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String comment = "Welcome back to Tai Lung's path to self discovery, not only for himself but for those around him as well. In our last thread, the crew stumbles upon a small mystery as they investigate an attack on Renshu. With rumors flying around, the team decide to find a way to reconnect with the people of the city and find out who orchestrated the attack.


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if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5029374 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)00:24:11")

""Well, since you are already working on rituals, we should focus on Chi for now. Unfortunaly there isn't much of formal studies on Chi, other than an acient scroll written by a panda sage, so you will have to rely on your intuition, but Bao did say you have an affinity for this, and you managed to perfectly perform rituals, so I believe you will have no problems." You say. "Chi is deeply personal, to the point where it's difficult for any two people to use it in the exact same way. It's the force that most embodies 'you', so that's why everything is vague on it. You're the type of person who likes to understand everything they come across, and it'd be difficult to understand something you can't even let's focus on that. Feeling chi, both your own and the chi of others. For many, it's a journey of a lifetime to even discover who they are and another lifetime to even be able to feel and then tap into it. There are few people in this world who can do so and I wouldn't be surprised if you can count those people on both hands."

"And you think I can do that? In less than a year?" Ming asks doubtful.

You shrug. "I think you can do it. Sometimes talent is something you discover. Not everyone knows what they can and cannot do. The biggest step to mastery is the first one. How can you ever know if you're not willing to make the leap?" Ming stirs her now cold soup and pets Xin Lan with her free hand. The rabbit simply sits still enjoying the attention and says nothing. Ming seems to gather her thoughts and looks down at Xin Lan.

"So what does Chi feel for you?" She asks. Xin Lan shrugs.

"I dunno. Never used the stuff." They say. "Not my deal."

"Really? Tai Lung and Ren do. I thought you'd know just like them." She says. "You should practice with me."

"I probably shouldn't. I would over shadow you and then you'd only be discouraged." They tease. Ming ruffles Xin Lan's ears.

"That settles is. We'll be training partners." She says. "If you don't show up then I'll never share my food with you and you'll never be allowed to cuddle up with me at night."

"You'd never do that." Xin Lan replies as they look up at Ming.

"Try me." Ming says with a grin. As the two stare at each other, you hear a soft knock at the door and see Renshu step inside with his hands full, menus in one arm and plates on the other."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5029377 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)00:25:12")

""Hello." He says gently as he places a plate with a large slice of pie infront of you along with a menu. He gives you a smile as squeezes your shoulder with his menu filled hand as he serves everyone else. "I've pull this pie out of the oven. It's made with vegetables found mostly native to this mountain." He explains. "Hopefully their hardiness adds to the flavor of the dish."

"Thanks." You say as you risk a small pat on Renshu's hand. Xin Lan scurries off of Ming's lap and into their seat as they eagerly await their food. Ming sets her half empty bowl aside and opens her menu again to look for something else to order...or at least attempting to. As casually as she could she asks, "Hey Ren...what's Chi like for you? Tai Lung was just telling me about it." Renshu picks up her bowl and gives her a soft smile, his eyes sad.

"I'm afraid it's best you don't know anything about my techniques. I'm blessed enough that you can stand to call me family. Give how subtle and personal Chi is, I simply can't stand to imagine you losing what makes you pure." He says quietly as he pets her head. "However, I have full confidence that however you go about it, you'll make us more than proud." Ming seems somewhat conflicted about that answer but doesn't push the issue. Instead she orders something else and asks you,

"What about you Tai Lung? What is Chi for you?"

>What do you say?
>A barricade. Something that you use to stop the tide of evil by forcing them to cease what they're doing.
>Absolution. You take the anger and pain of those who would do wrong. Shoulder their burdens for them so that they can see clearly once more.
>Redemption. You force people to feel what they inflict on others so that they can see the consequences of their actions and find a path forward.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5029616 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)07:54:29")

>Reflection. As every force pushes, so it has to be pushed. Inner peace is as much the understanding of your own heart as the heart of others.
Because that's how the benevolent fist works.
Also remember to archive theast thread boss."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5029634 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)08:35:39")

Last thread, not whatever word theast is."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5029664 && dateTime=="10/16/21(Sat)09:59:35")

>it used to be power. Control. Stop, be still, I commanded it and made others obey. But then it changed, as I changed, it stopped being about control and became Absolution, I wanted to stop hurting people, to stop pain and halt evil, protect rather than break. I must thank tigress for that, she gave me the position and opportunity to realise this ideal, and Renshu's presence made it important to get right. And that was where the change occured, facing a woman I didnt want to hurt and showing my best doubter the truth of my belief."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5030834 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)12:09:00")

"So does Tai Lung have a character sheet yet?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5030836 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)12:10:55")


But I'm sure of we are tismic enough we can compose one"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5030867 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)12:40:29")

No, but I can make a list of styles and our inventory that I remember.
I don't feel like combing through the archive to find everything, so there may be mistakes
Tai Lung, friend of the wind
Master of Leopard style, Dragon Style, atleast knows many others.
Knows how to do Chaotic Meditation, has the barest basics of the benevolent fist.
Can do Chi strikes, astral project, travel to Eureka, absorb wiunds from others, sense emotions and talk to sprites and spirits, being fluent in wind and knowing a bit of water.
Has the mysterious stranger hat, scarf and robes are ragged, tailor is making a not-assasin creed travelling clothes with cloak, that can work for both winter and summer.
Money is not counted and barely mentioned, so fuck if I know.
Should I try social links too, or a making sheet for other characters?

>Talking about archives, last thread still haven't been archived."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5030937 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)13:57:06")

"I tried to make a character sheet. Never really panned out. You're welcome to give it a go though. I'd love to see what you guys think. Also work sucks. I'll get to writing.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031020 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)16:17:13")

""It used to be power. Control. Stop, be still, I commanded it and made others obey. But as I changed, it changed. It stopped being about control and became absolution. I wanted to stop hurtin gpeople, to stop pain and halt evil, protect rather than break. But not everyone can be saved through words. Some people feel like they're too far gone or have lost themselves to the darkness within. It's for these people that I have to show them what they're doing. Show them a reflection of who they are so that they can find the path to better themselves." You say. "Chi is not a tool to use. It's something more deep and personal. Something that comes from within and is a part of who you really are. You can't lie about it or make it seem like something else. It's the truest expression of someone."

Ming goes quiet and the only sound that can be heard is the soft chewing of Xin Lan as they fill their cheeks with pie. "So then what would be mine?" She asks as she watches the small bunny. "I'm betting Xin's would be food."

"Food is me and I am food." They reply as they reach out to steal a bite from Ming to which she simply pins down Xin Lan's fork with her own.

"I don't know. That is something you'll need to discover on your own. It's a long journey and what you might discover right now could simply be the base of the mountain. As you study yourself more and as you learn more about Chi, you may soon see more to it than you originally thought." You explain.

"I wonder what Ren didn't want to tell us." Ming asks outloud once he returns to the kitchen to make everyone's order.

"That's something personal to him." You say. "If he doesn't want to say it then I suspect that he still needs time to process it himself. Perhaps he wants to find something else."

"You know, don't you?" She asks but you remain silent. You didn't feel like it was right to talk about Renshu's past without his permission. Instead, you decide, in your infinite mercy, to shift the attention to you.

"A-anyways, I...umm...I was talking to Renshu and I...suggested something that could help the buisness." You begin, wondering how to phrase this or perhaps soften the incoming storm.

"Well, what'd you say?" Xin Lan asks as they continue to wrestle for their fork.

"I...well I...maybe suggested he try to do a couple's night?" You say sheepishly. "So people don't think he's going after women." You quickly add. The room goes quiet once more and your two friend stop fighting with their utensils only to turn and stare at you.

" night?" Ming repeats.

" gonna ask Stripes out for a date?" Xin Lan teases. "Is that the cover for this?"

"N-no! I just thought that it would be a good way to help! He's worried about what's going on and I think we should do something." You stammer. "I just...don't know how to go about it. There are a lot of rumors.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031022 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)16:18:14")

""Rumors we can handle." Xin Lan says. "It's not like they're true anyways."

"We'll need a way to spread word about the event too." Ming says. "Maybe pass out flyers or something like that."

"I was thinking Renshu stays behind in the kitchen though." You admit. "That way people don't take it the wrong way."

"But isn't the point for people to see what kind of person he is?" Ming asks. "I don't think it'd look good for him if all he does is stay in the kitchen and avoid everyone."

"She's got a point, big guy." Xin Lan says. "If the host spends all his time out of sight, it's gonna make some people suspicious."

"So what do you suggest?" You ask. "I mean he has to be in the kitchen, he's the only one who knows the recipies." Xin Lan thinks for a moment.

"That's a tough one." Ming admits. "It's not like we can stuff everyone into the kitchen."

"No. But we can stuff the kitchen into the dining room." Xin Lan replies. "Or we can host it outside. Think of it like a show. People can watch Stripes cook. He can chat with the guests or one of us can deliver messages to him. That way the people can interact with him but he doesn't need to leave his post and people know that any replies we give him are from him. He's entertaining his guests, feeding them, chatting. Just what a good host will do. Plus there's the enterainment value. No one else in the city cooks infront of their guests and makes a show of it."

>What do you say?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031038 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)16:35:00")

>I think it would be best if the kitchen is put as far away as me as possible, unless you want the guest to be poisoned, or burned alive.
>Maybe we could put a window to the cooking area though, so the guests can see him working, and know when I go to talk to him for his advice. He should also try to welcome people and say the goodbye. Maybe we could merge a myterious aura with a welcoming and a master chef.
Third time shilling my plan, I won't mention it anymore after this, because it would be too autistic even for me
Also third time reminding to archive the last thread, it's still on page 9, but better to be safe than sorry"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031065 && dateTime=="10/17/21(Sun)18:07:43")

Your autism game is weak.

But yes, I am in support of it.
Maybe get the canapes and starters done inside, but the main and desserts can be served out in the main hall.
Make it a spectacle."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031316 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)01:46:32")

Buns will be getting their date night. All 5 of them."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031319 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)01:53:46")

I do need to point out that if you want to set up Xin with brown bun for a date this event, Xin won't be able to run information during the event. They'll be with brown bun and it'd be pretty rude if the snow princess keeps leaving her table to talk to her brother."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031324 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)02:06:03")

""I think it'll be best if I'm as far away from the kitchen as possible. Unless we want a mass murder on our hands." You say.

"Oh right..." Ming whispers. "Tai Lung does have that super power. He might cause all the food to explode or something."

"Ok so the big guy isn't allowed in the kitchen." Xin Lan agrees. "I'll talk to Stripes while you man the tables. We can have him chat with the guests that way. Once they get more comfortable and things start to ease up, then maybe Stripes can go out and thank everyone. Maybe we'll have him do a small show outside for dessert or the final course. First we'll focus on quelling the rumors. Maybe spread word that this event will be like nothing anyone has ever seen before. We want people to be curious enough that it'll push them past their apprehention. We can't really pass out rumors and fix everyone's ideas. It'll just make a mess but we can give reason enough to want to visit. Then when the guests have a great time, it'll be them who will be spreading their version of the truth. The city will be more willing to believe it's own people than planting rumors here and there. Especially when there is real evidence to corroborate it. Perhaps we can set up more events later in the year. We can really get a good reputation for this kind of thing. You and Ming can man the tables while I run information." The rabbit thinks for a moment. "We'd need some good food though. Stripes's regular dishes won't do..."

"Ming could look up local customs for dating." You suggest. "If we show the people we care about their traditions then it'll give them more reason to like us."

"Ooh I know a few cook books from the library!" Ming says excitedly. "I can copy some of them and ask around for date stuff. We might be able to set up some decorations as well to add to the mood. I think I saw a few books about traditions here. It might have the information we need."

"Excellent." Xin Lan says. "We got a plan coming together." They give you a smile and you shiver. You recognized that smile. "And we'll find sometime for you to be alone with Stripes, don't worry. It is date night after all. Wouldn't be good if the power couple didn't get some time to themselves for making out."

"I-...we wouldn't- I mean we don't..." You start as your face grows red hot.

"Xin, don't tease him like that. It's not nice." Ming giggles. "I'm sure Tai Lung and Renshu make enough time to make out while we're doing our own thing. Maybe they've even moved past that and consumated their relationship.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031325 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)02:07:03")

""Not you too..." You mumble as you hide your face in your hands. You were fairly certain that you misconstrued your death as a sign of self sacrifice rather than a premonition that your friends would be your real killers.


You pass the time talking about idle things over your meal as you ussually do. Talking about things like people acting like fools in the market place, new lessons learned, and various ideas and goals you had for your time here. Eventually, you all settle down with the happy heaviness of being full. As Xin Lan stretches and looks ready for a nap and Ming idly reads through one of her many books, you realize that there is still time in the day to do something else.

>What do you want to do?
>Go and talk to the friends of the attackers. They're probably still at the game hall.
>Go speak to Renshu about your lessons in cooking.
>Go speak to Sangpo about your idea in the Spirit Realm.
>Find the brown rabbit and have him ask Xin on a date. The couples night would be perfect for it. Plus a bit of revenge wouldn't hurt...or perhaps you might pick up something you can use in romance...hopefully.
>Grab Ming and get started on some extra trianing.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031333 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)02:35:48")

>Ask about lessons.
If it is early evening, let's do this. If mid day.

>Wish renshu good luck and head to talk to the friends of the attackers."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031448 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)08:12:09")

>Find the brown rabbit and have him ask Xin on a date. The couples night would be perfect for it. Plus a bit of revenge wouldn't hurt...or perhaps you might pick up something you can use in romance...hopefully.
>Go and talk to the friends of the attackers. They're probably still at the game hall.
Talking to the monkey is not time sensitive, and it's not like he is going anywhere.
It's shame since I really want to do it but I voting to delay it.
In that case we should chaotic meditate to pick up the gossip, or atleast be one running the tables.
Ming can be the one that goes to the kitchen and talk to him. This is a even better idea since it ahould stop our passive from ruining the food."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031718 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)17:16:01")

So what's the plan? Training Ming or brown bun shenanagins? Or try and go for the game hall?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031731 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)17:30:07")

I want to go find the brown bunny and set up the date than go to the mahjong place.
The first one shouldn't take that long. Hopefully."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031745 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)17:44:05")

Go for the game hall, We can do the other stuff later.

I disagree with the brown bun thing, fun as it is. We kinda need Xin for the info running.

But I'm willing to roll a d2 for it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031760 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)17:57:20")

We can do the info gathering and Ming can do the info running.
Since we are making a show of Renshu cooking, she wouldn't be able to be much help on the kitchen anyway."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031768 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)18:01:57")

"At least you both agree on seeing the attackers friends. So we can do that first and you can decide what to do next?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031813 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)18:34:23")

My only concern is with the proficiency.
Xin knows what to do, we decidedly don't. But hey, if it's that simple even we can do it, we can get a few pointers and do it ourselves.

Sure, it gives us more time to debate our course while also moving the show along."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031828 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)18:46:55")

Sure thing boss.
Well, Xin was supposed to be the one gathering info right? So if we just tryvto chaotic meditate while serving the table, we would get all the details.
Than we can pass it off to Renshu through our psychic link, and he passes it to Ming, and she is the one that guves the advice, since she is the more compacionate one.
She can be the owner's/chef's assitant who gives his messages and regards in his place while Renshu is showing oof his cooking."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031831 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)18:48:34")

Also Renshi should be able to filter the info, he is the one that taught us how to deal with the overwhelming feeling while meditating right?
I think this way might actually even be more effecient than than the original idea actually."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031833 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)18:49:18")

I suppose it depends on how much you want Xin's involvement in delivering info. Because TL can gather info with chaotic stuff and Ming can certainly pass any questions or statements to Ren as well as relaying that back to the customers. Prior to the couple's night, Xin can certainly go around spreading info and counter rumors. It's just if you want to set him up with a date with brown bun then they can't really leave their table.

Of course even with chaotic meditation, TL is still limited by his own social skills. Which while comptetent due to his marital arts training are obvisouly not on par with the rabbits'."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031844 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)19:03:36")

Slight worry that this would distract renshu and deliver the curse.

Something to discuss with him I suppose.
Hey, once we are done with the gabling den, we can sit outside and try to talk to Renshu, see how far our telepathy reaches.
Then would be a great time to check."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5031845 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)19:03:38")

"You decide to go and do a bit more investigating while things were peaceful. If experience had taught you anything is that these things tend to blow up if left unmonitored. You say goodbye to your friends, take a few minutes to cool off after Renshu sneaks another peck on the cheek, and make your way towards the area Xin Lan told you about. The building was a rather plain one, nothing remotely like the various buisnesses you've seen in the main market place. The only sign that revealed the building's intent was a small sign above the door that said "Games" though the faded nature of the wooden board implied it might have said more.

Various benches and small tables were lined out infront of the place but the majority of the noise came from within. It wasn't the loud revelry that you hear from bars but rather the noise that came from several different conversations going on at the same time, like a market condensed into one building. You approach the entrance and only earn a few passing glances from a few older patrons who were busy with their games of mahjong and cards. While not something you considered inviting, you prefered it this way and as soon as you enter the hall the air changes. It was lively and comforting with people of all ages playing board games, chatting, or simply hanging around and enjoying the day winding down.

You look over the small sea of people but can't really manage to pin down anyone suspicious. It seems like you are going to do this the old fashioned way and do some investigating.

>How do you search for your targets?
>Find someone who looks like they're in charge. Ask them about the men.
>Wander around and search. Surely after yesterday's events, these men would want to keep to themselves. You could look that way.
>Ingrain yourself with the people. Play games and chat. Perhaps someone knows the men you're looking for.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031855 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)19:12:48")

>Look for people close in age and look to the men from the attack, it should narrow our search by assumption.
>Then look for someone amongst that sort of people who everyone else is showing deference too, or who is the powerful personality among that group. They are likely to make the most friends."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031890 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)19:42:47")

Hey, if sending tips to him would distract him, than it would be a doomed idea from the start.
Not only that but talking to him would mean entering the kitchen, and risking people hearing the gossip.
>Ingrain yourself with the people. Play games and chat. Perhaps someone knows the men you're looking for.
Activate gossip hearing mode.

Also I just archived the last thread, hope I didn't fuck up anything."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5031907 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)20:00:57")

Easy combo. Ingratiate ourselves with the target demographic."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5032032 && dateTime=="10/18/21(Mon)22:17:45")

Operation market analyst Tai Lung is a go."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5032580 && dateTime=="10/19/21(Tue)13:05:29")

Market analysis shows that striped bun is wife. Snow bun is wife. Alchemy cat is wife. Dragon Cat is wife. Dragon is wife. Lynx cat is wife. Tigress cat is wife. And to appeal to all audiences, TL will marry all of them.

Capitalist end."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5032586 && dateTime=="10/19/21(Tue)13:12:58")

The true capitalist end is to ignore all waifus and sell marketable plushies based on their characters.

