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String comment = "Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin (Be warned they are long)
Part 1: The Start
Part 9: The Finale

>What is this? Another Rule 63 thread?
No, not really. This is a thread about Queen Umbra and her adventures with everyone's favorite human Anon!

>So a story thread then?
Yes! This is a story that takes place after the Reflections comic arc You know the one where Celestia loves that Sombra from the mirror universe where everyone good is evil and everyone evil is good. Before the last thread died, our heroes have entered the Alternate Equestria determined to bring Umbra home. Our heroes have made it to Canterlot only to find it ruined and inhabited by a resistance force of some kind. What has happened to this Equestria since their last visit and what dark secrets hide around each corner...?

>So it's just a thread for your story?
No of course not! Like always if you want to write something go ahead!
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidya games of your choice"

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if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32345069 && dateTime=="05/09/18(Wed)19:03:37" && image=="1525550318021.png")

>Standing before the castle of Sombra, you see that it's untouched unlike the structures around it
>The barrier blocking it off shimmers with a purple glow
>"So this is it." Celestia says as she reaches out to touch it
>But as she extends her hoof, Marie stops her with a pipe
>"I wouldn't do that, princess." Marie says as she throws the pipe at the barrier
>As soon as the pipe makes contact, it begins to disintegrate
>"Yikes." Lance says
>"Why would she want to preserve this place?" Sombra asks, looking up the castle "I thought she hated her brother?"
>"I never said that." Marie says "While she sees him as a traitor, she still holds him close to her heart. They are brother and sister after all."
"Just like Umbra." You tell him "Besides the traitor part."
>Sombra gives you a half hearted smile
>Celestia looks around at the barrier before turning to Luna and Sombra
>"I think we can get through this." Celestia says "But we're all going to need to concentrate our magic into one beam."

I knew I should've bumped us this morning."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32346208 && dateTime=="05/09/18(Wed)23:09:06")

"Hold on. Doing some stuff";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32347673 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)04:58:32")

Okay I'm am here give me a second and I'll type up something"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32347802 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)06:08:35" && image=="RFEazR9.jpg")

>Sombra and Luna nods their heads
"Are you sure this will work?"
>Celly nods her head
>"Sunshine, this is two Alicorns and Sombra all pooling their magic together." Celestia says "We can bring it down."
>As Sombra and Luna get into position, their horns begin to glow
>You all take a step back as the three of them fire onto the barrier
>Their combined magic ripples throughout the barrier
>"More power!" Celestia says to the two "It's about to give way!"
>The barrier begins to freak the fuck out as cracks start appearing all over
>Just a little more and-!
>With a thunderous boom the barrier explodes sending a shockwave out
>You all hold your ground as it passes by you
>Once it does, you look towards the castle
>The barrier around it has been completely destroyed
>All that remains is purple dust
>"They actually did it?" Marie says "Impressive."
>"There." Celestia says catching her breath "Let's head inside.""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32347854 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)06:39:08")

"Shit sorry about last thread";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32348478 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)11:26:32")

It's totally fine, Anon"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32348495 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)11:33:37" && image=="15256459513880.png")

"Cute one ;3";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32348723 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)12:50:34")

I do have to get some stuff tho brb"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32349563 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)16:21:34" && image=="1723089__safe_alternate+version_artist-colon-evehly_king+sombra_curved+horn_female_mare_mlem_pony_queen+umbra_raised+hoof_rule+6.png")

That she is."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32350056 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)18:12:52" && image=="15258821400400.png")

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32351195 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)22:26:57")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32351229 && dateTime=="05/10/18(Thu)22:39:12")

Daww aint she adorbs"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32352209 && dateTime=="05/11/18(Fri)04:43:45")

Sorry for letting the thread die Rager


if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32352321 && dateTime=="05/11/18(Fri)06:18:41" && image=="glass-chess-300x250.jpg")

"Come now! This will be a wonderful opportunity for us!" You tell The False Queen Umbra "Haven't you been wanting to go against somepony smarter than you!?"
>You are Queen Umbra
>The TRUE Queen of Equestria!
>While you walking through the halls of the castle, a brilliant idea popped into your head
>Your prisoner might be the perfect opponent to face off against in a game of chess!
>Grabbing your chess board, you quickly race down to where you are holding The False Queen ready to play
>The only problem is...
>"I have. My answer remains the same." Umbra says "No."
>Is how difficult she's being!
"You and I know that our beloved husbands can't play this game." You tell her "And our brothers might be a challenge, but we always end up winning."
>She rolls her eyes
"You would really deny this golden opportunity?" You tell her "Perhaps you are just scared of losing?"
>She opens her mouth
>But before she can speak, you feel something in the back of your head
>Something has been undone...
>Closing your eyes, you try to find the source of the disturbance
>Of all the barrier's in place here in Equestria, you see that one is missing
>Sombra's castle
"So that's where you rats are..."

Don't let it happen again! Nah I'm just kidding it's my fault it died there. I woke up and checked thinking we would be fine if I slept for a little bit longer. We weren't fine obviously."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32353027 && dateTime=="05/11/18(Fri)11:44:21")

"Today I'm going to be busy this morning slah afternoon so I ask that you do try and keep us alive";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32353236 && dateTime=="05/11/18(Fri)12:47:21")

"Alright I'm off";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32353689 && dateTime=="05/11/18(Fri)15:02:12")

We'll keep it going"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32356814 && dateTime=="05/12/18(Sat)06:17:11" && image=="RCO015_1468837270.jpg")

>You are Anon
>Stepping through the deserted halls of the castle, you and the other stay on guard
>This place just doesn't feel right
>It's almost like you aren't welcome here
>And you aren't talking about everyone here
>You mean just yourself
"I really don't like this place."
>"I know, Anonymous." Celestia says "I can feel it too..."
>Lance looks a little confused
>They all do
>Yeah they aren't feeling it at all
>It's just you and Celestia that are feeling this
>Coming into a bright lit hallway, you and the others notice the glass windows
>Each one has a pony on them along with some trait under them
>Flim and Flam are fairness
>Trixie is humility
>Derpy is wisdom
>And the final one...
>It's Chrysalis with the word love underneath
>Looking over at Lance, you see he's just staring at her
>"That's her." He says "She might be a different version of her, but that's the mare responsible for my parents deaths.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32359561 && dateTime=="05/12/18(Sat)16:06:14")

"Alright be back one more time";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32361206 && dateTime=="05/12/18(Sat)21:03:27")

"Man the movie of snappy man hits me harder each time I see it.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32362713 && dateTime=="05/13/18(Sun)04:09:37")

"Has there been a story/is there currently a story in here in the past 5 months that wasn't written by Rager? Just curious since that's about when I left, wondering if there's any new writefags.";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32362929 && dateTime=="05/13/18(Sun)06:19:15" && image=="Good Bug.png")

>Celestia and Luna look over to you
>You walk over to him and look up at the window
"Are you alright?"
>"I honestly don't know." Lance says "My sister was fillynapped along with my marefriend and now I might have to work alongside a mare that is practically the same one that took my parents."
>He looks over to you
>"I suppose things can't get any worse than that." He says with a small smile
>You smile back
"Don't worry." You tell him "We'll try and keep you away from her."
>"That's if she's even alive..." Marie quietly says
>She has to be since yours is still alive
>"I know she must be a nice pony in this world." Lance tells you "But it's just hard."
>Lance turns around looks around at some of the other things that litter the room
>Best to just leave it at that...
"So Celly, why are we here?"

There was Olibird, but he went MIA"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32364733 && dateTime=="05/13/18(Sun)15:43:51" && image=="Umbra and Anon during Estrus.png")

"Happy Mothers Day everyone. Umbra also wants you to wish yours a good day.

Unless your not on good terms"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32366359 && dateTime=="05/13/18(Sun)21:26:29" && image=="good_sombra_by_ripped_ntripps-d8hqdgl.png")

>"We're looking for clues for what happened." Celestia says "I suppose now it really isn't necessary since Marie informed us about it all."
>She looks down the hall
>"Although I still want to look at the throne room." Celestia says "And maybe his room as well..."
>You can see that she has to do this
>You can't say you're not as curious as to what happened to him as well
>Maybe he's hiding out in here
"Well why don't you and I take a look around then?" You ask before looking at the others "You guys search around down here and see if you can find anything interesting."
>"I'm going with you two." Sombra says "I want to see if we can find my alternate self in here."
>"We won't go far." Arthas says "I assume we'll meet back here?"
>You nod your head
>"Alright then. Be safe and keep your guard up." Arthas tells you
>Walking up to Celestia, you and Sombra head down the hall to the throne room"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32368116 && dateTime=="05/14/18(Mon)06:18:32" && image=="1671600__safe_artist-colon-andypriceart_princess+celestia_alicorn_crown_female_jewelry_looking+at+you_mare_monochrome_necklace_.jpg")

>These halls feel so cold
>Even you're starting to think no one is in here
>Still though
>Celestia still wants to take a look around
>So you'll stick by her side until she's satsified
>"So you loved another Sombra?" Sombra asks
>"I did." Celestia says "That was until I met Anonymous."
>Sombra takes a moment to think
>"I apologize for asking about this." Sombra says "I just find it so strange that you had feelings for another version of myself."
>You glance over in confusion
>"Well I did, Sombra." Celestia says with a smile "And thanks to him I knew to be wary of you since this world's Sombra was a good stallion."
>"I've changed my ways since then." Sombra says "I just hope this Sombra hasn't."
>Coming up to the doors to the throne room, Celestia places a hoof on the door
>Celestia glances back at you
>Nodding your head, you ready yourself for what might be on the other side
>As does Sombra
>Celestia looks back to the door as she pushes it open
>The hinges on the door make the loudest noise like they're being opening for the first time in an eternity
>Once the doors are pushed open, you all step into the throne room
>Looking around, you find that something is wrong
>Unlike the rest of the castle this room is absolutely destroyed"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32372582 && dateTime=="05/15/18(Tue)06:14:11" && image=="tumblr_p582r2bH4H1vj97e6o6_500.gif")

>Scorch marks stain the walls and ceilings
>The rug and tapestries are all destroyed as well
>And the windows are all smashed
>At the end of the room, the throne has been blown to bits
>"W-What happened here?" Celestia asks as she looks around "This room is absolutely destroyed..."
>"It looks as if a battle occurred here." Sombra says "A nasty one at that."
>Walking down towards the throne, you wonder it was just this one room
"You think their Umbra did this?"
>"Marie said she never entered the castle." Sombra says "So it couldn't have been her."
>"What about their Anonymous?" Celestia asks "He hated Sombra and everything he stood for."
>That seems to be the only possibility
>A cold chill runs down your spine
>That feeling you had
>It's back
>You do not feel welcomed here at all
>Celestia looks back at you, her face tells you she's feeling the same thing
>"Are you two alright?" Sombra asks, noticing your discomfort"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32374118 && dateTime=="05/15/18(Tue)16:33:39")

>isp ban lifted
Queens bro is back boys!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32376133 && dateTime=="05/16/18(Wed)00:28:39")

What did they even get you with?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32376953 && dateTime=="05/16/18(Wed)05:49:24")

I have no fucking clue, couldnt post on the thread for a while though, pissed me off"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32376973 && dateTime=="05/16/18(Wed)05:59:53" && image=="Sucking the Evil out.png")

"You don't feel that?"
>Sombra looks around
>"I feel a sense of dread, but judging by the way you two are acting, I'd say it's much words for you." Sombra says "Celestia?"
>Celestia turns around
>"Something just feels so wrong." She says "It's almost like it wants Anonymous and myself out."
"It's been like this since we got here." You say "Shit's giving me the creeps."
>Sombra thinks
>"Do you think it has to do with your past relationship with one another?" Sombra asks
>"What do you mean?" Celestia asks
>You'd like to know as well
>"From what Anonymous told me it sounds like you all were apart of a pretty complex love triangle." Sombra says "Maybe you two feel uneasy from the fact that the owner of this castle got the worst end of it?"

