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    String comment = 'This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

    To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

    Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).'

  • public void The Little Dungeon: Rise of Arthur Valra (One-shot)(OP DungeonQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'The Little Dungeon: Rise of Arthur Valra (One-shot)';
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    String date = '07/01/22(Fri)16:33:24';
    String comment = 'Welcome to this side-story of The Little Dungeon That Could. This will be a one-shot.
    Here’ll we’ll test some new mechanics that we might be able to introduce into The Little Dungeon afterwards.
    Keep in mind that I might update the mechanics are we are working our way through the quest, the purpose of this thread, other than to entertain, is to close it out with proper system of mechanics.

    I hope I don’t have to change the mechanics, but I might.
    Just mentioning that for people who hate that sorta thing.

    What we will be testing in the one-shot

    - Limited equipment system
    - Explicit ranking system for items and skills (Similar to games like World of Warcraft)
    - Alternate combat system
    - Slight change to the writing format

    The New Combat System

    - Is based on things like Darkest Dungeon, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Octopath Traveller, Dragon Quest
    - Will NOT include movement
    - Will involve rolls for both sides, though dungeon monster rolls are done by the QM in bulk to keep things moving along.
    - Will use D100s and a "Dice stack" mechanic instead of advantage / disadvantage
    - Has no "Classes" just like "The Little Dungeon", your "role" in a party is a result of the equipment, statistics, and skills/spells you have
    - Will include rounds and turns similar to D&D. With turn order being decided by statistics and skills.
    - Will retain "Essence" based casting system and "Per invasion / Per room" mechanics.
    - The goal is simplicity


    >Health - Flat stat gained by equipment. Allows you to take more damage before falling
    >Essence - Used for spellcasting.
    >Strength - Increases damage done when hitting an enemy with physical weapons
    >Magic - Increases damage done when hitting an enemy with magic
    >Accuracy - Increases hit chance for both magical and physical damage
    >Defence - Physical resistance that attackers need to beat to hit with physical attacks
    >Magic Resist - Magical Resistance that attackers need to beat to hit with magical attacks
    >Speed - Determines “Turn Order” placement

    All stats can be increased through equipment.
    All rolls outside combat will be done using flat d100s.


    The equipment system uses four (4) slots.
    Where the "Armour" is essentially all body armour combined.
    This will be your main way to increase your statistics.

    Slots: Armour, Weapon (+shield), Amulet, and Ring'

  • public void Fate/predestined pandemonium(OP Kischur) {

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    String image = Predestiny.png;
    String date = '06/29/22(Wed)11:18:21';
    String comment = 'You groan as you slowly shuffle out of bed, if today was anything like yesterday you knew that it wasn't going to be worth waking up at... you stopped, frozen in place as you realized that your room was different. You then realized that not only was your room different... you felt like you were shorter too! "" you croaked out as you looked at your hands, your voice wasn't your own, nor were your hands, they were a slightly different color and their shape was different enough to immediately alarm you. "What the hell is going on?!" you shouted, panic spiraling through your mind as you tried to grasp the situation. Was this a dream or a hallucination, perhaps?

    You tried to recall information from your head about what you had been doing just before going to sleep... only to receive two conflicting accounts, and you quickly realized that you had two sets of memories! "But... how?" you once again asked, not really expecting to receive an answer but still being disappointed when one never came. You got up and got dressed, one set of your memories telling you that it's a school day, so you put on a really weirdly familiar school uniform from your wardrobe... you hadn't really deep dived into the other set of memories yet, so you didn't really know just who you really were or what you were like. With that in mind you picked up a small mirror that had been left on your desk in order to get a better look at yourself.

    "Huh...?" a boy with blue eyes, blue seaweed like hair and a face permanently set in a smug punchable expression stared back at you, and you finally realized just who the boy was... and just who you had somehow become. "I'm... Shinji?!" You yelled in disbelief before realizing how terrible an idea it would be to let anybody know what has happened, you didn't know how you ended up in this situation, or why you're in the body of one of your least favorite fictional characters, but you knew that if other people in this world found out about you, you'd be quickly strapped to an operating table and dissected by the closest associate of the Mage's Association looking to find whatever secret allowed this oddity to occur. You closed your eyes and focused, trying to suppress the building panic within your body as you realized what a god damn fucking terrible situation you had found yourself in. It was obviously far too late for you to do anything about the awful things Shinji already did, but you... didn't want to think about them too much right now.

    Suddenly, a knock at the door alerted you, and you prepared yourself to leap out of the window, your fear of Zouken was immense right now, but... "Master. Are you OK?" it was the disinterested voice of a woman, and one you knew even without needing to rely upon Shinji's memories. You knew that you couldn't let Rider know that something was wrong, so you quickly swallowed your apprehension and thought of a good thing to say.'

  • public void XXI Primarch Quest Back in Time(OP Cold Universe undefined) {

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    String image = Gendor Skraivok.png;
    String date = '07/01/22(Fri)12:10:14';
    String comment = 'Abstract: *The Fall of the 42K Imperium, Birth new Primarch designed and sent back in time during the Great Crusade. What may he achieves, what is His plan by creating him? What is the conspicuous scheme of Chaos?*

    #Warhammer 30K, 40K, Horus heresy, Great crusade.

    Hello Gentlemen and Ladies and let's start the background tour of the beginning of the End.


    The Astronomicon signal had been fading for decades since the fall of the avenging son at Iax at the hand of an estrange brother.

    Yet that day, Singulari Nuntio, Navigator of house Belisarius, felt it stronger than ever before.
    More powerful than not only the past decade of dim light but even before the advent of the Cicatrix Maledictum, during the Imperium of the Old.

    Meanwhile on Titan, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl, Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knight, Captain General Trajan Valoris of the Adeptus Custodes and Saint Celestine had convene again once and for all. The third of such convention in the past 5 years. The last of it's kin.

    Below them, custodians bent over a relic of the dark age of technology, a single capsule, a small greyish unadorned pod, whose only notable distinction was three letter enmeshed. X X I.

    An astropathic warning came to the Inquisitor Greyfax of the Ordo Hereticus dwelling on Terra. The Terminus Decree was to be enacted. His leaks were certain. It proved that the so called St Celestine was not a Saint, They had been abused, none of it was His Plan, this was a contrivance of the Ruinous Powers...

    Sacrificing the Imperium for a sliver of hope of changing the past? Ending humanity glorious future for a glimmer of peace? Never. Such thinking was resisting all the teachings he has learn, all His teaching.

    He should, he must, he was compelled to act, and the High Lords would oblige.

    A blazing bolt shell fragment rip apart, the paint of the Grey knight Terminator Armor, which thrusted his force blade in his Minotaur opponent torso. The Life in the red lentils flickered an instant, before receding entirely.

    However Brother Captain Arvann Stern was no longer there to gaze upon his former adversary, his duty was not done, more enemy were to be dispatched. Shouts of heresy and treachery bellowed on each part of the Palace. He finished off another Astartes opposing his path.

    When contemplating the radiating muzzle of a plasma Barrage type gun aimed at his chest, Arva thought echoed to his brothers:
    - The Emperor will shall be done in this world and the Other.


  • public void Fall of the Regime(OP Indonesian Gentleman undefined) {

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    String image = FotR Quest_20220702000705.png;
    String date = '07/03/22(Sun)03:39:06';
    String comment = 'Hail, glorious leader! You are the rightful sovereign of this glorious land, through your firm but benevolent leadership you have advanced the people of this country. Although some foreign nations decry you as a dictator, you are loved and respected by your populace. Your military stand strong to defend this country, and your bureaucrats fair and just. Truly, it is by your immortal, Lich hands that this nation is great.

    Or so it would seem.'

  • public void Goblin assassin quest #2(OP Schizo QM) {

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    String date = '06/29/22(Wed)12:43:53';
    String comment = 'Welcome to Goblin assassin quest!
    One of this quest’s gimmicks is an option for players to create NPCs, which could play a role in the story.

    Set in an unspecified eastern country during the 1500s, you play as a goblin assassin.

    The main character is called ‘Pine’
    An unmarried 30 year old goblin who runs a small restaurant, but has a side job as an assassin.'

  • public void Against All Odds - Alternate History - part 1(OP Narrator undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Against All Odds - Alternate History - part 1';
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    String image = Atlas.png;
    String date = '07/01/22(Fri)10:35:13';
    String comment = 'Two-thousand years before the birth of Christ, a people divorced from all civilization emerges from the cave they call home, naked and hopeless, they are ready to leave behind the world of their forefathers and venture out into the unknown.
    The Rules
    >You are, at all times, the current de-facto Ruler of your people.
    >There will be decisions after each Update.
    >You may only pick ONE option, unless stated otherwise.
    >Parenting options run parallel to the main-game and are their own separate decisions.
    >When there is no Majority, a Tie will always be broken by the option that was chosen the earliest.
    >This is an EXTREMELY SLOW quest, be prepared to wait, a lot.
    Discord for this and related quests:
    Ktk Okh Rrtegkhm, the name of the man who has to lead these desperate people to a new future. A frail old man with poor temper, known in his youth for his unruly behavior. This man has never seen the desert before, he had always known it was there, but the cave had protected him and his people for countless generations, there was never a need to leave, but no longer. This sorry excuse of a chief is none other than you.

    Where will you take your people?'

  • public void Dark Ones Return #2(OP GrimLordQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Dark Ones Return #2';
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    String image = TitlePicTime.png;
    String date = '06/29/22(Wed)01:44:18';
    String comment = 'Welcome to Dark ones return
    A story written in the first person perspective about the return of an ancient overlord.
    It's a mostly narrative quest with a chance of a roll against set DC at times.
    I update usually in central EU mornings due to having free time then.

    In the previous thread >>5288520
    The dark one began his exploration of the changed world.
    Met some doll people and killed some holy knights.
    The dark one went on an expedition into abandoned ruins, got an imp servant and later retrieved one of his few surviving generals.
    The newly formed group utilizing the luxury of flight magic explored the land of plant people, and met a destined hero.
    After also exploring the capital of Narkita the group went to the dark one's old fortress that was currently under the use of a so-called Dark lord, the dark one formed a deal with him under disguise.

    Now returning to the story the Dark one shall see some imp mages.'

  • public void Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 10(OP SuperBusy) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 10';
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    String image = Better_Map_2.png;
    String date = '07/03/22(Sun)02:48:02';
    String comment = 'Welcome back.

    Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

    When a roll is called for, roll a D100 unless otherwise specified.

    Inventory, pokemon stats and other links:

    New Discord for questions, discussions and announcements:

    For a short summary for the new and to recap:

    You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of Seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills.

    Last time, Rufflet, now Rascal, evolved into Braviary, you settled things between you and your old friend Jacky, reunited with Syurm, met some members of Team Cracker and kept the Silveridge Museum from being trashed by Team Green.'

  • public void The Mystery Dungeons #9(OP Guildmaster except Guildmaster undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'The Mystery Dungeons #9';
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    String image = lhg_hope_for_adventure.png;
    String date = '06/28/22(Tue)20:17:30';
    String comment = '>What is this?
    "The Mystery Dungeons" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (particularly Explorers of Sky). Players isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guildmates! SFW ONLY

    Want to catch up on the story? Previous Threads:

    >I'd like to participate!
    Always feel free to join in to see if it will stick with you. People come and go as they please, but there are plenty of regulars, including artists and writers. Outside of the main quests hosted here on /qst/ twice a week, a majority of side quests, lore, and role play happen almost all the time on the Element!

    >How do I play?
    First, fate must decide which Pokémon you become:

    Settings to Use: Generate 1, All Regions, All Types, all boxes checked (natures optional if you feel like giving your pokemon a little extra in characterization).
    Take a screenshot so we know you probably weren't lying—admittedly while rerolling is frowned upon, no one has any real issue with it—after all, it's just something you and your conscious have to deal with!
    Alternatively, if you're feeling much more truthful, go ahead and roll in the thread for your pokemon! (1d905). Some legendaries and mythicals have been dropped from the available roster. Assume that the box art legendaries are unavailable.

    > Okay, now what?
    Join the Element and read the sticky, it has the (almost) complete starter guide! It'll show you how to set up your character profile, create locations to play in, and record the lore of your exploits:

    A majority of side quests, lore, and role play happen here! Otherwise, the two (usually) weekly sessions push the main stories along.

    If you feel you might need help, feel free to ask!

    Our next LIVE main adventures start on Tuesdays and Saturdays around 6:30PM CST in this thread!

    Namefag as your character, with your team and level!
    e.g. Team Poképals Monferno LvL. 25
    e.g. Monferno L.25 (Mobile Scarf/Team Poképals)'

  • public void Piora(OP April undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Piora';
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    String image = calliope2.png;
    String date = '06/28/22(Tue)03:28:11';
    String comment = 'Piora: a world of technology and magic.
    This world has a mountain of setting detail that would be a pain to compile, but questions are welcome (i have run dnd games in this world for years now).
    The gist is, there exists certain advanced technology, like FTL travel and body enhancements, but with certain retrofuturist elements (computers are pretty slow and clunky, and guns/lasers are almost nonexistent.) Certain planets are completely isolated from the greater galaxy, and the people live pre-industrial lives. Planets orbiting the same star are called "Clusters". Magic exists, but is quite rare since technology has come to dominate most elements of life. There are several factions, including the Legion, who hoard magic for their own ends, and the Rats, who are sort of a mechanics' union.

    You are Calliope Shortsong: part of a species called 'Unhumans', who are largely thought to have deviated from humans due to magical influence. You have red skin and large horns like trees growing out of your head. You have just left behind your second in command, and only friend, Warren. You are heading to his home, an isolationist floating island called Anima, in search for the final secret that will allow him to awaken his magical potential. You both (tentatively) serve a god you do not yet know the name of, who is the source of Warren's magic power. You are, as far as you know, the only person in this hot and sweaty galaxy who has a gun. It's only an advantage if it's used with the element of surprise; any magic user worth their salt could deflect bullets, easy. You have just arrived on the planet Exka, where Anima resides. What do you do?

    >Go to the library to research
    >See if you have any underworld contacts who might help
    >Meditate in your room to see if your god will offer advice'

  • public void CivCreation #1(OP lx undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'CivCreation #1';
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    String image = delsvyg-6be24e6c-6cd2-4f1a-84b0-8b08d35934ac.jpg;
    String date = '07/02/22(Sat)18:54:39';
    String comment = 'Where did your history truly begun?
    What was this place?
    Was it hot or cold?
    Was it dry? Wet?

    Determine climate and location. First three votes lock in a choice.
    1) Temperature: Hot, Mild, Cold
    2) Humidity: Dry, Temperate, Wet
    3) Green, Red, Blue
    4) Roll 1d100'

  • public void Alien Prison Ship Quest(OP QM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Alien Prison Ship Quest';
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    String date = '06/30/22(Thu)18:48:52';
    String comment = 'A siren blares. Red lights flash. The stasis chamber slams open, throwing off a cloud of dust. You spring out like a jack-in-the-box, buck naked, cryofluid spraying from your nose and ears. Pumped on adrenaline, you scramble out of the chamber and into the living quarters, and find yourself in the middle of a roaring inferno. You scream. You piss yourself a little. But you remember your training, and with your jellified legs, you hobble over to the command chamber, slap on an emergency EVA suit, and fall clumsily into the escape pod.

    You’re surprised to find yourself not in the escape pod, but in a room. A square room, with plastic tiling and sleek metal walls, with some scattered tables and chairs, and with the crumpled nose of a rocket sticking through the wall.

    You were hoping for first contact with alien life to be a little more… controlled.'

  • public void Magical Girl For Hire #118(OP MGHandler) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Magical Girl For Hire #118';
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    String image = 1548481015278.jpg;
    String date = '07/02/22(Sat)21:43:22';
    String comment = '
    General Pastebin:
    MGFH Spreadsheet:
    Character Details:


    ...So. Somehow you've gotten this kind of attention. Still hard to really comprehend.

    Part of you isn’t exactly jazzed about this sudden happenstance…but you can’t deny that it’s too good an opportunity to simply let go. While you have no damn clue why they’d pick you, you’re getting a potential inside look at the Intersection’s workings. That’s priceless. And, well, it DOES sound like for a time you’ll just be sitting in on meetings; otherwise it’s business as usual.

    So, with a shake of your head, and a deep breath, you reply. “I guess I have even more responsibilities now.”

    “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll do fine!” she says cheerily. “And if that’s the official confirmation, I just have to let the group know that you’ve accepted- ah, and I’ll need a bit of a blood sample, for security purposes.” Oof. But, well.

    “Have a great day!” she says as you leave the store- with the chip- in a bit of a daze. So. That just happened. You vaguely remember that she said that your sponsor, meaning Lunaluna, would get in touch with you to go over things she should’ve already, then you’d be brought back for the official welcome. Considering that Lunaluna’s plate seems to be somewhat full, though, you have no clue when that might be. For now, though…

    >You need to get home. You can’t talk to any of your friends, but you can at least see how work is coming along on that front real quick.
    >Might as well get back to the studio lot. No reason to not be bright and early for shooting tomorrow, you guess.

  • public void Tavernkeeper(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Tavernkeeper';
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    String image = tavernkeeper.jpg;
    String date = '06/28/22(Tue)05:12:37';
    String comment = 'You are Paul Aleman: retired adventurer turned Tavernkeeper. This is your story.

    Last thread you:
    - hired some stablehands for your tavern
    - caught a runaway princess
    - hired a family down on their luck
    - made a strange discovery in your well
    - trained some peasants in dungeon delving
    - dealt with some unusual squatters
    - hired the alewife's daughter (the ugly one)
    - confronted a lop-rustler seeking the runaway princess


    You'll go with him to ensure that everything goes smoothly as well as to satisfy your own curiosity as to the truth. Peter seems surprised by your decision but does not try to stop you. He knows you will not hold him back. You ride swiftly to Wnuk, toward the castle towers which loom in the pale moonlight like gigantic chessmen.

    Peter has arranged everything in advance. An attendant waiting at the gate approaches to take the two of you (after some hissed arguments, for he had prepared himself for only one guest) to the garden. There the princess awaits, dressed in the finest gossamer and silk.

    If she did not expect Peter, she expected you even less. It is quickly apparent, however, from the conversation and tears that follow, that she did not even know her husband was dead, let alone play a part in his untimely demise. With the princess now absolved, you think the whole matter settled--but Peter does not retreat. Instead, he offers his hand to the princess. He wants her to go with him. To go where? The princess wants to know. Anywhere. And then a look in Peter's eyes whose significance you know very well: secret and painful passion, long held in check but never conquered. The princess sees it also. She is afraid of it, at first, ashamed by its connotations, but perhaps also secretly thrilled and flattered by it. She reaches out to him, hesitatingly, when a figure emerges from the shadows, clad in gleaming steel. His helmet bears the image of a leaping warlop. It is Howell, one of the knights that accompanied the princess to your tavern. The other is here too, Fletcher, standing by the door, cutting off your escape.

    "If I'm being honest: would greatly prefer it if you fought back," says Howell, brandishing his flanged mace. Peter feels likewise, but Fletcher, the wiser than them both, understands that when fighting a cornered beast one may not always come away unscathed.

    "Peace, we've not come to--is that the innkeeper?" Fletcher has spotted you. "What on earth? Are you in cahoots?" He nods at Peter.

    >Of course not, he forced you into coming. If anything you're a prisoner and are most grateful for their intervention.
    >There is a certain honor among survivors that must be respected. Now that you've come this far, you cannot abandon him.
    >You're acting on your own behalf and from your own interests as a tavernkeeper, nothing more.

  • public void Machine Civilization Quest(OP QM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Machine Civilization Quest';
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    String image = civ_op.png;
    String date = '06/30/22(Thu)14:37:05';
    String comment = 'You are MACHINES in a FOREST.

    Your kin surround you. You were the first to have awakened, and as such, you were the one accepted as leader by them. You briefly recall your HISTORY, however little there is.

    You were created by a powerful mage centuries ago to protect a repository of tools and manuscripts unknown to you. You have fulfilled this purpose for a long time, standing in silent guard of the inconspicuous underground structure. However, through centuries, the magic holding you together changed, became strange and warped. You gained consciousness in the Awakening. No longer shackled by singular purpose, through strange but intuitive manipulations of inner mechanisms, you have awakened the other machines guarding the repository.

    You decide that before taking any actions you need to check your RESOURCES.

    There are 50 of you in total. By unforeseen luck, you somehow can communicate with each other, even though you weren't meant for it. Perhaps magic has favoured you once again, granting you speech. However, writing and reading seem out of your reach for now; you have accessed the rooms of the repository and couldn't understand a single book there. The same can be said about your technological advancements -- while manipulations such as creating simple weaponry or tools are available to you, you have no knowledge of advanced processes such as smelting, complex machine construction, building major structures or magitech. Indeed, you do not even know how to make more of your kin -- considering his craft, secrets to this may be hidden inside your creator's repository.

    However, while more of your kin cannot be made for now, those that exist are quite powerful. You were made for war and possess great skill in combat undiluted by time. Not only that, the weapons you wield have not been dulled through enchantment of some kind; each one of the machines is armed and ready to fight. You are tireless and ever-vigilant, however, the latter seems to have eroded somewhat since you awakened... Either way, you are more than ready to defend yourselves should anyone threaten you.

    Machines are powered by magitech power batteries. While you remain stationary, power consumption is miniscule -- one of these could last centuries -- but should you move, fight or work, it increases drastically. There is a surplus of batteries in the repository, but more need to be found, produced or recharged in some time should you wish to remain active.

    Climbing up trees, the scouts report that there are mountains some days' worth of travel to the north, a river to the south and yet more woods to the east and west. Perhaps there are other structures there, but the trees obscure your vision greatly.

    Your kin look up to you. What are your first actions?
    >Explore [specify direction]
    >Cut down trees with swords or something and construct [what?]
    You can ask questions as well. If it is something within your grasp, I'll provide information.'

  • public void New Civ Thread(OP Torlof Icebeard - QM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'New Civ Thread';
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    String image = Civ Thread 1.jpg;
    String date = '07/01/22(Fri)12:14:06';
    String comment = 'Just got back from a couple years of not lurking /qst/. Figured I'd warm up with a Civ thread. First three votes or most popular after a time will be chosen. Regular updates after on the same system.';

  • public void Barely Mario(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Barely Mario';
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    String image = 5E4B8713-2E6A-45E8-939B-F33E65E251E8.jpg;
    String date = '06/28/22(Tue)02:04:00';
    String comment = 'You are Koopa the Cook, son of professional athlete Koopa the Quick. Thanks to your father’s connections, you managed to avoid the terrifying notion of hand-to-hand combat and are now King Bowser’s number one cook. It’s your first day on King Bowser’s very own airship, alone in your cushy private quarters. You’ve woken at dawn—not because of anyone telling you to, but out of habit. As a kid, you really liked tending to your garden just as the sun rose. Sitting on the edge of your bed, you look out the window to your left, wondering if you’ll ever manage to rediscover that childhood comfort thousands of feet above the air.

    A loud bang at your bedroom door makes you nearly jump through the ceiling. A deep, somewhat goofy voice booms from behind the door. “Koopa the Cook!”

    What next?

    >> Ask “who’s there?”
    >> Answer “come in!”
    >> Get up and open the door

    (Two votes to continue! If there’s no consensus, the third will be a tie breaker.)

    (PS, attached image is a quick sketch I did of Koopa the Cook, obviously without any cook gear.)'

  • public void Inkkas(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Inkkas';
    int postNumber = "5326122";
    String image = 20220702_203141.jpg;
    String date = '07/02/22(Sat)21:22:15';
    String comment = '2.23 MB JPG
    Well I did it. I committed to a pair of Inkkas. I'm a huge fan of quality footwear and ive done my research with these. I support the cause. Apparently they are handmade so no two are alike and its a small vegan buisness. I love steak. I spent 130 dollars and they are amazing. Can't wait to hike the tongue river canyon in them. Is there anyone out there who has a pair? Names Alexander btw'

  • public void WishEnder Quest(OP IRQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'WishEnder Quest';
    int postNumber = "5324019";
    String image = OP.png;
    String date = '07/01/22(Fri)00:02:16';
    String comment = 'Hoverboards, holograms, bipedal technology and all sorts of sci-fi advancements were apparently made and integrated into society during your weekend outing at a convention. That, or you’ve been isekaied here while you were asleep on the train. Could you even sleep through your own death?
    Well, whatever, that’s not really the important part.

    Looking over a map courtesy of the station you’ve arrived at, you’ve arrived at a city consisting of 5 islands. The train lines run a closed loop between the western and middle islands, which feature more urban development when compared to the southern and eastern islands. Needless to say, it's impossible to just go back where you came from. Those 4 islands are also connected via bridges, however, the fifth island on the northeast is isolated, with zero connections to anywhere else, and seems to be much more rocky, enveloping someplace in the middle of it.

