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String fullTitle = "Iron Sea: Mission 2 Onboarding";
int postNumber = "5017481";
String image = "Iron_Sea_Cover03.png";
String date = "10/05/21(Tue)06:55:13";
String comment = ">>4965870
With the success of the previous mission.

"The 766th Cadet Fleet will continue their curriculum under advisement of Commodore Lackley . In the meanwhile please attend to your official duty as Officers to your vessels while attending to the developments of Naval Strategi Theory-- now Open your books to page ... "

> Welcome to IronSea, an AeroNaval Skirmish with day to day strategic maneuvering mixed with high stakes tactical dog fights and broadsides.

> Captain Colossal Airships in the Navy, Portable WMD at supersonic speeds in the Aerforce , or close in on the enemy as Marine Platoon.

Join our Discord at: to communicate with your officers and fellow shipmates.
>Uploading Manual."

public void comments(){
if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017482 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)06:58:13" && image=="Iron_Sea_CharaWEB.png")

"Those who are now joining us may peruse this quick guide and enlist as a new officer.

New Cadets will retain the rank of Lt in their respective Branch."

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017483 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)06:59:40" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_B.png")

"The Field Guide. There will be many pages to this. This goes over the rules of play in both regions.";

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017486 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)07:01:53" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_Strategic.png")

"Since our next assignment will be in the mountaineous region of the =Exodus Pass=
we will be doing a lot of moving around in the Aeoni - Ragnyll border."

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017488 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)07:05:30" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_NAVAL.png")

"Naval Officers may pick ships from our lot or wait for the Cadet Fleet to arrive. I hear they are quite popular recently. Most of their new blood have recently been scouted by other organizations as of late however. And some noble families have thought twice about letting their children see combat in foreign soil.";

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017492 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)07:09:26" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_AERFORCE.png")

"However our pilots have been flash and thunder as ever. They've been given clearance to our latest avionics as of late and the mechanized air division has recently gotten some gifts from the newly arisen Kashirn King.";

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017495 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)07:11:32" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_TERRAN.png")

""Marine Captains have been coming out of the woodwork as well to help these kids. Their actions in Kashir have prevented a potential war while taking out terrorists. They're heroes ! "";

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017500 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)07:17:58" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_SHIPYARD.png")

"Anyways if you're looking for our officer's they're likely in the Academy Shipyard retrofitting their own ships.

>Returning Players may redesign their old ships , paying for new parts as they do. New players may design a ship and submit it for guild approval.

> 776 Cadet Budget allowance is as follows:

> 60,000 Taxes in the Fleet."

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017503 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)07:20:49" && image=="Ainsible_Cast03bb.png")

"Adjutant Laputa:

All Cadets Report in for Briefing and Weekly Updates !

> Sign in with your Rank , Name, Branch, and Stats if you're a returning Captain.

>Enlist with your Name , Branch , and Unit loadout of choice for Officer Approval.

>I will now turn the roll call to your Officers."

if(Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5017515 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)07:39:15" && image=="Humpback2.png")

""I am Captain Celia, I will be acting as the Shipwrights Guild Liaison for this fleet. Last time they sent a few sternly worded complaints about the quality of submitted blueprints. So best you get me to look over your ideas."

New and Returning players that want custom ships should reply to this post with your plans. Please attempt to use the format I am supplying as an example, so we can clearly see the parts, armor and moveable parts as separate layers.

Ping "Kastor" on the discord for a shipbuilding advice and assets."

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5017555 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)09:14:14" && image=="DragonFly.png")

"I am Captain Magni Jotunnson. I am returning once more to act as special ops, as well as a logistical krew. I am leaving behind my dear harpoon for the Sleipnir, which was designed by our own Captain Celia and I. It is outfitted for large scale marine operations and transport missions."

If any new marines have questions about their role and capabilities, feel free to ask me.

>Submitting Dragonfly class frigate for approval.
>Retaining units: [1] Mule, [4] Assault squadrons.


Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
Cpt. Magni Jotunnson [Magni]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Norr Transfer [Fieldwork]
Lieutenant: Special Ops, Modi Jotunnson [Fieldwork, Covert]
Fieldwork +4
Covert +1"

if(Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5017559 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)09:19:44")

"Fantastic ship submission. Almost as if I made it myself ahaha. We can use surplus parts to discount the price. Sadly you don't get the new recruit discount, ah well."

>Clear the Dragonfly, use a 15mm chain and auto loader from surplus. Final price: 12000"

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017562 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)09:26:52")

Shipwright's Guild : An inspired design ! Just as Expected from the heroes of Kashir. If you don't mind I'll be forwarding this to Fleet Command for peer review. This is approved.

And here's the commission price.

12,000 Taxes.

We've received the parts you sent in good condition. We'll have the new model flown to you in the Octavious Naval Academy.

> Approved"

if(Tol'ko "Rezhim" Geroya !cCsMsaA4k2 && title=="" && postNumber==5017641 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)11:12:18")


Tol'ko "Rezhim" Geroya
Knight- Sword, Shield"

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017655 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)11:26:39")

Welcome Lieutenant."

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5017663 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)11:40:48" && image=="SeigeofBagrahm_Turn02B.png")

"The screen clicks through the replays of the battles of last month. Its been barely weeks ago when fire scorched through the television sets across the country as fortuitous recruits who happen to be in the area have been called on to engage in a live fire mission.


" - in their first week they managed to repel the invasion forces taking over Bagrahm in a pitched night battle against a colossal and ancient warmachine known as the Warden. The handling of this mission is reviewed again and again to this day for new theories on how wars will be fought when old technology can be fielded to beat out technologies of today "

These things simply don't happen and yet a collection of Cadets did it. Who are they ?"

if(Terrible Child [CC:Octavius] !GeElfamlrw && title=="" && postNumber==5017718 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)13:13:04" && image=="OctaviusCruiser.png")

"Captain Varghiest von Skelter reporting in, representing the Naval interests of Hinzer and of the Vosskon Homeland. The Cruiser Class: Octavius, my, Terrible Child is prepped and awaiting only clearance to begin assailing whatever targets provided. Ah Celia, once again I offer the might of House Skelter, may the Terror my ancestor and I bring provide your foes greater reason to surrender in silent timidity."

Captain Vargheist von Skelter
Terrible Child [Cruiser Class: Octavius]
Vosskon Naval Transfer (Fieldwork)
LT Baron Ghaston von Skelter
Fieldwork +2
Covert +2
Negotiations +2
*Resolve +1

FU:80/80 Mats:10/10 CP:3/3 AMM:0/+3
Thrust:28 KT:16 Lift:12 Boost:4 EN:10"

if("Old Nancy" Gitfinder && title=="" && postNumber==5017942 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)18:07:32" && image=="unknown.png")

"Bio: Lt. Doleur DeLacourre reporting for duty. A newly minted naval officer seconded from the former Vosskon Logistics Core to do what Vosskons do best, throw bodies and bullets till the enemy ceases breathing. Commanding the Ungoliant-Class Mobile Oppression Palace: Old Nancy, Lt. DeLacourre seeks to remind her allies why Voss is still a power to be feared.

Lieutenant Doleur DeLacourre
Fieldwork 1

Old Nancy [Walker Class: Ungoliant]
Accompanying 2 Mech Squadrons and 1 Artillery walker [AA]

>Submitting Ungoliant Class Walker for approval
(23,750 base cost halved to 11,875)"

if(Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5018042 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)19:57:52")

"Huh, wow. What a monstrosity. Cleared, obviously. Though out of curiosity could you show me a peek at the internals?"

>Approve Unqoliant Class Walker -11,875 Taxes"

if("Old Nancy" Doleur DeLacourre (Gitfinder) && title=="" && postNumber==5018121 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)21:35:46")

its a mech factory and artillery piece"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5018126 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)21:41:48")

>Deploy with {Dragonbird} Raider Air Wing

"Man its good to be back home. The air feels great."

Name: Capt. Rick "Dragonbird" Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization)
Lieutenant: Wingman Clank Hugues (+1 to all rolls, +1*)

Organization: 4
Resolve: 1"

if(N613-RV05 [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5018153 && dateTime=="10/05/21(Tue)22:16:11" && image=="04.png")

> Name

> Background
Vosscon Transfer (+1 Fieldwork)

> Branch

> Loadout
2 [MK Heavy] squads
1 [Supply Drone] squad"

if("Old Nancy" Doleur DeLacourre (Gitfinder) && title=="" && postNumber==5018254 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)01:27:48" && image=="unknown-1.png")

here's the internals"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5018310 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)03:10:42")

"The hell are yo... oh a Vosskon. That's certainly a unique look. Lets see N61-... N R V... can I call you Nerve? Or do you have a Callsign in mind?""

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5018314 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)03:17:12")

"Oh lovely, that's going to be a lot of fun.""

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5018429 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)07:19:04")

" I see the mainland has been waking up their Dullahans...... ""

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5018441 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)08:09:47" && image=="Magni2.png")

"Welcome to the krew N613! It's a relevance to know we have more hands on deck. I was almost afraid FC had forgotten to assign others of my branch to this mission! Hah! Worries aside; tell me, are you and yours partial to the drink? My huntsmen and I were about to head to the cantina and celebrate the upcoming mission. You are formally invited to join us if you wish.""

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5018471 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)09:17:49" && image=="03.png")

[Request Admissible...]
[Registering Referential Designator 'Nerve'...]


[Internal Lubrication Exceeds Minimum Operational Threshold...]"

if(D Saradin !FgFyA8t9aI && title=="" && postNumber==5019194 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)23:19:25" && image=="DavNMoco01.png")

>Reporting for duty

Name: Davcina Saradin
Branch: [Naval]
Background Nation: Qashirn Noble
(+1 Calculation)

Lieutenant: Chief Mocoro Argaul,Tuner
(!Machine Lore, +1 Calc, +2 Industry, 6s Full Repair, +2 Mov Aer, *Fuel Mix: Convert Mat > 8Fuel, Fleet Speed +1)


Davcina unsealed the envelope and studied the letter within, arching a brow critically.

"Well, what does it say?," Mocoro asked anxiously, sliding in behind her captain to lean over the shorter woman.

The Qashirn noble passed the paper over her shoulder to the Ifframi who stared at it before taking it with cautious curiosity. "There's a meeting coming up. I think it's safe to say that our companions were successful in dealing with the threat, so that's good. What's the status of the refit?"

"Last I heard, they're still working on it, Dav. ... Ma'am."

Davcina ignored Mocoro's slip in protocol. Suspicious and informal as the cat was, she was good at her job. "Recall the crew and have ship staff assembled in twenty four hours. Oh, and meet me at the dry dock in three hours.""

if(Orion !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5019210 && dateTime=="10/06/21(Wed)23:30:48")



Halberd [Hardwater]
Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
5 Command Points
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation

Hardwater Class"

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5019413 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)04:08:41" && image=="booferfish1.png")

>Report in
>Battle of Kolstec level up, +1 Covert
>Purchase V2 Booster and replace AN Booster with it. Remove Barracks.

"Nova! Where are those new neural cores for the automaids I requisitioned?

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if(Terrible Child [CC:Octavius] !GeElfamlrw && title=="" && postNumber==5019430 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)04:40:16")

""So many fellow Comrades, it's like not even defeat or treaties can keep our Vosskon military tradition down. Perhaps that is truly what keeps the Kindrinker around other than his debt to Voss and his own. I'll muse about it over a pint, if nothing else watching my colleagues will be amusing."";

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5019495 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)07:01:55")

>Modifications Cleared -1500 taxes"

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5019624 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)11:04:32" && image=="IronSea_Deployment_M2.png")

"The Academy Auditorium is Dark. With only the blaring white of a screen illuminating our way to our seats. Featureless , uncomfortable, and hard to hide anything. They squeaked loudly.

The Upper half of CMDR. Lackley is lit blue against the projection. His steely glare seems to betray a seriousness. This was going to be a VERY Regular rotation indeed.

"Welcome Cadet Fleet , I understand it is early in the morning, and so coffee will be provided for you by Adjutant Loony.

First off I am proud to call on you all this week but a matter of import has arisen a few hours ago ... "

Lackley's Voice scrubbed against the back of his throat and after a slip of water the booming age of his voice comes up with authority... The man was clearly Rift veteran: Tired but has no choice but to be effective."

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5019648 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)11:34:44" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_IntroStart.png")


" As you know , we were entrusted with the protection of these mountains: The Exodus Pass. So named because it is a still active roadmap from here to Aeon and Iffram to the north on foot. To this day, many Ifframi descended make their way across the path from as far away as Lindlore through this treacherous road to make it across the frozen lake to Avalon by Mist. No other convention allows them to access Avalon except on foot and through the misty lake.

Our nation is of course very supportive of this endeavor , however the Ifframi people, demis and their like are prohibited even from entering the country of Aeon to our West and while we are a nation or laws , Aeon understands that the Exodus pass is part of their territory and acts as a buffer zone before it is recognized as Aeoni territory. I will not mince words, the Aeoni have been stubborn and are quite serious with their machine god's holy edicts. And this buffer zone allows them to be truly vicious.

Be that as it may, we have kept 4 Observation radars, their purpose is two fold. One is the monitoring of a Rift in the mountains to the centre. and the 2nd is to track for any suspicious movements through our airspace. And this morning, Rift Observation Center 4 beyond Aeoni territory has Gone Silent.

It is then of utmost importance that we establish communications with that Site, offer aide and reconstruction if necessary and in the worst case, evacuate the people there who are likely 728 km from the nearest habitation in Rift Infested Territory.

There are of course 3 Obstacles in our path.
>The first is time. If after a week we do not assess their situation, we are to assume ROC-4 is compromised.
> The 2nd: The Rift Mountains itself. Monsters infest the peak , it is inaccessible even without them and the weather there is violent and treacherous even on the best of days. To fly through the white caps of this range will invite terrible danger to your crew.

> And finally the AEONI themselves. Here in the border, a skirmish or two is inevitable and often times their forces assert their presence more than twice a year. But so far we are on equal standing with them and do not wish to jeopardize peace with our neighbors. Should fighting be inevitable however, you must prioritize lives first. Open attacks on AEON will not be tolerated.

Now I have taken the liberty of alerting your crew to make ready, exit the auditorium to the left and make your way to the Staging Area. Dismissed.

> Before Mission Begins, please decide on a CO. for this operation.
Strategic Play, Information Gathering, appropriate use of Force and Diplomacy will be important.

When you do, they may make the first Fleet Command.

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5019672 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)12:05:22" && image=="Ainsible_Cast13.png")

"CMDR Lackley: Ahh I'm glad your comms are working. Should you need anything, just ask me questions.

For now, as it is "Early Phase"
The one advice I can offer is to organize your fleet into two detachments perhaps, one for speed, and the other for defense. Covering more ground is better in general and of course, Marines can always travel from city to city using [Transport Convoys] There should be more than a few in this Academy if you wish to arrange for one."