Well it's good to have you back, Queens Anon."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32377003 && dateTime=="05/16/18(Wed)06:14:19" && image=="Sad Sombra.jpg")

>Both you and Celestia look at one another
>"I'm not saying that what happened to him is your faults." Sombra says "I assume he knew full well what he was doing."
>Sombra looks around
>"But with Marie telling us that nopony has seen him since that day, maybe you both feel responsible for his disappearance." Sombra says "Hence why being in here makes you both feel so uneasy."
>That could be it, but something still doesn't feel right
"But it feels like it's more than that." You tell him "It feels like I'm about to be attacked at any moment."
>Celestia gives you a puzzled look
>"I don't feel that at all." Celestia says "If anything what Sombra says is closer to what I feel."
>"How strange..." Sombra says
"Yeah it's strange alright." You say looking over your shoulder "Now can we go? I just want to head back to the resistance base."
>"But we still need to check his bedroom." Celestia says "Please Anonymous, it may be our only shot and finding a clue to his whereabouts."
>You sigh
"Alright. Let's hurry up there then." You tell them "I just want to get out of here.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32381671 && dateTime=="05/17/18(Thu)06:12:55" && image=="Spoiler Image")

>No matter where you go this feeling of dread won't leave you
>Heading up the stairs of the castle, you follow Celestia down the hall to Sombra's room
>Now that you think about it, this place has the same layout as Canterlot Castle back home
>Coming down to the end of the hall, Celestia places a hoof on the door
>"Hmm that's odd..." She says as she pushes against it "It's locked."
>You let out an annoyed sigh before walking up to the doors
>Planting a good foot on the doors, you kick the bastards in
>The sound echos throughout the hall
>"Well that's one way to get in." Sombra says
>Celestia gives a disapproving look
"What?" You ask "I want to get out of here before one of those suits of armor come to life and kill me."
>"That won't happen." Celestia says with a giggle as you head into the room
>Taking a step into the room, you see that just like the throne room, something happened in here
>The bed has been flipped over and underneath that there seems to be a hidden compartment
>She shakes her head as you kneel down
>Inside there's an open chest
>Reaching inside, you don't find anything of value
>Just some letters to Celestia and some from her
>"Anything, Anonymous?" Sombra asks as he continues to look around the room
"No. It doesn't look like there's much in here." You tell him "I think this room is a-!"
>You stop yourself as you see something interesting
>Pulling out piece of folded up paper, you undo it to find a picture of a colt and filly Alt Sombra and Umbra

I think I might have a job finally!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32382542 && dateTime=="05/17/18(Thu)12:39:52")

"I just wanted to come in and say, God speed boys.";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32385978 && dateTime=="05/18/18(Fri)06:14:26" && image=="Sleepy Moon Pone.jpg")

>You stand back up
>"What is it?" Celestia asks
"Looks like both Sombra's are the same." You say while holding the photo out "They both loved their sisters no matter what."
>Celestia takes the photo
>"Of course we do." Sombra says "Even though my mind was filled with jealousy, I never once resented her after I left."
"I guess the same could be said about him." You tell him "Even after getting exiled and branded a traitor he still kept this photo of them."
>"I never knew about this..." Celestia says "He never once talked about a sister."
"And that's why you were so surprised when you met Umbra for the first time." You say as you take a look around the room "This still doesn't answers why the room is like this though."
>Sombra takes a look inside the chest
>"I think I may know what whoever did this was looking for." Sombra says
>"Do you remember when you and my sister entered my private study?" Sombra asks "What did you go there for?"
>You think back to that day
>It's only then that it hits you
"The map to the empire...""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32386335 && dateTime=="05/18/18(Fri)10:13:21")

Great job man! What will you be doing?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32387238 && dateTime=="05/18/18(Fri)15:35:41")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32388853 && dateTime=="05/18/18(Fri)23:12:57")

Shnice bro, hope it pays well"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32389976 && dateTime=="05/19/18(Sat)06:17:50")

>You look around
"You really think Anonymous did this?"
>"You heard Marie, she said that he found his way to the empire." Sombra says "He didn't stumble his way to it like you did."
>"But that doesn't make sense." Celestia says "There's no way Anonymous could have overpowered Sombra for the map."
>You nod your head
"She has a point." You tell him "I didn't have the magic to even stand up to ponies like him until I met you again."
>"That doesn't mean that he couldn't have sneaked in here and took it." Sombra says "And besides, didn't Anonymous boast about have his magic longer than you?"
>Damn Sombra's right
>But something still doesn't add up
"So then how is the room like this?"
>"Perhaps Sombra was outraged that he lost something so important." Sombra suggest "We won't really know till we reach the empires."
>"He's right." Celestia says "All our answers are there."

$12.50 and hour"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32394303 && dateTime=="05/19/18(Sat)22:37:01")

"Rager plz";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32395032 && dateTime=="05/20/18(Sun)01:44:07")

I believe in rager!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32395616 && dateTime=="05/20/18(Sun)04:57:59" && image=="1245850.png")

We all do, son. We all do..."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32395718 && dateTime=="05/20/18(Sun)06:10:40" && image=="1523156726969.gif")

>Not finding anything more useful or helpful, you, Celestia, and Sombra return to the others
>Upon returning back you notice that Marie has disappeared
>Lance is the first to notice you and soon the others follow
>"Did you guys find anything?" Lance asks
"Just more questions." You tell him "The throne room and his room look like a tornado of magic tore through them."
>"We think we found out how Anonymous found the empire." Celestia says
>"A map." Sombra adds "Just like the one I had."
>"That would make sense." Arthas says "But what about the Sombra of this world?"
>You shrug
"We have no idea." You tell him "We won't really find out much until we get to the empire."
>You look around
"Where'd Marie go?"
>"She said she was going back to her hideout." Wedge says "She also told us to meet her there once we were done here."
>"Yeah, she sounded like she wanted to know our plan for getting to the empire." Biggs says
>You look back at Celestia
"Are we done here?"
>She takes one more look around before slowly nodding her head
"Then let's head over there." You tell them "We'll talk with her and maybe eat before we head out."

I promise to get some parts out after I get some errands done. I won't let you Anons down"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32399343 && dateTime=="05/20/18(Sun)23:05:19")

"All right finally home";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32399450 && dateTime=="05/20/18(Sun)23:27:51")

>Sombra's horn ressurects him
>he gets reborn as a mare
>shenanigans ensure"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32399617 && dateTime=="05/21/18(Mon)00:07:19")

If you wanna write it then write it"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32400742 && dateTime=="05/21/18(Mon)06:14:39")

>Exiting the castle, the cold rain pours over you again
>Only momentarily though as your magical umbrella appears over your head
>Thanking Eris, you and your party head down the streets back to Marie's hideout
>"This world is in really bad shape." Biggs says "You think we can actually change it?"
"I think so." You tell him "All we need to do is bring down the king and queen."
>"That's right." Celestia says "Light can return to this world, but we must stop those that block it."
>Just like how this world's Celestia and Luna did
>Seeing all these ponies in this state fills you with determination
>You'll make sure that Anonymous can't hurt these ponies anymore
>Coming up to the restaurant, you enter the decrepit building to find a mare on the other side of the desk
>"Marie is waiting for you." She says as she pushes the button
>The hatch opens up and you all head back downstairs
>Entering the main hall of their base, you see Marie ordering some ponies around
>When she finally notices you all, she tells her ponies to go
>"So did you find what you were looking for in there?" Marie asks
>You shake your head
"If anything we found more questions."
>"I'm sorry to hear about that. I wish there was more I could do." Marie says "So what will you all do now?""

if(Horus && title=="" && postNumber==32401135 && dateTime=="05/21/18(Mon)09:44:25" && image=="Umbra_by_Horus.png")

"Made a little something for this thread.";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32401437 && dateTime=="05/21/18(Mon)11:31:44")

That's awesome. Thanks!"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32404867 && dateTime=="05/22/18(Tue)02:32:03" && image=="20170804_105525.jpg")

>You lean over and look at the map
"What the situation in Ponyville?"
>"Guarded." Marie says "Some of Umbra's and Anonymous's allies are there so there are crystal armor guards."
>"Most likely the Mane Six of this world." Celestia says
>"You are correct, Princess." Marie says "They've taken over the castle there."
>You look around on the map before putting a finger down
"I don't remember how I got to the empire exactly because I was lost in the wild for about a month, but I do know I headed through the woods here."
>Marie looks down before nodding her head
>"Well I'm going to give you lot a spare map we have." Marie says "It has some useful information on it for navigating this wasteland."
>She looks back at a clock hanging off the wall
>It's actually getting late
>Just how long have you been searching that castle?
>"Do you all want to stay here for the night?" Marie asks "We were about to serve dinner to everypony and trust me, traveling these parts at night is not a good idea."
>You look back at Arthas
>"I think it's for the best." Arthas says "We eat and sleep somewhere hidden then tomorrow we make haste towards the empire.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32405388 && dateTime=="05/22/18(Tue)06:21:22" && image=="1521217309047.jpg")

"I guess we're hanging out here for tonight." You tell her "Thank you."
>Marie nods her head and turns back
>"Get some more bowels ready!" She yells "Our guests are staying for dinner."
>She glances over to Ammy
>"What about..." Marie says
"She'll eat anything."
>Ammy lets out a confirming bark
>Marie turns around
>"Let me show you to your rooms." Marie says
>"We aren't taking any beds from any ponies are we?" Luna asks "We wouldn't want to impose."
>Marie chuckles
>"Don't worry about it, Princess. This isn't the only secret base we have." She says "We have beds to spare."
>She leads you down a hall that has a few doors lining it and one at the very end
>"Pick a room any room." She says "Some of you might need share, but I assume you all were already doing that."
"We were."
>Marie shuts her eyes and begins to head back
>"When you're all settled in, your food will be waiting over here." She says "We can talk how you all are planning to overthrow the two strongest beings in the world over dinner.""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32407592 && dateTime=="05/22/18(Tue)19:27:39")

>sexual tension escalates between Anon and celly until celestia has fully cucked Umbra back"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32409046 && dateTime=="05/23/18(Wed)02:52:08" && image=="celestia_clap_by_mihaaaa-d3kipis.gif")

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32409342 && dateTime=="05/23/18(Wed)06:17:38" && image=="Persona_5_Hideout.jpg")

>Looks like you're sharing a bed with Celestia again
>She's happy with it of course
>And it's not that you aren't
>You just hope Umbra doesn't find out
>She can be quite the jealous mare
>Heading out of your room, you meet up with Sombra and Luna
>Your friends are already waiting at a table with Marie
>Heading into the main area, you see all the ponies that are under Marie eating and talking quietly amongst themselves
>Some are even joking around
>Sitting down at the table, you see your plates are all out for you
>Looks like they made some sort of vegetable soup
>"Thank you for bringing along your Eris." Marie says "She helped us out by making us some more fresh ingredients."
>Eris smiles
>"I know, I'm pretty awesome like that." Eris says
>Marie looks over to you
>"So..." She says "What's your plan?""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32413793 && dateTime=="05/24/18(Thu)06:18:12" && image=="1526851180480.jpg")

>You look around at the others
>They seem to be letting you be the one to tell her
>Dammit why do you feel like she's not gonna be happy with what you say
"Well we really don't have anything concrete." You tell her "So far the plan is just to head to the empire, get my wife back, and stop Anonymous and Umbra."
>Marie just stares at you with a blank expression on her face
>As do some of the ponies around the room
"We're still working on it."
>"That's all?" She asks in a somewhat annoyed tone "What about her army and her allies like Cadance?!"
"If they get in our way then we'll bring them down." You tell her "Nothing is going to stop us."
>"Except the whole weight of this world!" She says standing up "Do you honestly believe you can still do this and still make it out alive?"
>You sit there in silence for a moment before nodding your head
"I do." You tell her "You just need to believe in us."
>You stare down deep into Marie's eyes
>She stares back before looking at your friends
>"We won't stop until we free this world." Celestia says "We can't leave it like this."
>Marie looks back at you before finally sitting back down
>"You're all nuts." She says "But I suppose if anyone can stop them, then it's you all.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32418465 && dateTime=="05/25/18(Fri)05:38:43" && image=="Sick.png")

"Anons... I'm not feeling too good. I need a sick night. I'm sorry it's just really bad.";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32420547 && dateTime=="05/25/18(Fri)17:31:03" && image=="79b.jpg")

"Last night was probably the roughest night I have ever had while sick. If i can I'll get a part out.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32420880 && dateTime=="05/25/18(Fri)18:27:31")

Shit dude what happened"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32421095 && dateTime=="05/25/18(Fri)19:13:31")

I just got gut punched by the worst fever I've ever had. My stomach was hurting so bad I couldn't get any sleep. I was able to finally sleep when the sun came up and my stomach has settled down, but I still have this head cold and headache."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32422759 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)02:00:31")

Damn dude, thats a shitty thing to happen, hope youre feeling better tonight
>almost had sex with ex
>she kissed me first
>after grabbing each other innapropriately i stopped her
>reason we didnt do it was because she was with a dude already
>conflicted on whether or not i shouldve kept going
My moral fiber is a fucking bitch, shouldve just taken her right there"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32423251 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)06:12:03")

"Exactly." You tell her "You just need to have faith in us."
>"Marie, why don't you assist us?" Arthas says
>Marie looks over at him
>"Yeah I was going to ask the same thing." Lance says "You obviously hate Anonymous just like we do. Wouldn't it be better for us to work together to bring him down?"
>Having her help wouldn't be that bad
>Marie looks down at her bowl
>"I can't." She says "These ponies have been through too much already. I promised to keep them away from the empire and away from harm."
>That promise to Alastor
>You can tell Arthas wants to say something
>But before he can, you stop him
"That's alright." You tell her "Giving us this map was help enough."