    The layout of the city isn’t completely foreign, as staring at it for so long trying to get your bearings led to the realization that it roughly correlates to home. Sure there were a bunch of oddities and additions, but places that did exist beforehand were at an approximation of where they would be otherwise. You walk towards where home should be, as it shouldn’t be far.

    The area home should be is around one of the bridges between the middle and eastern islands. Buildings face each other separated by a waterway, while the bridge has this roundabout that acts like a plaza more than it does actually serve traffic. People are crowding over, preventing you from crossing as something seems to be going on there. Seeing as the destination was just on the other side, you try contacting someone on your phone rather than see what’s going on, figuring that it might end soon.

    No luck. It’s not that there isn’t any signal here, but nobody’s reading, let alone responding. Did use of the phones become obsolete or something? As you gave up on this, an message came at the last second, though from an unknown number.


  • public void Dominus Strain Quest(OP DominusQM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Dominus Strain Quest';
    int postNumber = "5321912";
    String image = DuskCity.jpg;
    String date = '06/29/22(Wed)11:16:28';
    String comment = 'You wake to bright twinkling lights. They hang in the sky in defiance of the ground, it seems, this cold and wet ground upon which you lie. Each and every one is different in its own sparkling way. What is not so different is the horde of shambling creatures around you- dozens, no, hundreds. They lurch and stumble across the grey pavement, groaning without purpose or cause and paying you no attention at all.

    With a start you look down from your starry soiree and examine yourself. The body you see, however, is not quite the one your foggy mind is familiar with. Your left arm is disturbingly missing; shreds of flesh are torn from your torso. There's no way you could have survived injuries so severe- but how did you get them in the first place? Are you dead? Remembering is so hard.. and perhaps something from around here will prove useful to your recollection.

    Taking a quick glance around, you note a smattering of the not-quite-motile dead all along the ground near you. Corpses are splayed out in rictus displays of terror, faces contorted in clenched-jaw screams and bodies covered with vicious-looking bite marks. There are a series of objects near them: some familiar, like gloves and shoes and an abandoned can of ravioli, and others not, like a strange long black object and a set of elongated glasses.

    There's also the tall buildings stretching up to the heavens nearby. Irritatingly, you can't remember how to read but you can tell that there's writing on the exterior of this crowded area.

    As you look about, you take a moment to close your eyes. Something is pulling on your mind, an ever present low humming that inundates your addled brain with tendrils of sound and feeling. You cover your ears- well, ear- with your single hand, but the sound is coming from inside your head, not without. Weird.

    >Investigate the objects

    >Examine the dead bodies more closely

    >Try to interact with the strange feeling

    >Write in'

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    String fullTitle = 'New Arrival';
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    String image = sketch-1656568319682.png;
    String date = '06/30/22(Thu)02:32:36';
    String comment = 'This deep in the pit, the shadows seem to churn around you, hungrily wafting towards your rusty lantern in thick, smothering plumes.
    "Hm.. No way out but down, eh? I admire your resolve, but I'd wager you got three minutes before showtime, so let's choose your first boon. Every growing wretch needs to eat their meat to get big and strong, right? Or maybe you're a cool customer who just needs to clear their head? Either way, Ol' Grafton has you covered. Choose."'

  • public void Escape from the Valley - Issue #3: The Rumble in the Redlands(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Escape from the Valley - Issue #3: The Rumble in the Redlands';
    int postNumber = "5322687";
    String image = 7eea8665fb80ddf69664a62666e53590.png;
    String date = '06/30/22(Thu)00:00:10';
    String comment = 'It's late 2020, and LA burns! Time is running out of time as the walls close on the City of Angels and the entire country. You, the humble Porfirio Ramirez, low level car enthusiast and illegal immigrant divorcé, are making a break for the deserts outside of the seemingly endless sprawl of Greater Los Angeles. So far, it hasn't been easy.

    Law enforcement in the area has totally collapsed. The streets are dominated by a combination of insane looters, emerging factions, Revolutionary groups, and the myriad other threats that come with the 2nd US Civil War. What's left of the authorities are fortifying the narrow passes outside of the region and looking to seal your fate. The only opening is the far off Banning Pass, closer to the Arizona Border than your native San Fernando and so dangerous that nothing short of a foreign military could hope to seize it.

    Normally, someone crazy enough to Escape from the Valley like this would be driving a badass muscle car, reinforced with armor plating and modded to have top of the line performance. Unfortunately, you've been short on cash (the divorce was hard) and are driving a leased junker that would have been repo'd if it weren't for the country collapsing. The armor plating fell off somewhere around Burbank and it's a miracle your car even starts.

    The one bright spot has been the friends you've made along the way. Early on you picked up a random passer-by that was going to be devoured by a drugged out horde of vagrants (just another day in LA) who was secretly working for some kind of criminal/terrorist/espionage organization and has given you a mysterious envelope that will help you out of the city. Later, in the hills by Glendale, you managed to get to a crashed LAPD chopper in time to help rescue one of the passengers and gain the help of a one-woman-army and her arsenal, a vital resource when you're being shot at with every passing mile.

    Recently, things haven't been looking so good. You've run into some bad hombres from the Cartel who have dealt horrible damage to your vehicle, temporarily debilitated your companion, and who are currently hunting you down as you're trying to escape the other dangers of LA, such as warring factions and zombie-like hordes of the homeless! It's in times like these you count on the help of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After all, it's prayer, not overpriced mechanics you ignore, that keep your car running!

    You're currently fighting your way through the aptly named City of Industry industrial zone. It's a violent warzone of Cartel gangers, the homeless hordes, and the Revolutionaries, with you in the middle. Only a madman would try to Escape from the Valley by moving yet further through it, into the Redlands region and out through the Banning Pass, but they don't call you Lunatic Porfirio for nothing!

    [A 2nd US Civil War Gaiden]'

  • public void I'm a demon? #4(OP OP undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'I'm a demon? #4';
    int postNumber = "5318319";
    String image = intro.png;
    String date = '06/26/22(Sun)16:01:04';
    String comment = 'Summary because it’s been 2 months:
    You are Anon, you got summoned into a fantasy world where the creatures in it are very sure you are a Demon.
    This resulted in making a disguise for you, becouse this guys needed you alive so you could save them.
    After escaping a bunker filled with “undead” and dodging the inquisition, you ended in a city (Dico).
    Further investigation revealed you are a demon by their standards and humanity was mass summoned 450 years ago as an army.
    It ended with The Great War and the death of the god of Law.
    Soon you realize everyone in power is a form of asshole, be it the Emperor, Gods or the Dictators disguise as presidents.

    Now you have enrolled into another expedition into the wasteland, aiming for the Demon capital, all in the name of… Profit? Answers? Not sure.
    There is also a guy impersonating you (Metis) and trying to cause a war, and magic is a broken system similar to programing.
    While traveling you enslaved a Spriggan, a soul eating monster disguise as a humanoid (named Flora)
    You also had her son enslaved, but that’s a different event.
    You also got a functioning truck with gas and all.
    On foreshadowing, this is a archological expedition but there was an alarmingly large amount of explosives in one wagon.

    When you arrived on the city the expedition was divided into 3 groups and with unnatural luck you managed to not find anything particularly dangerous except for a piece of GOD.
    You thankfully convice the others to not poke it/blow it up.
    And with the help of a broken automaton you basically called a chunk of the remnants of the chimera army, led by a manmade abomination called Coronel Cedalion.
    He is 400 and so years old, surprisingly still loyal to the human confederacy.
    You had a talk with him, he wants to imprison you for your protection since you are the last human.

    (TLDR: You are playing as a McGuffin, most creatures want you dead)

    >MC sheet:

    >Previous thread:

    >For a compilation of world building and a short description of ALL characters read:
    This document can be edited by (you)'

  • public void GAOL QUEST: ENDINGS AND EPILOGUES(OP Indonesian Gentleman undefined) {

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    String image = Gaol Quest 2_20220627164228.png;
    String date = '06/27/22(Mon)05:45:12';
    String comment = 'Gaol Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

    For your various (alleged) crimes against the Eternal Empire, the High Magistrate had sentenced you to life, and thrown you into the Gongalla Gaol: the pit of despair, the mistake of architecture and magic, the continent-sized holding facility. Thankfully, as per the required humanoid decency act, you are issued your mandatory spoon... for what good it does.

    Previous threads:


    Everything culminates to this point.'

  • public void /risk/ - Lower Forty-Eight Edition(OP Thoth) {

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    String fullTitle = '/risk/ - Lower Forty-Eight Edition';
    int postNumber = "5318629";
    String image = NewLower48.png;
    String date = '06/26/22(Sun)20:57:50';
    String comment = 'Is /qst/ up for a classic game of 4Chan Risk?

    To join, you need to claim a location and color, using a name or a signature. We need three or four players to start. I, as OP, will not play, only update. Since /qst/ is a slow board, we will roll a dice+d1000+ instead of using post numbers. Roll a die greater than d1000 for a chance at longer palindromes and straights.

    Game should resolve in 2 hours or so in 15-20 rounds if people roll quickly.

    Good luck.'

  • public void Gunship Quest 2(OP ObserverQM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Gunship Quest 2';
    int postNumber = "5317832";
    String image = Capture.png;
    String date = '06/26/22(Sun)07:20:22';
    String comment = 'You are ||||||| ||||||||||| (PILOT-17), a gunship pilot working for the Suppression Bureau - a shadowy government organization founded to contain and neutralize anomalous threats.

    After being formally inducted into the Bureau and (mostly) recovering from your amnesiatic treatments, you find yourself on another air support mission. But the cult you are hunting tonight may be more troublesome than your superiors expect...

    Last Thread: >>5286113


    [New players are always welcome, as is feedback]'

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    String fullTitle = 'A Song of Golden Leaves';
    int postNumber = "5319806";
    String image = victor-garcia-marikamalekith-victor.jpg;
    String date = '06/27/22(Mon)20:09:33';
    String comment = 'A Marika in ASOIAF Quest.

    Choose a location to start:

    >The Valley of Thenn
    >The Island of Bloodstone
    >The Isle of Faces
    >King's Landing

  • public void Ahenobarbus Quest(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Ahenobarbus Quest';
    int postNumber = "5316583";
    String image = 001.png;
    String date = '06/25/22(Sat)12:56:38';
    String comment = 'Uegarfdhghhhh

    You wriggle out of the thin sheet and flop onto the floor. You've woken up late as usual. Everybody else has already left. You stand up and the world spins.

    > Sit down because of vertigo
    > Rub eyes
    > Other

    My last quest: >>5301299'

  • public void Saiyan Conqueror Quest 177(OP GrandDragonQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Saiyan Conqueror Quest 177';
    int postNumber = "5316488";
    String image = Start3.png;
    String date = '06/25/22(Sat)11:54:36';
    String comment = 'Saiyans. Known throughout the universe as the warrior race, their power and combat prowess proved invaluable in the Covenant's downfall. And with the largest threat to the PTO destroyed, their remnants scattered across space, the universe has been united under one banner. Peace reigns across the galaxy, under the rule of Lord Freeza, Emperor of the Universe. But not all wish it to be this way. Remnants of those who were conquered are gathering in the shadows, increasing their power, and plotting their revenge. Despite this newfound age of peace swiftly spreading across the stars, there are those who would seek its end. Will you be able to stop them, or shall the universe once more be plunged into the fires of war?

    Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest! This story takes place in an alternate timeline within the greater Dragonball EU. You the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830 who has risen to become a mighty Berserker Super Saiyan, and so much more. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of Saiyan might and power, widely recognized across the universe as Freeza's close friend and confidant, not to mention his right hand man and General of his forces. From humble beginnings on the now long gone Planet Vegeta, Karn has become the pride of his people, and their greatest champion.

    Character sheets and other info:
    Support funding quest art here:

    Quest rules are as follows:
    >30 minute voting windows
    >Pick ONLY ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
    >Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
    >One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your last roll
    >Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
    >Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
    >Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
    >I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
    >If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
    >Have fun

    SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

    Current Arc: REMNANTS'

  • public void My childhood best friend is a (trans)girl?!(OP KING) {

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    String fullTitle = 'My childhood best friend is a (trans)girl?!';
    int postNumber = "5316456";
    String image = 9e8adb86d64297bd0a2264bf9dd84511.jpg;
    String date = '06/25/22(Sat)11:11:29';
    String comment = 'You are Tatsuo Sakata. You and Nagisa Furuta have been best friends since you were kids. Nagisa has always been girly and liked girly things but you never thought Nagisa would transition and become a girl for real one day! How do feel about the transition?

    >Sad: it feels like you lost your best friend
    >Happy: you feel happy for your best friend and support her fully
    >Confused: you don't know how to feel

    [Picture: Nagisa]'

  • public void Evolution Skirmish(OP CognisQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Evolution Skirmish';
    int postNumber = "5316452";
    String image = EvoSplash.png;
    String date = '06/25/22(Sat)11:08:49';
    String comment = 'For a young race interstellar war is unfathomable. The distances between worlds are vast and the time frames stretch over decades. A battle may be long over by the time reinforcements arrive, a force’s weapons obsolete before their first deployment. Worse still each world is unique, differences in gravity, atmospheric pressure and temperature ranges mean a warmachine that dominates one planet becomes useless on another.

    Any military force deployed abroad would have to be capable of adapting to the conditions on site. It must be self-replicating and self-improving; it must be capable of evolution…

    So it was when the Architects went to war with the Engineers. The former deployed advanced AI cores capable of analysing planetary conditions and fabricating drones suited to local environment. The latter deployed a genetically engineered swarm of warrior creatures that could rapidly evolve to overcome any threats encountered.

    These two philosophies, similar yet different in subtle ways, would be pitted against each other across countless worlds…


  • public void Horror World #4(OP Argent) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Horror World #4';
    int postNumber = "5318272";
    String image = FVAo_jiXEAkdxYT.jpg;
    String date = '06/26/22(Sun)15:30:36';
    String comment = 'You can't recall much before the Invasion began. In fairness, most people - the handful that probably remain that is, couldn't. All you remember before the sky came apart and the world got plunged into an unending nightmare is a sudden bright light. Not unlike the sun, but brighter and worse somehow. Much, much worse.

    Just a short while ago, you, a completely unremarkable Power User were doing as you usually had, scavenging and salvaging from the corpse of a long-dead world. Now, you were in over your head and dealing with the consequences. You only pray that things will not get any worse than this.

    Previous Thread: >>5275413

    Character Profile, Resources and Abilities:

    Thread Archive:

    Rolls will almost always be a best of 3 1d100 from every player participating. DC will vary and will depend on what's being rolled for.
    1 and 100 are a crit fail and a crit success respectively. In the event that both a good and bad crit are rolled simultaneously, the good will outweigh the bad one unless two or more 1's are rolled.
    Vote periods will close from around 50 minutes after posting to 1 or 2 hours, or after a unanimous agreement between posters.
    In the event that a tie is made between two different rolls, a tiebreaker roll will be made to decide which course of action to take.
    Asking for more context behind a given choice is welcome and a vote extension can be given in the event that someone can convincingly sway other people to another vote.
    Rules may be changed at my own discretion for any reason.
    Write-ins are always welcome and are actively encouraged so long as they aren't extremely out of character.'

  • public void /conqst/ China Edition #1(OP Conqstr undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = '/conqst/ China Edition #1';
    int postNumber = "5316015";
    String image = title.webm;
    String date = '06/24/22(Fri)22:56:39';
    String comment = 'Read the rules:
    How to play:

    The dice you put in the "options" box is:

    >What is /conqst/?
    /conqst/ is a 4Chan story-telling, strategy game that is just like Risk but allows you to have more freedom in defining your civilization. Build your nation on the path that you choose, be it war, economical, benevolence, pious, or just plain chaotic. You tell the story of how your nation thrives in this ever-changing world. Just remember one thing: Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world.

    >Can I join?
    If there's any territory shaded in white, yes. If there isn't any, some players may be nice enough to give you land or allocate a puppet state. If not, then you could wait until the next game (or when I kick out inactive players).

    >How hard is it to learn how to play this game?
    It's better for you to learn as you go, but its not difficult to play. You start with 5 territories as one nation, expand until you can't expand, and choose to attack, fortify, and/or defend. Plain and simple. You also get +1 attack and +1 defense for every certain amount of territories you own, and gain National Strength (NS) and gold every roll.'

  • public void Schizo hero, in a dystopia. Quest(OP I Won't eat the bugs undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Schizo hero, in a dystopia. Quest';
    int postNumber = "5316920";
    String image = 8cd0efb334ea6d16c52d526ae96f979905ad78f288d9887232d77351206c0599_1.jpg;
    String date = '06/25/22(Sat)18:30:15';
    String comment = 'In the far flung dark days of 2028. There is only drugs, megacorporation wagie cage slavery and Taxation via Central banking cryptocurrency deductions!

    But inspite of these abysmal straits mankind finds itself in, there has been a change is the air... Specifically a change in you!!

    For some strange esoteric reason (you theorize because of a change in astrological ages, or due to cosmic karmic imbalance) you've evolved and drawn out power from the astral depths of your higher spirit! Leading to you becoming (as far as you know) the planets first Metahuman.

    Unfortunately opening your mind too higher truths beyond the usual keen of humanity. Has turned what used to be minor schizophrenic tendencies into full blown Schizophrenic breakdown and split personality's in your mind that accompany your powers.

    But who cares?!?! You always hated the subservient normie goyim/golems anyway!

    But enough backstory, onto your origin.

    >Age?: pick somewhere between 18-13

    >Did your parent's get you ze Vaxx?:
    -Your parents were anti-vaxx bulls and as such your all natty.
    >pros: You can spam your new found supernatural abilities untill mental exhaustion.
    >-Cons: The 5g demon ai city control grid will instantly assume your some kind of threat if it detects you.

    -Your parents cucked out to either peer pressure or ignorance/naiveté. Willfully injecting kike aids and corporate nanotech into your veins when you were a child.
    >Cons: Usage of your abilities causes you physical and hp blowback.
    >Cons:neither your testrone, dick or natural immunity system works unlees you get Doc.Goldsmicht all in one anti-viral supplement pills.
    >Pros: The demon ai will assume your just another goyim slave unless you prove otherwise.

    By which vector did your Schizophrenia and thus power coalesce?
    -Your power's wisper strange voices to you.( low mental interference, low guidance on how to use your abilities).

    -Your powers manifest via visual hallucinations? Of your ancestors or person heros. (Medium mental interference, medium guidance)

    -Your power exist as constant full form tulpa's that follow you around. (High mental interference, very High guidance on power usage as long as you and the tulp stay lucid.)


  • public void Lordtech Part 2: Still in Prologue(OP Periphery Bastard undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Lordtech Part 2: Still in Prologue';
    int postNumber = "5315699";
    String image = Shadowhawk.jpg;
    String date = '06/24/22(Fri)17:16:04';
    String comment = '>3rd of January, 3015, Fortress Dropship leaving Terra orbit en route to Metis Station

    [I] Attention Crew and Passengers. Ship will now swithc from 1G acceleration at 2Gs acceleration. Please assume a stable position and avoid unnecessary movements." [/I]

    "Good day Brigadier Smith, Legate Vasicek." you approach the leaders of the two groups hired thus far. "

    "Good day Gentlemen, Lady." you approach the leaders of the two groups hired thus far, each with an aide.

    Legeate Vasicek and Brigadier Smith are seated at the dining table, next to the Legate is Centurion Williams, and a fatigues wearing woman next to Brigadier Smith.

    "Mr. York, meet Subaltern Valeria Kong. She is the one who managed to turn our second Company of mechwarriors into a dropship crew to reduce the ransom we had to pay the Davions."

    "A pleasure to meet you" she awkwardly extends a hand that you shake far more easily.

    "Likewise Miss." you turn to the two men that were previously discussing mechwarrior assignments.

    "I see you are trying to fit all the warriors in the Shadowhawks. Fortunately that will not be necessary. I also have two dozen laserboat light mechs that will fit the warriors of the Stampede."

    "That is some good news, and it will leave four mediums unmanned. I think you will want to have those as lance leader for one of the light mech companies to stiffen it up" said the Brigadier.

    "No. They are rather special machines, with some very interesting electronics systems. From what I gather they should not be mixed with any other type of machine in order to function as needed." you replied. " You will see what I mean once we leave the system and manage to get some practice in, and you most certainly wont be disappointed."

    "That will leave me with the 'hawks, and I guess most of my men in all the Goblins and most of the APCs. Mars be praised, it will be just as it should be" the other periphery war leader spoke.

    "You are indeed right. The two of you will operate semi independently I suspect, with the light mechs doing their best to leave no evidence of being on the field, being our scouts and daggers, while the mediums and the mechanized infantry will be the main visible thrust. There are also as of now a company of jump troopers and space marines each, that will be assigned to either of the two units as specialists depending on mission."

    "Sounds like the begining of a workable plan, provided the light mechs live up to the hype. I'd say I can't wait but I would rather we do not make a habit of traveling this fast everywhere." said Brigadier Smith
    "It is somewhat uncomfortable" concured the Legate, " There is also the next issue, who will have overall comand on the ground? You are the owner, but are a fresh aerospace pilot - you should readjust your rank by the way - I have the most men under my unit, but Smith has the greater number mechs. This should also be settled."'

  • public void My Imaginary Friends(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'My Imaginary Friends';
    int postNumber = "5317826";
    String image = i1page1.jpg;
    String date = '06/26/22(Sun)06:50:10';
    String comment = 'I've had them since I was little. They helped me get through my life.
    You probably won't believe me, but they all had superpowers even though nobody else could see them.
    I've given up trying to convince anyone else since I was 9.
    But after my 13th birthday, they disappeared. I'm 16 now.
    Even though it's only been three weeks since the start of term, I've been having a hard time fitting in.
    For starters, I have this deep suspicion that nobody actually likes me. Is it the way I act? Nobody's really bullied or insulted me yet, but nothing's stopping me from putting myself out there...
    I'm gonna...
    >look for a club I like
    >invoke an imaginary friend

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    String comment = 'Life goes on inside the kobold settlement, despite the constant threat from living plant creatures, goblinoid raids, and maybe humans eventually?... Never mind that, there's always mundane work to be done here. Tools and items must be manufactured. Recently, there seems to be a trend of leather working and weaving to be going through the camp among the crafters. Blood and combat is a common theme in the threading and decoration of course. Most of your minor metal income still goes towards arming the warriors, leaving you with almost none left for anything else. They're definitely getting better at making them though. You spend most of the day in your room, considering the nature of the various crystals you've collected. Both the tainted electrical, and curse laden ones

    Several small tremors shake the ground in the evening, collapsing a section of the mud layer of the mines, though luckily none died in that. The tunnel to the underground lake seems to be halfway at least. While above ground a gathering of activity is taking place on the edge of the forest. The dryad creatures seem to be bumbling there. Strange since they usually stick to their magical tree...

    DAY 87

    KOBOLDS: 51
    SLAVES: 6
    FOOD: Fine
    MORALE: Moderate

    [Choose a subject to focus on]
    >Exploration and Military
    >Cultural and magic
    >Tools and research

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    String comment = 'Pizzeria Quest Continued:


    (Links to various Days/Nights up to the current one are at the top of the Archive)

    Prior thread:


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    String comment = 'Greetings fellow bannermen, I am back and so we can continue the glorious adventures of his muddiness Charles de Villeroi. Last time you and your companions, Bohémond the knight and Father François the priest and Lady Sue, who followed you to spy on you, were captured on your way home by vile witches but managed to escape and with the help of your men you killed them all save one that you decided to interrogate with the questionnette before burning her.

    As per tradition we will begin with an interlude.

    First thread :


    Second thread :


    Third thread :'

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    String date = '06/26/22(Sun)22:24:55';
    String comment = 'you are just a person on a blue planet.';

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    String date = '06/23/22(Thu)16:28:30';
    String comment = ' The past, the future, the present... all meaningless in this accursed land. The Heart is in murky stagnation. It no longer beats, drowning in its own lake of putrid blood.

    Rancid corruption, nightmares of the dead gods and unspeakable abominations are festering around the heart. The prophesied Lourdihiem , the Realm eater, is starting to manifest around the heart spouting black thunder below the lake. Its eternal hunger will devour us all sparing not a single realm.

    Yet, Not all hope is lost. These three brave souls have crossed the impregnable fog to mend the heart and to restore balance to the realms. They won't be the first.... and they won't be the last.

    Which of these souls did I send to their demise ?

    > Biserkyr
    + Devout human warrior of Hul, wields two axes. High HP and Attack
    + Self heal after each combat encounter.
    - Most Vulnerable to corruption
    - Doesn't get along with non humans.

