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String comment = "Home always seems better when you've been away for a long time. Henry has to not only deal with a missing persons case, but also his ex girlfriend Sophie raining in on his parade. The missing person's case is the easy part, Nessie's niece Duchane is missing, and the boat-keeper Paulie has something to do with it. A good usage of brutality or threats will hopefully loosen the mans tongue. If not there are worse methods one could use. As for Sophie... she's a different kinda of trouble.

Quest rules:
1. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
2. The first two dice rules have higher value assigned to them, but subsequent rolls can have an effect if good (or bad) enough
3. All dice rolls are final
4. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5, Critical hits are between 95-100. Crits overpower any other roll except another crit. In the rare chance that a crit fail and crit success happen. The Lorekeeper will do something interesting from a story angle. Similarly, rolling 2 of the same number will be considered a MEGA crit, just pray its two high numbers.
5. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold, whether over or under. This can have an impact on how the story proceeds. However these are up to the decision of the Lorekeeper.
6. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
7. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
8. There will be “Time Limited” decisions, in which characters may only do a set number of actions, these will be clearly marked. Generally you will only be able to choose one decision per ‘round’.
9. Interviews: Interviews will generally be a freeform set of questions that the readers have to ask the person they are interviewing. No hand holding here, I will purposefully leave up wrong answers or decisions, although for the most part careful readers will be able to tease these out.
10. Rules may be subject to change between threads, but will not change during the same thread. These rules are what we will follow for the remainder of this thread.

Archived Threads + Sidequests:

Discord (Meet the Loremaster himself, and get live updates and all that jazz): (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Main Character Spell List:

Equipment List"

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if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3029274 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)21:14:24")

“Keep talking Paulie and I might just let you live.” Henry said.

The man was fearful for a few more minutes before a look of clarity crossed his face.

“Red cloak.. I know you… Henry the necromancer correct? Y-you… you don’t know who you’re messing with here boy.”

“Ha, if its someone who can scare you then that’s half the damned city ain’t it.”

“I’m serious Henry, stay outta this, I don’t know what you’re trying to get here.”

“I’m trying to find someone, a girl, Nessie’s nephew.”

“The barkeep?” Paulie asked nervously. “The hell she have to do with any of this?”

“Her niece got caught up in whatever idiotic scheme you cooked up, or I suppose whoever paid your debt off cooked up.”

“How do you know about-“

“I’m the one talking here, I also know about the sabotage going on around here, and I can probably keep digging and figure it out but you’d save me a hell of a lot of time.”

“Stay out of this one Henry.” Paulie said. “Look, you don’t want no part of this, hell I’m too deep as is, I don’t got a say in shit, and god just keeps hammered down on poor old Paulie.”

“Leave god out of this, you have some questions I want answered.”"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3029299 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)21:34:16")

“Where is her niece, that’s all I want to know, and it’s all I’m paid to ask for Paulie, I don’t really give two shits about anything else. Tell me, and I’ll leave you alone to do whatever the hell you are doing.”

Henry flashed a bit of red mana in his hand, but Paulie was completely oblivious. Henry figured he flat out didn’t notice, since Henry wasn’t trying to hide it. That made Paulie even less of a threat then he had been previously.

“Look, Duchane is her name right? She got herself caught right after I explained to her the plan… the woman’s bad luck anyways.”

“Where did she get grabbed?”

“Right here in Shearpoint, on her way back to my boat actually. The woman didn’t follow the instructions I gave her. The dumb broad screamed so loud I thought she’d bust the glass from the nearby windows. The Cathars had to place a rag in her mouth to keep her quiet.”

“And you didn’t tell Nessie this because?” Henry asked.

“I didn’t know that was Nessie’s fuckin niece, and if I did go now I’d probably end up dead! I ain’t willingly gonna fuck with Nessie alright?”

“So she’s in the lockup then?” Henry asked.

“Assuming she didn’t get moved. I imagine they ain’t gonna let her post bail since she caused a heck of a lot of property damage.” Paulie said.

1. “So with that sorta attack, is a war brewing around here or something?”
2. “Will your employer care if I bust her out of prison, he doesn’t want to ‘clean up’ does he?”
3. *Kill Paulie with your shortsword*
4. *Cast Memory scatter on Paulie* (roll 1d100)(will use up 1.5 blue mana)
5. *Kill Paulie with a bolt spell* (will use 1 red mana)
6. “Drop me off at a dock and we’ll be done with each other.”
7. (write in)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3029316 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)21:43:17")

>4. *Cast Memory scatter on Paulie* (roll 1d100)(will use up 1.5 blue mana)
And cast it on the other guy.
No memories.
Only dreams"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3029344 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:01:20")

other guy is no longer in range, you all decided to wait until he left to make the confrontation easier. Also you forgot to roll"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3029350 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:03:12")

"Rolled 48 (1d100)

Well shit, I absolutely forgot."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3029407 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:33:24")

"Rolled 65 (1d100)

Backing >>3029316

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3029426 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:40:18")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3029436 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:50:17")

Since Paulie wasn’t a mage that meant Henry could easily remove the conversation they’d just had from his memories. He wasn’t going to kill a man for simply being a stooge, especially when he hadn’t actually done him any wrong. Henry only killed people if he had a damned good reason for it, generally, unless it was an accident. Then there was nothing he could do.

“Drop me off at that nearby dock Paulie, and I’ll get out of your hair.”

“Finally, I was half thinking you was gonna gut me. I still have half a thought you will.”

“Honestly you managing half a thought is rather impressive.” Henry smugly replied. Since Paulie wasn’t gonna remember any of this it wouldn’t hurt to mess with him.

“Oy you better hope we don’t cross paths in the sewers some time or I’ll remember this.” Paulie said.

“You really think I give two shits about ending you Paulie?” Henry said, his smile fading.

“H-here? In public?” Paulie asked.

“Whenever the fuck I got some free time, hell maybe I’ll even take my time doing it. Been a while since I practiced.”

“H-hey now.” Paulie said, holding a hand up while the other remained on his paddle.

“Just get me to the fucking dock Paulie, I don’t want to look at you anymore.”

As the boat slowly got to the dock, Henry gathered the required energy for the spell and let it fly, striking Paulie in the head and easily removing the last five minutes from his memory. Henry placed something simple In its place, a nice calm uneventful voyage.
It really helped that driving a boat thru a canal was so god damned boring.

1. Head to the lock up, at the very least you can case the joint out
2. Head home, you need some backup
3. Grab a bit to eat (may result in meeting new people)
4. (Write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3029444 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:54:53")

>3. Grab a bit to eat (may result in meeting new people)
>4. (Write in)
Also grab a bite or two for Ophelia and Charles, we have associates that eat now."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3029445 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:55:43")

Backing those trips in >>3029444"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3029449 && dateTime=="11/05/18(Mon)22:59:52")

going to bed boys, see ya tomorrow"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031166 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)22:08:19")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031235 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)22:31:52")

Henry worked his way down to Delight Street a little bit outside of Shear Point. The place itself was known as Green Lane, and was more of a residential district where many factory workers resided. Henry wasn’t fond of the place; the smoke belching from the factories often worked its way over here if the wind blew in the district’s general direction. The place was in the outer ring, but felt like it was just barely good enough to be in the third ring, basically one step up from an utter shithole. Still, Henry didn’t mind too much, food was food, as long as it wasn’t poisonous.

Honestly the food at the random pub Henry had stumbled across wasn’t too bad for the price, a couple coppers for some food and light drink. Nothing intoxicating but at least it had a taste to it. The man running the counter was pleasant enough. There was a man working on a puzzle box in one of the seats. He had an odd pair of spectacles on which had many lenses which Henry figured were meant to zoom in on the object. The puzzle box itself was mad out of scraps of wood and metal, and had an odd air about it, Henry didn’t really know what to make of the man or the puzzle box, but the man working the counter said that he was passing thru like Henry was.

Then there was a much older gentleman with a long grizzled beard and a happy air to him sipping from a drink and passing the time. Henry figured he’d have some stories to tell. Old folks generally enjoyed rambling on he’d found. Johnny sure as hell fit the stereotype.

Lastly there was a healer outside offering services to the locals, Henry knew from opening people up that being close to the factories caused the lungs to fill with shit, He didn’t really know how much good a healer could do but at least the woman was trying. A couple children were watching as she cleaned a couple of medical tools in a flask.

Decisions: (pick one)
1. Keep to yourself, you’re not in the mood
2. Speak to the man at the counter
3. Speak to the healer
4. Speak to mister puzzle box
5. Speak to the old fart"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3031262 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)22:40:14")

>1. Keep to yourself, you’re not in the mood
Enjoy our meal, then see if we can't get some food to go for the ones that eat at home.
Even if the puzzlebox is interesting sounding."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3031264 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)22:40:36")

>4. Speak to mister puzzle box"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3031294 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)22:54:04")

Fuckit, lets talk to the puzzled one."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031300 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)22:57:16")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031321 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:09:49")

“Having trouble?” Henry asked the puzzle box man.

“Can I help you?” He responded.

“Just wanted some casual conversation, figured you were the most interesting person here.”