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5032789 && dateTime=="10/19/21(Tue)18:06:34")

Xin invents the copyright and becomes a mechant thus starting the sequel: Merchant Quest: Cuddling the big guy to death. With Xin as the protag."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5032933 && dateTime=="10/19/21(Tue)20:37:12")

>Xin invents copyright
Turns out she was part mouse all along. Being taller than normal was just an unexpetected mutation."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033427 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)12:42:13")

Hey Xin might have been evil but not that evil. Now they're just TLs and Mings wife. So brown bun has competition. I think he should learn how to fight with greatswords to keep up."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033471 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)13:42:11")

Been dealing with work and a cold. How about I post something for a change. Can't follow TL way if I wallow in misery on my bed all day...unless I have some buns and cats to keep my company. Thinking of which, maybe I should look to investing in a pet like a dog. Small bright light in a shitty day. Just like you anons."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033482 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)14:00:13")

Hang in there boss, don't let the curse get you down."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033488 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)14:07:13")

I completely forgot to say thanks for the archive. I checked it and it looked good to me. I mostly worry about tags and numeration to be honest. I just like that one tag gives the whole series in order."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033497 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)14:18:25")

I forgot to put a full stop at the end of the description and it has been haunting me since than.
I just copypasted the tags from the other threads, I was worried that it would break them, but thankfully it didn't happen. I also first misread the intructions and manually dowloaded the thread, than I saw the form at the end of the page and felt like I was retarded.

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033503 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)14:28:08")

"You decide that the best course of action was to simply play games and talk to people rather than wander around. A large 6 and half foot snow leopard would definitely stand out if you simply moved around the building.

You recall something Xin Lan once said something about social infiltration.

It's not like just sneaking around. The point isn't to not be seen because the moment you are spotted it's obvious you're not supposed to be there. The point is to be seen and glossed over. You see windows everyday but do you ever actually see them? No. You just pass them over. So that's what you gotta be. A background fixture. Something people get used to and passively ignore.

You wander over to a table with an empty chair. The table was mostly filled with women but at the moment you didn't have the luxury of choice. If you spent more time looking around then you'd probably noticed as someone not really looking to play games. Nonetheless you do extend your perception slightly to get a better feel of the players here. "Mind if I join you ladies?" You ask. There were 10 tables. All filled with people of various ages. Half of them have men of the right age range. 4 of those contain only men. Potential targets to hit.

The women at the table erupt into excited tittering. "Oh my, how can we say no to such a handsome gentlemen."

"I hope you go a bit easy on us ladies. We might be a bit distracted." Another laughs.

"Nonesense. In mahjong, I'll show you all no mercy." The last woman says. "Now you might be a good looking man but you're no match for my husband. After all there's more to wooing ladies than just looks."

"Oh come now, Ceba. We're all having a bit of fun." The first woman says as the three begin to set up the game and hand out starting tiles. You give a polite smile and nod.

"Of course, just a nice game of mahjong. I hope that won't be a problem." You say as you look at your tiles and suddenly realize that you have no real skill in the game. You knew the basics but nothing beyond that. It dawns on you that if you want ingrain yourself in the building, you might need to actually learn.

>What do you do?
>Just play and chat. Win or lose you might get some information.
>Explain that you're a beginner. Perhaps the ladies might give you some tips and it could be a good icebreaker.
>Cheat. Xin tends to get tons of information by becoming the center of attention. Just like he did with cards at his favorite spot. Might work for you too.
>Write in."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033505 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)14:29:09")

Yeah, the archive steps are a bit confusing at first. I was always nervous doing it for the first few threads."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033519 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)14:45:03")

>Explain that you're a beginner. Perhaps the ladies might give you some tips and it could be a good icebreaker.
>"I've never been interested in board games, but after the third time I've met another martial artists that spent their free time on mahjong, I just needed to see what was so special about the game"
We have met a bunch of retirees that said they played mahjong, and all of them fought, so might as well use it as an ice breaker.
Also it might impress the women, which means that we can find out which of the four tables gets more jealous or start trash-talking us, which menas there are most likely to be our target group."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033597 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)16:36:41")

Wait who's the 3rd? There's Chen, Chuanli, and who else? Though I'll be honest, I do like the running gag of retired fighters playing mahjong but hating it simply because it's what's expected of old people. Although I think Chuanli was indifferent to the game though Jin always gave him shit for playing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033620 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)17:19:44")

I don't remember who was the third, but I also couldn't remember Chuanli's name.
Maybe it was just Jin and I mixed cards with Mahjong, or was some other old man before.
Anyway, the number itself is the less important part, we can just say some, a few or many in it's place.
Keep up the gag, I find it funny"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033627 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)17:28:05")

>explain we are a beginner
>Use an ice breaker
Maybe something like "I've found that most of my martial friends seem to enjoy the ebb and flow of the game, so why not have a crack at it?"

>Go to majhong place to sort out and find info about who organised a mob to beat up our bae on the accusation of stealing women from husbands
>Immediately sit down in a table of women and light hearted tease/fliting begins
I feel like we are not sending out our intended message, Kek."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033635 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)17:34:44")

Ok, in the bar that the Kai family thugs were frequenting, they were playing mahjong and cards, it was the first mention.
Xin don't know tge rules of mahjong, she told us that while we were a guard in Taishi.
Ming likes board games and cards, and is quite good at them, she told us during the guerrila warfare.
The husband of the paint seller in Taishi plays mahjong, also Ming bought some tiles and cards to play on the road.
Chuanli played mahjong because he was retired, Jin says it's boring.
Renshu says he likes mahjong but actually hates it.
The friends of the troublemakers play mahjong.
Chen plays mahjong but is bored of it.
There it is, all of the quest's Mahjong lore in order of appearance.
I think it was because of the mention of the triad bar, since I was sure it was someone in Zhengyi that played it."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033658 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)18:19:15")

TL's dating prowess is the yin to his cooking's yang. When he attempts to cook, he burns all that he sees. When he does not attempt to flirt, he is the smoothest man in existence. He's a master of kung fu so naturally his friends skills are slowly being absorbed by simply seeing them over such a long period of time. Xin would be proud of him.

Also another example of being Ren's reflection seeing as he can do both...or something."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5033660 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)18:20:15")

Anon you're a mad lad when it comes to the game's lore. I truly appreciate it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033694 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)19:23:44")

The quest is good, so it's worth the little effort of looking through archives to confirm things."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033698 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)19:37:47")

>Yin, feminine energy, is his flirtatious and smooth nature.
>Yang, masculine energy, is his inability to cook.

I've no idea why, but calling his strengths by the opposing names of what the chinese would have classified them as broke me. Unintentional high brow implicational humour is fantastic.

That being said, Ren can flirt in the same way that james bond can get married. Sure he can do it at a stretch, but it's not an instinctive part of his power level.
He must ascend to 9th golden pan house husband before he ever manages to reach sacred law "flirt."

Waaaaaait. I'm down the rabbit hole now. Is that why TL is such a prude? Indulgence in flirtatious or social behaviour is his deathly bane because he has that much natural skill and charisma, that it's allbbeing bottles up with nowhere to go, so any usage of it against him poisons his meridians and body, damaging his bodily cultivation and seas of chi?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5033704 && dateTime=="10/20/21(Wed)19:48:36")

He has to eat some magical reagents and use his internal cauldron to purify himself.
It's the only way."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5034056 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)04:16:19" && image=="crop.jpg")

In my shame I must admit I have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about and thus I cannot join in the memes. I apologize."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034244 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)10:50:38")

It's terms and cliches present in Xianxia/cultivation novels.
There is no shame in being a young juniour, even the most powerful immortal was one once before being a grandfather."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034443 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)16:45:47" && image=="h8fzfaorj9f61.jpg")

the starter pack"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5034469 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)17:06:07")

Thanks anon. Although all I know of cultivation and the like are those shitty annoying ads for chinese mobile games which secretly I enjoy because of the bad translations and cheesy quality. Kind of like B movies."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034484 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)17:18:35")

Being trashy and a guilty pleasure is the whole point of cultivation novels, atleast for me.
Kind of like a manga that goes on forever, is kind of generic and bland, but at the same time has bunch of weird and cool ideas and setpieces.
So it's just chinese One Piece, but as an entire genre. Also everyone is a asshole, even the heroes."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034520 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)18:12:08")

Honestly, Original Tai Lung is ACTUALLY what you'd expect to see from a xianxia protagonist.
Dickish, willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, betrayed by people close to him which spurs him to take his (personally justified) revenge that goes way too far, insanely powerful compared to just about everyone else, autistic enough to master every single scroll in his "sect compound" by the time he's 20..."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034632 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)20:21:52")

That's true, he even gets to kill hundreds or thousands of innocents bystanders for no reason other than that they were mortal, weak or in the way.
He just needs to discover a secret technique, have a powerful unique bloodline or find an ancient artifact out of nowhere and it would be the complete package."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034668 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)21:11:08")

>Chaotic meditation integrated into Benevolent fist fighting style. From the film, stunning Chi strikes.
>The only known chinese Snowleopard.
>The dragon scroll.

Package complete."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034709 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)22:04:37")

Now anon, that's new Tai Lung, not old.
Although being the only snow leopard could give him enough bullshit that he came from a bloodline that challegend tge Dao and were struck down.
The dragon scroll is obviously the reward at the end of the first major arc, after he defeats Oogway, the dragon-turtle and patriarch of the Jade Palace Sect.
Than the next big arc is going down the hells to take down the judges, ao he can become stronger to get vegence against the heavens."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5034734 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)22:35:24")

I like one peice. Or at least the setting. But back to buns and cats adventure. When is hien coming back? I miss our son. Writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034746 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)22:50:04")

Hien is coming back when he marries that strong tsundere smith childhood friend gf and gives us grandchildren."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5034757 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)23:01:08")

But she's not a tsun tsun. She openly claims that she's gonna marry the man and any woman who wants to marry Hien needs to surpass her in being a good wife. Just like the eviroment she was raised in. You prove yourself and surpass those who are better than you and you do it with your own talent, hardwork and effort. No hand me downs, no leg ups. She doesn't run the family forge because she's the heir to it. She runs it because she surpassed all other smiths and without her dad's help.

I think we had a discussion about this but I can't for the life of me remember the term I was given. Either way, I think we need bunny snow leopard hybrids first. Just to drive An Bo's mother mad."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034761 && dateTime=="10/21/21(Thu)23:09:06")

I think we reached an idea that she is tsun for the normal stuff of being in a relationship.
So she gets flustered in doing ladylike things, but if she acts like a tomboy she is full of confidence.
Because it's funny, cute or something, it's been a long time."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5034801 && dateTime=="10/22/21(Fri)00:38:19" && image=="o9C4h.gif")

""Before we start, I do want to say that I am a beginner. I've never actually been interested in board game but after I've met a few other martial artists that play, I figured I needed to see what was so special about the game." You say as the woman gather their own tiles and study them.

"Oh honey, don't worry. We'll go easy on you. Here I'll go first." She says sweetly as she grabs a tile and slams it on to her side of the table with a definitive clack. The ringing sound sends all your senses into a frenzy instantly and you feel a massive aura of ill intent. You quickly look up and half expect to see your fellow players to be weilding weapons or taking up stances as they try and ambush you but all you see is something perhaps far more sinister.

Each woman bore the look of intense concentration that you had only seen while fighting to the death with the various villians you had fought before as they looked at the pile of tiles and their own. It suddenly dawns on you that there was a reason there was one open spot when you arrived. This was no mere table. This was a warzone...


The women, despite their lies of going easy on you, played mahjong with the fury only matched by Shenlong and the guile of the rabbits' old order. As you struggled to even begin to comprehend the various strategic feints and overlaps in strategies, the women around you waged a war of uncomprhensible depth. Perhaps one that not even the spirits could hope to understand.

Even with such an intense battle playing around you, the women were actually quite sweet and very easy to talk to. They often gave you tips and basic information of the game and you were astonished that they could hold such pleasant conversations while attempting to destroy you and all your precious tiles. One could even confuse this for a kind of chaotic meditation, if only because your mind was still trying to comprehend the near infinite possiblities that the tiles held.

"I hope you've been enjoying yourself here in the city dear." One of them says as . "I know we're a bit out of the way but we always strive to be good hosts to the poor souls that climb the mountain. Such a dreadful trail if the stories are true."

"It was a hard climb." You admit as you struggle to choose a tile, though even with your slow plays the women would always politely wait for you to choose. No doubt using the time to both chat and plan several steps ahead. "But I had faith in my companions and that they would help me through."

"See. That's just what I was saying." The second woman says. "The trial might be difficult but it builds character and helps weed out those who might not be as nice to have in our city. I say we should embrace the privlidge it is to come here."

"Ah but we were born here. So it's not really fair or even our place I would say." The third woman, Ceba, said. "Even so, I do think that we should at least try to make our visitor's stay a comfortable one. They did go through so much to begin with.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5034802 && dateTime=="10/22/21(Fri)00:39:20")

""If it's any consolation. I have been enjoying my time here." You say as you pick a tile at random. "I've learned a lot about myself and about topics I don't think I would have ever thought I'd find information on elsewhere. Perhaps not even via my own studies."

"See? By going through these hardships, visitors can appreciate our city more. Not only to behave properly but to take full advantage of the reason they're here. After all, those who don't follow their ambition to the fullest are the ones who fall off the mountain of progress." The second woman concludes as she swaps out tiles.

You look at your set of tiles and still have very little idea of what you're doing. While the women didn't seem like the kind of people who would kick you out after losing a game, a small part of your pride didn't like how handidly you were being bested. You needed some kind of edge. A way to keep up at least.

>What do you do?
>Try and cheat. You could attempt to increase your senses to try and track tiles, see your opponent's tiles, perhaps even arrange the board to your favor while reshuffling and swaping your own set.
>Beg Renshu for help. Hopefully you can communitcate with him at this distance. He knows how to play the game well despite his hatred of it.
>Just continue to lose. Perhaps the women will take pity on you.
>Write in.

>What topics do you want to discuss? You guys are just having a civil conversaion after all.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5034922 && dateTime=="10/22/21(Fri)05:54:57")

>Count the combos that have already been played and what they are greater than. If we keep losing, we know what not to do later.

>Discuss propriety, "so if everyone had to climb up here, then you think we would be more comfortable with eachother? Hardship binding us together and preventing people from going out and causing trouble, like what happened a few days ago?""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5035042 && dateTime=="10/22/21(Fri)10:01:57")

>Yet an abundance of ambition is the greatest mark of one that would seek to rise without care. Although a certain degree of stuborness was important, the real test was to properly prepare, discover the secrets of the mountain, and avoid the traps and false paths put there. Because the Library is menat as a place of knowledge, and even the Five would fail if they sought to just climb it without a thought.
Support the counting"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5036078 && dateTime=="10/23/21(Sat)14:12:46")

As Tai Lung is being destroyed in mahjong, the buns and Ming plot behind his back to embarass him during couple's night. Mostly Xin but Ming thinks it's funny."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5036112 && dateTime=="10/23/21(Sat)14:33:58")

"But I'll be free to do a write up in a few hours. Keep this game going.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5036328 && dateTime=="10/23/21(Sat)17:38:54" && image=="xi1czt89p6v71.jpg")

"Also it's apperantly snow leopard day today. So have a handsome Tai Lung.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5036341 && dateTime=="10/23/21(Sat)17:51:44")

He is hansome"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5036670 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)00:32:31")

I hate work. I can finally write. Also that image I posted of our handsome lady killer? It's not a photo. That's handpainted with pastels and color pencils."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5036720 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)02:11:39")

""Yet an abundance of ambition is the greatest mark of one that would seek to rise without care. Although a certain degree of stuborness was important, the real test was to properly prepare, discover the secrets of the mountain, and avoid the traps and false paths put there. Because the Library is menat as a place of knowledge, and even the Five would fail if they sought to just climb it without a thought." You say as you look around the table for anything that could help you. Certainly you could try and contact Renshu for help but at the moment, it didn't seem like that much of a big deal other than your pride stinging. Instead, you think it's best to keep an eye on the flow of the game. Mark down what tiles have been taken and used and which remain. Perhaps you can use this to your advantage. You remember a very heated arguement between Ming and Xin Lan over card counting and whether or not it was considered cheating. Ironically, it was Ming who didn't consider it a cheat and despite Xin Lan's ability to count cards themselves, it seemed the two were on oppoiste ends of the arguement.

In either case, you decide that it would be ok to do so here if only to give yourself and edge against these professionals. They might even be doing the same thing themselves at this level of play. "Ambition is not a mark of anything sweetheart." The first woman says as she grabs a tile. "Amibition is merely what gives rise to one's effort and will to suceed. Temperance and restraint is what governs what you're thinking of. Even the greatest heroes have great ambition."

"So do the vilest villians." The second woman says. "But I think the young man has a point. It's not just ambition that drives people but effort. No matter how ambitious someone is, it doesn't matter if all they'll do is laze about. The climb does test those challenge it and I think for the better. It teaches some fundamental skills even if it's as simple as showing a person they are not ready to ascend."

"So if everyone had to climb up here, then you think we would be more comfortable with eachother? Hardship binding us together and preventing people from going out and causing trouble, like what happened yesterday?" You ask. The women seem to perk up.

"Trouble? Do you have some gossip to share? I didn't think you the type." The first woman teases.

"Did we get a new batch of visitors?" The second one asks. "I hadn't heard anything."

>What do you say? This can be a good chance to start asking your questions.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5036835 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)07:00:42")

>Gossip and rumour travel faster than the wind. It's good to keep an ear out for it. But I was talking about the restraunt who's owner got assaulted, some group of fools led by some drunken moron got it in their heads their wives were cheating on them. What was his name. . .

We can leave that thread for them to jump on. If none of them know, we can remember it and tell them"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5036872 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)09:06:04")

No way, really? That seems far too photo realistic to be a a pastel."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5036909 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)11:04:59")

>I don't know of there are any new batch of arrivals, but some drunks assaulted the owner of the new restaurant. Apparently they thought all of their wives were cheating on them with him. Thankfully some customers with a backbone were there to stop them before something really bad happened.
And the really bad would be Renshu breaking their spines."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5036910 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)11:08:15")

Holy shit that's impressive, I can barely wrap my head aroud entry level perspective and shadows.
Hopefully this artist gets recognition and money, it's way better than modern art."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5037210 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)17:38:34")

taking these and writting."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5037328 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)19:52:09")

But anon.
It is modern art."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5037337 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)20:03:09")

Depends if if you use modern in meaning time or a school of art.
Although the correct term I should be using is to complain about post-modern art. We still don't have widely accepted names or schools for them sunce they are contemporary.
Also I meant to write what passes of as modern art instead of just modern art, but I'm an idiot that forgets key words and doesn't spellcheck."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5037354 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)20:28:51")

""I don't know of there are any new batch of arrivals, but gossip and rumour travel faster than the wind. But I was talking about the restraunt who's owner got assaulted, some group of fools led by some drunken moron got it in their heads their wives were cheating on them. Thankfully some customers with a backbone were there to stop them before something really bad happened." The women look at you in interest.