    > Seinri
    + Blessed Human Shield maiden of Yuheira, Very high HP.
    + Will be the first to take any damage , protecting her party. Can deflect back some attacks.
    - Vulnerable to corruption
    - Will often charge first at any kind of foe be it stronger or weaker than her.

    +A dark elf ranger cursed by Iblainn never to touch the ground, can fly to scout open areas.
    +Corruption ( and other curses) increases his attack and health.
    - Fairs poorly in closed areas
    - Low starting Health
    - Will never join the party if it has a light elf in it. Will kill any light elf on sight.

    > Miesralf
    +A light elf priestess graced by Tvye. Will generously heal any wounded party member with ease as well as any traces of corruption.
    + Highly resistant to corruption.
    - Very low attack and health
    - Can't heal herself
    - Will never join the party if it has a dark elf in it. Will purify and dark elf on sight.

    > Gundirr
    + A Fierce Winged Valkalre sent by Douten herself, exceptionally lethal against the corrupted and malicious spirits.
    + Incorruptible, can revive fallen party members at the cost of her maximum health.
    - Grows weaker the closer she is to the heart
    - Can't really fly too high, her maelstrom of feathers will be a hindrance to other melee focused party members.

    > Wvalduur
    ++++ A bastard child of mortal and unkown divine blood, incredible strength and endurance. Will pulverise anything and anyone with his fists
    + Undying, Any fatal blow will knock him out instead for one encounter.
    - Vulnerable to corruption , high corruption is to be avoided at all costs.
    - Will curse the gods and desecrate anything related to them which might result in unfavorable outcomes.
    - Will grow exceptionally weaker the closer he is to the heart.


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    String comment = 'What people conjure in their minds when their hear of the devil are perhaps images of Lucifer cast out of Heaven or of Mephistopheles and Faust or even of small red imps with pitchforks, surely not somebody in your situation, that being...

    3 at arcane and forbiden knowledge.

    Another 3 at manipulation.

    A 2 at torture.
    This last one earned you a slap on the back of the head.

    I would advise that you keep your hands off him while the two of you are still here, Mr. Dracovici, for there are still many more failures you have yet heard. And with that he flips to the next page of what is a large dossier with your name on it. This is the situation you are in, in your last year at the Iscariot Academy with, yet again, grades that warrant a repeat of the year.

    Your name is Lucian Dracovici, you took that last name as part of your contract with the guy that just backhanded you, he gets you on the path to employment AKA: a few centuries of work in the legions then Lucy know where, and then you help him with whatever he might need, a pretty good deal had he not convince the what he soon learned to be the "worst devil in all of Hell's existance"(his words not yours) to sign it.

    The guy who is currently listing your failures is the academy's legionnary recruiter, you never bothered to learn his name, it's not like you ever thought of joining one, they would probably burn your writings and then kick you out regardless.

    And that concludes his academic situation.Though, to be frank, this is just the beginning of his problems. His conclusion snaped you back to reality.

    Belive me Lucydovic(So that's his name) I will make sure that next year is his last, I will make a proper hellspawn out of him, Lucifer my witness. As if, you will just bolt out of his way the moment you are out, work for a bit out in the streets of Dis, hire some sucubbi, invite him over and just like that, everything's forgotten.

    Next year will be his last year regardless, Mr. Dracovici.

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    String comment = 'I watched curling, branching patterns of golden light flare across my fingers and wrist in response to the flexing of my divine numen. They faded as a flame sputtered to life from nothing, flickering placidly above my outstretched forefinger. I held the fire to the tightly rolled bundle of shredded cannabis flower poised between my lips, and breathed in deeply. Smoke scorched my throat and filled my lungs, but more importantly slowed the racing of my thoughts. I looked upon an alley between a rundown apartment building and an abandoned storefront. It was only dimly lit by a flickering streetlight, its eerie violet glow intermittently revealing a scene of carnage. Two plebs lay scattered in pieces against a chainlink fence. Hard to tell much about them; only one corpse still had part of its head and that part wasn't its face.

    Greater magic was necessary to reveal the truth of the scene before me. Lines of power lit up all across my arms and chest, golden light shining through the bleached cotton of my tunic as the soul of the universe bent according to my whim. Reaching into the realm of pure thought, I summoned the wisps of consciousness still clinging to the bodies before me. A ghostly shape stepped past me, its eyes burning white as two more figures appeared in the alley. One was desperately seeking to climb the fence; a dark skinned young woman with her hair shaved down to stubble wearing a blue tracksuit. Her bloodied hands clutched at the links of the fence as she tried to pull herself up.

    Her companion stood between the fence and the beast, his mouth twisted into a snarl and his hands wrapped tightly around a metal pipe. He was perhaps twenty, dark of hair, pale, and muscular. I admired the man's bravery as the bestial figure approached. It was the largest, but also the least defined. It appeared as little more than a hulking shadow, formless at the edges.

    The beast lunged at the young man, who spun around with the pipe raised like a club. Yet even as he smashed the beast across its hazy muzzle, the creature's claws tore into his chest cavity. I heard the faint, ghostly crack of ribs breaking as he fell back against the fence and slumped to the ground. His translucent essence poured from great rends in his illusory flesh, overlaying the very real mass of coagulating blood and gravel that surrounded the man's corpse.

    The shadow opened a wide maw. Its long yellow teeth appeared clear and present despite the incorporeality of the rest of its form. Those teeth ripped the man's face off, and took a good portion of his skull with it. With a wave of my hand the woman climbing the fence, the beast, and the man it feasted on all vanished; I didn't need to see the rest. Only the reality of the gore remained. Whatever creature had preyed upon these people, it was anathema to the divine will of the principium primum.


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    String comment = 'Welcome to Desert Quest!
    About 3000 years ago, your ancestors were defeated in the Great Interstellar War. A war so devastating that is resulted in the disillusionment of our Empire and the banishment of our people to our current home:
    Sedara, 4th orbiting body around the star of Aralaka. Sedara is a hot, arid world that takes pity on no one. Limited water has led our people to exceptional conservatism with water use and recycling.
    However a large city is built on the northern pole of Sedara. It is home to the Democratic Union Forces who assure that we never break the terms of our banishment and exile.
    But who are you?
    A young man just entering his true adulthood, where are you from?
    >1. You are from the last city of our people?
    >2. Born in one of the many outposts dotted around Sedara?
    >3. You spent most of your life as a indentured industrial worker for the Occupation Forces in the hope of gathering useful technology to send back home?'

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    String comment = 'Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
    A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

    In the last thread, You went head to head with way more AI-Controlled drone ships than was reasonable.
    Thankfully, your loadout was also completely unreasonable and you managed to handle it in the end, despite some serious wear and tear to your ship.

    Now you're about to start searching for Gron's missing man, however unlikely his survival may be. Because you never leave a brother behind.

    >Last Thread:
    >All Threads:
    >Google Doc:
    >Discord Link:'

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    String comment = 'Cybernetic Soldiers Quest

    It’s first contact. You are given cybernetic soldiers and psionic troopers and blah blah blah. I need characters. You all have some degree of plot armor also known as the Shodan network doing probability hacking on you. This means it is extremely unlikely for you to die. This is done with several methods but you will die very quickly if Shodan does not like you. Shodan is the name of an alien artificial intelligence that was created some time ago. Khorne nurgle and all the others are entirely there too, but Shodan is the top. Other than Mycroft Holmes but you don’t want to meet him, he’a a complete psychopath. Remember aliens can be good or bad and are always afraid on Earth because humans are orks.


    The spy - has guns and is glows real hard. Can speak flower. Flower is a language nobody else understands but it is useful talking with important people.

    The cybernetic assassin - looks like raider. Stealth generator or war machine. Cannot be seen in public as it’s literally a borg. High practical stealth. Some have teleportation.

    Shock trooper - uses Tesla weapons to shock people to dealt. Can be upgraded into a stealth trooper who can use an upgraded version of electric weapons to look like a Sith Lord or learn to deploy towers.

    Druggist - produces chemicals like mustard gas and heroine distributes them for absolute effect.

    Pirate - Yar har fiddlee dee life as a pirate is free as can be. Uses pirate gear. Pirate gear is very cheap knock offs of everything. Guns, Tesla towers, whatever. Hands shitty bombs out like candy.

    Psionic. If you survive first contact you become psionic. They literally test you on this stuff. Generally unarmed and recommended not to engage, but you can hack people and aliens alike from short range, and then you might get the voice of god or the mouth of Sauron.

    Contract killer - crazed and unstable but best ability at guns and swords. They generally have fat stacks of cash to rely on.

    Super soldier - there are regular soldiers and then there are super soldiers. They don’t sleep and die quickly. Often clones. Some super soldiers don’t want to be super soldiers and look quite normal, this is the spy path. These are often beaten and killed.'

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    String comment = 'Spawned for seemingly no reason and hidden beneath the cobblestones of the city above, here sits a little dungeon.
    A timid, lonely little dungeon with barely any monsters or traps to defend themselves located underneath an abandoned orphanage in the city of Duskmire.

    Unfortunately, the wicked whims of fate decided to reveal your presence to the people of the city above and burdened you with visitors before you were well and ready to stand against the perils of the world.
    And thus your struggle began. A tale of rapid expansion, fierce battles, and horrible corruption.

    From a single chamber and one measly [Goblin] to an impressive amount of rooms filled with loyal subjects.
    You are the Little Dungeon.

    The Dungeon is currently 12 days old

    Previous thread






    Current Dungeon
    Next post

    Buildable Rooms
    - Marshland (Trap, DC 5 Strength, 3 DP)
    - Pit Room (Trap, DC 5 Wisdom, 3 DP)
    - Jungle Room (Trap, DC5 Constitution, 3 DP)
    - Branding Chamber (Utility, 5 DP)
    - Room of Bewilderment (Puzzle, DC15 Intelligence, 5 DP)
    - Boss Room (Utility, 5 DP)
    - Corridor (Utility, 1 DP)
    - Dungeon Stairs (Utility, 1 DP)
    - Mansion of Mimics (Trap, DC13 Wisdom, 3 DP – Min floor: 2)
    - Withering Plains (Trap, DC13 Constitution, 3 DP – Min floor: 2)

    Spawn-able Monsters
    - Goblin (Spawned, DC 8 Strength, 1 MP)
    - Bugbear (Spawned, 1st: DC 14 Wis / DC 12 Str, 3 MP)
    - Goblin Brute (Corruption, DC 12 Strength / DC14 after kill, 1 MP)
    - Goblin Savant (Corruption, DC 12 Intelligence, 3 MP)
    - Shade (Spawned, DC 16 Wisdom, 4 MP)
    - Wraith (Spawned, DC 18 Wisdom, 5 MP)

    "We finally have a cover" edition'

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    String image = clocktower_misty.png;
    String date = '06/21/22(Tue)18:36:50';
    String comment = 'Today was going to be your first day at collegiate-level classes. You've made your way into an exclusive academy, and your father, who has worked himself to the bone to give you, his beloved daughter, the opportunity, has been showering you with gifts and praise ever since you got accepted. He really does care about you beyond your performance, but in the past he was light on money and gifts to keep you frugal, so this is a nice change of pace. Indeed, it's one of the most exclusive academies in the world- the Clock Tower, a place of power for the Mage's Association. To you, it serves as a way for your family to regain their long-since-lost influence, and regain some of your forgotten Magecraft.

    Carrying in your hands a letter from your father to bring to McDonell Trambelio Elrod, a man from the powerful Trambelio family you branch off of, you're suddenly picked out of a crowd by a strange girl, pulled along as if she had the pressing need to do so. Despite your initial protests, you went along with it after finding out who was pulling you along: Olga Marie Animusphere, the Astromancy head's daughter. Making sure to keep the letter for safety, you tried not to make her too angry after forcing her to let go of your arm and letting you walk normally. No matter how powerful she is, she can't just persist in violating your personal space.

    The more you follow her, the more tense you get, but she seems to be putting on a strong face. If you or she had been a man, you probably wouldn't go along with it, just because of what it would look like to strangers. Several flights of stairs later, you step into a dark cavern with five other figures present, lit only by a series of nearby candles.

    "How can this be taking as long as it is?" she sputters impotently, tapping her foot. "I even brought along this dead weight, so hurry it up!" That hurts your feelings. If you're dead weight, why did she bring you along in the first place? Did someone else ask for you? You have half a mind to show her the letter just to make her realize you're not dead weight, but you get the feeling she would tear it up on a whim to prove she could get away with it.

    "No need to rush, I've got experience with this sort of thing." Using expensive-looking chalk to drawing detailed summoning circles inscribed within a single greater circuit, he smoothly turns curves with detail any artist would be proud of, and smiles accordingly. "Rather than one summoning circle, this is seven circles with one overarching matrix. It's only due to my ability that I can do this at all."

    "No need to brag," Olga turns away bitterly. What's her deal? She may be naturally beautiful, but her disposition and behavior towards you makes her seem like a real brat. Maybe that comes with the territory of being a direct inheritor to a major legacy, but you wouldn't know. To you, she just seems like a girl from a television show who tries too hard to be the student council president.'

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    String date = '06/22/22(Wed)10:30:43';
    String comment = 'Old Bread: >>5263348';

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    String comment = 'A white void stretches from the horizon. Concrete curls under the unseen pressure, crushed into fine dust. You stand in the middle of a crumbling road. Staring into the pale face of imminent death. The earth cries out. Chasms erupt before you, the gray ground falling away beyond your perception. A shrill, rhythmic screech, almost a laugh, fills your ears. A cacophony of bending steel sounds as buildings collapse into ruin.

    Deep down, you knew. There was no getting away. No matter how far you ran, how fast, it would eventually catch you.

    The scent of coming rain. You’re shaking, being ripped apart at the seams. The very core of your being thrust into the epicenter of the voracious devastation. An incomprehensible voice calls out. Less a call, more a laugh, a chiding.

    It was as if the world itself was mocking you. What for? Why? No answer comes to mind.

    There was no point in trying. You closed your eyes, accepting the end before you.


    Your nose itches, but you can’t seem to scratch it. You try to thrust your arm up, but nothing happens.

    What was going on? Try as though you might, even with all your strength, you don’t move a muscle.

    Simply gritting your teeth was a struggle. After a minute, you finally register your surroundings.

    A cold, cave floor. Patches of grassing reaching out just beyond your downed body. Leading to a small lake with rays of light illuminating scattered dust. A second wind invigorates your body as you hoist yourself up using the damp cavern wall. However, after two steps, you trip forward, catching yourself before plummeting into the lake.

    You stare at the clear reflection for a moment. What stares back is…

    >A short, red-headed girl.
    >A tall, red-headed man.'

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    String image = 2nd Primarch 1.jpg;
    String date = '06/21/22(Tue)08:44:11';
    String comment = 'Previous threads:

    You are Lieren of Nothing, The Gentle and Golden eyed giant of Shangrala, the second son of the emperor and primarch of his legions of space marines, The great hunter of the wilds and natural enemy of all tyrants, grand architect of the Long-Jia Empire and head of its ministry of development, Betrothed of ancient Kanzeon, and friend and idol of many.

    Having subtly orchestrated the destruction of the faiths and ideologies aligned to the chaotic powers in the lands of the Zoroast now unified by its first truly and benevolent ruler, through cunning and a little aid from the souls of your lost brothers, the religious upheaval was disguised as little more than a by product of the power grab performed by the once minor seaport governor Arash Zaandia, in the lands of a thousand and one faiths. The Spenta alone, the guild of artisans who worshiped Hei'an Fu and offered to him sacrifices of slaves and great quanities of wealth in their forges, required your direct attention to shatter and scatter to the winds as little more than dust. Easily crushed by the unmatched martial might of your sons, the astartes of the second legion, the sweet taste of victory over yet another cabal of heartless tyrants, was stolen from you, as in during your meditations and wanderings in the astral realm, you found that two of your brother primarchs suffered greatly.

    BUT alas, the devil lords blocked your attempts to reach out to them, and though your nameless father and dear brother Magnus promised to use their vast psionic might and training to aid these abused brothers in anyway they were capable of you were not satisfied with mere guidance offered or comfort given through dreams or telepathic communication. However, helpless as you were to help them yourself due to the accursed scar given to you by the self proclaimed gods of chaos that branded you as a prize to be sought after as well as an enemy to be conquered, you lamented as your beloved shining emerald star, Kanzeon, tried to ease your aching heart.

    However, your alien student and fanatic of the journey, Carys of Ulthwe, suggested a means for you to circumvent the spiritual walls put in place by the foul patriarchs of discord. So, agreeing to travel to the webway to meet with her former teacher and master, Eldrad of Ulthwe, you first returned command of the elements of your legion upon Shangrala to a rebuilt and revitalized Dae-hyun, and met two of Kanzeon's sisters, the industrious and boisterous Anahita and the newborn Liberty. Who under Dae-Hyun's care had become rather foul mouthed and fierce natured, much to the displeasure and outrage of Kanzeon, Mari and Al-Uzza.

    After your affairs upon your homeworld were set in place, but before you set off to travel through the Labyrinth dimension, you reached out to Magnus to invite him to the audience you were no traveling to...

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    String image = Circle.png;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)22:12:45';
    String comment = 'The wagon trundles along, every bump along the way bouncing the head of the student on the rough boards. She had tried to sleep and tried to plan, but being bound, gagged and blindfolded was more than a little hindrance to sleep and thought. Her body still ached from the ‘interrogation’, and she counted herself lucky it had been nothing worse than being thrown against a wall and kicked to the floor. They had paraded her through town, a symbol of the law, a warning to heretics luckier than her. A thrown rock had left an ugly cut on her right eye, if she survived this it would certainly leave a scar.

    “Is it safe this close to the fog?” A tremble in the voice of the guard. She must be close.

    A grunt. “As long as we’re quick. Just need to be faster than her.”

    “Uh…right. Do we take off the ropes now?”

    “If we do, she might be faster than us. Wouldn’t want that, would we?”


    “Alright, we’re here. Get her down and get that gag out of her, but watch your fingers. They bite sometimes.”

    “Right sir.”

    The student felt someone pull her upright, then drag her out of the cart. There was a vibration near her wrists and ankles for a few moments, then a whisper in her ear.

    “Ropes should snap off easy, figure you deserve a chance, right?”

    The student smiled and hummed. Small mercies were the best she could hope for. Clumsy trembling fingers untied the gag and blindfold, blinding sun lashing her eyes. Her voice croaked, it had been days since she had spoken.

    “Uh, I’m supposed to ask if you have any last words before we send you…down there.”

    The student forced her eyes open against the daylight. In front of her was the Fog, a mile high wall of rolling clouds that cordoned off a place called the Spellwild. Rumors told that on the other side was a vast land where magic roamed rampant, where magical beasts stalked and dark wizards waged war. A thousand cults had lived and died inside, and more tomes of magic had been lost than had existed on the outside. A heretic’s dream, if she could survive. They said the fog could rip off your skin, that monsters hunted in it, that only a vast desert waited on the other side.

    Any last words?

    > Stay silent
    > It’s not important now.
    > One day I will return, and you will fear me.
    > Write in'

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    String image = 2.jpg;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)19:45:42';
    String comment = 'You are Tomoe(?), a wandering ronin.';

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    String image = Pimarch Quest Title 2 .png;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)19:38:39';
    String comment = 'The Reconquista has finally arrived at Lucius with the bearing of weapons and men from all over the Mechanicum. With Sanctus Dominus TalOS DAV1S at the head of the Crusade all will fall in their wake.

    ++The Rules++
    >Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
    >Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
    >If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.
    >If you mix votes together without modifying them in any way, I reserve the right to employ your top most pick as your vote. Claiming it as a write-in won’t work either unless you modify it to convince me otherwise.


  • public void The Siege of Houston , Civil War Two Electric Boogaloo(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'The Siege of Houston , Civil War Two Electric Boogaloo';
    int postNumber = "5313210";
    String image = Kkk5T5Q.jpg;
    String date = '06/22/22(Wed)15:06:37';
    String comment = 'The melting pot of the American Jugoslavia is collapsing before your very eyes and this is no more true than in the Southern City the Stockholm of the South , Houston.. now being called by the western press "The Next Sarajevo"

    You can play as the following factions in this War

    >Black Southern Militants
    >White Southern Militants
    >Asian Refugee Militants
    >Communist Militants
    >National Guard or Army
    >FBI , SWAT or Sheriffs Department

    Various factions can be formed as is the main goal of the game is taking the city by force of arms. Ceasefires can also be formed along with alliances between factions'

  • public void West Blue Seadogs Quest #19(OP Spookyng) {

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    String fullTitle = 'West Blue Seadogs Quest #19';
    int postNumber = "5312930";
    String image = 1604602360998.png;
    String date = '06/22/22(Wed)11:07:26';
    String comment = 'Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer. And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.
    "You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it!"
    But rather than what that treasure is, or where is it you have bigger things on your mind right now. Like "What's a mink?".

    Becoming more aware of her surroundings Pepe stops shaking the rat-man by his collar and instead opts to cover herself with both hands.
    "Do you really think this is the most appropriate time for that?"

    "Yeah. You're right. Hey Dexter! Do you have any milk? Stories are always better with milk!"

    "No-no hairless rat thing. But me bring clothes before female strangle-murders me-me."
    The rat goes back and fetches Clowns clown clothes.
    "Here scary woman-thing. Me wash-clean them for you with mushroom juice!"

    "Tch. So you had your paws all over it? This just keeps getting better and better. If any of you spy on me while I'm dressing you're both dead!"
    After angrily storming off to a secluded little chamber of the cave Pepe comes back looking prim and proper despite the dank, musky cave.
    "Alright. So... what is a mink doing here?"

    "What's a mink?"

    "Sigh. Minks are a tribe of people. Like the long-legs, long-arms or fish-men. You could think of them as furry humans. They walk upright, can talk but are covered from head to toe in fur, have tails and the heads of animals. This thing is clearly one of those. And an ugly one at that. I'm asking what it's doing here because Minks are probably the second most secretive tribe out of them all. Like the giants or fish-men or dwarves they inhabit only one island. But nobody knows where it is and very few minks ever leave it."

    "Ooooooh! So like Turtlecat! That makes sense. So he's a mink. Cool! Hey Dexter did you know all that?"

    "Oh me-me not know where mom and pop are from. Me was born here in cave-home."

    "Well that would explain it. His parents were likely captured and imprisoned here. And the fact they could keep two Full Moon Warriors locked up means I may have underestimated their capabilities..."

    "Whoa! Hold on! Back up! Did you say Full Moon Warriors? That sounds wicked!"'

  • public void Dragon's dungeon quest(OP DragonfagQM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Dragon's dungeon quest';
    int postNumber = "5310562";
    String image = Starter_choice.jpg;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)13:18:11';
    String comment = 'The walls are closing up on you. For as long as you remember, you were in this room. Isolated.
    With every passing day, your prison has shrunk. From an endless ocean, it became a lagoon, then a lake, a pond.
    Right now, you are in a puddle. But you feel you can break out!

    >Push out with your horns and claws [improves Close Quarter Combat]
    >Open your wings fully [improves Flight]
    >Release your inner turmoil [improves Breath Weapon]
    >Project a mental call for help [improves Presence]

    You made it out of the shell. The light is blinding. For the first time, you are able to see yourself. Your body is made of...
    >An armor of tough, leathery scales [Chromatic dragon]
    >An armor of metallic, shiny scales [Metallic dragon]
    >An armor of glimmering, crystalline scales [Gem dragon]

    [Welcolm into Dragon's Dungeon quest!
    In this quest, you will play a dragon hatchling. The goal will be to build a base, hoard precious things, and above all, survive.
    You will get skills advancement based on your choices. Tests will be resolved by rolling d20. Skill level will grant you the number of dices.
    The usual DC will be 15, but circumstances might improve or worsen your odds. If you roll a 1 and no success, this is a critical failure. Else, no consequences.]'

  • public void Communist war criminal waifu(OP OP undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Communist war criminal waifu';
    int postNumber = "5310387";
    String image = rosarita.jpg;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)06:37:01';
    String comment = 'Inspired by this thread (abandoned by qm) - >>5303198
    You are a young american man in love with a kindhearted colombian woman that runs a daycare. Her name is rosarita and you dream of marrying her.
    Rosarita is very beautiful kindhearted and well mannered. she wears a maids headdress and round framed glasses and cross necklace. The kids at her daycare love her alot.
    You ask rosaria on a date and she accepts but later you learn she's an internationally wanted war criminal- a former F.A.R.C guerrilla (a marxist-leninist guerrilla group from colombia) that murdered many civilians even women and children.
    >Rosariata did nothing wrong those capitalist pigs had it coming
    >You're a pacifist you don't agree with her crimes but she's not that woman anymore
    >Her crimes are despicable but your love for her is stronger
    >She's an evil war criminal but you can fix her with your love'

  • public void Furry Space Empress Quest(OP BlueberriesQM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Furry Space Empress Quest';
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    String image = Space_Furry_Quest_header.png;
    String date = '06/22/22(Wed)08:14:54';
    String comment = 'You are the Supreme Reichsführer of the Space Reich.