Let me get some sleep Anon and I'll give a proper notonmedicine response to this"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32423392 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)07:17:10")

Alright man, feel better"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32426061 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)16:31:40")

Does she hate the guy she's with?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32426111 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)16:43:44")

Not really, theyre a nice couple it seems, we both didnt know what got over us, i guess we just arent gonna talk about it though"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32426296 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)17:26:29")

Maybe there's still something there, Anon."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32426381 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)17:46:19")

I think there might be, but she doesnt want to feel the guilt of fully cheating. Im not tied down to anyone but for her... its a different story"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32426564 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)18:20:03")

Friend, I think it's best to step back and see if things change. Maybe if things don't work out with her and that other guy, you could see if you two could give it another try."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32426832 && dateTime=="05/26/18(Sat)19:24:42")

Yeah, i dont know if we'd do a relationship, she goes away for college, probably something more casual probably"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32428942 && dateTime=="05/27/18(Sun)06:17:59")

>You still wish she would offer some back up
>But you understand
"It's alright." You tell her "We can get through, we just need to bring down Anonymous and Umbra after all. Once their down surely they'll surrender."
>Marie stares at her food before looking up at you
>"Yeah. I believe so." She says "The empire doesn't know how to run if Umbra isn't in charge."
>She takes a sip of her soup
>"We here hope you can finish what we started." Marie says "For the sake of our world and the lives of those under their rule."
>You smile and nod your head
"You can count on us."
>Marie closes her eyes and lifts her glass
>"Wish them luck, everypony." She says "They're our best chance of winning this!""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32433615 && dateTime=="05/28/18(Mon)01:37:33")

"Holy shit I have been napping all day. This medicine is kicking my ass";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32434304 && dateTime=="05/28/18(Mon)06:22:45" && image=="Cute Celly.jpg")

>After dinner you and the other retired to your rooms for the night
>Meaning another awkward undressing for you with Celestia in front of you
>Like last time she watches you until you glance over at her
>Once you have your armor and sword put away, you rub the back of your neck
>"It was really kind of them to let us stay here for the night." Celestia says "At least we can sleep while being hidden."
"Yeah. I just wish they could help us out a bit more." You tell her "The way Marie said it, it sounds like we're going to be walking into a death trap."
>"We already knew this was the case." Celestia says "You said yourself that you're not stopping until we save Umbra."
>You don't care how many troops of theirs that you have to tear through
>You're getting Umbra back
>Looking over at Celestia she looks ready for you to climb into bed
>Kinda wish she kept on all her attachments
>She looks to natural without it on
>Just like Umbra
>You sigh
>"What's the matter?" Celestia asks "Do you not feel well?"
>You shake your head before a knock on the door gets your attention
>Turning around, you open it up to find Marie on the other side"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32434368 && dateTime=="05/28/18(Mon)06:51:50")

that looks like an elf with a snout"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32436596 && dateTime=="05/28/18(Mon)17:08:04" && image=="sorrow_by_akeahi-d98loro.png")

"Oh hey, Marie." You say "What is it?"
>Marie glances over at Celestia
>"Can I speak with you in private?" She asks "It won't take long."
>You glance back at Celestia, who looks curious now
"Sure." You tell her "I'll be right back, Celly."
>Celestia wants to go with, but she trusts you and lays back down
>Exiting the room, you follow the former captain down the hall
>Passing the rooms, you can hear your buds chatting inside with Arthas and Eris
>Sombra and Luna are also quietly talking with each other
>Reaching the main area again, Marie continues to have you follow her
>It seems she wants to head somewhere deeper into her headquarters
>"We're going to my room." She says "We'll be alone there."
"I'm flattered, but I'm a married man, Marie." You tell her as you look down at your ring "I don't plan on changing that."
>"Are you always this much of a joker?" She asks as you two turn a corner
"I'm sure you prefer a joker instead of what your Anonymous is."
>She chuckles as you come to a door
>Marie opens the door and you both step inside
>Taking a seat on a chair she had for you, she sits on the edge of her bed
"So why did you bring me out here?"
>Marie looks into your eyes
>"Back during dinner when you told us your plan for attacking the empire, I saw a look in your eyes unlike your friends." Marie says "Your goals are different than your friends. Even if just by a little. I want to know what is it.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32437143 && dateTime=="05/28/18(Mon)18:55:41" && image=="1525547709113.png")

>So she did see that
>You look behind you at the shut door
"If I tell you, you have to keep it a secret from my friends." You tell her "If they know about this then they'll do everything to stop me if it comes down to it. Celestia was already onto me and I had to lie to her for her to drop it."
>Marie looks more and more curious
>"Of course." She says with a nod of her head "You all are leaving tomorrow so there will be no way to tell them even if I wanted to."
>Sitting forward, you hold your hands together
"Anonymous and I don't belong in this Equestria." You tell her "No matter where we go, humans always bring chaos with them."
>Marie remains silent
"Sure these ponies have their fair share of super villains, but none of them wanted to cause two worlds to collide causing a loss of life on a global scale. It's usually just take over the world." You tell her "And all this world's Celestia wanted to do was just swap worlds to rule over our Equestria. She never wanted to merge them."
>"Why is Anonymous trying to do that?" Marie asks "Surely you must know."
>You look down at your wedding ring
"Forever Umbra's..." The inscription on the side reads
"I have an idea, but I need to hear it straight from his mouth." You tell her "If it is what I think then I don't think he's just going to stop. Even if we defeat him."
>"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Marie asks
>You nod your head
"Even if it means saying goodbye to the ones I love." You tell her "I'll stop Anonymous by any means necessary.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32438197 && dateTime=="05/28/18(Mon)22:42:34" && image=="Venom Snake.jpg")

>Marie still looks like she's trying to process what she just heard
>"So that's YOUR plan." She says "Do you think you'll actually have to go through with it? If you do then you'll need to end your own life to keep that balance that Princess Celestia talked about."
>You shrug
"I guess we'll see when the time comes."
>"No wonder you don't want your friends knowing." Marie says "They would try and stop you."
"And if they knew they would end up telling my Umbra." You tell her "That would just make things even more complicated."
>"I would imagine so." Marie says "Well you seem like a nice guy, I hope you don't have to do that."
"So do I." You tell her as you stand up "There now you know just how far I'm willing to go to stop him."
>Marie stands up
>"I do now." She says "And now I'm more sure that you and your friends can free this world."
>Marie opens the door for you
>"We'll see you off tomorrow." She says "Goodnight."
>Nodding your head, you step out of the room and head off
>Making your way back to your room, you find the bathrooms and decided to make a little detour
>Heading into the bathroom, you take a look to find it's just like a bathroom you'd find at a resturant
>No response
>Stepping over to a stall, you do your business and step out
>Walking over to the sink at the end, you turn on the water and wash your hands
>Looking up from the mirror, you look at yourself in the mirror
>Except something's wrong
>Your reflection is wearing a blue bathrobe"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32438998 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)03:21:18" && image=="Capture+_2018-05-29-03-16-40.png")

"So I can't just post "Bumperino" anymore, so here's a joke!

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide

I'm not good at jokes please don't make me do this mods

Also I fucked up the capture, it says "The quality of posts is very important in this community"."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32439034 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)03:39:10")

Say what? That is strange."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32439267 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)05:44:58" && image=="Venom Punch.webm")

>Your reflection smiles back at you
>"So you really think you can kill me?" Anonymous says "After the beating I gave you last time? You really are delusional!"
>You sigh and shake your head
"Get out of my head..."
>You're sure this isn't the real him
>This is more of your emotions all rushing you at once
>"You can't do it." He tells you "You don't have the backbone to do it. You care too much about your little friends to just leave them behind."
>You continue to watch the water run down the drain
"It because of them that I have to stop you." You say "To make the world a safer place for them. To make a better tomorrow for Umbra and our child..."
>You look up at the mirror
"I will stop you." You tell the reflection "I promise you that."
>You reflection scowls at you before you deliver a swift punch to the mirror, shattering the reflection
>Everything seems to return to normal as your reflection reverts back to you
>Turning off the water, you dry your hands before heading back to your room"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32439331 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)06:14:00" && image=="Dancing Groot.gif")

>Turning a few more corners, you find yourself back in a familiar area
>Alright, your room should be right around this last corner
>As you make the turn, you see Celestia stepping out of Luna's room
>"Anonymous." She says with a relieved smile "You've returned."
"Why wouldn't I?" You tell here "All I went to do was go talk."
>"What about?" Celly asks
"Just about the route we're going to take and such." You tell her "I told her we'd be heading down the mountain and straight up north."
>You look over to Luna's and Sombra's room
"What about you? What were you doing in there?"
>"I asked Luna to watch over your dreams again." Celestia says as you both head into the room "We don't want Anonymous rearing his head again."
"Good idea. Thanks Celestia." You say as you open the door for her "I want to sleep soundly."
>Climbing into bed, you pull the covers over yourself and get comfortable
>"Don't worry about it, my sunshine." Celestia says while draping a wing over you "We'll always be by your side to help you."
>You look over to her to she her getting all comfortable
>Thinking back to what you told Marie, you do feel bad that you're lying to Celestia
>But it has to be done
"Hmm..." Is all you can say
>"Goodnight Anonymous." Celestia says "Sweet dreams."
"Goodnight Celly." You tell her "See you tomorrow."
>Turning off the lamp, you and Celestia drift off to sleep

Hey Anons.
I'm not that sick anymore."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32439409 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)06:58:58")

Damn man, that sucks, we shall miss bumperinos, rip"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32439414 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)07:02:29")

>all these posts
I think we can tell
Also about the ex situation.
We ended up fucking twice. We both decided even though she loves me we have to stay friends. And i gotta learn to stop flirting with her so much
Thats a little hard cause weve been on and off for a VERY long time"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32439982 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)10:35:23")

That does sound extremely difficult."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32440895 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)15:06:04")

"Alright let's try to make five parts again";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32441406 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)17:04:28" && image=="Bianco_Angelo.jpg")

>"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" You hear a voice shout out "THEY'RE COMING!"
>You awake to the sounds of ponies making tons of commotions outside in the halls
>"What's going on?!" Celestia asks
>Jumping out of bed, you rush over to the door and open it up
>Ponies scramble around packing up bags, and guiding civilians out
>"What's happening our here?!" Sombra asks as he opens the door to his room
>Arthas also comes out like he's ready to go to war already
>"A company of Crystal Armor units have been spotted making their way to the kingdom." Marie says as she comes down the hall "I think it's safe to say Umbra sent them after you all."
>It must have been because you broke that barrier
>"Exactly." Marie says "We're evacuating the civilians and abandoning the kingdom for now."
>"Where will you go?" Celestia asks
>"The mountains." Marie says "We're going to see if Duchess Chrysalis's kingdom is untouched."
>She turns back
>"Good luck out there." She says "I wish we could do more, but..."
"It's alright, Marie." You tell her "We'll handle it. Get your people to safety."
>Marie nods her head before turning back
>"All right everypony! Pack up only the essentials!" Marie says "We're leaving!"
"Everyone get ready, we're heading out too.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32442045 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)19:48:30" && image=="Alto Angelo.webm")

>Quickly getting suited up in your armor, you grab Rebellion and head out into the hall with Celestia
>Soon Sombra and the others join you
>"So what's the plan?" Biggs asks as you all start to pass Marie's ponies
"You remember the route you guys took to get me back from Celestia?" You ask him "We're going to take that route."
>"This map is very detailed." Sombra says "So detailed that I see a problem with our route."
"What is it?"
>Sombra rolls the map up
>"Once we get out of the kingdom and to safety." Sombra says "Then we can go over it."
>"Then let us make haste!" Luna says
>Passing by a few more ponies, you head up the stairs to the surface
>As you come up onto the ground floor, you see that it's raining once again
>Of course it is, it shouldn't surprise you anymore
>Heading down the streets, you find Marie organizing ponies to move out near the gates
>When you end up getting closer to her, she turns and shakes her head
>"You know you're a bigger problem to them than I thought." She tells you
"What do you mean?"
>Marie tosses you a set of binoculars
>"Look to the south." Marie says "You should feel flattered she pulled out a special armor for you."
>Looking towards the woods to the south, you spot the Crystal Armor guards matching towards the kingdom
>And leading them is a Crystal Armor guard made of ivory gold"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32442312 && dateTime=="05/29/18(Tue)20:56:17")

White knight chronicles?"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32443511 && dateTime=="05/30/18(Wed)02:53:06")

Made me chuckle."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32443786 && dateTime=="05/30/18(Wed)06:11:46" && image=="alto_angelo_transparent_by_davidbksandrade-dalzsug.png")

>The pony armor marches in front of the pack
>You notice that this one carries a sword instead of a lance
"That one sure does look important." You tell Marie as you hand the binoculars to Arthas
>"It is." Marie says "Those ones command the lesser armors. They're also a tiny bit smarter than the others, but you should have no problem bring them down."
>They do really seem like fodder to you
"Where do they even come from?"
>"Somewhere Umbra wouldn't tell us about." Marie says "I always tried to find out, but she was keen on keeping it hidden."
>The tree?
>It has to be from that
>"We should go." Arthas says "If they really are just mindless fodder then they won't stop until we defeat Umbra."
>Marie nods her head
>"Exactly, you all should clear out before they show up." Marie says "Unless you want to waste time fighting them."
"We don't." You tell her "Get everyone out of here and keep them safe until we bring down the King and Queen."
>"Will do." She says "Please Anon, save this world."
>You smile and nod your head
>Looking back at your group, you all rush into the treeline

I have to wake up early tomorrow so I'm out for now."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32444884 && dateTime=="05/30/18(Wed)14:29:18")

"Alright I'm back";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32446330 && dateTime=="05/30/18(Wed)19:58:06")

"I started napping. Sorry.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32448007 && dateTime=="05/31/18(Thu)04:35:25")

Napping is illegal in this province. Put your hands up!


if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32448174 && dateTime=="05/31/18(Thu)06:14:14" && image=="fzEXqQQ.gif")

>Getting further and further away from Canterlot, you feel a little bad that because of you and your friends are pretty much the reason why they had to evacuate
>As you continue your decent down the mountain, you hear Luna speak up
>"Do you think they will be safe, sister?" She says
>"I hope so, Luna." Celestia says "Marie seemed to have plans just in case for this."
>"They know what they're doing, Princess." Arthas says "Those ponies are in good hooves."
>Lance chuckles
>"She much better than our Marie, that's for sure." Lance says
>"Coming along a small clearing, you look to Sombra
"How's this?" You ask him "Safe enough?"
>Sombra turns around and looks back the way you came
>"We have put some distance between us and Canterlot." Sombra says "Very well, Eris, can you make me a table and umbrella?"
>"Can do!" Eris says as she snaps her fingers
>A giant umbrella appears over your head, blocking out all the rain
>"Looks like we're going to have an issue getting close to the empire." Sombra says as he unrolls the map
"What do you-" You say before you look down at the map
>Around the outside of The Wastes in red letters it says
"Magical barrier"

