
>seen two different gender therapists and one regular therapist
>both thought I had OCD, but maybe gender dysphoria

Maybe Trans
>I get jealous of transgirls, even non-passing ones but I don't know why
>also jealous of cute and feminine people in general
>sometimes have to forcibly repress feminine mannerisms
>sometimes think I should've been born a girl
>disgusted by mirrors and selfies (this may be due to being an uggo)
>hard to envision my future as a man
>thinking of myself as female just seems "better" in some intagible way
>preferred subtle feminine presentation (when I tried it)
>always felt different from others, "gay, but not really"
>tried HRT for a bit but stopped

Probably not trans
>textbook AGP cluster B
>exclusively male interests
>masculine behavior
>didn't really know something was up until my late teens (no gender non-conforming behavior in childhood)
>have aggressive sexuality (former porn addict)
>don't really care how I am addressed socially
>don't really care about genitalia or uterus
>feel like an imposter around women, don't understand them on an innate level

Now I'm almost 23 with a complete chadbod. The weirdest thing is, I can ignore it if I think of myself as a man, then my masculine features or whatever don't bug me any more. But if I think I'm trans, it's panic inducing. Adding to this, on the slim chance I do have GD it must be very, very mild and thus easily repressed.

Right now I'm leaning towards an unsavory blend of OCD and fetish."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851654 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:15:04")

idk ive been thinking about it a lot for years. I have no money for therapy anyways or anything. what is AA and E?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851658 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:16:00")

"I'm pretty sure im trans by now but i dont know exactly what I wanna do about it. Sometimes Im super convinced i wanna transition and in a great mood

other times I hesitate ''do I actually want breasts? I know i like to wear a stuffed bra but actual boobs?'' or other shit like its expensive, what if i dont pass, will i be alone forever, I actually don't hate my body hair that much, etc"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851659 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:16:08")

>textbook AGP cluster B
just so you know, cluster Bs are just as trans as cluster As
t. cluster anon"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851669 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:17:56")

anti-androgens and estrogen
get yourself over to /mtfg/ and talk with the girls about your symptoms (don't let them meme you in either direction, just collect feedback)
they can also advise you on what to do about therapy, or HRT whether legit or DIY (see also /hrtgen/ for that)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851710 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:26:20")

sorry, I don't want to be a fetishist

I relate heavily to this wish I could help"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851731 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:30:01")

>I relate heavily to this wish I could help
i relate to some of what you said too, especially hating selfies but not knowing if it's because i'm ugly or not. i'm extremely averse to being in pictures and always have been"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851757 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:34:46")

luckily for you, cluster B has nothing to do with being a fetishist and AGP is Freud-tier pseudoscience"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851767 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:35:46")

>cluster Bs are just as trans as cluster As
That's not in the cluster meme pic nor in Contra's video.

The only way cluster Bs are trans is if they equate to Blanchard's conception of AGPs.

Except they don't because Contra's whole point is to take the Blanchard our of clustering."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851856 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)19:52:33")

"I first crossdressed at age 4-6 in my cousin's ballerina dress and danced in it. Did play with my female cousins but eventually got into masculine things and played with male cousins and friends. Was "normal" for a couple of years until I was 13-14. Had long hair, thought it was "manly" and constantly mistaken for a girl and would correct people(Idk abouts trans stuff back then) I was into military things but also secretly wanted to cosplay as both male and female Naruto characters. Went to army surplus store and tried on UCP BDU's and buy says, "she looks good in that." I get offended and go to get my hair cut. As the lady is combing hair to cut it, I start crying and regret getting my haircut because I looked pretty. I told myself to " be a man" and this is when the misery begins. Started crossdressing shortly after getting haircut. Had fun role-playing as a girl and eventually a few months after, I masturbated for the first time at age 14 to some blonde woman on tv. Both things got mixed together and I made sexual roleplays involving lesbian sex and hiding this from everyone I know. I'd go to the store and see the women's clothing, but that was forbidden thoughts. Started to repress the crossdressing around age 20 because I started growing body hair and it was my mother's clothes and felt disgusted with myself. I started masculine stuff like airsoft, but I'd "prank" people on Xbox or omegle to think I was a girl and really enjoyed it when guys actually referred to me as a girl. Started to get into social situations and I'd imagine myself as a girl as I'm talking to people. I imagine myself as a girl in my group setting and develop a crush on one of my best friends. Kept reading genderbend manga with themes of a guy turning into a girl and falling in love with their male best friend. Also was a chronic masturbator to lesbian porn until recently and now I'm interested in guys and think about piv sex and having a uterus.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10851998 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)20:17:07")

Also I don't know if this is common for you but a lot of the times I get images of me being a successful guy, like maybe I have a good body or get famous or something, and I'm really proud of it for a little while. Or sometimes when I see a group of men I feel a deep sense of camraderie. Of course this don't stop everything else. It's like under certain specific scenarios I think feel a connection to being a man but only during those times. I wonder what it is."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852034 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)20:22:41")

yeah i think i know what you mean. i don't hate being a man i don't think but i also kind of want to try being a girl maybe. it's weird. i wish i could switch between being a ripped muscleman and a cute girl and see how i like both."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852146 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)20:43:07")

>tfw started as T-OCD and then evolved to maybe dysphoria

the same thing happened with my sexuality. Ever since I was a young kid I was terrified of liking dick and obsessed over convincing myself I was straight but that didn't stop me from coming to terms with liking dicks ten years later. So maybe gender is similar? God what is wrong with me."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852247 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)20:59:29")

"can somebody end my suffering and just force feed me the goddamn pills already";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852337 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)21:17:01")

"I'm confuse to who is real or not. But I just decided to click this thread because I saw cluster C comment. I'm not sure why cluster C was brought into this conversation because it involve something it had me. Im cluster C and I try not to care for gender.