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5019902 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)16:54:06")


>Nominate Capt. Celia for CO

"Luika has been assigned somewhere else for a while. Though I could do it I think you're more suited to this kind of fleet work."

"Don't worry, i'll back you up to the limit of my abiliies.""

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020108 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)20:39:25")

"Okay everyone listen in. We'll be moving out soon, but you have a chance to carry out personal actions at the navel academy, or if you are Marines you can start rolling out asap.

This would be your early action. There are many options for what you can do. If you need a key unit or component for the mission ahead, grab it now. If you need to grab a cup of coffee, do it now.

>Early action organize the main fleet
>Humpback, Terrible Child, Yakutsk, Halberd, Uugraam
>Fleet statistics Fuel 370/22, Speed 3

"Magni, Icebreaker and Nerve, you lot are our forward teams. You can choose to group up if you wish or act as independent agents. Your targets we need info from are Danube Base and Hope's Crossing"

"Gitfinder, once we're in the main phase you can start moving out towards a central location from which to give fire support.""

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5020121 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)20:50:04")

"They'll be of great use Sir. Thank you."

"Nerve. For [Early Phase] we can start putting ourselves in the Transport Convoys and be on our way to the {Exodus Pass Rescue Station} and by the end of [Noon Phase] we can be at {Danube Base} in a jiffy.

"If you agree you can just [>Pack up] in a Transport Convoy too and we'll start making our way there."

"Alternatively you can also pack to go somewhere else. Either way just remember that Transport Convoys can travel 6 [Hexes] on roads and 4 on planes. Though we're currently heading into mountainous terrain so it might not do us much good.""

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5020127 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)20:56:04")

>=Early Action:
>Pack up both Wings into [Transport Convoys] and head to {Exodus Pass Rescue Station} for Early Phase.

Alternatively fly there if its not possible to Pack Up into transports we can fly there."

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5020284 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)22:42:13" && image=="03.png")

[Directives Received...]
[Authenticating Navigational Database...]
[Coherency Within Acceptable Parameters...]
[Deploying Infantry Detachment...]

> Early Action // Pack-up platoon into [Transport Conveys] and proceed to {Exodus Pass Rescue Station} for Early Phase."

if(Irkutsk [Orca] !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5020292 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)22:49:14" && image=="irkutsk sheet.png")

""Captain Uleken, reporting in once more. Forgot to get extra armour for Irkutsk, but she looks better now."

> -4k tax (refit cost)

Naval Commander Uleken (Krussian)
Industry 1, Organization 1
Privateer Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov

if(Irkutsk [Orca] !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5020298 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)22:52:49" && image=="yakutsk sheet.png")

""Yakutsk might be a little longer coming, lot of work getting railgun to work again."
> Refit cost: 4.5k tax

>Remove 2 en boosters, 1 chaingun, 1 hangar, 1 runway from surplus, add a 2en generator to surplus (across both refits)"

if(Irkutsk [Orca] !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5020319 && dateTime=="10/07/21(Thu)23:09:12")

""Once both ships are here, I can carry some things more safely than transports. Yakutsk can probably pass as a carrier until more arrive.

Most of our ships have a similar cruise speed, so we should be pretty mobile, hopefully fast enough to get to the station quickly."

> Submitted bristle armour and solar sails captured on last mission submitted for analysis by Fleet engineers. Notify when reports are ready."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020396 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)00:36:27")

>Cleared, seems to be correct.
>Also cleared however your listed weight appears to be under, should be 16KT"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020408 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)00:46:12")

Correction is 15.5Kt and thus is fine"

if(D Saradin !FgFyA8t9aI && title=="" && postNumber==5020418 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)00:54:02" && image=="UugraamHvyDestroyer_LayoutSheet.png")

"Captain, I believe my ship should be ready for final pre-floating inspection? Here are the papers, Ma'am."

>Uugraam Heavy Destroyer Class Hull
>Ishtar's Hand"

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5020427 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)01:12:37")

"As Early Phase is being processed, feel free to also Declare your main phase actions as detachment leaders.

[You are a detachment leader if you are leading a Fleet of more than one ship, a solo unit traveling on their own,
or if you have yet to move under Early Phase rules feel free to declare Main Actions now.]

>Early Phase is Processing."

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5020439 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)01:22:01")

"=Morning News=
This is Exile Doppler Radio. Sending you mortal vibes as you trek across the snow or if you're having a clear day today.
The weather forecast today will be soon be cloudy, lots of unexpected runins and mist concentration this afternoon and tonight will increase wandering encounters.

And did you hear ? The Divram of Kashir is finally recognized and peace magically returns to Kashir. Honestly the last time we had someone with that much clout just for existing was the 6th Death Marshal. Anyways we'll be taking callers from our livestream ..."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020445 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)01:25:26")

>Cleared, lovely ship. Not sure what the price is going to be but we'll pay it."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020462 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)01:46:46")

""All ships, launch! Ice Breaker, Git Finder make your own ways, the rest of you with me."

>Move the main fleet 3 spaces towards Helena, unsure if we'll make it this turn due to the weirdly aligned hexs. -78FU
>The fleet is Humpback, Terrible Child, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Halberd, Uugraam
>Fleet statistics Fuel 400/26, Speed 3
>If in Helena get broker commissions for next turn"

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5020466 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)01:54:55")

"Right, we'll swing around south and watch the flanks."

>Early: Organize Booferfish into solo detachment and launch
>Main: Move 3 to Stilemar, 4/10 fuel. Land and refuel.

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if(Fleet_Command !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5020467 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)01:58:01" && image=="SPOT_Transport.png")

=Bowser Jr.=
" We heard from Lackley, we'll be supplying you with a Transport Bowser set for Exodus Pass asap " Don't worry about being a sitting duck, the port guns and AM system on this baby makes her as powerful as the people inside.

" If you want a more flush convoy we can drop a line to nearby cities to have use delivered fuel or security but of course that's coming out your group's pocket ""

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020483 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)02:18:28")

">Submitting Character Sheet
Captain Celia, Ship: The Humpback, Broker
+1 Organization +2 Industy
+3 Negotiation +2 Calculation"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020485 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)02:22:02")

""Uh okay... I'm a bit confused, I didn't give you any specific orders, do as you wilt."";

if(Doppler !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5020508 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)02:56:13" && image=="Kashir_Highlands_DEPLOYMENT_02.png")

"Hey hey Folks, This information sheet is rather old but since its holy week we can't expect much fluctuation in the market. Hah !

>By Popular request the Alliance Market sheet. [Note that rules on this sheet are Outdated.]"

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5020518 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)03:12:21")

Despite ignoring the supplied coffee, Magni is bustling with energy. It seems as though he's itching to jump into it.

"Aye. I'll send in my Gungir to scout out the radar station asap, and then my Loki as reserve and send them with the Sleipnir alongside Doleur to supply them the extra materials they require. Though I'm going to need a little extra equipment to make this happen."

Looking for budget approval from CO and FC
>Early: Purchasing [3] Airmen, [2] mules, [1] 2KT transport, [1] 2KT Materials Box containing [10] Materials. Predicted cost: [2000 taxes]
>Upon purchase loading [1] mule, [4] assault units into 2KT transport.
>Upon purchase loading [2] mules, [3] airmen units into Sleipnir. Then mounting the [1] 2KT Materials box containing the [10] materials under the Sleipnir on it's carrier hooks.
>Early: Spending [1] CP to split into 2 different branches.
>First branch name referred to as [Gungir] will be commanded by my Lt. Modi. It contains: [1] 2KT transport, [1] Mule, [4] Assault.
>Second branch named referred to as [Loki] will be commanded by me, Captain Magni. It contain: [2] Mules, [3] Airmen, [1] Dragonfly-class frigate.

If anything is unclear about this order, or has errors; do inform me and I'll do my best to make corrections.


Cpt. Magni Jotunnson =Magni=
Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Norr Transfer [Fieldwork]
Lieutenant: Special Ops, Modi Jotunnson [Fieldwork, Covert]
Fieldwork +4
Covert +1"

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5020523 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)03:20:28")

"Making a correction to the previous budget proposal:
>The total budget should be 3500, not 1000"

if("Old Nancy" Doleur DeLacourre (Gitfinder) && title=="" && postNumber==5020527 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)03:30:05" && image=="IMG_0265.jpg")

"Lt. DeLacourre rudely stands up, downs a mug of scalding coffee, *clears wounded throat*, and adopts a sardonic grin.

"Dearest XO, I'll be taking my toothy lads down to secure our fulcrum at Helena as per your orders, I have but one request. If I'm to be a good little Lieutenant and help evacuate all these 'potential victims', might I have your permission to scour their grave sites for 'new recruits'? I have all the necessary facilities aboard and if you were so generous I might be able to provide us whatever manner of corp or mech we could desire.

As for any of you dashing Marine Captains in the fleet (gives Cpt.Magni a soulless wink) or faces as fresh as mine (gives Nerve the side-eye). If you should happen to 'misplace' or 'mortally inconvenience' your troops, give me a ring and I can see what Ol' Nancy can vomit up for you."

Lt. DeLacourre begins twitching her way off the bridge giving a perfunctory wave over her shoulder.

"looking forward to dying with you all, glory to Voss and the Alliance or what have you."
She croons over her shoulder.

Submitting this for CO approval
>Early Phase: I commission two 200mm Hautzer Cannons with accompanying ammo/mounts/etc to be loaded onto two 2KT transport convoys for a grand total of 6000 Taxes. These are purchased for the intention of fortifying Helena.
>Early Phase (If the first option is not approved): Using my Fieldwork Skill, I'd like to get intel on Helena and its surrounding area. This is to gain whatever advantages we can muster in defending the area and exploiting it for war materials.

>Main Phase: Move Ol' Nancy 2 hexes towards Helena and Move the Hautzer Convoys 6 hexes towards Helena."

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5020534 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)03:40:16")

""All men move out! Every minute we waste could be a life lost!"

>Main phase: Sending [Loki/Sleipnir] division 3 hexes to Helen with the extra materials promised to Lt. Doler.
>Main phase: Moving [Gungir/Transport] division 6 hexes towards Exodus Pass Rescue Station."

if(Doppler !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5020573 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)04:45:31" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn01A.png")

"Turn Results. [Early + Main Phase.]

0400 Cadet Fleet Activates for Emergency Mission EP212

0600 Transports are prepped and commissioned.

1358 Cadet 1 Lands on Helena: Standard Rotation.

1704 IceBreaker Lands in Stilemar: Standard Rotation."

if(Doppler !!MkhlX37vI/u && title=="" && postNumber==5020576 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)04:47:51")

"> It is now World Phase. Await Prompts and results to your actions !"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020577 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)04:48:55")


Confirming that this is in fact Fleet Command."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020604 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)05:51:44" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn01B.png")

"=Monster Truck Rally=
Exodus Rescue Station:

A ruckus could be heard around the docking station. People looked up and then down, to find 3 Transports arrive in succession.
" Ahoy there ! " Hailed the station.
It seems the rescue station is in need of extra hands, more specifically, Arms.
" There's a Behemoth coming down from the mountain its eaten a transport full of livestock. The smell of blood is driving creatures crazy. We need them hunted before the area expands to a [Feeding Frenzy]

[Norr Background]Lt. Modi: Sir it seems the boys are itching for a bit of a monster hunt ! I already got my Carving knife just say the word !
A. Go for It. [Roll FieldWork to catch it by surprise]
B. Keep an eye out but we have a mission to finish.
C. Let's give the station a few men to help patrol the route. [Prevents Feeding Frenzy but dismiss 2 Units.]

=The Parade=
Cadet 1 Arrives on the platform however the moment they descend the incline, they are swarmed by cameras , catigirls, and and a newscaster. " Captain Celia, we heard that there was a mass mobilization of forces today is there a significance to this event that you can tell us ?
A. We are just on standard rotation, same as usual.
B. Our Allies in Kashir would like to share in the festivities as ordered by their ascendant Divram. [Increases Peace. Roll Negotiation.]
C. [Ifframi] We're here to simply help those who need to perform their yearly crossing since time moves different in Avalon, some families have been looking forward to this for quite some time. [Promotes Order.]

=Standard Rotation=
A pair of men run up to Icebreaker on the catwalk. Immediately her guard slides in front of them in a defensive pose.
"E- Excuse me ! We saw the insignia on that Booferfish and had to see it for ourselves ! If you'd like we would like to take spectogram images of it f-for a fee of course.
"Mistress," Said Nova, " Spectogram images could compromise our designs to the public. It is quite likely that this gentleman is seeking profit with this design.
" I- Its True ! I Admit it ! I am but a manufacturer with investors fleeing my business like rats from a sinking ship ! After 49 Generations of Pandemon Holdings I can't let our line fall here! - T- Ten ! TEN THOUSAND Taxes ! IT IS ALL I HAVE ! Please Help Our BUsinesS.
A. Weren't you on the cover of Fat Yachts for 3 years straight ? Just sell those.
B. Your story has touched my heart. I will let you take images. For Free. Would you like our maids to get in the shot too ?
C. Give me 10,000 and 70% of your company. [Roll Negotiation]
D. Let's talk in that dark moist alley over there. [Roll Fieldwork]

Day 2. Weather Misty. Monster Encounters have been Reported.
>Act Phase. You may post Early Phase Actions then Main Phase Action."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020605 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)05:53:07")

"For Early Phase:
Respond to Text Prompts and execute them.
Ascertain Damage if any and apply them."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020607 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)05:57:22")

To Clarify: You can only respond to them if you are in that location."

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5020612 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)06:12:09")

>[Norr Background]Lt. Modi: Sir it seems the boys are itching for a bit of a monster hunt ! I already got my Carving knife just say the word !
>Taking option A. Go for It. [Roll FieldWork to catch it by surprise]
>Field work roll - 6 1 1 1 3 6 - [4] successes total.

Modi strokes his bushy beard slowly as the radio operator explains the situation. A grin gleams under his mustache as soon as the word "Behemoth" is mentioned, and only grows wider when they wish for it to be hunted. It seems to have captured the rest of the crews attention, within the transport, as heads turn to look towards the lieutenant. It's been months since they left the homeland, and a year since the great hunt. "YA HEAR THAT BOYS?" Modi's voice overpowers the transport, even the clanking of machinery and the grinding of the tires against the road seems to be silence in its presence. "SET THE HOOKS, MOUNT THE TURRET, SHARPEN YOUR AXES! TODAY WE HUNT!" The men rally and set to their preparations. Modi turns back to the radio, and picks up the receiver. "Consider it done." He looks out the window towards the approaching station, it's going to be a good day."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020624 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)06:27:35")

>C for the Parade.
"Ensuring the safe passage to and from our homeland is our mission. One I am honored to perform"

>Get broker commisions list"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020625 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)06:29:50")

You gain First Attack. Assign what men will attak and happy hunting."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020674 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)07:52:28" && image=="Merchant_Marine_Helena.png")


=Helena Freight Commissions=
Lt. Dunsparce. " It seems the ROC stations have filed requests for rations and the like. It's sad to think they'll be spending holidays cooped up in frozen stations " [Embed]

=Freight Market. Here you can take on deliveries of raw product buy purchasing them . Once you complete the Delivery you are offered the Payout Reward.