"Where did this happen?" The first woman asks, intruiged.

"As if having drunks is bad enough. Now they're attacking innocent buisness owners." The second woman says. "No doubt they were locals. I'd never think of travelers doing such a thing."

"It was in that new diner that opened up." You say offhandedly. "The Warren I think."

Recognition appears in the women's eyes. "Oh that little place? I've been meaning to go there." The first one says.

"It's just the coziest little eatery." Ceba says happily. "A bit small but the food is comfy and honestly I think that adds to the charm. Even with the people there, it has an almost quiet kind of feeling."

"Oh so you've been there? And you didn't think of bringing us?" The second woman jokes. Ceba waves her hands dismissively.

"Oh, you should've seen the lines dear. It's almost an exclusive club in it's own way. But I know the owner, bless him. Runs the whole thing himself. He cooks, cleans, and even serves. Frankly the idea of him trying to commit adultry like that is ludicrus. The poor man doesn't have the time. Not that I couldn't see why some would think that mind you. Such a mysterious and quiet man. Almost straight out of those new novels that's taken the city by storm. But this, it's just foolishness." Ceba turns to face you. "And you say that you know the person behind this?" She asks.

"Well I've heard a name being thrown about." You say, as you feign a foggy memory. "I can't quite recall the name but I know he's some kind of well known drunk. All he does it work odd jobs and spends that money on drink." The women's noses wrinkle in disdain.

"Oh yes. We know who that is." The first woman says. "He's quite well known around the city, but you don't need to concern yourself with that dear. He's simply a trouble maker. Still..." She pauses. "It doesn't seem like him to set something like this up."

"Too true. Pema is simply too lazy to think of something out side of alcohol and food." The second adds and she pats your arm. "But tell us, how'd you find this out? Did they tell you why that old drunk wanted to do something like this?"

>What do you say?
>Tell the women about what you found out. Maybe they might be able to help.
>Divert the conversation to the men you're looking for. Perhaps they can help you find it.
>Lie and say you weren't told.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5037374 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)20:48:12")

>Inform the women that we actually found someone who seemed like a friend of Pema's who got told that more people were meant to show up for the beat down. Ask if any of the friends of those arrested play here.

>"While it's none of my buissness rightly, I've something of a personal stake in seeing this resolved."

Cautious with what we give out. But not a lie yet.

>Straight out of the novels.

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5037394 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)21:09:50")

>It was a few friends of mine that found out all of this, and they have a personal stake in the matter.
>They also found out that it was suposed to be bigger, but some quit at the last minute. And that the ones that got cold feet play mahjong here daily. So if you know any here that are drunks, that complain about their homelife, or that have some very angry friends.
>I have no intention of hurting anyone, I just want to have a talk with them, maybe learn a few things. Because I also doubt that a professional drunk telling rumors could be the ringleader behind it all."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5037399 && dateTime=="10/24/21(Sun)21:12:41")

The group was suposed to be bigger
And after angry friend, add a it would be very hepful."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5037957 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)14:50:12")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5038055 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)17:02:26")

""It was a few friends of mine that found out all this, and they have a personal stake in the matter." You say, the game now coming to a stop as the women listen in to your story. They lean slightly forwards as if you were sharing some kind of clandestine meeting, hoping to conceal the words within your small table. "And given that they're my friends, I suppose that it's become something of a personal stake of my own. At the very least to see it resolved, not that it's none of my buisness rightly." You tap a mahjong title on the table as you speak. To the women, it must seem like you were tense and perhaps righteously so. However, the truth of the mater was that you were choosing your words carefully and were simply thinking of how to proceed.

"That's not all." You add. "I was also told that the attack was meant to be bigger."

"How horrifying!" The first woman interjects.

"Fortunately some of them backed out in the last minute. And I was told that those that didn't partake play mahjong here daily." You continue. "So if you know any here that are drunks, that complain about their homelife, or that have some very angry friends it would be very helpful. I have no intention of hurting anyone, I just want to have a talk with them, maybe learn a few things. Because I also doubt that a professional drunk telling rumors could be the ringleader behind it all."

The women cast glances at each other. "Honey, I know that this must be something personal but maybe you should leave it to the guards."

The second one nods. "I understand wanting to help your friends but it's not worth getting in trouble over it. I agree that maybe you should leave it to the guards who are hired to handle these kinds of things."

"I don't know of any drunks here." Ceba admits. "We have children here as well. Anyone who comes in while under the influence would be immediately thrown out. But..." She lowers her voice to a whisper. "We do have group that tend to get real loud. They might be the men you're looking for." She quietly points to a table in the corner of the room. The table was crowded as 5 men were huddled around it and playing a game. It might just be the air of consiparcy around the table or perhaps the way they were described but they did seem to have a particular air about them.

"Do you know if they drink alot?" You ask.

The women shake their head. "We've never seen them drunk before but you know that it's always the one day of drinking that gets you into the most trouble."

>What do you do?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038063 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)17:09:44")

>I wont say a bad word about the
Guards. But there is something to be said for a deeper look into things.
>Do any know Pema, as a friend that it?

>Well sorry for bringing the energy down, why not another game?

Have another game with them, then excuse ourselves and investigate this other group."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038078 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)17:26:28")

>I have bothing agaisnt the guards, but by the look of things they are treating it as a already solved case. Not that I blame them mind you, this town is so peaceful and the incident so simple, that by all accounts the idea of some sort of shady deals to hurt a newcomer bussines owner shouldn't cross their minds.
>Anyway, sorry for using you all like this, and to bring down the mood. How about another game? I think that I picked up a few of the basics, so it should be slightly smaller slaughter."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5038096 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)17:58:16")

"The plan is to talk to the other men. Have them start a buisness and then proceed to assault them on their grand opening. Also spread rumors on how uncool they are because they don't have adventure romance novels loosely based on their likeness/adventures.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038117 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)18:20:31")

That's right."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5038125 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)18:27:00")

Actually to give me a bit more to work with. How do you approach the men? What do you want to say?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038138 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)18:36:07")

If there is an open space, take a seat or bring on to sit down.
If not then may as well stand over them.

I think it best to open with "hello gentlemen, I'd like to have a few words with you." And keep playing if we managed to sit down."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038149 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)18:43:46")

I was thinking of going to another group first, playing a game, than jumping to theirs.
Than we can use the excuse we are just trying to meet everyone and learn mahjong, since we are new here.
But that excuse can also work if we go directly, we can say we saw that the womens table was the only one open or something."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038220 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)20:03:12")

Of they have an open space, sure.

If not, then being more direct is better I think."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038234 && dateTime=="10/25/21(Mon)20:24:53")

Yeah, the plan depends on it.
Should we try to use chaotic meditation on this next round to see if we can pick up anything in their table? Should be useful either way."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038800 && dateTime=="10/26/21(Tue)15:09:14")

It's a possibility. Get the baseline of their disucssion before and after we enter scene.

That being said, it's not likely for then to just be talking about what we want to know."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5038804 && dateTime=="10/26/21(Tue)15:12:32")

That was the idea, to know what they are talking about before we go shpve ourselvea into their group. They may be even be talking baout us too, given how much they like complaining about men talking to women.
Although if they do slip some of the good gossip, that's a nice bonus."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5039479 && dateTime=="10/27/21(Wed)11:42:37")

Alright. Write up time."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5039533 && dateTime=="10/27/21(Wed)13:30:02")

""I have nothing against the guards, but by the look of things they are treating it as a already solved case. Not that I blame them mind you, this town is so peaceful and the incident so simple, that by all accounts the idea of some sort of shady deals to hurt a newcomer bussines owner shouldn't cross their minds." You say as you push aside your tiles. "Not that I assume any of you know of the supposed ringleader."

"Sorry dear but we tend to keep away from people like him." One of the women says. You nod.

"Fair enough. How about another game to chase away the sour mood?" You ask as you begin to help set up the table once more. "Hopefully now that I have my bearings, it won't be as easy of a win." The women finish setting up the board and you all begin to play another game. Despite your previous talks, they return to their usual gossiping. So and so is now pregnant and is looking to name their child something uncommon, ideas for the upcoming summer festival, or perhaps simply seeing two people spending perhaps a bit too much time together to pass off as friendly encounters. You simply listen politely and nod every so often. Despite keeping up with their chatter, you quietly open your senses a bit more and survey the room every so often. The men in the corner are still playing together, though now they switched to a card game though you're unconcerned what kind. While they talk among themselves, their expressions don't give away any sense of consipracy or secrecy though they do look rather tired. The women's chats move on to sharing recipies, a topic you wish to avoid for now, and you attempt to try and listen in on the men as they speak to one another.

Your attempts bear no fruit as you hear everything and everyone else at the same time. Given that your new technique is meant to take in all information at the same time, it makes sense that you'd have some difficulty narrowing things down while attempting to percieve all but it simply means that you'd have something else to train on. Being able to hone in and fixate on something specific with extreme detail might be increadibly handy. You return to the game at hand and unsurprisingly, you lost though this time not nearly as badly as you did before. You smile at the women and return your peices. "Thank you for the games but I'm afraid I have to excuse myself. Maybe we'll play again some other time.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5039534 && dateTime=="10/27/21(Wed)13:31:03")

""You're always welcome at our table honey." The first women says.

"Of course, we can always help you with other things. I know of a few girls looking for husband." The second teases. You mask a cough with small laugh and shakes your head politely.

You pause for a moment before decideing, as a sort of apology, to add. "I'm sorry but I'm already taken." The women burst into excited giggling and begin to quickly ask you for more details but you leave them be to gossip among themselves with this new found information. Perhaps that might make up for the rather heavy topics you ruined their day with. You stride over to the men's table in the corner of the room. Though many seem to ignore you as you walk past their games, the men quickly take notice of the rather muscular man walking over to their table. They look up from their cards and seems to measure you up, something of a foolish notion given that none of them were in what you considered good shape. A thought that makes you wonder how these men thought they were even a match for Renshu. Perhaps it was the heat of the moment and the fact that your friend always seemed to wear clothing that made him look thinner than he really was.

As you arrive to the table, you see there is no room for you to sit with them. As it seems, they even had to pull a few extra chairs to be able to fit them all. "Can you?" One of the men asks with an air of suspicion.

>What do you do?
>Confront the men. Say you know what they were involved in.
>Ask to sit with them. Say you are getting to know people here.
>Tell the men you want to take this outside. No need to get everyone in the game hall invovled.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5039546 && dateTime=="10/27/21(Wed)13:45:25")

">Politely break their legs and start interogating them.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5039552 && dateTime=="10/27/21(Wed)13:56:55")

Hmm. . >>5039546 Tempting. Tempting. But nah.

>Ask if we can have a seat, or failing that, a chat.

We don't need all of them, just a few. Hell, maybe even one.
But I sense that they are not stupid enough to send only one person with us to talk if they know anything.

Still, no need to be threatening. It's about the use of bodylanguage again. Standing completely unafraid and inquiring politely will confuse their [heh] animal brains. might make them clam up though."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5039563 && dateTime=="10/27/21(Wed)14:07:27")

>Ask to sit with them. Say you are getting to know people here.
Let's break their spirit instead."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5040531 && dateTime=="10/28/21(Thu)17:32:35")

"So, what do you guys want to ask the men? Want to do some small talk to ease into things or pull the good intimidating presence like we do to press for info. Full on bane tactics. "And you think this gives you power over me?"";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5040535 && dateTime=="10/28/21(Thu)17:36:59")

I want to be friendly, while giving an intimidating aura.
Make them confused, that this giant witha posture of a killer is being a incredibly kind man.
I don't even know if it would be useful, but it would be funny."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5040681 && dateTime=="10/28/21(Thu)20:33:27")

It would be funny.

"May I sit down" in the softest voice we can imagine.
>Body language saying I'm going to murder you all, little bastards.

So much confusion. But yeah, be nice and polite and have a posture to intimidate everyone you meet."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5040723 && dateTime=="10/28/21(Thu)21:13:33")

Alrighty. Time to be the most polite killer ever. I think stripes would be proud. Writing.

Captcha: M00D8 why yes. Yes it is a mood."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5040812 && dateTime=="10/28/21(Thu)23:20:54")

""May I sit down?" You ask quietly. It wasn't hard to appear intimidating. It never really was given your stature and build. All you had to do was stand a bit straighter, look at the men in the eyes unflinchingly, and simply tense your body a bit to appear immovable. The men tense up slightly and it takes them a few moments to collect themselves. Of them speaks up though they keep their voice low for some reason.

"No. Sorry. Can't fit anymore chairs." He lies. You were sure that they could fit in at least one more person of your size in. It would be a tight squeeze but you could squeeze in. You take a step forward, slowly whittling down the safety in distance they had. Despite their best efforts, the men still shy away from you and lean slightly in their chairs.

"That's alright." You say in the same quiet tone. Your tone is light and pleasant as you speak casually, a sharp contrast to the rather ominous energy the softness of your voice carries. The men seem unsure of how to proceed and you wait a few moments for their minds to conjure out ideas before you break the silence of your group once more. "I just wanted to talk. Get to know the people here. A friend of mine reccommended this place and I've recently developed and interest in various tabletop games. I'm afraid I've never had much time to enjoy them in my youth. If not, then I'd always like to chat."

The men look at each other, unsure of how to respond. Clearly, you were an imposing figure, casting a long shadow on their table but you weren't doing anything. Not to mention, you stated your intentions which of themselves were not threatening either. But there was something definitively threatening about you and their instincts were telling them so. Still, it was impossible to say no. Either out of fear of your reaction or the simple fact that there was enough games taht 6 people could enjoy, and cards being one of them. After a tense silence, another finally speaks up.

"W-what do you want?" The man asks as he attempts to sound commanding but failing to hide the stutter in his voice.

>What do you say?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5041145 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)12:11:31")

>Like I just said, just to hang out and chat. This is not only my first time, but my first in any mahjong place.
>I tried playing a bit with the ladies over there, but turned out they are a bit too fierce for a complete novice like me, so I decided to watch a game at another table before trying my hand again.
>Your group seemed very lively, so I came over here. Who knows, maybe we will become friends. Having friends is always good, they always have your back when bad things go down afterall.
This is probably too big and need to be cut, but the idea is to explain our intentions, and inderectly call out that we know what they did.
I don't know if we should keep the friendly neighbourhood serial killer vibe, but it has been entertaining so far."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5041151 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)12:27:24")

"4chan ate my post.

But my idea is keep up the act, and repeat ourselves. We want to get to know people and have a chat.

Pull a spare chair up and sit down, we will have to be a bit further back from the table to have space, but with a card game we can suggest poker like we did with Xin.

But I like >>5041145 "having friends" thing, so I'd rewrite it to be said after the game starts.

"I like making friends, games are good for it. Who knows, we may become friends. Can never have too many good friends, they always have your back when bad things are afoot."

Less implicating anything, just freaking them out a bit more. If we freak them out enough, by the end they will be willing to answer out questions to make it stop.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5041332 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)17:04:36")

"So I got to drop the act or maintain it. Both agree to say you're here to make friends. I just need a decision on what tone you wish to use.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5041334 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)17:07:44")

I'd pose that we don't drop it, for the simple reason that it is both funny, but also that changing the tone immediately will further unbalance them and create a sense that they have no idea where to stand.

Which lessens the power and leverage we have.

For clarities sake, I am >>5041151"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5041337 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)17:09:42")

Huh, ID didn't change like a rabid schizophrenic like it usually does."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5041343 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)17:15:16")

I didn't say to drop the act, I'm just not sure.
So the other anon said to keep it, so we keep it."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5041345 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)17:18:29")

Fair enough. Just clearing things up."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5041346 && dateTime=="10/29/21(Fri)17:20:54")

It's alright boss, it's better to be safe than sorry afterall."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5042038 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)13:27:42" && image=="CJS3WKyzvy-7X12bpTt1p15Y47dlqbTrpBaImdmw3x4.jpg")

"Have a striped bun. Time to get writing.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042190 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)15:13:26")

What a perfect image, he is even near a white and brown bunny.
Also know as his sister and his brother-in-law"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5042223 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)15:37:11")

"You turn around and take an unused seat from a nearby table with a polite nod. These men were hiding behind numbers and though they were showing their unease you felt that it was time you showed them that their numbers held no power over you. You set the chair a small distance from the table and take a seat. Even with you sitting, you still tower over the men. It was almost comical how small the chair was for you but still, no one was laughing. "Like I said, I just want to hang out and chat." You say, maintaining your quiet politeness. "I tried playing with the ladies over there, but it turns out they're a bit too fierce for a new comer like me. So I decided to look for another group to join. You guys seem like a lively bunch, so I came over here. Who knows..." You add as you lean forward and grab the deck to shuffle, forcing integration into their group and showing that they had no real say in the matter. "...Maybe we'll become friends. Always good to have them. Especially when you suspect something sinister is afoot."

You let the words hang as you begin to deal out the cards to each person. No one really moves or says anything as the atmosphere in the air becomes tense and frigid. "I know a bit of poker. You guys know poker right?" You ask as you finish dealing cards and begin to set up the flop, the first three open cards for the group. The men can only really do is play along with you as your large size keeps them penned in to the corner of the building. Any attempts for any one of them getting up and leaving would involve moving past you and being in your line of sight. You all play the game in absolute silence, with the men glancing at each other every so often but still no one would speak or attempt to communicate beyond the basic poker calls. As fun as it was to watch them men be uncomfortable, you figure it would be best for you to start up conversation even if it was demanding answers.

>What do you say?
>Write in.

>How do you play poker?
>Cheat. You're dealing, you're pretty sure you can set yourself up for winning...or someone else to win a suspicious ammount.
>Play fair. You are here to make friends after all.
>Play agressive. While still following the rules, you do have enough of an intimidation factor to suggest that perhaps its not in the group's best interest to beat you.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042266 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)15:55:57")

>Play fair.

"Have you been playing long? The intricacies are still a bit beyond my mastery. It's a good game when you want to waste time a while.

You all seem very quiet, why dont we break the quiet a bit. What's your name?"
Address the next man in the circle, get names going, then a few comments on the plays of the individuals. Once we settle them down, or they stop buying our attempts ot break the ice, shift to attack.

"Have you heard of a rumour going around? About some new restraunt in town."

Then watch the reactions. They will tell us what we need, by where their mind goes."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042333 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)16:51:53")

>Play fair. You are here to make friends after all.
>Use out trademarked tactic, believe in the heart of cards.
>Do you all come here often? I didn't even know the city had a mahjong palor until my friend told me. I usually only play in bars.
>Not that I know much about the city you see, I'm quite a new arrival, around half an year give it or take. Are you all native, or did any of take the climb as well?
>Oh, now where are my manners, we should have started with names. Mine is Tai Lung, you may have heard of it. What about yours?
Look at them straight at the eyes while talking, don't even bother looking at the cards."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042422 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)18:15:10")

What's the play there chief?

