import 4.code.options;
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String fullTitle = "/out/ - Outdoors";

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class Thread extends Board{
public void Welcometo/out/!(OP Anonymous){

String fullTitle = "Welcome to /out/!";
int postNumber = "38571";
String image = "out1.jpg";
String date = "03/21/13(Thu)22:55";
String comment = "We encourage you to have a look around the catalog first to see what we’re all about before posting your first thread. Topics typically posted here include:
>Outdoor recreational activities (Hiking, trail running, bushwhacking, camping, spelunking, geocaching, orienteering, expeditions, urban exploration, backpacking, etc.)
>Gardening, farming and related activities
>Hunting and fishing, and other activities involving the stalking or taking of game (including bird-watching)
>Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature, train-hopping, hoboism, etc.
>Outdoor destinations and exploration (specific trails, parks, regions, etc.)
>Water-related activities (boats, diving, etc.)
>Outdoor philosophy (conservation, Leave No Trace, protectionism, etc.)
>Outdoor building and living (cabins, huts, treehouses, etc.)
>Outdoor social activities and organizations (meet-ups, Scouts, NOLS, etc.)
>Gear related to any of the above topics

Most topics related to the outdoors are fine. Write properly, behave politely, encourage a respectful community, and most importantly, GO OUTSIDE!!"

public void comments(){
if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1108793 && dateTime=="09/25/17(Mon)22:46:17" && image=="leave-no-trace-principles-1.jpg")

"Useful websites:
>Meet ups and social

>Useful tips:

>Scouts worldwide:

>Gardening advice:

>Outdoor sports:





if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1108794 && dateTime=="09/25/17(Mon)22:46:29")

"Just a friendly reminder that threads about weapons which do not pertain to their use in outdoor activities should be posted on /k/ instead. Thanks.";