>1000Taxes. [Mined Ore. 2kt Crate(s) ]
Payout: 2000 Taxes

>550Taxes. [.55KL of MATERIAL. .5ktTank ] > StileMar
Payout: 1000 Taxes
Payout: 2000 Taxes [Before Day 2]

>1,860Taxes. [80 Passengers]> Avalon Dock.
Payout: 7,777 Taxes [Please Avoid Aeoni Patrols !]

> 500 [1KT crate(s) of Relief Supplies] > Any ROC station.
Payout: 1,000


if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5020682 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)08:01:00" && image=="02.png")


[Synchronizing Runtime With Tactical Noosphere...]
[Commencing Situational Evaluation...]
[Assessment Complete...]
[Continuance Of Belligerent Elements Projected To Reduce Operational Effectiveness By Up To 17%...]
[Probability Of Affiliation With Aeoni : Negligible...]
[Conclusion : Neutralize Hostile Organisms...]
> Elect to engage the Behemoth [Roll FieldWork to catch it by surprise.]
> //Error// ('FieldWork' Is An Undefined Value.)"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020684 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)08:13:04" && image=="Iron_Sea_CharaWEB.png")

[The Default value is 2. ]

[Character Background can be used to increase one stat on creation.]

[Run Diagnostics if you must]"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5020685 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)08:16:23" && image=="Options field.jpg")

"Ah yes. To do the [Roll Fieldwork] in your case Nerve would be to 3d6. In the Options field write "dice+3d6" without the quotation marks. Everyone rolls at minimum 2d6 for any prompt on Strategic view."

>Check image to see where the Options field is"

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5020701 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)08:44:30" && image=="01.png")

"Rolled 5, 6, 1 = 12 (3d6)

[Initiating Diagnostic Subroutine...]
[48 Missing Files Identified In Partition 7...]
[Selective Rollback In Progress...]
[Corrective Recalibrations Complete...]
[All Systems Nominal...]
[Resuming Interrupted Protocol...]

> Elect to engage the Behemoth [Roll FieldWork to catch it by surprise.]"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5020704 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)08:50:25")

You coordinate with Magni's forces and manage to get it in a 3 point pincer. Yourseld and Magni's forces gain a Shade Bonus to attack.

Attacking with Infantry.
Roll the amount of Attack dice [d6] as it corresponds with your unit population.
In this case your Heavy Assault Units roll 6d6 + 2d6 for fighting against Ground targets. Per fresh Unit.

Your ammo then gets replenished by the Mule.

And a Shade Bonus treats a 3 and above as a success.

Feel free to roll that now or await processing to determine it."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5020712 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)09:04:01")

"Rolled 6, 5, 4, 2, 6 = 23 (5d6)

"Very good, let's continue, the Main fleet will continue West but detour to Avalon dock. It will be a priority target for Aeon zealots so we must fortify it.

Ground units continue to Danube Base and find out what you can about the situation beyond the mountains.

Doleur please continue in a generally westward fashion but I leave you reasonable operation freedom to do as you will, I see you have... plans.

Boofer Boof away."

>Early Phase
>Pick up Passengers
>Run the IB Gens +2d6 Fuel
>Action: Fabricate AA Artillery Mechs -20mats 3d6 industry using Uugraams Eng bay. Add them to Helena's Defenses

>Main Phase
>Move the fleet onto Norsudh-OC -78FU

Please note that this Main Phase action will be applied after ALL early phase actions. So most of you can make early actions in Helena. If you have spare cargo space consider grabbing a crate or two of Relief Supplies. Doing so does not use up your action as you are merely buying something. Consider using your action to find some info or supplies.

Humpback Mats down to 20/40"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5020736 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)09:44:53")

>Early Phase: Evasive Move to [Danube base]
>-1CP if activated use {Joint Op} for a to reroll if needed for "X" reason
>Main Phase: Unpack Interceptors and Raider Squadron in [Danube Base]

"Alright! Good hunting Lieutenants!"

(For early phase you can Morning Assault the Behemoths and in Main Phase you can continue movement towards Danube Base.)

"I hope to see you at Noon!"

Name: Capt. Rick "Dragonbird" Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization)
Lieutenant: Wingman Clank Hugues (+1 to all rolls, +1*)

Organization: 4
Resolve: 1"

if("Old Nancy" Doleur DeLacourre (Gitfinder) && title=="" && postNumber==5021517 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)17:13:53" && image=="unknown-3.png")

">Early Phase: Do some research (fieldwork) on Helena and its surrounding environs. Paying special attention to defensive advantages, the people's demeanor, material resources, and local rift creature activity.

>Main Phase: Armed with that Knowledge, the convoys begin installation of the Hautzers at Helena base and Old Nancy moves into Helena (ending at Helena base)."

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5021602 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)18:30:16" && image=="05.png")


> Main Phase // Evasive Move towards {Danube Base}."

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5021904 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)23:31:46")

"Rolled 6, 3 = 9 (2d6)

"Is that so?" Icebreaker crosses her arms before smiling, "You're lucky I'm such a generous soul. Nova, assemble the rest of the maids and get the swimsuits out of storage. It's only right that the Booferfish's lovely crew and captain get to share the spotlight too."

She turns to Pandemon. "10,000 taxes, and I want these on the cover of Fat Yachts. It would be good for morale in the area. And perhaps I can assist in assuring that your company is more profitable. This economy can be *dangerous*." She stresses the last word as she signs off on the contract, making sure Pandemon is more than aware of her name.

>Early action: Pick C. Get self and maids in the shot, use for propaganda and morale. If roll fails just take the 10,000.
>Main action: Launch and move 2 SW to Hammertown. 6/10 fuel. Land and refuel.

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5021914 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)23:40:38")

>Botting Gungnir Team
>Earky Phase: Morning Assault the Behemoth with Nerve Squad
>Main Phase: Travel to Danube Base

Cpt. Magni Jotunnson =Magni=
Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Norr Transfer [Fieldwork]
Lieutenant: Special Ops, Modi Jotunnson [Fieldwork, Covert]
Fieldwork +4
Covert +1"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5021924 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)23:49:09")


Nova: Your Mother will be upset you know.
Isane , Grinning: Mhm
*picture flash*
Nova: And HER wife.
*picture flash*
Nova: And her Mother
*picture flash*
Nova: And /her/ proginetrix
Isane: Come now your causatrix is programmig you to be upset.
Nova, through a forced grin: I am MATHEMATICALLY UPSET.
*picture flash*

> Infamy Increases, 22 Marriage Proposals come through the shortwire a month later, 3 were from women.

> Nova's resolve did not increase."

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5021926 && dateTime=="10/08/21(Fri)23:49:44")

>Botting Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
>Take Freight Commision: 500 [1KT crate(s) of Relief Supplies] > Any ROC station.
Payout: 1,000

>Early Phase: Move to ROC-2
>Main Phase: Complete Delivery and Refuel"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5022011 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)01:46:54" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn02A.png")

"Day 2 Report

Morning News: With the coming fall, many Ifframi are going to Avalon in this month to visit family, following generations old directions to get there, including a treacherous footpath through the Exodus Pass ! Good Luck out there ! Keep Warm and Watch for monsters !
And now the weather -

0500: Shots ring out over the mountain ranges as Nerve and Gungir converges on a Behemoth, a Lycan Type chimera with a nose for blood. They cover themselves in mud and emerge from the snowy paths after 6 minutes of sustained fire, the creature is dead on the spot.

0900: Gitfinder takes a team of surveyors to entrench the area and built an artillery piece next to an abandoned train station overlooking the descent into exodus pass.
> Artillery Gun built in helena. People wonder if its for a parade.

1250: The Dragonfly arrives in RoC-2 with relief supplies.
Scientist: Thank Gods ! I thought we were about to run out of bean cereal. Oh you're Cadet fleet huh ? You should check with the other stations, RoC-4 has gone dark, to get there through the mountains you need to go on foot from Hope's Crossing, I'll call up a friend to guide you.
> Hope's Crossing updated !

1309: The Main Fleet arrives in NorSudh Observation Center and realizes that its radar isn't on.
Operator: W-we're deeply sorry, our comms and Radar have been getting interference for the past 2 days now and we can't seem to figure out the cause !
A. You tried turning it off and on again ?
B. Assuming you did everything in the book we can only assume the problem is coming from outside. [Roll Calculation]
C. You realize that not reporting this is deeply suspicious, gather all the operators here and we'll question them. [Covert]
D. Then we'll simply sweep the area , have the marines prep for a surveying mission [Roll Fieldwork or use one Intel]

1543: Marines Arrive in Danube base by transport. The Transporters declare their contract fulfilled but will be waiting at the Motorcade Plaza if there are new jobs.
Drivers: " This is the last stop and frankly ours too. The super 6 Fuel that your base gave us is giving our engines indigestion but damn we have never driven so fast. Anyways Good Luck and here's our contact. "
> Convoys Unlocked. Sheet will be updated.
> Convoys will be using normal fuel from this point forward.


if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5022012 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)01:48:18")

"=Danube Base=
In Here there is a Motorcade , a Base, and Shipyard.
Adjutant Henrik: Welcome to the border, this place is a Castled Position against any offensive action by the Aeon. But more importantly we're getting lots of traffic to Avalon. If you squint hard enough there are even some colorful mercenaries in the relief station, though it takes a bit of [Covert] to find them.
> Convoys , Ship Frames , and some new parts can be bought here, as well as ammo packs for specialized rounds. [Visual Update on World Phase.]

[After some clarification I was informed that Icebreaker's first name is Imogen and not Isane. ]
Hammertown was built in memoriam to the first attack in Helena River by the Voss. It also served as the innermost point in which the Voss Invasion advanced and the place in which a heroic SGT. Hammers saved a cadet crew which Imogen's Grandmother was a part of.
" Imogen !" Cried a familiar face. It was her aunt and her face was pale with worry. " Y- Your cousin in Hope she - she sent a message by Bird ! " Imogen's Eyes widen. " What ? Irina ? What's Going on ? "

The Letter: " Emergency in RoC 4 ! Paracausal entities unearth ancient armor. Aeoni in Appearance Tell Cadets. Avoid Radio in the mountain. They March here within a week ! "

A. Report this.
B. Tell your Squad as soon as Possible.
C. Covert: [Investigate the letter's contents further]"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5022014 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)01:51:47")

">World Phase. Answer Prompts only and Await Result.";

if(Siberia !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5022016 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)01:52:59")

Naval Commander Uleken (Krussian)
Industry 2, Organization 1
Privateer Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov
Vessels: Irkutsk, Yakutsk (refitted Orcas)
> Officer Callsign: Siberia
> Accepting commission for transporting 80 Passengers to Avalon Dock. Clients should report to Yakutsk for boarding immediately.
> If another crate of relief supplies is available, accept commission to transport 1kt to ROC-1 (Danube Valley)."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5022034 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)02:19:17" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_TERRAN.png")

"Update: Transports have been Statted.

About Convoys. You can give your Ground Forces Mobililty by arranging a Convoy. Convoys can move 3 times in a turn continuously if not interrupted. [Twice in the main phases and overnight in World Phase.] Additionally adding escort vehicles increaeses their fuel consumption but intercepts threats. Convoys can move in Force and will intercept any target roadside, or with Expediency with Evade. And they will simply take the shortest available route so as not to be interrupted.

Bowser Jr. This Gargantuan Transport is the Core of the Convoy unit and can carry 1-2 Kilotons of freight across 5 tiles a kL of Fuel and has a max travel speed of 15 tiles a day from Early to Dark.
The bed can also be formatted to carry 1 Platoon. It also has enough FUEL for itself and the entire convoy.

Jack Rabbits - Soufi Engineers attached naval gunnery and old war parts into this mobile platform that is both fast and effective in intercepting targets over a wide road network. Jack Rabbits can also "DriveBy" road targets. As a downside they increase consumption for the Convoy. Jack Rabbits are a mercenary's pride and joy.

Terriers- The Half Track is a Security Vehicle that takes hits first before falling back. However its Speed slows down the Convoy overall, it will make up for it in its weight in firepower and tonnage delivery as its tactical bed can be converted for Artillery, Cannon, and Infantry Complements. It is one of the only versions of Convoys that is directly developed for para-military use."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5022038 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)02:22:48")


> Await Pricing for World Phase."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5022052 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)02:37:44")

Sorry turn was processed before that."

if(D Saradin !FgFyA8t9aI && title=="" && postNumber==5022057 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)02:42:45")

"Rolled 2, 2, 5, 6 = 15 (4d6)

>B. Assuming you did everything in the book we can only assume the problem is coming from outside. [Roll Calculation]

Dav and Mocoro discuss the possibilities as they go. Mocoro proudly shows off her Tuner skills as Dav mostly watches her Lieutenant climb through the guts of the facility as they talked.

>+2 Calculation, +Tuner?"

if(D Saradin !FgFyA8t9aI && title=="" && postNumber==5022061 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)02:44:36")

Option B for NorSudh*"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5022102 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)03:54:09" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn03A.png")

"Day 3.
The Oblique radar sends out a complementary frequency to check the tower's functionality.

D, Saradin: I see ! The microwaves this base is sending out is being displaced, if we send out a wave of our own we can detect for shadows annnnd Here -

Operator: What is...

Saradin squints as a shadow blots out off the coast of Helena's Mouth.

" U - Unidentified Signal in the lake !"


A photograph falls out from the back of Imogen's note looking at it, her pupils narrow as she sees the last image the radar station picked up before it went dark.

>Act Phase.
Answer Prompts before starting on Early phase proper."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5022145 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)05:40:41")

"Rolled 1, 4, 1, 1, 4, 5, 3 = 19 (7d6)

"Crap, that's going to complicate things.
Saradin and Siberia take these passengers to Avalon dock [main action]. Consider fabricating or finding a Aer Squad or Mech or two, just in case [early action with relevant roll]."

Dragonbird you've got command of the Roc-4 approach. I leave it at your discretion."

>Early Phase
>Transfer Passengers to Uugraam
>Organize 2nd Fleet named Bogatyr Fleet with Uugraam, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Give them 60 FU
>Run IB Gen +2d6 Fuel

>Main Phase
>Move Cadet 1 1NE, -15FU, Defensive Stance
>Demand the unknown vessel identities itself and Negotiate +5d6 for them to back away from the coast.