“Lucky me, though I suppose I haven’t gotten anywhere with this damned thing.”

“Where’d you even get it?” Henry asked.

“Friend gave it to me, said it was found in an old ruin in Burlum Province, nobody else has been able to open the darned thing, even a locksmith friend of his. Everyone else has given up but I’m not so easily dissuaded.”

“Names Henry by the way.” Henry said, holding out his right hand and using his left to place his food and drink on the table the man was sitting at.

“Brice, Actuary.” Brice said.

“That’s a type of … accountant I think?” Henry said.

“Astute, a specific kind actually, I work in insurance, and due to the spate of… shall we call them incidents that have occurred in Shear Point recently I was sent down to investigate. Lot of sabotage and some peculiar magic involved.”

1. “You don’t say?” (roll 1d100+10 for charisma)
2. “So you deal with numbers all day, sounds boring as hell.”
3. “I figured you weren’t from here, not too many educated folk in these parts.”
4. “Mind if I give the puzzle box a crack?”
5. “If you shuffle papers then why are you the one who got sent out here?”
6. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3031330 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:14:22")

>5. “If you shuffle papers then why are you the one who got sent out here?”
>6. (write in)
>"Accidentally took the wrong person's policy?""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3031347 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:22:55")

Backing >>3031330"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031349 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:24:17")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031363 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:31:27")

“If you shuffle papers for a living then why are you the one who got sent out here?” Henry asked

“An inquisitive sort then, well, who says that I was ‘sent’ out here in the first place?”

“Accidentally took the wrong person’s policy?” Henry asked.


“I was asking did you piss a coworker off or something?”

“It doesn’t work-… is it that hard to believe that I like to get some fresh air once and a while? A little bit of adventure never hurt anyone.”

Henry didn’t really know how to respond to that.

“I am stuck inside of an office for hours at a time, day in and day out, and while I like my job immensely, and I’m good at it too, once in a while doing something different is what I would describe as incredibly healthy.”

“huh.” Henry said.

“Huh indeed.” Brice replied.

“So of all the places you could have been sent out to, why did you pick this one? It isn’t exactly scenic.”

“It’s within the city limits for one, so I don’t have to be away from the family for longer than normal, and I quite like the local architecture. Quite a bit of work went into these old buildings.”

“They can’t be more than twenty years old.” Henry said. “Shear point is fairly new too.”

“You’re missing the point.” Brice responded.

The man plinked away at the puzzle box for a few more minutes before setting down his tools in frustration.

1. “Let me take a crack at it, come on.” (roll 1d100 – 15)
2. “So how do you know the thing isn’t cursed?”
3. “Hear about the spider?”
4. “So what’s that I heard about sabotage?”
5. *end the conversation*
6. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3031366 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:33:06")

>6. (write in)
"Whatcha got there?"
>Motion towards the oddity."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3031368 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:33:29")

>2. “So how do you know the thing isn’t cursed?”
>1. “Let me take a crack at it, come on.” (roll 1d100 – 15)
Must be mana-based
also backing >>3031366"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031373 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:36:22")

someone forgot to feckin roll"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3031392 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:47:17")

"Rolled 77 - 15 (1d100 - 15)

Hell, I'll roll for it too."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031397 && dateTime=="11/06/18(Tue)23:48:49")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031432 && dateTime=="11/07/18(Wed)00:05:29")

“So what is the thing exactly?” Henry asked.

“A very complicated puzzle box, very old too, I’m set to have a historian take a look at it this weekend, hopefully they can shed some light on the thing, perhaps it’ll give me a better chance of actually opening it. Beyond that I’m not really sure.

“So how do you know the thing isn’t cursed?” Henry asked, he glanced over and noticed that the owner seemed a tad worried about the thing, occasionally shooting glances over.

“Had a mage friend of mine take a look at it before I set about attempting to open it. It passed muster and I trust the man, since if I met an untimely end attempting to open this then his reputation would hopefully be ruined. If not then I suppose I’m a bit of a fool.”

“Dumber people have done dumber things.” Henry replied.

“Words to live by.” Brice responded.

Henry gazed at the object with his mage sight, sure enough there wasn’t a hint of magic on the thing, which struck Henry as odd. Generally there was a hint of magic in everything, this thing just felt… dead? Not really dead, just empty. He’d never really seen anything quite like it before in mage sight. It unnerved him a bit. But since it didn’t give off any kind of aura whatsoever it was either a masterwork or completely inert. Henry’s paranoia flared up but his common sense tipped toward the latter.

“Can I take a crack at it?” Henry asked.

“Go ahead, if you somehow manage to break the damned thing in two then at least I’ll know what was inside.”

Henry spent a couple of minutes wiggling around the set of lock picks that Brice lent him before eventually giving up. He had managed to get a single popping noise to emanate from inside the box, but Brice had informed him that several of the noises had gone off before, and his locksmith friend had explained it was probably the internal locking mechanism resetting after a failed attempt. Henry only felt a bit better when Brice explained that the fact he’d even managed to get it to reset was a rarity, most who tried didn’t get anything out of the box.

1. “I think the damned thing is busted.”
2. “Well I gave it a shot, no sense being ashamed.”
3. “So do you have any other strange hobbies?”
4. “Ever travel anywhere interesting?”
5. “Any interesting clients?”
6. “I really need to get going” *end conversation*
7. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3031443 && dateTime=="11/07/18(Wed)00:13:32")

>7. (write in)
Lets try our old fall back method for investigating magical or lack there of trinkets.
Lightly and slowly leak mana into it as we try to solve it."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3031445 && dateTime=="11/07/18(Wed)00:15:19")

"Rolled 49 (1d100)

Rollin for the inevitable roll requirement"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3031526 && dateTime=="11/07/18(Wed)01:06:39")

"Going to bed";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3031830 && dateTime=="11/07/18(Wed)07:33:14")

"Rolled 4 (1d100)

Backing >>3031443
and also rolling"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3031831 && dateTime=="11/07/18(Wed)07:34:18")

"Rolled 78 (1d100)


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3032067 && dateTime=="11/07/18(Wed)11:27:04")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3034691 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)22:04:37")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3034731 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)22:18:08")

Henry reached out towards the box with a small sliver of red mana. He didn’t really want to risk using black mana and he was low enough as is on blue, so he figured it would be a safe bet either way. Boy was he wrong. As soon as his mana strand made contact with the box he felt a sort of spiritual tugging. His mana was slowly but forcefully being pulled into the box, and he wasn’t able to break the connection for several seconds. By the time he managed to yank his arm away he’d lost a good deal of red mana. The force of him pulling his arm away also sent him crashing to the floor in an embarrassing display.

(-2 red mana)

“I’m guessing you are a mage of some sort? My friend had a similar experience when he poked at the thing. I don’t believe magic is an option when dealing with it. I’d like to think the creator of it didn’t want anyone cheating.” Brice said, offering a hand to Henry.

Henry waved him off and got up off the ground. “I wonder if it would survive if I tried to blast it open.” Henry muttered.

“You will do no such thing.” Brice responded.

“Sorry, I’m just frustrated, I’m not used to being outsmarted, less so by a box.”

Henry could see out of the corner of his eye that the owner of the pub was chuckling to himself, probably because Henry had fallen like a newborn calf.”

1. “I have business to attend to.”
2. “I hope I never see that box again.”
3. “Have you tried using a sledge hammer?”
4. “I might know someone who could open it, bit of an odd ball but she is incredibly intelligent.” (Will get Ophelia involved)
5. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3034751 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)22:23:22")

>4. “I might know someone who could open it, bit of an odd ball but she is incredibly intelligent.” (Will get Ophelia involved)"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3034767 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)22:31:00")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3034797 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)22:42:42")

“I might know someone who could open it, bit of an odd ball but she is incredibly intelligent.” Henry said.

“She?” Brice asked with a bemused tone of voice. “And to be honest I’m not sure I want to trust someone with this artifact, no offense but we’ve only just met.”

“Well considering you’ve been unable to open it, what exactly do you have to lose?” Henry replied.

“Fair point I suppose. But I’ll have to insist that we meet on my terms. Here is my business card by the way.” Brice said, pulling out a nicely made paper card with a few key pieces of information on it. A address in the second ring, the name ‘Brice Rosetta’ and the name ‘Mongoose Insurance Company’.

The company was fairly well known, for one they were the most important insurance company in Celeste by a wide margin. A lot of factories and other buildings were insured by them and the nobility had held fairly close ties with them. He then wondered if this whole pagan thing was just a way to scam insurance money. Someone wrecking their own factories wouldn’t have been the craziest thing he’d ever heard of.

“So I just stroll in and then what?” Henry asked

“Make an appointment, if you’re serious about this anyway. It will have to be in a week or two, I have that meeting with my friend soon, I’d rather not have the puzzle box damaged or destroyed before then. If I can help it.”

“Right.” Henry muttered, looking to the card once more, the thing had a nice blue and gray trim, quite a bit of work had gone into it.

“I’m afraid I must take my leave now, although it was nice meeting you mister… actually I don’t think I got your name.”