Trying to put them more on edge? I think we can start to bring the point around by now, they're shit scared and consider us to be a serious threat to their security."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042441 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)18:37:46")

Sure, we can ask about the restaurant.
I was trying to probe them for info before going for the finishing blow."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042531 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)19:49:20")

So swing for yours, but then have the restraunt one.

I think we should hold the name as a trump card to jack their stress right back into the roof when they chill out.

If we never have to, let'do it as we leave. Should shock them into running to their buddies."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042546 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)20:02:35")

How about we leave the name asking for last, after the restaurant? We do the round of names and give our as the last one?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042555 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)20:12:11")

Sounds about right.

I'd ideally like to keep it as a trump, but if we drop it before asking about the attacks then it can still work."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042580 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)20:30:43")

Sounds good to me, so we withold the name for now.
We only ask when we are avout to leave, or need it to use intimidation."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5042594 && dateTime=="10/30/21(Sat)20:40:42")

That's right.

It's a gun with one bullet. We dont want to waste the shot."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043210 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)12:53:38")

"Think I pulled a shoulder blade muscle. Hurts to cough or bend down. Who know that was connected to so many things. It's annoying but I'lld deal with it. So just to consolidate. We're gonna talk, ask about the diner, then do a name call?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043217 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)13:02:20")

Basicaly yeah, the name call and drop is if we we leave or need to get more info, if we stay to talk a bit more we wil hold our hand.
Atleast tha what I think the comprimese we reached yeasterday.
I miss the other players, where did they go? It's back to just two anons again."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043226 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)13:17:36")

That's right.

And oh dear Luo. Have you been vanishing Hungry ghosts again?"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043241 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)13:34:20")

Might be my slow posting desu. It's really turned the quest in a slog. There's days where I consider just putting the whole thing to rest to be quite honest."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043253 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)13:43:39")

Please don't boss, it's the best quest. Not on the best on the site, not the best going right now, just straight up the best quest period."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043262 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)13:51:29")

That sucks man. I hope it gets better for you man."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043282 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)14:37:06")

"we'll get throught it. always have right?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043293 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)14:43:35")

Always have.

This being said, We've had over a year of frequent posting, so your time of slowness can be remidied in a number of manners.
My suggestion is set a goal of writing fluff pieces on the side, or perhaps just in your head to keep engagement going for yourself. It's how I got through my slog phases and back into passion.

Then again, giving it deep consideration and making sure you are deciding on a good day, that you need to take a rest for a bit can be good for you as well.
Bottom line is, we love the quest but it's ultimately up to you man."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043296 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)14:47:43")

I could do some side story stuff. Always like just thinking of other characters. Like Tigress and how she's going to create a anti TL task forces so that Ming never ascends to Empress."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043300 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)14:52:13")

Bah, she is a fool who never sees Mount Tai.

Ming is to ascend as the left hand of the third son of the Emperor! Cultivator magical girl.

besides, it may alleviate the slog with discussions, which I admit is on us. Removes the impetus that this is a void to fill your stuff into."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043301 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)14:52:46")

Anon is right, since the quest started you have posted one or two updates per day for a nore than an year, only this past month you have slowed down.
And I don't blame you boss, real life takes priority afterall.
Just a piece of advise, don't try to start another quest on the side, or fo into big perspective switches where we spend a month as another character, obly to junp to yet another one that is bot the mc. I saw many QM try to rekindle their passion like that, and it only made tge quest become convoluted or they never came back to the main thing and it died.
Maybe some small omakes about how Tigress, Hien or Luo are doing? Whitout any of our input, just straight up creativity in one post or two every once in a while, I don't know.
Be strong boss, we will persevere."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043303 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)14:54:20")

Oh nice, we had the smae idea while I was writing.
I feel like my suggestion is more valid now."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043304 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)14:54:26")

Quite. Straight creativity, rather than muddled in Anon madness."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043316 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)15:10:24")

That's what I meant, just short stories or chats. Nothing that impacts the main quest or takes over. But more like "hey this is what this person is up to.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043375 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)16:41:44")

"As you shuffle for the next round of cards, you speak up. "Have you been playing long? The intracicies are still a bit of beyond my skill level but it's still a good game if you want to waste time for a while. Funny thing though is that even in my travels I don't often play when I'm resting." Once the cards are dealt you simply leave your hand on the table as you look at each man in the face. Leaving things to luck always seemed to play out well for you so you feel like you can rely on this tactic one more time. A few mumbles come around the table, mostly noncomittal responses but it was a foot in the door. "You come here often? I didn't even know the city had a mahjong parlor until a friend told me. I ussually only play at bars. Sure beat having to deal with drunks though, right?" You say good naturedly as you place a large hand on the back of one of the nearby men. He visibly jumps as he gives you a rather nervous smile.

Again you get more vague responses as everyone plays. You toss a few more cards onto the table. "Not that I know much about the city you see, I'm quite a new arrival, around half an year give it or take. Are you all native, or did any of take the climb as well?" The men all shake their heads and you assume them to be natives. You flip your cards over to reveal a winning hand. "\Well let me tell you that the climb was quite brutal. Blizzards, dark caves, hot tempratures. Kind of makes reaching here all the more worth it. And even being here there's tons of things I'm learning about the city. So many people, so many places to see. Did you guys hear the rumor? There's a new restraunt in town. I curious as to what it's like." The men seem to go a bit more silent after that.

"Y-yeah. Heard it was pretty bad though. Something about terrible food. Think a few customers got sick." One of the men speak up and receives glares from his companions.

You capitalize on this opening by asking, "Oh really? Can't imagine that a restraunt would last that long. Isn't the owner doing something to make this right? The people deserve justice." The men around you just shrug.

"I mean we don't know anything." Another says, "But I would think that someone like that doesn't care about anything but the money. I hear the owner slept his way into owning the shop. Something about sleeping with the mayor. The place is in prime real estate. How else would a stranger get to buy it?"

"What do you mean?" You ask feigning ignorance. "Isn't he one of you guys? A native? I won't be staying here for long so I assumed that other visitors wouldn't have time to want to run a shop or buisenss."

"Nah, this guys is an outsider. Only trying to make money of us hard honest folk." A third man asks. You nod as you take in this new information. If it wasn't worrying him, you might have used this information to make jokes at Renshu's expense. For now, it would be best to try and get more out of the men.

>What do you say?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043386 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)16:55:28")

>They managed to talk their way into a mayors office, then into bed with them? Must be a danger for others, someone with a tongue like that. I'd hope he isn't going to ruin this city, I've only just got here.

Feigning concern is an excellent way in. Our deadpan danger impression can be turned to our advantage then. Steadily shift into incredilousness as we ask about his "crimes". And if they lead us on to "he's a womaniser" or a variant thereof, and let the calm of our voice get a bit more "dangerious"

>He does what?! And nobody has done anything about this yet?
Lets get them to admit to Pema's actions. If they do, then we can express disbelief that the drunk we've heard of found this out himself. He's a drunk and an idiot, tie it back to our bar anecdote, who ruined a few good nights out.

If they don't lead us with the womaniser line, we'll need to come up with something else."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043388 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)16:56:55")

But as they say in the clinton administration.

Ladies and gentlmen, we gottem!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043407 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)17:25:18")

>You know, someone should do something about it, rally the people and protest in fornt of the place, maybe even in front of the office. Such corruption is unaceptable in a place that is suposed to be enlightened.
>But probably should be a pillar of the comunity, and be very careful to be a peaceful demonstration. Imagine if it turned violent? It would undo all the goodwill and just divide the city.
>And than disreputable people, rumormongers and rich men could form mobs to take whatever they wanted. I've seen such horrors once, and the city was only saved once the Five arrived.

Part of me really wanta to say
>Slept with the mayor? I didn't think the old monkey had it in him. I'll have a word with him before leaving, giving priviledge for favours is no way to run the Sacred Library. And he was so kind and wise when he welcomed me too, we really can't trust first impressions after all.
Fake that we are confusing the exarch with the mayor, and that we have talked to him, but I doubt it would be a good idea other than let them know they fucked up bad."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043442 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)17:59:02")

Hmm, I like it, but perhaps lets not give them ideas.
"They should do something about it" already feeds them the idea but doesnt saddle us with conspiracy.

Especially since if they did, we would be the men crushing them"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043448 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)18:03:59")

I wanted them to realise that they fucked up and went the wrong way, since Pema is a disreputable rumormonger, not a pullar of the community, and that they went straight up to violence without being civil first.
Like saying you already fucked up idiot, but indirectly."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043457 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)18:11:09")

I see the thrust now. Perhaps attack them instead by praising that they got their information from a reliable source, get them to name drop him?
Since as it reads to me, you are giving them a step by step to accurately hurting Renshu.

Actually. If we go with your proposal, we can suggest they get the "valiant pillar of the community who found out" the outsider to lead the protest.

Leads us as gullible and impassioned, while leaving them to figure out that they trusted the news of a drunk. And if they didnt, Pema namedropped someone else."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043499 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)18:59:49" && image=="Spoiler Image")

"Is this the part where TL drops the line "And that's my rabbit you're messing with. Don't mess with my buns"?

Also have bunny buns."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043510 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)19:15:59")

"I also just realized by laws of the quest. Xin Lan can carry TL to their honeymoon suite as easily as the big guy can carry the bun despite being a third his height. That thought makes me giggle.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043512 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)19:16:40")


I prefer "now that you're of no use to me. Yuppie ki ay motherfucker.""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043519 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)19:22:57")

It's like peter dinklage body dropping the rock"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043524 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)19:28:38")

no doubt it'd be less about being romantic and more about Xin showing off and embarassing TL."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043569 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)20:13:19")

Nah boss, it's when we drop this:
Through the name drop."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043596 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)20:28:28")

Stripes wanted him home by nine. But meditation takes a lot out of you"

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5043609 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)20:39:19")

Knowing TL, the man is still mediating and Xin wants to 1.Not have his brother worry and 2. Wants to see the absolute confusion on the big guys face when he's in unfamiliar surroundings.

"You teleported. I dunno how you did it but I saw it with my own eyes. There was a glow of golden energy and then you were gone.""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5043623 && dateTime=="10/31/21(Sun)20:49:04")

"I have chaotic meditation Xin, good try though."
"Actually, I wonder if teleportation would even be possible"
And so Tai Lung, Ming, Bao and the masters of Eureka spent the next 3 months trying to teleport.
They succeded, but only with bread."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044216 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)14:10:26")

"Doing a small short story on the side. Thought everyone's favorite mother should get some love. Just kidding, no way I'm channeling An Bo's mom. That's like asking for trouble. Ming and Xin would be fun though.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044226 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)14:19:06")

Oh, I thought you would write about Hien's mother in heaven looking at her son's hijinks."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044230 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)14:20:52")

Now that would be a good story. If a bit sad."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044238 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)14:29:38")

"So what's the plan then? I get you're trying to insinuate that they fucked up bit the write ins sound like you're kind of trying to get them to do it again. Which sounds very 4d chess of TL to control an angry mob by pretending to be it's head.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044247 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)14:49:55")

The intention would be to try and get them to say someone tries to do something, and than try to pass that it should be done peacefully with someone that is a good person.
Than immediatly dash their hopes by saying if a drunkard started the violence first it would taint the movement and kill it at it's infancy.
Basically drill them for info, get them to say if it was only Pema, if he said something about another person telling him, than give them hope, than deatroy that hope by showing they already fucked it up.
I'm on the fence if we should end by implying we talked with the exarch and than name drop ourselves too, just to rub salt ont he wounds.
I think the other anon can explain better."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044253 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)14:54:59")

It's very 4D chess, but the general idea is

"Well who's doing something about this?" to get them to try and crack out a name or reveal their involvement in the mob.
"You should find the reasoned and principled pillar of the community who did this to lodge a formal complaint or protest" to make them realise they took the words of PEMA as truth. Which should send them into shame, if they have any sense.
"I'm glad that resonable, sensible people are noticing this problem. Imagine if disreputable or malicious individuals were highjacking your concerns. Imagine the liberties and damage they could do under a false guise of rightiousness" sorta thing, to point out that if they are wrong about this then a lot of bad can come of it, while seemingly having a rosey view of the whole affair as they are telling it so they don't think we are against them.

so it's not giving them instructions, it's proposing a motion which, if they actually tried to have carried out would reveal just how in the wrong they are.
If they tried to make an official complaint, they would need to say they got told by a drunk that a newcomer was sleeping with their lives but the drunk doesn't remember when he saw it, who told him it, and has only met said newcomer to punch him. it's patently ridiculious and nobody would listen to such absurdity, and we want them to hear how absurd it is."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044275 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)15:17:22")

Ah! So you're basically logicking out their actions infront of them so they realize how fucking dumb it sounds out loud. I get it, I dig it. Makes sense to me now. Writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044284 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)15:21:37")

That is completely what we are doing, while saying it in a manner that we sound completely supportive.

It's quite fun to watch pennies drop."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044285 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)15:23:11")

I knew you could explain it better.
That was the idea, shame them by showing a good logic, and how they did every single step wrong.
The person that started is drunk, it was just rumours, it was a mob, it was only a group without the larger population and it jumpes directly to violence."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044289 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)15:28:08")

And doing it indirectlt, by just following the logic on a peaceful, smart man,and showing support, so the shame they will feel is self realized. Kind of like a socratic method of debate, make the person reach the conclusion.
The fact we are doing it all while still maintaing serial killer mannerism is just an icing to the cake, like they thinf we are here ro break their bones but we are acting like a damn philosopher."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044302 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)15:43:39")

Nobody ever said deranged lunatics and murderous mad men were ever not philosophers.

They actually write quite a bit of philosophy to excuse their actions. Still, you're right. We're radiating killer energy and acting like an ardent lover of due course. It's hillarious."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044359 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)17:05:30")

"You listen to their "greivences" and lies as you nod your head in flase agreement. It seemed that despite their misgivings and terror about you, they were quiet eager to turn what they perveiced to be a threat against someone they didn't know.

Just dump your problems on someone else/ You think to yourself as you are now dealing and playing the card game on auto pilot. "Someone should do something about it." You say, your tone unchanging. "Like the guards for instance. Or perhaps someone should bring this up to the city meetings. I was told in the station that people could air their greivences there and discuss them in public." You deal out a few more cards as the men regard you carefully. "But if this person has had relations with the mayor, the highest pillar of the community then perhaps that avenue might not be possible." You stroke your chin, a habit you've always seen your father do and though you always saw it as a sign of nervousness perhaps in this instance it could be seen as contemplation.

"No...we as a community must rally together. We need to show them that we won't stand for this kind of corruption in the city. After all we are supposed to be a place of enlightenment." You continue in a measured tone. The men's interest seems to increase as the game at the table comes to a halt. "Yes...we should do a protest of some kind. We rally behind a figure head. Someone enlightened and trusted by the community. Clearly we should find someone everyone respects and have him represent us. After all without someone with the community's backing, we'll just be another angry mob. Not only that but we have to be nonviolent. If we break the law, we only have given our opponents more ammunition to use against us. Not only that but the authorities have legal reasons to put a stop to our efforts despite how good willed they maybe."

The men nod as you speak though given their previous state, you're unsure if they're become more afraid of you or even more uncomfortable. "But tell me, who informed you of this corruption? Surely they could be our leader. Someone who knows this kind of information must be a well reasoned and respectable man."

The men say nothing and quietly shuffle in their seats, instead opting to try and bury themselves in their cards.

>What do you do?
>Try and press the men for the name. Perhaps they can bury themselves further. Perhaps they can give you more information. Given how talkative they've been, you're not sure.
>Put and end to the act. Tell them you know everything and you won't tolorate something like this again. A message they can take back to their other friends.
>Continue your train of thought and excuse yourself. Leave them with what you said to mull over.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044369 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)17:12:22")

>Let them stew for a few minutes. "What's with the quiet? can you not remember the hero of the community who found and tried to expose this corruption through telling you?
Oh I see, I'm terribly sorry"

Pause for a moment.

>"He must be sat around this table, a very humble hero of decency. No need to be quiet about it, I won't take it as bragging. This is about decency."
Lets just give them that to suck on. And try not to laugh."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044398 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)17:41:26")

>Come on my would-be-friends, are you all not hardworking, honest men? There is no problem in sharing who this ilustrious man is so I can seek to talk to him myself. Afterall, not only am I a newcomer to the city, but I know only parts to this story, I can be the one to spearhead this movement.
>Unless you are all put off by my fire, in which case I hope that you would forgive this stranger. I've been know to become VERY passionate against those who would do injustice. Never strike first, but be the wall that evil break itself against.
>Let is see who won this round, we can't let this dreadful topic stop our fun, can we?

I want to leave the name drop and the we are a friend of the wind and talk to sangpo for last."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044424 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)18:17:51")

This is just bullying them at this point.


Our two posts flow wonderfully together, so this is just going to be one long torture scene."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044557 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)20:54:04")

"Ming is pretty tall for a cat. A fact of which she was bullied as a child for.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044562 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)20:56:28")

Who the hell bullies tall people? Angry manlets?"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044576 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)21:07:50")

Angry, petty little girls who think their destinies lay far beyond what it really does. Ones who discarded humility and compassion for a momentary influx of false power. Basically girls Xin is going to beat up should they learn who they are."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044598 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)21:23:48")

Ah, yes. I tend to forget girls can get pretty vicious with the bullying.
I don't thing Xin needs to beat anyone up, Ming should have enough ability and confidence by now to verbally destroy them."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5044614 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)21:38:11")

"You quietly look at your cards as you let the atmosphere settle. "What's with the quiet? Can you not remember the hero of the community who found and tried to expose this corruption by telling you?" You ask as you look straight into the eyes of every man at the table. "Surely he must has sat with you, this humble protector of decency. No need to be quiet about it, I won't take it as bragging. This is about decency. If anything this is bringing to light an unsung hero to the greater population." The men fidget with their cards as they try to pretend to be interested in the game. You quietly tap on the table with your cards. A light consistent sound to simply enforce the notion of time. To bring to light how long they are keeping quiet.

"Come now my would-be-friends, are you all not hardworking, honest men? There is no problem in sharing who this ilustrious man is so I can seek to talk to him myself. Afterall, not only am I a newcomer to the city, but I know only parts to this story, I can be the one to spearhead this movement. Unless you are all put off by my fire, inwhich case I hope that you would forgive me. I've been known to become *VERY* passionate against those who would do injustice. Never strike first, but be the wall that evil breaks itself against." You say somewhat proudly. When the men continue to stay silent, you add, "Well then let us see who won this round, we can't let this dreadful topic stop our fun, can we?" You flip over your cards to reveal a pair of aces, an unbeatable hand. You give the men a friendly grin.

"Well it seems like fate is on my side, gentlemen. No hard feelings?" You ask. The men shrug and shake their heads, now doing the best to try and conceal themselves as best as they could in their very open space. Perfect to finish this conversation.