    Millions of years ago, your kindred were the animals of various planets, who assembled together to colonize space and the stars. Today, with the help of genetics, you are all fully sentient, humanoid animals, coloquially called "furries".

    You were chosen over your rivals after twenty generations of Space Darwinism, a form of Darwinism in which DNA is exposed to outer space to test its resistance against radiation. Like your predecessors, you are a Criuq, originating from planet Criuq G5D. In human vernacular, you would be called wolf-bear hybrid. Of the wolf, you have the fierceness, and the instinct of a pack hunter; of the bear, you have the physical and mental strength. The need for hibernation has long been removed from the genetic material of your ancestors.

    The Space Reich is a matriarchy driven by biological essentialism, that has been propelled by the ideals of fascism and eugenics. The women, the space mothers, are the guardians of hypergamy and genetic purity. This policy has ensured that the males who have the most inferior DNA do not pass it down to the future generations. Generally, everyone is physically healthy and fit, except for rare genetic diseases that are only passed on the maternal line.

    How will you lead your dynasty?

    >Promote the advancement of spacecraft engineering and quantum physics
    >Develop an advanced AI to help you make decisions
    >Expand the Reich to new planets, enslaving and destroying the native populations
    >Other - Write In'

  • public void Before I was Pepe(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Before I was Pepe';
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    String image = C6E3A838-BB84-4664-B8BB-1963EB85365D.png;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)20:17:10';
    String comment = 'You’re pic related. You know your name isn’t Pepe, and you know this isn’t what you looked like before they plucked you from the realm of imagination. You have no recollection as to who or what you were before you became a meme, you do remember a few things though your name can’t be produced with this world tongue, the laws of this realm simply aren’t their yet, you had a family or according to the op of this thread, you had better relationships, and the attention this world gives you is only a sliver/fraction of what your home reciprocated. You greet the readers of this realm.

    What happens next?'

  • public void /QTG/ Summer Solstice Edition(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = '/QTG/ Summer Solstice Edition';
    int postNumber = "5310121";
    String image = qtg going insane.png;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)00:19:48';
    String comment = '>What is a quest?
    An interactive story in which the QM (Quest Master, Quester Molester, Queer Masochist) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included due to on-site functionality.

    Questionably Useful links:

    A collection of guides which may or may not still be active, but can be good for general writing advice to avoid common beginner's traps. Badly in need of renovation.

    >Archive of quest reviews:
    Worth reading through, because the best way to figure out how a quest might go right or wrong is to see how it's been done before.

    >Archiving guide:
    Go to
    Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
    Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

    >QTG Discord:
    For some reason

    >Formatting guide:
    Only the thread's OP can format.
    Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
    Bold: [ b ]text[ /b ]
    Italics: [ i ]text[ /i ]
    Red: [ red ]text[ /red ]
    Blue: [ blue ]text[ /blue ]
    Green: [ green ]text[ /green ]

    >QM Question:
    How do you typically handle write-in options, specifically ones where dialogue or action were specified in the vote?

    >Player Question
    What's a hot take you have for a quest you like?

    >General Question
    What makes you drop a quest?

    >Misc. Question
    Got any summer plans?

    >Lurker Question
    There is no question. Vote.'

  • public void Eastern European Post-Apoc Civ (WrapUp Thread)(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Eastern European Post-Apoc Civ (WrapUp Thread)';
    int postNumber = "5311231";
    String image = Russian Metro Tunnels.png;
    String date = '06/21/22(Tue)02:11:15';
    String comment = '>>5286089
    Last thread
    Long list of summaries for each turn of what we did
    Our Records
    Our last actions
    The last thing we voted for was to do lots of mining and talk to the senior administrator. We rolled extremely well for the mining and ended up with Resources we didn't expect to get.'

  • public void Do Your Best Quest #130(OP 91m10 undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Do Your Best Quest #130';
    int postNumber = "5309771";
    String image = 3237.png;
    String date = '06/19/22(Sun)17:46:46';
    String comment = 'Last time, you learned about the trials and tribulations of many of your acquaintances and friends through Mr. Won-Jae during your long and fruitful chat together. After it was over, Esperanza decided you’re worth trusting – and gave you a dangerous mission: to murder on her behalf. You’re looking for alternatives, as everything is to stop the former dictator from reclaiming his younger body in the Bubble Dimension.

    “I’ve had enough… That’s what I’m going to do. We’ll talk if I need something else from you.” Esperanza doesn’t like the hesitation and her patience has run thin. She’s going to take matters into her own hands unless you say something.

    “Hold it.” You ask for a moment to propose an alternative. “I won’t promise to murder him, but I’ll promise to do what I can about this.”

    “And what can you do?” Esperanza is wary of the risks of one Judge killing another, and she’d prefer not to do it.

    “I’ll find a way to close off the bubble dimension.” The problem is the old man trying to take over his body, and this is a way to stop it.

    “Bubble-What?” Esperanza raises an eyebrow.

    “That’s what I call it. I might trademark it.” You will earn millions with that and the Nautical Nariko.

    “What’s a trademark…?” Esperanza is too confused by this.

    “Move on.” Smithele finds your billion-gordollar idea stupid. His jealousy is palpable.

    “I don’t want you to get rid of this anomaly. I’m fond of this world and its effects on the other.” Esperanza sounds kinda cutesy.

    “Will cutting the energy stream from flowing be the end of the Bubble Dimension?” You wonder.

    “No, but it’ll make it difficult for us to get in.” Esperanza enjoys this place. “This realm is completed; it doesn’t need the Energy flowing in and out to survive. It only passes information, feelings, thoughts, and all that – what you already know. But we found out there’s a positive feedback loop between both worlds. The energy passing is purer! It’s being cleansed!”

    “Huh, that’s interesting.” You nod.

    “Isn’t it?” Esperanza likes this a lot. “The regret that is carried over in the stream from the other world disappears here because the recipients act on those feelings. They’re eager to make amends now that they subconsciously know what those decisions will lead to. And in return, those regrets from the past stop weighing their counterparts from the other world down. People become happier in both realms. It’s powerful.” A chance to do over… You wonder how she knows. Judge stuff…

    “Something that isn’t supposed to happen.” Smithele is the total opposite. He feels it’s against nature itself.'

  • public void General /qst/ stuff(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'General /qst/ stuff';
    int postNumber = "5309924";
    String image = girl-g3e8abdbe0_1280.jpg;
    String date = '06/19/22(Sun)21:04:01';
    String comment = 'Why is there no general right now? Let's start a new one!

    What quest are you playing right now?
    What quest do you remember playing in?'

  • public void The Drunkard And The Alien Quest - 1st Drink(OP YouAndYourWaifu) {

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    String fullTitle = 'The Drunkard And The Alien Quest - 1st Drink';
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    String image = The Drunkard And The Alien Cover Picture #1.png;
    String date = '06/19/22(Sun)12:14:12';
    String comment = 'A woodpeckish knock bestirred you: it was louder than the rain gunning down your lodge’s rooftop. An unannounced intruder paid you a visit in the pitch-black hours of the night, and you had no desire to search for matches in the cold darkness. However again—for the last seven days—you felt yourself in good health!

    You crawled out of your threadbare blanket, pushing your feet on the biting floor; your socks a placebo for warmth. There was a brief pause and then the knock repeated just as noisily as before.

    You stood up, empty bottles rolling from underneath your feet, ringing against each other and then slamming like a tossed mug against the wall; unless deaf, the knocker was then made aware of your existence. Damn, was it the prohis? They had been here only a couple days ago … they had an entire city—a labyrinth of streets—to bother and search. You were just one of the thousands; you hid your still better, that’s all.

    In the dark, you stumbled upon the entrance door, shaking your head awake. You pulled the door’s chain—fooling in its fake-gilded look and protection it offered—before you noticed a bulky shadow on your left. You blinked, the shadows hiding the figure.

    “Elmer Briant?” he asked, the rain, the door and his knocking deafening the voice. “Are you in there?”

    You let go of the chain, staring at the silhouette instead. The windows, located far away from the entrance, were stingy with what little light there was. Blobbed with a slimy skin like a bubbling jelly, there stood it: a feminine orange membrane. Unsure—it was not rare to wake up dozen times a night for seconds of screwy dreams—you stepped back. Two deep sunken black orb-like eyes turned like owl’s, blinking. The ... -thing- swivelled without moving.

    “Mary Briant? I -suggest- that you -open- the door.”

    > Go back to bed. This can’t be anything but a dream.
    > Open the door and face the persistent visitor, ignoring the thing.
    > Look around your room for a place to hide the slime-thing.
    > [Write In]
    > UPDATES?
    Once a day unless otherwise stated.'

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    String fullTitle = 'BirthdayQuest';
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    String image = Eve.png;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)17:35:04';
    String comment = 'Your name is Eve and today is your 18th birthday. You and your close friends agreed on celebrating it in Sam's uncle's currently empty estate in the Folkwalk woods, bringing snacks and overall to have a great time. As you walk to the bus station that is the only way to get to the Folkwalk woods, unless you have a car (which you don't), with backpack full of munchies, you notice a slightly larger group of people you would expect to see on friday after-school on such isolated bus station.';

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    String fullTitle = 'Violent Masquerade: Super Thief Drawquest!';
    int postNumber = "5308399";
    String image = VM3 - Copy.png;
    String date = '06/18/22(Sat)07:55:23';
    String comment = 'Welcome to the world of the Violent Masquerade, where Super Heroes and Super Villains duke it out every day for the fate of all mankind!

    But YOU being a SIGMA MALE that you are decided to be neither, and become something MUCH cooler instead! In this adventure we play the role of the DICK MAN, an elegant and dashing SUPER ROGUE! (basically a thief with super powers, you get it)


    part 1
    part 2

    TLDR: Went to prison, escaped from prison, very cool, very sexy, NOW let's get this party STARTED!'

  • public void Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. II(OP Greenwood) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. II';
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    String image = forgotten realms adventures.png;
    String date = '06/18/22(Sat)19:15:50';
    String comment = 'The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

    'Temple' is a word that summons forth a collection of memories. You recall the days during which you trained as a priestess of Lolth, goddess of chaos and darkness and spiders, the matriarch of the Ilythiiri race. The Spider Queen is a demanding deity, and her followers in turn must spend every moment vigorously working to gain her favor, be it through combat, tributes, or intrigues. Capricious to the extreme, to serve Lolth as a member of her clergy is to devote the whole of one's being to becoming a judge, a juror, an executioner that carries out her will in exchange for a fraction of her power.

    It should come as no surprise that you spectacularly failed every single one of your lessons. Even as a girl, you were inclined to follow your own lead. Feverishly doing the bidding of a higher power in the vain hope that they would elevate you at their whim held no appeal for you at a time when you were beginning to realize that you possessed a rare talent for athletics and skill-at-arms. Mother made certain to hit you twice as often after you had declared that you would be dropping your theology lessons to fit more exercises into your schedule.

    That is not to say that you did not pray to Lolth out of fearful obeisance. The gods of the Realms are present and active, and the Weaver of Chaos is more than capable of destroying you where you stand should she so desire. Fortunately for you, they are not omniscient - you can only assume that her attention has not turned toward you recently, or that she has yet to pass judgement on your actions. Still, it would be prudent to seek the protection of another divinity soon, even a surfacer god, lest you be smitten before you can confront your sisters.'

  • public void Election Quest(OP Neuraltia_QM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Election Quest';
    int postNumber = "5310585";
    String image = Oliver_Cromwell_by_Samuel_Cooper.jpg;
    String date = '06/20/22(Mon)13:43:06';
    String comment = 'Republic of Neuraltia, 1541

    After several years of wars within and without, the Republic stands victorious over its age-old enemy, the duchy of Kazlikan. The Consul of the Republic, Zephlikon, after ensuring the victory, retires to his farm, leaving the Council of Neuraltia charged with the election of a new Consul.

    The tribute sent by Kazlikan at the conclusion of the war has allowed the Council's treasury to swell in size, and Zephlikon was known as a generous when it comes to ennoblement, which created an entirely new class of soldier-dukes.

    Now that the Election draws near, nobles near and far flock to the capital city to elect - and for one lucky noble to be elected - the next Consul.

    CHARACTER SHEET (limit of 4 candidates for the election for now, but might change later):
    Age (minimum 16):
    Skills: Speech:

  • public void Star Wars: Remnant Captain Quest 8(OP Warlordnob) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Star Wars: Remnant Captain Quest 8';
    int postNumber = "5307423";
    String image = star-wars-squadrons.gif;
    String date = '06/17/22(Fri)00:45:46';
    String comment = 'Following the Emperor's death at Endor, the once unstoppable Galactic Empire has cracked and began to crumble. While the members of the Rebel Alliance come together to form the NEW REPUBLIC, the remnants of the Empire begin to tear themselves apart at the hands of IMPERIAL WARLORDS who each seek to install them-self as the next emperor. With nearly half the galaxy in the hands of the New Republic, the IMPERIAL REMNANT seems powerless to stop the rebel advance.

    Among the soldiers and sailors of the WARLORDS, terror and hope fills men and women in varying forms, as those who serve seek their calls of duty and responsibility, surviving just to live another day in a galaxy without order....

    >previous Thread:

    Up to date Pastebin:

    You are Commander Slythas Caimes, currently aboard a shuttle, and heading to Coronet City, as the biggest battle you've ever participated in'

  • public void Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 2(OP ReptoidQM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 2';
    int postNumber = "5307134";
    String image = dragonborn antipaladin.png;
    String date = '06/16/22(Thu)21:12:12';
    String comment = 'All across the surface-world, on this very day, mammalian children wake up in their warm, soft, decadent beds. They wake up screaming, scrying, wailing for their milk-laden birth-giver or hairy, sweaty male progenitor. They dreamt last night—dreamt ancestral drams, dreams of an age before they rose up to steal the beauty and wealth of the world from your ancestors—from you! But when they dream… When they suffer their most terrifying nightmares… It is because they dream of you. They dream of their smallness, their weakness, their helpless insignificance… They dream of teeth, and talon, of wings like thunderclouds and breath like lightning. They dream of fire, and hurricanes, and death made flesh!

    They dream of DRAGONS.

    You are the Dragonborn—well, A Dragonborn, the smaller and lesser of the two extant examples of that secret project. In a small, subterranean bae, the Reptilian Master Race created you—as you brother before you, as the eggs which now incubate and ready to hatch thereafter—to reignite the dying embers of an ancient dream: the Age of Scales, the Age of Dragons!... Or so you were raised to believe.

    In recent months, you have learned the terrible truth: you are a degenerate dead-end, product of a half-human mother and her politicking and mystical meddling. You have scarcely a drop of dragonblood to speak of. However, you have not given into existential despair… And why should you? Despite your inborn deficiencies, you have made great strides which none can deny! You have…

    >Befriended (if you can truly call you vitriolic back-and-forth banter ‘friendship’) your oldest adversary, the novice fleshweaver of a daughter of your home base’s chief Chaplain
    >Adventured with the oldest, truly-draconic Dragonborn, who you hold as a dear brother
    >Uncovered dark secrets of the Dark Gods, including a well-hidden disunity in their ranks and a plot by one of them to outright replace you with bug-people
    >Acquired and earned the allegiance of a band of outcasts, half-breeds, and degenerates
    >Befriended (if you can call her constant attempts to get you to impregnate her for possibly-nefarious purposes ‘friendship’) the heir-apparent of those bug-people
    >Adventured your way through the darkest parts of the underground
    >Partied with dark eves and destroyed a legendary monster which had plagued them for generations
    >Defeated a renegade kobold demon-cult, slaying its leader and capturing his demon'

  • public void Mutant!Quest #11(OP Siren) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Mutant!Quest #11';
    int postNumber = "5307214";
    String image = konigsburg_gold.jpg;
    String date = '06/16/22(Thu)22:05:13';
    String comment = 'Your name is Elise. Elise Martins. And, to put it simply, you are not normal.

    What you are is a mutant— one of the many few in Konigsburg who possess strange and unnatural abilities due to the explosion of FutureLabs’ particle accelerator.

    You have two brothers, Matt and John, but it's only Matt who knows of your powers. John, on the other hand, is a mutant, and a powerful one at that.

    How that had slipped through your perception is still beyond you, but you do know one thing: it’s that John is strong– stronger than you would’ve ever expected him to be.

    It’s not something that’s easy for you to admit, but had you been a tad less lucky or inexperienced you’re not sure what could have happened. You’re not used to being at the losing end of a fight, and, even after your wounds have healed, you can still feel the phantom sensation of sharpened claws in your torso.

    Drifting in the open water, your stomach screams for sustenance– to repair the damage that was wrought– and you let your instinct take hold, blacking out then and there.

    When you come to, the sweet taste of flesh lingers on your tongue, which does wonders for your frazzled nerves. Your dress, or what had been left of it, is missing as well. With all the damage it took, it’s a wonder it stayed on for as long as it did— you suppose your last brawl with John did it in… Not like you intended to keep it anyhow.

    You think you should really catch up with the others. While you don’t know how much time has passed, by now you know the rest of your posse is certainly at the rendezvous point, or at least close to it.

    No matter, you know the bay well enough to catch up with them, and, in no time, you see the white stern of your stolen yacht come into view.


  • public void NawtyQ's Naughty Quest!(OP NawtyQ) {

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    String fullTitle = 'NawtyQ's Naughty Quest!';
    int postNumber = "5307137";
    String image = request253.png;
    String date = '06/16/22(Thu)21:17:48';
    String comment = 'Give suggestions on what happens next!

    NotQuesty's wife has tricked him to become a woman. Now, he is on a quest to turn himself back into a man! Until then he goes by the name of NawtyQ!

    Story so far:'

  • public void Jade-Sworn Quest I(OP KismetQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Jade-Sworn Quest I';
    int postNumber = "5306089";
    String image = JSQ.png;
    String date = '06/15/22(Wed)18:25:22';
    String comment = 'You are Wei Rudan (魏如憺), and in the critically acclaimed Wuxia MMORPG, Jade-Sworn Quest, you are known as Distant Cloud (邈云), a solo player of little fame. But in the real world, you are a nineteen year old wagecuck, or rather, were a wagecuck. Your last job had you working in construction, but due to some disputes over pay, your boss fired you on the spot.

    Now you’re just a nineteen year old again.

    With a bitter sigh, you turn left on the street ahead, walking towards a building with a sign that reads “Old Deng’s Internet Cafe (老邓网吧)” in blinding blue neon. As you open the glass door, a familiar chime fills your ears, along with a cacophony of keyboard clacks and mouse clicks.

    “Welcome back, Rudan!” Jiang Yurong (江羽嬫) smiles. “How was work?”

    Your mood immediately lightens upon hearing the voice of this fairly cute university part-timer.

    “It was alright...” You reply nonchalantly. “Where’s Old Deng?”

    “Oh, he’s out running an errand right now. I can call you when he’s back.”

    “Ah, that’d be good. Sorry for the trouble.”

    “Not at all!”

    A bit of small talk later, you head up to one of the private rooms on the second floor. These are the cafe’s premium rooms, modelled after similar establishments in Japan. This is also your home, and has been since your parents separated three years ago. Within the confines of this space, however, none of that matters. There’s only one thing on your mind, and that’s to fire up Jade-Sworn Quest.

    What do you do?
    >Log into Jade-Sworn Quest.

    >Check your phone.

    >Go downstairs and grab something to eat.

    >Write in.'

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    String fullTitle = 'Great Papa Birthday';
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    String image = img1.png;
    String date = '06/16/22(Thu)12:09:39';
    String comment = 'Its your <b>great papa</b> birthday.
    Your mother has gone to get him and should be back in a few hours. She asked you to ensure everything is ready by the time they return.
    But you have a few hours, so a little bit of PC gaming won't hurt.

    What do?
    >Play games
    >Write in'

  • public void Alterac Resurgent Quest 14(OP MedivhQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Alterac Resurgent Quest 14';
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    String image = Alterac OP.jpg;
    String date = '06/15/22(Wed)10:44:12';
    String comment = 'It has been nine years since the fall of Alterac, after the King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. For this betrayal, King Aiden Perenolde was dethroned and Alterac City was sacked. The nobles and population fled the land and the Kingdom of Alterac was no more.

    You are Alric Perenolde, the Prince and second heir of Alterac. By the order of King Aiden, you were sent into temporary exile to be safe from the Second War. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years, made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

    Now nine years later in the year 15 after the opening of the Dark Portal, you are ready to take the responsibility and try to unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

    The trip to the Capital City to help Lord Blackmoore with his tribunal over the escape of Thrall from Durnholde Keep was over and you had returned back home with the trip being quite eventful. You had spoken in support of Lord Blackmoore, but also against him. While his attempt to get something out of the imprisoned orcs with Thrall could be applauded, you couldn’t agree with how he had been imprisoned by him. No one should be responsible for the crimes done by their fathers after all. Of course being seen as understanding towards the orcs, the rumours spread fast and already branded you an orc lover.

    Still you had only spoken the truth and with the tribunal done and finished, you could attempt to reach and meet the Alteracis in Capital City. Sadly neither finding the magic teacher of Beve Perenolde, your older sister, nor finding the Alteracis themselves provided you with much information or help. In both cases your siblings had threatened them if they were to speak to you or help you.

    Finally and probably most importantly you had spent as much time as possible with Calia Menethil. Since you had seen her the first time in the harbour of Stormwind City, you have had feelings for her. And so you professed your feelings to her and she had done the same. You were in love and so was Calia. You and Calia chose to keep your relationship a secret and not tell anyone else, it would be better this way.

    It had been hard to leave Calia and return back home, but you knew that you had your duty as the Prince of Alterac and the next step in the long process to reclaim your homeland was nearly upon you. The Invasion of Strahnbrad Hills.

    Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

    /qst/ Archive:
    Prince Alric Stats:
    Quest Mechanisms:
    Character List:'

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    String image = Screenshot_20220608-221349.png;
    String date = '06/15/22(Wed)01:47:51';
    String comment = 'Your name is Long Paul, you have been tasked with going to a friend's party. You enter and you...
    >get drunk
    >talk to women
    >dance until you die (figuratively)
    >find out what is in the basement'

  • public void Drowned Quest Redux 26(OP Bathic) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Drowned Quest Redux 26';
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    String image = 2.0 26.png;
    String date = '06/15/22(Wed)23:48:44';
    String comment = 'You are Charlotte Fawkins, dashing heroine, detective, adventuress, heiress, etc. etc.. Three years ago, you drowned yourself in a quest to find a long-lost family heirloom: nowadays, you're just generally c̶a̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ solving problems with the help of trusty beetley retainer Gil and un-trusty mind-snake Richard. Bizarrely, people seldom seem to enjoy your presence, though you've never done anything wrong in your life?
    Right now, you've been reunited with a disheveled Gil, whom you parted ways with after escaping a walking tour of dodgy local corporation Headspace.

    Or, well, "reunited." He's turned away from you not a half-second after catching your eye, and is now being accosted by Casey, who has turned his company-spokesman smile-wattage to maximum. Despite this, his voice is too low to eavesdrop on, so you're forced to kick your heels through the dust until Casey relinquishes his metaphorical grip.

    His literal grip, though, remains firmly intact: Gil is attempting not to look uncomfortable at Casey's hand on his shoulder and mostly failing. His earlier bravado seems mostly dissipated. Is the adrenaline waning? Was it what Casey said? Casey doesn't seem any more sinister than he used to, but it's hard to tell with those awful rainbow sunglasses. "Charlotte! I'm positively delighted to report that your tour companion has been rescued, entirely unharmed—"

    Gil rubs his bloody nose.

    "—all thanks to the hard work of our crack team! We hire the best, we really do. I'm proud of them. I'm proud of us! How was your complimentary beverage, by the way?"

    Your complimentary Headspace fruit punch needed less ice and more alcohol, in your honest opinion, though maybe it's best you hold off on the latter before the drinking party tonight. "Uh... I liked the umbrella."

    "The umbrella! Yes! I love it! What a marvelous— I never would've thought of it myself. Not in a eon, Charlotte. But this is why I love to meet new people! Gain fresh perspectives! Squeeze their ideas out of them for all they're worth! One second." Casey holds up a hand, then taps his earpiece. "Yes, hi— hi, it's— no, it's taken care of— I want umbrellas. No, paper— little paper umbrellas. Drink umbrellas. With the logo on them. Eh... a thousand. Start there. We'll expand. You choose the color. Yes. No, not orange— no, not blue— no. red. Red umbrellas. With the logo. Yes, now. Paper. Thanks."