“Mister Fisher.” Henry replied, holding up his hand to shake.

Brice returned the gesture and quickly gathered up his belongings from the table, tucking the puzzle box under his arm and quickly leaving the building. Henry noticed that he was pretty much alone now, with the exception of the owner who was happily humming a tune to himself as he started cleaning off some of the tables.

1. Head down to the lockup, you’ve put this whole thing off long enough. At the very least you can gather some info
2. Head back home and grab some help for the ‘jailbreak’
3. Go pay Rosa a visit
4. Head back to undertown to get your illusion rune, it should be ready by now.
5. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3034800 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)22:45:49")

>5. (write in)
Grab some food for ophelia and company, and
>2. Head back home and grab some help for the ‘jailbreak’
We can grab johnny for backup."

if(BaVo && title=="" && postNumber==3034977 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)23:45:09")

>3. Go pay Rosa a visit

Tell her about the lock up. She may have ways to get the niece out. Tell her about the pagan thing, the green mana and the factory destruction and Paulie tied up in it and scared spitless."

if(BaVo && title=="" && postNumber==3034982 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)23:46:29")

Oops - not Rosa - Nessie in undertown.
Jailbreaking is a foolish idea in the capital."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3034988 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)23:47:15")

looks like we got a tie, surprised anyone else showed up. Just as well since I was getting tired"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3034989 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)23:47:37")

Damn, I had a remark about mentioning the pagans to the church member."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3035000 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)23:50:36")

Lets go visit nessie on the way home"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3035009 && dateTime=="11/08/18(Thu)23:59:04")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3035060 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)00:16:50")

Henry did a couple of things after leaving the pub, first and foremost was traveling back to Undertown to speak with Nessie, and gather his Illusion rune from Stefan. Getting the illusion rune went easily enough. As soon as Henry approached the rune appeared through a small panel in the door itself. How the house worked didn’t make too much sense to Henry, he just knew it had enough enchantments layered into it to supply a small army, or maybe a really big one.

As for Nessie, she didn’t exactly take the news lying down. In fact the woman nearly barreled out the door until being stopped by a few of the panicked regulars. Eventually she settled into a worried pacing routine. Henry wasn’t really sure what to make of it, he’d never seen the woman this worried before, hell he’d never seen her worried period. This was bad news.

Eventually she calmed down enough to think properly; the first thing out of her mouth was how stupid and naïve her niece was and how she was going to properly strangle the life out of Paulie. Henry wasn’t about to tell her not to, although he hoped she had enough sense to not do it within the boundries of Undertown. She mentioned that the Cathars would not be expecting anyone to break her out, they probably viewed this as an isolated incident, beyond that she wasn’t all that helpful. Henry again couldn’t blame her, she was worried sick.

Upon reaching his house he handed out dinner to both Ophelia and Charles, who ate at what was becoming the communal table. Henry didn’t really know where to start so he didn’t. Johnny was sitting in the storage room and Henry noticed a few scorch marks on the ground, he decided not to ask what had happened.

1. Get Johnny and head out to the lockup
2. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3035072 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)00:19:46")

>2. (write in)
Tell Johnny the plan first.
Listen to input, then gear up and head out"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3035079 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)00:21:17")

heading to sleep, will continue tomorrow, hopefully around 7:00 pm eastern"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3035834 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)06:55:13")

Backing >>3035072"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3036828 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)19:35:55")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3036905 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)20:09:24")

Henry carefully explained what had happened to Johnny, and then went on to explain his scheme for breaking Duchane out of the lockup. The lockup itself wouldn’t be too secure so they’d have a chance if they hit it tonight. The other option would be to pay off the damages but that would far outstrip any reward that Nessie would or even could offer, and Henry wasn’t exactly swimming in coin.

Johnny thought it over, happy to no longer have to deal with Ophelia’s character flaws. The main issues he laid out were as follows. One, they had no idea if she was even there and then there were the guards themselves, how many, rotations, etc. Although he did agree that this would be the best opportunity to bust her out. Now or never he put it.

The two geared up, Henry with his short sword and a couple of throwing daggers, and Johnny with his horrible get up. The prototype rags Henry had made still worked but looked goofy and would draw quite a bit of attention. He’d have to make this quick. Hopefully the woman wouldn’t be too stupid. He could feel Ophelia looking at him all the while.

Henry slipped the illusion rune into a small crack in the wall near the entrance, and as Henry walked out the entrance disappeared from view. He didn’t want to have a repeat of Sophie visiting, and Ophelia was smart enough that she wouldn’t have much trouble figuring out what he’d done.

1. Scope the lockup out
2. Bust in immediately, you can figure things out as you go along
3. *bring other equipment* (write in)
4. (write in)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3036958 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)20:33:26")

>1. Scope the lockup out"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037015 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)20:58:51")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037047 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)21:26:27")

The two walked their way back through the sewers of the second and third rings, emerged onto the street, and continued back down to Shear Point. The moon was steadily rising now and a couple of gheists had begun to pop into view. Nothing dangerous, mostly ghiests of people with a couple of odder ones occasionally mixed in. For the most part they avoided the street lamps that dotted the main roads and thoroughfares. At this point in the night few normal people would be out, and there would be Cathar patrols active which would create its own mix of problems. Time was of the essence.

The lockup was a small two story building which had a rusted iron lantern hanging outside the front door. There was a small perimeter fence, thin bars with sharp pointed flourishes on the top forming a small courtyard in the front of the building. Through a pair of glass windows Henry could spy a couple of Cathars sitting at a table and having a conversation. The backside of the building had two more doors, a back door and what looked to be a cellar door. The back door was made up of wood and yet more rusted metal while the cellar door was a sort of sheet metal that was rust free. Henry figured it must have been recently put in. While the lock on the backdoor would not be a problem, the lock on the cellar door was another matter. It was far more complex than anything Henry knew how to pick. If only he had a way to get Sophie to help him, but that woman wouldn’t work for small potatos.

Overall the building didn’t seem to be too well defended, but this building wasn’t exactly meant to be either. It was meant to stop people from getting out rather than in. The upper floor had a series of barred windows which led Henry to believe that was where the prisoners were held. There might also be runic enchantments inside but Henry couldn’t be sure. He just figured the woman would’ve tried to break out by now.

A ghiest slowly floated over a canal in the background as Henry tried thinking through everything in his head. This wasn’t too complex but not too simple either.

1. Head in through the front door and gather more information. (they’ll see your face and its overall riskier but it will get you more info)
2. Break into the basement
3. Lockpick the back door and slip in
4. Use Johnny to create a distraction out front (risky if the Cathars catch him)
5. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3037084 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)21:42:15")

>5. (write in)
Ghiestcall and use as a scout or distraction."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3037103 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)21:52:09")

Backing >>3037084"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037170 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)22:24:22")

roll 1d100 to see how well the gheist trap works"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3037175 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)22:27:24")

"Rolled 17 (1d100)


if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3037191 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)22:34:21")

"Rolled 91 (1d100)


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037193 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)22:35:31")

actually writing now"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037240 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:00:46")

Henry glanced over at the ghiest slowly meandering its way over the canal. With a flick of his hand Henry let loose a bolt of blue mana and struck the ghiest in the back of its spectral head, and it began slowly floating its way back towards Henry. The spell had been an obvious success. On closer inspection the ghiest had a faint white glow and appeared to have been horribly mangled in life based what Henry could see through the spectral rags that covered its body. Henry figured it had been caused some sort of factory accident based on the location he’d found it at. It was altogether fairly terrifying, which would work in his favor, the Cathar’s wouldn’t be able to ignore this son of a bitch.

(-1 blue mana)

“What are you thinking with this?” Johnny asked. “If that spell had failed you’d have an angry ghiest to deal with.”

“And the Cathar’s inside would have had a nice distraction regardless.” Henry replied.

“Fair point, still incredibly ill advised. So what do you want to do with him?” Johnny asked.

“I don’t have any way to hijack his sight so using him as a scout won’t work all that well. I’m going to have him float around and draw the Cathar’s out, alright?” Henry asked.

“Then why am I here exactly?” Johnny asked.

“Moral support, and so I have someone to fight for me if it comes down to it.” Henry said. “And you, Ghiest, go make a loud ruckus and get those two bozos in there to chase you.”

The ghiest heeded the command, floating over to the window where the two Cathars. It floated for a moment, let out a horrifying screech, and began to pound on the window, causing the Cathars inside to leap out of their chairs in surprise. Both charged towards the door and quickly pursued the ghiest down the street, cursing at it all the while. A few bolts of white mana were fired at the ghiest to little effect, the thing had no intention of fighting since Henry had told it to run, that’d probably buy them a few minutes."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037248 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:05:15")


“Come on Johnny!” Henry said, hastily heading into the lockup.

The interior was about as sparse as one would expect. A couple of weapon racks containing swords and spears, a few bunk beds off in one corner, and a few other pieces of furniture and decoration throughout. The table the two Cathar’s had been sitting at, now toppled along with the chairs sat in the middle of the room along with a mug of beer that had been spilled onto the ground, now seeping into the rug the table had been sat on. Johnny mentioned something about wasting food but Henry wasn’t in the mood to listen to yet another one of his life tips.