Captain Celia, Ship: The Humpback, Broker
+1 Organization +2 Industry
+3 Negotiation +2 Calculation"

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5022165 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)06:23:57")

"Rolled 5, 3, 1, 3 = 12 (4d6)

"You are also mathematically adorable when you're upset."
>Consider all 3 for after campaign

Imogen has brought flowers from the fields of Kolstec, planted by that very same Grandmother. "I see," she answers, rubbing her forehead. "A shame grandmother and grandmother aren't here, they were always better at dealing with paracausal shenanigans. Then again, I'd hate to interrupt their vacation in Hongri."

She turns to her Lieutenant. "Message the main fleet with everything we know, the usual encryption. We'll move to Hope and get eyes on the situation. Set up a rendezvous with Dragonfly as well, we'll need the extra range."

>Early Action: Confirm refueling, 10/10 fuel.
>Prompt response: Relay this info to the rest of the fleet and investigate the letter further. Covert roll.
>Main Action: Move 3 WSW to Dandelion, 4/10 fuel. Land and Refuel. Radar scan SW

Imogen Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if(D Saradin [Uugraam] !FgFyA8t9aI && title=="" && postNumber==5022169 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)06:31:10")

"Rolled 5, 1 = 6 (2d6)


"Understood, Ma'am, good hunting. * salutes * Argaul, see to the fuel. I'll be getting the ship ready to receive the passengers." Davcina strides off quickly, leaving Mocoro shrugging to herself and taking a more casual pace.

>Early Phase
>Produce Marine squad to run onboard security
>Accept transfer of Passengers and 30 FU from Humpback
>Run IB Gen +2d6 Fuel

>Main Phase
>Move in formation with Irkutsk to Avalon when they are ready"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5022206 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)08:00:43")

Minor correction, you've only got the 1 IB Gen so +1d6 Fuel. Luckly the first dice rolled well."

if(Siberia !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5023061 && dateTime=="10/09/21(Sat)22:56:37")

"Rolled 6, 2 = 8 (2d6)

"Hello passengers, is Commander, Uleken, welcome to Bogatyr Fleet. We arrive in Avalon soon. Crew of Uugraam will give safety briefing shortly. Hope you enjoy flight!"

Early Phase:
> Assuming Command of Bogatyr Fleet at Norsudh
Fleet Composition: (Irkutsk, Uugraam, Yakutsk), 60FU
> Make enquires at Norsudh prior to takeoff, for information on past sightings/interactions with the model of Aeoni vessel recorded on local radar. Weaponry, movement speed of particular interest.
> Run IB Gen on Irkutsk & Yakutsk (+2d6 fuel)
> Use Command Point to summon Aero Wing on Yakutsk (x3 Mk2 Interceptors)

> If any passengers being hauled by Bogatyr Fleet onboard Uugraam are children, said kids will be offered a supervised tour of the fleet by flight crews as entertainment during our passage. That ought to keep them preoccupied and maybe instil a healthy sense of awe and appreciation for these technological marvels. Today's дeти are tomorrow's cadets!

Main Phase
>Fleet moves 2 West, 1 NW, Arrive at Avalon Dock. -33FU
> Interceptors set to recon flight 1 hex ahead of fleet. Warn if hostile creatures spotted, deviate fleet course to evade as necessary.
>Unless interrupted upon arrival, fleet will refuel during night action.

Naval Commander Uleken (Krussian)
Industry 2, Organization 1
Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev (Privateer) Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov
Vessels: Irkutsk, Yakutsk (refitted Orcas)

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5023152 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)00:11:51")

"Rolled 5, 2, 4 = 11 (3d6)

>Early Phase: Evasive move Patrol Interceptor Squadron to {Sminton Frontier Town} and back to {Danube Base}
>Main Phase: Look for the colorful mercernaries. They may prove useful (+1 to roll from Wingman)

Name: Capt. Rick "Dragonbird" Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization)
Lieutenant: Wingman Clank Hugues (+1 to all rolls, +1*)

Organization: 4
Resolve: 1"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5023168 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)00:27:10")

>=Botting Nerve (this can be overwritten by the player.)
>Early Phase: Evasive Move towards the ? Fuel Station 1SE, 1E of Danube Base
>Main Phase: Investigate situation

Name: N613-RV05
Background: Vosscon Transfer (+1 Fieldwork)
Branch: Marines
2 [MK Heavy] squads
1 [Supply Drone] squad"

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5023170 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)00:28:41")

"Modi: "Convoys have dropped us off at Daunbe. Proceeding to RoC-2 on foot."
Magni: "Relief supplies delivered Cpt. Celia. One of the locals mentions a path to Hope from on foot, but I'm pressed to deliver some cargo to Lt. Doleur. Can you obtain a volunteer to follow up if possible?"

>Early Phase:
> Dismount [Gungir] from 2KT convoy.
>Move [Gungir] 4 hexes towards Sminton Frontier Town [Evasively] [Scouting]

>Main phase: Move [Loki/Sleipnir] 3 towards Helena"

if(Magni [Marines] [Dragonfly] && title=="" && postNumber==5023176 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)00:31:40")

"Attachment: Captain and stats

Cpt. Magni Jotunnson =Magni=
Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Norr Transfer [Fieldwork]
Lieutenant: Special Ops, Modi Jotunnson [Fieldwork, Covert]
Fieldwork +4
Covert +1"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5023186 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)00:42:04" && image=="09.png")

[Mobilizing Platoon...]
[Converging On Mission Objective...]
> Early Phase // Evasive Move Towards Sminton Frontier Town.

[Establishing Defensible Rally-point...]
> Main Phase // Entrench Current Position"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023229 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)01:34:00")


Covert Roll: She notices the backing print of the paper it was written on. A Chess Club Diary page torn out and written in haste. Why didn't she use standard messenger burnable safe paper ?

Nova: Standard aeoni doctrine is to deploy with a full set of "pieces" reminiscent of a chess board this is the usual make up of a " Kingdom" of forces back when monarchs ruled the lands of Aeoni in cooperation with the church."

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5023235 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)01:45:46")

>Relay to fleet that this is very possibly a trap"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023278 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)02:27:57")

Lt. Clanker After a few drinks I met a couple of crazy guys ! Check them out -

Covert Roll: Ifframi Mercenaries.

Ifframi Guide - This solemn gent places their services on offer to help this navigate exodus pass to Avalon. They're also an expert healer and can prevent 1D6 Deaths. {Specialist Infantry. }
Special Skill: Return Home. Instead of Taking Damage, the party can retreat to the last city they visited. This ends the contract. [ (Odd Demands) 1800 Taxes]

Wyvern Rider - This Rider and her Friends is itching to take her serpent out on a flight but keeps getting told by authorities to land. {Aerforce Wyvern Rider. [5M , 3Atk, FU: 3 Days and must idle to hunt] } [(Odd Demands) 4400 Taxes]

Privateer Smuggler - The Captain of the Gilded 8 Tail needs some capital to start their venture from Hongri. Its said to be pulled by an 8 tailed Storm Fox but its not visible from the naked eye. {Naval Unit. Mov 3+ 3Wind Direction. It will not join "Battles" but it can offer "Heavenly Support"} [7000 Taxes]"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023308 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)03:22:35" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn03B.png")

"World Phase.
!Alert Aeoni " Pawn Mk2s have opened fire" The situation has elevated to Alert 1.

[Alert 1] Terroristic Presence has breached the Border Airspace, HQ is apprised.
[Alert 2] Region-wide disaster or paramilitary action has taken place. Fleets are activated to secure Domestic safety. Allied Nations are Contacted.
[Alert 3] Possible Hostile Nation or Rift Incursion escalates. Region goes into shelter modes.
[Alert 4] Open War or Rift Event.

>Events will be written through World Phase.
> It is world phase await prompts or action phase.

CMDR. Lackley: These units - they're Aeoni oh dear... it seems they have opened fire on us after hailing them. What madness have they been possessed with ! Protect yourselves Cadets ! As this is not a drill you may activate Battle Operation to deal with them. We cannot afford to let them take lives beyond this coast !

> Cadet 1 is Cleared to Battle the two Pawn units or deal with it By the Books. [Normal Strike Rules]

Adjutant: If we activate Battle Operation there is a chance we can destroy them right here, but we open the possibility of being sunk ourselves."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023309 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)03:23:43" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_Market.png")

"The Market for Western Ragnyll has updated.";

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023364 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)05:35:16" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn04A.png")

"Day 04.
Missiles were seen streaking across the sky as they touched down on Danube's observation centre and ROC-3 . Structures report damage to critical equipment and has begun rescue and repair operations.

Alert Level 2 Has been Declared.

Adjutant: Radar stations have reported the missiles coming in at a speed of 700km a bell coming from the direction of Cochytus Airfields.

CMDR Lackley: IMPOSSIBLE ! THE AEONI REALLY ARE PULLING THE TRIGGER ! Contact Alliance Fleet ! We Need an Answer ! Fleet ! Stay Vigilant and remember what we're here for, protection and peace !

=Meanwhile in Neue Ascherron, Voss's Silent Capitol =
" I see thank you for informing me." Noblese Fierstrom hangs up the phone and immediately pops off the cork to a Sangreia Noctis and drinks it.

" Grim Tidings from the branch houses out west I take it ? " Her Butler, a skelter of refinement begins uncloseting the Madaam's dragonskin overcoat as the Matron begins tying her hair for a public appearance.

" It seems Aeoni's Concordant Assembly would sooner admit that we are at war than admit that a flaw exists within their godly machines - "

" So it is to be war then ? "

" Our duty is to the Valknyres' no one has been witness to our grand and terrible lives than she. Aeoni can simply join it or be devoured by it at this point as one of its terrible butchers. But alas, we hold our tongues until our source proves to be true. Of course embarassing the Church shall not go amiss no ?"

" Ah yes, influence from the Rift ? "

" The Rift." She says darkly , " In all my millennia nothing has ever put a hole in our cups than that dark loveless realm. The Rift War brought us all together and ate all our grievances and debts to each. It also ate our unmissed relatives. By bringing the world down, it brought us up. A mixed blessing and one worthy of our pause "

" I heard a fascinating rumor from Lindlore, m'lady "

" Mm ? "

" That the Rift has opened up in the language of machines "

" Hm. Make a call to Canute, I wish to speak with his charges. "


Back in Exodus Pass.

> DragonBird spots a missile and takes it down before it struck Avalon Dock.
> Marines arrive in Sminton a monster cutting festival lights up the town in merryment.
> More events ..."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023369 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)05:49:54")

"=The Crossing=
Avalon Dock.
With the arrival of Bogatyr Detachment, onlookers at the dock give a maritime salute to the passing ships as they wait for the wait for spectral ships to appear in the mist.

" There they are !" Said one of the aircrew excitedly

White sails give the look of being illuminated in astral daylight. People on deck weep at the sight as an armada of antiquated galleons slide quietly across the still waters, breaking through ice effortlessly.

And then icy waters melt into clear blue as the horizon glows of Avalon's golden realm on the other side. Passengers slated for the ride embark throughout the afternoon and disappear into the twilight with the promise to return the next day.

" They say that time in Avalon moves differently. Some people go on these ships to start new families, embark on new lives, or to simply see an end to it on the other side and the ones that come off the ships do so for the same reasons "

Many take off their hats in reverence.

" But our jobs are here and now is that right captain ? "

A. Of course, let's not lose sight on what we're protecting."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023376 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)06:04:37")

"=Nova Scout ya =
Dandelion Event.
Naval Intelligence Event.

The Detective turns the note over one more time . Nova observes them in a dimly lit office in Dandelion Investigative services.

" This scribble here is pressed hard , she's distressed but very clearly had to urgently get the word out but in this sentence your Irina hesitates to write further, perhaps because the idea of Aeon going to war is far too preposterous. This paper is from a chess log. She had opponents she played with daily. I suspect some were Aeoni themselves. They kept contact regularly since Aeon was responsible for maintaining their side of Rift Observation Centres "

" There is a rumor , " Said the detective.
" That the machine-church in Aeon has yet to recieve any edicts from their Alexander for some time now. However, their current Metetron has been more than verbose lately, causing arguments to flare up over their machine networks. "

Nova: Are you proposing that there maybe a civil war in Aeon ?

Detective: A guess as good as any. WIth that , I take my payment and I'll contact you if anything new arises.

>Act Phase."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5023404 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)06:51:18" && image=="FireAlpaca_i4UFJ0252V.png")

>As you start talking to the Wyvern Rider, a Jet Bike emblazoned with the Shipwright Guild emblem slides to a stops. The rider declares to the beast masters "The Alliance needs you for glorious combat! Lets RIDE!"

>Spend 1 CP to to Priority Ship the Wyvern Rider to Cadet 1 -4840 Taxes

>Main Phase
>All hands prepare to rapidly disembark the munitions! ENGAGE IN BATTLE!
>Deployment formation attached

Various directives to other units to follow."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5023408 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)06:55:52")

Magni (Sleipnir), Doleur, Icebreaker, I'm leaving the southern defense to you three Please do your best to fortify Roc-2. We need to keep that radar online"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023421 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)07:36:43")

"=Border Town=
Sminton Town

A wreck of robots were being burned in a pyre as the marines enter into town. A rabble of demis work up a fuhror over the evils of Aeoni in a stage play. Many human masks with twisted shapes dance in the shadows

" It's a play" said one of the festival goers but also we've been catching a lot of these clankas running around our fields and killing our animals like they were pests !" You look over the outdated drones piled up in the centre of town

The pyre continues to burn.

A. We'd like to investigate one of the missions if you can spare us one of the broken chassis Gain an intel.
B. Say , we need a couple folks to help out with Hope, we heard there was an SOS. [Roll Organize]
C. The Aeoni consider machines if ascendant thought sapient, cease this barbaric display as of this moment [Fieldwork.]"

if("Old Nancy" Doleur DeLacourre (Gitfinder) && title=="" && postNumber==5023572 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)12:10:27" && image=="unknown-2.png")

"Lt. DeLacourre goes into town that morning with a picnic basket in hand and a big smile on her face, inside is a little list written in red wax pencil.
The list reads,
"wine 4 Celia,
cheese 4 Magni,
bread/biscuits 4 Orca+Wheeler,
machine oil 4 Nerve,
liquor for Vargheist,
ghosts stories and graveyards 4 me,
(REMINDER that bullets and rat kebabs are not a form of currency here, think of what mother would say)"

>Early Phase: Gather intel and check out the current sociopolitical climate of Helena and its leadership (divining their fears and loyalties).

I leer from the windows at all the folk who come to greet us as I walk Old Nancy through the square.
As I have made myself as visible as possible I'll send one of my ghouls to schedule a meeting with the mayor and their staff tomorrow.

>Main Phase: move Old Nancy to Helena Base and begin gathering materials for unit production."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5023655 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)13:43:18")


The Battle of Eerie Shore Commences !