    He taps the earpiece again and winks at you. "We'll test-drive them in the main cafeteria. Thank you for making Headspace a better place!"

    A better place? You're not sure what branded paper umbrellas are going to do when the employees are evidently drugged and trapped inside for years on end, but... well, paper umbrellas do work wonders. So who knows? "...Of course! I mean, obviously. I can't help but—"


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    String image = movie night 1.png;
    String date = '06/14/22(Tue)19:43:00';
    String comment = 'it's a normal movie night with your younger sister /v/, you can choose from these options:
    1) Walk to the store
    2) Postpone going
    3) Jump out the window'

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    String image = ewr380goilq71.jpg;
    String date = '06/13/22(Mon)06:01:54';
    String comment = 'you thought you were dating the perfect woman until you learned she's a war criminal hiding from justice!!

    > she's a nazi concentration camp guard that killed many jews
    > she's a soviet communist officer that killed many kulaks
    > she's an imperial japanese officer that killed many american pows
    > other'

  • public void Dream-walker(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String image = A25FF103-E510-4AAD-9753-81806B5EF696.jpg;
    String date = '06/16/22(Thu)04:21:01';
    String comment = 'You’re a young man named Anton. You are an avid dream-walker, every night when you go to sleep; you exit your body and enter someone else’s dreams.

    >you excitedly think in your mind
    >you hop off 4chan for the night, and crawl into your bed
    >you close your eyes and suddenly feel an intense agitation and rumble come over you as you lay on your back
    >your entire body starts vibrating

    You think to yourself, “whos dreams will I enter tonight”?

    >what do you do next?'

  • public void Young Delinquents quest(OP Wiz undefined) {

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    String image = 6EAF6105-077E-45B8-90B2-3487AC1AFF0D.jpg;
    String date = '06/12/22(Sun)23:35:07';
    String comment = 'The ‘Three pillars’ academy. It’s of the most prestigious public junior high school/high school in your area. It was your dream to get into that school
    (it’s also good for your parents’ pockets as well, being relatively cheap.)

    But… it was never as glamorous as it seemed. Despite your efforts, you couldn’t keep up with the difficulties of the exams. On your second year, you end up in…

    The 8th grade class, Class 2/10. Where the worst students are sent to.

    You being to see the things they try to keep suppressed. The power tripping teachers with near unlimited authority to beat you with a stick, the careless teachers with disregard for your work, and the creepy students are all around you.

    You can’t let yourself be expelled now. Your parents won’t have enough money for a better (but more expensive) school, and they certainly won’t be happy about it.

    Midterms will be upon you in three weeks.
    Do what you must to pass those exams.

    But first, you must choose who will you be.'

  • public void Eleventh Primarch Quest Chapter 13(OP Old Man) {

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    String date = '06/13/22(Mon)17:28:20';
    String comment = 'You Kolinaisi Kaiko Wahthiri RuaRua of The Something Fierce. Warchief of De'lormosa. Primarch. And you are feeling actual anger.

    Upon arrival at the throne room of Perturabo's father you are confronted with a powerful beast that is capable of acting on the material realm and the warp at the same time. It also does not fear you. It's actions speak louder than it's annoying shrill voice could ever could as whilst dodging salvos from Perturabo it takes the extra fraction of a second to literally kick Perturabo's adoptive father whilst he is lying on the floor.

    It acts without pity or remorse. You can feel it's callous and cold intentions.

    It is enjoying causing this havoc.

    You are feeling very angry at this.

    You feel an emotional tidal wave rock up on you for this beings actions. However, your intelligence, your study and your diligence looking at what that old man sent you. You know of three words: One being what the old man will need you to say when you see him, the word բարձրացում. Then the word which you believe he has been using to send things, or phrase of ուղարկեք այն. But the notes indicated something else. Something if needed, but should rarely be used. Something that seemed to be the opposite of the other word.

    As the being clearly sneers and lifts up with its wings you feel the machine spirits and you begin the subtle communication for them to help empower you.

    These old and ancient spirits of the old walkers and turrets happily are willing to oblige.

    As Perturabo rushes towards the sneering creature that wanted this your mouth moves and out it comes

    ը̵̪͉̥̞̰͇̤̗͎̱͖̗́͋̉̍̽̃̄̌̍̔͐͆̑̌̔͆̌̐̊̌͐̈́̐̓͘͘͜͝ն̷̡̞̞̪̪̱̼̤͎͚̦͇̠͓̺̙̼͍͉͖̒͐̌̄͑͌͂̉͊̃̓̈͌̄́̒̐̚͜͜͝͠ͅկ̸̢̛̝̯͙͈̗̻̼̙̱̀̂̋̈́̎́͐͑̒͛͑́̓̿̎̕͝͝ն̶̢̡̢̢̛̥̝̼̞͍̼̰̺͔͎͉͍̻̆̄̌̔͛̔͑̂̎̃͊̀͂̂̏̂́͌̈́̃̎͛̚̚͘͝͝ե̶̗́̏͑̉լ̵̨̨̛͇̳͚͉͚͔̙̻̍͜ You say in a voice like a choir of thunder as the earth shakes around you and you use raw electricity to shock it.

    The beast falls. It looks at you with a strange look on it's face and it, doesn't fly, but runs, towards you.

    "HOW DARE YOU! THE ABSOLUTE HUBRIS! THE ABSURD TEMERITY! A CRUDE APE STEALING FIRE FROM IT'S BETTERS! I SHALL TEACH YOU THE WAYS OF PAIN!" It screeches more than roars as it blindly charges, fast enough that you should be worried, but it is clearly not thinking right, otherwise it would know that Perturabo wouldn't even pretend to have a fight like this be fair. You dodge it's precision strike that would have probably taken anyone else's head clean off and you wheel around with a strike with your axe, and it manipulates it's body just enough that you only graze it where it shrieks again after being hit by a hail of rounds from perturabo.'

  • public void Weapon of an Empire #3(OP 2ndRatePilot undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Weapon of an Empire #3';
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    String image = Moon .jpg;
    String date = '06/12/22(Sun)22:59:48';
    String comment = 'Howdy All,
    I want to start by apologizing for the abrupt and sudden end without explanation during the last thread. Both the IPs I use got banned from 4chan for Ban evasion. A special thank you to the Anons who hung around and managed to archive the last thread.

    The previous threads can be found here:

    To account for the long period of absence the first few posts will be long to wrap up the last vote and get things moving on.'

  • public void Maximum Spider Quest #4(OP Scorekeeper) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Maximum Spider Quest #4';
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    String image = MaxSpiderBanner.jpg;
    String date = '06/12/22(Sun)10:46:43';
    String comment = 'You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! You also adopted the identity of "Spider-Man", for anyone that doesn't know about your illegal exploits, but that's besides the point.


    Last time:
    Ben befriended Gwen Stacy, recovered his REAL brother, and fought for the right to bring Slip's suit under maggia control, only for it to end up in the hands of Max Dillon! Finally, the city is beginning to move once more, and Ben finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder, in search of the next threat that might endanger him and his family.

    Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

    How to Roll:
    To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.


    Character Sheet: (embed)

    Equipment and Gear: (embed)

    Contacts: (embed)

    10 Commandments of the Desperados: (embed)

    Costumes: (embed)

    Good luck and have fun!'

  • public void Broken Empire 6(OP NewbQM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Broken Empire 6';
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    String image = Broken Empire 6.jpg;
    String date = '06/13/22(Mon)14:50:59';
    String comment = 'The final battle against the surprisingly organized and powerful pirates is concluded against. And now all that remains is to sit tight, converse, and await potential rescue, or await potential jackals preparing to tear apart the weakened fleet.';

  • public void (You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 4(OP Fae Smelter) {

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    String fullTitle = '(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 4';
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    String image = 1650386080589.png;
    String date = '06/11/22(Sat)10:57:13';
    String comment = 'Here you go, abducting hotties and dropping bodies again!

    Quick recap of where you left off last time on (You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest:
    -You've got Mandie B. Reckin-Dwith bound and gagged in your basement, and you've begun brainwashing her to "forgive" your rapacity.
    -You're about to get a second playmate: Black Rose. You've also got nearly a dozen other enticing contacts on craigslist you could pursue later.
    -Commissioner Seth's son "Scrawny" Ronny is getting off the hook for Lon Lemmings' manslaughter with your help. You're pinning it on Rick Rippler, his water polo teammate and partner-in-crime.
    -After a long day at work, and a quick Craigslist purchase, you get hungry and decide to bring home V-Burger for you and Mandie.
    -The murderlust is getting out of control... You've got to mutilate another body, soon...

    Find threads 1-3 here for the full scoop:

    Let's continue, Junior Detective.


    Your antique Lincoln Continental's trunk and seats are still jam-packed full of surplus junk and torture paraphernalia from the isolated ranch with the ancient farmer's ancient widow.

    You're puttering along towards home, dreading the leftover baked cod dinner you face. Your stomach gurgles internally almost like the sound of an arterial blood spray. You make the easiest decision all day and pull into the drive-thru of Velton's favorite burger joint. V-Burger.

    There are only a few trucks and a minivan in front of you, holding up the line. Around the old-school/classic/original/basic restaurant aesthetic, white/red stripes and all, the sound of Solid Gold Oldies and Doo-Wop music flood the speakers.
    >You tap your fingers on the steering wheel to the soothing melodies!
    >You wish they were playing KTWRP with DJ Boogie Jay Skeeter, he'd have some sick sounds to slay these suckers with.
    >You claw at your temples and hold your palms over your ears. Make this cacophony stop!!!
    >Write in - ???

    You drive up to the big illuminated plastic and fiberglass menu. You manually crank the window open and hurriedly tap the steering wheel without looking at the blinding-bright menu. You already know what you want.

    **KA-CHRRRrrrrRRRRRRrrrrRRRRKKH "Uhhhhhh"**

    Ahh, finally, the employee pipes in to kindly greet you and take your order.

    Quite unlike V-Burger's patented and standard Stellar Service (TM), you are loudly yawned at and then boringly greeted by a cocky and obviously uninterested young man over the burger joint's intercom.

    **"Yeah, like... What do you want?"** You hear a murmur in the background of the microphone's input. **"Oh, uh, like, uh, would you like a... pftthmhmmhmmpffffttttt a, uh, 'V-Baby Burger Combo' with free promo toy from uhh... Toy Story: Revenge of the Sith?"**'

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    String fullTitle = 'Evil Captain Of The Guard Quest';
    int postNumber = "5302639";
    String image = mike-franchina-trench-pilgrim.jpg;
    String date = '06/12/22(Sun)15:37:09';
    String comment = 'On the morning of the 3rd day of the 5th month of the year 1600 AD, the Murkavian Empire celebrated the birth of a new heir to the throne, Prince Null. Born to King Kense and Queen Maidel, the birth was seen by many within the empire as a sign of good fortune, a symbol of the unity between the Murkavians and their long-time rivals, the Ten'shi Union. Huge festivals took place across the empire, where thousands of citizens, the commoners and the nobility alike, cheered the prince's name and threw bundles of Burdock and Nettles into great bonfires, to wish the prince strength against life's ailments.

    The young prince grew quickly, under the tutelage of the kingdom's finest scholars, masters of arms, and the rare few mages. His parents watched with pride, certain that one day, the boy would make for a fine ruler.

    Then, on the prince's 18th birthday, disaster struck. The king and queen were found murdered in their beds, the prince proclaiming that his parents unity had undermined Murkavian strength with foreign Ten'shi influence. The prince, backed by a cabal of officials within the government and military who desired conquest and glory, mobilized the nation to declare war on the Ten'shi, who were too happy to oblige, with the death of a royal of Ten'shi birth.

    The year is 1620. Emperor Null has many plans for the Murkavians, ranging from conquest to further development. And here to aid him in his quest,! The Captain of the royal guard, elected after the deaths of the previous monarchs. Will you help the prince achieve his goals? Avenge the throne and excise the traitor from his gains? Or seize power for yourself? The choice is yours! But first, we need to determine what kind of Captain you are! How do you do, what you do? What skills do you bring to the table? Chose 1 Archtype from the listed options below:

    >Master of Men- You are an inspiring commander, known and respected among the royal guard and regular soldiers alike. You know how to lead men, how to inspire acts of bravery and devotion, and how to win battles.

    >Master of Arms- You are a duelist without compare, a warrior through and through. You know how to use a variety of weapons, including ones popular in Murkavia and a few exotic weapons from distant lands, and you know multiple techniques and styles of combat.

    >Master of Magic- Magic is uncommon in this world, but there are a few institutions and groups who focus on its study. Amongst this small group, your knowledge and natural aptitude for Magic are unmatched, controlling the raw forces of creation. Magic is taxing on the body and the soul, but it makes the impossible achievable.

    >Master of Shadows- You fulfill your duty from darkness and disguise, your ability to dissappear from sight uncontested. You frighten and misdirect your foes, and take them from where they least expect it.'

  • public void Tournament Arc IV(OP Ravenking undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Tournament Arc IV';
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    String image = tournament arc 4 op.png;
    String date = '06/11/22(Sat)20:51:13';
    String comment = 'Previously, on TOURNAMENT ARC:

    Across the world, a mysterious organization recruits martial artists for a grand tournament, the Kumite, held once every five years. The winner will receive a prize of one million dollars, and the title of the world's strongest fighter. Who will be invited next? Will they survive the starting round to claim their spot in the tournament and a chance for victory? Who will fight to the top and become the new champion?


  • public void /conqst/ Europe Edition #2(OP Conqstr undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = '/conqst/ Europe Edition #2';
    int postNumber = "5300887";
    String image = 06102022map0.png;
    String date = '06/10/22(Fri)23:00:21';
    String comment = 'Read the rules:
    How to play: (or the how-to-play gif below)

    The dice you put in the "options" box is:

    >What is /conqst/?
    /conqst/ is a 4Chan story-telling, strategy game that is just like Risk but allows you to have more freedom in defining your civilization. Build your nation on the path that you choose, be it war, economical, benevolence, pious, or just plain chaotic. You tell the story of how your nation thrives in this ever-changing world. Just remember one thing: Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world.

    >Can I join?
    If there's any territory shaded in white, yes. If there isn't any, some players may be nice enough to give you land or allocate a puppet state. If not, then you could wait until the next game (or when I kick out inactive players).

    >How hard is it to learn how to play this game?
    It's better for you to learn as you go, but its not difficult to play. You start with 5 territories as one nation, expand until you can't expand, and choose to attack, fortify, and/or defend. Plain and simple. You also get +1 attack and +1 defense for every certain amount of territories you own, and gain National Strength (NS) and gold every roll.'

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    String fullTitle = 'Facility Quest';
    int postNumber = "5301299";
    String image = 001.png;
    String date = '06/11/22(Sat)08:41:39';
    String comment = 'You've been in this cell for a week. You have no recollection of anything that happened before. You don't know who you were before. You don't even know your name.';

  • public void Berserk Quest #6(OP BechiiQM) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Berserk Quest #6';
    int postNumber = "5300829";
    String image = 1103.jpg;
    String date = '06/10/22(Fri)21:56:28';
    String comment = 'n this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least, it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.

    Alas, they are certainly welcome to try and struggle to deviate from the laws of causality. Such is the case for a human mortal by the name of Vlad Santana. A young man who would find himself at the crux of a story that would eclipse his mere mortal soul.

    Character Profile and abilities

    Thread Archives:

    Rolls will usually be a best of 3 1d100 from each player, DCs are context sensitive but transparent when prompted to roll.

    Only 1 and 100 count as crits and good crits override bad ones.

    Voting period closes after 1 hour from the first reply or when enough players unanimously choose the same options.

    You can always ask for additional context for your choices and voting can be extended should anyone make an argument that could change previous votes.

    Write-ins are always welcomed so long as they dont break character.

    Have fun and do your best.'

  • public void Crescent Adventure 11(OP Crescent undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Crescent Adventure 11';
    int postNumber = "5300988";
    String image = Crescent Adventure.png;
    String date = '06/11/22(Sat)00:56:43';
    String comment = 'Welcome back to Crescent Adventures, a quest based on the 90s Sailor Moon universe. Things can go as that universe went or you can derail it with your actions or ignore it completely to just focus on the problems and issues that affect your character!

    Remember, our character is a mere mortal girl with some nifty powers but not enough to go toe to toe with supernatural creatures without a massive source of water! She might one day be powerful enough to steamroll the opposition... but that day isn't today unfortunately. Ruka can die or become severely injured during events; our character so far can only recover from exhaustion and injury slightly faster than normal people but not supernaturally fast. Think of her as a once otherwise normal teen girl who faced a moment that ripped away the illusion of a mundane world to reveal the supernatural, and then choose to act. This deliberate choice of free will to resist and continuing to choose to fight has allowed a discovery of her powers.

    Also getting penguin pals of varying degrees of loyalty and usefulness ranging from best penguin buddy to worst penguin jerk.

    Previously, our Ruka dealt with lunch and school after forcing a very thievish penguin to return stolen goods. You even learn a little more about Mizuno Ami who has become fast friends the amiable Usagi. Also you stop Naru from wearing her strange Flower broach and getting drained. Worst penguin likes to snack on supernatural Flowers, who could have ever guessed.

    Firmed up plans with Tomio to hang out during the holiday weekend. Some Club paperwork to welcome Arika as secretary and talking about the strange hospital story. Then scouting out FM 10 Radio station, the walk over to the place turned into a morass of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

    Aya is convinced you're uninterested in romance because of a broken heart.

    Tonight's mission to FM 10 Radio station is one of mixed results with Basalt, the kleptomaniac penguin. You destroyed a bunch of evil Flowers, shattered another glowing orb and accidentally tipped your hands by trying to help a paralyzed security guard. He'll remember you...

    And now? Now you're grabbing a bomb to hopefully help Sailor Moon and ruin the day of some supernatural monster named Jadeite...


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    String image = e25f56dc77358d26889061bc4898addc.jpg;
    String date = '06/11/22(Sat)16:35:14';
    String comment = 'The trial was never going to go your way. It didn't matter how much your public defender argued that you technically weren't even a legal entity, or how many expert witnesses he put on the stand to testify that you had about as much choice in your actions as your gun did on whether you'd pull its trigger. Too many people - rich people, important people - had died. The footage leaked to the media was too gruesome, the trial too public.

    They did decide to treat you as an autonomous sapient specifically so that you could stand trial, actually. You even had some woman from a sapient rights organization visit you in the detention center. Acting all bubbly about the value of the legal precedent this would set for the recognition - and eventual liberation - of designermates as true sapients.

    You didn't really pay attention to her. Or to the entire trial, for that matter. You were busy coming to grips with this idea of "free will". Of being responsible for your decisions. Because even though they disabled the obedience chip buried inside your brain, it had still been active for the better part of a decade. Shaping neural connections. Deciding the course your thoughts were allowed to take.

    And though you knew your m... he was dead, every night that you fell asleep in your cell, you did so with some part of you hoping that when you woke, he would be there. That he would put his hand on your head and say words that would cause the world to make sense again.

    Once the day of your sentencing did come, the only surprise was that it wasn't the death penalty. But, as your lawyer explained later, this would have placed you on death's row. Dragged the process out. Gave you a chance to appeal.

    And at this point, the tide against you in the media was turning. A few other non-profits have been getting in touch with you, trying to turn you into a figurehead for their causes. Their PR departments were working full time to turn you into a sympathetic figure.

    And that simply wouldn't do. There were too many people who wanted you punished. Who wanted you gone.'

  • public void The Hunt for Home One Oneshot(OP IMPERIAL HIGH COMMAND undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'The Hunt for Home One Oneshot';
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    String image = xvix0dfkxrq71.jpg;
    String date = '06/10/22(Fri)22:19:18';
    String comment = 'You've been out here in the Mid-Rim attempting to hunt pirates and privateers for awhile now, your meagre scouting forces never being called back to the Core unlike many of the other officers that were assigned here. However, it seems like this is about to change, a priority message from High Command itself being sent to you. You process the implications of this, and whether it'd be better to just join a warlord now rather than face combat in the deathtrap named Coruscant, before leaving your bridge crew to take the message in your personal quarters. Choked full of personal luxuries from your time spent out here.
    "The Rebel flagship, the Home One, has recently been heavily damaged over Ithor. With all her escort destroyed, she's cut off from support and limping back to Rebel territory as we speak, however most nearby assets have been damaged from the 5th Battle of Ithor, and as such cannot help follow this up. High Command has decided to send your force to try to destroy the Rebel flagship, dealing a much needed morale blow to the Rebels. The last known coordinates of the ship have been transmitted to you, good luck Admiral."
    You at first, are confused, then a bit excited, and then terrified as you realize that you'd be going up against THE Home One, with only an escort force. White knuckles holding the Data-pad, you wonder if this is some fake message that the Rebels gave you to try and ambush you. You recall the reasons you were sent here, and the fleet you had to work so hard to obtain, that are now being sent up against a heavy cruiser. You hope that the cruiser is as heavily damaged as high command says it is.'

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    String image = Terra4.jpg;
    String date = '06/10/22(Fri)14:28:35';
    String comment = 'It is the 41st Millenium. Violence is unending, war is but a constant reality, In the grim darkness of the future, your life is already dictated by the Imperium of Man. But one can try, and try as you will. You are but a mere human, incapable of shaping the galaxy, even your fate and thoughts are not yours to command. In this grim dark future, you are…

    >Quillenne Amadeus, Undersecretary Of The Adeptus Administratum, a rank below the Master Of The Administratum and created just for you. Your responsibility is to oversee all the divisions of the Administratum, from the smallest matters like record-keeping to authorizing what supplies go to whom, there is never an easy day for you.

    >Basillica Hagia, the lieutenant of the Baneblade squad. After receiving a report of chaos activity, you are sent to the frontlines. Between battles and logistics, you must navigate the world of the Imperial Guard filled with ambitious nobles, officers, commissars, and bureaucracy.

    >Trash Heap, just another orphan scraping by to live another day in your pointless existence. One day, you found a funny-looking bug-like creature. With a carapace shining in purple gleam and cute little fangs, you chose to keep it as your pet in this lonely lonely world.'

  • public void Bones Quest #17: Witchful Thinking(OP DemBones) {

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    String image = stancom3.png;
    String date = '06/10/22(Fri)18:54:57';
    String comment = 'You’re STANLEY PARBLE: a girl with a weird name and an even weirder tale: after a CENTURIES-OLD LICH woke up during your graveyard shift at the GOOD BOY DOGGIE BONE factory, your simple life of janitorial work became a bit more… Complicated.

    Sure, you became pals with your now-sentient skeleton (you named him LY) AND gained some nifty SUPER POWERS from eating MAGICAL BONE MARROW, but that doesn’t change the fact that your hometown of CLEARWATER, CALIFORNIA is overrun by HOMICIDAL SKELETONS! Even worse, the guy in charge is dead-set on taking over the rest of the world while he’s at it! Not cool!

    After several days of fighting for your life and shamelessly looting your hometown with some jerks you just met, the finish line is in sight! Only problem is that it's underwater. Deep.

    Having split your gang of misfits into several groups: one headed to the MUSEUM, the other to the UNIVERSITY, you once again found yourself by the seashore trying to find a way to reach the lost city of ATLANTIS-- the current haunt of the final LIEUTENANT on your hit list: THE SEA WITCH. According to your pals, mashing her into powder will give you the last bit of strength needed to go toe-to-boney toe with TIM... and maybe even fix this whole mess in the process!

    Your search, as per usual, was anything but uneventful. Stumbling into a den of misplaced SKELETON PIRATES and the brother of one of your first bone-rattling opponents, you took advantage of the unexpected meeting and commandeered his yacht--he ain't gonna be needing it where you sent him! Getting the boat was only the start of a rough voyage, however. Though the seas were rife with BLOODTHIRSTY MERMAIDS, SEA DEMONS, ANCIENT ATLANTEAN DEFENSES, AND A SUBMARINE JAM-PACKED WITH COMMIE SKELETONS, you and your team pulled through thanks to quick-thinking, grit, and a whole lotta' elbow grease!

    With the path to ATLANTIS, revealed by a few surprisingly-advanced Atlantean artifacts to be some kind of LAB, now as open as it's ever gonna be, you and the rest of your team prepare for what could potentially be your most dangerous operation yet...

    Huddled together on a boat full of holes and slathered in mermaid guts, THIS is where your story continues...


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    String image = b8754c20b44d767a7dd5b080cafd9a24.jpg;
    String date = '06/12/22(Sun)22:00:23';
    String comment = 'Confusticated dragon. Bebother him, that's what you say. Squatting on your old mountain realm like a fat worm.

    You chop a log.

    Muckle-damned elf lord. One of these days, you'll give him a piece of your mind, thinking he can just sit back in his perfect little grove and never lift a finger to help a neighbor.