If there was anyone in the station they would need to play this off as them looking for help, otherwise they’d be in for a fight. The last thing Henry wanted was for causalities. The two quickly ascended the stairs, being careful not to make too much noise. Henry needed to make sure that their girl was actually in this place before doing anything else.

Upon reaching the top Henry pushed open a door and got a good look at the jail. There were about a dozen cells scattered about, five of them opened and the rest occupied. The main issue was that there was a child mopping the floor. Henry figured it was an apprentice but it was a further snag he didn’t want to deal with. Luckily the kid was utterly preoccupied with his task and hadn’t noticed their entrance. The kid was humming a tune having something to do with good fortune, Henry wasn’t close enough to hear it properly.

Henry slowly shut the door until there was only a crack remaining to see through. He needed to think quickly and act decisively.

1. Get the kid’s attention
2. Have Johnny subdue him
3. Ignore him, he won’t be able to stop you
4. Bolt him
5. (write in)"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037260 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:09:02" && image=="images.jpg")

also forgot the image like a dumbass"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3037261 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:09:49")

>5. (write in)
>Toss him a copper and tell him to take a break.
Also are we at least covering our face?
And we need to get a new cloak, one specifically for cloak and dagger missions as a red one is noticeable and memorable."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3037264 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:10:53")

I meant toss him a silver"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037347 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:41:12")

roll for it boy"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3037348 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:42:37")

"Rolled 64 (1d100)


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3037350 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:46:49")

"Rolled 36 (1d100)


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037352 && dateTime=="11/09/18(Fri)23:47:25")

partial success"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037425 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)00:08:45")

Pulling his cloak over his head, Henry swung open the door and more or less announced his presence, startling the boy and causing Johnny to slowly bring up a hand to his face. Henry produced a silver coin from his pouch and flicked it over to the kid all the while ordering Johnny to stay at the door.

“What’s going on, where are Doran and Michael?” The boy asked.

“Out on a walk, now, as for that piece of silver, you didn’t see what happened, understand?” Henry asked.

(-1 silver)

“I-I…uhm…” The child said, slowly backing away while holding up the broom as if it was a sword.

“You have poor form boy.” Johnny remarked. “Have you been an apprentice for long?”

“T-two years!” The child said. The kids legs were shaking with fear, but the fact that he’d maintained his composure well enough to know that there wasn’t anyone to help them was interesting, meant his training wasn’t for nothing. It also meant that those two Cathars were the only ones in the building at this time, the rest must’ve been out on patrol or at home with their families.

“They haven’t been teaching you proper swordsmanship then, or you have an pair of horribly weak arms.” Johnny replied, trying to defuse the situation.

“Oy what the fuck’s goin on?” A man from one of the cells called out. “We got visitors?”

“S-stay in your cell!” The boy said, swatting the mop’s handle at the prison bars.

“Settle down!” The prisoner said, “Fecks sake I’m only here till morning, I don’t want no trouble.”

Henry casually made his way over to the child and forcefully removed the broom from his hands. The kid leaned back against the wall and slowly slid to the floor, unable to move due to overwhelming fear. Two mystery people had just come in through a building that was supposed to be guarded by two trained Cathars. Kid probably figured they were dead. Henry didn’t feel like correcting him and immediately went to work, inspecting the cells. Three of them had men, two had women."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037429 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)00:09:53")

“Taking to scaring children now sir?” Johnny asked.

“Fuck off and die.” Henry replied. He searched around for a keyring but was unable to locate it, the guards must not have been idiots, and didn’t keep the keys in the jailhouse.

“Duchane?” Henry asked.

At first there was no response, then a man from a different cell called out. “Yeah you hear to break me out?”

“I’m looking for a woman Jackass.” Henry replied. “Nice try though.”

“Did my aunt send you?” A woman called from yet another cell. “Fucks sake I told her in my letter I could take care of myself.”

“Least you’re smart enough to not use names.” Henry said. “Look we got limited time before the daring duo return. Hey kid, where are the keys kept?”

“I w-w-won’t tell you.” The kid said, terrified. “Y-y-you’re not good p-p-people. T-t-take your dirty silver back.” He said, before throwing it at Henry. “S-she hurt people, y-you can’t let her go. W-w-what did you do to Doran and Michael.”

(+1 silver)

Henry caught it and pocketed the silver coin in one swift motion before replying. “None of your business kid, and berating some bad people while they have weapons and you don’t is not a winning strategy.”

“Happy to see you’ve been instilled with the proper values of a Cathar, even if you have a ways to go in terms of combat ability.” Johnny said to the child. “I apologize for my companion here, but we are in a bit of a rush, nerves will flare.”

The skeleton sounded way too cheery and detached for what they were doing.

“I know where the keys are, but you gotta let me out if I tell you.” A man wearing a bandana with a skull on it said, calling out from another cell.

“Do you know where it is Duchane?”

“Wasn’t in any condition too look when they brought me here, so I haven’t the slightest.” The redhead replied.

1. Try to get the information out of the kid by force
2. Go along with the prisoners plan (let him out y/n)
3. Try to find it yourself
4. Have Johnny go look for it
5. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3037433 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)00:12:15")

>2. Go along with the prisoners plan (let him out y/n)
Let him out only long enough to get the keys then mind wipe him, have johnny on standby incase he's also a mage."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3037462 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)00:24:08")

heading to bed. I think this was a fairly productive session tonight."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3037947 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)05:35:10")

Backing >>3037433
Good thing this mindwipe is only for real short term memory stuff"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3038232 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)09:48:14")

Yes, I forgot to say only short term. Good catch."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3040304 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)22:30:34")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3040432 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)23:06:17")

"You have a deal, but try anything and you’ll regret it.” Henry said.

“Yeah sure bud. Look, they keep the keys in a locked drawer downstairs, I saw one of the guards grab the key from under his mattress. I don’t remember exactly which one it was but it was one of the bottom bunks.”

Henry didn’t waste much time, racing past Johnny and back down the steps. He jumped over one of the fallen chairs and bolted to the bunkbeds. He quickly searched under all three of them, found the keyring, and bounded back up the steps. Nearly tripping in his haste. The keys were small silver pieces of metal each with a dozen prongs on them, all contained to a small iron key ring. Keys had been getting better over the years or at least Sophie had told him once, it was amazing that such complex locks could be made so cheaply now. He wondered if it would put Sophie out of a job, probably not.

He quickly opened Duchane’s cell and walked inside to offer her a hand up. The woman knocked his hand away and quietly left the cell, all while muttering to herself. Henry saw that she had a pair of mage-bane handcuffs on. He didn’t know where the key for them was but they could work on cutting them off when they got back to Undertown, right now they had to escape.

“You’re welcome.” Henry said.

“I told you I didn’t need the help.” Dunchae grumbled.

“No need to be so proud, ego is the last thing you want to have.” Johnny said. “And never be too proud to thank a man for helping you, even if it’s breaking you out of jail.”

Duchane merely glared at him as she tried to pass him down the steps, but Johnny wasn’t about to budge for her.

“Yeah thanks pal!” The man with the skull bandana called out from his cell."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3040437 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)23:07:46")

Oh right, him. Henry casually strolled over to the cell, attempted to conjure a memory scatter, only to feel the spell fizzle out on him, he didn’t have enough blue mana left, fuck. He kept his composure and went through his options. He could let the man out, the man didn’t have cuffs on but it would be a two on one, he didn’t really expect Duchane to do much, she didn’t seem the helpful type. But on the other hand, if he left him to hang, the man might hold a grudge. Henry didn’t know how good his memory was or how crazy he was but he didn’t know if he wanted to leave it up in the air. He didn’t even know what the man was in for, he could be letting out a serial killer for all he knew.

“What’s taking? Can’t find the right key or something?”

“Get out of the way… weirdo.” Duchane said, drawing Henry’s attention away. The woman was fairly loud for such a small person.

“I beg your pardon?” Johnny asked.

“Your aura is all weird, whatever. Get out of the way!”

“Not until my friend here is finished with his business.” Johnny continued.

“Oy bud, you’re not just gonna leave me here are you?!” The bandana man asked, forcing Henry’s attention back to him.

1. Leave the man to hang
2. Throw him the keys and bolt
3. Let him out yourself and get his help for the time being
4. (write in)

>2 blue mana spells casted today, memory scatter on paulie for 1.5 mana and the ghiest trap to create the distraction. 0.5 mana remaining, meaning you didn't have enough to cast the memory scatter on mr. bandana"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3040453 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)23:12:37")

>>2 blue mana spells casted today, memory scatter on paulie for 1.5 mana and the ghiest trap to create the distraction. 0.5 mana remaining, meaning you didn't have enough to cast the memory scatter on mr. bandana
Fugg How fast does mana regenerate?