Gun me down! I deserve it!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32451668 && dateTime=="05/31/18(Thu)22:26:53")

">hanging out with ex
>bf calls
>they talk for a bit about watching stuff
>im getting esxorted out
>ex:"im allowed to watch things with people other than you"
>bf:"yeah youre just not allowed to fuck other people"
>my sides are in orbit, huge fuck grin on my face as i leave
Is this a W?"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32451824 && dateTime=="05/31/18(Thu)23:05:05" && image=="1523552106050.gif")

I'd say so. Is the other guy a douche?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32451844 && dateTime=="05/31/18(Thu)23:11:33")

Id say so, he takes every bit of dissent as an argument, doesnt like a lot of normal things you should like(ex;beaches) and saw her as mostly a walking vagina
>tfw me and ex fucked back when we were 13
>im still winning this hard"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32452032 && dateTime=="06/01/18(Fri)00:16:07" && image=="1527658144449.gif")

Then fuck it. Keep on winning, Anon."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32452770 && dateTime=="06/01/18(Fri)06:10:04" && image=="3389298-dbfz+vegito+screen+6.jpg")

"Magical barrier, huh?" You say "Yeah that looks a little annoying."
>"It must be like the barrier surrounding the top of the empire." Arthas says "Only they have covering all of the wastes."
>You continue to glance around the map
>"What's the big deal?" Eris says "We can just teleport around it or through it."
>Wait a second
>"I think it's more complicated than that, Eris." Sombra says "I'm sure there's going to be something that deters ponies from doing that."
"There's an entrance to that barrier."
>Everyone looks at you
>You put your finger down on a small village
"Right here." You tell them "I think this is how they go in and out."
>"I see." Sombra says "But how do you know that's our way through?"
"I don't, but it's the last place I went through before I headed into the wastes." You tell him "Seeing as how our worlds are supposed to be mirrored I figured Anonymous went there."

Thursday was a day I was looking forward to this week. Pic related."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32453213 && dateTime=="06/01/18(Fri)10:23:59")

You got many image."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32454763 && dateTime=="06/01/18(Fri)18:06:26" && image=="1521668719093.gif")

That I do. I've been stocking up for the battles ahead of us."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32456693 && dateTime=="06/02/18(Sat)01:38:36")


if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32457234 && dateTime=="06/02/18(Sat)05:58:25" && image=="1525400266456.gif")

>"So are you suggesting we head through there?" Sombra asks "I hope you see that this village has warning signs all around it."
"All the more reason that we should head there." You tell them "If anything that's more of a sign that we can get through there."
>Celestia looks around
>"It seems we're all taking the same path you did when you started out on this journey." Celestia says "You know I've always wondered where you went."
"I'll warn you now, it wasn't glamorous." You tell her "I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did out there."
>Sombra looks down at the map
>"So we continue north then." He says "We should do our best to avoid the rest of these outpost though."
>"I agree." Arthas says "We don't want to arrive at the empire already exhausted. We need to stay out of any unnecessary encounters."
>Sombra rolls up the map
>"Well then, Let us get moving." Sombra says "I'd say my sister is expecting us soon."
>You smile
>It won't be long now, Umbra
>Just hold on

Alright tomorrow no more goofing around time to get back to how many parts I want to get out
Between three to five"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32461262 && dateTime=="06/02/18(Sat)22:19:12" && image=="1610723__safe_artist-colon-kirasn_king+sombra_black+hair_black+mane_crown_crystal_female_green+eyes_jewelry_mare_queen+umbra_red.png")

>Closing your eyes once more you try to focus your magic
>Come on just get some form of a hold on this place
>Focusing as hard as you can, you have to stop before you give yourself a migraine this early in the morning
"Damn it all." You say "I'm actually starting to believe that there's no way out."
>You are Umbra
>"Lady Umbra, you shouldn't push yourself so hard." Ariadne says "You're pregnant."
>You let out a sigh and head back to the bed
"I'm only two months along, Ariadne." You tell her with a smile "Besides I want to see if I can create a way out for us for when everypony comes to save us. The sooner we can get to them the better."
>"But you still need your rest." Ariadne says "It's still early in the morning."
>Climbing up onto the bed, you look over to Cynthia
>"I hate that she's in this situation with us." You tell Ariadne "A little one like her should be as far away from this as possible.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32462111 && dateTime=="06/03/18(Sun)01:51:35")

"Stay away from spicy chicken, Anons. Trust me. You'll come to regret it.";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32462760 && dateTime=="06/03/18(Sun)06:09:17" && image=="1356735__safe_artist-colon-mylittlesheepy_king+sombra_avatar_queen+umbra_rule+63_tumblr.png")

>You look towards the window
"I wish I could find a way for us to escape this cell." You tell as you lay down
>Ariadne lays next to you
>"How long do you think until Anon and Lance come?" Ariadne asks
>It's been about three days now
"Soon." You tell Ariadne "I feel like their on their way as we speak."
>You just hope they didn't get caught up in whatever this world's Umbra did yesterday
"What did she tell Ariadne yesterday...?" You say to yourself "It's like something alerted her."
>"Maybe she knows where they are." Ariadne suggests "I hope that's not the case."
"As do I, Ariadne." You tell her "But with Arthas and Sombra with them, I'm sure they're doing a fine job of staying hidden."
>As a cold breeze blows through the room, you see Ariadne grab the blanket to cover you all up
"I think she's going to come back once it's time for breakfast." You say "I wish she would just leave us in peace."
>Shutting your eyes, you try and fall back to sleep"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32463566 && dateTime=="06/03/18(Sun)11:43:45")

I cannot forsake the spice my friend, i am sorry"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32464463 && dateTime=="06/03/18(Sun)15:00:36" && image=="oM2U22F.gif")

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32465529 && dateTime=="06/03/18(Sun)18:14:09" && image=="1522049__safe_artist-colon-dagongarres_king+sombra_chibi_queen+umbra_rule+63_smiling_solo.png")

>After a few more hours pass, you find yourself waking to the sound of thunder
>Opening your eyes, you take a look towards the window
>It looks like the storm is really bad out there
>You hope the empire is doing fine back home
>Sitting up, you rub some sleep from your eyes away before getting out of bed
>Taking a seat by the window, you look back to Ariadne
>You wish you could just sit back and wait for Anonymous and the others to arrive
>But you know that when the time comes, you'll have to be a part of this fight
>If Umbra and her Anonymous do gang up on Anon then there will be no way for him to win that fight
>You need to get her by herself so you can kick that smug face of hers into her head
>Upon hearing a familiar sound, you glance over at the wall as a portal opens up
"Here we go again.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32467876 && dateTime=="06/04/18(Mon)06:20:27" && image=="A Different Queen.png")

>Stepping through the portal comes your counterpart
>Along with her this time is that hooded pony
>That one is pushing a cart that holds your breakfast
>"Good morning, ladies!" She says with a smile "Isn't such a beautiful day!"
>You see her cast that spell that separates you from her
"How can you be okay with this?" You ask her "It's always cloudy and cold out there. Your ponies must be freezing."
>"It's relaxing is what it is." She says as she takes her seat at the table "As for my subjects, they have homes. They don't have to be out in the cold."
>She takes her seat at the table before looking to the pony at her side
>"Serve them." She says
>The hooded one says nothing before moving over to the cart
"So who is this?"
>"Somepony you don't need to worry about yet." Alternate Umbra says "They are just a bodyguard for when my husband or Ariadne are busy."
>You watch the masked pony place your plates onto the table
>Just who are they?
>"You know your husband really is quite the buffoon." She says "To think that he would lead me to where Marie and her band of rats are hiding.""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32470707 && dateTime=="06/04/18(Mon)19:55:39")

"Any stories with Queen Umbra getting gentle dommed or something like that? She seems like she'd be fussy but cute tsun horse.";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32472354 && dateTime=="06/05/18(Tue)02:18:32")

Not that I'm aware of, Anon. At least until we get there."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32472821 && dateTime=="06/05/18(Tue)06:21:28" && image=="1749675__safe_artist-colon-wafflecakes_king+sombra_-colon-3_blob_chubbie_cute_female_mare_pony_queen+umbra_rule+63_simple+backgr.png")

>Alternate Umbra snickers
>"I knew that would grab your attention." She says "He really is a buffoon."
>You step up to the barrier
"Stop insulting him!" You tell her "Is that why you ran off in such a hurry yesterday?"
>"I wouldn't say I ran off." She says "I just needed to see to an issue with your husband. He's snooping around Canterlot. More importantly my brother's castle."
>They must be looking for him
>"I made sure to put his castle on lock down." She tells you "Only Anonymous and I are allowed to walk in there."
>Ariadne and Cynthia begin to wake up as the masked pony takes the covers off the food
>"So I did what I needed to and sent a large amount of my crystal armors over there to raid the kingdom." She says "They should be getting the job done as we speak."
>You let out a snicker now
"My husband won't be taken down so easily by your armors."
>"I would hope not." She says "That would be REALLY pathetic. No I never sent them after your husband. I just want them to find Marie and her ponies and bring them home."
"So you can execute them? Like you did with Alastor?!"
>"Look at you being a smart cookie!" She says in a mocking tone "No one betrays me and gets away with it. They will get their punishment soon enough."
>You feel your stomach growl as the smell of food enters your nose
>"Here. Eat." She says "Like I said pregnant mares like ourselves need all the nutrition we can get. Maybe afterwards you'll play me in chess."


if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32477095 && dateTime=="06/06/18(Wed)05:58:55" && image=="Hooded.jpg")

>Sitting down at the table, you and the girls begin to eat your breakfast
>As does Umbra while her bodyguard stands by watching you all
>"Don't mind them." Umbra says "They won't disrupt you."
>Looking at the pony, you feel something familiar about them
>You just can't put your hoof on it...
>"So tell me, me..." Umbra says with a small chuckle "Since we were talking about my brother's castle and kingdom how about we talk out our dear brothers?"
>You hate entertaining her, but if it keeps her calm then you don't really see the downside
>At the most she'll just insult you and Sombra
"Very well. I suppose since you did bring us a warm meal I can entertain you." You tell her "What should we start with?"
>Umbra puts her cup down and begins to think
>"How about how your brother left the empire?" She asks"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32478282 && dateTime=="06/06/18(Wed)14:26:24")

Yeah I hate insomnia too, Anon"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32479158 && dateTime=="06/06/18(Wed)18:33:28")

And now that I've taken a nap I can get on with some parts"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32479602 && dateTime=="06/06/18(Wed)20:33:28")


if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32480406 && dateTime=="06/07/18(Thu)00:10:40" && image=="508518__safe_rule+63_king+sombra_self+ponidox_queen+umbra_artist-colon-mylittlesheepy.png")

>Starting off with the most difficult question?
>You always hate thinking back to that day
>Especially now that Sombra is home where he belongs
>"My brother became filled with jealousy that the Crystal Tree would only respond to my touch and my magic." You tell her "It didn't help that my subjects found him more and more difficult to approach as time went on so they came to me more often."
>You look down at your coffee
"He knew he was losing himself, so he decided to leave." You tell her "I tried almost everything to keep him from going as I didn't want to lose my brother, but I failed. His mind was made up."
>You look up at her
"Before he left I made for him a small copy of my empire." You tell her "But it seems that wasn't the best idea since I've learned he enslaved his ponies until my Celestia and Luna stopped him.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32481171 && dateTime=="06/07/18(Thu)06:20:42" && image=="8E5Xm9yo_400x400.jpg")

>"So it is like my beloved said." Umbra says "Looks like our brothers changes personalities at the same time."
"What happened with yours?"
>"I exiled him." Umbra says
>You put down your fork
"You exiled him?!"
>She nods her head
>"Around the same time your Sombra changed, mine began to grow a conscience." Umbra says "He tried to tell me that my ponies were more than just tools and he disagreed with how I was running the empire."
>She puts down her cup
>"I did not tolerate any of that." She tells you "But he's my brother, and as naive as he was I couldn't just kill him or imprison him."
"So you sent him away."
>She nods her head
>"I told him that maybe someday he would come to his senses and see that I was right." She tells you "So I gave him a map back home should he ever forget where his family is.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32485028 && dateTime=="06/08/18(Fri)06:17:56" && image=="1521577885167.png")

>She smiles and looks back up to you
>"He was so foolish back then." Umbra says "But I still love him."
"So you do care about other ponies than yourself."
>"Family is very important to me." She says "I know you feel the same way."
"Then why do you want to break apart my family?" You ask her "You want to kill my husband and my brother, our friends, take my foal from me, and destroy our world?!"
>She doesn't say anything for a moment
>"I'm doing this so I can protect my family." She says "Anonymous and I will stop at nothing until we've obtained the power to rule over everything."
>You shake your head
"I hope you know that my Anonymous will also stop at nothing to protect his family." You tell her "When the time comes, we will see who's will is stronger."
>"We will won't we?" She says with a smile "I look forward to it."
>Silence hangs through the air as you both get back to your breakfast
>Unfortunately it doesn't last long as a portal opens up behind her
>You feel yourself lose your appetite as her Anonymous comes through the portal with Ariadne