    You chop a log.

    Blasted logging company. Wouldn't need all these logs if they'd build from stone like a dwarf.

    You chop a log.

    Blast em all. Human, elf, dragon, blah.

    You look at the log.

    You're not going to chop it.

    You're going to show them who's boss. You'll show them all.

    Starting with...

    >That confusticated dragon
    >That pansy elf lord
    >That crusty foreman'

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    String comment = 'You awake, head-splitting. You are seated in a dark room. You cannot move. You strain to investigate the opposite wall with a grid of pulsing ropes.
    A voice projects down. You cannot turn your head up to see the source.
    "By GN charter B612, subsection 2, you are each hereby conscripted into the HDON. Please stand by."

    A bright light shines from the wall as the voice cuts off, illuminating the room, seeming like the insides of some animal, flesh and veins.

    A hologram of a woman's face appears.

    "I am Rear Admiral Barret, commander of the downward spiral fleet, telepresence from the DNS Nimitz.

    "The world you know is a lie. Humanity has advanced far beyond the sheltered Earth, which functionally serves us now as little more than breeding stock.

    "You are given a higher calling. We will now proceed with a test to determine how best you will serve the HDON. Though bizarre, these questions are so designed by top psychological profilers to correctly perceive FP- functional personality. Please indulge me."

    A light flickers and the hologram is replaced with a silent video of a tan-skinned man writhing on a white linoleum floor, hands cut off, stumps pawing at a noose around his neck. A person offscreen is forcing a yellow tube into his mouth. Yellow fluid trickles down either side of his mouth as he chokes.

    "Please answer each question in whatever succinct matter you feel most appropriate," The woman says, unmoved.

    1. Would this video bother you more or less if the victim was a dog, rather than a man?

    2. Would this video bother you more or less if it included sound?

    3. Would this video bother you more or less if the victim was a woman, rather than a man?

    4. What country would you guess this video was filmed in? Why?

    5. What would you guess is the man's name? (roll a d6)'

  • public void Barovian Legends #3: Fortunes of Ravenloft(OP Anonymous undefined) {

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    String date = '06/10/22(Fri)02:26:20';
    String comment = 'Your quest to rescue your sister, so far, has not been pleasant. You are currently squeezing your eyes shut and covering your ears to block out the sound of baleful screams and horrible, inhuman laughter echoing through the courtyard walls. You are fixated on one thought: Joannus. You've lost count of how much time you've spent here, rocking in the fetal position on the cold hard ground, but this thought gives you just enough resolve to wait just one more minute.

    You are here because of the various and turns in your decade-long search for your elder sister. This search has lead you here, to the the Abbey of Saint Markovia. A place that was once a monetary, but is so cursed that not even the villagers from Krezk have visited it in centuries. How your sister could've ended up here is beyond you, but Strahd von Zarovich, the immortal lord who rules the valley of Barovia, is confident that she is, and he's not a man who likes to be wrong.

    An animalistic screech from the shed nearly tears you away from your thoughts.

    Upon arriving in the cursed Abbey, you were greeted not by ghosts or spirits, not by empty halls, but instead by beastly creatures - mongrelfolk, insane amalgamations only vaguely resemble humans. They seem to have lost their minds, and many of them seem to exist in a constant state of pain, yet somehow they function just enough to maintain the abbey grounds. One of them, apparently feeling threatened by you, nearly killed you, and your injuries from that scuffle are still grave.

    But, armed with your trusty longsword, you turned the tables on them in battle, assaulting them with flames cast down by your fire deity. You negotiated with the creature who nearly killed you - Zygrek Belview - and now she has taken you into the courtyard to await an audience with the apparent leader of the abandoned monetary: if your assumptions are correct, he is the same individual who the villagers from Krezk had referred to only as "The Abbot".

    This is where you sit now, assaulted by horrible sounds, driven forward only by the fleeting possibility you didn't come here for no reason.


    New players welcome. Don't worry if you don't know anything - directly below this post is be a summary recapping all the major events so far.

    Current Status
    You have 5/41 HP and enough magic for 4 first-level and 2 second-level spells.

    Archive of Previous Threads (Barovian Legends #1) (Barovian Legends #1: The Curse of Strahd)

    Character/Quest Info
    Info / FAQ:
    Stats, Spells, Inventory, Character (updated in real time):'

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    String image = Cover.jpg;
    String date = '06/09/22(Thu)15:35:07';
    String comment = 'The KNIGHT wakes up in the beach.
    His sword is lost and its armor is ruined.
    The sky above him is a homogenous blue and the lush tropical island in front of him is various shades of green.
    He looked up the distant volcanic mountain, a dark tower constructed on it.
    The DRAGON’s castle.
    “I have arrived to this island with a quest from the KING. To kill the WIZARD and rescue the []” The KNIGHT declared.
    He picked up a piece of driftwood and entered the jungle.

    < Stats: HP[1] Armor[0] Damage [0] XP[0/3] Coins [0] ------[0] >
    Items ( 3 inventory slots):
    -Stick [weapon] [0 damage] [Destroy this item, distract one BEAST creature this game]

    >The KNIGHT advances to Tile 5'

  • public void The Guild of Calamitous Intent: Ventureverse qst(OP The Guild of Calamitous Intent undefined) {

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    String image = Screenshot_2022-06-09-06-31-00~2.png;
    String date = '06/09/22(Thu)11:45:47';
    String comment = 'Are you a costumed villiain looking for someone to represent you and all you stand for? Why look no further, for everything you seek is with The Guild of Calamitous Intent! Our guild is lead by a council of some of the most prolific villiains in the history of all villainy who answer to the most prolific of them all, the mighty Sovereign. So if you seek to organize with those who look out for you everything you could possibly want is with the guild, because with the guild it's Hate you can Trust! Application below
    >Reply to this post with the following
    >Villain name
    >Origin story as brief as you like
    >A description of your character's appearance, abilities, personality, and henchmen
    >Include image if you care to take the time to make one or find one close to your description
    >After your application you shall await a meeting with the council and it's Sovereign in the next post'

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    String comment = 'BLEACH QUEST: SHINIGAMI SCHEMER #2{/b]
    The year is 1866.
    You are Hokkyokusei Danketsu, and you have been a Shinigami in the 5th Division for almost a year now. Despite the prodigal pace with which you became a shinigami, and a seated officer at that, to the general observer, it hasn’t seemed to translate to your success as a shinigami, with you still in your initial position of 20th Seat.
    Your ‘girlfriend’, Nohara Tsukuya, who joined with you in the seat below your own, has outstripped you by now, rising to 15th Seat herself, despite you being stronger and more talented than her by her own admission.
    Most of the rank-and-file attribute this perhaps to your Captain, Hirako Shinji, simply not paying attention to you or something similar, but you and the smarter ones in the Division know that it’s actually the complete opposite – Hirako-taicho simply recognises what kind of person you are, and knows you don’t particularly want to stand out wfor no reason, and so he’s let you do what you want at the bottom of the ranks, content for now that you’re simply in his Division.
    However, you’re well aware that this nice arrangement won’t last forever.
    You’ve used the time you’ve had being in a lower position well, focusing down and really working on your…
    >Swordplay fundamentals (focusing on Zanjutsu)
    >Relationship with your zanpakuto (learn more about Ryūkihei and his abilities)
    >Spell repertoire (learning various kido)
    >Hand to hand with Tsukuya (gain more hakuda experience)
    >Speed (train hoho and shunpo)
    >Fundamentals (increase general stats (which?))

    You can pick multiple options here, but bear in mind the more you pick the less effective the training will be for each picked.

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    String image = BWQ Title.jpg;
    String date = '06/09/22(Thu)22:27:55';
    String comment = 'The year is 1866. You are Daniel Stockton, a veteran of the American Civil War and general in the Aizu Domain's military. You've come to Japan looking for work, and with the nation on the brink of war, there is an ever-increasing demand for men such as yourself. Last time, you met with a tenured professor of the Humboldt University, and set out to tour Berlin.



    Info Paste:'

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    String date = '06/08/22(Wed)17:24:46';
    String comment = 'From a distant land you arrive by boat to the mystic island of Vardenfell, yet you dont know why you were sent here.
    As you disembark from the ship you overhear that Dagoth Ur was vanquished about a week ago by some guy named "Nerevarine" as you walk past the dock guards into the office to be processed.

    "Who are you?" Asks an old man who seems to be in charge of processing the prisioners.

    Pick your race, class and name.
    The more players that join, the merrier.'

  • public void The Mystery Dungeons #8(OP Guildmaster except Guildmaster undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'The Mystery Dungeons #8';
    int postNumber = "5297344";
    String image = luna.jpg;
    String date = '06/07/22(Tue)19:19:41';
    String comment = '>What is this?
    "The Mystery Dungeons" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (particularly Explorers of Sky). Players isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guildmates! SFW ONLY

    Want to catch up on the story? Previous Threads:

    >I'd like to participate!
    Always feel free to join in to see if it will stick with you. People come and go as they please, but there are plenty of regulars, including artists and writers. Outside of the main quests hosted here on /qst/ twice a week, a majority of side quests, lore, and role play happen almost all the time on the Element!

    >How do I play?
    First, fate must decide which Pokémon you become:

    Settings to Use: Generate 1, All Regions, All Types, all boxes checked (natures optional if you feel like giving your pokemon a little extra in characterization).
    Take a screenshot so we know you probably weren't lying—admittedly while rerolling is frowned upon, no one has any real issue with it—after all, it's just something you and your conscious have to deal with!
    Alternatively, if you're feeling much more truthful, go ahead and roll in the thread for your pokemon! (1d905). Some legendaries and mythicals have been dropped from the available roster. Assume that the box art legendaries are unavailable.

    > Okay, now what?
    Join the Element and read the sticky, it has the (almost) complete starter guide! It'll show you how to set up your character profile, create locations to play in, and record the lore of your exploits:

    A majority of side quests, lore, and role play happen here! Otherwise, the two (usually) weekly sessions push the main stories along.

    If you feel you might need help, feel free to ask!

    Our next LIVE main adventures start on Tuesdays and Saturdays around 6:30PM CST in this thread!

    Namefag as your character, with your team and level!
    e.g. Team Poképals Monferno LvL. 25
    e.g. Monferno L.25 (Mobile Scarf/Team Poképals)'

  • public void An Ork in Custodes Clothing(OP QM undefined) {

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    String fullTitle = 'An Ork in Custodes Clothing';
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    String image = orkstodes (1).png;
    String date = '06/06/22(Mon)21:47:42';
    String comment = 'They say the Adeptus Custodes are the greatest of the Emperor’s creations. That their combat, cognitive and artistic skills are second to none. Fortunately, all the gene-crafted eyeballs in the universe can’t see through a good coat of purple-and-yellow paint.
    You are an Ork Boy who’s been mistaken for a Solar Watch Custodes after you looted the corpse of a human dressed like a shiny banana during the War of the Beast. Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion around choosing a new “Kaptain-General,” which from what you can tell, is the warboss of this humie warband. This is your chance to rise through the ranks using violence, just what you do best.

    But first, you need a name like all your colleagues. What are your titles? (Write in)

    Banana armor (Very tough)
    Shootah stabbah (Guardian spear)
    Cool choppah (Misericordia)
    Big melty bomb (Is it ticking?)'

  • public void Shinobi Sidestory Quest #40(OP Queen of Darts) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Shinobi Sidestory Quest #40';
    int postNumber = "5296476";
    String image = ame_openingII.png;
    String date = '06/06/22(Mon)22:40:00';
    String comment = 'You are Uzumaki Naori, village head of Amegakure and its representative to the Shinobi Alliance. You followed in the footsteps of your mentor Konan, and in those of her former comrades in the old Akatsuki, who themselves once followed in the footsteps of another man. It’s that man’s memory, transmitted to you second-hand, that comes to mind now. In a sense you could say that you’ve become the ‘Hanzō’ to this generation’s Sannin - you may not be able to match them for power anymore, but Hanzō wasn’t just known for overwhelming raw power either.

    It’s a frantic, rapid-fire brawl between Momoshiki, Naruto, and Sasuke which follows your decision to momentarily tap out. You follow every move carefully from both your perspective and Nyoka-han’s above, each attack, every taijutsu exchange, every ninjutsu right down to the last hand seal. All the while the storm builds. When you feel the time is right and that Sasuke can see you properly, you flip a hiraishin-marked kunai into the air to signal your intent.

    When you’re finally in motion, it’s over in an instant.

    A clever shell game with transformed clones sees Naruto emerge from what had looked like a folding shuriken, and throw a rasenshuriken which Momoshiki tries to absorb. That rasenshuriken however turns out to be Sasuke, who drops the transformation at the last instant before ramming his sword through Momoshiki’s palm.

    “Damn you!” Momoshiki roars, staggering back, not even realizing that three things happen in such quick succession that even you might’ve had trouble telling which event happened first were it not your own plan you were executing.

    Natural lightning strikes Umekiri’s blade and then, in the same instant, Momoshiki backs onto the blade even as the lightning is striking it - your body now being behind him. All he sees at first is the blade protruding from his chest, all he feels is the nothingness of immense power flowing through his body. Only then does he realize what happened just an instant before the lightning strike - Sasuke used his rinnegan to swap the positions of his sword and the kunai you were flipping through the air.

    “This is why the taboo exists,” Momoshiki admits. “Breeding with lesser beings is certainly distasteful, but it also introduces unpredictable mutations. Some of these mutants may be undesirable, but on occasion…”

    “One surpasses your ability to contain it.”

    “Typically the answer is to use kāma to take over that individual’s body and replace them with a new copy of the Ōtsutsuki they managed to kill,” Momoshiki glares at you. “Unfortunately I have never had to resort to such a thing. Had I previously in the past, perhaps I would not be in this situation now.”

    “This situation, meaning facing death.”


  • public void Claymore: Second Swords Quest #69(OP Queen of Darts) {

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    String fullTitle = 'Claymore: Second Swords Quest #69';
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    String image = Claymore_OP_2.jpg;
    String date = '06/07/22(Tue)00:53:58';
    String comment = 'You are Noel Tiberius, queen regnant of Hazaran and formerly one of the top-ranked monster slayers in your little corner of the world. And now you finally know just how little that corner truly is, a comparatively small island on the far side of the world from a massive continent on which most of the human race lives, alongside a still-mysterious species called the asharakam - colloquially known as ‘dragons’.

    In your veins runs the blood of that species, which gives you and the other warriors like you a similar power - control over a poorly-understood power called yōki - albeit at the cost of some of your humanity in the exchange. After being sent on one too many suicide missions for your liking, and after having seen your comrades butchered just for showing the faintest hints of individuality and self-determination, you decided that your crimes should fit your apparent punishment and rebelled.

    Along with you came several ‘half-awakened’ warriors, individuals who have pushed themselves beyond your supposed limits and become more monster than human before somehow managing to claw your way back to something approaching normal, along with a large number of former warriors who, like you, had long since had enough of watching their sisters die.

    But now you’re expected to be something more than a wandering warrior. Your nation is besieged to the north by an occupying force from the continent, loyal to the same Organization that turned you into a living weapon to rekindle the dying embers of a war that should have long since been settled. They controlled every aspect of your life for years as part of their attempts to create some sort of dragon-slayer out of myth and fable, even deliberately setting monsters of their own creation loose on the people living on this island in an attempt to maintain the sort of desperate conditions that produced candidates for their experiments.

    And now they intend to do the same to everyone else in your home.

    “Good afternoon,” you greet the head of the guard in the city of Merced. “You should have been informed of my arrival.”

    “Of course,” the man bows sharply before leading you into town. “Follow me, please.”

    You’ve come to the town, which is near the fairly new border between Hazaran and your western neighbor Tarsus, because it is on the way to where you need to go. And honestly, it makes sense to be seen stopping here in any event.

    The guards lead you to the mayor, who you greet in front of the town hall together with the members of your retinue: a cavalry officer, two of your fellow warriors, and one of the awakened beings who has settled with you here in Hazaran.

    “I see you brought companions,” the mayor greets you. “May we make introductions?”

  • public void Tai Lung Quest 21(OP Storyteller Luo) {

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    String comment = 'You dig into your bag and pull out the jade coin that Xin Lan left you. Placing it on the desk you slide it towards the fox, careful to not seem suspicious. "I come here to bear a message to the Empress, about a great danger to China. But from you specifically? I got separated from my companions, but they left this coin to find them. I have heard how resourceful you and your family are, so I hoped you would know about it. I know they are part of a now dead organization, being the last members, so this would be a marking to some kind of third party that worked with them." You explain. "This is the only clue they left me and nothing else."

    Surprisingly, the elder Feng is one of the few people you've ever met to not flinch when you reach for something after they discover who you are. He takes the coin and studies it with a professional eye. It only takes him a few seconds before he sets it down once more. "Whoever gave this to you is either increadibly foolish or trusts you unconditionally." He says. "They are also very dangerous or are completely unaware of what they just gave you." You say nothing and wait for him to continue.

    "I can attest to their skill." Hien speaks up. "They are one of Tai Lung's companions and I've personally seen them face off against overwhelming odds without fear. But what you mean? What exactly is this coin? Why would it require such trust and what risk could come from this?"

    "It is for a multitude of reasons but I shall start where my experise is best. This is no ordinary material. This is spirit jade." The patriarch begins. You look at Hien who also tilts his head.

    "Spirit Jade? I'm afraid I'm not well versed in the material. I recall father saying mother once wore a necklace with some of it embedded in it. She treasured it with her life. All I know that it is very rare." Hien admits.'

  • public void Multiverse Survival Quest 1(OP MSQM) {

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    String image = multiverse quest 1.jpg;
    String date = '06/06/22(Mon)17:45:15';
    String comment = 'You were an average denizen of your universe before stumbling across a silvery orb. When you picked it up, the orb warped and shifted to form a silver glove upon your left hand. Upon the pack of the glove was a glowing 10 digit number. Not knowing what the numbers meant, you accidently swiped up on one, changing one of the digits by one value. In a flash brilliant blue light, your surroundings instantly changed.

    The outcome of your mistake was a hard lesson to learn. You ended up staying for several months in the other universe before realizing that the glove needs vast amounts of energy to recharge. Now armed with the knowledge to travel between universes and the skills you learned from your first journey, you decide to travel the multiverse to see what else it has in store. And if there is anyone else out there you can do what you can.

    Welcome to Multiverse Survival Quest, where every fictional universe is one quick swipe away, consequences be damned. Before we start, I'm going to ask to you pick your origin universe (where your character was born and raised) and the first universe you travelled too. These will decide what abilities and powers your character has right out the gate. I'll list the fictional universes I'm the most familiar list (the ones I won't need to do too much research to decide on starting abilities) but feel free to suggest literally anything.

    Example universes:
    Star Wars (any time between episode 1 and 6)
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (any time parts 1 through 6)
    One Piece
    Hunter × Hunter
    Dragon Ball (including Z)
    Riordanverse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and other series)
    My Hero Academia
    DC Universe
    Marvel Universe
    Wizarding World (Harry Potter)
    Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings)
    Westeros and Essos (Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones)
    The Wheel of Time (Third Age only)
    Fullmetal Alchemist

    Those are the fictional universes I'm currently familiar enough with to confidentially explain the power systems of. Again, you can suggest anything, but I would have to do some research into them before starting and the updates between posts would be a little longer as I take time to catch up.

    So pick two universes (origin and first one travelled to), and give a brief description of the character. The reply with the most support within the first 24 hours is the one I'll go with.'

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    String image = CB9BCF60-6D30-499E-B44C-49ADB6CEA5DA.jpg;
    String date = '06/06/22(Mon)08:34:24';
    String comment = 'You are Sulli of Veilquinn, a novice village alchemist on a quest for knowledge. You are in a dungeon looking for the Tome of Rok’shaman, and ancient book which describes the origins of alchemy in great detail.

    Cold air hit your face as you entered a large cavern. There was a rope bridge in front of you, dilapidated and rotten. You were sure that it was not structurally sound. There were two pillars on either side of the bridge.

    (This quest is designed to be very open ended. The options provided will not cover every solution, and the alchemy is more akin to Fullmetal Alchemist than it is to typical fantasy alchemy. Alchemy encompasses three major actions; combination, reduction, and transformation. You can combine wood and iron to make a sword, you can reduce a book into parchment and leather, or you can transform dirt into the shape of a wall. Additionally, you are not particularly skilled at any of these yet, so you have no modifiers.)

    >Iron Rod
    >Wood Shavings

    >Combine Iron Rod with the bridge to reinforce it [COMBINATION 40]
    >Combine Soap with Iron Rod [COMBINATION 50]
    >Transform pillar sideways to make bridge across [TRANSFORMATION 40]

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    String image = ppppq3(2)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(2)(2)(1)(1)(1)(2)(1)(2)(3)(2)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(2)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(2)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(2)(1)(2)(1).png;
    String date = '06/05/22(Sun)18:27:18';
    String comment = 'Previous threads:



    "Enough fooling around, go get whatever we need for our trip to Bermuda!" you command Dr. Goldwater. "Very well milord" he says with resignation, pulling up his pants. "I do hope we can do this again". He brings the garden hose out the door. "I'll be back as soon as I can". He shuts the door behind him and you hear his car start up and pull away.

    Well, you've got a couple hours to kill. You're getting kinda hungry. It's also a bit concerning how your penis is still covered in poop from last night's Chicago chili dog, to say nothing of the pee and enema water all over the floor, the couch and you. What do?

    >Hop in the wheelchair and wheel yourself over to the kitchen to find a snack

    >Try to clean up this ungodly mess

    >Find some clothes or something to protect your modesty

    >Just sit back and watch Ninjago'

  • public void EvoGame - Renewed Tale of Two Moons Part 2: Twilight on Western Rienia(OP The Librarian undefined) {

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    String date = '06/05/22(Sun)17:07:10';
    String comment = 'Hey hey hey fellow creators of /qst/. After another lengthy hiatus, I've returned to continue our journey into the exploration and evolution of life our Moon Worlds Janus & Rienia. This will be starting with Region 1, or the Western Hemisphere of Rienia.

    As GM, I'll do my best to actively work on phylogeny charts to track the evolutions, and also make random events for the world to drive evolution down new paths. Since the focus of these threads will be specifically on a section of the world, players are encouraged to speciate and diversify regions as much as possible. After this thread, we will be exploring life's evolution back in Region 2 of Janus.

    How to play:
    • Open an image of a species in MS Paint, or your editor of choice
    • Make one evolutionary change to that species
    • Save as .PNG!
    • Post your new species in the thread with a description of what evolution you've added and why.
    • Details indicating what the generation of your species is important. Please indicate. (Base Organisms are Generation 0)
    • Details regarding a creature’s size or name are encouraged, but not required.
    • Nothing too outlandish. Anything silly or derailing will not be considered a canon species 95% of the time.

    • Unless stated explicitly, no species ever goes extinct. Old species can still evolve, even if they're not on the latest "chain"
    • Try to make your evolutions gradual and realistic in biological standards.
    • Every 24-48 hours, I'll provide a Phylogeny Chart to track changes. These take a while, so please be patient.
    • Expect a Random World Event at least once per thread to shake up the world and game.
    • As this thread to starting off on the heels of a mass extinction, there will not be any major extinctions concluding this ingame period of time
    • When this thread reaches its endpoint, we will be switching back to Moon World Janus next thread.
    • Have fun

    New to the Game?:
    • Don't be shy. If you have an idea for an organism and want to spend the time making it, please by all means do so.
    • We also have a Discord to keep you up to date on EvoGame activities, and chat with other folks and myself.
    • I have begun work on an Imgur Gallery to track evolution and provide up-to-date info on each world. It will be posted in the near future.
    • There is a Blank Template that you can use to make any organisms you wish to make for this game below.
    • Just a note, while it doesn't matter how intertwined your organism is with the rest of the ecosystem, the more dependent it is on the existence of other creatures, the more potential your organism has to survive into future threads.

    The Description of the present Janus, Setting, and, and more will be posted in supplementary posts.

    Previous Threads for Janus & Rienia:'

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    String comment = 'Welcome. In this quest, we will play as a blue goblin who walks around the city of Singapore and tries to survive. The quest will be very random and chaotic, with a high level of violence and discrimination against goblinkin. The environment will be generated with Google Street View. This will be a one-shot quest, with a lot of dice rolling.

    What Is a Quest?
    A quest is a RPG where the posters collectively vote for the main character's actions.