3. Let him out yourself and get his help for the time being
That way we can watch him so he doesn't heart the guards or the kid."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3040482 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)23:24:54")

requires resting for about 8-10 hours for it to recover completely."

if(BaVo && title=="" && postNumber==3040523 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)23:40:45")

>2. Throw him the keys and bolt

"Now, if you know what is good for you -we get. She will be none too happy if you mess up again, girl." And get moving. She will either listen or chase us."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3040534 && dateTime=="11/10/18(Sat)23:45:25")

You gonna let an unknown "bad guy" be alone with an apprentice cathar?
He probably gonna off the poor kid."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3040574 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)00:02:58")

will post tomorrow, night"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3041106 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)05:29:38")

Backing >>3040453"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3042193 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)16:04:21")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043059 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)21:08:03")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043173 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)21:39:59")

Henry glanced at Johnny and nodded. They both placed their hands on their weapons, ready in case the man tried anything. After a couple unsuccessful attempts, Henry found the correct key and the door swung open.

“Fuckin finally, thanks pal.” The man said. “As for you you little shit.” The man said, turning towards the child. “Not so tough now huh?”

“Knock it off, I didn’t come here to hurt anyone.” Henry said, stepping between him and the fearful child.

“I ain’t gonna kill him, I just wanna rough the dumbass up a bit.” The man replied.

Henry began to unsheathe his sword until the man backed up, holding his hands out in surrender.

“Let’s get a move on before anything goes wrong.”

“Finally!” Duchane said.

The four of them descended the steps, before Henry hooked a turn towards the back of the building. The back exit would be much safer. Less visible from the street, less likely for them to bump into the two Cathars, among other reasons.

“Is the twerp following us?” Duchane asked.

“Keeping his distance, probably wants to make sure we don’t steal anything.” Johnny replied. “We won’t by the way.” He said, calling upstairs.

The group of four hurried out the back door, leaving it flapping about in the wind. The back gate was summarily kicked open, and the group scattered into the night. Henry let the man go his own way while the three of them quickly got the hell out of dodge. Nobody had died, no muss or fuss. A good breakout overall.

“So what do you-“

“Wait till we’re safely underground.” Henry said.

Duchane went to respond but quickly realized two men with swords didn’t really need to listen to her, especially when her cuffs were still on.”

“Look if we wanted you dead we would’ve offed you already.” Henry said, “And hopefully nobody wants you dead who’d go to the trouble of doing it themselves.”

1. Head down to Undertown
2. Head to your workshop and grab a few tools then meet with Johnny in undertown.
3. *wait till your underground then ask a few questions* (write in)
4. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3043198 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)21:46:09")

>1. Head down to Undertown
Take a roundabout way to the bar where our dear employer is."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3043200 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)21:46:56")

>1. Head down to Undertown
Get Nessie calming down first, then figure out what's going on with those pagans from Duchane."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043203 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)21:48:17")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043234 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)21:58:53")

Henry took an intentionally long route to undertown, utilizing a couple of switchbacks and wrong turns. He often checked behind him, using mage sight on both himself and his surroundings to ensure that they hadn’t been hit with any enchantments or tracking spells. Once he was certain they were clean he began the long trek to undertown.

All the while Duchane was complaining about the smell, the cramped nature of the sewers, and how everything felt unnatural. Henry gladly ignored her, she just wasn’t used to city living, obviously.

Johnny tried to strike up conversation with her a couple of times but was met with little more than anger, venom, and snarling. Henry could easily believe that she was related to Nessie. Henry remembered how Nessie used to be before the woman had mellowed out, it probably just ran in the family.

“So we’re almost there now.” Henry said, glancing over his shoulder at the woman. “Hopefully we’ll be able to get the cuffs off, but the metal itself looks fairly cheap, so I should be able to work something out if Nessie isn’t able to.”

“I’d have theses flimslies pieces of metals off myselfsies if I didn’t have my magic cuts off.”

“Oh so you do have an accent.” Henry remarked.

“I tries to hides it topsides.” Duchane remarked. “Matters littles now.”

“I honestly prefer you speak normally, always a pain trying to understand people from the forest.” Henry said. “Well, Nessie mainly.”

“Wait… your from Nessie? She didn’t forgets about me?”

“What? Of course not, she’s been worried sick.” Henry said.

“What…” Duchane muttered… “Paulie….”

The woman began to tremble with a barely contained rage. It hadn’t even simmered down by the time they reached undertown. Luckily the toll Henry had paid was still active, and the gatekeepers seemed to let all three of them through no problem.

He’d always been uncertain how the rules of this place worked, but it usually wasn’t a problem.


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043256 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)22:09:36")

Their walk through Undertown’s streets was a tad awkward. Duchane was being led around in handcuffs and drawing quite a bit of attention due to both that and her good looks. Johnny offered his robes to the embarrassed woman at one point but Henry shot him down. It wasn’t because he was undead of course, undertown had corpse traders and necromancers come through on occasion. But he couldn’t afford the getup he had to get damaged, it was the only one he had left. That and he’d rather not have people oogle at the skeleton, and certainly not anyone magically inclined. Johnny was a special skelly.

As they approached the bar Duchane whistled. “She worksies here?”

“She owns the place.” Henry said.

“What a shites hole.”

“Yeah but it’s everyone’s shit hole you know?”

Henry confidently strode inside, he’d accomplished his goal with absolutely NO collateral damage. Well except maybe a rogue ghiest, but that wasn’t uncommon in Celestes lower circles, and the Cathars would be able to handle the thing if they hadn’t already.

Nessie was drinking at one of the tables while a twig of a man was quietly working the counter. Henry recognized him as Nessie’s husband. The man wasn’t really a social man and rarely worked the front, but seeing how Nessie was drowning her sorrows in drink he understood why he was filling in for her.

When she noticed the three of them, she bolted up and ran over, wordlessly grabbing Duchane up in her arms and nearly crushing the poor woman to death in a bear hug.

It was a touching moment, truly.

“Oh thanks the gods.” Nessie said. “Thanks the elks, thanks the snakes…”

“Enoughsies Nessie!” Duchane barely managed to say, the woman was being crushed to death.

Nessie finally realized she was killing the woman and gently let her down, only to have Duchane collapse onto the floor breathing heavily.

As Johnny helped her up and to the counter. Nessie called out to the bar.


The cheering was deafening.

1. Help yourself to a bit of the top shelf, just make sure you ask Nessie’s husband first.
2. “You really must be drunk Nessie.”
3. “So about my payment, I know we agreed that I’d get a small cut from Paulie but I just broke her out of jail…”
4. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3043262 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)22:11:09")

>4. (write in)
Remove bracelets and tell nessie she can drop off the payment later, then go home and prepare."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043275 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)22:20:38")

will begin writing in 5 more min if we get no further votes."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043313 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)22:34:56")

Henry awkwardly coughed to grab Nessie’s attention.

“If it’s about yer pay you can keepsies anything you gots from Paulie.” Nessie said, still tipsy.

“And what if I got nothing?” Henry asked.

“I knowsies you gots something, otherwise you’d be complaingsie more.” Nessie said.

She wasn’t wrong, the gold idol that he’d managed to snag would go for a hefty sum if he didn’t decide to keep it. He’d have time to look it over back home, hell he could also fix that amulet he’d gotten off the dead mages in Grutzberg as well. He was beginning to get a collection of magical artifacts going.

“So there was one other thing.” Henry said, watching as Nessie’s husband helped Duchane to a seat and then got her some water.

“Whats that?” Nessie asked.

“She has a pair of mage bane handcuffs on her.” Henry said. “Besides the obvious she can’t use any magic while they’re on her, I don’t have any tools for the job on me but I could probably get a pair of bolt cutters or something.”

“No needsie.” Nessie said, lumbering over towards Duchane.

Duchane let out a frightened squeak when she saw that Nessie was back again. Nessie’s right hand flashed green and she strongly gripped the handcuff in her hand, vines and moss began to overtake the metal before the entire thing shattered into pieces onto the floor.

“No gizmo or metalsie thing can survive a bit of Nessie’s magic.” Nessie said cheerily.
That about solved everything, so with a wink and a nod Henry took off, with Johnny not far behind. The two made their way home, where Henry did a few final tasks before falling into bed and going out like a light.

============================(END OF CHAPTER)==================================="

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3043328 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)22:38:59")

Look slightly dejected as we wanted the cuffs."

if(Chapter 23: Party Planning && title=="" && postNumber==3043390 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)22:56:51")

“An apprentice once said to me, ‘Don’t worry, its smaller than us.’ I laughed before explaining to him. So is a bomb rune.” ~ Inquisitor Rho.

=======================================(Chapter Start)=================================

Henry slowly got up and yawned, he had a good amount of work to do today. He still had his work orders, he had to get Ophelia settled in further and give her a job to do. He had to start actually training Charles, and he had to speak to Vermillion about the party. Work work work work work.

After munching on some more of the salted fish with Charles and Ophelia, and talking about random things and useless details, he set about making his todo list.

1. Teach Charles the basics of necromancy
2. Finish the damned work orders, you’ve been putting them off too much
3. Speak to Vermillion about an outfit for the party, a nice costume preferably
4. (Optional) ask vermillion about particulars
5. Kill the spider, he almost killed you after all, that’s not acceptable
6. Give Ophelia some job to distract her for a bit.
7. (add more as needed)

Henry sat the list down, sent Johnny off to do grocery shopping, and got ready to actually do some work.