My bad. The new ops for Rainbow Six dropped and my friends and I were in ranked. Then one of them got Detroit Become Hooman so I was trying it out."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32489456 && dateTime=="06/09/18(Sat)06:29:49" && image=="Spoiler Image")

>"Hello, my love." Anonymous says as he comes up to his Umbra's side
>He leans down and gives her a kiss on the cheek
>"How's breakfast going?" He asks her as he takes a seat down next to her
>"Well enough." She says with a smile "It very delicious. Do you want a bite, my love?"
>Anonymous nods his head as Umbra holds a up a fork with some eggs and pancake on it
>He bites down and lets out a satisfied noise
>"That's the good stuff." He tells her "Well Umbra, I have some bad news."
>She looks over at him
>"What?" She asks "Did something happen."
>"Canterlot was empty." He tells her "We have the knights tearing through the floors and walls of buildings excluding Sombra's castle, but so far we found nothing."
>A small smile forms on your face
>"It's all right. We'll find them." She tells him "No doubt Marie has given the outsiders a map to our empire."
>"Of course, but with the barrier up they'll have to go through the checkpoint." Anonymous says
>"Yes they will..." Umbra says as she thinks to herself "I think I have a plan."
>She looks over to Ariadne
>"Ariadne?" She says
>"Yes, Lady Umbra?" Ariadne answers
>"Why don't you be the first to welcome our guests?" Umbra says "Take Eris with you and have a little fun with them."
>Ariadne only bows her head
>"It will be done." She says as she begins to leave"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32494432 && dateTime=="06/10/18(Sun)05:53:05" && image=="790520__safe_queen+chrysalis_princess+cadance_shining+armor_idw_tired_mirror+universe_evil+cadance.png")

>Your Ariadne looks on in worry as the other approaches the portal
"Where is she going?!"
>"To see your husband is all." Alternate Umbra says
>"Ariadne. They need to get to the empire." Alternate Anonymous says without turning around "Don't do anything stupid."
>"I know." Ariadne says as she steps through it
>The portal closes behind her and Anonymous looks at you
>"Well this should be fun to watch." He says "We should pop some popcorn and watch it with these three."
>You wish you could warn your beloved about this!
>"I agree." Alternate Umbra says before looking at Ariadne "You'll be able to see what you could have been capable of when they get there."
"You're planning to ambush them."
>"More like test them." Alternate Umbra says "I want to see what your husband can do."
>"Don't expect too much, my love." Alternate Anonymous says as he stands up "I forgot to mention that Cadance and the others are ready for when the fighting begins."
>Ready for what?
>"Excellent!" Alternate Umbra says "It'll be good to establish a hoofhold in their world."

So I'm really sleepy thanks to the sleepless night I had last night, I promise I'll get more than one part out tomorrow."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32496760 && dateTime=="06/10/18(Sun)17:11:36")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32497279 && dateTime=="06/10/18(Sun)19:20:16")

What do you think of it Rager?

I personally think it looks pretty good, definitely hyped"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32497391 && dateTime=="06/10/18(Sun)19:55:33" && image=="1528669846229.jpg")

I won't lie. I thought it was DmC 2 so I lost all hope until I heard Nero's voice and saw Blue Rose and Red Queen. I loved it and I just hope that you're not stuck with Nero for half the story and that you can play with Dante from the start. I hope Vergil is playable too."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32497876 && dateTime=="06/10/18(Sun)22:02:27")

I think theull be able to actually make Nero interesting, along with Dante being there and grizzled"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32498268 && dateTime=="06/11/18(Mon)00:03:29")

I hope so with Nero. I always thought DMC5 would happen during this story. All that's left is that Dante/Bayonetta crossover."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32498795 && dateTime=="06/11/18(Mon)04:36:20")

Rager you can put those fears to bed, here is all the info you need."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32498932 && dateTime=="06/11/18(Mon)06:12:24")

"You're planning an invasion..."
>"We already have everything set. There's no more planning." Alternate Anonymous says "We're just waiting for your husband to light the fuse."
>This is not good!
>If Anonymous and the others brought everypony then who is back home defending your world?!
>No Umbra stop!
>Calm down...
>Anonymous must know this is what they we're planning
>That means he made sure to leave the empire in safe hooves
"Just like your current plans this one will also fail." You tell them "Our world will not fall so easily."
>Alternate Anonymous only chuckles
>"The expression on your face when it all comes crumbling down is going to be priceless." He says "It almost makes me wish your idiot husband was here now."
"And the look on your face when Anonymous punches it in is going to be amazing." You tell him "Soon you'll know what it's like to lose."

God damn I can't wait for this and Jump Force. I hope Playstation's show matches the hype I had for Microsoft's"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32502026 && dateTime=="06/12/18(Tue)00:28:06")

"Sonys was dissapointing.
So far xbox wins the year"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32502752 && dateTime=="06/12/18(Tue)06:15:07")

>Anonymous turns to face you
>"Beloved, no." Alternate Umbra says "Just let me handle it."
>Alternate Anonymous nods his head and gives her a kiss on the cheek
>"I'll see you after this." He tells her
>She smiles and kisses him back as he heads to the portal
>As he exits the room, the hooded pony looks at him
>"I hope you have your final words for your husband already planned." Alternate Umbra says
"I don't, because it won't happen."
>"You're going to stick with that aren't you?" She says "Ah well I suppose it can't be helped."
>You watch as she pulls the chess board over
>"So how about we settle this?" She says

It really was, but hey REmake 2"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32506397 && dateTime=="06/13/18(Wed)03:55:46" && image=="1528865841201.jpg")

"Sooo what games from E3 everyone looking forward to now?

I'll start

Devil May Cry 5
Kingdom Hearts 3
Cyberpunk 2077
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Last of Us 2
Smash Ultimate (fuckin Snake's back)

I don't know what to make of Death Stranding"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32506562 && dateTime=="06/13/18(Wed)06:13:16" && image=="1528765658790.png")

"Watch your step! It's kinda a steep hill."
>Looking up at the sky, you cover your eyes
"It really never stops raining huh?"
>You are Anon
>Looking back towards the hill, you watch as Arthas, Biggs, Wedge, and Sombra try to head down a slippery hill
>Celestia, Luna, Eris, and Lance just floated down while Eris held carried Ammy down
>So far it's been a few hours since you left Canterlot
>It looks like you aren't being followed, but you and your group haven't lowered your guard just yet
>You don't want to get jumped after all
>Once your friends reach the bottom, you all continue on
>"I wonder if they're going to be expecting us at that checkpoint." Biggs says
>"They have to be." Sombra says "Especially since they didn't find us in Canterlot."
>"I hope Marie and her group got to safety." Lance says
"I'm sure they did." You tell him "Those armors were still a bit away when we left."
>Hoping over a downed log, you take a look around
>More and more, your memories of living out here return to you
>You look around the area
>You're sure you made camp around here!
>It's honestly hard to tell with all the rain and mud, but you're sure of it
>Looks like you don't have to doubt yourself anymore because as you move past a few more trees, you find said campsite sitting in an open clearing

Devil May Cry 5 (Obviously)
Fucking Jump Force
RE2 Remake
Smash (Also a Snake main!)
Ass Creed Odyssey"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32508547 && dateTime=="06/13/18(Wed)17:41:35")

"Kh3 is something i grew up waiting for, so that
Dmc 5, still need to play the others in the series
Death stranding because Kojima still has my balls in a vice grip
Re2 remake
Control is interesting
Sekiro definitely
Jump force but only if Jotaro/DIO is playable"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32508895 && dateTime=="06/13/18(Wed)19:13:47" && image=="1528930632668.jpg")


I've had this song on repeat since monday, i don't think I've ever been this hyped for a game before.

I still can't believe it actually happened."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32509304 && dateTime=="06/13/18(Wed)20:49:59" && image=="095.png")

>Jump force but only if Jotaro/DIO is playable

THIS. They are the only two I really want, maybe Old Man Joseph too.

It really is hard to believe that we finally got DMC 5"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32511176 && dateTime=="06/14/18(Thu)06:20:27")

>You look around the campsite
>While your makeshift bed has been lost to time, you can still see remnants of the campfire
>"Anonymous?" Celestia asks "You look like you know this place."
"I do." You tell her as you head over to a tree "This is the same location of one of the campsite I used back home."
>Walking up to a lone tree, you pull away at some of the bark
>Behind it are two tally marks
"I marked down how many days I was out here when I first started." You tell her "Looks like Anonymous was much faster than me though."
>You walk away from the tree
"I guess that's what happens when you have a map to the empire." You tell her "You don't get lost as much. Bastard probably didn't get his food stolen by the wildlife either."
>Celestia looks around before giving you a disapproving look
"I was fine out here!" You say with a smile "It didn't even rain this much."
>Sombra clears his through as he comes up to you
>"We should get moving." Sombra says "We can't waste too much time out here."
"Yeah. The longer Umbra's in that castle, the more worried I get." You tell him "I'm sure we'll run into another camp or two out here. Come on let's get moving."
>Leaving behind this memory, you and your friends continue on your journey to the empire
>You wonder what Umbra's up to..."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32515222 && dateTime=="06/15/18(Fri)06:23:07" && image=="tumblr_ntlbr5SL6D1ruzjxno1_1280.gif")

>You place your chess piece down
"Another draw." You tell your alternate self "This makes seven."
>You are Umbra
>Breakfast has long past you
>At this point you'd say it's about an hour or two past lunch
>After Alternate Anonymous left, you decided to humor your alternate self with a game of chess
>Maybe if you beat her she would leave in a fit of rage
>Unfortunately you underestimate her wit and now you two have played seven games of chess
>All of which ended in a draw
>"This can not be." Alternate Umbra says "You must be cheating!"
"You have watch my every move since game three." You tell her "Is it that hard to accept that somepony might be as smart as you?"
>She growls before looking down at the board
>Gods she's worse than Sombra...
>As you get up to stretch your legs, you feel something resonate within you
>It feels like your body has faintly warmed up
>This feeling...
>This is how you feel when Anonymous is near you
>You glance out the window
>He's getting closer to you...
>A smile forms on your face
>You only hope he can feel this too"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32519002 && dateTime=="06/16/18(Sat)06:02:23" && image=="GlassChess.jpg")

>"Why are you smiling?" Alternate Umbra asks "From what I see, you have nothing to be happy about."
>You turn to face her
>You're getting closer to being reunited with the one you love the most
>But she can't know that
"Well that's the thing." You tell her "You can't see yourself acting like a child just because you can't win a game."
>Alternate Umbra seems to not find your joke amusing
>In fact it seems to even make her angrier
>You laugh at her
"You're just like my Sombra when it comes to chess!"
>"Silence!" She yells as all the pieces move to their original spots "Get over here so I can finally defeat you in this game!"
>Her patience in wavering
>You might actually be able to use that to your advantage
"Very well. Let us play once more." You tell her "I think I've seen through your plays."
>Another irritated growl escapes her
>"We'll see about that." She says as she takes her seat
>Joining her at the chess table, you ready yourself for another game"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32522517 && dateTime=="06/17/18(Sun)00:28:36")

I have that chess set."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32523329 && dateTime=="06/17/18(Sun)06:20:41")

>As the next game starts, you and your alternate self are quick to make your moves
>After playing these last few games, you think you're finally able to corner her
>Ariadne and Cynthia watch on
>As does Alternate Umbra's bodyguard
>It's obvious that Alternate Umbra is getting more and more irritated
>Mistake after mistake is coming out of her
>But all you need is for her to make one crucial mistake
>You smile as she places her queen down
"My queen takes yours." You tell her as you move to knock her piece off
>Alternate Umbra looks shocked as she double, triple, and quadruple checks the board
>Knocking it off the board, you smile an lean back in your chair
"Looks like my king and queen have your king corner." You tell her with a smug smile "Checkmate."
>She looks down at the table
>"Good job, Lady Umbra!" Ariadne says
"Thank you, Ariadne." You tell her "It feels good to be undefeated."
>You're not one for gloating, but you REALLY want to push her buttons
>"Damn you..." She says before she gets up and throws the board off the table "DAMN YOU!"
>She doesn't say much else besides that as she storms over to the portal
>"Enjoy your little victory while you can!" She tells you "It'll be your last!"
>With that she leaves the room with her bodyguard

Do you? That's actually cool. I like those."

if(Olibird && title=="" && postNumber==32525747 && dateTime=="06/17/18(Sun)17:49:36")

"Hey guys, just popping in to apologize for dropping green and then vanishing off the face of the earth. Real life hit me hard. But I'm working hard on the next part when I can, green will be coming!";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32528040 && dateTime=="06/18/18(Mon)06:04:46")

>You smile as the portal closes leaving you three alone
"Finally!" You say as you hop off the chair "Maybe now we can get some peace and quiet."
>Walking over to the window, the barrier comes down allowing Ariadne to pick up the board and it's piece's
>"Lady Umbra, how come you keep going over to that window?" Ariadne asks "Aren't you cold?"
"I am, Ariadne, but I need to find a way for you and Ariadne to escape when Anonymous and the other come."
>"What about you, Queen Umbra?" Cynthia asks
>You turn and look at the girls who seem to worry about your response
"I have to stay and help Anonymous fight this world's version of ourselves."
>"You can't!" Ariadne says "You're pregnant and Anon would never allow it!"
"I have to, Ariadne!" You tell her "If I don't help him those two are going to overwhelm him."
>You let out a sigh
"I know he won't like it, but he has no choice." You tell them "I have to be there with my husband."
>You look back towards the window
"What matters to me is that you two are safe when the fighting starts." You tell them "That's why I'm trying to look for an escape route."
>Looking out towards the horizon, you wonder just how close Anonymous is