>What do you say?
>Tell the men, that the rabbit is your friend and you happen to have a particular attachment to the him and you don't like it when people mess with your friends.
>Leave without saying anything. Let them dwell on what you said.
>Insinuate you know when people are lying and you don't like it when people lie. Especially when it involves unwarrented attacks.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044631 && dateTime=="11/01/21(Mon)21:55:40")

>Ah, I see the problem now. In my haste to try and make new friends I forgot the most basic of manners! I'm Tai Lung, you may have heard of me, and I hope it was only the good parts.
>Anyway, it seems that is already late, and my blunder has silenced my companions, so I must go. I must remember to talk with the exarch about how he lets the city be run before I go. Such a shame, he seemed to be a wise and good man when he personally welcome me into the city, I must take that as a lesson to not believe rumours and first impressions about someone before taking action."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5044871 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)03:05:48")

I want answers, not ashamed silences!

>Ah, I see the problem now. In my haste to try and make new friends I forgot the most basic of manners! I'm Tai Lung, you may have heard of me, and I hope it was only the good parts.
We can stop playing Poker, we all know the games are over now.
>You know, I've heard another rumour. About another outsider and his friends who came to this city and who was recently attacked by a mob of men who were riled up and led on a ruccus by a drunkard named Pema. New as I am, even I know that name, and instead of resorting to his basest urges, the outsider didn't break bones or cause a rukus, He. Hmm, 4 maybe 6 hours in guard custody with a split lip was the time spent? with the ensuing days dogging him with slander after slander so easily confused for this other outsider who none have met and seemingly woven from the strands of every low life sediment within the collective imagination. So while you know nothing about this depraved money hungry shop peddler, perhaps you can tell me why my boyfriend got struck across the face instead of doing as he so dearly wished and breaking the offending hand.

I'm not sure at what points our serial killer vibe should shift to "You've done stepped in it retards" but I do think we should shift to our "I'm telling you off voice" of authority for.

>"So tell me, Who put Pema up to it.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045301 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)15:00:12")

so which are we going for?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5045342 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)15:51:04")

Let me change the the other anon write-in a bit, so it's less agressive.
Don't want to start a fight here and all.
>Well, I guess from your silence you really are the good friends I was looking for. You know, I was hoping you all had given up on the plan because you realised it would be a mistake, not of cowardice. Anyway, I didn't come here for vengeance, but to know what Pema said about the person who told him the rumours.

After they tell everything.
>Here's a tip for you: You shouldn't believe every rumour and first impression about people, you should fact check it all first. Even the lowst acolyte of the Sacred Library could tell you that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5045358 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)16:08:57")

Fair enough. I was going real agressive like.

I accept with this compromise, moving from our name to "silence tells me you are the good friends""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5045380 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)16:27:05")

If we weren't in the middle of a parlour/park, were avoiding justifying the rumours, or getting i more trouble with the guards, I would have no problem being very agressive.
Perhaps we will get to punch the ringmaster."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045390 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)16:32:35")

But anon, we're the ringmaster. After all we need to rally people against the corruption for our new "friends""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5045393 && dateTime=="11/02/21(Tue)16:33:38")

I suppose.

We could ask them to step outside and answer our questions, or they can answer them in here."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045796 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)00:40:17")

We are very very disappointed. Very. Gotta channel Ming."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045856 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)02:56:38")

"You wait a few more moments before speak. "Well, I guess from your silence you really are the 'good friends' I was looking for. You know, I was hoping you all had given up on the plan because you realized it would be a mistake, not of cowardice. However, I didn't come here for revenge, but to know what Pema said about the person who told him the rumors." You say dropping all pretenses and speaking in a quiet flat voice, one that bore no humor for any attempts to get out of this, and tossing your cards into the pile of the middle, all of them slotting in perfectly between the planks of wood and standing on edge. "So, what did the drunk tell you?"

The men look around you in fear as you lean back into your seat and cross your arms. "I can wait all night gentlemen. Rest assured, your wellbeing is safe. I simply want to go after the real people responisble. Clearly, you 5 have enough sense, or at least cowardice, to know when something is a bad idea. You may have be part of the plotting group but given that you didn't actually go and get anymore involved than that then I have no reason to do you any harm. Next time, I would suggest you go to the guards rather than hide away with your mouths shut but that's just a suggestion. Now..." You say again as you lean forward and place your elbow on the table. "About my question..."

The men do their best to drag their chairs away from you and huddle up in their corner, now clutching their cards as if they were a talisman to ward you away. Luckily for you, it seems that you at least have frightened them into speaking. "H-he didn't say anything." One of them squeaks. "All he did was just ramble on about the some guy who was stealing men's wives and how he was sleeping with the mayor. We were all a little drunk at the time. But he brings this bottle. The good stuff and he pours us all a drink. This stuff was strong too, no wonder it's so expensive. By the time we all stopped trying to get as much of the stuff as we wanted, we were so drunk that we were willing to listen to anything the guy said."

"What did he say? Even drunk as you were, what could he have possibly told you that made any kind of sense?" You ask.

"Well at first it was just general garbage. That all women were bad and that they couldn't be trusted. But then...then he started talking about real detailed stuff." Another man says. "Specific names and couples. Thinking back, he could have just been making it up. The man works all over town. He could have just heard a group of people arguing or maybe just memorized a few of the couples and used them as fake examples."

"I'm guessing these were the partners of the men who did go through with it." You surmize. To your surprise, the men shake their heads.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045858 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)02:57:39")

"" wasn't any of us. But by the time he was done, we were all so sloshed that we belived him that he said our wives were also seeing the guy. You gotta belive us. It was just us being stupid drunks." The first man says. "So we plotted there. What we'd do and the like. By the time we were done just fantasizing about revenge, it was nearly morning and I could barely see a few feet in front of me. I can't even remember when the bar man threw us out because we were on the streets drinking and plotting still before we all gave up and went home. I'm guessing the others didn't go home and decided to wait it out..."

"And where did Pema get this information? You can't tell me he didn't just come up with it on his own." You say.

"He never said." The second man says. "I don't even know if we asked. All he kept going on about is how we have to stand up for ourselves as men. Maybe he mentioned something about being told this. I can't remember. But I think one of us did." The second man's brows furrow as he thinks as if his life depended on it. "Y-yeah...I think we did but he just avoided answering. Tried to be this leader or hero that he had come up with this plan himself."

"What else did he say? How did he afford the drink? You said it was valuable. Pema can barely afford alcohol as it is."

"I-I don't know! We asked. By the dragons did we ask. But all he said is that he had received it as a gift from a friend. I think it was the same one that might have told him about the rumors. We all figured he stole it while doing his errands. Sometimes shops and buisnesses let him to clean up or to carry things. I've never heard of him stealing before, it's not like he can afford to lose what little jobs he got. But because this was booze we were talking about...well maybe he finally broke down and did it."

You furrow your brows and think. This was pretty much all that Xin Lan told you about. There had to be more to this. Something they had to know. In the end, you're not sure if you can ask anything else. These men were clearly too drunk during that night to know anything usefull. So the best you can do is ask, "Was there anything unsusual about that night besides what you told me?"

"No. Not really. Other than the drink was really good." One man admits. "It was like we couldn't get enough of the stuff. I know it's high class but I've never felt like that about any other drink before." You nod as you lean back. That was about the best you were going to get out of them, you figured. Perhaps you should have sent one of the rabbits to do it. Then again, they would probably fair just as well and it wouldn't do much good for Renshu to confront his attackers. You stand up and your voice takes a more reproachful tone."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045861 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)02:58:40")

""I see. Well, let this be a lesson for all of you. You shouldn't belive every rumour and first impression about people, at the very least figure it out for yourself. Even the lowest of acolytes here can tell you that. And clearly, you need to think twice about drinking as well. It's not lead you all to any good paths so far. You've already taken the first step by not going through with your plan. Now take the next one. Rise above that. Be better." You say before sighing and adopting a rather frighteningly friendly and naive attitude. "Anyway, it seems that is already late and I must go! I must remember to talk with the exarch about how he lets the city be run before I go. Such a shame, he seemed to be a wise and good man when he personally welcome me into the city, I must take that as a lesson to not believe rumours and first impressions about someone before taking action as well, shouldn't I? Ah! But where are my manners? I'm Tai Lung, you may have heard of me, and I hope it was only the good parts. I just came in with my 3 three friends a few months ago. I think you might like them as well! Especially my boyfriend. His cooking is to die for! He recently opened a diner in the market district. Tall rabbit with stripes. I hope you can come and try it out sometime. Trust me, it'll be an experience you'll never forget..."

You turn and leave the men to process that information, you got what you came for. As you head out, you make a quick stop by the women's table as they continued their idle talks. "Oh hello deary. How was your game? I hope those men weren't too rude."

"No, no. They were fine gentlmen. A bit too quiet in my opinion but not everyone can be a friendly as you three." You say as the women giggle.

"Well, we're about to have our last game for the day. Did you want to join?" Another woman asks.

You shake your head. "Oh no. I just came to let you know that you might want to hold off on visiting that new diner." You lower your voice to whisper and the women lean in closer in curiosity. "Now, you didn't hear this from me but I'm really close with the owner of the place. And they're planning a nice little couple's night. Seeing as how you were all so welcoming, I thought I'd give you a heads up. Keep your ears and eyes open so you can snag reservations for you and your spouses early as soon as they are available. My recommendation is near the windows. At night you get the nicest view of the market district. The setting sun hits it just right and the stars afterwards just look amazing at that angle. Maybe...let the men of the house think they thought that plan up if you know what I mean." At this, despite your attempts to keep it a secret, the women immediately erupt into chatter. With a polite smile, you wave the women goodbye and head out into the streets."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045862 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)02:59:41")


By the time you arrive back at The Warren the sun had completely set and those self same stars glittered in the night sky like gems. You make your way to the back entrance out of habit and as you push open the door to the kitchen, you see the two rabbits with their back to the door. The tips of Xin Lan's feet poke out from under their dress as they playfully bat at their brother's ears with their own while hanging off their brother's back, their small arms wrapped around Renshu's neck. "And seeing as I'm your cutest little brother, I think you should make me some sweets." They say, resting their chin on their brother's shoulder.

Renshu chuckles as he continues to stir at something to cool it. "Well, given that you are my little sister. I think you should know to heed your elder brother's warnings. Especially those regarding ruining your appetite."

"Oh come on Stripes. You made us pies. What about late night snacks?" Xin Lan asks. As you approach, both sets of ears swivel towards your direction and the elder rabbit turns both of them to face you. "Oh hey big guy. Took you long enough." They say with a smirk. "Did you do more witch craft? I told Stripes you were probably meditating."

"Not this time." You say as you sniff. "Somthing smells good."

Renshu gives you a warm smile. "Would you like some hot chocolate? Ming and Xin Lan were planning to race over to the bakery for some pastries to accompany it."

"And I think he should make them himself." Xin Lan counters.

"No, you wish for me to make you extra so you can have a secret stash." Renshu says, batting at Xin Lan's ears. "Now, climb off. Ming is already coming down the stairs." Xin Lan grumbles, their plans foiled as they leap towards the door to the stairs and startling Ming as she exited.

"Xin! Don't do that! Not everyone has super senses you know!" She scolds as she hugs the rabbit.

"You'll learn. Don't worry. Eventually you'll come around to the idea someone always wants you dead." They grin. Ming makes a disapproving sound."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045866 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)03:01:21")

""We'll be back soon." She says. "Hopefully they still have some of those swirly breads." Both Ming and Xin Lan wave their goodbyes leaving you and Renshu alone. Renshu hands you a cup of warm drink and the two of you take a seat. It hurt you to see him like that. With black stiches running down his lip, and occasionally seeing the ones in his mouth. You take a sip of the hot chocolate, letting it's warmth seep into your belly as Renshu speaks.

"You know..." He says quietly. He takes a seat next to you and offers you a chair which you accept. Staring at the contents of his own mug he continues. "I can't...I don't ever know when I'll ever stop saying thank you."

"You don't need to." You say. "You never do."

Renshu smiles softly. "I see Xin Lan and realize how far they've come. Their smiles are geuine. Their laughs so real. You don't...know how much of a wound it was to see them do it. To hear them say it...only for it to be all a lie. Others couldn't tell but I could. Their words were hollow. They were missing something...and now that something is back. I think...if I were to die right now, I'd be happy knowing where they are. Who they're with."

You gently put an arm around Renshu. "No one of that talk. No one is dying. I don't think Xin would ever forgive you for all the missed breakfasts he'll never be able to steal from you."

"Oh I'm sure he'd find a way to claim them from me. No matter where I was." Renshu rubs his thumb on his mug and you sense uncertainty from him. Doubt or conflict.

"What's wrong?" You ask gently. "You're troubled."

Renshu sets his mug aside and leans into you. You feel yourself get a bit warm but you tighten up your hold on him just a bit. "Do you think I'll ever be able to travel with you to the other side?" He asks.

"You mean visit the spirit realm? I mean-"

"No." He says, empathically reading your feelings. "Tai Lung...I know that someday you'll leave us. If not through death then you'll head to the spirit realm. Just as your master did. By leaving all ties behind and fully leaving this plane. Never in my mind has there been a doubt that you won't ascend to that height of enlightenment. I want to you think I'd be able to follow? Do you think I'd be able to go with you? If only so Xin knows I'm not truly gone. So he can visit...or is that too selfish?"

>What do you say?
>Write in."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5045868 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)03:02:23")

"That's a big post right there.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046053 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)09:05:20")

>Oh it's very selfish. But then again, I dont think your ancestors deserve the honour of your company. But I think you can do it, either through the way I will with enlightenment or through some trick that you rabbits are always pulling out of nowhere, sorcery and alchemy being what they are.
>Part of my research could be of use here, but that is something for later. Tbe bottom line in all this is that it's possible if we try and I'm willing to give you my full support."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046057 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)09:09:45")

>Well Renahu, you are right, I did promise to Bao that I would ascend to Eureka one day. But, like master Oogway, I will only do it at the twilight of my life.
>I was hoping that I would be join me. Not only you Renshu, but Ming and Xin aswell. I wanted to leave this talk for the far future, when we had complete our pilgramage, achieved inner peace and visited Eureka atleast once, so that you could make an informed decision rather than just agree out of loyalty to me.
>So to answer your question, I have no doubt that you will be able to, just like I'm certain that achieve your redemption in the eyes of the Great Judge, and find peace within yourself."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046061 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)09:12:44")

Renshu, and you would join me."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5046358 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)16:38:00")

Stripped bun can't come with us. He needs to conquer hell and becomes it's new emperor while TL conquers heaven. That way all planes are ruled by the crew. Writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046360 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)16:48:16")

And Ming conquers earth right?
Xin gets to conquer the sea."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5046377 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)17:19:16")

Exactly. Though Xin will probably murder you if they're made to command the sea."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046383 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)17:34:43")

It's her eternal punishement.
The bully must be bullied."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046444 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)18:38:12")

TL: Dont be such a. . Wet towel Xin."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5046453 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)18:46:31")

Angry wet bun noises ensue."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046458 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)18:53:20" && image=="ceda2a52af929bf01f7cc5a0247f812e.png")

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5046461 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)18:55:56")

I imagine that was Xin's reaction upon being told they now rule the seas."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5046467 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)19:01:54")

""Yes that is quite selfish." You muse. "But then again, isn't doing anything for the people you love selfish as well? To favor them more over everyone else? Just like anger, sadness, violence, and all other things many people consider negative at face value, it's how you express them and use them that matters. You're right though, I made a promise to Bao that I would return to Eureka permanantly someday but that is not something I plan to do until the twilight of my life. But I was hoping that you and the other's would join me. Even eternity in a new world would be rather hollow without the people who journied with me for my entire life. So to answer your question, yes. I always planned that you would. Maybe it wouldn't be enlightenment. It could be some trick that you come up with rituals an alchemy as we always seem to come up with but I don't think I ever planned to go on alone." You gently squeeze Renshu's shoulder and give him a smile. "I was planning on having this conversation when we had found the Pools and acheived inner peace. Maybe after we traveled to Eureka at least once. So you could make an informed decision rather than just agree our of loyalty to me."

Renshu chuckles. "I think the things I do for you go beyond loyalty now." He says. "Though I'd be lying if I said that being with you wasn't partly the reason. Still..." He admits. "I can't help but worry about Xin more often now that things are more peaceful. I find my thoughts drifting here and there during my down time. To things I never cared about before. Things I once thought were unimportant."

You chuckle and ruffle Renshu's ears. "Funnily enough, I went through the same thing." You say. "It comes with the territory of being a good person. It never gets any less surprising. Still, it's a nice milepoint to look back on. Being able to tell that you care about things beyond yourself or bringing harm to others. It might not be society as a whole, but it's a step forward." At that Renshu makes what you assume is a happy sound but he says nothing. The two of you sit by the warm stove in your ussual way. With a nice quiet and enjoying one another's company. Part of you wonders how normal people have a relationship but another part of you simply enjoys the fact you have your own ways. Its after a while that you sense Ming and Xin Lan coming up to the door and though you feel the instinct to let Renshu go, you decide to keep on holding him and weather whatever storm would come.

"We're back!" Ming announces as she pushes open the door with her back as she holds several bags in her arms. "Sorry we took so long. A certain bunny wanted to buy the whole store." She says.

"I did not!" Xin Lan replies as they leap over Ming's head with a pair of bags in their own arms. "A certain kitty wanted to go and buy up the whole market district.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5046469 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)19:02:55")

""If by buying the whole district you mean picking up a few odds and ends to keep your brother's buisness running then yes, I did." Ming counters as she sets the bags on a counter, still not noticing the two of you. "I couldn't find much. Most places were closed but I managed to get a few things here and there."

"Maybe we should leave them alone." Xin Lan says with a smirk on their face. "Looks like we interrupted something." Ming turns around to look at the two of you then lifts the small rabbit on the counter.

"They're enjoying each other's company." She says simply, though she couldn't hide the gleam in her eyes. "If you're going to make a joke about everything you see, you might as well start with the fact they're breathing the same air as you. Now help me find the sweet bread. No doubt you put it under everything with how you pack your things."

"I know how to pack food!" Xin Lan says as they being to dig through their purchases. "Maybe you go the bags wrong!"

Renshu sighs and gives you a bemused look as he stands, pulls your head into a hug before kissing your forehead and going to help the others leaving you red faced and flustered as always. "Perhaps I should help before you two tear my kitchen apart." He says as he begins to search.


"So what did you get anything out of them then?" Xin Lan asks as they drink their hot chocolate. All four of you had retreated to the more spacious private dining area on the second floor and though there was no fireplace, the designer of the building had ingeniously run the pipes of the oven and part of the chimney through the room. The ensuing heat of the fires below radiated off of the material both were made of and warming the rooms of the second floor of the building. You recall Ming explaining it all to you when she first explored the building as you and Renshu renovated the space.

It's actually really amazing. They took into account the fact that even up here it's always cold enough to need heat. So even in the hotter months like right now, having a fire going on all day won't make these rooms stuffy or unbearable. Basically they took advantage of the enviroment. No extra fires needed, no chance of smoke spilling out of into the rest of the building. Even the fireplace and oven downstairs were designed to be left alone overnight without the risk of burning the building down when unattended. It's genius.