Decisions: (choose one)
1. Teach Charles more magic
2. Work on the jobs you already have, you have paying customers waiting
3. Head to Vermillion’s place and get some damned answers and a damned costume
4. Speak to Ophelia and give her a project to keep her occupied.
5. (write in)

>Feels like its been forever since a new chapter, the next few days ingame are gonna go fairly quick while we finish tasks out."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3043393 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)22:57:49")

Can't we have ophelia and charles help us on our work orders? That way we can teach them the basics and work on the orders?
4. Speak to Ophelia and give her a project to keep her occupied."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043407 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:02:29")

you can have Ophelia and Charles help you obviously. I was planning on having it be a learning experience for Charles.

as for Ophelia, I forgot to mention you need a write in for her project."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3043445 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:17:55")

Alright, have Charles help us with our work, and have ophelia work on mana transference rune stones.
Like, you put mana into one stone, and it comes out the other stone."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043459 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:22:24")

make 4 rolls
1 for Henry and Charles, 3 for Ophelia"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3043461 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:23:36")

"Rolled 65, 20, 68 = 153 (3d100)


if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3043468 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:26:08")

"Rolled 57 (1d100)

Well shit, I can't count."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043481 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:32:57")

gonna count the first roll as Henry and Charles' training session, which is a pass. 2 of Ophelia's 3 rolls are also passes, but that 20 is a failure. If anyone wants to try to salvage it feel free."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043528 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:53:21")

going to bed, feel free to try to salvage or improve rolls if you so desire guys, not explorer though he already rolled.
The next few ingame days are gonna go by quickly, I really want to get to this next case."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3043539 && dateTime=="11/11/18(Sun)23:58:18")

"Rolled 26 (1d100)


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3043572 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)00:14:39")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3043987 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)06:15:20")

"Rolled 42 (1d100)


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045491 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)21:16:02")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045572 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)21:49:25")

Henry got up and cleaned off his plates. He grabbed a few sheets of paper from his desk and committed his to-do list to writing, then set off to work with Charles on drafting blueprints. He gave the kid an introductory book to necromancy he kept in his library and then headed over to Ophelia.

“I hope you don’t expect me to waste my time learning the basics.” Ophelia said.

“You could use the practice, but I have something much more difficult for you.” Henry said.

“That would be?” Ophelia asked.

“I want some special runes, mainly a pair of them, an input and an output rune. I want one to absorb mana and the other two emit it, and the two of them need to have a connection. Basically mana goes in one and mana comes out the other.”

“Do you have a range in mind?”

“Honestly a few feet for the first draft, having a proof of concept would be excellent. Would five days be enough time?”

“I would need far more than-“

“So the mighty Ophelia is beaten by a few runes?” Henry asked.

Ophelia pouted, grabbed some paper out of Henry’s open hand, and began furiously scribbling notes down.

“I’ll have it done in three days, nobody calls me an idiot!”

The woman was hilariously easy to control.

“I didn’t say that.” Henry said, bemused.

“You meant it though, and that’s what matters!” Ophelia whined.

“Oh calm down.” Charles said. “The whole act is wearing a bit thin, act like an adult.”

Ophelia trembled in barely contained embarrassment as Henry walked her back to her chamber. The woman placed her head into her hands for a moment before setting out to work.

By the time Henry returned Charles was a few pages into the book.

“So what kind of leather is this made out of Henry, cowskin?” Charles asked.

“Human skin, bound with hair.” Henry replied.

Charles dropped the book like it was on fire, Henry had to scramble to pick it up off the damp floor, luckily no damage had been done to it.

The next day was spent drafting up blueprints and getting materials together for the big experiment. The occasional curse echoed down the way from Ophelia’s chamber, while Johnny acted as Ophelia’s errand boy. All in all it was a dysfunctional family, sort of.

By the end afternoon the plans had been finalized for all three work orders, about five undead total. Henry needed to grab both bodies, alchemical components, and armor for the undead. He didn’t need anything too expensive, but getting the bodies first would be far better than finding out the armor was too small, he’d made that mistake before."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045576 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)21:50:29")


Charles was copying down a few of the simpler runic patterns onto additional pieces of paper, and was trying to memorize what it all meant. Henry didn’t expect the kid to get it right away but he was making a commendable effort.

1. Have a big ‘family’ trip down to undertown for some food and alchemical components
2. Head down to see Xetram the corpse dealer
3. Head down to see how Duchane is doing with Nessie
4. Continue with Charles’ education, the materials can wait."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3045584 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)21:53:11")

>2. Head down to see Xetram the corpse dealer
See if he has some dead animals charles can practice on."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3045624 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)22:09:14")

Backing >>3045584"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045680 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)22:30:48")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045699 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)22:43:08")

Henry got up and stretched. He poured himself another cup of coffee and went to see how Ophelia was doing. He walked down the corridor, looked inside her chamber for a couple of minutes, and quickly backed away. The woman had scattered papers everywhere and looked like she was having some kind of mental breakdown. Henry decided that he’d leave her to it, maybe it was her time of the month or something. Johnny would be far better suited to dealing with her, on account of his indestructability.

Finishing his cup on the way back, he found Charles diligently reading out of the beginners book on necromancy. The thing was fairly expensive, although to be honest Henry had stolen it when he was still a child. The thing had served him well and hopefully it would do the same to Charles. The kid was using a piece of cloth to turn the pages, and the book itself was laid out on the table. Kid was crafty but that inability to touch dead flesh needed to be done away with.

“We’re heading out Charles.” Henry said.

Charles wordlessly, and a little reluctantly placed the cloth in the book and closed it. The cloth serving as an impromptu bookmark. With that the two of them took off for Xetram’s place. The man had a strange name and an even stranger base of operations. The thing was much lower in the city than Henry’s place. Lakeside in the fourth ring, outside of the prying eyes of the church, and with access to a water source. To allow for easy shipping of merchandise into and out of the city.

The walk went fairly quietly, with Charles occasionally kicking at rats that scurried along their path. Henry didn’t pay the kid much mind, he’d been a much bigger shit when he was young."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045743 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)22:59:31")


Charles nervously tagged behind Henry as the two ascended to street level and made their way down towards the outer docklands of the city. After passing through the third gate and heading down below, it was a good twenty minutes before they arrived at their destination. A small building built into a massive pipe that extended out from the hill Celeste was built on. The entire thing looked fairly normal, besides being built inside of a giant pipe. Henry explained that it was put their as a lower cost option before people realized it wasn’t great living inside of it. Still it gave access to both the water and the inner sewers which was useful.

“So why didn’t we take the sewers to reach this place?” Charles asked.

“Charles, the lower sewers are completely unprotected. You don’t travel them, ever.” Henry explained. “Unless you have some heavy security or are already undead. I plan on having Johnny retrieve the merchandise once we’re all settled here. Either of us using the route would be suicide.”

“But wouldn’t the corpse-“

“The MERCHANDISE.” Henry corrected.

“Oh… uh… the merchandise attract bad things?”

“Well it gets brought to a big lift, by a bunch of very very nasty guards, then handed out from there. But this is where the exchange of cash happens. It’s a bit complex honestly. You’ll learn it over time.”

Henry walked up to the door, knocked a few times, then began to head around towards a back alley of the building where he knocked again on the back entrance before moving a collection of trash bins to reveal yet another entrance, which smelled significantly worse than the previous two.

“Do we really have to?” Charles pleaded.

“Shut up and follow me.” Henry said.

Charles descended first into inky blackness punctuated by a couple of candles and torches scattered about, while Henry focused on closing the entrance hatch, sealing them in and plunging the area into near darkness. Charles thanked his lucky stars that he didn’t have a fear of the dark or cramped spaces. As this would be unbearable otherwise.

The two continued on a little ways before reaching a brick wall with a steal door built into it. Henry rasped his knuckles on the thing then stepped back as a latch slid open and revealed a man with an eyepatch on his left eye and a single piercing green eye.

“Password?” The man asked.

“Fuck you Xetram.” Henry replied.

“Happy you still remember it.” Xetram said, sliding the latch closed and opening the door up to reveal a little house of horrors."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045796 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)23:18:13" && image=="409834.crop.hq.jpg")

While the two men hit it off and began talking, Charles gingerly walked into the chamber. There were about a dozen bodies hanging from both the walls and ceiling, and some hideous looking undead sizing him up with cold unmoving eyes. One of them looked like it was made from about five different people. It had a set of thin leathery wings coming off of its back, and what looked to be a dozen different non-human things sticking out of it, several of which glowed with magical energy after Charles took the time to give it a once over in mage sight. The creature absentmindedly held a couple of daggers out in a mockery of a fighting stance and occasionally paced around the room.

The other undead looked to be made out of several pig torsos and a human head and stood almost seven feet tall. The creature looked to be more fat than muscle and had to constantly hunch over and crawl about on its knees to fit in the small room. Even a longsword would have barely made a dent in the things hide. By the size of its arms it could probably bend a longsword in half. More disturbingly was what looked to be a massive set of claw marks six inches deep in the things chest. Charles couldn’t imagine what had caused that.