" Mists roll in on the shore and search lights sweep the coast as

-Celia as the Humpback
-Orion as the Hardwater
-Vargheist as the Terrible Child

hold their breath waiting to find the quarry that has fired on them some bells ago. The fact that they were called into the scene made facts very clear, peace may no longer be an option, and they are here to check on its body. ""

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5023660 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)13:45:18")

"Darn. Aeon is back at it again with not telling us anything that's hapenning and another Observation Center is down. Freaking annoying."

"Lt.Modi, Nerve this doesn't change the plan much. We still need to find out what happened in ROC-4. Lt.Modi you're in charge of that."

"Nerve, if you could find out more about why these Machine-Churches are overstepping they're territory and run Defense for Sminton and Hope until Lt.Modi finishes the investigation of ROC-4 we would have better direction."

"I'll run patrols and see what we stop or spot. But I fear some things already got in. If its what we fear... we might get hit by a complete assault."

"Lets safeguard these mountains Gentleman.""

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5024281 && dateTime=="10/10/21(Sun)23:03:50" && image=="05.png")

[Modifying Priority Definitions...]

[Immolation Of Captured Aeoni Hardware Constitutes An Unproductive Application Of Resources...]
[Corrective Measures Authorized...]
[Initiating Civilian Negotiation Protocol // 36-a...]

[!! Attention (Local Fauna), You Are Advised To Cease Non-essential Activity And Surrender All Illicitly Acquired (Aeoni Constructs) For Immediate (Data Redacted - Invalid Clearance). !!]
[!! Non-compliance With (String Corrupted) Personnel Will Not Be Tolerated. !!]
> Early Action // Confiscate All Aeoni Drones, Regardless Of Condition, Within The Boundaries Of (Sminton Frontier Town) For Disassembly And Analysis.

[Reinforcing Strategic Position...]
> Main Action // Entrench (Sminton Frontier Town)."

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5024629 && dateTime=="10/11/21(Mon)04:35:15")

>Night action: Refuel, 10/10 fuel.
>Early action: Depart
>Main action: Evasive Move 2W, land in ROC-2. Radar SW, missiles in anti-missile mode.

"Fleet, we have a lot of contacts down here, could really use some backup."

Imogen Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5024823 && dateTime=="10/11/21(Mon)09:39:32")

>'Early Phase: Buy the Services of The Ifframi Guide [-1800 Taxes] and Privateer Smuggler [-7000 Taxes]
>=Form a platoon (1 Repair Crew) [-500 Taxes]+ Ifframi guide
>Buy 1 MAT box of 10 [-1000 Taxes]
>=All the Former will be loaded on the Privateer Smuggler to be moved to Sminton to deposit the MAT box and then Hope City to provide Aide. They will be named StormFox for the remainder of their mission.
>Raider Squadron!: Patrol an Interception Run to [Sminton] moving 2 SW, 3 SE (Landing in Sminton)
>Interceptor!: Patrol an Interception Run to [Sminton] moving 2 NW, 1W, 5 SE (Landing in Sminton)'
>Main Phase: StormFox moves to Sminton to deliver the MAT box to {Nerve Platoon}

"Since you are non-battle personnel we'll use you mainly for Transport, Delivery and Scouting Operations."

"Although when the time comes we'll see what the Heavenly Support can do. Welcome Ragnyll.""

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5025186 && dateTime=="10/11/21(Mon)19:38:21")

>=Botting Bogatyr Fleet. Players as always can overide
>Early Phase: -Refuel 20 Fleet fuel for the cost of {1000 Taxes}
>Send Interceptor Wing on Patrol along the cost to Danube Base (Move 5W, 2SE, 1E Landing on Danube Base)
>Run IB Cores (+3d6 fuel will be rolled in Processing)
>Main Phase: Move Fleet 3SW of Avalon Dock to the "?" Fuel Station. (-33 Fuel)
>Investigate Fuel Station"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5025238 && dateTime=="10/11/21(Mon)20:36:20")

>Botting Modi detachement
>Early Phase:Put on some non descript clothes Move Evasivelively into stealth (Scout) to ROC-4. Evade any patrols
>Main Phase: Investigate Situation in ROC-4
>Early Phase: Acquire Contract for relief supplies
>Refuel 6 fuel for 300 taxes
>Main Phase: Move Evasively 3SW

Cpt. Magni Jotunnson =Magni=
Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Norr Transfer [Fieldwork]
Lieutenant: Special Ops, Modi Jotunnson [Fieldwork, Covert]
Fieldwork +4
Covert +1"

if(Orion [Halberd] !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5025267 && dateTime=="10/11/21(Mon)21:06:40")

"Rolled 2, 5, 5, 3 = 15 (4d6)

>Gaining 4d6 fuel to catchup with non-listed Strategic options"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5025492 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)01:15:20" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn04B.png")

"World Phase.

=Opinion Piece=
[Rollled 6 ,5 ]

Mayor Grant.
" Twice we've suffered attacks from the Voss, and twice Aeon has quietly given us support in the form of their pedigree knight graduates. So I doubt highly that any action from them will be happening. These... Ifframi however have been loitering on our roads , it's disrespectful to our western neighbors not to mention those /red/ ships that you let fly our colors but you won't catch me putting down divisive laws."

Historian Desmond.
" When the Rift War happened, no less than 4 major heads of state went into the fore to close the 4 Rift events. For the Kashir it was the Saradin, for us, it was Death Marshall Von Voss the Third, for the Clovis, Maria Eingall, and it's said that in Lindlore Alexander Themselves took the hit to close a Rift gate that opened up in low orbit. All major pillars of our history sacrificed our leaders in our respective realms and dare I say it, we lost our direction and aims as a people afterwards "

Sky Martial Monandeas.
" The Alliance as you can see, stood in as a memorial piece to that point of unification but I think people are hungry for leadership, and the days of the Rift Wars did not want for it. Now it's just masses that argue over food rations and shipping lanes. Now if you excuse me "


=Abandoned Station=
Massive mold formations can be seen from a distance as a sea of crabs migrate from the gouged hole of a Fueling Port. "What the hell caused all this ?" Coughed one of the helmsman as the smell started burning up in the bridge.
A. We'll stay in the air for now and report that this is a Monster INfested Area.
B. Send in the Marines and have them prep for biohazardous weapons
C.[Pirate] a Crab den, means there's a KingCarcene down there guzzling up the Ibonyte, sprinkle the outside with fuel to draw it out.
D.[Qashir] Use the sound equipment to see if there's people down there. [Calculation]

+1 Intel. The robots seem to be bubbling with white oil like substance. " Silver Tears " They're called, oils from the cosmic father himself.
A. Use 1 Intel to find out more.
B. Hold on to Intel until it can be used for other things.

=Opening Move=
Modi: Boss... it's bad, the area beyond the border is crawling with these monsters but its strange, they barely move, barely even shift around to scratch their ass. They don't seem like there are pilots in these things at all.
Modi: Modi again, we're at the Observation station, the people here are... missing. There's no one here, not even signs of a struggle. We have control of the radar room, should we upload you the data ? "
A. Do it, then get out of there.
B. Just apprise us of what's happening, stay quiet, stay alive.
C. No, touch nothing and head back.
D. See if you can search for people there. Use detection equipment if you need to. [Covert]"

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5025580 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)03:20:14")

>Intercept those three missiles to the SW with my own if possible."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5025622 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)05:26:40" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn05A.png")

"Act Phase

!! Missile Interceptions !!
Icebreaker launches their own A2A missile and intercepts a ballistic missile. Meanwhile a second one passes her up and streaks straight into RoC-2.

Screams can be heard on the radio as panic spreads along comms.

!! IN the ridge of Exodus Range !!
Missiles can be spotted above snow peaked caps Dragonbird's wing tails a pair of missiles and manages to send one smashing against the mountain. The blowback from its detonation sends them back as the second one heads for the Danube radar station.

Meanwhile blue streaks can be seen across the sky as bolts of photon lances crash quiety in the distance.

!! Leviathan Coastal Yard is a burning ruin. Thousands confirmed dead instantly , thousands more missing in action. Its ships evacuating in the chaos.

Meanwhile in the Rift Observation Base, Modi sees a screen light up on the main screen as archaic code executes its script on the RoC's national alarm system.

" Oh gods... no no no no, NO NO NO NO !"

Modi has two choices at this Moment, overriding any conflicting choices in previous prompts if necessary.
A. Activate the emergency mode on the base.
B. Observe and Report. Other pressing matters grip him at this time.
C. (Covert Risk) Track its Source !

By the time the sun had set on the eve of the winter solstice multiple alarms ring up the chaos of fire and blood are drowned out by crashing waves.

>Alert Level raised to 3."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5025625 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)05:31:14" && image=="FireAlpaca_invRy61L29.png")

">Fleet logistics early action
>Retrofit and Redeploy the Tsunami. Image attached.
>Remove 1/2 fuel tanks and 1/2 generators -2KT
>Move autoloaders out of center to other free spaces
>Put large fuel tank in center +2KT
>Remove rear cannon to make cargo space with rear hatch -1KT
>Add 1 pair of armor slopes to front +1KT
>Total Weight 11KT, Total refit cost 3250
>Deploy to Stilemar Heavy Industry

>Main Action
>Move full speed towards Icebreakers location -3 Fuel Transfer command to Icebreaker (-1 Icebreaker CP if he accepts?)"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5025630 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)05:35:34")

"=The Defense of Sminton=
The spirit tree at the center of town sparkled quietly over an open plaza festival goers are few and brief.

In the outer walls of the town several floodlights go off against the mountainside as mobile platforms advance through towering trees without a care.

Nerve's Marines open fire behind integrated cover and a new set of lights flare up across the mountain range beyond town...

[Nerve's Unit has taken 12 Damage, but has dealt 8 in turn, damaging two frames.. With the Defense bonus of 2, this increases the basic durability of his men by 2]

Please Distribute 12 Damage before proceeding with your turn."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5025636 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)05:48:22")

=A Big Project=

Shipyard Dock:
This is a fairly involved project. We're gonna have to roll Industry equal to the amount of steps, luckily the dock's rating is very good plus if you have an officer that can lead the roll with their skills in [Industry] , all the better."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5025641 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)05:53:29")

"Rolled 4, 2, 5, 6, 4, 5 = 26 (6d6)

>Steps needed for refit 7
>Station rating is 4, 6d6 total"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5025643 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)05:57:29")

"Doleur they will really need your help in Roc-2. Please work out a way to fortify it's defenses""

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5025663 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)07:02:29" && image=="08.png")

[Transferring Data To Neural Blackbox...]
> Retain Intel For Later Use.

[Registering Integrity Losses...]
['HvyInf_1' Asset : 75% Combat Effective...] (8/12)
['HvyInf_2' Asset : 50% Combat Effective...] (6/12)
['MULE_1' Asset : 33.3% Combat Effective...] (1/3)
[Platoon Cohesion Within Operationally Viable Bounds...]
[Returning Fire...]
> Early Action // Maintain Defensible Position And Fire Upon Active Hostiles.

[Enhancing Tactical Hardpoints...]
> Main Action // Entrench Current Position."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5025689 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)08:10:11" && image=="DragonFly.png")

Assigning Temporary Command of Sleipinr to you Icebreaker
It's a dragon fly class with 2 extra units of mules, 3 units of airmen and 10 extra mats (20 total). It's on 24 Fuel
>Transfer Sleipinr to Icebreaker

You can use it's Mats to build defences in early action."

if(Siberia !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5025715 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)08:51:59")

>C for Abandoned Station; bait it out and light it up.

Uleken: "Lieutenant, it's been a while since I had to flush out a crab. Was before you got us enlisted."

Stenka: "Da, the things are brutes, but fun to crush... You aren't still mad about that, are you?"

U: "What, sent us to raid a convoy, crash-landing on Voss border, baiting every wild creature on the Tundra to our position, forced us to signal the Valknyr before our rations ran out? No, still not forgiven. Is miracle they let us serve instead of stuck in gulag."

S: "You're cute when you're mad, Ma-" **slap**

Naval Commander Uleken (Krussian)
Industry 2, Organization 1
Privateer Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov
Vessels: Irkutsk, Yakutsk (refitted Orcas)

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5026151 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)17:07:50")

Technically that would mean that 1 of your MK units can tank up to 48 dmg at full strengh. Since there are 12 MK's with 2 HP each. (This is of course in terms of Strategic HP not TACT where the 6 would apply).

You add 2 more durability to them making them 12 units with 4 HP. Thus 'HvyInf_1' would be the only one needing to tank the damage making it 8/12 whilst 'HvyInf_2' would be still at full strengh.

The MULEs on the other hand have 1Hp at base and 3 units. +2HP from entrench would jump them at 3hp a unit.

You can also distribute damage to the city but that's not exactly great for the people who believe in us to keep their town safe."

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5026346 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)19:56:35")

"Rolled 6, 4, 4, 5, 3, 2, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 = 54 (11d6)

>Early Phase:Repair and Raider Squadron Bombing run on the group of Pawns closest to Sminton [+4 vs GRN +1* Wingman]
>Engineers Build an AA SP artillery for 5 MAT (5/10 left?)
>Main Phase: Evasive move Interceptor goes to scout Hope City (only land if no hostile presence)
>Stormforx moves to Hope City with Engineers

Name: Capt. Rick "Dragonbird" Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization)
Lieutenant: Wingman Clank Hugues (+1 to all rolls, +1*)

Organization: 4
Resolve: 1"

if(Siberia !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5026370 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)20:23:57")

"Rolled 4, 5, 3 = 12 (3d6)

>>5025630 "Bogatyr Fleet, preparing to move out.

Once prompt ( >>5025715 ) is resolved:

Morning Actions:
>Complete investigations in abandoned fuel depot
>Refuel 30 fuel (-1500 tax)
>Recall Interceptor Wing to fleet
>Run IB Cores (+3d6)

Main Actions:
>Force Move Fleet to Sminton Frontier (move 1SW, 1SE, 2SW, -44 Fuel)
>Assault if Aeon forces still present"

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5026383 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)20:38:37")

[Verifying Cogitator Integrity...]
[Critical Computational Faults Detected At Ln-3047, Ln-6771, Ln-6793...]
[Reconstructing Predictive Models...]

['HvyInf_1' Asset : 75% Combat Effective...] (36/48)
['HvyInf_2' Asset : 100% Combat Effective...] (48/48)
['MULE_1' Asset : 100% Combat Effective...] (9/9)"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5026386 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)20:48:29")

>Early Phase Modi team: =Opening Move=
=ROC-4= Answer D. (covert 3d6) then >>5025622 C. Track its Source!
>Morning Assault: towards Hope City
>Main Phase: Entrench

>'Sleipnir Early Phase: Repair ROC Station
>Switch 2 Engineers for 2 Assault Marines
>Main Phase: Evasive Move to Hope Crossing, Use Radar to triangulate between Grendel Base, Bogatyr Fleet and Sminton (2d6 Calc)
Cpt. Magni Jotunnson =Magni=
Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Norr Transfer [Fieldwork]
Lieutenant: Special Ops, Modi Jotunnson [Fieldwork, Covert]
Fieldwork +4
Covert +1
all INF+1 health, +1 Dmg, StratMov +2, +1 TacMov"

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5026484 && dateTime=="10/12/21(Tue)22:58:03")

>Night Action: Refuel, 10/10 fuel.
>Early Action: Reload Missile Box, Resupply Mats spent to do so. Lt. Ability: Investigate town of Hope.
>Main Action: Evasive Move 2 SW to Hope's Crossing and land. Radar W, fire cruise missiles at enemy units to the WNW. Explore Hope's Crossing.