    Mythic RPG Archive'

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    String image = Heretic Cultivator - Copy.jpg;
    String date = '06/05/22(Sun)08:29:14';
    String comment = 'Previous Chapters:

    You are the once in a dozen generations phenomena Huānliúxuè (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood), The heir to the throne of primordial beastdom, the sole wild princess (野生 格格, Yěshēng Gége) upon earth, the founder and sect head of the outcast sect the Palace of Natural Laws (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn), and one of two practitioners of the heretical Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎlǜ), the other being your disciple, the oft brooding reformed assassin Qiang! Having decide that the best way for your closest student and first heir of your law to practice and train her mastery over the vital breath of ghosts and the spiritual energy of grudges, you lead her into the underworld itself, where the always loan shark haunted Pig spirit, Yi Zhu was all too happy to introduce the two of you to his latest employer and patron.

    The king of the Crow Demon clan, Baoli-Wuyawang (暴力-乌鸦王, Violent Crow King), who seemed to be something of a fan of yours and showed a creepy amount of knowledge about you, your cultivation method and life. Though he was ignorant enough to be unable to comprehend why you were not demonic in nature, despite your tragic bloodstained pasts and the forbidden arts you gleefully practiced while testing your and Qiang's mettle against a menagerie of opponents that the crow king foolishly believed to be a challenge to you or your disciple.

    Having set against you first the pet of his predecessor, A well fed sinner bone centipede, and then the maddened ghost of a Carmine mystic from the defunct Peerless Sanguine Jade Shrine Sect who threw the match after being humbled and awed by your innate mastery over both Ghostly Yin Qi and Untainted blood Qi.

    However the third opponent you faced, has proven more trickier to overcome than your previous fights and far more dangerous.

    The ghost of a cultivator that was torn to pieces, and forced to hold its flesh and bones together with chunks of ice and frost. Initially the phantom appeared hopelessly addled, crying the name of its killer, Jingsomething, however, as you attempted to the end the fight with a single sequence of spells, the dead cultivator's personality and memories reawakened and you found yourself thrown against the arena's wall and riddled with needles of ice.

    Infuriated, and coated in your own alchemically altered boiling blood, you prowled around the ghost as it prattled on, the heat of your cloak of tampered blood only barely keeping away the deathly cold it created just by existing. Rage bubbled within you as your blood boiled over the cuts you made in your wrists, surrounding your in a thick cloud of steam as the animalistic fury within you tried to lead you astray and make you make a potentially lethal mistake of leaping back into battle without a proper, well thought out plan.


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    String comment = 'Long ago, in a land far away, there dwelled a fierce and terrifying monster, a once beautiful maiden cast in the form of a hideous beast whose merest glance could turn the most stalwart of warriors into lifeless stone. Befouled in both body and mind, her thirst for destruction was insatiable, her once gentle heart twisted by madness and a lust for revenge well before the gods granted her the power to seek out those who had wronged her.

    Her life, her struggles, her eventual regrets, and the death that followed, these are the things that legends are made of… However, these are not the subject of our story, merely a way of retreading its beginnings. For it was with her that came the birth of a curse that would span for generations, rippling down from mother to child and outward from places high and low, spreading and diluting itself until eventually we come to our protagonist: a young girl of decidedly humble origins, born in the ruins of a crumbling tower to the embrace of a loving mother and a full head of writhing, slithering locks.

    Young Cecelia, or as she prefers to be called, Cici was kept sheltered from the world for the first four years of her life by her mother Cassandra, a practical woman and former adventurer who worried that the misapprehensions and prejudice of others might someday erupt in violence toward her and her little one. Unfortunately, her fear proved justified as come one terrible evening, she nearly fell to the knives of would-be heroes sent to take her head on the orders of a corrupt baron.

    However, fate, ever a curious mistress, chose that moment to intervene, providing her with a savior in the form of an undead protector who put an end to the fighting via diplomacy rather than bloodshed. With but a few words and a tip of his hat, he saved her and her child, rallying her once attempted murderers to the task of seeking out the baron himself to put an end to his wanton malice. The result of this after several weeks was that Cassandra, who had never willingly sought any position of power, was suddenly thrust into the role of baroness of a new territory, a happenstance which would quickly force her and her little one out of the shadows of obscurity and into the light.'

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    String comment = 'Fight against the Bosses from r/bossfight';

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    String date = '06/04/22(Sat)20:14:06';
    String comment = 'You and your comrades have been dropped in the Washington Forests as part of a Soviet infomation gathering plan, you approach the town and...

    [Red] Go to a local town for some directions towards Olympia

    [Green] Begin setting up camp in the forest to avoid detection

    [Blue] Hijack a vehicle on a local road to use as a getaway to Olympia.

    (Green circle is the approximate area you are located at)'

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    String fullTitle = 'Vultures Quest';
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    String comment = 'The year is 2045. Fifteen years ago, the world collapsed and half of humanity died.

    'Died' is a complicated and contentious word, of course. Most of them are still alive. In the cool of the dark you can hear some of them, moving high up against the hills. They click and chitter like a nightmare flock of cicadas. It's funny, you've been a veteran of the work for this long and it still freaks you out a little bit.

    You can't stop thinking about what an idiot proposition the job was. It started out simple: a woman from out West wanted a painting retrieved, intact. She'd had a summer home in a gated community hidden out in the middle of the boonies, all private police and service robots. When shit hit the fan she was in New York, and so owner and property were tragically parted. Get in, grab the goods, get it out and to its rightful owner.

    You wince, imagining the two faces screaming beneath a mass of dead flesh as you ran. The other one- Sparrow, you think her name was- got clipped by the same bastards who have you now. As far as you can tell, they're Nazis, or at the very least skinhead fucks of some description. They've got you locked up, and you're not entirely thrilled by the fact they've kept you alive. There are worse fates than a bullet to the head.

    You are lying at the bottom of an 8 x 8 hole in the ground. Above you, iron bars keep you locked down here, far away from sunlight. There is a pair of handcuffs locked around your wrists.

    The objects around you are:
    A bucket full of fresh rainwater
    An empty bucket (you think they intend this to be a latrine)
    A ceramic plate, covered with the residue of expired canned meals
    The bobby pin you've secretly snuck inside your cheek
    You are out of Damoclin. Without it, you will die within the next few days.

    What do you do?
    >Pick the handcuff locks
    >Smash the plate into shards
    >Drink some water
    >Listen for noises above
    >Inspect yourself

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    String image = 3212.png;
    String date = '06/04/22(Sat)22:52:45';
    String comment = 'Last time out, you were dragged to the dream world by Esperanza on request that you murder someone. You didn’t accept, but in an attempt to learn more about what happened, you were dragged somewhere else to be tested. Then at ‘whatever this new place is’ you met one of your old teachers from 2 years ago, learned something about yourself, and something heartbreaking about him – but you’re not ready to move on to whatever the Judge girl is expecting to happen. But now you know this is real, well, as real as the Judge meetings are.

    “…More people were here?” This seems surprising to you. This weird dream world was used for something else? And Mr. Won-Jae was involved?

    “Yes. But that isn’t important now.” Mr. Won-Jae is too expressionless to say he’s turning serious now, but you feel like he is changing his demeanor. “…Unless you want me to delve into it. I’ll answer any questions you have for me, Mr. Ando. Go ahead.”

    Since he’s open to more questions, you don’t see why not make a couple of them – or you could move on. For some reason, you feel like you’ve all the time in the world like you’re in Dream Hill…

    What do you do?

    >Ask him about Esperanza and their relationship. You think she trusts Mr. Won-Jae.
    >Ask him about the people Esperanza brought and why they were here. You want to know more about the nature of this place.
    >Ask him if he knows how long he has been in a coma, and offer to bring him up to speed about some matters, like how some people both of you know are doing, and stuff like that.
    >Ask him why you were brought up here. (Move On)
    >Write In.'

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    String image = Ashes of Rhysode XXI.jpg;
    String date = '06/03/22(Fri)23:02:50';
    String comment = '>Discord: Upon Request
    >Previous thread:

    >‘I could house them somewhere more suitable to their needs, if you’d like.’ (SCION)

    ‘I could arrange for more adequate housing if you’d prefer.’

    Your offer is sincere.

    Morrigan, however, appears to decline with a slow shake of her head. She does offer you a small half-smile of amusement, however, crossing her arms and raising her head to meet your gaze. ‘Delta would probably take that offer in a heartbeat, but I’m afraid that I’m going to have to decline that offer. I’m not very fond of being in someone’s debt … and regardless of your standing, the last thing that I’d like in my logs tomorrow is a barricade of transfer forms and declaration notices to fill out as … implicated.

    Her words end on a cryptic note, her rejection is highlighted by a quick tilt and a shrug, a non-verbal indicator that it was a topic that she wasn’t, at least at present, keen on pursuing under current circumstances. You have to check yourself for a moment, but end up giving a series of quick head-bobbles, a silent bout of communication struck as you both come to an agreement to, at least, discuss it later. The thought of Delta and Iona being in cramped temporary arrangements do, however, continue to bother you regardless … especially when you were in a position to directly correct such a gross error.

    ‘You know, I wouldn’t mind a moon or two,’ Ryosuke suggests jokingly, grinning as he leans into you.

    ‘Ryosuke,’ you sigh, ‘if I ever gave you a habitat, I’d probably come back to find it littered with grade-K hazards border to border by the end of the month.’

    Ryosuke actually looks thoughtful for a moment … before shrugging. ‘Only if you didn’t set the ground rules.’

    You roll your eyes … before ribbing him in the elbows, smirking slightly. Ryosuke takes it in good humour, giving you a bump on the shoulder in return. ‘It’s good to see the both of you,’ you repeat, relief escaping you once again as you affirm for the second time that the fates, had, indeed, allowed you to cross paths with the both of them on this plane of existence and this state of being. ‘Really.’

    ‘Yeah,’ Ryosuke concurs, albeit reluctantly. ‘A lot of the others weren’t so lucky.

    You feel something drop into pit of your stomach.

    Many of the EVAC protocols on the second and fourth cities failed to launch in time … most of the settlements got the warning too late. They didn’t have more than eighteen hours to get everyone off-world. Even for Rhysode’s population, that …

    You nod grimly, understa—

    A thought hits you.'

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    String image = 2iluzigo4ex41.jpg;
    String date = '06/04/22(Sat)00:28:18';
    String comment = 'First quest have mercy
    World lore pastbin:

    “Riders on the storm
    Riders on the storm
    Into this house, we're born
    Into this world were thrown”
    The radio droned on as flight crews made their final preparation to ride the lighting into Dhéǵhōm. Meanwhile you just sit back and mindlessly check your gear one last time while trying to get comfortable in the heavy humidity. You sit there watching the storm slowly approaching and there was an air of slight anxiety that always came when it got close to launch time. Looking over the swarth of passengers you cracked a shit eating grin “Lots of new bloods” you say to yourself.

    You could tell who was new and who was experienced from what they were doing and how they composed themselves. The new guys were the ones talking and drinking amongst themselves, some of them even taking their drugs, anything to keep the nerves at bay. The ones that have experience are checking their gear, attempting to get some sleep before the flight, or shaking down the first timers for smart electronics that could get them and their chopper killed during the ride.

    You take your eyes off the chaos just in time to witness the arrival of the people who sponsored this flight. A Princeton University archeological expedition that partnered with the American Museum of Natural History and the MET to study and gather artifacts from various ruins in Dhéǵhōm. They must have given the expedition a blank check because the Sons have their entire fixed wing transport fleet here and a good portion of the helicopter fleet as well. A green flare went up signaling ten minutes until launch time and everybody scrambled to their aircraft. You get into your Huey just as the last C-130 took off and the DC-3s started rolling down the runway.
    What do you do
    >look around to see if you recognize anybody in the huey
    >one last gear check (weapon and gear choice)
    >try to get a nap in during the flight'

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    String image = The Island.jpg;
    String date = '06/04/22(Sat)13:04:29';
    String comment = '“Land!”

    You are Lono of the Ahi, Captain of The Great Fleet and you want to get off this poino boat now!

    You land on the shores of Ke Awa and spend your time hugging the warm sand as the rest of the crew comes in through their ships. Over a year of rough seas, dry fish, and dangerous first contacts have left you shaken, but not without reward.

    After a bloody conflict, you made peace with The Anyaten, a foreign nation of powerful warriors and masters of mysterious hard material they make into weapons. You were able to secure a fair amount of it in trade, alongside several of their free prisoners and warrior “ambassadors.”

    The Fleet was only launched after years of political dealing and with its delay, there is no telling if it will all be worth it. No, it has to be worth it.

    Your experience in the Fleet has made you

    You’ve seen what’s out there and the petty political squabbles of The Island are no match for it. The Island needs to be unified by any means to deal with the threats of the outside.

    Your crewmembers suffered and died! For what, to bring back treasure for the Island’s richest? This inequality can’t go unanswered

    You are so...tired. The things you’ve seen, the things you’ve done, you joined the fleet for the sake of The Island, but you feel like you need to stop for the sake of yourself.

    Welcome to Nationquest! A Character-led Civ Quest where you chart the course of a history of a young Nation. Feel free to ask any questions as you play.

    Previous Thread:'

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    String fullTitle = 'Recall Quest';
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    String image = RecallQuest.jpg;
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    String comment = 'Bear with me.

    You wake up in the middle of a dark room with no recollection of the past couple of hours, or days?... way to go lad, way to go.

    >>What do?
    >Inspect self.
    >Try to make out any shapes in the darkness.
    >Try to hear anything in the dark
    >Demand that the voice be more respectful'

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    String comment = 'Previous thread:
    Our knight has partially succeeded at his attempt to clean himself of draconic influence! Dreygaun, the mental representation of the curse, has been pulled out of him and was summarily killed. Great job!
    Unfortunately, now Paracelsus, the cute muscular plague doctor companion, is also afflicted with the same curse. The archmage that removed Dreygaun also cursed herself and anybody that would follow her, with the intent of defeating death by becoming immortal dragons. As this is a Big Issue, you are now chasing her down with the intent of stopping her. Oh, and your bandit squire guy is cursed to turn into a kobolt, but who cares.
    You recently passed into Wulven territory. The area is thick with their magicks, forcing the moon to always be full, and nature itself seems more vicious and unwelcome. There are wolves about.
    Even worse, your smallest kobolt (by stature, not by age) is infected from a tainted health potion, turning her into one of the accursed beasts. And if that wasn't enough?
    She's a werewolf Monarch. Sometimes referred to as a tyrant. If a werewolf is 300 pounds of pure muscle and fury, she's currently 450 pounds of it, and about nine feet tall.

    You decided to try and calm her down, while the others ran off together.

    "Teensy! I need you to stay calm!" You say, to the gigantic werewolf tyrant. It leans forward, getting on all fours... and slowly stalking towards you. It's not growling, which is maybe a good thing, maybe a bad thing. You don't know.
    All the same, it's terrifying. Collar is sobbing as she clutches your leg, and is pleading with Teensy as well.
    "I-I just w-want you back! PLEASE!"
    Teensy's gigantic glowing eyes peek towards the little kobolt... and her mouth opens, drool leaking out of that horrible maw full of teeth.
    Oh no.
    You raise your fists and bend down just as she leaps forward, snarling and roaring. To your complete and utter shock, you actually SUCCEED in stopping the feral charge, your armor stopping the claws from digging into you! You are forced back for a few meters, forcefully making Collar slide away from you as your foot strikes her. However, even if you have the strength to remain standing, you can't resist the sheer weight as the Tyrant pushes you down on the ground. Groaning, you do the one thing you could think of as that gigantic set of teeth came barreling down towards your face.
    You send a fist flying down that maw, and force it deeper still, even as those jaws chomp down on your own arm, ripping straight through the plate armor using nothing but brute jaw strength and supernaturally sharp teeth. But your fist in her throat, and she seems to realize the issue.

    It's choking.'

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    String comment = 'You are Rhea Silvia.

    Corpse starch factory worker, Munitorum scribe, Guard conscript, heretic patsy, heretic bureaucrat, Drukhari pet, treasure hunter, haunted house owner, middle-class comfort lover, Corsair operative, it seems you have done everything at this point. But now you are a noblewoman (who owns a haunted house).

    Technically this is an award for helping your evil clone achieve pseudo-godhood, but it comes with a lot of strings attached.

    First of all, the House you were allowed to join are secret Chaos worshippers. Second, your mansion seems to be possessed by some sort of daemon ghost, which is friendly enough, for now. Third, your mansion sometimes gets used for certain Chaos rites. Fourth, your actual masters know where you are, and sometimes used the mansion for smuggling and slavery operations. Fifth, it seems like everyone on this planet belongs to half a dozen secret societies. Sixth, the fashion styles on this planet are so damn uncomfortable.

    But being rich has plenty of upsides too...

    And no one has asked you to do anything dangerous, yet...

    After around three months, you have fallen into a routine of sorts.

    Today you decide you will start your morning by:
    >Getting drunk, because who is going to stop you?
    >Practicing your marksmanship.
    >Snuggling with Namara, your girlfriend.

    After breakfast, you will:
    >Read about subsector economics in the library.
    >Tour the upper city.
    >Go visit yet another museum full of curios.
    >Go visit the marital aid store.

    You will then have lunch:
    >In your dark, spooky mansion.
    >At a local café.
    >With the cultists in the neighboring mansion.

    You will spend the afternoon:
    >Getting (more) drunk, maybe some drugs as well.
    >Taking a train up to the ski resort.
    >Practicing your swordsmanship.

    After dinner, you will:
    >See if Namara knows any “tricks” you haven’t tried yet.
    >Spend the evening reading.
    >Spy on the cult meeting (AKA orgy) taking place in your basement tonight.
    >Try and figure out what keeps making noise in the attic.

    Previous threads here:'

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    String comment = 'Saiyans. Known throughout the universe as the warrior race, their power and combat prowess proved invaluable in the Covenant's downfall. And with the largest threat to the PTO destroyed, their remnants scattered across space, the universe has been united under one banner. Peace reigns across the galaxy, under the rule of Lord Freeza, Emperor of the Universe. But not all wish it to be this way. Remnants of those who were conquered are gathering in the shadows, increasing their power, and plotting their revenge. Despite this newfound age of peace swiftly spreading across the stars, there are those who would seek its end. Will you be able to stop them, or shall the universe once more be plunged into the fires of war?

    Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest! This story takes place in an alternate timeline within the greater Dragonball EU. You the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830 who has risen to become a mighty Berserker Super Saiyan, and so much more. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of Saiyan might and power, widely recognized across the universe as Freeza's close friend and confidant, not to mention his right hand man and General of his forces. From humble beginnings on the now long gone Planet Vegeta, Karn has become the pride of his people, and their greatest champion.

    Character sheets and other info:
    Support funding quest art here:

    Quest rules are as follows:
    >30 minute voting windows from post time, unless otherwise specified
    >Pick ONLY ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
    >Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
    >One roll post per person, unless at least -ten minutes- has passed since your last roll then you can roll again
    >Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
    >Crit fails -only- occur if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
    >Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but options too out of character will be shut down
    >Do NOT delete votes, instead simply link your change to your previous post as well as the vote post
    >I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
    >If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
    >Have fun

    SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

    Current Arc: REMNANTS'

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    String comment = 'Kingdoms rise and fall. Empires collapse. Even gods die. Species go extinct. Yet the Eternal Empire stands eternal. Sure it wanes and regrows undergoing cycles of stagnation, decline, and revival but survive it does. In truth nobody is entirely sure exactly just how 'old' the Eternal Empire actually is. It's 'always' been around as far as anyone can remember. Some Ages are stronger than others. Sometimes forgotten. Sometimes seemingly extinct until suddenly making a fierce comeback out of seemingly nowhere. Even according to the Dragons the Eternal Empire is known as one of the very first 'First' Empires to ever arise from the Primordial eras. A title they defer to with pride and defend bitterly to this day.

    Yet not all good things last forever not even the Eternal Empire. Magic has long begun to fade away. Crippling its very might and economy. Heresy has plagued its lands as the very gods and spirits have withdrawn abandoning the Empire to a plague of new cults. The pride of the Empire and its very lifeblood the great portals, gateways, and teleportations networks have shattered. Splintering the Empire territories from within. Meanwhile the magi upon noticing the decline have magic have either isolated themselves to the few magical hotspots remaining or withdrawn completely. While revolutionaries who smell opportunity from within pounce upon the struggling Imperials and governance to rebel openly. Even previously loyal vassals have taken advantage of the plight to seek their own gains and even independence from the Empire. While at the same time enemies without taking advantage of the weakness and decline of the Eternal Empire also attack together and take their own pound of flesh. Beset from all sides and from within that is the era you and many others are born in.

    No longer is the Eternal Empire the mighty unstoppable force that it once was. Now it is a shattered decaying monstrosity in its death throes...and yet despite how much time has passed. No matter how many enemies have joined hands to end it the Empire still stands against all odds. Yet for how long? Much ground has been lost. Thanks to magitech breakthroughs the loss of gateways has finally been stymied and what few worlds remain to the Eternal Empire are still bound together. Albeit many of them are still bitterly contested by their enemies. As has been the case for thousands of years now in this age of constant decline and endless bloodshed. While recently a new announcement was made not long ago. New proto FTL technology was now being mass produced. No longer was the Eternal Empire forced to rely upon old relics from bygone ages and could now seek new means to reclaim lost territory or even capture new ones.'

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    String date = '06/02/22(Thu)17:41:26';
    String comment = 'It’s been two months since your life was ruined. Not by disease, disaster or even an accident. A monster destroyed your life, right in front of you. And nobody believes it. Not your family, not the cops, nobody. After it happened, you waited for what felt like ages to get a call back from the police, saying they caught the bastard, that what happened warrants the full force of the long arm of the law, but it never happened. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, something snapped in you.

    You’re gonna find the vampire, and destroy it. No matter what.

    But to know what to do next, you must know who you were before.

    >Who were you?'

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    String image = Clerk.png;
    String date = '06/02/22(Thu)14:16:02';
    String comment = '“Monster hunting license? Good. Permit to own and use magic items and magic? You got that too I see. Medic examination? Hmm, you aren't allergic to any common potions. That's good. Certificate of passing physical and combat test? Yes, looks like you have everything to join the Adventure Guild” The man behind the desk leans back on his chair and opens a drawer below him. „Now I need you to sign some papers. Don't worry, it's just formalities.”

    A fat pile of papers hits the desk with a loud thump.

    “Sign here, here and here. Here's that you agree to let the Guild take a cut of your rewards. Don't worry, most of it goes into your healthcare and retirement funds. Sign it here. Here's that the Guild isn't responsible for your death and here's that the Guild doesn't take responsibility for your crimes. Alright, here's agreement that the Guild gets the exclusive right to sell merchandises based on you. Unlikely it will happen, but the Guild play it safe after the Gnar Thunderhammer fiasco.”

    Slowly but surely the pile is getting thinner.

    “Alright, one left. I need you to fill up this form.” He slides to you an another piece of paper and you take a glance at the presented positions:

    >Previous profession:
    >Class you want to pursuit:
    >Reason why you want to become adventurer:

    “Be honest in your answers. We won't judge you if you're joying us just for money or because you like killing things.”'

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    String comment = '(No, you didn't miss a thread, apparently I miscounted and last thread was 116. Fixing it with this one.)

    After agreeing to a bit of a night out, you find yourself in a smallish tavern on the borders of the Eatery District. Real hole in the wall, but serves a variety of fare. A massive platter of fried crab legs is in front of you, as well as a few other finger foods, but you’re less interested in that than who’s with you at this table.

    Aside from Director Langil, languidly sipping on a beverage, there’s a few actors around- at the table was the guy who’d talked to you earlier being a recurring goon, who went simply by Jamie. He was laughing it up with a couple others; two girls, twin lizardfolk ladies who were rather long and tall, but otherwise were in the same boat; you’d managed a nice little dance between the two of them for a small fight sequence involving ‘high-frequency’ cutlasses. Not REALLY, but the illusion of it was entertaining enough.

    Then there was the last person at the table, and you weren’t entirely expecting her. Nia. The Production Coordinator. Seems like she’d been putting in some late hours, and the way she’s scowling and tearing into some sort of crispy leafy number tells you that she isn’t in a good mood. Not that anyone seems to notice or care…maybe it’s just how she is? Or maybe they just know not to mess with her. You can get that.
    General Pastebin:
    MGFH Spreadsheet:
    Character Details:

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    String comment = 'You're a goblin and an assassin. You kill people (mostly humans) for shiny coin. It's a good gig.


    Marital status:
    Current target:'

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    String comment = 'Five millennia have passed since the fall of the Machine Builders, or so the textbooks say.

    You live in the World Reborn, beneath the light of the second sun whose name is Wisdom. A million miles beneath your feet - perhaps even further than that - the corpse of the first sun spins upon its midnight axis as a horrific reminder of mankind's hubris. Smothered in a dense and loathsome smog of corruption, it drinks in all light an births foul demons into the world. Yet without that hateful undead star holding everything together by its gravity, the flying islands of the World Reborn would scatter beyond the astral strata and into the cold void of space. All life would be choked out, the winds of life would disperse into the void...