There were a couple other simple undead on one side of the room, each having a piece of wood on a necklace around their heads with various pieces of info on them. Charles didn’t understand the significance but he decided to keep away from them.

“Oh and I want my apprentice here to have something small to experiment on, do you have anything handy?” Henry asked.

“You could just go to a butcher for that, no need to come to old Xetram.”

“Nonsense, you supply me with all my corpses, no need to stop now.”

“Fine, but let your ‘apprentice’ pick them out.” Xetram said.

“You heard him Charles.” Henry said.

1. Pick an animal to use (write in optional)
2. Explore the chamber.
3. “D-do I have to kill it too?”
4. “Those are some b-big undead.”
5. “Wow, how did you make these?”
6. “How many people are these made out of?”
7. (write in)"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3045801 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)23:20:44")

goodnight ya'll"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3045815 && dateTime=="11/12/18(Mon)23:26:06")

>4. “Those are some b-big undead.”"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3046247 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)05:17:24" && image=="4YOU.jpg")

Backing >>3045815"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3046501 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)11:13:57")

1. Pick an animal to use (write in optional)
How about a raccoon or a opossum? Something with paws that can open doors and locks."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3046572 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)12:28:38")

Backing >>3046501 too"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047277 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)21:35:03")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047305 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)21:51:36")

An awed fear overtook Charles as he watched the knife wielding undead abomination slowly make its way across the room. It moved with far more purpose than the mindless zombies attacking Blaise had, but yet not quite as much as the giant bird either. It was somewhere in between, somewhat aware and yet not. It made Charles extremely nervous and uncomfortable.

“Those are some b-big undead.” Charles said, unconsciously moving towards Henry and Xetram and away from the undead.

“Well they need to be to act as proper protection.” Xetram said. “A couple of normal corpses wouldn’t hold against a single Cathar, let alone what lurks on the trade route.”

The knife wielding broke into a silent cackle before resuming its mindless patrol.

“I told you to avoid letting them settle down into quirks or personalities Xetram.” Henry said.

“Can you blame me? They’re just so interesting.” Xetram replied. “Sides why shouldn’t I let your work have a long leash? Ain’t like they have anyone to harm down here or in the lower sewers.”

Charles watched as Henry clenched his fist, Xetram didn’t seem to notice, and Henry’s face was completely unchanged, exchanging jokes with the older man. Charles didn’t really know what to make of it, so he decided to give Xetram’s command some thought.

“How about a raccoon or a possum?” Charles asked.

“That’s a bit of an odd request, no shortage of raccoons around here of course, but still odd.” Xetram said.

“Would using a dog or cat strike a bit too close to home Charles?” Henry asked.

“N-no… maybe… but I was thinking something with paws, maybe it could open and shut doors!’

“Unless you control it directly I doubt a basic undead would have enough intelligence to. But that would be a pretty good way for you to learn some more complex command circles…” Henry said, drifting into thought.

“Speaking of that topic…” Xetram said. “I’ll have your shipment sent off in a day, a day and a half tops. Will you be sending that lovely skeleton of yours to collect?”

“I prefer you use his name.” Henry said.

“Now looks who’s giving his undead quirks.” Xetram rebutted jovially.

1. “So why do you not want your undead to be quirky?”
2. “How did you make these Henry?”
3. “Can we leave now please” *whisper to Henry*
4. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3047307 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)21:52:43")

>1. “So why do you not want your undead to be quirky?”
And to Henry
"What's wrong with quirks?""

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047325 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)22:03:43")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047382 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)22:33:12")

“So why do you not want your undead to be quirky.” Charles asked.

“Nuthin wrong with it, gives em some personality y’know, rather than em just being lumbering corpses.”

Henry was quiet for a moment. The man tried to speak up a couple times, probably in some attempt to say how utterly messed up that was, but even Henry couldn’t work up the sheer hypocrisy required for such a feat.

“Its… an undead having ‘quirks’ means they can act unpredictably, which can be a massive fucking problem when you need them to follow more specific orders.”

“Never had any trouble with them.” Xetram said confidently.

“Having them defend a cargo shipment to a known location isn’t a complex order Xetram.” Henry said. “Regardless, just be careful with the things, I’d like the extra cash from having to make more, but I’d rather not y’know, I got enough on my plate as is.”

“If you say so.” Xetram said, “Anywho Robert sent another request for you to join that necromancer’s guild he’s been putting together.”

“I don’t need to associate with that lot.” Henry replied. “I got plenty of work and plenty of protection, no need to ruin any of that on some new group.”

“Aye fair enough.” Xetram said, “The lad’s gonna be rather vexed though.”

“Don’t tell him I said this but he can go fuck himself Xetram.” Henry said.

That was the end of that. The two of them quickly ascended the ladder up into the street. The light from the falling sun was utterly blinding and it took Charles a couple of minutes for his eyes to adjust.

“So why does he not use the building?” Charles asked.


“For his secret hideout.”

“The building is abandoned on purpose. Cathars occasionally come poking around but they only find this crummy place, sides it doesn’t directly tie into the sewers believe it or not. There is a fairly big wall behind it to keep the creepy crawlies out.”

“Oh.” Charles responded.

Decision by Henry:
1. Head back home and train with Charles some more, maybe see if Ophelia has lost her mind
2. Drop Charles off and head to see Rosa, seeing another sunset with her would be nice.
3. It’s time to head off to Vermillion, drop Charles off on the way, last thing he needs to see is THAT place.
4. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3047385 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)22:36:29")

>3. It’s time to head off to Vermillion, drop Charles off on the way, last thing he needs to see is THAT place."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3047390 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)22:41:13")

Backing >>3047385"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047411 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)22:55:02")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047444 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)23:13:17")

Henry had been putting off the meeting with Vermillion for several days now, but it really needed to get done. So as much as he hated it, as much as he’d rather be anywhere else, he made his way up towards the second ring’s sewers. Charles was beginning to understand the general layout of their local sewer system at least. The kid was steadily making progress in a variety of areas. If Henry could get Johnny free of the various chores Ophelia was giving him, maybe he’d let the kid run free in town for a bit as a reward, under supervision of course. But a kid needed to have some free time too, to be a kid. The thought was kind of funny in a sad way, but Henry wasn’t sure why.

Ophelia was curled up on the floor writing something in her room, amidst the rubble of several pieces of charred stone that had been blasted about the chamber. On the central table stood a couple runes that had been successfully carved, although the woman didn’t seem to be doing much with them. Next to them sat some sort of crude iron faceplate. Probably meant for protection from the flying pieces of rock. The thing had several noticeable dents in it, and a few additional pieces of metal had been welded on in a few places. Perhaps she was having trouble with something. Not really Henry’s problem, he’d come up with the challenge merely to keep her busy after all, and it was doing the job.

Charles ran and grabbed the book of basic necromancy off the table, laid out a small rug, and sat down on the floor and began to read. Henry noticed the boy wasn’t as disgusted with the book as he had been before. The kid was forcing himself to read it. It was endearing.


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047446 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)23:15:09")

Henry reached the entrance of Vermillion’s ‘club’ and exchanged the normal banter with the stationed guard. Every fucking time he had to go through this. The guards acting like they didn’t know him, not being allowed to use the back entrance and avoid the ‘luxury’ of the front, and having to see what the latest depravity Vermillion and his patrons could come up with.

He noticed a few new people in the cages, a couple being poked with metal sticks that had been heated over a series of small fires. Honestly it was pretty tame for this place. Some of the older entertainers must have finally taken too much punishment.

Vermillion was sitting in his usual chair, discussing something or other with a visitor. The woman seemed to be someone of importance since Vermillion had actually bothered to sit upright. After the woman had left Henry stepped forwards to speak his piece.

“Ah Henry, come with some questions for me? I’ll do my utmost to answer anything my star has to tell me!”

1. “you’re star?”
2. “I need a costume for my ‘performance.’”
3. “I need something to hide my appearance, I’m not going to reveal my face during the party.”
4. “So what’s the layout of the place?”
5. “How’s business?”
6. *ask further questions* (Write in required)
7. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3047447 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)23:16:41")

>2. “I need a costume for my ‘performance.’”
>3. “I need something to hide my appearance, I’m not going to reveal my face during the party.”"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3047462 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)23:35:25")

if you have questions about the upcoming party (case), now is the time to ask."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3047472 && dateTime=="11/13/18(Tue)23:42:07")

Who is the one needing protection and which oine does she need protection from?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3047918 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)11:07:55")

Backing >>3047447 and >>3047472"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3047936 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)11:28:00")

>4. “So what’s the layout of the place?”

if(Indonesian Gentleman && title=="" && postNumber==3048108 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)14:10:51")

This is pertinent to Henry's survival!

Brave Sir Henry Ran Away!"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048623 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)21:38:18")

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048641 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)21:53:30")

“What’s the layout of the place anyways?” Henry asked.