Imogen Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if("Old Nancy" Doleur DeLacourre (Gitfinder) && title=="" && postNumber==5026988 && dateTime=="10/13/21(Wed)14:55:41")

"Frenzied chatter comes over the vox and an accompanying headbutt to the bulkhead rouses Lt.Delacourre to wakefulness. Pulling on her rumpled greatcoat and slippers she stumbles to the bridge and is greeted with a constellations of red flashing lights. There are a few dejected sighs, an order for someone to put the kettle on, and one angry phonecall to the Mayoral Council of Helena.

"T'was bound to happen sooner or later, but I'd have appreciated a few more hours of rest before the fireworks. But looks as if the Aeoni Dogs have taken a leaf out of the Motherland's cookbook, so we had best set the table before they arrive. Evacuation shelters are to be built, food rationed, militia armed and raised, and for gods sake someone get me my fucking coffee!"

>Early Phase:
CHARACTER STUFF Speak with Helena administrators to get their militia mobilized and organize evacuation shelters and routes so Helena is not caught so unprepared by missile barrage.
Put AA defenses on high alert for intercept.

>Main Phase: (Spending one Material and CP) BEGIN PRODUCTION of Mech Division (Preferably a cannon variant, but if I can build one of those sexy 50mm AC tanks I'd be a very happy LT.)"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5027587 && dateTime=="10/14/21(Thu)02:31:02" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn05B.png")

The Battle of Eerie concludes. 5+ Hostile Pawns were spotted jamming signals from Norsudh-Observation centre. The Battle concludes in total victory and pawn units are being sent to the Morrigan Octavius Naval Academy for study and reverse engineering.

CMDR Lackley, unfortunately with this obvious affront to our lines its seems we'll have to raise the Alarm once again.... I must go to my quarters for a moment to collect myself....

Fleet Command has now given a general order to all forces in Western Ragnyll*.

Scenario BR202- A Coastal and Mountain Invasion from Aeon:

You are to hold out for a week while Electromagnetic Countermeasures are deployed on the troposphere. During this time, burst communication from the Rift Obervation stations are all that will remain reliable. Protect them at all costs while human lives are being evacuated.

We hope this is enough to strike their autonomous dead in their tracks and leave their people to answer for it.

We have contacted Voss, they have agreed to send their Self Defense 1st fleet at this time to execute Operation Long Dark.

Lt. Dunsparce: The Voss ? DOesn't that break a lot of their treaties.

Adj. Laputa: As a self defense force this action falls under their jurisdiction and Sky Marshall Monandeas themselves put forward the proposition as their Fleets are very accustomed to Remote Warfare.

When EMCs are deployed the information that will run through our networks will have to be inputted manually and communicated via analogue means. In addition to that, the ROCs will be diverting its bandwidths for burst communication and LAN traffic. Outside of that, don't rely on them for seeing in the dark.

World Phase.
Await Reports of your actions and prompts."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5027726 && dateTime=="10/14/21(Thu)08:26:23")

"== The Missing Irina ==
Modi: We found survivors but they are asleep. They .. or someone used cryostasis fluid and suspended themselves in Bathtubs and covered them in soundproofing foam almost as if to get away from these drones. One of them has a disk attached to them, I'm sending you the message now:

" There is a rift event and it's subtle. Aeoni mechs are going berserk as a result. We've deduced that the shape of the rift is temporal in nature and likely affects sound. People here have been hearing voices.. of loved ones that passed away. The two are likely connected as the temporal rift aligns with a signal recorded 40 years in the past, except it's easily 5 times stronger and at its peak recorded at 10 times stronger. And now, voices. Lots of them "
" This is ROC-4 and likely our final message. Automated machines have started to become aggresive, like they've woken up. The Demis in our station were hunted.. like animals while we were simply segragated in these safe rooms as we listened to screams. One of our supervisors started laughing, like ... like they were "finally getting what they deserved - I .. I killed him because I was so sure he was behind it ! " But the drones they're not stopping ! I erased Hope from our database in the hopes they don't find that town but please ! Please when you get this message - "
End of Message.

Mod: Another thing, once I've secured an exit for the staff we saw another script execute itself from ROC-4. It was a virus likely used to induce false positives on the map. But it's signal traced back to a laser linked source all the way in East Serpico. We'll be heading to hope now. Modi Out."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5027946 && dateTime=="10/14/21(Thu)14:22:24" && image=="Alliance FIeld Guide_NavyLAB.png")

"== Research and Devolvement ==

Heya Captains, this is lab 767 up and running and reporting for duty ! While you were away I got a job a Lvl 5 Scifax for the Cadet Branch. The facilities here are wonderful and the robots here are so nice ! I barely have to talk to anyone. Er Anyway, as you can see it's also rather boring up here with so few samples to test and so few people to work with so one or the other will always be a welcome blessing after each mission.

> We got your Aeoni Pawn mechs and wowee these things are Ancient too ! We're talking 4 corners war or perhaps younger and these designs haven't gone bad since. Did you know that not even the aeoni themselves fully understand the tech they were given ? It must be pretty cursed, what if something goes wrong and they don't know how to fix it or even reproduce it ??

> As for the Wardens you so graciously gifted, the lodestones in them have caught me and Mary's eye for sometime and before you know it, we managed to collect enough of the stuff to float a 10 kiloton ship ! You shoulda seen the look on the 3rd fleet guys' faces ! Anyways these designs have been selling like crazy amongst the Voss I even get offers to transfer to their private branch. Ahahaha -

> The Sunskimmers are a marvel to look at, its far older than any of these and signified a time when maritime travel ran on sunlight and wind. Ocean Optional of course since the Kashir were the first to take their civilizations up, Way up !

Anyways, even with these wealth of materials we're often short handed and barely make enough with the 1 or 2 prototypes we build. Feel free to leave requests on which samples to allocate to which projects and we'll get right on it !"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5028002 && dateTime=="10/14/21(Thu)15:29:09")

"== Onwards to Hope ==
The trail of machines stopped following them as they ascended the mountain tops and into winding valleys that at this point is beginning to promise white death.

Modi's team is getting bogged down by a snowstorm, on their own they can make it the rest of the 100km to town however the weight on their backs is getting heavier...

A. Bury the still frozen bodies from ROC-4 in the snow. If there isn't too much change in the temperature, they can retrieve the suspended bodies tomorrow.

B Time to slug it out like your lives matter , men ! Resolve Roll. [2 successes needed]

C. A herd of Mammoths can be heard nearby, We'll hunt one then use its carcass for refuge. We got 115 minutes men , let's go go go ! [Fieldwork 2 successes needed.]


Icebreaker is met with a guide at Hope's crossing. " From here on out we traverse on the ground. Your ship can be land towed but unpacking it will take a day.

A. Leave the ship here, get the crew to put on their winter gear and load up.[Create a Platoon ]
B. We're in your care then. [Fieldwork , 2 successes needed]
C. Just chart the course, we'll brave the rime peaks of the mountains on our own. [Calculation [3succeses needed] ]


=Crab Battle Result=
Bogatyr takes a heavy beating as the 22 Meter tall monstrosity unleashes the cannons strapped on its back. Not only that but its cohorts also pack similarly sized arms. " This is a FLEET BATTLE Brace for impa- "

A popcorn cloud of fire erupts across the sky as Bogatyr can be seen leaving from the scene incalculably damaged from the event.

Bogatyr Fleet receives 20 damage, declare damages before the start of Early Phase. They land on Sminton greeted by oncoming battle !


> Await for Act Phase to post."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5028377 && dateTime=="10/14/21(Thu)23:46:49" && image=="Funwiththekob.png")


if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5028536 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)05:27:47")

"Rolled 1, 4, 3, 1, 5, 3 = 17 (6d6)

"Well, I eagerly look forward to my sister lending us her assistance. I'll try to secure ROC-3 after I check on Hope."

>B, fieldwork roll.
"Chances are we'll have to evacuate Hope and we'll need the ship. Nova, where's that cute winter parker you picked up?"

Imogen Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5028548 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)06:32:08")

"Rolled 3, 3, 3, 4, 1, 3 = 17 (6d6)

>C. Fieldwork roll for the herd of Mammoths

Cpt. Magni Jotunnson =Magni=
Dragonfly [Sleipnir]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Norr Transfer [Fieldwork]
Lieutenant: Special Ops, Modi Jotunnson [Fieldwork, Covert]
Fieldwork +4
Covert +1
all INF+1 health, +1 Dmg, StratMov +2, +1 TacMov"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5028550 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)06:35:25")

"Rolled 5 (1d6)

>Missing 1 dice. Since Magni took Fieldwork has a Voss trait. Oh ye dice gods."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5028566 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)07:12:08" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn06A.png")

"=Act Phase=
It is now 0444 and in an emergency session decided by the Valknyre Alliance, the motion for a War Declaration has passed with a 3 to 1 abstaining vote with 1 being Kashir who respectfully abstains from the vote due to religious observation of their holy week.

Director Truint speaks:

Dir. Truint III: 50 years. Easily a generation since man has gotten together to face a terror that told all of humanity that in the face of cosmic horrors beyond our planet that we are small, we are petty, and we are lucky to have been alive today thanks to the efforts of the strong men and women that left us a generation ago to give us a second chance. 50 years. And in 500 we wished this to be the case and in a thousand, maybe a few of us would have forgotten it.

But 5 decades is barely enough time to grieve for those that left us, barely enough time to make it up for those that earned us this time, and not even any time at all to repair the damage that was dealt.

A few days ago one of our rift observation centers went dark. And yesterday a base in exodus pass has been destroyed and just a few hours ago I was informed in that very same chamber that a missile had struck the port of Avalon while thousands were attending an important crossing event of their lives.

It is clear that the Nation of Aeon consolidated to our west has a far different view of how we see the Rift war. And worst of all, their petty and bloody vendetta against our more unique brothers and sisters are the first ones to be sacrificed. On who's altar and for what ? It is madness, and it must be stopped.

Aeon is a big nation, some might say the most powerful there is. But my friends, we are together stronger than even the biggest of beasts. Far more resilient and far more ingenious and hungry for the injustices left unanswered just because they think they can trample on our hard won peace. I am sorry everyone, but it must be done, and we must all do this together if we are to earn the right that has been afforded us by yesterday's heroes.


CMDR. Lackley: I - I am not one for speeches lads, but If I am allowed a small talk all I can say is this: The Rift War was horrible and the monsters we fought there were beyond imagination. They were beasts and relentless eaters of men and women. I lost a family, my old captain, and my crew before it ended. But never once did I have to lift my hand against a person. In fact it is still unthinkable for me to try and amazingly petty for me to witness.

But everything you heard is true, you saw it for yourself and there is no denying it, men have become monsters in the absence of one we all knew and recognized.

I want you all to save as many lives as you can, to respect your enemy even now, and most of all do not lose your lives to something as hollow as their war. It would not do me very good at my age. That is all.


>Act Phase."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5028570 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)07:26:01")

"Event: The Incident of Avalon Dock.

20 people have been reported dead with many others severely injured as Medusa missiles have flashed 100 meters overhead of Avalon Dock , causing Demis of a certain physiology to petrify outright, and for various ships to sink below the water.


=It's all in the gut=
First light struck on two broken heaps of mammoths as marines crawled out of its steaming innards, extracting the people inside like unborn babies. They continue to Hope smelling like offal.

=Pack it up=
Iceheart tows her ship to a land cruiser and rigged her tight as it kited across treacherous cliff faces and bobbed around like a balloon. The bowser kept in pace and they avoided cutting winds, making it Hope by first light.

Here they discover the 42 remaining people from ROC-4 and an Irina Konnair, her Aeoni features plain for all the people of Hope to see.

Modi: Gods if I had to carry that many people on my back again through a snow storm I'm going to ask for a prosthetic spine.

=Here's Hoping=

The Town of Hope was Idyllic , rustic and stared at the colorful curtains of auroras often. Their town gets its news from the town hall which gets its connection from the nearby ROCs. The Cantina is in quiet whispers as people wonder about the fate of a certain Legio. It seems they know more than they let on.

A. Covert. [Find out how they move when not being observed]
B. Ask them about their relationship with Aeon and the Valknyres
C. Organization. [Check the town's library about local history.]"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5028573 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)07:31:01")

">Bogatyr Fleet has taken 20 Damage from [Crab Battle]

Resolve before starting your turn."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5028579 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)07:56:11")

>Post battle fuel total 227 (we ran those gens HARD)

>Early Action: Establish communications with command, ask when was the last time they received provably human communications from Aeoni?
>Also nominate all recruits for Captain field promotion and nominate all early Kashir Campaign veterans for Commodore field promotion. (Exclude myself from the list as is proper, however my inclusion is implied)

>Main phase move Cadet 1 to Avalon Dock -42 FU
>Ask for my father, Drunk Captain Billy, hopefully he still has a ship
>Begin preparations for total evacuation"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5028585 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)08:03:04")

"Rolled 2, 1, 4, 3, 1, 5 = 16 (6d6)

>Fleet logistics
>Steps needed to finish tsunami refit 1
>Station rating is 4, 6d6 total

>Presuming success launch from stilemar towards dandelion"

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5028590 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)08:13:37")

"Rolled 6, 6, 1 = 13 (3d6)

"Well this is it. Were heading into battle for this one. Were taking them out right here right now. We won't let these Aeoni's trample our mountains Rift or no Rift. Let's show them that its their backs that are to the wall! Accomplish your repairs and lets give them a weekend to remember!"

>Early Phase: Repair wings and callback the Interceptor Squadron from Hope

Possible Participants are:
>Dragonbird Squadron (Raiders and Interceptors)
>>5026383 Nerve Squad
>>5026370 >>5022169
Bogatyr Fleet feat. Capt. Uleken and Capt. Saradin

(You can take an Early Phase action but if you want to enter the battle you'd have to use the Main Phase to enter it. We will then be heading to Tactical map for this fight.)"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5028628 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)09:21:53")

"Rolled 4, 4, 2, 6, 6, 6, 5, 1, 4, 6, 2, 5, 3, 2 = 56 (14d6)

>Lab Actions
>Set Pennyweather to researching using the lodestones to lift other objects. Like that time the warden lifted the sunskimmer. Use 2 wardens for datapoints (first 6 dice)

>Set Susan to researching the Navel Grade Alloys using 4 Mech Specimens (second 8 dice)"

if(Siberia !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5028659 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)10:10:06")

6 damage each on Irkutsk and Uugraam, 8 on Yakutsk."

if(Orion [Halberd] !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5028817 && dateTime=="10/15/21(Fri)14:51:38")

"Rolled 3, 2, 5, 1 = 11 (4d6)

"Sir, there's more radar pings than even the worst sims at the academy!"