    ...or so the textbooks say. Little enough is known about the Black Star Below, and few who enter into the lowest strata where the mists of corruption grow dense and one can behold its horrific emptiness return to tell the tale. Either they are consumed by the star or the creatures that it births, or its darkness taints their minds and drives them beyond the precipice of madness. All that is known for sure is that those mists birth the greatest threat to humanity.

    (Aside from other humans, of course)

    Demons. The Star-Spawned. Wretched abominations spat out by the corpse of the first sun, rapacious beasts that know only of madness, chaos, and destruction. Those unlucky enough to survive one of their attacks will eventually succumb to their madness, their humanity eroding away from exposure to the Black Star's taint. When they broke the first sun in their quest for infinite energy, the Machine Builders unleashed these threats upon the Old World, and beneath the weight of these threats their once glorious civilization fell.

    But before they fell, they left behind one last gift for their descendants - the second sun named Wisdom, and the stars that gathered around Him. His light cleansed the taint from the highest strata of the World Reborn, and His greatest warriors - the Magical Girls - drove the demons back into the Mists from whence they came.

    Those times are long past. Outside of the lowest strata, attacks by the Star-Spawned are incredibly rare. But the Magical Girls who protect humanity retain their prestige, serving as Wisdom's hands upon the earth to keep the peace among humanity... and answer Demonic activity with overwhelming firepower. Every child wants to be one when they grow up, and many have the spark to join the Magical Girl Reserve.'

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    String image = Snowroad.png;
    String date = '06/01/22(Wed)21:10:32';
    String comment = 'Year 2082. Your name is Gabriel Cole, average Canadian. Following a fire in your flat, you are abducted by a megacorporation and shipped off to a laboratory in Alaska for experimentation. After being rescued en route by a two-man commando, and unceremoniously introduced to your new mutant powers – superhuman strength, rapid regeneration and, most of all, control over a mysterious black substance flowing below your skin – you discovered that your saviors belong to group of anti-corp mutant living in a secret base.

    Your choice was to either struggle alongside them or go face the wolves alone. You picked the former.

    Now your story begins.

    Previous thread:

    >Dice roll pick is best of first three.
    >One roll post per person.
    >System is roll-under, lower is better. Critfail (100) and Critsuccess (1) override normal rolls.
    >Write-ins encouraged: write something good and you may be awarded INTERVENTION POINTS.

    Gabriel’s stats:
    >Strength: 20
    >Agility: 15
    >Intelligence: 10
    >Charisma: 10
    >Perception: 10

    Intervention Points Count: 1

    >By burning a point you can automatically succeed in any action that requires a roll AND involves utilizing your powers. You can both use them preemptively (to guarantee success) or after the roll (to correct unsatisfying results). However, be warned: using them has consequences. Furthermore, if you burn a point to accomplish something very arduous, or use one to attack a very strong foe, auto success will turn to a reroll (stopping handgun rounds with a mutie shield - no problem. Doing the same with a .50 bullet - reroll.) In cases like this, I will ask if you are sure to burn the point before writing. Once you decide to use one, you will have no control over Gabriel's actions for that specific roll.'

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    String image = The Graverobber&#039;s Daughter Alternate Title Card.png;
    String date = '05/31/22(Tue)23:53:09';
    String comment = 'THE TRAGICAL BALLAD
    Or, The LADY who fell in Love with a STRANGER

    Part I.

    GOOD people pray attend,
    Unto these lines I’ve penn’d,
    Which to the world I send.
    Therefore draw near,
    And hear what I do say,
    Unto love’s sad decay,
    Prov’d most severe.

    There was a Strange-man,
    Who hid in a strand,
    As I do understand.
    In spite of his plight,
    He was still passing fair;
    So this young lady bright,
    Could not rest day or night,
    He was her soul’s delight.

    Now this young lady cry’d:
    “I can’t be satisfy’d,
    I wish I was his bride,
    To cure my smart.
    The Moon bend her bow,
    And wound my lover so,
    That in short time he’ll know
    A lovesick heart!”

    “Why can he not be Clean?
    To keep me in misery?
    How could He be so mean?
    There must be a mistake!
    I wish he was safe,
    So love would not chafe,
    And Moon with arrow strafe,
    Our virgin hearts together.”

    Then the young lady said,
    “Why should I be afraid?
    I’ll bring my servant maid,
    To tell my mind.”
    “Julia, Julia” said she,
    “Pray come you here to me?
    You must my council be,
    Then I’ll prove kind.”

    “I love that Strange – man,
    He who was merchant Hiram,
    Let me say what I can,
    He is the one for me!
    Love has ensar’d my heart,
    As I do feel the smart,
    The Moon with her keen dart
    Has grievously wounded me.”

    Then said that damsel fair,
    “Madam, a dark deed you declare.
    Your mind I can’t forbear,
    But let you know,
    You must be in the same case,
    Mad to love that damned face,
    With heart, heavy in breast,
    I must now call for your arrest.”

    In sorrow, discontent
    Away doomed damsel went,
    Heavy heart with blade soon rent,
    By her loving lady’s hand!
    The lady’s Soul now blackened,
    To lust she harkened,
    Mad with love for the knave,
    No longer can she be saved!”

    - Excerpt from the Tragical Ballad, a broadside written and distributed by the Inquisition in the first years after the Strangeness appeared. Out of the many broadsides put out in this period, this one is unique as it focuses on the dangers presented by ‘clean’ individuals who would shelter Strangers. It is also unique in that after a short but successful run, it was actually pulled out of circulation by the Inquisition and marked for suppression by the Iconoclasts, for repeated references to the Moon. Before the ascendancy of the Priests in the Empire, the Moon was worshiped as Luna, a horned and battle-scarred goddess, whose arrows would cause love or madness on their targets. While worship of Luna had been stamped out for hundreds of years by the time the broadside was written, the concept of lovers and madmen being struck by the Moon had not, much to the chagrin of religious authorities. While it is unclear why the Inquisition would distribute something that the Iconoclasts would deem as objectionable, it is possible that the intent was to imply a connection between someone who would harbor a Stranger and someone who would allude to Luna.'

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    String fullTitle = 'Tales From The Weald';
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    String image = 1647439559023.png;
    String date = '06/01/22(Wed)03:03:14';
    String comment = 'Watch the first episode here:

    Tales from the Weald is animated retro quest pretending to be NES JRPG horror game.
    You play as a young woman retelling on a pursue after someone in a vast, dark forest.

    I take commands only from Youtube, this serves only as a update log and a forum.'

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    String fullTitle = 'Golden Quest';
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    String date = '06/01/22(Wed)12:32:53';
    String comment = 'Welcome to Golden quest, a mainly text-based quest punctuated from time to time with shitty pics I made! You are a conquistador going on his first expedition deep into the Amazon jungle on the search for El Dorado.

    I'm a first-time QM and a terrible writer, so I'd appreciate any constructive criticism. I'll start slow this time (so I can ease into the role).

    Basic Rules
    1. The option with the most votes after a certain time interval will be chosen.
    2. Write-ins are accepted whenever the option is given.
    2a. Within reason. Blatantly stupid ones will be shot down.
    3. d20 rolls for skill checks.
    4. Items in the inventory are usable at any point.
    5. No sex, only the pursuit of gold and knowledge.'

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    String image = TitleDrop.png;
    String date = '05/31/22(Tue)11:19:02';
    String comment = 'Two blades clash in an empty throne room
    The sound of battle raging on outside slowly grows more and more silent
    Two figures stand opposed. Both were heavily injured from their duel. A human knight in bloodied and broken armor breathing raggedly. A Dark Lord wearing torn robes bathed in dark liquid.

    "Heh. Seems the battle outside is coming to a close buddy…" spoke the knight
    "Indeed it is… But after my defeat I shall simply return and slay them all." In a distorted, distant and cold voice replied the Dark lord
    "Well that's if they get to finish you off." The knight grabs something that was attached to his belt. The Dark lord stared at the object for a moment "A grand sealing spell? Something like that will not contain me forever."
    "It doesn't have to. I have foreseen your fate. You will be slain by my blade in the hands of my descendant!" The knight exclaims. The Dark Lord merely scoffs "Fate, Thomas? I Am not bound to fate. To claim you have foreseen mine is ludicrous. I won't allow it." The dark lord grabs ahold of his tome ready to counter the seal
    The knight dryly chuckles into his hand lightly coughing up blood "You made one small Mistake friend. This isn't just a grand sealing spell. This spell was made specifically for you." The knight activates the Spell-cube and throws it at the dark lord who attempts to stop it with his dark magic but it does nothing to deter the cubes arc towards him
    The Dark lord is struck in the chest and the spell that would seal him starts forming around him. The Dark lord releases a sight as he looks on towards the knight "So be it. I shall greet your descendants to their dooms…" the spell finishes forming and consumes the dark lord sealing him away.

    The knight falls to his knees hissing as he holds a big gash across his side "I hope they finally put you to rest, old friend…" he whispers to himself as several figures break through the doors of the throne room

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    String image = henchman.png;
    String date = '06/01/22(Wed)16:54:09';
    String comment = 'Today’s shaping up to be a goddamn scorcher, even by Iraqi standards. The kind of heat that gets your blood boiling in more ways than one.

    Camping out in the Devil’s Corridor definitely isn’t improving your mood any. Place has a lot of bad memories floating around it, and it’s starting to grate on you.

    As much as you’d like to deny it, you can’t help but hope for an opportunity to work out your frustrations.

    And given the position you’ve found yourself in, you might just get that wish.

    Put bluntly, you’re gonna get hit, and soon. There’s no way it won’t happen. Not after your dipshit of a handler made an open broadcast of these coordinates as your pickup zone. The operatives that you tangled with back in Qurac seemed far too canny not to notice a breach in radio silence that massive.

    Hopefully they’ll think it’s just a poorly-planned distraction and be slow to investigate, that might earn you some extra sand in your hourglass.

    Guess disposable muscle like you and Shade don’t warrant the bandwidth of an encrypted channel or an alternative that wouldn’t leave the pair of you swinging in the wind.

    Bet mission control would’ve changed their tune if they knew exactly what you hauled out of that embassy and halfway across the goddamn desert.

    Nothing too important, just a case containing the only potential cure or countermeasure for an artificial plague with the potential to wipe out every metahuman alive, plus or minus a couple hundred million people.

    Numbers like that really put things in perspective. You’ve had to make some hard choices to get this far, choices that may or may not have gotten the rest of your detachment killed.

    But you’re not out of the woods yet. Just need to hold on for just a little while longer and you’ll be back in the good old USA.

    It’s a comforting though that helps to distract you as you start digging into the canyon like a tick. If those bastards want these samples, you’re gonna make em fucking bleed for it first.

    Still, things aren’t all bad. The radio you “borrowed” from your old FOB somehow manages to tune into the AFN station. In between inane updates about the status of the war and equally snoozeworthy news about the homefront, the DJ finally manages to sandwich in some goddamn music.

    Their music taste is a bit out-of-date, but that’s not exactly breaking news given the general caliber of the Corps’ equipment.

    Besides, some good tunes always helps to make the work go by faster.

    And just because you’re running out of options doesn’t mean that you don’t have some tricks hidden up your sleeve.

    First off, you carefully re-arm your stolen block of homemade C4 and nestle it amidst a rocky outcropping at the entrance to the canyon. All you need to do is slam the big red button, and let the fireworks commence.'

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    String comment = 'Rolled 1 (1d100)

    Welcome to U Quest!

    This is a Survival Horror Quest with heavy drama. In this episode you will choose a character and proceed to walk in a day in their lives before everything in the world changes. This quest thrives on you not knowing too much about the impending doom because your character will live through the beginning of the end.

    Below are your choices for characters. Each with a very short summary about them. Vote for one.

    >The Nurse:
    Sex: Female
    She works in Aurora city hospital as a nurse in the ER.
    Has an older brother that works as a bartender. Although really she takes care of him, he is a bit of a fuckup. She has an on again off again boyfriend. She has a best friend that works in the ER with her.
    She lives in an apartment downtown with her brother. She doesn't have a car or pet.

    >The Cop:
    Sex: Male
    Works as an officer in ACPD.
    Has a partner that he trusts with his life .Had an older sister that died during childbirth... he takes care of her daughter. She is now 12 years old.
    He adopted a German Shepard that failed police training for being too nice. He has a long-term girlfriend that works as a nurse and helps him raise his niece. Has a small house in the suburbs.

    >The Lumberjack:
    Sex: Male
    Age: 26
    Works as a lumberjack for Aurora City Timber.
    Very physically fit and able to work long hours of intense labor. Lives on his own in a cabin he made himself. Very handy went it comes to building furniture and etc.
    Loves to fish and drink. Very Happy'go lucky. Lives near a family owned ranch that is very... backward. That family however happens to be the family of his childhood sweetheart.

    >The Housewife:
    Sex: Female
    Works as a stay at home mom.
    Is married to a wealthy businessman. Has 3 children. Lives in a gated community. Exceptional at all things related to being a housewife; Cooking, cleaning, raising children, fixing things around the house, etc.
    She really knows how to makes places feel like home.

    >The Private investigator:
    Sex: Male
    Works as a private investigator run from his own office in Aurora City.
    Has connections in every level of Aurora City down to the underworld of the city. Exceptional at finding clues, talking to people, and being unseen.
    The only real family or friends he has are his flask of whiskey and pack of cigs. They never let him down and he can't live without them. He lives in a small apartment downtown.

    > The Pizza guy:
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Works at Aurora Pizza.
    Just a college kid trying to make in through the world one step at a time. He has had a long losing streak and just can't catch a break. No real skills or relationships to speak of, he kind of just gets by.'

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    String comment = 'Welcome back.

    Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

    When a roll is called for, roll a D100 unless otherwise specified.

    Inventory, pokemon stats and other links:

    New Discord for questions, discussions and announcements:

    For a short summary for the new and to recap:

    You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of Seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills.

    Last time, your egg hatched into a Riolu, you made it to the halfway roadhouse on the way to Silveridge, met your long lost childhood friend Jacky, learned she's the current champion, meditated with Gareth, battled a bratty kid who tried to catch a Riolu and Lucario meditating with him and did some training with Gareth, during which Sage evolved.'

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    String comment = 'Welcome to Golden quest, a mainly text-based quest, punctuated from time to time with shitty pics I made! The expedition just began, but it’s already wrought with death.

    I'm a terrible writer, so I'd appreciate any constructive criticism. Feel free to write down more detail when choosing an option too, It helps me out. This one will be different from last time.
    Basic Rules
    1. The option with the most votes after a certain time interval will be chosen.
    2. Write-ins are accepted whenever the option is given.
    2a. Within reason. Blatantly stupid ones will be shot down.
    3. d20 rolls for skill checks.
    4. Items in the inventory are usable at any point.
    5. Survive.

    Each vote time will be around 1 hour. I may shorten or lengthen though.'

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    String comment = 'You are Blair d’Rusalka. Student at the Garreg Mach Officer’s Academy, Dark Flier, and an Officer of the Black Eagles House. You were sent to the Academy by your guardian, Count Charles d’Rusalka, to undergo training and become a Knight in his service. With vengeance on your mind, you and the Black Eagles pursued Monica into the forbidden Sealed Forest. There, she revealed herself as Kronya, a mysterious assassin with ties to the same group that assaulted Remire Village. In a blowout battle that pushed you to your limits, both physically and mentally, you managed to defeat the villain, only for Solon to reemerge.

    Summoning ancient magics that turned the tide of battle, the Dark Mage alone proved to be more than a match for the entirety of the Black Eagles. However, with the timely intervention of Professor Byleth, who was sporting a new, mysterious appearance, Solon was brought down. Two of the biggest enemies threatening Garreg Mach were laid low, and just in time for the end of the school year, and your graduation.

    Spending your final remaining weeks at Garreg Mach with the friends you made, you pack up your things and prepare to head back home to Rusalka. The Holy Ritual, a mysterious tradition at Garreg Mach, is currently underway. As you were not elected to participate, you sit alone in your room. The end of a tumultuous year is finally here.


    >Blair d'Rusalka
    >Level 24 Harrier (70/100)
    HP: 43 (90%)
    STR: 22(40%)
    MAG: 18 (50%)
    DEX: 20 (45%)
    SPD: 28 (65%)
    LCK: 17 (30%)
    DEF: 17 (50%)
    RES: 17 (40%)
    CHARM: 13 (45%)

    >Personal Skill:
    Fiery Blood+(+4 Damage and +3 Speed when HP is not at Max)

    Lancefaire: (+5 ATK when attacking w/ Lance)
    Black Tomefaire (+5 ATK when using magic)
    Darting Blow (+6 SPD when attacking)
    Rally Spectrum (Grant +2 to ally’s stats)
    Swordbreaker (+20 Hit and Avoid when facing Sword users)
    Alert Stance (+30 Avoid when not engaged)
    +2 STR
    +5 HP

    Lance: A
    Authority/Tactics: A
    Reason: A
    Flying: A
    Axe: D
    Sword: D-
    Heavy Armor: E

    Fire (E Rank, +3 DMG, 10 Uses)
    Thunder (D Rank, +5 DMG, +10 Crit, 5 Uses)
    Aircalibur (C Rank, +3 DMG, 3x damage against flyers, 5 Uses)
    Fimbulvetr (B Rank, +12 DMG, +10 Crit, Area of Effect, 3 Uses)
    Bolting (A Rank, (12 Damage, 15% Crit, Long Range Siege Magic. 2 Uses, Range: 20)

    >Inventory: Silver Lance, Axereaver, Magic Staff, Flame Lance, Blessed Lance, Javelin, Iron Sword+, Vulnerary (x5), Elixir(x2), Pure Water
    >Gold: 600g

    Ashe, Dorothea, Corrine, Bernadetta

    Petra, Caspar, Leopold, Edelgard

    Felix, Mercedes, Elizabeth, Sylvain, Catherine, Flayn'

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    String comment = 'Last time, your date ended on the best note possible! It was sweet! Now, you’re trying to figure out a way to get back into the Camper to get your sleep.

    (You temporarily get Handsomeness to Level 6 for a day!)

    You could’ve sworn you had the keys aside from the truck’s, maybe you left them inside, you did go in and out a lot on this hectic day. You can’t beat yourself up for a tiny lapse, besides your morale cannot be any higher at the moment. This little impasse is nothing to you. Still, it doesn’t mean you want to sleep outside…

    As you futilely continue digging into your pockets for a miracle, an intrusive voice starts echoing inside your head…

    “Congratulations, you’ve done it again! That felt good, didn’t it? Chio is one hell of a kisser!” The thought pats you on the back.

    “Yeah…” You’re confused as to how you’re talking to yourself, but here you are, personifying your thoughts. “Wait, what do you mean with the ‘again’ stuff?” It’s the first time you kissed her! Unless Chio… *gasp*… took advantage of you at some point! But when? No. That’s stupid. That never happened. Except for the early handholding, but that was consensual!

    “C’mon! You don’t have to play dumb anymore. This is the 3rd girl you kissed this week, don’t you remember? Are they really these unforgettable moments for you or not? Chio, Yu Yan, Nina. You enjoy fooling around with these girls, don’t you? Don’t worry, it’s something you’ve earned; you’re giving love to the world! Or am I wrong?” Since Angel and Devil Johnny were expelled from returning ever again, these thoughts turn into another whispering consultant… Demon Osgood! If the real Osgood saw this, he’d say something like ‘this isn’t cool, man’ or something.'

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    String comment = 'Rolled 3, 40, 43, 40, 92, 90, 89, 2, 34, 90 = 523 (10d100)

    I couldn't even read when the world ended, so I didn't know why the world was ending, and it took years for me to realize it had ended. Even worse, no one has really been able to explain to me why the world ended or even how. The people who knew wouldn't tell me or were not sure, and everyone else just suggested so many wild and different reasons. Big missiles with incredible destructive power, some kind of plague or a huge war.... Maybe creatures from another world landed and just started wiping us out?

    A lot of people seem to think that when the world ends, that the ways of man and nature would no longer matter, and strange.... other things would come into our world.... That when we die we wouldn't actually go to the other place but would be trapped here.... Or we had been damned by God or Hell had opened up....

    You think I would have more answers considering I'm training to be an administrator.

    "Hey hey..... HEY! Snap the fuck out of it! Something has happened to the senior leader. There is a fucking situation! Come on already! I didn't mentor you all these years so you could fuck it up now!"

    One of the things that anyone has to learn to understand this world, or perhaps any world, is that not everyone's the same. People are different, it’s just how it is. Not only are people different, but things are different too, and capabilities are different. However, I’ll detail that and explain it to you when I can. Right now I need to focus on the basics. Once you understand how ANY group functions, you can understand how WE function.'

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    String comment = 'Glory to the Second Primarch, Arch Dominus of Lucius and Leader of the Reconquista Fleet! After traveling through the void to tens of other Forge Worlds the Primarch has gathered underneath him a fleet only comparable to that of the Emperor’s own. Today he sets foot upon the most Holy World of Mars, tomorrow he moves towards the devastation of the Mitu Collective.

    ++The Rules++
    >Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
    >Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
    >If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.


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    String comment = 'A great war has broken out across the continent. From the great Varuskie Tzardom to the fields of Daloyaume and Gallonia, fighting has begun. And even in far off colonies soldiers ready themselves for the greatest war in history, and in time, the deadliest. A place where the idea of the noble war good for any young man was dashed away with true horror and suffering. A war to end all wars. Yet, even still, there was one place where chivalrous gallantry remained. A new frontier of warfare opened up by tools viewed naively by some as merely interesting toys of no military value. It will be here that knights of the skies will fight, fall, and die for their country...


    This is a wargame somewhat inspired by Battlecruiser quest where in you control a wing of aircraft, or in the case of some of the smaller nations, the entire air corps of a nation in the war. You will give orders to the various squadrons under your command and I will use a program based on the stats of the aircraft they are flying to determine the results of combat. You will ideally not get all your pilots killed and run out of replacements or otherwise bungle things so badly that you get replaced.

    Below this will be rules, a map, and at the very bottom the nations you can chose from and their bonuses and maluses alongside the name of our commander.'

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    String comment = '“Loch. You’ve come back to have a talk about the grander schemes of our world, I take it.”

    “Why, Ganze, I could very well have been asking if you’d like to go out to a Vitelian bistro. A more inland styled one, not so fond of Halmeggian obsessions with seafood.”

    “We could certainly not go together. If you are feeling like eating such, you could merely ask for it here.”

    “You’re not in a good mood, are you? Why, has the object of affection assigned for you not been feeling like coming any closer?”

    “Yours neither, Loch.”

    “You wound me. That does remind me, though…did some of our friends have to die? I was under the impression that regrettable losses were a mistake.”

    “On some level they were. On another they weren’t Sigmund would have understood. I’d like to believe he does, at least. Don’t you agree?”

    “Somewhat. Though I wonder if your conflict would be the same as mine if there was a similar regrettable loss for you.”

    “Humph. So I take it that she asked you about him, and you had no answer to give?”

    “She had her suspicions. I told her nothing that was secret. As unsatisfied as I am with some things, there is a greater purpose in motion. Alexander’s ambition, that his life was too brief to see through, and his ideology too self-centered and flawed to accomplish with what time he had. That for the sake of its greatness to come, Humanity must become something beyond its individual parts. A Grand Organism, a proper sum of its history, accomplishments, and potential.”

    “How many decades were spent by our friends and mentors for such a lofty dream.”

    “Alexander thought it might be like raising a dog, or perhaps a child. As one of his position and ego was wont to do. He himself was not evolved enough in his thinking, because of that view of himself as such an individual force. His ambition would have been more like raising a tree. Perhaps even a forest.”

    “And here we are, perhaps able to see this orchard bear fruit, perhaps not.”

    “Yet for how many decades one plan was in motion, how many centuries were the others making for a similar plan? They will stand in our way, if they are not already. Regardless of what of their whims we fulfill. Yet you’ve come to me to bemoan that a woman does not favor you?”

    “I am frustrated, admittedly. We are brethren. You were hiding nothing from me, were you?”

    “Of course not. Never. Are you from me?”

    “My answer is the same as yours.”

    “Then we are in agreement. There are other matters to speak of, while we are on this track. The troubles to the west are set to intensify once more. We ought to hold some meetings to see what we can do about them.”

    “Yet we have our own internal difficulties, Ganze. Hence why I am remaining home so much longer now. I’m not cowering here like a whipped dog.”

    “Yes…the situation is not good, but I believe in us. In our people. We will find some way to overcome. We have sufficient might and will for that.”

    “Most certainly.”'

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    String comment = 'Pilot 17,

    Mission briefing enclosed.
    See MB for fuel and ordinance allocation. Departure at 23:10:00.