You had made a mental note to ask Ming to figure it all out incase you wanted it for you house but for the present, you had some questions to answer.

>What do you tell your friends?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046494 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)19:31:36")

>Not much new, butvit helped confirm our suspicions. They didn't premeditatecthe attack, Pema had gathered them the night before, and they all drank until the morning. Pema had very specifc knowledge of household problems, but none of them were about the group itself. Also, it seems that they couldn't stop drinking from the bottle Pema had. They tought it was just because it was a very good bottle and that he learned the rumours while doing odd jobs, but he refused to tell answer about it when they questioned that part. I think that someone spiked that drink with something, and told Pema the details so he would start trouble, probably in exchange for something.
>Also I met a nice group of ladies that played mahjong like vicious generals. They realky enjoyed the idea of the couple's night when I told them, so it might be very sucessful."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046570 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)20:28:41")

Sounds about right. I want to make a joke about the situation, but I can't think of one. Oh well.

Just support."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046572 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)20:31:09")

We were very popular with the ladies? That the rumours are that we are taking wifes now? We are nore confortable aroung women? Maybe that they were very silent? Ashamed?
I can't think of a good joke, so I'm goi g to just throw these ideas at you, maybe it will help."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5046590 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)20:52:04")

The joke is that TL is an old lady who like mahjong. Just like all the other old kung fu masters."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5046630 && dateTime=="11/03/21(Wed)21:27:49")

"I may be getting old but I decided to try Majohng" is a decent joke.

But I want to allude to us being a serial killer without. . I got it.

Shift to how we were acting when we tell them this part.

"I decided to search up a lead and thought it was best to be friendly. But xin is rubbing off on me." Cue transition to killer talk
"And when I asked to play, they all started getting quiet. So I asked them all, do you want to play a game?"

Make the context and shift of our tone and expressions the punchline."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5047480 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)19:13:33")

taking this. Writig."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5047616 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:13:22")

""Not alot that we didn't already know but they did confirm our suspicions. They didn't plan the attack, Pema had gathered them the night before and they drank until morning."

"So drunks being drunks." Xin Lan says as they nibble on some cookies. You shrug.

"Pema seemed to be privy to a lot of details regarding the issues between couples but nothing regarding the group itself. The only thing that stood out was that it seems they couldn't get enough of whatever drink Pema had. Odds are it was spiked with something but despite that, Pema refused to answer where he got the drink or who informed him of everything he knew. More than likely it whoever altered the drink also told Pema the details so he can start trouble, probably in exchange for something."

"What could he possible want? Or rather, what would anyone gain from doing this? Running Renshu out of buisness?" Ming asks. "Is he really that really big of a threat?"

"Of course. It's the reason I was bred." Renshu says amused. "To be a threat. Be it in battle, in the shadows or in buisness." He jokes. Clearing his throat, he add more seriously, "It is quite possible that the older buisnesses do not like a new one upsetting the status quo. Given how hard it would be to open a new buisness, especially in a well established city where it's premier markets have already been established, any previous owners of this building simply failed or more than likely no one has even attempted to take over this place beyond the original owners. Add how well the diner is flourishing and it would be quite a shock. Maybe they never even considered the fact that they could simply end my small diner by out preforming me with superior service."

"So, what, it's just a bunch of old geezers who don't like the idea of competition?" Xin Lan asks. "The owner of that bar did like to host parties. Might be how all the buisnesses come together to talk about how to run their places."

"I wouldn't doubt that. It seems, much like Kung Fu, there is some kind of etiquite on opening a new shop." Renshu thinks out loud before smiling serenely to himself, a smile you knew too well to hide dangerous intent. "However, given that now have openly attacked me and made no attempts at a peaceful resolution then they have declared war. As such I will destroy them. Their business’ lives are forfeit." He looks at you and says, "I'm sorry but I'm afraid there's only so much restraint I can have."

"W-what are you going to do?" Ming asks."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5047619 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:14:23")

"Renshu takes a sip of his drink before responding. "I made a vow to the people I love. I would live as a normal person. I don't intend to break it if that is what you fear. However, I'm afraid I'm not so self composed as to allow this to go unpunished. As I said, they might be surprised that my shop is doing so well and, as is anyone who will face me, they are correct in being afraid of me. I've been playing nice. Holding back. Now, I'm afraid they will face me as I face anyone. Without remorse or mercy. If they wish to live then they will need to rise to the challenge but I'm afraid years of complacency will have left any competitive spirit atrophied. A fact I will take full advantage of to leave their shops empty and their food stocks full." The large rabbit's ears flick. "It's quite like a fight to the death and I look forward to the fight."

"Well...I guess that is a much healthier approach to it than trying to sabotage your opponents." Ming admits. "Just...don't overwork yourself. Remember, you're more important to us than keeping this place alive."

"Don't worry. I already have a solution." Renshu says. "I'm hiring some help. And I already have someone in mind."

You look at Renshu. Despite all this confidence and bravado, you could see the truth. This was worrying him. You're not sure in what way but he was scared. Perhaps this was the only way he knew how to cope. To fight. At the very least Ming was right. Renshu was trying to cope in a much healthier way than simply trying to smash or kill whatever bothered him. Still, part of you wished he simply spoke openly about how he felt to the others. Either way, you speak up, "That reminds me. I met a nice group of ladies that played Mahjong like veteran generals. I let them know about the couple's night and they seemed really open to the idea. Hopefully they help spread the word around."

"Wow big guy, you really are becoming old. Now you're playing mahjong? Next you're gonna want to go live up alone in a mountain." Xin Lan teases.

"I'm pretty sure I'm stuck with you for life." You say.

"That's right. We're engaged after all." Xin Lan replies.

"I just wish I could examine that bottle." Ming says. "I'd like to examine what was in it. Might help us with some clues."

"It should be up on a roof somewhere." Xin Lan says idly. "I just kind of left it there. I'll go grab it. Not like anyone climbs their own houses."

With that, you and your friends spend a few more hours talking before ultimately heading to sleep. Whether or not there will be some kind of buisness war was uncertain but you go to be hoping that at the very least you can get to the bottom of all this.

>What do you do next? You have 31 weeks left.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047623 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:19:15")

>Attempt to improve our cooking.

May the dragons have mercy on us all.

Once that promise to Bao is done, to prove even we can improve, then lets put our other shit on hold, let the classes run themselves for a bit and
>Work to integrate our friends perspectives into the new style

I think it should only take 5 or 10 weeks."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047625 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:22:08")

Shit, I forgot what we were doing before this, we even had a plan or something.
I think we were going to finish going to the next level? We had stutied the scroll from the panda right? Also might be the best time to talk with Sangpo about the Eureka masters, before something else happens to drag our attention away.
I think it was to progress, give another shot at the gators, than either progress again or develop the benevolent style."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047627 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:26:11")

Oh yeah, we had the cooking.
How about we talk to sangpo since it doesn't take time, than improve our cooking since it has a time limit, than finish our study on chi and present our fiding, and than develop our style?
We can use the rest of the time for any loose ends."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047632 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:31:43")

Sang Po, yes.

I think we should try improving our cooking, and hope that Bao didn't notice all the bullshit stealing our attention.
Then develop the style while we have the chance.

Then do the advancement.

. . . Do you think we should have listened to our friends about taking on too much?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047651 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:42:34")

Nah, free time are for normal people, not for the avatar of a bunch of autists on a Macau fishing net repair IRC.
Boss, is the next step the one we have to start taking duties for the library? It's important for me to decide if we should try advancing or getting the style first."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047654 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:45:11")

We should get the style first anyway."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047658 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:53:13")

I was thinking of trying to get the teachers-in-training before we went of to learn from our friends, to minimize any problems with the class being cut down to one day per week all of the sudden. Maybe make it a trial run to see if it would work even."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5047660 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:53:55")

Good question. Yes, rank 3s are expected to take on minor clerical duties around the city. Those that can't do that or if there is none available are expected to teach others such as kids and the like.

>"Those that acheive the third rank as asked to assist around the city in some minor clerical duties. Others are asked to act as teachers and instructors for the children and adolescents. When you reach the 4th rank, we're required to take some position in helping around the order. As you probably already know, I'm in charge of the dorms for levels below me. I mostly handle things such as keeping track of food stores, keeping rooms maintained and well kept."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5047666 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)22:56:14")

Also, your kung fu classes don't count for this lads. You're teaching kids yes but the intent is to help give the younglings a proper education...before Ming comes to cut them all down in the name of her empire.

Of course, you are welcome to attempt to argue otherwise. It's just that what was said is expected of the role."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5047673 && dateTime=="11/04/21(Thu)23:00:57")

Well shit, in that case I guess it's style first. We really need to hurry up an train some of those teacher candidates while we still can.

Unless we become Tai Lung, physical education teacher, teaching kids the proper moral values, how to respect the students, chi and self-defense."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048115 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)13:08:06")

Teaching kids respect and self confidence is a noble goal. And we can do geography"

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5048147 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)13:54:26")

"Guess who the fuck has just came back with a big belated surprise.

Here's what was promised

And a quick afterword from me.

Just so I have it in text form, I apologize for making a big ol silence for those that were interested in the project. I had problems in need of brushing away and a bad work ethic I need to bash out. But that ain't the real apology anyways. The real apology is what I made for y'all"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048154 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)14:07:47" && image=="lUUuYW8m3dhlNeDSmVTd.jpg")

You're alive! An 15 whole minutes of voice acting. I guess I got what to listen to while cooking. But what will you do now? This was your big project besides the D&D stuff right?

Captcha: 0a0 YA

Even the bots are excited."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048156 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)14:12:46")

Vocarooanon lives!"

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5048159 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)14:21:47")

Yes Luo, right on the money. This one is Recovery. Previously named Recovering that which was Lost. This is the BEEG ONE. I put a good bit of effort into it, especially the editing because my voice work has been gettin a bit bad lately.

You're goddamn right I live. I'm just real bad at time management and get sucked up in stuff"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048160 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)14:27:14" && image=="owosk4w8k_focused_v3.jpg")

Hey, you're not the only one. I can feel the real life stuff getting in the way. Still, it's good to have you back though. Hope we can see you around more often.

Perhaps this picture of the buns will entice you to stay."

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5048163 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)14:31:26")

I really do try. My activity on 4chan in general as of recent has been practically non-existent but I wanna change the fuck outta that because everything else online and offline is giving me some strife. The bunnies are great reasons to keep the activity up too. Can't forget the Bunnies!"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048174 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)14:52:43")

"On that nice thing to wake up to. What is the plan? I think we're on cooking for our competition with Bao?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048181 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)15:00:05")

Samgpo because it's free than we are setting the Sacred Library on fire.
Hopefully if our students survive this hell week we can find a few good teacher candidates so we can spend the other turn mastering the power of violent pacifism."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048188 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)15:09:42")

Oh dear. Well I'm sure Stripes will enjoy watching your hands at work as his house burns down so there's that. I'll get to writing then."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048239 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)16:51:21")

""You want to do what?"

The old man's tone was rather complex. A mixture annoyance, grumpiness, icredulity, and amusement. You find yourself standing in The Exarch's chambers once more though unlike last time, you had found the old monkey hanging from one of the many rolling ladders that were lined up against the almost impossibly tall bookcases. How he managed to find anything in any sort of reasonable time was beyond you but you assume that he might have some kind of technique or system to assist with that. Or perhaps he had simply memorized every single book in his collection. If so, you then begin to wonder what was the point of having them all here.

Pulling yourself away from these thoughts, you reply, "I want to help Master Oogway and the other Masters establish some kind of home or school in the spirit realm. One where they can invite or at least receive anyone else who arrives there. Perhaps as a resting home for those exploring the lands to come back to and speak with friends. Not to mention a place for discussion and philosophy."

The old man looks at you. "So you want to colonize the Dragon's lands?"

"No." You reply quickly. "That's why I'm asking for your help. We wanted to ask permission and we heard you had brokered a deal with the 4 dragons to create this city. I was hoping you could use your experience to help us figure out what we can do."

The old man characteristically take his time to climb down the long ladder and squint at you. "Flattery won't get you anywhere." He says as he tugs at his bear. "I'm far too old for it. Heard every trick in the book. Probably written one too."

"So is that a no then?" You ask.

"I didn't say that." Sangpo says as he begins to write something down. "But, your idea is quite unique give the fact most people are happy enough to be able to visit the lands while alive. You have heard the various tales about greed and ambition right? I think the most recent one is about Tai Lung. Quite interesting.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048240 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)16:52:22")

"You're unsure if this is a slight against you and if Sangpo was trying to get a rise out of you. Given how old the man was, you doubt anything he says is as simple as a grumpy old man saying whatever he wants. "You mean the tale of a young snow leopard that grew mad with power but then learned he gained far more from humilty and compassion than through taking what he wanted? Yes, I think I have. So that's why I'm asking you. I simply don't know as much as you and I want to defer to the expert." You think for a moment. "Shenlong says he hasn't seen you in a while. Maybe you can use this time to catch up."

The old man goes quiet. "Hmm...old green scales still remembers me. I guess it has been a few centuries since I spoke to that old lizard. Who knows how long that is on his end. Not that it matters much to someone who time is blind to."

"Well...if that's not enough. It's a good excuse to not be bothered by the goings on in the city." You joke. The old man tightens his lips in what you think is supposed to be a smile.

"No so blind now are you boy?" The old man muses. He stumps past you, his cane stamping on the ground with every step. "Well...I suppose I could take a small buisness trip. Need to assess the spiritual balance of world. You can see yourself out can't you?"


"Beloved...while I appreciate your...enthusiasm with trying to cook. Perhaps you might be kneading the dough a bit too hard?" Renshu asks as he eyes your large hands in a mixture of excitement and worry. You look down at the mass of dough on the counter.

"What's wrong with the dough?" You ask.

"Well...maybe you didn't hear me but I said that you can overknead dough. After that it gets a bit too firm." He says taking the lump and attempting to stretch it. The dough doesn't stretch very far before it tears in two. "We let the heat from the oven do the hardening so to speak." He says amused and placing the dough back. " about we start over...again."

You nod quietly and try not to see the various failures around you. Noodles you had left in the water for so long that they dissolved, rice that you manage to burn while trying to add veggies, and somehow, a soup that you manage to burn the ingredients for. Renshu takes your hands and laces his fingers with yours. Despite all this, he seemed to be enjoying himself. "At the very least you're getting better. We only had to put out a single fire. What do you wish to try this time?"

>What dish do you want to attempt?
>Something simple. Noodles or a soup?
>Something with a few parts that come together. Like shrimp fried rice.
>Something quite complex. With tons of small ingredients and spices.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048251 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)17:21:13")

I've a cunning plan

We make something so painful to eat, that it disguises the pain of our food.
Like Guangs soul destroying spicy food."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048284 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)18:09:47")

I've got it.

Spicy Char grilled veggie soup.
We always burn things anyway, lets make it a speciality!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048299 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)18:30:09")

My man. When that insanity accusation kicked in, I got lost in it.
Fucking magnificent."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048344 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)19:13:26")

The only way for Tai Lung to learn is to put all of his emotions and faith into it. What greater feeling than his love for that food?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048380 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)19:58:38")

You know what, fuck it.

We'll make it with love. Because love tastes like charcoal."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048389 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)20:11:35")

Well, it can be a very spicy meat bun.
Very well done is the type of cooking, people just have plebian taste."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048475 && dateTime=="11/05/21(Fri)21:35:24")

Meat bun! Meat bun! Our love, our courage, the lone meat bun to shatter the tastebuds!"

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5048629 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)00:40:05")

I'm glad you liked it! The final section was one of my favorite parts to make. Alot of behind the scenes shittery happened though

Anyways I've got a bit of an announcement. I'll be mostly chilling until December hits when it comes to Recovery. I'll write the script and iron it out but at my leisure instead. I may take the time to finally get around to the Hien one shot I promised so long ago, or some fun short prologue things or shorts pertaining to Recovery. I have ideas that would be way quicker and easier. At least in theory, y'all know me. Also OOH MEAT BUN!"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048654 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)01:13:59")

I need to get to listening to it. Super hyped now that it's out but alas, irl always comes to drag me back. Still, plenty of time during the weekend."

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5048659 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)01:23:27")

Well, when you get around to it make sure to tell me what ya think!"

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5048958 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)13:51:28")

"So who votes for Xin to be the first taste tester.";

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5048973 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)14:09:33")

Eh fuck it. Let's bring'm in as our first vi-i mean taste tester. What could possibly go wrong?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5048984 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)14:15:28")

Well, they are the least likely to die.

I'm sorry little one."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5049005 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)14:31:04")

And thus you have set the bun on the path to join forces with tigress to murder you."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5049029 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)15:10:35")

"You give Renshu a weak smile. "Well...what about meat buns?" You suggest. "Can't go wrong with that. Right?"

"Well it'd certainly give you more practice with dough." He says. "And at the very least I'd be happy to know that you can make bread. Let's go grab some more flour." Renshu lets go of you hands and turns to grab another sack of flour. For a moment, you find your hands to feel emptier than they should be as if they missed your partner's hands in them. Confused by this slighty betrayal of stoicism by your more faithful of apendges, you turn to look around the messy kitchen and begin to move all your failures to the stone sink and garbage. Best that you kept your mind busy for now. As you do so, you grab a bag here and a jar there for what you think you'll need for the dish. There's a clatter behind you and you see Renshu placing a bowl on the counter.

"The most essencial ingredient for meat buns is the dough. The bun itself must be fluffy and soft but firm enough to hold in the meat. Because the meat itself is marinaded the sauce will soak into the bread and we must take care that it does not seep the whole way through or else we will begin to burn our food." He adds with a tone of amusement. "Now, let us begin." He says handing you the ingredients. You gingerly take the bowl and everything else. You had done this once before but you could never really figure out how much of everything you needed. Luckily, Renshu was there to guide your measurements and hands. "Ok, now we need to knead the dough." He says taking your hands into his and guiding them as you both hold on to the dough. "It's balance." He says gently as his whiskers brush up against your arm and you feel yourself get a bit warm. "You have to use force to get it to comply but too much and it becomes unyeildy."

"Sounds like something out some kind of scroll of wisdom." You muse.

"They do say that a way to a man's heart is their stomach so perhaps there might be some truth to that." Renshu chuckles as he lets go to allow you to do it on your own. "I'll go grab the rest of what we need. Remember, if it gets too sticky, then use more flour."

You nod and continue to work the dough. It does feel a bit clingly but nothing to bad. As you work on the dough, something catches your eye. A small bag of white powder that you don't think is flour but you definitely didn't put in your dough mixture. Your heart skips a beat as you wonder if you had messed up again and forgot to add an ingredient. You grab a bit of it and taste it. Salt. Did salt go into this? You couldn't quite remember.