"Good lord... We're all that's even nearby? Start unloading everything! Draw them away from the interior!"

Early Phase:
>Gain +1 Calculation from Victory at Battle of Eerie Shores
>-Radar range is now 3 (2+Calc)
>+1d6 Fuel from Ib. Gen.
>Fire Hautzer at Radar ping 3E (2+Calc Range & DMG)
>Radar Lock & Fire 3 Stratos missiles total: 2 at ping 1NE 2E, 1 at ping 3E (-6 MAT)
>!Protocol: Lt. Paz: "Invading forces, your presence in this airspace is in violation of international treaty. Divert your flight path and disable all weaponry or you will be destroyed. This is your only warning."


Halberd [Hardwater]
146/200 FU | 10 EN.Max | - Ammo | 29 MAT
5/5 CP

Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation, +1 Calculation
200mm Hautzer (Strategic): [X][][]R

Hardwater Class"

if(Siberia !!2kKupFZSS/e && title=="" && postNumber==5029465 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)03:12:59")

"Rolled 2, 1, 6 = 9 (3d6)

Bogatyr Fleet Status: 29/90 Fuel, 80/80 MAT

Early Actions:
> Run Ib Generators (3d6)
> Repair vessels in Sminton's repair dock (Industry)
> Attempt to position Irkutsk in a concealed, entrenched position prior to commencement of battle (Covert)

Fleet Action:
> Join Battle of Sminton

Naval Commander Uleken (Krussian)
Industry 2, Organization 1
Privateer Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov
Vessels: Irkutsk, Yakutsk (refitted Orcas)

if(Orion [Halberd] !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5029967 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)14:11:08")

""Sir, there's more radar pings than even the worst sims at the academy!"

"Good lord... We're all that's even nearby? Start unloading everything! Draw them to us!"

>Amending Action, keeping dice - only change is a missile target

>Early Phase:
>Gain +1 Calculation from Victory at Battle of Eerie Shores
>-Radar range is now 3 (2+Calc)
>+1d6 Fuel from Ib. Gen.
>Fire Hautzer at Radar ping 3E (2+Calc Range & DMG)
>Radar Lock & Fire 3 Stratos missiles total: 2 at ping 1NE 2E, 1 at missile 2NW (-6 MAT)
>!Protocol: Lt. Paz: "Invading forces, your presence in this airspace is in violation of international treaty. Divert your flight path and disable all weaponry or you will be destroyed. This is your only warning."


Halberd [Hardwater]
149/200 FU | 10 EN.Max | - Ammo | 29 MAT
5/5 CP

Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation, +1 Calculation
200mm Hautzer (Strategic): [X][][]R

Hardwater Class"

if(Terrible Child [CC:Octavius] !GeElfamlrw && title=="" && postNumber==5030136 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)15:56:35")

"Rolled 4, 4, 6 = 14 (3d6)

"I'll need to become more industrious or acquire a personal mechanic for the Terrible Child at this rate... get repaired what we are able to. We have a conflict to take part in.
>Early Phase: Repair Front Twin Harpoon Gun and Front AN Booster (Industry)
>Activate IB Core (1d6 FU)
"Tell the Kindrinker to prepare for combat as well, unlike the half dozen Aeonie drones, I expect him to assist with speeding things up going forward. I still have many questions but have not the time to delve into them either, between what is really going on in Aeon and wanting to pry more from my Baron..."

Captain Vargheist von Skelter
Terrible Child [Cruiser Class: Octavius]
Vosskon Naval Transfer (Fieldwork)
LT Baron Ghaston von Skelter
Fieldwork +2
Covert +2
Negotiations +2
*Resolve +2

FU:58/80 Mats:7/10 CP:3/3 AMM:0/+3
Thrust:28 KT:12/16 Lift:8/12 Boost:3/4 EN:10"

if(Nerve [Marines] && title=="" && postNumber==5030338 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)19:12:30" && image=="02.png")

(FldWrk: 2)
{x2 HvyInf}, {x1 MULE}

[Superfluous Organic Materials Detected Within Immediate Proximity...]
[Repurposing Biomass As Fleet Assets...]
> Early // Replenish Platoon Strength - Replace Unit Casualties.
> Early // Process Any Corpses Within Sminton Into Biofuel.

[Hostile Combatants Repelled...]
[Counter-Strike Viable...]
> Main // Join Allied Assault Against Antagonistic Elements."

if(D Saradin [Uugraam] !FgFyA8t9aI && title=="" && postNumber==5030586 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)01:48:00")

"Rolled 3, 5, 3, 6 = 17 (4d6)


Davcina looked over the side of the observation deck and inhaled sharply, making a strained sound of distress. There were large tracks gouged into the Uugraam's hull where the KingCarcene's claws had dug in but failed to gain purchase. Relatively new paint laid on thick to protect the Heavy Destroyer's outer shell from the elements flaked and peeled. Taking in the situation, she growled. "Prepare the Uugraam's claws, we're filling the stores tonight!"

Mocoro smirked, "We're going to be eating well for weeks.. or be sick of seafood in days."

>Salvage KingCarcene Corpse
>Repair ships in Bogatyr Fleet (priority> Uugraam, Irkutsk, Yakutsk) : • Industry +2 (Tuner) • 6s Full Repair (Tuner) • Engineering Bay • Sminton's dock repair facilities, if any
>Restrock supplies and prepare to move out with the rest of Bogatyr Fleet
Name: Davcina Saradin
Branch: [Naval]
Background Nation: Qashirn Noble
(+1 Calculation)

Lieutenant: Chief Mocoro Argaul,Tuner
(!Machine Lore, +1 Calc, +2 Industry, 6s Full Repair, +2 Mov Aer, *Fuel Mix: Convert Mat > 8Fuel, Fleet Speed +1)"

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5030612 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)02:58:50")

>B. Ask them about their relationship with Aeon and the Valknyres. Also C if possible.

Imogen happily embraces her cousin. "Well Irina, this certainly puts that sleekfoot girlfriend you wrote about in a new light. Mind explaining just what exactly is going on here? You're into chess right? Any good at Calculations?"

>Night action: Refuel. Recruit Irina to serve aboard the Icebreaker.
>Early action: Confirm Refueling. Confirm Recruiting Irina. Ask what she knows of Aeon's actions and aggression here. Ask survivors of ROC-4 what happened. Evacuate town, send with Modi to Hope's Crossing>ROC-2>Helena. Fire two Cruise Missiles at enemies engaged with Bogatyr at Sminton. Depart with garrison planes.
>Main action: Evasive move 3NW, join battle at Sminton.

Imogen Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +2 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization"

if(D Saradin [Uugraam] !FgFyA8t9aI && title=="" && postNumber==5030657 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)04:16:19" && image=="CrabBattle.png")

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5030718 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)07:30:59" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn06B.png")

"> World Phase.
>Battle of Sminton. Participants, Report in on Battle of Sminton Here >>5030710

Day 6 Report.
0444 - War with Aeon Officially Declared. Scenario BR-202 Goes into action.
>Scenario BR-202:

0625 - Artillery and Missile strikes dealt out by Cadet 1, assaulting a flanking enemy force of Pawns. Voss 2nd Fleet Called into Action to intercept.

0700 - Ragnyllian Garrisons activate, Danube region is facing heavy enemy presence and Monstrous Migration.
" Last Transmission, we will defend Danube with our lives, please ensure our families will make it out of this safe "

0759 - Missile strikes ordered against the Southern invasion forces, 1 Pawn Congtingent neutralized

0801 - Hope assessed. Safety of ROC-4's staff confirmed. Command to send for emergency pickup.

0833 -Bogatyr , DragonBird, Nerve, and Icebreaker Converge on Sminton to BATTLE

>It is world phase, await prompts for landing events."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5030731 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)08:01:17")

"=Aurora B. Alice=
In any home in hope the townspeople prepared to sets of portraits, one for the current Monandeas and in the basement, an illuminated painting of Aeon's older Legios and their leader, Aurora B. Alice. The town was quite clearly mixed in heritage but many were strangely casual about their leanings. Even now, hardly any of it had set to boil.

"We expected it for a long time coming now , really " Said the chief, a Lupus Falkren who whined at the thought of it.
" Aeon had problems with their church who deigned to filter down the words of their machine god. It's said that their language is what operates much of today's computers and it was so recently after the Rift War that the church was selective about what their machine god said."
" How did you get that kind of rumor ? "
" This is no conjecture , This town owes its life to a Legio that fought here nearly a century ago. Imperial Voss threatened to spread West under their Undead Dominion and the advance forces stepped out of Aeoni borders to meet them. Incidentally, this ... desperate defense worked so well that Voss's Imperial forces could not breach the border , preventing Aeon from starting their Punitive campaigns.
" This caused friction with their higher ups I take it "
" You guessed it, and when blades were drawn and their Royal benefactors could no longer protect them, it was here that this Legio took shelter, to await their next move "
" So where are they now ? "
" Aha , with your skills shouldn't you be able to know that by now. " The elder winked."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5030732 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)08:02:20")

"=Stay Safe Irina =
The blanket swaddled scientist sipped a cup of hot caffe. "I gather you've seen the video I left," She exhaled " But it came without warning. We saw a massive group of unmanned aeoni machines -- unmanned because... I guess they didn't listen to our hails, made no communication with each other that we could percieve in our radar instruments and generally were just running on autopilot. We saw a whole "Board" of them 8 pawns, pairs of complementary units and a Principality class battleship frame... The "Royals"

Since there were no Rift irregularities reported, we reached out to the other stations to see what was up, when we found out our communications were jammed, we knew immediately that we were screwed.

" A year ago, we had been getting weekly visits from a Quest of Knights, they were stationed in Cochytus and while Qashir was entering into Holy Week, they were called away to a Round Table meeting in Pavaris. I had a friend you see, Glaseye. He was a Squire Adept that delighted in games of chess. When they came by to do rift cullings he was always playing aggainst himself, cause no one in his group could even beat him at it. My senses told me that this kid was a Tuner, you know, spoke with machines. And gave him a strange craft to pilot to boot a single man, covered in pure white. "

Irina narrowed her eyes, " You're about to tell me something about this kid are you ? "

" The way those drones are operating now," Irina sipped , "Feels exactly like how our games have been going " She started to sob as fire began erupting on the news feeds. Later the rescue team would take everyone back to Ragnyll but what of Irina's Fate ?

A. Stay Safe Irina , Stay in touch with us in the Navy Academy. [Irina Joins the Lab. ]
B. " Wait, if you're saying that the AI is following Glaseye's games maybe you can help us predict what the enemy will do " Allow Irina to Join Icebreaker to act as an [Advisor] for this operation."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5030734 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)08:06:36")

"=We're not dead yet =

Nerve put forward a query to recruit the people of Sminton and perhaps take on fellow warriors. However no such corpse existed among them.
" We uhm sorry to disappoint , we'd love to protect this town we do, but we're just good at huntin Rift varmints and we're definitely not cut of the same armor killing bones as you are "

> Sminto doesn't have Heavy Infantry, however your efforts allow you to recuit conscripts for the upcoming Battle."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5030740 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)08:33:45")

"=Sloshed Captain Billy=
The harbor was frozen in stone stuck out like a grim monument. Many people who wanted to desperately make their escape had done so, leaving those with little option but to stay...

This left the one ship captain who was too drunk to wake up on time as the few half dozen ships still left on the dock .

" Captain Billy !" Celia called out in relief,
" AH ! Cel ! Im glad you're here now take that rope and come with me we need to lash together two boats to carry someone's walking house across the lake "
" I - *Captain*," stomped Celia, "I'm here under orders from the Fleet we need to evacuate this town , People Will Die "

A lot of demis gasped upon hearing such a brazen statement and the Captain just laughs it off as he walks Celia away from prying eyes, " Alright alright Cel, people are on edge as it is, they're waiting for their Crossing but I'll see what I can do. You got the Whale on you still right ? She still uh... fighting evil wizards and giant sandworms ?"

" I sure do."

" Ok in that case we got a half dozen ships here and one trip to make. The Crossing ends in a week and people need this moment or it's gone -"

" What are you saying WE'RE AT W- "

" FOREVER " He was staring hard now. A look he only saved once before , during the Rift War, and during his fight on this shore. He went quiet then started up again, sober and aware. " If this moment slips past them, 10 years , may-maybe even 20 will pass in Avalon, their loved ones could be dead, their madonnas will be mabs and your mother - "

The two of them were silent here. But Billy had all but said it. Celia needed to take a big risk here for a lot of people and for .... Sloshed Captain Billy.

>A. We need to evacuate this town. We can perform a crossing if we WIN. [Town will evacuate its population will be ferried by Boat]
>B. Alright, where's the rope. [ Captain Billy's Ship, the Ahab will Join, But you must escort his fleet to the northern edge of the crossing. A task that will surely bring people closer to danger as the Aeoni Northern Fleet Advances]
>C. I see, take the Humpback , this and the Ahab will be more than enough to see these people across. Tell Mother that I'll give Aeon hell for making me miss her cooking."

if([XO] Dragonbird [Raider] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5030833 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)12:07:19")

>We'll take what we can get. At least enough to wield the artillery pieces."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5031122 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)20:05:48")

>B. Lets get these tied up, the Humpback and Terrible Child will escort those bound for Avalon. Load everyone else onto Halberd. She'll take them inland."

if(Icebreaker [Booferfish] !!VMJuvVuY6J8 && title=="" && postNumber==5031408 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)05:33:46")

"We'll need your help then cousin. Come, let me introduce you to the automaids, I think they'll like you."

>B: Allow Irina to Join Icebreaker to act as an [Advisor] for this operation."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5033226 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)05:41:10")

"[Work has picked up this week so updates will be slowish but consistent ! ]";

if(Dragonbird [iR1] !!Z1zlYMez41b && title=="" && postNumber==5035794 && dateTime=="10/23/21(Sat)09:04:45")

>Tsunammi moves 3 West towads ROC-2
>Voss Fleet goes help The Morrigan Naval Academy
>Old Nancy Moves to Exodus Pass"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5035892 && dateTime=="10/23/21(Sat)11:13:08" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn07A.png")


=Morning Report=
"This is Danube Base to HQ... we're ... holding off against them. We don't know how long . The Crabs have no interest in us but they block escape.

I- It's kind of funny. For all of our preparation, the thing that managed to catch us off guard is that we just... didn't dream of Aeoni attacking... why - why now ? What changed ? Did someone spend 5 minutes too long in the crapper ? Did the crossing offend them ?

