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String fullTitle = "crazy Guatemalan chick";
int postNumber = "46755689";
String image = "tumblr_p54rfg4PkW1qfgs6ko1_1280 (1).jpg";
String date = "07/12/18(Thu)19:28:41";
String comment = "> getting with a Guatemalan chick my friend introduced me to because no action in a long time with women
> 6.5/10, 22, thicc, has an innie according to the nudes shes sent
> she's really into me, more than i thought a chick could be
> issue is, she has the emotional maturity of a toddler
> i mean it, she calls her period "woman pain"
> she seriously can't text sentences even though she speaks english
> she tried to meet me at her church the past couple of times we tried to meet
> still lives with mom, wants to be a professional babysitter because she's around children all day, still scared about her mom catching her sneaking out
> wrote indirect posts about me on her social media when i ignored her last time

What gives? I wanna smash, but shit's a little offputting tbqh. I know she's gonna feel great raw, but I don't want a baby with her guys..."

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if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46755762 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)19:33:10")

"shes literally like the ideal woman you ungrateful slut
take her"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46755856 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)19:37:08" && image=="220px-TheMoonAntarctica.jpg")

This. OP this maybe your only chance of getting a non-thot gf, don't waste it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46756425 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)20:03:46")


Fuck, it's a hard sell... if she had a modicum more intelligence (I'm not asking for a genius, but holy shit, she can't even relate to half the things I try to say, it's kinda cringey), i'd think about it. Besides, her mom's kinda crazy. When I try to sext her, it's real trial.

I'm not gonna mistreat her or anything, I just don't think she's gonna be at the top of my list."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46756458 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)20:05:14")

">has an innie according to the nudes shes sent

Do chicks just send out nudes to people this easily these days?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46756499 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)20:06:48")

Fuck off normalfag
Or ridge in al"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46756527 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)20:08:09")


she sent em to me. She's been a bit shifty about meeting, but we've made out once at a park. I'm an advocate for conservative values and all, but marriage is a difficult thing for me now, and these balls need to drain."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46756791 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)20:19:57")

"As a Latino guy, this woman sounds like she could be a bit off the wall, even by our standards.

My impression based on what you've told me is a woman that would most likely try to entrap you at the first opportunity, be a derelict, and has a high likelihood of becoming an abuelita-tier gorda within the next 10 years. High risk, low payoff, especially long term"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==46756912 && dateTime=="07/12/18(Thu)20:25:32" && image=="1523068035451.png")


That's why i'm keeping my rubbers in eyesight when i'm with her. I'm probably gonna hit it raw for a few minutes so i can feel that panocha then put one on. She looks pretty fucking fertile, I wouldn't trust my precum with her. Her mom's a bit abuelita, but actually not too bad, just the clean, short-haired mom lookin type, just crazy.

Thing is, she's not mean spirited with me at all, just completely clueless. I wouldn't doubt entrapment too much, but I don't think she'd do it to make my life miserable. Her titties are pretty nice though. I'm half Puerto Rican, so I get you.

If a girl like Nasim came around, I'd unironically lock it down more."