>What do you do?
>Sprinkle some of it in. Couldn't hurt to do so. Maybe it'll mask the inevitable flavor you'll ruin.
>Grab a fistful. If you forgot something important then you need then you better add it now and add extra to make up for it.
>Ignore it. Best to not add it in. Hopefully you're not wrong about this.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5049046 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)15:26:13")

>Add two spoonfulls.
Is looking a recipe online technally cheating?"

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5049052 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)15:35:01")

Yeah. It kind of is but I figured someone would. I'm doing it just to know how to make the dish."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5049101 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)16:30:50")

In that case I'm keeping the two spoons instead of looking a recipe.
Sprinkling seems too little for me and TL's hand are too big for a whole handful."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5049247 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)19:14:27")


Going off my old education, By the time you have dough, it's a bit late to add the salt. So. . .

>Sprinkle some of it in
You'd only need like a half spoonful at the very most."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5049358 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)20:56:40")

salt! We need more salt! Writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5049382 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)21:14:09")

Salt is one of the key elements of this site, not inclusinf it would be a blasphemy.
An even bigger one than to go against the will of the First Girl"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5049476 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)22:17:43")

"You glance around a quickly swipe a nearby spoon to pour a spoonful of salt on the dough then begin to knead the dough quickly in hopes of evening it throughout the lump. With that crisis averted you go back to kneading and after a few more kneads, you leave it on the counter before you accidentally repeat your last mistake. Renshu returns with a set of spices, vegetable, and a hunk of meat in his hands. "Looks good." He says giving the dough a light poke and placing the ingredients besides it. "Our next step is to mince the meat and vegetables to make into the marinade." He explains as he grabs a knife and hands it to you. You take the knife and flourish it a bit to build up some confidence before going to cut up the meat. Luckily for you, this is something you could excell at. You knew how small the peices should be and years of training made it simple to weild the knife.

The meat is quickly rendered to peices as your knife hums with nonstop strikes and you turn to the rest of the ingredients. When that was done, Renshu uncorks a few vials. "Alright, now we pour some of these oils, a few drops of honey, onions sauce, pepper, a bit of garlic and ginger paste." He says and begins to direct you for the proper amounts thankfully. The mixture becomes a reddish brown in color but you feel like perhaps it might be missing something.

"Hey can we add more spice to this?" You ask as you move to dip your finger into taste it. You feel a sharp rap against the back of your palm as Renshu waves a spoon menacingly at you. You gingerly take the spoon and taste the mixture slightly. It had a hint to spice but really it was more an aftertaste or tangy at best. Definitely needed more hotness to it...or perhaps Guang's dish had addled your tastedbuds.

"We certainly could if this is too tame for you." Renshu says with curiosity. "How much spicier where you thinking?"

>What do you do?
>Tell Renshu you want it to simply be spicy. At least what most people would consider it.
>Say you want it extremely spicy. Eyewatering so.
>Say nothing and search the kitchen for spice. You feel inspired and want to try something out. (How much do you add?)
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5049484 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)22:21:01")

>Tell Renshu you want it to simply be spicy. At least what most people would consider it.
>Remember Guang's food? I want something just a bit weaker than that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5049492 && dateTime=="11/06/21(Sat)22:26:30")


It should hurt, but not eyewatering."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5050313 && dateTime=="11/07/21(Sun)20:56:58")


I just spend all day coughing. My test results came back in and it's not the plague but knowing my luck, my lungs are failing or something."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5050322 && dateTime=="11/07/21(Sun)21:07:06")

Ming will love this shit.

And sorry to hear that Boss. Command your body to be better."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5050323 && dateTime=="11/07/21(Sun)21:08:59" && image=="800px-Chinese_Mountain_Cat_(Felis_Bieti)_in_XiNing_Wild_Zoo.jpg")

No. I need Ming's magic salves. Also I meant to include a picture. Now it just looks like I'm an idiot."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5050325 && dateTime=="11/07/21(Sun)21:13:57")

Ming looking a bit porky."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5050330 && dateTime=="11/07/21(Sun)21:20:49")


if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5050332 && dateTime=="11/07/21(Sun)21:22:42")

Winter fluff. Also probably because the poor thing is bred in captivity? Either way it's clearly pre training Ming. Best girl is now very well built and athletic. And remember this is in a low oxygen environment. Imagine how powerful she'll be once her body is super efficiently working in a oxygen rich Battlefield.

Actually, hyper control over her body sounds like an awesome chi ability. Just being at peak performance at all times and being able to focus on increasing her body's natural regeneration speed. Not using Chi to go super saiyan or anything but her training and studies made her hyper aware of her own body."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5050346 && dateTime=="11/07/21(Sun)21:49:30")

Ultra instintic Ming.
Or would that be with we taught her chaotic meditation as well?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5050550 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)03:07:17")

Thank god this is still going, I haven't been on qst for so long so I gotta lotta catching up to do. so keep on doing what you're doing you mad lad"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5050865 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)15:02:32")

"You think for a moment. "Well...Remember Guang's food?" You ask. "I want something just a bit weaker than that." Renshu raises an eyebrow.

"Just a bit?" He asks, amused.

"Well...I want it to hurt but not make people feel like their faces are melting...You know...spicy." You say with a vague wave of your hand. Renshu smiles at you and moves to open a few cupboards.

"You're lucky I can read your mind." He teases as he pulls out a small jar full of dried flowers and a few other plants. "Here we go. Five spice powder. Well...the ingredients for it." He says. "I always fond it to be more potent if you crush the spice just before you use it in your dish. But it should be exactly what you want." Renshu grabs a bit of everything from the jar and places it on a mortar then hands you a pestle. You grip the tool in your hand and begin to crush the plants. Turning the spices into a powder was probably the simplest thing you've done and with your strength, you have a fine dust in no time. The smell of the spice fills the room and itches your nose. Once your done, you pour the spice into your mixture as instructed. "Alright, now we just place the meat into the marinade and we wait for about an hour."

"An hour?!" You ask in shock. "Can't we...Just cook it like this?"

"We could but then the flavor will only be surface level. You'd get the same effect if you just dip the bun into the marinade. No, we want the meat to absorb the flavor, to mix it with the texture of the meat and to blend in with the flavor of the meat itself. Often times, ingredients will also take on other properties when left to mix with sauces and fluids. Sometimes they toughen up or they become softer and more malleable. Food isn't just about how edible it is. It's about the presentation, how it looks, how it smells. How it feels in your mouth. You wouldn't eat a cookie if it felt like you were chewing on rocks. So, we wait the hour." Renshu says as he taps your nose."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5050866 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)15:03:34")

"You nod and take a seat. You knew cooking took time but you didn't expect a whole step to take this long. Your sitting only lasts a few moments before you stand up and get to washing the dishes that you soiled with your ruined attempts. Renshu in the mean time, begins to prepare for the next day's meals. The sounds of dishes clattering and water running fill the small kitchen giving it a homely feeling. A few minutes into cleaning and prepping you hear the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. Ming comes down in her pajamas and rubbing her eyes. "What are you two doing?" She asks with a yawn as she serves herself some water. "It's really late."

"The same could be said about you." Renshu says politely. "What are you doing up so late? Again."

Ming gives Renshu a smile and drinks. "Shush." She says. "Something smells nice. Are you guys making snacks? This late?"

>What do you say?
>Say that you are and ask Ming if she'd like some. They should be ready in an hour or so."
>Send Ming back to bed. You're not sure the typhoon of teasing you'd get if the others found out you're attempting to cook and you're alone with Renshu.
>Tell Ming to go get Xin. The two of them can be your taste testers.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5050889 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)15:20:10")

>Do you want to eat my cooking? I was going to make Xin be the sacri- I mean taste tester, but I'm not picky."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5050915 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)15:47:51")

>Sure Ming, we are. If you'd like to try some of MY meatbuns, then feel free to wait an hour.

Lets see if her fear outweighs her hunger.

>How have your studies been? Found anything world changing?"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5050924 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)15:57:50")

Ming is the first on the chopping block. Writing."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051013 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)17:41:20")

"Ming is gonna be conflicted on not being mean and saying no to your honest attempts and living to see tomorrow given your prior history.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051069 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)19:10:04")

Nobody will hold it against her to have a survival instinct."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051187 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)22:03:18")

It took me a week but I've caught up."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051192 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)22:08:10")

Oh nice man. Glad to see some people are still reading and keeping up with the quest."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051198 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)22:11:53")

""Yeah, I'm making meat buns. Do you want to try some in an hour? I was gonna ask Xin but I'm not really picky about who tries it." You say. Ming gives you a soft smile but her ears bend back and her tail swishes back and forth. It wasn't difficult to guess that she was conflicted between being polite and agreeding to help, and trying to avoid a repetition of past events given your history of food.

"I...well..." She starts and soon begins to tug at her hair. "No." She says before quickly scurrying up the stairs once more.

"She has gotten faster." Renshu admits with a chuckle. You grunt in response and sit down. It made sense given your track record but she didn't have to run away. Still, you couldn't blame her. Renshu pulls up a chair and sits next to you. "You know, I think this the best attempt all night." He says.

"Yeah? Are you gonna have some?" You ask.

Renshu gives you a rueful smile. "Do you even need to ask?"

"Sometimes I wonder what you won't do for me." You ask.

"Hopefully, you'll never find out the answer to that." He says. "In either case, I feel like asking me try out your dish is the ultimate show of my love for you." He jokes. You give him a grim smile and pull him close to ruffle his ears.

"Very funny." You say. "You know, there is such a thing as taking a joke too far."

"Given how much you endure at the hands of Xin Lan. I assure you. I'm holding a lot more back than they dish out." Renshu says. "Although I do admit, I am rather jealous of how much they cling on to you. Given my size, I can't really say I could do the same."

"Well at least you would probably ask for permission. Xin tends to climb on whenever they feel like." You say. Renshu gives you that smile he always does when you're not quite correct about your assumptions. The rest of the hour passes uneventfully and the two of you make quick work of any chores and preperation that needed to be done for the next day. You get back to your dish and are given a skillet."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051201 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)22:12:53")

""Time to cook the meat." He says. "It'll be a bit difficult to tell but once the meat is a golden brown and the marinade is cooked away slightly, it should be done. Just add a small spoonful of vegetable oil to the skillet to keep it from sticking and you'll be good to go." You nod a bit warily but set about getting the fire started. You place the pan atop the stove to heat up and put the spoonful of oil in it. Once you think the oil is ready, you pause. There was quite a bit of meat there. Maybe you shouldn't cook it all. Or perhaps it would be best to do it all at once and only have to risk one instance of cooking. Before you can do anything, you hear footsteps once more and Ming comes back down.

"How's the food?" She asks. "Anyone need some medicine?"

You purse your lips at her. "It's going fine. I'm about to start actually. Keep up those jokes and I'll see to it that you do taste it." You threaten.

>What do you do?
>Only cook some of the meat. Best to have some in reserve.
>Cook it all at once. Just get it over with.
>Ask Ming for advice. She's a good cook as well. Maybe she has some alternative tips she can give.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051207 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)22:18:47")

well, it more I discovered the quest and then read through the archives.
>Ask Ming for advice. She's a good cook as well. Maybe she has some alternative tips she can give."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051214 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)22:37:48")

Either way, glad to see you here and voting."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051220 && dateTime=="11/08/21(Mon)22:50:41")

Hope you stick around."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051340 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)02:30:09")

>all in!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051395 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)04:27:33")


if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5051396 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)04:29:45")


With how Tai is around food I'd rather do this in increments. Give us more room to fail before we get better. So...

>Only cook some of the meat. Best to have some in reserve"

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051575 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)11:19:27")

"Got a tie between all in and asking for help. So many votes.

Also TL once asked if bunny feet are lucky. Now he has 4. No surprises why so many things happen by happenstance."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051646 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)12:59:02")

"Rolled 1 (1d2)

Well there is only one way for this.

1= all in.
2 = ask for help


if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5051655 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)13:12:03")

Well shit guess we're goin for it

May God have mercy upon all who taste these meaty buns...."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051665 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)13:26:45")

Soon TL will learn that he should only handle the striped bun's buns. That and the sassy small one's as well.

We're going all in. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051699 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)14:27:44")

"You grab your bowl of meat and simply pour it all into the skillet. There was no point in doing things in half measures and you were pretty sure that if you did it in parts then you run the risk of something going wrong or at the very least more chances of things going wrong. The meat hits the skillet with a sharp sizzle and the smell of spices begins to fill the kitchen. "Good, now just make sure to stirr it up every now and then so it doesn't stick." Renshu instructs as he pulls up a chair for Ming.

"So, how long have you two been at this?" She asks looking around. "Kitchen was pretty messy a bit ago."

"A few hours. Since we closed up the diner." Renshu says as he pours her a drink. "I think we've been making a good bit of progress."

"Oh? I'm actually quite surprised that you're allowing him in your kitchen." Ming giggles as she takes a sip. "I think you'd be worried he'd somehow poison your food."

"I've kept a very close eye on him." Renshu says amused.

"I'm not...not that bad." You say looking at the two. "I mean...I could make fish."

"Was that when you and Xin were stranded at sea? Didn't you just boil it with salt? If I had known, I'd have hurried. You could've burned the ship down." Ming says with a smile.

"We had a system thing." You counter. "We burned things on a metal plate so it couldn't touch the wood."

"I can never leave the two of you alone again." Ming says. "The two of you will never survive without us. How did you before?"

"Well enough. Rations are a thing." You insist. "And I'm sure Xin stole money to buy food."

"I'm glad they implemented their lessons well." Renshu says. "Years of assassination training to be used to steal from regular people."

"Well...what have you been up to?" You ask as you try to change the subject. "Any world changing secrets you've invented?"

"Not yet." Ming says. "I've mostly just be refining things. Not really sure what I want to do at the moment. Learned a few rituals I suppose but I don't...know. If it wasn't for all the stuff we went through, I wouldn't belive in them. A lot of these steps are kind of esoteric and even after all's hard to belive that they'd work." She admits. "But soon enough I'll be able to defeat you in battle so maybe I should slow down or I'll become too powerful." She teases.

You chuckle. You remember a time where you derived enjoyment from learning new things. Now, you seem to regard things with more caution. You're not sure if you longer enjoy learning new things but it seemed like recently you looked at learning as something you had to do. A stepping stone to get what you wanted. You couldn't really say you'd be doing all the studying you had done if you were simply given the location of the pools. Still, perhaps this was a chance to give some direction.

>What do you say? What advice do you give Ming?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051725 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)15:00:50")

>I for one welcome the rule of our future empress of the Ming dynasty. Can't say if Hien would approve of it though.
>Try to follow the rituals, but don't get too attached to them. It seems that are many different ways to achieve the same result, when you get a better grasp on it, I have no doubts that you will be able to change them to fit the way you interact with Chi and the world.
>As long as you don't let power corrupt you, there is no shame or danger in that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051731 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)15:04:41")

I'll add
>does this mean that I'll be getting an imperial pardon anytime soon."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051787 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)16:41:44")

taking these then. Writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051891 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)19:15:11")

It would be the Chan Dynasty, but it's still the rigt spirit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051897 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)19:22:44")

It's a meta joke on the real Ming dynasty.
Although Ming replying that fits her character well."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051898 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)19:24:38")

It'd be the Ming dynasty no? Ming's first name is Chan. Can't remember what it meant specifically but Chan Ming was like something bright enlightenment. Ming just kind of became her de facto name because it sounded nicer in my head and I think I mixed it up with japanese etiquette to refer to someone you're not close to by their family name. A lot of things just kind of caught on over time."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051909 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)19:42:20")

Boss, chinese surnames go first."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051912 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)19:44:36")

Well then it all worked out in the end. Told you those rabbit feet came in handy...or is it the arcane power of goat horns?"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051917 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)19:49:26")

""Well I for one welcome the rule of our future empress of the Ming dynasty. Can't say Hien would approve of it though." You chuckle.

"Well if I'm taking over China then he doesn't get a say in it." Ming replies. "Although I'm sure he'd appreciate finally being able to spend some time with his family that isn't for political reasons. So he might be happy for it."

"Does this mean that I'll be getting an imperial pardon then?" You ask. Ming pretends to think about it.

"Hmm....I dunno. I think I should be an iron fist against crime and you and Xin are the biggest trouble makers I know. Then again, I wouldn't want you and your future husband to be on the run and actually enjoy your honeymoon."

You cough and try to hide your face as you grab something to drink. Renshu chuckles. "Don't worry Ming. I plan on enjoying the night of my wedding immensely regardless of what happens." He says with a large smirk on his face.

"I...I...hope your spouse is just as steadfast as you then Renshu?" You manage to squeak out.

Ming and Renshu look at each other rather impressed. "Wow Tai Lung, did you manage to deflect the joke a bit?" Ming asks.

"I dare say he did. While not in proper context, I say this is quite a step forward for him. Perhaps Xin Lan might actually be helping with all their teasing. I'll have to remember to ask them to do it more often." Renshu says with amusement.

"How about we just go at my pace and never speak of this again?" You mutter. Ming laughs and hugs you.

"Oh come on. You gotta learn to have a little bit of fun. Or we'll tease you forever. That's why we love you. Because you're just a real big softie on the inside." She says.

"I wouldn't say that..." You mutter.

"Really? So you're not the same Tai Lung that helped a scared girl get away from her abusive mother? Or the same one who decided to save children from angry forest spirits?" She asks.

"Nor the same snow leopard that gave himself into custody to save Ming from Triads?" Renshu asks. "Or the one who took the time out of their travels to find very specific gifts tailored for their friends?"

"Admit it. You're a big softie under all those muscles." Ming insists.

"Nope. My core is firm and well strengthened thanks to my training." You insist, now play coy. "Something I think we should work on tomorrow with your training. If anyone is going soft it's you Ming. Your diet is not helping so therefore I also think we will implement a diet as well. No more sweets would be a good start."

"You wouldn't dare!" Ming gasps.

"As your teacher, I am seriously considering it." You say gravely. Ming lets go and steps back.

"I think we should stop teasing." She says. "He's seriously considering it.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051920 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)19:50:27")

"You return the smirk. "As you can see, power is fleeting. But as long as you don't let it corrupt you, there is no shame or danger in becoming it. Enjoy learning while you can, because there might come a time where you realize that you can't seem to find any other way to improve. Then...well that's when innovation and inspiration should come." You say.

"Hmph. You'll see. I'll become the most powerful martial artist in the world. Then I can have all the snacks and sweets I want." Ming declares. "You won't be able to stop me."

"Well good to know that I can bribe the future Empress with candy. I'll have Xin go and stockpile some for your inevtiable rebellion." You joke. As if on cue, you hear someone else come down the stairs.

"Ge ge are you down here? What are you doing up so late?" Xin Lan asks in a tone far softer and gentler than you ever heard before. More suprising was their use of the affectionate word for elder brother. The smaller white rabbit comes down the stairs, shirtless and rubbing one eyes with their first. Their nose wiggles a bit as they sniff the air. "Are you cooking? I smell...danger." They say immediately going alert.