All I carr about is why it was brought into the conversation."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852517 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)21:50:17")

>Hate pictures
Thank fuck I'm not the only one"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852674 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)22:12:02")

"I started hrt but all my dysphoria just slowly disappeared. I don't even know if I should socially transition at this point or just stop.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852691 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)22:14:34")

wait what's cluster C?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852703 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)22:15:54")

ooph same"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10852788 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)22:28:42")

Lol iktf. I always wanted to succ the d when I would crossdress for hours and end up fapping. I always wore different outfits too and stuff and look at myself in mirrors and whatnot but I think I have a lot of that blocked in my head, it's very fuzzy remembering it.

Every time though I would feel shame afterwards, also for wanting D cause I never was attracted to men, and the idea of getting a guy off is kinda gross to me, and like actually doing it seems like. Like I'm submissive more I feel in relationships, but I don't want to feel less of a person from doing that to someone, like I'm just an object for getting guys off. Idk."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10853242 && dateTime=="10/11/18(Thu)23:38:03")

Repostan this here for hopefully some insight and so it'll last longer
>tfw prefer cocks, find them far more arousing and appealing than vaginas which are borderline gross-looking to me
>if i'm fapping, I have to really crank it to orgasm to a picture of a naked woman unless it's been a few days nofap. But if I see a hard, throbbing and thick cock, it gets me insanely close to the edge very quickly
>but I don't really like pictures/videos of cocks unless they're fucking a woman or being sucked on by a woman. Blowjobs on big cocks especially do it for me. The bigger the better, but I'm not sure if I self-insert as the woman
>mostly attracted to women's bodies/faces aside from the pussy
>somewhat attracted to the male body/faces, but only if they're very ripped to go along with a huge cock. And never really attracted to faces, just muscles.
>Much more attracted to women's bodies though aside from cock.
I don't understand sexuality at all. Am I gay or AGP has my sexuality just been warped by years upon years of watching blowjob porn?

Gay porn isn't attractive at all for me but I love cocks. And I'm not even into traps."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10853373 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:07:43")

This is just a meme sexuality. You may as well be a textbook /d/eviant. Maybe you're bi or something, I don't know. It's not as uncommon as you would think. I would lay off the porn though.

But what does this have to do with being trans exactly?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10853402 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:16:28")

I love women, have never felt sexually attracted to a man.
Have trouble during intercourses, something doesn’t feel right
Constantly wish I was born a girl.

I’m just scared.
I don’t think any girl would be attracted to me, even with hrt and surgery.
I could never come out to my father, we bond exclusively over masculine activities like sports and being outdoors.

I want to go on hrt and even consider reassignment surgery, but am scared that it won’t work and I’ll wreck my body

I’m 6 ft

Should I just remain a cismale?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10853411 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:18:21")


yes don't add to the hons that hurt us all"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10853415 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:19:42")

Does your dysphoria outweight the negatives that wuold come with being a non-passing transwoman? That's the only question that matters, really. Do you want to live the next 50 something years as an aging man? Could you? Only you could answer that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10853418 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:20:17")

>Do you want to live the next 50 something years as an aging man?
what if i unironically don't know the answer to that"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10853458 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)00:30:22")

well you have a lot of time to think about it. It's okay to be unsure. A therapist helps, if you can afford it."

if(Cassie !!qepFpPMCvQT && title=="" && postNumber==10853971 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)03:04:19")

If you have taken hrt and you get less dysphoric, you should probably continue taking them. Like wtf."

if(Cassie !!qepFpPMCvQT && title=="" && postNumber==10853990 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)03:16:16")

I dunno. I'm in the same boat I guess. I'm trying to let people gender me as they want to, but it does sting being called Sir all day. I just try to look at it like a privilige to feel a bit better about it. More powerful. Sir Cassie. I could hold many titles, but being a cute waifu is like the icing on the cake.
Doesn't hurt I'm also transphobic and see being called ma'am as some sort of insult (though it also gives me butterflies.).
In summation, I avoid social transition because I hate myself."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10854006 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)03:21:06")

Why do tranners seem to lament the loss of their "dysphoria"? Wouldn't that be a good thing since it's the cause of all your unease?

Pls explain. Genuinely curious as gay cis male"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10854018 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)03:23:23")

Makes you wonder if you're doing the right thing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10854038 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)03:30:29")

I guess I misunderstand the semantics.. is it the loss of dysphoria in the sense that as you transition, you're losing the dysphoria because your self-view of yourself as a woman is now beginning to match your body?

or is the other way around where "losing your dysphoria" means seeing your self image as that of a man and you start freaking about with apprehensions about continuing to transition?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==10854051 && dateTime=="10/12/18(Fri)03:35:22")

The latter. If you lose dysphoria through transition it must have been a really successful transition and you're likely way happier.
Losing it is mainly a thing that occurs near the start of transition (or thinking about transitioning) and it can be kind of confusing. You're not sure whether transitioning is the right choice anymore because you're not as upset with your body, but you're worried that if it's temporary and you feel worse later on then stopping now would be a huge mistake."