“Oh, that.” Vermillion said. “I was meaning to get a copy of the official blueprints but it’s been a bit delayed, rest assured the people responsible for this will be properly punished.” Vermillion said. “The overall layout is the grand ballroom and the adjoining main and servants quarters, the wine cellar underneath, the inner and outer courtyards, the walled garden in the back with the greenhouse my friend’s been working on. Bit of an odd plant collection now that he has it up and running. Then there is the library and observatory building. There is a small family graveyard about a half mile from the property too. I wouldn’t recommend desecrating his families remains if you desire to live long.” Vermillion said.

“Whats the layout of the outer lands?”

“Forest mostly, there are a couple streams that always gave visitors trouble until he had a proper set of bridges put in. Won’t be a problem for you of course, although I can’t see why the performance should occur outside of the chateau itself.

“Just in case something happens or goes wrong.” Henry replied.

“Fair enough, this is a bit spur of the moment after all.” Vermillion continued. “Honestly if I didn’t have my own responsibilities I’d attend the party myself, I do apologize for that.”

“Thank you.” Henry said, doing his best to remain polite.

“Who is this woman I’m going to be protecting? No tricks or half-truths vermillion.” Henry said, making sure to be as inoffensive as he could manage.

“I suppose it won’t matter this late into the game. Lady Marlene Estavon. No noble house to her name but she has risen to prominence in the city lately, and stepped on quite a few different toes, myself included. Let’s just say she has caused me quite a bit of trouble, even though we’ve never even met. Funny how that works isn’t it?”"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048645 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)21:54:34")

“I don’t see it as funny actually.” Henry said.

“It’s just how things we have nothing to do with can cause us so much pain.” Vermillion said. “Also, I won’t be around for a few weeks after tomorrow, so if you need something from me, feel free to ask. I’ll be leaving things in the capable hands of Sir Marcel and Ms. Artoah’

Marcel was his right hand man… and that other woman… oh fuck he was talking about Lisa. Lisa was going to be given actual authority…. Fucks sake.

“That’s an excellent idea.” Henry said, before cursing himself. He’d spoken without thinking. God damn it all.

“Happy you understand, I need someone to keep people in line after all.”

“Lastly I need a costume.” Henry said.

“I could probably get you something generic… but that’d be oh so boring! No… I’m going to contact a friend of mine, an artist really… no an artisan. She does such lovely work with needle and cloth, you could probably learn a thing or two with stichwork from her Henry.” Vermillion said. “So I’ll send you to her and I’m sure we could get something custom made quickly… tomorrow would be a good start, she can probably get something together in four days… yes, yes.” Vermillion muttered. “And don’t worry about the payment for that, I’ll take care of it, just tell me what you think your costume should be. A general idea. I’ll need you to go visit her on Rangley Street in the second ring tomorrow, and no dilly dallying.

1. A generic costume
2. A raven costume
3. An owl costume
4. a rat mask
5. (write in)"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3048663 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)22:15:10")

>3. An owl costume
Owls are cool, and super quiet.
And we can have talons that are a part of the costume, but are also real weapons.
I wonder if we can necromance an actual dead owl to go with our costume?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3048667 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)22:16:16")

>A red skull mask + a blue cape with red trim + red left glove and blue right glove + black main outfit

if(Indonesian Gentleman && title=="" && postNumber==3048680 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)22:23:39")

> 3. An owl costume

Hoo! Would suspect us?"

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3048682 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)22:24:43")


A black owl costume with a red and blue eye?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3048683 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)22:24:57")

That works"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048709 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)22:50:39")

if(Indonesian Gentleman && title=="" && postNumber==3048717 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:00:24")

I'm just here to make owl puns."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048721 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:02:39")

“I’d like an owl mask and maybe a cloak of feathers.”

“Oh the wise owl.” Vermillion said, chuckling to himself as if Henry had said something funny. “Certainty, it suits you after all. I’ll let the tailor know, and it should be done soon assuming you show up on time.”

“Right.” Henry muttered.

“Oh one last thing, the only people who will be allowed weapons are the private guards as well as the pair of inquisitors who will be attending. Nobody else will be allowed weapons… and let’s say as a personal bonus, if you manage to convince people it’s one of the inquisitors, I’ll throw in some more gold. Like five or so. I’m sure the good lord will appreciate the irony of the situation.”

Henry wasn’t sure that would classify as irony but he knew better than to voice and objection.

“Now if that’s all you need you can leave.” Vermillion said, shooing him away like a man would shoo a nosy puppy.

Henry REALLY hated that man.


Henry returned home to see Ophelia having a conversation with Johnny, he managed to hear her talk about ‘unforseen complications’ when she noticed he’d arrived

“Ah, Henry.” Johnny said. “I see you’re well, how was that awful creature?”

“Vermillion is the same as usual. Insufferable.” Henry said.
“I’d love to meet whoever that is, I’m sure we’d get along fine.” Ophelia chimed in.

“You really wouldn’t.” Henry retorted.

1. Ask Ophelia to make a weapon you can sneak into the party (write in optional)
2. See how Charles is doing
3. Tell Johnny to get dinner ready
4. Review you preparations for the undead orders one more time
5. (write in)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3048730 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:07:11")

>2. See how Charles is doing
Because apprentice
>4. Review your preparations for the undead orders one more time

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3048735 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:11:17")

>5. (write in)
He's a fucking vampire that tortures people cause they didn't defer to him correctly, if you say the wrong word to him you'll be put in a fucking cage hung over a fire just for laughs.
Fucking blood suckers.
Grab a swig of strong stuff, just to take the edge off.
Put it back.
Fine, one more swig THEN put it back."

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048746 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:15:12")


if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048759 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:33:10")

Henry ignored both of them for a little bit while he checked in on Charles. Ophelia muttered something profane under her breath, and Johnny tried to keep her from saying anything to Henry. Whatever they were up to could wait.

Charles was still reading through the beginners tome to necromancy, although now the kid was occasionally looking at his hands and trying to conjure mana, based on the few shreds of black mana that were coming into existence. Henry was rather impressed that he’d taken the initiative like this.

“So how’s it going Charles.” Henry said.

Charles looked up at him and smiled. “It’s going great s-.. Henry.”

“You were gonna call me sir again weren’t you.” Henry asked.

“N-no…” Charles responded.

“No worries, accidents happen.” Henry said, glancing over to Ophelia. The fact he was referencing her seemed to fly straight over her head and into the next province.

“Really who is this friend of yours?” Ophelia said, pestering Henry.

Her routine continued throughout dinner and into the evening. Every time Henry tried to review his documents the woman found some new excuse to needle him with questions. Eventually he’d had enough and snapped back at her.

“He’s a fucking vampire that tortures people if they don’t give him his proper respect. If you say one… ONE WRONG FUCKING WORD TO HIM… you’ll be but in a fucking cage and tortured for his amusement.”

Henry stood up and rummaged through his things. He had to have some liquor about. Eventually he found a half full bottle of whiskey and took a swig. The stuff burned nicely and snapped him out of his stupor. He REALLY shouldn’t be drinking when he was angry, and he could feel Johnny’s gaze judging him.

He turned around, took one more drink, and set the bottle back down on his worktable. He’d already triple checked his notes and had found nothing wrong with them, they’d be good to go as soon as the bodies arrived. He’d tell Johnny in the morning to wait for them, and to have the payment ready too. A silver coin for each of them, assuming they were fresh of course, he only needed five.

Ophelia had been holding her arms out in front of her face, like she’d seriously been expecting Henry to take a swing at her. Henry closed the distance and stared her down until she moved her arms away. The look of surprise on her face was priceless.

1. “Can we get along better? I have far too much shit to deal with to put up with you.”
2. “Charles, don’t ever end up like her, alright?”
3. “Johnny, I demand you let me know what you two were on about.”
4. “Ophelia, do you want me to give you some help with the rune tomorrow?” (diplomacy)
5. (write in)"

if(Lorekeeper && title=="" && postNumber==3048762 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:34:47")

going to bed."

if(Intrepid Explorer !!r8KyWZn+rSq && title=="" && postNumber==3048764 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:36:07")

>4. “Ophelia, do you want me to give you some help with the rune tomorrow?” (diplomacy)
Teach her and charles necromany runes tomorrow, so one day they can maybe run the shop while we're out adventuring."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3048769 && dateTime=="11/14/18(Wed)23:39:42")

Backing >>3048764"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3048911 && dateTime=="11/15/18(Thu)02:07:37")

>Ophelia, if I'm not telling you shit it's for an actual fucking reason do you understand? The fuck were you going to do, go around undertown and ask around for vermilion, telling people guy wanted to meet him, if I didn't answer? Straight into a fucking bloodsucker lair! Do you feel better now that you know? No? Gee whiz who would've thought.

Johnny give her a crash course of people and things she should avoid and never talk or think about before we're all fucked"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3048952 && dateTime=="11/15/18(Thu)03:11:49")

+1 >>3048764

And johnny giving crash course of people"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==3048964 && dateTime=="11/15/18(Thu)03:25:55")

> 1. “Can we get along better? I have far too much shit to deal with to put up with you.”

Drink heavily."