Good to hear! I should also be getting more parts now that life has settled down for me as well."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32528948 && dateTime=="06/18/18(Mon)12:45:14")

Good to know you're coming back bro"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32528952 && dateTime=="06/18/18(Mon)12:46:36")

>"I am, Ariadne, but I need to find a way for you and Ariadne to escape when Anonymous and the other come."
Uhhh it may be a bit late but you should probably fix that bro"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32530747 && dateTime=="06/18/18(Mon)21:10:37")

No bully"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32531499 && dateTime=="06/19/18(Tue)01:09:17")

Umbra is gonna save alt ariadne. Duh


if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32532443 && dateTime=="06/19/18(Tue)06:08:14" && image=="991d4ffe-c773-4b7a-8289-c3c70c645526.jpg")

"Ah!" You say as you put down your bowl of soup "That hit the spot!"
>You are Anon
>Right now you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the empire
>But as of right now, you all stopped to eat inside Eris's little portable house
>Good thing too because the rain outside was getting harsher
>A sigh escapes you
>God you hope she's someplace warm...
>Currently you share a table with Lance and Biggs while Ammy eats from her bowl below you
>Wedge and Eris are in the kitchen still prepping up some more of this vegetable soup
>Sombra and Arthas look over the map
>And Celestia and Luna talk about the girls back home
>Glancing back outside the window, you can feel that you're getting closer to her
>With the pace you and your friends have been keeping you should make it to that barrier by tonight"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32536760 && dateTime=="06/20/18(Wed)06:10:54" && image=="Ignis Recipes.jpg")

>"Looks like you loved my soup." Wedge says as he brings you another bowl
"Wedge, it feels like you just broke the cold shell that was surrounding my body with this soup." You tell him "Where'd you even learn to cook?"
>Wedge chuckles as he takes a seat at the table
>"You tend to teach yourself to cook for yourself when both your parents work high end careers." Wedge says "We would have lots of ingredients just laying around in the house so I would experiment."
>"We would sometime even sneak out of school to have lunch at his place." Lance says "It was that good."
>Digging into your second bowl, you overhear Arthas and Sombra
>"If we continue along this path we'll be east of the village we have to go through." Sombra says "Maybe we can see if we can't tear through the barrier."
>"And if we can't then we can just head over to the checkpoint." Arthas says "We should hit it under the cover of night."
>That's what you had in mind too
>Then when you and your friends get through, you could maybe set up for the night
>"That rain does not look like it's going to let up." Eris says as she looks out the window "I wish I could do more to keep you all warm..."
"You don't need to worry about it, Eris." You tell her with a smile "The umbrellas are enough."
>"Anonymous!" Sombra calls out
>"Come here we need to talk about what we're going to do once we reach the empire." He says"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32537219 && dateTime=="06/20/18(Wed)10:20:22")

Oh boy suicide mission fun times!"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32537836 && dateTime=="06/20/18(Wed)13:49:33" && image=="1400982__safe_artist-colon-whitepone_discord_eris_rule+63_simple+background_solo_thumbs+up.png")

>Getting up with your bowl, you head over to the living room area
>Celestia scoots over and lets you sit beside her
>Sitting down next to her, you look over at your brother in law
>"So have you decided how we're going to approach the empire?" Sombra asks
>Taking another sip of your soup, you look towards the map
"Here's the thing." You start out "We don't know how big this empire is. It might be the smaller, larger, or even the same size."
>You look back up
"What I do know is that we need to find and release their Celestia, their Luna, and all the other prisoners they have locked away." You say "They could be of some help when dealing with Anonymous."
>You look over at Luna and Eris
"Luna and Eris can get in the normal dungeon and The Wolves Cells to let them out."

Surprise early part!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32538242 && dateTime=="06/20/18(Wed)15:34:59")

Fund it."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32540540 && dateTime=="06/20/18(Wed)22:43:37" && image=="b2d.png")

>Eris appears right behind Luna
"Looks like we'll be working together, Princess!" Eris says "I look forward to causing some chaos with you!"
>Luna gives her a smile and looks back at you
>"Is there a reason you are sending us with Eris?" Luna asks "Surely she can release all the prisoners by herself."
"Yeah, but when she finds their Celestia and Luna I don't want them freaking out and mistaking our Eris for theirs." You tell her "Also you're going to be the one freeing the prisoners."
>Both Eris and Luna look at you a bit confused
"Remember the real reason Eris tagged along, it was to deal with their Eris and to take her away from the fight. A Spirit of Chaos would be too much to deal with." You say "And I know Anonymous will send Eris to stop you, Luna. That's why you need some serious back up."
>Luna seems to finally get the plan and nods her head
>"We will not fail you." She says
"I know you two got this." You say before looking towards Sombra "Sombra, I need you and Celestia to help me find Umbra."

>tfw you pass out from waking up too early"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32541849 && dateTime=="06/21/18(Thu)06:17:53" && image=="1720455__safe_artist-colon-discordthege_princess+celestia_horse+play_spoiler-colon-s08e07_alicorn_beautiful_chest+fluff_cloud_cr.png")

>Celestia immediately turns to look at you
>She's giving you that look that says "What do you mean?"
"It's only if we can't find her in the castle! Then we split up." You tell her with a smile "Like I said we don't know how big this empire is. They could be hiding her anywhere!"
>"What about Ammy?" Celestia asks "Isn't she supposed to help us look for her?"
"I'm putting all my chips into her being with Anonymous at the castle." You tell them "If she's not there then you two need to take Ammy and look for her."
>You look over to see your wolf laying down by her food bowl
>Once you're in the castle there's only one other thing left to do there other than finding Umbra
>Stopping Anonymous
>"Celestia and I working together?" Sombra says with a chuckle "Fate's an amusing thing."
>"It is." Celestia says with a smile before looking at Luna "Don't worry, Luna, I'll take care of him."
"I know you two can hold your own if we get split up." You tell them "That's why I partnered you two up. A few grunts or crystal armors aren't stopping you two."
>"Very well." Sombra says before looking at Celestia "Celestia, let us do our best to watch over each other."
>"Likewise, Sombra. Together we'll find Umbra if she's not at the castle." Celestia says before looking at you "But Anonymous, don't you want to be the one to find Umbra?""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32544686 && dateTime=="06/21/18(Thu)19:55:23")

I want to see a story about Queen Sombra disguising herself as a cellist to infiltrate Equestria."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32545777 && dateTime=="06/22/18(Fri)01:36:08")

That's a regal picture"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32546254 && dateTime=="06/22/18(Fri)05:31:44")

For a regal princess"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32546296 && dateTime=="06/22/18(Fri)06:14:33" && image=="king_sombra_by_koveliana-d9fdoam.png")

>You sit there before nodding your head
"Of course I do." You tell her "But we also need to stop Anonymous."
>And if you're already at the castle, you're not going to leave especially if he's there
"That's why if she's not there then you and Sombra are going to have to take Ammy while we deal with Anonymous."
>"And what will we do if we find her?" Sombra asks
"Find Eris and get her and the girls out of here." You tell him "I know she won't like that, but I'm not having her in the fight."
>Sombra sighs
>"She's going to be an obstacle too." Sombra says "She might even fight us to get to your side."
>God you hope not
>She has to realize that she's pregnant and can't stay in this fight
>"So now that we know our role, that just leaves you five." Celestia says
>You look at Arthas and then to the guys
"We got a date with our alternate selves." You tell Celestia "There's a score that needs to be settled.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32546347 && dateTime=="06/22/18(Fri)06:43:29" && image=="1761392__safe_artist-colon-alpaca-dash-pharaoh_king+sombra_cape_clothes_female_mare_queen+umbra_rule+63_simple+background_solo_w.png")

"Here have an Umbra since I one parted tonight";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32549502 && dateTime=="06/23/18(Sat)03:12:19")

"All right finally home. Time to type after I eat some food real quick";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32549701 && dateTime=="06/23/18(Sat)05:56:44" && image=="Back to Back.jpg")

>You put your hand over the spot where Anonymous stabbed you
"I've got a score to settle with that bastard." You tell everyone "After everything he done so far, I won't stop until I stop him."
>"Couldn't have said it better myself!" Lance says "We all want payback."
>You clench your fist
"And I swear to god, if he hurt her or any of them, I'm going to repay what he did to them ten fold."
>Lowering your hand, you look back up
"While Luna and Eris assault the dungeon, we're heading for the castle." You tell everyone "Once we're there we find Umbra, Ariadne, and Cynthia. Then we deal with Anonymous."
>You look over at Arthas
"Honestly you're the wild card here, Arthas." You tell him "I didn't know who to pair you up with because there's so much you can do."
>"I'll stick with you four." Arthas says "You boys would get yourselves killed without me to reel you in."
>You and your friends smile
"When it comes down to it, we're going to be starting a huge riot in the empire." You tell everyone "I just hope that they haven't killed all their prisoners in there."
"If we do somehow get split up, hurry and meet up with someone as soon as you can." You tell everyone "Strength in numbers and all that.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32549720 && dateTime=="06/23/18(Sat)06:13:38")

>You lean back against your seat
"I think that's all I have for now." You tell Sombra and Arthas "Things will most likely change once we get there."
>"Agreed." Sombra says "As you stated, we don't know just how big this empire is."
>"Once we can actually get a better look at what we're up against we can fine tune our strategy." Arthas says
>Getting up, you go and place your bowl in the sink
"So we're getting close to that checkpoint right?"
>Arthas nods his head
>"Yes, if we leave now we can reach it by the time night sets in." Arthas says
>"Then what are we waiting for?!" Lance says as he gets up "Let's get going and get through it already!"
>"We agree." Luna says "We are so close to getting to the empire."
>"The sooner we can stop Anonymous, the sooner we can breath easy." Celestia says
>You chuckle as you walk back to the living room
"Then I guess it's settled." You say "Everyone get set, we're heading out.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32551640 && dateTime=="06/23/18(Sat)18:12:41")

"Be right back. Off to see another movie.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32552897 && dateTime=="06/23/18(Sat)23:12:31")

What movie bro?"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32553061 && dateTime=="06/23/18(Sat)23:51:34")

>After getting geared up once more, you all stepped out into the rainstorm as Eris snapped her fingers to get the house to disappear
>"I already feel like I lost the warmth I just had!" Lance says as he begins to shiver
"I like how we live in a frozen kingdom of sorts, but all this downpour is too much for you."
>"Hey you're cold too!" He says
>"Yeah, but at least he isn't shaking like a leaf." Biggs says
>"Alright you three." Arthas says "Keep it down, we don't want to alert anyone to our position."
"So where to?"
>"North." Sombra says pointing in the direction "Then once we reach the barrier we head West."
>The last camp you made before heading into the west
>If your memory is correct, you should be near it or even on top of it
>Taking a look at the map, you and your friends continue on your journey to the empire

Jurassic World. Mom and brothers wanted to go so I wasn't passing up a free movie. Unfortunately the seats we wanted were taken as was the rest theater so we're gonna head back tomorrow and see if we can grab them."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32554027 && dateTime=="06/24/18(Sun)06:14:43" && image=="1764404__safe_artist-colon-tingsan_king+sombra_twilight+sparkle_alicorn_curved+horn_dusk+shine_female_male_mare_prince+dusk_que.jpg")

>After a few more hours of walking through the rain, you started to feel like you were going to catch your death of cold out here
>The sun is starting to set, meaning it was going to get a lot more colder
>But regardless of how you felt, you had to push on and get to that village
>There were a few close encounters with some crystal armors, but it was nothing you and your friends couldn't handle
>Still though, you wanted to keep the fighting to a minimal until you reached the empire
>Jumping down a few more hills, you felt a strong sense of familiarity coming to you
>You're sure you've come through these parts
>Even though everything is rainy and dark, you can see the same forest you walked through on your trip to the empire
>Stepping through another set of trees, you find yourself at another clearing
>To you right is a cave
>And at the mouth of that cave is a old campfire
"This is it."
>The last place you rested before heading out into the wastes

I like when Umbra gets normal pony art."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32554749 && dateTime=="06/24/18(Sun)12:07:07")

I keep hearing how mediocre it was"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32555774 && dateTime=="06/24/18(Sun)16:45:48")

Yeah I hear that too, but they like that stuff so it's whatever. Now if I was paying then I'd be more apprehensive "

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32556958 && dateTime=="06/24/18(Sun)21:08:46")

Of course
I haven't seen the Incredibles 2 yet, probably should"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32557469 && dateTime=="06/25/18(Mon)00:15:18" && image=="1_heVu3rJwXxd6qo-qIowvMw.png")