Was it... so wrong for my wife to love me ?

Until we get our answer, we're simply not letting them have an inch of satisfaction. Not while we're alive...

=End Conditions=
Irina: Even if this attack was somehow a .. a fluke or a bug... there's no way that the Alliance... nor Aeon will let this go... as this program has run rampant, it will aim to do the most collateral damage it can, but ultimately it will go for our naval bases. If it manages to get two more in this area it will gain complete control that not even your people will hold on to it.

and if a Rift event is induced, this place is as good as abandoned.

=The Crossing.=
Capt. Billy: Very well lassy, yer mother will be proud to have had you. when we cross the first threshold, the fog will get thick and the oceans will expand before ye so wide that Gran Lake will look like a puddle. But stay close with me, if these things follow us there there's a good chance they'll bring even more. If ye can take us North without ever seein these monsters we'll be in the clear.

> Celia is now escorting The Ahab. A Civilian ship. No harm must come to this ship or absolute Tragedy will befall the regional theater.

=Morning News... =
"The tragedy in Avalon is but one of the first streaming in right now , riots have broken out in Demi communities and St. Helena has come under seige with its students barring the gates.

Adept Metia
" I - I don't understand, we are the same people we always were since the start of the year since the start of our lives here ! But people are angry because Aeoni's sword emblazons our front gate ? The heroes of Ragnyll were raised here ! "

Glowry Henright
" We have kept quiet and tolerated Aeoni's disdain for us, we have even gone as far as let bygones be bygones with the purges with the Trim Laws, with the 500 years of History-- but they have gone TOO far ! Too Far and Have Been Unpunished ! My sister was to cross This Year ! She Wanted to be a Runic Knight ! Why did this have to ha-

>Act Phase."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5036839 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)07:19:44")

>Corrections: the Tsunami should be in it's previous position 4 SE, it already moved that turn.
>Cadet 1 should only have 110 Fu and Halberd should have 81. Our max is 110."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5036845 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)07:39:20")

>Early action
>Buy 20 Mats, -1000 taxes
>Launch Aer Strike against hostiles to the NW with Wyverns. Path= 2 NW, 2 East, 1NE

>Main action Move Cadet 1, 3 NE, -30 fuel, Defensive stance

Captain Celia, Ship: The Humpback,
LT Regi: Broker, Shipwrights Guild Associate
+2 Organization +2 Industry
+3 Negotiation +2 Calculation

35/40 Mats, 5/6CP"

if(Orion [Halberd] !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5037232 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)18:06:37")

"Rolled 4, 2, 1, 5 = 12 (4d6)

"A parting salvo to soften them up for you, sir."

>Early Phase:
>-Fuel should be 81 due to capacity issues with fleet splitting
>+1d6 Fuel from Ib. Gen.
>Fire Hautzer at targets 2NW 1W (2+Calc Range & DMG)
>Radar Lock & Fire 3 Stratos missiles at targets 2NW 1W (-6 MAT)
>Order all civilians not making the crossing to Avalon to board the Halberd for evacuation. Single file. By the book, please.

>Fleet Action:
>Move 4SE, 1E (-25 FU)
>Dock at Helena Base. Disembark evacuees.


Halberd [Hardwater]
56/200 FU | 10 EN.Max | - Ammo | 23 MAT
5/5 CP

Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation, +1 Calculation
200mm Hautzer (Strategic): [X][][]R

Hardwater Class"

if(Terrible Child [CC:Octavius] !GeElfamlrw && title=="" && postNumber==5037309 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)19:39:31")

>Early Phase: Send Baron Ghaston to see what additional information can be dug up on the Renegade Legio mentioned in Hope.
"I do hope you find something interesting, at the very least it should provide some distraction from the escorting of these Ifframi to Avalon."

Captain Vargheist von Skelter
Terrible Child [Cruiser Class: Octavius]
Vosskon Naval Transfer (Fieldwork)
LT Baron Ghaston von Skelter
Fieldwork +2
Covert +2
Negotiations +2
Resolve +2"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5039380 && dateTime=="10/27/21(Wed)06:13:54")

Nerve are you still about? You've miss a couple of turns in the battle

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5043089 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)09:53:57" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn07B.png")

"World Phase.

Report Day 7 Report
Air Missions:
Wyvern Rider squads engaged the enemy Pawns and took severe anti air fire.

Missile Mission:
Orion's payload closes in on the confirmed location and decimate the patrol squad.

= A Silvered Meeting =
Baron Skelter: So good of you to recieve my invitation at such short notice, was it the day that reminded you ?

Cloaked Figure: Every Year of Pumpkin's Eve I make the trip, to visit graves, to honor sacrifices. And our minds come back to this day as the day that started it.

Baron Skelter: The passage of time ill suits aeoni, it's almost like they don't grow with the ages.

Cloaked Figure: And you all seem to decay faster than fall leaves.

Baron Skelter: One must always honor the passage of time with /change/ otherwise death holds no meaning. But I digress, I didn't come here to settle an old score.

Cloaked Figure: They finally made their move did they ?

Skelter: Which brings me back to my first point. What edict are the Aeoni pushing now ?

Cloaked Figure: No edict, Metatron has been silent for nearly 4 decades. I imagine that the cloister started making things up to hide this fact.

Skelter: Ah... since the end of the War... So it's true then, your savior has occupied itself to watch over the Gate that only it can see.

Cloaked Figure: Your guess is as good as mines. I only /know/ when Metatron Calls, I've otherwise just been a gravekeeper in the mountain that everyone knows to leave alone.

Skelter: What will you do knowing that your own kin is moving forward on /false words/ then ? The town you've watched over won't be recognized by these Machines as aeoni property for long. And your title as Legio will no longer guarantee it as a protectorate either.

Cloaked Figure: Words of concern from a Vosskon ? Do not think me coy, Midian Hunter-- this town has gone through 6 generations of faces who do not recognize me but I go against the Order and that will guarantee me a lifetime of misery.

Skelter: You sit still waiting for another tragedy to happen, the graves here will cover the town next. You will know misery then. I'll take my leave.

A. This is Skelter, this Legio Aurora you speak of. I did not find him. What's your next move ?

=Mountain Trip =
Cadet One flies over sharp Islets and raised mountains with the look of suspended tidal waves.
A. We'll simply fly over it. -20 FU
B. Chart a Course through it's Gravitational anchors. [Roll calculation or take [/] damage ]
C. Brace yourselves people [Critical Event: Roll Resolve or lose a module]

World Phase:
Resolve Prompts in time for Early phase at this time."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5043097 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)10:14:59" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn08a.png")

"=Act Phase=

" Avalon Dock has been razed to the ground. Fire from the skies streaked into its foundation stones. as rubble floats away back to its home realm ...."

We have sources indicating that the last of her ships have evacuated without delay, their fate now lies on the shoulders of its escort craft....

With Avalon in Uproar a storm of birds have been migrating south in large numbers, an omen, perhaps a message. The elders call it a herald for war. The Alliance has withheld comment at this time."

if(Orion [Halberd] !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5044200 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)13:50:00")

"Rolled 3 (1d6)

Early Phase:
>Regain 1d6 Fuel from Ib. Gen.
>Move 1E 1SE
>Dock at Helena base, process evacuees from Avalon Dock


Halberd [Hardwater]
60/200 FU | 10 EN.Max | - Ammo | 23 MAT
5/5 CP

Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation, +1 Calculation
200mm Hautzer (Strategic): [X][][]R

Hardwater Class"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5044992 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)07:22:58")

"Rolled 3, 6, 4, 5 = 18 (4d6)

>Select B Chart a Course 4d6 calculation

Captain Celia, Ship: The Humpback,
LT Regi: Broker, Shipwrights Guild Associate
+2 Organization +2 Industry
+3 Negotiation +2 Calculation

35/40 Mats, 5/6CP"

if(Wade 'Albatal' Faqat !cCsMsaA4k2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048184 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)15:04:43")



Wade 'Albatal' Faqat
Knight- Sword, Shield"

if(Terrible Child [CC:Octavius] !GeElfamlrw && title=="" && postNumber==5048619 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)00:17:38")

"Well if they decide to remain in the shadows instead of their precious light, I guess we should merely laugh and continue on our paths."
>"[Baron Skelter, dispatch those enemy missile pings to your SE before continuing your Patrol to assist allies in Sminton, would you kindly.] Don't allow Aeoni forces to erase you completely you hear me, that would be pitiful."

Captain Vargheist von Skelter
Terrible Child [Cruiser Class: Octavius]
Vosskon Naval Transfer (Fieldwork)
LT Baron Ghaston von Skelter
Fieldwork +2
Covert +2
Negotiations +2
Resolve +2"

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5048671 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)01:56:40")

"Rolled 6, 6 = 12 (2d6)

>Early phase
>Run IB Gen +2d6 Fuel
>Mingle with the Ifframi refugees, catch up with old friends, give encouragement and most importantly...
>Look for a suitable Ifframi mage/artificer to join my science team.

>Main Phase
>Let the dragons rest on the ship
>Move 3 North, -30 FU
>Finish mission?"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5048866 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)11:44:07")

Nothing of incident occurs. Continue as you were."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5059453 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)05:35:04")

">Bot Old Nancy + Artillary Mechs
>Early action, deploy that 2nd Artillery gun that never got deployed, de spawn the truck carrying it.
>Move Old Nancy and Artillary Mechs 1 West, 1 South West"

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5060086 && dateTime=="11/20/21(Sat)00:40:46" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn08b.png")

"=World Phase=

=Wanted: Artificer=
Dunsparce checks off their clipboard as they nose through the procession of demis , espers, and djinns on board the Ahab. They then bump into a frog scholar whose notes spill across the floor. Their eyes, widen....

> We have found an artificer of great renown and a scholomance student to boot ! Their services could prove useful for the lab but their asking price is 17,800 Taxes worth of gold bars after I've negotiated it down....

1. Do it. [Gain 1 Scholomance Artificer: Questi ]
2. Ehn find someone else. [Gain an Ifframi scifax ]
3. Forget it

=Ifframi Holiday Stay=
The Ifframi fill the registration hall of the docking port when a cadre of armed men walk through escorting a disheveled Governor.
" Out ! out ! We want nothing to do with these refugees ! They are invading our homes and will drag us in an unnecessary conflict ! "
Orion was called to the scene the moment the first screams broke out.
1. Calm the Governor and tell him he'll take the refugees elsewhere.
2. Punch him right in the fucking mouth. [Resolve Roll]
3. War has been declared and martial edicts are in effect, remove the Governor from his seat at once and subdue his petty guardsmen. [Fieldwork Roll. 1 Needed]

=To a Gran Blue=
As the mist rolled around and warm sunlight beamed through the other side, both Celia and Billy knew that it was time to depart. " Your ma will miss you you know. Come with us, stay a while, 2 weeks in the thresh and you'll be back out here whenever you want. "
" Dad, you know that's not how it ever turns out. The thresh is too different , I would never leave "
" I know its just... what did I ever come in here to fight for ? To stop the gates from crashing on this world, to stop the Makai from eating the land that you grew up in it was all for you, Cel. And your mother can't even cross over because the Tree wouldn't reach her here. She made a hard choice , she wanted you to be happy, and she's .... "

There was a silence there that both knew not to say out loud.

" If the Aeoni keeps the exodus pass, then there's no guarantee that even the Thresh is going to be safe, you know this. And there will be more families who will not make it back home. and yet.... "

" Then make a choice. This is your ship to sail after all "

1. " Please tell my sister she'll grow up a wonderful person , and that I promise mom that I'll return when this is all over." [The Mission will succeed]
2. " Alright... 2 weeks then " [Celia will retire from the operation ]"

if(Orion [Halberd] !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5061502 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)16:54:52")

"Rolled 1, 4, 1 = 6 (3d6)


> Select 3.
3. War has been declared and martial edicts are in effect, remove the Governor from his seat at once and subdue his petty guardsmen. [Fieldwork Roll. 1 Needed]


Halberd [Hardwater]
63/200 FU | 10 EN.Max | - Ammo | 23 MAT
5/5 CP

Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation, +1 Calculation
200mm Hautzer (Strategic): [X][][]R

Hardwater Class"

if(Orion [Halberd] !!QUcskHYMcDs && title=="" && postNumber==5061636 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)20:34:17")


The Lieutenant did the talking, but the airship's battalion put on a show of force to rival that of the local garrison.

"As per the authority and laws of the Valknyre Alliance, we have entered a state of war with the Aeoni Empire. These people have legal refugee status, and this city is subject to martial law as a condition of its defense against a belligerent nation. Stand down, Governor. Sminton is overwhelmingly besieged. You may soon find yourself to be a refugee as well - it may be wise not to antagonize Alliance forces.""

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5061935 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)04:40:56")

>Wanted: Artificer. Select 1. Do it. [Gain 1 Scholomance Artificer: Questi ]
Gotta spend all these warbucks on something.

>To a Gran Blue. Select 1. " Please tell my sister she'll grow up a wonderful person , and that I promise mom that I'll return when this is all over." [The Mission will succeed]
"And dad, we're going to need all the support we can get, please send anyone willing to help back to our side. Aeoni must be stopped.""

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5061988 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)07:16:06")

" Ah well at least I get to tell her I tried m'best."

"And with the crows already flying in from the north.... I can imagine that her majesty Penndragon* won't let this one go... "

*The ruling monarch of Iffram a matriarchal bloodline of humans all referred to as her Majesty Penndragon."

if(Fleet_Command !!clCiaHwiNK/ && title=="" && postNumber==5066155 && dateTime=="11/27/21(Sat)06:47:55" && image=="Western_Ragnyll_Turn09End.png")

"Captain's Log.
It is odd to be writing ink on a notebook again but I suppose it is odd that it fell out of practice after decades of peace.

The skies flicker with the afterburners of Vosskon Missiles -- a handful of hours ahead of schedule. The image of war approaching will be the last one we see on the television sets for a while.

Everything went deathly quiet when the missiles came and all went dark and still as the cascade of static caused the machines to stop dead in their tracks , allowing our forces ample hours and then days to clean it all up.

One thing is clear now in this silence, we are at war. And this state felt normal. In an age where we were entering a new paradigm of ideas and values, there were those who held fast to the old ways and refused to let go. Soon we may drown if we do not cut their cloying grasp.

> Excerpt from Cadet Fleet. " The Long Dark "

> The screens freeze with the last view of exodus pass. The missiles have all but landed and the distance between stars and people have never felt more clear.


The Mission Ends. We are now at war with Aeon, gentlemen.

>To Be continued."

if(XO Celia [Humpback] !nsa1kRVn5A && title=="" && postNumber==5066211 && dateTime=="11/27/21(Sat)08:06:35")

>If I have any control over what aid comes from Avalon, I snag some Aeoni Sails

>Request Lab Update"