>Taking a few steps into the campsite, your mind begins to wander back to that day
>Almost a year ago...
"Man I hope that rumor that old mare told me is true." You say as you look out towards the waste "If not then I'm..."
>You shake your head at the thought of dying out here
>Anything is better than a life out here
>Walking over to an old tree you rip the bark off and pick up a sharp rock
"I really don't know why I'm doing this." You say to yourself as you begin to carve a question mark into the tree "I don't even know how long I've been out here."
>Once you're done with the tree, you get to work on gathering firewood and something to for makeshift bedding
>And once you had finished that you had set up at the mouth of the cave
>Sitting down by the fire, you begin to feel your stomach grumble
"Dammit. I haven't seen a single critter out here in a while." You say as your rummage through your blanket that you converted into a travel bag
>Pulling out what was once some fresh fruit, you cover your nose as the rotting stench hits you
"This is all I have." You say "I don't really want to eat it, but I don't want to starve either..."
>Hesitantly you open your mouth and steel yourself for what you're about to-
>"Anonymous?" You hear a voice say as something touches your shoulder
>Snapping out of the memory, you find yourself looking at the dead campfire
>To your right is a worried Celestia"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32557659 && dateTime=="06/25/18(Mon)01:48:05")

Oh boy worried and guilty exes"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32558100 && dateTime=="06/25/18(Mon)06:08:55" && image=="The Darkness.png")

>You look around and see that everyone is staring at you
>"Are you okay, my sunshine?" Celestia asks "You just started walking towards this campfire without saying a word and then you just stood here staring into it for a good few minutes."
>You glance back at the dead campfire
>That night was very difficult for you
>And that's putting it lightly...
>That's when you were truly lost inside
>And you were on the breaking point
"I was going to take my life here..."
>"What?!" Celestia asks
>"What did you just say!?" Lance, Biggs, and Wedge say
>You clench your fist
"I was lost in my own darkness." You tell her "I felt like my heart had been utterly obliterated in front of my eyes. The only thing that truly made me happy instead angered me to the point of no return."
>Celestia averts her gaze from you
"I sat at this fire after eating some bad fruit, holding a sharp rock I had used to carve into that tree." You say while pointing at the tree "I thought and thought about it, but I just didn't have the courage to do it."
>"Anon..." Lance says
>You sigh
>"I've only told Umbra about this. She asked one night about my journey." You tell them "She cried and held me close to her."
>Just as you finish, you feel Celestia's wings wrap around you and pull you in
>"I-I'm so sorry!" She says as tears roll down her face "I never knew I hurt you that badly!"
>Raising your arms up, you return the hug
"It's all right, Celly. It's all right..." You tell her as she continues to cry "We're in a much better place then we were when I was here."
>Glancing over to the tree, you see only five tally marks"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32558112 && dateTime=="06/25/18(Mon)06:20:40" && image=="All Might.gif")

"Sorry about the gap! I just started watching pic related.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32558517 && dateTime=="06/25/18(Mon)10:20:21")

Nice! I'm all caught up in the manga and it's still pretty good"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32562127 && dateTime=="06/26/18(Tue)05:48:55")

"Five days, huh?" You tell yourself as Celestia finally lets you go "So that proves it. He did have a map leading to the empire."
>"I'm so sorry, Anonymous." Celestia says
"I told you it's alright." You say with a smile "I'm here now aren't I?"
>She still looks sadden to hear of your past out here, but even then she looks over at the tree
"The bastard probably didn't go through the same shit I went through."
>"Well at least we know what was in that chest." Sombra says as he comes up to you
>"Hey Anon?" You hear Lance call out
>"Were you ever out here with somepony else?" He asks
>Turning around, you see remnants of your makeshift bed deeper into the cave
>But across from it there seems to be another bed hiding in the dark"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32562155 && dateTime=="06/26/18(Tue)06:14:43")

"What the hell?"
>Walking over to Lance, you kneel down and look at the makeshift bedding
"No, I was the only one out here." You tell him "Maybe someone came through here?"
>"That's a possibility, but this bed is just as degraded as your's, err Anonymous's." Wedge says "That means they had to be made around the same time."
>You wonder if Anonymous just made two of these
>But why would he do that?
>Standing up, you continue to look at the bed
"While this is weird, there's no point in wondering why there are two beds." You say "Anonymous is at the empire, we can just ask him after we kick his ass."
>Coming out of the cave, you look around to find that Sombra, Arthas, Biggs, and Eris are missing
>"Where did they go?" Lance asks
>"Your teacher and my beloved went through the clearing there." Luna says "They want to see the barrier."
>"We should join them." Celestia says still looking a tad bit upset "Maybe they've found a way through and we won't have to go through that village."
>Nodding your heads you and your friends head off with the sisters and Ammy towards the barrier
>But as your about to go through the clearing, you look back at the cave one more time
>Another bed...
>Shaking your head, you and the others head through to join back up with Sombra and the others

I'm digging it a lot so far. It's got it all so far."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32565640 && dateTime=="06/26/18(Tue)23:55:32")

"That was close. The power went out here and in a busy part of the city!";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32566418 && dateTime=="06/27/18(Wed)06:15:43")

>Walking past a few more trees, you find Sombra and the others examining a blue barrier
>"Ah there you are." Sombra says "Find anything interesting?"
"Just another bed that we can't explain." You tell him "I doesn't seem like much, but I wonder why Anonymous made two in the first place."
>You think on it for a second before looking at the large barrier
"So what's going on over here?"
>Sombra turns and looks at the barrier
>"This is just as we feared." Sombra says "A powerful barrier that keeps anything from going through it."
>Arthas takes his sword and runs it along the surface
>He seems to struggle on keeping it against the barrier as sparks bounce off the sword
>"It seems to push back and fry anything that tries going through it." Arthas says
>"Well why don't we just try teleporting through it?" Lance asks
>"We tried that." Biggs says "But something about this barrier prevents even that."
>"I got zapped trying to go through it." Eris says "Their Umbra is a crafty one."
>Arthas sheaths his sword
>"If the event are the same then she must have made it draconequus proof after Discord took Anonymous back to Canterlot." Arthas says
"Dammit. So there's no way through?"
>"None that we could find." Sombra says "It looks like that village is our only way through."
>You sigh
"Then let's go." You tell your group "The sooner we get through there, the faster we can rest up before we reach the empire.""

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32571761 && dateTime=="06/28/18(Thu)06:13:42")

>As you continue to move along the barrier, you can feel bits the cold wind of the wastes come through it
>"Everypony be on guard." Arthas says "If this is a checkpoint then there's no doubt it is teeming with guard ponies."
>Climbing up a small hill, you stop at the top and look out
"There it is."
>Before you lies the village checkpoint
>Tall walls completely block off the village from view
>But luckily from this hill you can see over them
>Inside it village it looks like the same as any other village
>The only difference is that there's a section that seems only for the empire's forces
>Now that you think about it
>This place is much larger than the small village you passed through
>Most likely the work of Anonymous
>Towards the end, you see the opening to the wastes
>And of course it's surrounded by a large group of guards"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32571762 && dateTime=="06/28/18(Thu)06:14:44")

>Inside it village it looks like the same as any other village

Meant to put "the" instead of the first it"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32576057 && dateTime=="06/29/18(Fri)06:19:35" && image=="Uh.png")

>"That looks serious." Lance says
>"It just another barrier for us to break through." Biggs says
>You look over at Arthas who is looking through some binoculars
>"Looks like our only way through is that gate." He says "We have no choice but to brute force our way through."
>"And how will we do that?" Luna asks "We obviously can just force our way through, but-"
>You kneel down
"We split into two teams and free this village."
>Everyone looks towards you
"Sorry for cutting you off, Luna, but I think I know what you were going to say." You tell her "That even if we force our way through they'll keep sending reinforcements after us. We'll have to deal with them at some point."
>Luna nods her head
"We also need to make sure they don't send word that we were here. Even though I want that." You say "Umbra's ponies in the wastes let us know if something is coming towards the empire. There's no doubt that the same would happen here."
>"Exactly." Arthas says "We need to stop that before they can send word to the empire if we wish to keep our stealthy approach."
>You stand back up
"Lance, Biggs, Wedge, and I will rush towards the gate and deal with any guards along the way." You say before looking at Arthas "You're better at handling the critical stuff than I am. Take Eris and the others and hit that section for the guards so fast they won't be able to get a letter out."
>"Are you sure?" Arthas says with a smile
>You return the smile and give him a thumbs up
"Don't worry about us." You tell him "You know better than anyone that we're the best at causing trouble."
>He chuckles
>"Very well. As soon as you four start making noise we'll teleport in and stop them from getting word out." Arthas says "Be careful."
>Nodding your head, you look to your friends
>With smiles on their faces, you all head down the hill towards the entrance

Sorry for the one parts lately. I've been just kinda busy as of late. I will actually have to type more tomorrow."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32579818 && dateTime=="06/30/18(Sat)04:29:36")

"Bumperino for the weekend. Anyone got any fun plans?";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32579907 && dateTime=="06/30/18(Sat)06:09:16")

>You are Arthas
>As Anonymous and his friends head down the hill, Lord Sombra comes up to you
>"It's not like you to follow his plans so easily." He says "Why go along with this one?"
>You smile
"Even though his plan is rough and could use some work, he's nailed down everything we have to do." You tell him "He's still rough when it comes to being king, but that's what you are there for."
>Lord Sombra smiles
>You look over at a large tower
>That's most likely where the messenger ponies are
"Eris, as soon as Anonymous and the boys start their assault I want you to teleport me into that tower." You tell her before looking at Lord Sombra "Once she does that you all take Ammy and rush the guard compound."
>"Understood." Lord Sombra says
>Standing in front of Eris, she place her hand on your helmet
>"Ready?" She asks
"I always am." You reply as you hear a large explosion go off "And that's our cue."
>You feel Eris's magic surge through your helmet as she launches you across the village to the tower

Tomorrow for sure. It's boss battle time after all"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32581095 && dateTime=="06/30/18(Sat)14:42:58" && image=="1530196399533.jpg")

Just trying to grind in Fortnite and I'm trying to get back into Smite. Maybe I'll start Season 3 of My Hero Academia"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32584148 && dateTime=="07/01/18(Sun)04:39:13")

"Might have to postpone the boss battle till tomorrow, My ear has been acting up since I got this little infection and it's throwing me off balance.

I-I'm sorry"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32584321 && dateTime=="07/01/18(Sun)06:18:50" && image=="Ready.gif")

>As soon as you feel your hooves touch the ground, you rush towards one of the tower's windows
>"What was that?!" One of the guard ponies yell
>"It looks like we're being attacked!" His partner says "Is that the False King?!"
>"Quick! Alert Queen-!" The pony says before you dive through the window
>Knocking him to the ground, you grab his partner before she can attack and slam her head down onto the table
>With those two incapacitated you quickly begin to search trough the desks
>You need to see if there's anything here about what might be waiting for you in the wastes
>All the while you find that Sombra and the princess have began their assault on the guard barracks
>The boys are also doing their best to tell the civilians to evacuate as they continue to wreak havoc on the guards
>Everything going smoothly so far
>Looking back at the table, you see a folder with the label "ORDERS" on it
>You go to reach for it, but stop when you hear something near you
>Hearing something above you, you look to see a dark figure jump off towards Anonymous and the boys"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32584520 && dateTime=="07/01/18(Sun)07:58:31")

Other than banging my ex, my house is going to be empty, which means I can sleep naked for once"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32584522 && dateTime=="07/01/18(Sun)07:59:59")

It's all good bro, just stay healthy and not dead"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32584858 && dateTime=="07/01/18(Sun)10:21:44")

">Have blacksmith in DND campaign
>Basically made him Credo
Rager pls no sue"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32588928 && dateTime=="07/02/18(Mon)06:24:53" && image=="Alternate Ariadne.webm")

"They're so close now." You say to Ariadne "I can feel it!"
>You are Umbra
>Looking out the window, the feeling you've been having all day has been getting stronger and stronger
>A portal opens up at the front of the room and in comes Alternate Umbra and Anonymous
>They both look like they were about to head to bed as they are wearing bathrobes
"Now what do you want?" You asks "I thought dinner was our last meeting for the day."
>"It was. Until your husband attacked the only way into the wastes." She tells you "We just thought you'd like to see this."
>Alternate Umbra begins to channel her magic
"See what?"
>"We were going to watch this in our bed, but Umbra insisted that we watch it down here." Alternate Anonymous says "In the cold."
>"Oh hush, beloved." Alternate Umbra says "We'll go as soon as she sees this."
>A magical window opens up showing a rainy sky
>"Eris, where are you two?" Alternate Umbra asks
>"At the village as you instructed." A voice comes through as she looks down from wherever they are "The False King has arrived."
>There you see your beloved and his friends fighting their way through Alternate Umbra's forces
>"And what of Ariadne?" Alternate Umbra asks
>"She has jumped to engage them in battle." Eris says"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32592563 && dateTime=="07/02/18(Mon)23:36:22")

"Fuck me I hate ear infections

You always make me smile Ex Anon

I'm trying, Anon. This shit is just annoying

Don't worry, Anon. I won't"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32593553 && dateTime=="07/03/18(Tue)06:19:09" && image=="JubilantLegitimateCutworm.webm")

>Punching out another guard, you turn to Biggs
"That's another one!"
>You are Anon
>Once you made you dynamic entrance, you and your friends quickly got to work causing mayhem
>These guards aren't really much of an obstacle to you
>Especially when you're being fueled by getting to Umbra
>Even now you can feel her closer to you
>"Slow it down you two." Wedge says "It's not a competition."
>"Well how else are we going to make this entertaining?" Biggs says "These guys aren't much."
>"Hey!" Lance says "The rest of the townsfolk are heading out until we head off."
>You look over at the barracks as more magical explosions go off
"Well while Sombra and the others are dealing with that let's head to the gate."
>Moving along the village, you turn a corner and find the gate leading to the wastes
>But what's strange is that no one is there guarding it
"There it is." Wedge says as he looks around "But where are the guards?"
>A cold chill runs down your spine
"Stay alert." You say as you all head towards the gate
>But as you take a few steps, you hear something above you
>Drawing Rebellion, you block a spear from running you through
>You notice that holding the spear is a mare
>She looks down at you and you finally see who she is

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32597281 && dateTime=="07/04/18(Wed)00:58:19" && image=="OldfashionedMarriedJerboa.webm")

>"The False King..." She says before looking to her left
>"Get off him!" Biggs says as he swings his hammer down
>Ariadne kicks herself off of you to avoid Biggs's strike, landing a few feet away from you all
>Wedge and Lance both also come rushing to your side as Biggs holds his hammer on his back
>"Ariadne?!" Lance says as he looks across at the mare
>"Are you alright, Anon?" Wedge asks
"Yeah..." You tell him as you stand up straight "She just surprised me is all."
>Looking at her, you can tell that she's much different than your Ariadne
>The carefree, cheerful, and friendly vibe that surrounds your Ariadne isn't there
>All there is a cold and sinister feel to this Ariadne
>The white and azure armor she has on looks light enough for her quickly move around in
>And that weapon of her's
>It looks like a spear mixed with a sword
>Inside the actual head of the spear, you spot a blue crystal pulsating inside it
"You must be this world's Ariadne." You tell her "Why are you here?"
>"Lady Umbra has asked that I test your skill here before you reach the empire." Alt Ariadne says"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32597895 && dateTime=="07/04/18(Wed)06:24:49" && image=="FelineDimwittedBrocketdeer-size_restricted.gif")

>"Test our skill?" Biggs says "What can you do by yourself?"
>"Don't underestimate her, Biggs." Wedge tells him "She's not a normal mare. She feels like one of those ponies that came after Anon."
"One of The Queen's Shadow..."
>"Your Ariadne does not lead them it seems." She says "She's much too innocent."
>She leads them?!
>This isn't good at all
>You look over at Lance
>He seems to be have conflicted feelings judging by that look on his face
"Lance, she's not your Ariadne." You tell him "We need to work together to stop her."
>"Yeah, I know." He says "I just... She looks just like her!"
"I get that, but you need to look past that and realize that she's holding your Ariadne hostage!"
>Lance takes a look at you before nodding his head
"Well if you're going to stand in our way then we'll have no choice but to bring you down." You tell her "Nothing is stopping us now!"
>"Then come." Alt Ariadne says as she takes a battle stance
>With that you and your friends draw your weapons and ready yourself for battle"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32601581 && dateTime=="07/05/18(Thu)06:03:09" && image=="1420633__safe_artist-colon-tjpones_king+sombra_bored_bust_dialogue_ear+fluff_glass_grayscale_monochrome_pony_queen+umbra_rule+63.png")

"So for the purpose of Q U A L I T Y G R E E N I'm going to ask for an extension on parts here. They should be up tomorrow in the morning/afternoon.

You guys know it's coming!"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32605070 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)01:07:03" && image=="FrightenedFinishedAnnelid.webm")

>Biggs is the first to charge ahead while you three follow right behind
>Alt Ariadne doesn't even flinch as she simply avoids his strike before countering with a kick to the side of his head
>That kick wasn't a normal one as it sends him skipping along the ground like a rock does on a pond
>"Biggs!" Wedge says
>"So aggressive..." Alt Ariadne says as she runs at him at full speed "You're just like our Biggs!"
>You and the other try to beat her as she leaps into the air, poised to strike
>But as her spear comes down, Wedge blocks her attack
>Biggs then uses his magic to take hold of her spear and prevent her from jumping back
>Nice thinking guys!
>"GOTCHA!" Biggs says with a smile
>"NOW YOU TWO!" Wedge yells to you both
>You and Lance are already two steps ahead as you're leaping already at her
>"Do you four really think it'll be that easy?" She says as she looks at you two
>As you get closer to her, you notice that the blue crystal in the spearhead is begining to crackle with energy
"Wedge, Biggs! Get away from the spear!" You yell as you grab Lance "It's about to do something big!"
>Moving Lance behind you, you enter your Royalguard stance just in time as the spear explodes with magical energy
>The force of the blast is enough to push you back a few feet
>Dust surrounded the area making it hard to see too far ahead of you
>"Are you okay?!" Lance says
"I'm fine." You tell him "What about Biggs and Wedge?"
>As the dust begins to settle, you can see that Biggs has protected them with a barrier
>In front of them are blue flames and scorch marks
>But no Alt Ariadne
"Where did she-!"
>"ANON, ABOVE US!" Lance yells as he tackles you
>Looking up at the sky, you see Alt Ariadne come spinning down like a missile right above you
>"Defend against this!" She yells as she crashes into the ground, setting off another magical explosion"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32605078 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)01:09:18" && image=="hqdefault.jpg")

>Rolling off to the side with Lance, you both look up at the destruction
>Ariadne stands on her staff which is wedged into the ground
>More blue fire rages around her
>And the ground below her has been split with the spearhead
>Even as she stands there doing nothing, the area around the head continues to emit flames
"What is that spear?!"
>"A gift from Lady Umbra. My mother..." She says "She gifted me this tool so that I could enforce her will on those that would reject them and stand against her."
>Alt Ariadne pulls her weapon from the ground
>"Lady Umbra saved me long ago." She says "I'm sure you've heard the story already from yours."
"We have."
>"Then you already know about my actual mother." Alt Ariadne says "In return for saving me, I have vowed to give my life to her. I will be the tool that allows her dreams to come through to fruition!"
>Minus the whole assassin bit, she's just like your Ariadne
>Especially with that devotion to Umbra
>"We need to get that weapon away from her!" Wedge yells "What ever magic is powering it, it allows her to do things no earth pony should be able to do."
>"Like flying." Lance says "I don't know how with all that smoke, but she somehow got into the sky after that first explosion and then over our heads in a second."
>You see the crystal in the spear spark up again
>"Enough talk, I came to test your abilities." She says as she charges in once more"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32605095 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)01:14:06" && image=="HarmlessNiceIberianmole.webm")

>You don't waste anymore time yourself and meet her head on
>Buying Wedge some time to come up with a strategy is the plan for now
>Closing the gap, your sword and her spear meet
"Sorry, but as long as your 'mother' holds my wife hostage, I'm not stopping!" You tell her as you push forward
>"You will not hinder her goals!" Alt Ariadne says "I'LL KILL YOU BEFORE THAT HAPPENS!"
>Looks like talking about her Umbra is a trigger to break that ice cold shell of hers
>Maybe you can use that to your advantage
>"Anon, the bottom of the spear!" Wedge calls out
>Looking down, Alt Ariadne smashes the butt of the spear against your chin causing you to reel back
>With that opening, Alt Ariadne swings her spear around and a blue line of magic wraps around your leg
>Before you can even react, she swings you around to the right
>Wedge rushes up and cuts the magical tether releasing you
>"I got you Anon!" Lance says as he catches you "Is there anything that spear can't do?!"
>Landing right next to Biggs and Wedge, you look over at Wedge
"Got a plan yet?"
>"Working on it." He says "In any case we need to keep the offensive going."
"Works for me." You tell him before looking at Biggs "We'll create the openings, it's up to these two to capitalize on them."
>"Then let's go!" Biggs says as he charges in with you following right behind"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32605103 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)01:16:40" && image=="portal_to_the_netherworld_by_sucno-d1it9hb.jpg")

>As you and Biggs close the distance, Alt Ariadne points the spearhead right at you
>The head itself begins to glow blue as the crystal charges up
>"Burn." She says as it fires off flaming spearheads at you
>Both you and Biggs dodge it, but Biggs still tries to bring up a shield for Lance and Wedge who are trailing behind you
>But when the spearheads make contact with the shield, they burn right through the shield!
>"Lance, move!" Wedge says as they dodge the projectiles
>"Of course it goes right trough!" Biggs says as you two continue to dodge and get closer "Anon give me a boost!"
>Turning around, you cup your hands and throw Biggs into the air
>With the added high, he brings his hammer crashing down onto the ground
>Alt Ariadne is quick to avoid the shockwave as she leaps into the air once more
>Where she meets a quick and explosive hoof from Lance, sending her falling back down to the ground
>Finally a clean hit!
>"Anon!" Wedge says
>Nodding your head, you and him charge the falling Alt Ariadne
>But as you two are about to land the finishing blow, a portal appears in front of you
>Jumping back a few steps, you see some crystal armors emerge from it
>The portal closes and behind the armors Alt Ariadne stands with her weapon in her hooves
>That spear can summon these guys?!
>No that can't be it
>Looking up at the tower, you finally see that it's just not you five
>Watching from above is Alt Eris
>"It's shameful for me to need assistance." She says "But I suppose it will be much easier to deal with you this way."

Man I faced a lot of blocking going through with this. More to come later tonight."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32605213 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)01:46:04")

It's been cool so far. Keep it up!


if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32605840 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)06:36:57" && image=="1530385858426.jpg")

>"Gods..." You say as you watch on with a horrified Ariadne
>You are Umbra
>Alternate Ariadne has shown you just how different this world truly is
>"I love this!" Alternate Umbra squeals as she watches on "Ariadne is doing a fine job at dealing with them."
>Your beloved and Biggs begin to rush the crystal knights, allowing Lance and Wedge to focus on Ariadne
>"I told you they were nothing to worry about." Alternate Anonymous says "If they can't even deal with Ariadne, then there is no way for them to deal with us."
>Alternate Umbra smiles before looking over at you
>"What's the matter with your Ariadne? Is she terrified to see what she could become?" Alternate Umbra says "She's hiding her eyes from all this."
"You monsters!"
>"Oh? Why am I a monster?" Alternate Umbra asks "Because I gave a young mare and her family a second chance? Or is it because I did away with her accursed mother who treated her like nothing and adopted her myself!?"
>You grit your teeth
>"Exactly. You and I did the same thing for our Ariadnes." She says "The only difference is that I helped my channel that anger and resentment inside her to become more than just a battered mare."
"You turned her into a weapon!"
>"I just wanted her to learn to defend herself." She says "You heard her yourself. She devoted her life to serving me."

I have no image as it's late. So here's a replacement for now.

Will do!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32606985 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)14:19:33")

Man if I were you I would've stopped first time I got writers block, bless you for keeping this up man"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32609350 && dateTime=="07/06/18(Fri)22:19:32")

Thanks Anon."

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32610755 && dateTime=="07/07/18(Sat)06:02:02" && image=="1530327004347.gif")

"You know what's fun? Your IP deciding to do maintenance and then the power goes out. Needless to say, a part won't be dropping tonight because of that and now it's bedtime.

Tomorrow though I got you, Anons."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32615327 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)04:04:19")

That sucks"

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32615554 && dateTime=="07/08/18(Sun)06:19:54")

>You look back at the portal
>Anonymous and his friend continue fighting off the crystal armors
>But at the same time they still need to deal with Alternate Ariadne!
>Where in Tartarus is Sombra and Celestia?!
>"She's getting more and more excited..." Alternate Umbra says "She finally found a challenge worthy of her skill."
>Watching on, you see her using that spear of hers to fly around above the boys
>Luckily Lance is on top of that as he tries to bring her back down to earth
>"Unfortunately she doesn't have much more time to play." Alternate Umbra says "The rest of the pack are coming."
>Alternate Eris looks over to the left to see that Sombra and the others finally are approaching
>With them there they can easily mop up these armors and Alternate Ariadne!
>"What a shame." Alternate Anonymous says "Looks like the fun is over."
>You glance over at them
>As does Ariadne
>"Eris." Alternate Umbra says as her horn glows blue "It's time to come home. Ariadne can not be captured by them."
>"Yes my Queen." Alternate Eris says as she stands up"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==32620536 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)01:44:44")

"Really slow day today huh";

if(Rager !a77OIT8rFc && title=="" && postNumber==32621276 && dateTime=="07/09/18(Mon)06:23:03" && image=="Spoiler Image")

>You are Anon
>Jumping off of Biggs's back, you bring Rebellion crashing down on another suit of armor
>"There's just no end to them!" Biggs says as you stand back up
"It won't end until we bring down Ariadne." You tell him "But we've made enough of a dent to where we can focus on her."
>"You do that with Lance and Wedge." Biggs says "I'll take care of these suits."
>Nodding your head, you run across to where Wedge and Lance are
>The two of them are currently in a standoff with Alt Ariadne
"Hey!" You say as you come up "You two alright?"
>"Yeah, we're good." Lance says while out of breath "It's just that she's something else."
>"We've been able to hold her back, but we can really get her down." Wedge says
"Well now that there's three of us we can do it."
>Alt Ariadne takes a defensive stance
>"Anonymous!" You hear Sombra call out
>Looking back, you see Sombra and the others approaching
>The cavalry is here!
>"Curses..." Alt Ariadne says
>Just as Wedge is about to gloat, Alt Eris lands in front of her
>Lance tries to attack, but Alt Eris blocks him off with a barrier
>"It is time to go, Ariadne." Alt Eris says "Lady Umbra has requested that you return home."
>"So they've seen enough." Alt Ariadne says "Very well. Until next time, False King."
>As a portal opens up behind them, she begins to walk through
>"Just know that next time I will have your head." She says as the portal closes behind them

Yeah sorry about that. I got home and started playing some ESO while browsing /feg/ in which tomorrow I will need massive luck to roll pic related. Tomorrow will be different when I get back from getting a haircut."