>What do you do?
>Grab Xin. Don't let them escape or you'll never be able to make them taste test your food.
>Lie and say Renshu is making everyone meat buns. He's experimenting with a new recipie.
>Say nothing and let them leave. You'll never catch them if they didn't want to be caught. Especially in a small a space as this.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051928 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)20:02:57")

>say that Renshu is teaching you how to make meat buns and offer both of them a taste when they're done
>since I made it it's only right that I have the first bite (our constitution can handle it)."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051930 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)20:06:14")

>We are the danger.
>Now eat the poison Xin."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051940 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)20:17:05")

I love that line, so

>We are the danger
then break out into >>5051928 But they are still trying it first.

Also. . Daaaw."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051948 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)20:27:03")

Taking these. Bullying the bun. Writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5051983 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)20:59:46")

Wait, did Xin just call Renshu as chineae oni-chan?
I didn't catch that the first time, that's cute."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5051988 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)21:03:01")

They certianly did. At least the closest thing I could find in chinese."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5052008 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)21:19:30")

"You move over and pause for a moment before gingerly picking up Xin Lan under their arms and handing them to their elder brother, unsure of what would be ok to touch or not. "I am the danger Xin." You say as you try to avoid looking at the bunny's bare chest. "You're brother is teaching me how to make meat buns. You and him can be the first to try it once they're done." You say as you turn back to hastily stir the food in the skillet.

"Ge ge, huh?" Ming asks with a grin. Xin Lan glares at her as they hide underneath their ears.

"I can call Stripes whatever I want. You're just jealous." They assert. Renshu simply laughs gently. You stir the meat some more and take it off of the fire.

"I think it's done." You say. "Everything seems cooked. So what do I do next?" You ask. Renshu places Xin Lan on their shoulders and walks over to you.

"Next, we prepare the dough and meat for baking. Which simply means we prepare the buns to cook. We already have a nice fire going and it's low enough that it shouldn't burn the buns but still cook them." He says. "First, we take a handful...err a bit of dough. Try to get it to be slightly smaller than the size you want the result to be. Both baking it and stuffing it with meat will fill out the rest of the size. Next, we flatten it." Renshu takes a small bit of dough and rolls it into a ball before flattening it. He then grabs a spoon and heaps some meat onto the flattened dough. "Finally we take the edges and pinch them up to seal the dough. To smooth out the bun, we simply roll it around in our hands. Careful not to squeeze too hard or you'll burst it." Renshu holds out his hand to show off a smooth, round meat bun. "Now the rest is up to you."

You nod and pull a bit of dough from your mound, ready to make your first ever meat bun.

>How do you make them?
>Stuff the buns as much as you can. You want each bite to be full of flavor.
>Focus more on the dough than the meat. It might be smarter to have the buns be able hold the meat in.
>Try to stretch out the ingredients. Use as little dough and meat as possible. More samples means at least on of them has to come out correct...right?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052011 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)21:26:07")

>Focus more on the dough than the meat. It might be smarter to have the buns be able hold the meat in.
Taking a bite out of something just for the stuffing to fall off sucks."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052069 && dateTime=="11/09/21(Tue)22:45:42")

plus if we fuck up the dough we can still eat the meat separately."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052160 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)02:39:10")

I will say this and this alone..... Ancient Chinese Sloppy Joe.

Anyways yeah I'll support >>5052011"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052285 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)08:20:36")

>Focus on the dough.

Meat will fill your stomach, but a good sized bun will fill your heart."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5052508 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)14:17:55")

"You can really see the resemblance between the buns in both how they smirk and the fact they both have that tuft of fur coming out of their forehead. That and how eerily in sync their ears become when Xin is on their brothers shoulders. Ming says it kind of gives her the creeps. TL might find it cute but won't say anything so he doesn't get teased to death especially when it comes to the cotton tails. Anyway time to get writing.";

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5052584 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)15:16:07")

Always bringing the deepest offhand lore

Oh, and before I forget. I'm making a fun little sidecontent type thing for Recovery. I don't know how it'll be but I know what it will be. Nothing big, definitely not 15 minutes kinda big I'm sure. We'll have to see.

Just something to hold y'all over really"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052585 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)15:19:20")

I did notice their ears syncing before.

And Renshu can read his mind, so uhhhhhh.
>They Know"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5052586 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)15:21:50")

It's gonna be the coup de grace when they finally need to put the big guy down via teasing.

Always looking forward for more fan stuff. Although saying fan stuff makes it seem like the quest is bigger than it really is. Makes it seem like I'm bragging or something. Nonetheless, always looking forward to stuff created by readers."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5052603 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)15:31:36")

"You grab a bit more dough. It would be better if added just a bit more padding around the meat rather than risk it falling apart while cooking or after the first bite. You follow the instructions as you were told, flattening the dough and then pinching it closed. You find it rather difficult to get them to become smooth however. First attempt, you managed to crush it between your hand and making a mess. Your next attempt is at least servicable though rather lumpy. It seems that you somehow managed to stir up the meat inside and move it around the dough itself, something Renshu never even heard of happening.

Still, your failures don't deter you and you continue to make more buns. "Never thought I'd be afraid of the big guy before. Especially when he's quiet." Xin Lan says as they play with their brother's ears.

"Be nice." Renshu says gently. "You'll be tasting them first."

Xin Lan makes a grumbling noise. "So does this mean I should be calling Renshu and Tai Lung, Ge ge?" Ming teases. "They are my elder brothers?" Xin Lan sticks out their tongue and seems to blush slightly.

"Hush." They say and hide behind Renshu's head. "Why don't you go and try some meat buns?"

You finish up your set of meat buns and realize there's a small amount of meat left in the skillet. You decide to leave it there in case it can be used for something else. "Think that's the last of the dough. What do I need to do to bake it?" You ask.

"Next, we need to bake them for 15 to 20 minutes. At least until the dough has become a nice golden brown. First we need to make a simple wash to brush on them. That'll prevent the dough from sticking to the pan and it helps retain some moisture. Otherwise, your buns might end up a bit less soft than you would like." Renshu says. He grabs a few more ingredients and shows you how to mix them up. The result is a slightly oily substance but luck prevails as your various art ventures have given you the precise training to do this step. With a well trained wrist, you deftly brush the wash on the buns leaving them all with a nice even coat. Afterwards it was a simply matter of placing them on a metal pan and sliding it into the hot oven."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5052604 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)15:32:36")

""It's hard to remember how much waiting there is to eat." You say. "Most of them time food is ready when we're done setting up camp or with chores."

"You know, I kind of miss camping out in the wild." Ming admits. "The city is nice but...I don't know. Sometimes I kind of want to just leave and head out into the woods again. Just go walking and see what I find. No real direction just...walking."

>What do you say?
>Tell Ming she's finally experiencing wanderlust. Not surprising but remind her that many people rarely ever leave their own hometown. Say that it's one of the many signs of how much she's grown.
>Say that you'll all be on the road again. Who knows what you'll find but it's best you enjoy this downtime while you can. You might not get something as relaxing as this for a while.
>Admit that you're actually enjoying living here more than traveling. It's kind of nice and a lot more stable than you anticipated. There's something refreshing about knowing exactly what you're going to do and not worrying about tomorrow.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052624 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)15:42:42")

>Welcome to wanderlust Ming."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052645 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)16:03:53")

>Tell Ming she's finally experiencing wanderlust. Not surprising but remind her that many people rarely ever leave their own hometown. Say that it's one of the many signs of how much she's grown.
>Say that you'll all be on the road again. Who knows what you'll find but it's best you enjoy this downtime while you can. You might not get something as relaxing as this for a while."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5052683 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)17:08:14")

Ming is now like us. a wanderer. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5052743 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)19:16:54")

""Sounds like you're finally getting that sweet feeling of wanderlust." You chuckle. "There's nothing quite like being on the open road with no one to watch over you or any rules to worry about. Just you, your wits, and whatever you can bring. There's a reason why some philosophies encourage letting go all wordly posessions. There's just something liberating about not having to worry about buying the latest clothes or keeping your material things well kept or looking good."

"If that's your way of saying I don't need to buy dresses anymore, then I think I'll pass. I want to be presentable at least." Ming giggles.

"Then you'll never be a true Kung Fu master." You tease.

"No. She's got a point." Xin Lan counters. "You're crazy if you think I'm not gonna look my best when I want to. All this beauty is all natural yes, but I've never settled for 'just good enough'." They say motioning to their bare chest. You simply look away and roll your eyes.

"Perhaps it's Tai Lung's rather...unique dedication to his craft the reason why he's able to acomplish so much." Renshu laughs. "We might learn a thing or two-"

"If you're asking us to study him then stop. We all know what you're looking at when he's working out." Xin Lan says patting their brother's head roughly. You hold your breath as you try to block out the other's conversations and try to ingore Renshu's bashfullness out of your mind. It seems like the 15 minutes are an eternity but finally the buns are what you feel are the desired color. Worry is quickly replaced by eagerness simply for the fact that even if you had failed, the others now have to suffer the wrath of your cooking for embarassing you like this. You grab an oven mitt, stuff two finers into it and gently pull the tray out with two fingers and setting it on the rock counter to cook off.

"Buns are done." You say.

>How do you destribute the buns?
>Hand the lumpiest ones to your friends. A bit of payback for the last few minutes.
>Pick out the best of the bunch and hand them out. Hopefully they're not too bad.
>Let your friends choose. They can pick their own poison.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052746 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)19:21:00")

>Share a look with them all.
>Kung-fu fight for the best one. The losers will have to deal with the more deadly failures of the batch."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052750 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)19:22:23")

>>Let your friends choose. They can pick their own poison."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052751 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)19:23:06")

>Let everyone pick their own. First come first serve.
>We all eat at the same time.

Less chance of someone breaking an arm than >>5052746 but I can just imagine them being set down, a moment of silence before everyone's hand darts for the least malformed looking one.

But we should pick the nicest looking one."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052754 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)19:23:53")

I'll also support
>>We all eat at the same time."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5052795 && dateTime=="11/10/21(Wed)19:57:32")

>You know, if you are so worried about having food clothes and travel, I mifht know a guy.
>I should probably go see him one day. And ask his name.
>Make sure each one gets an ugly and a good looking one. It might help with the taste testing."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053231 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)13:15:23")

"Tonight Tai Lung learns the ancient rule of "Kiss the cook"";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053305 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)15:03:44")

Having everyone pick their own food wins. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053376 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)16:57:17")

""Alright, everyone gets 2." You say as you idly wave at the buns to attempt to cool them down. "First come first serve." Your friends stand still for a moment.

"Do I have to?" Xin Lan asks as they cover their brother's eyes with their hands.

"You do if you want me make you late night snacks." Renshu says gently. "Now be nice. Tai Lung put a lot of effort into these."

Xin Lan purses their lips and looks at you. "If I die I'm going to haunt you forever. I'll make sure Stripes makes it known how much I'm following you." They grumble. You smirk.

"So it won't be any different than it is now. I know you follow me around town on occasion." You joke. "Now which do you want Ming?" You ask sweetly, sarcasm dripping from your words.

" thank you. I already brushed my teeth." Ming says politely.

"No. I insist." You say as you grab Ming by the waist and place her infront of the tray of buns. "You might want to hurry, the bunnies look like they're eyeing some of them already." You say and pat her head.

"Me and my big mouth." Ming mutters. Your friends all reach you and fumble over each other for the nicest looking buns. The sounds of scuffling die down and each one of them has their meat buns.

"Doesn't smell like evil..." Xin Lan says as they sniff at the buns. "At least not completely."

"I will say, your buns are well built and your food looks nicely crafted as well." Renshu jokes. "Jokes aside, it seems like you managed to get an even heat throughout your dough and from the outside, it looks nicely baked." He takes a bite and chews. Xin Lan and Ming look at him anxiously but seeing as someone already took the plunge, they had no recourse but to eat their buns as well. They all chew catiously for a while. Despite the small sense of satisfaction you get from the small bit of revenge you're getting, you still couldn't help but feel rather anxious as well. It has been a long time since you have had anything placed under reivew and certainly the first time that it was something you've never done before.

Your friends continue to eat and Xin Lan scrunches up their face. "I burned the meat." They say. "And some of the veggies." They cough. "Oof, it's spicy too so at least that helps with the flavor. If it was even more spicy, you might even mistake it for the flavor of the chili."

"Mine is fine." Ming admits. "Meat is ok but it's kind of salty. I'm not a big fan of spicy but I think it's not strong enough to bother me.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053379 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)16:58:18")

""A common enough mistake." Renshu says. "Some of the meat stayed at the bottom of the pan longer than it should have. It's difficult to tell given the color of the marinade and the color of cooked meat. Not to mention the abundance of meat that was cooked. As for the salt I cannot say." You stay quiet, perhaps that was on secret you can keep. Still, it was a lot better than you expected. Your friends weren't sick or dying. "Although, the lumps in the dough seem to be from the meat being moved around and it looks like some of the dough not cooked properly. Still, for your first offical attempt I'd say this couldn't have gone any better."

Xin Lan puts their other meat bun down. "Well I think I risked enough. Not bad big guy. I honestly thought I'd be holding a black sludge." They say.

"Err...thanks?" You say.

"I think you did a good job." Ming says. "With enough practice, I think you might be able to take up cooking duties while we travel." She says.

"Oh no. I'm not risking that." Xin Lan says.

"I'm not sure about cooking duties but at the very least I hope I've risen above destroying all food I come in contact with." You say as you lean against a counter. "We'll see how this goes however."

"But that's enough fun for tonight." Renshu says. "It's pretty late and we all need some rest. We can clean up the kitchen tomorrow." The large rabbit stretches and yawns. "I think it time we all head to sleep." He stands on his toes and pecks you on the cheek. Xin Lan leans over their brother's head and kisses your brow. Ming grabs your arm.

"Come on Tai Lung. I'll take you to your room. It's dark and scary upstairs." She teases. You laugh and pull everyone into a hug.

"I'll see you all for our morning jog then guys." You joke.

"Absolutely not." Everyone responds.

>Rather than spend a week writing up cooking exercises, I think it'd be better to focus on Ming's training. I belive chi was the choice. So how do you want to work on teaching her how to access her Chi?
>Write in"

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5053383 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)17:09:39")

That Lil section at the end is one of the things I love this quest for. Feel Good dialogue. Stuff like that just brings a big dumb smile to my face!

Anyways enough of that, might as well put in a vote while I'm up here. I think we were generally agreeing with the idea of starting her off on being able to actually feel chi and understand it before utilizing it in any way, which sounds good to me. Let's do that"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053387 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)17:13:18")

We'll have to get her to push through meditation and tell us what she can feel as herself.

Feel the pulsing of the blood, the streaks of the self, and steadily work towards "How will you ask the world to change?"
I think something like this, supported with how we were taught, will do some good. Once she has an emotion to use, she can start doing techniques."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053390 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)17:18:06")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053401 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)17:49:44")

MEditation is one of the many ways to access the force. I'm making lunch so I'll get to written when I'm done with that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053439 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)18:39:16")

Supporting just so Lup knows I'm still alive.
Feels weird to have enough players that my slow ass can miss votes again. I'm glad for it though"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053509 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)20:45:01")

"Coughing has given me a headache. Thanks body. But I did think of something I'd like a small vote on. Would you prefer to have this from Ming's perspective or TLs?

You can play as the teacher or as the student. Personally I think Ming's pov might provide more chances to tailor and customize how she views Chi while giving players the ability to have some choice in the matter. But I think playing as TL leaves it more open to just chat with the lady and develop her character a bit more. What do you guys think?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053516 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)20:56:43")

Better to be Tai Lung's pov, this is the self discovery part of Chi unlock, it doesn't feel right to be in control of Ming for it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053520 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)20:59:25")

i can go either way."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053537 && dateTime=="11/11/21(Thu)21:31:18")

I'll stick with TL
Ming is her own girl, we've already influenced her enough during the triad arc."

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5053735 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)04:47:31")

Keep it simple, I'd stick with TL's POV"

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053875 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)10:48:28")

"Ming is just too powerful for anons to control. Maybe her dad is like a lion or something. Or maybe her mom is one of those house cats that likes to knock down cups off the table.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053886 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:08:12")

They are without peer, Masters of the tabletop"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053891 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:17:20")

The commoners tried to bully the cat.
They knew not of their inherent power."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053903 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:29:38")

"You set down a large gourd of water next to the tree near the training grounds. An impluse purchase, it had caught your eye on your way here among the myriad of goods that were being moved around for the upcoming summer boat festival. It was much larger than any water flask you had and part of you secretly liked the image of you wandering the countryside with a large water gourd on your hip like in the many stories you heard as a child. You filled it up on the way here to test the weight and didn't find it to be that much heavier than you were accustomed. After a while you suspect that you won't feel the difference. Currently, you didn't plan on using it but you never knew if training Ming would end up making the both of you thirsty. To be quite honest, you weren't really sure what to expect. Even you weren't entirely sure how you managed to gain access to your talents. To you, at least at the time of learning, it was a fighting technique like any other with no philosophy behind it. Given all that you know now, you're actually surprised that it even worked for you.

Your line of thought was interrupted by a shadow being cast over you and before you mind catches up, you have a very surpised Ming in your arms. "Oh. I thought I was gonna land on my feet." She says. "Well thank you for being such a gentlemen." She giggles as she warps her arms around your neck and hugs you. "But I'm sorry to say that I'm taken."

"Oh?" You ask in surprise. "Who's the lucky guy?"

"Oh I met this cute little hellion of a bunny. Their name is Xin Lan. They're quite cute." Ming teases. "No wait. I met two. They're siblings. She has an older brother too. I think you know them. Renshu." You chuckle as you set Ming down.

"I'm pretty sure Renshu would not agree to that." You say. "You might be reading too many romance novels."

"Actually..." Ming says thinking. "What would you do if someone was trying to court your partner?" She asks.

"What do you mean?" You ask. "Like...would I stop them? I think I would rather just talk to my partner and ask what's going on. I'm not on that short of a fuse that I can't just talk out the issues."

"Hmm...That's not as scary as I thought." Ming admits.

"Well, you said it yourself. I'm a softie." You chuckle. "Now how about you save those ideas for couple's night and we get on to training.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053904 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:30:38")

""Are you finally gonna teach me how to shoot energy from my hands?" She asks cupping her hands together and thrusting them out.

"What kind of novels is Xin having you read?" You wonder outloud. "We're just going to do a bit of meditation today. Well...a lot. Or maybe not much at all."

"You don't sound too sure." Ming says as she sits down with her legs crossed.

"To be honest, I'm not. Not to mention, you already seem to have a feel of it at least innately. So I'm not sure how fast you'll learn or how you'll react." You admit as you sit down infront of your student. "But there's no point in wondering the what ifs. Let's start."

>How do you have Ming start? What do you have her meditate on?
>Write in."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053906 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:31:39")

"Arg. 4chan ate my choices. One moment.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053910 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:37:14")

>Meditate upon the chi within her body, feel it's flow and it's touch. Test moving it around.

Once she has got the basics, which may take a while, we'll move to the most basic practical application of Chi, which is Chi strike. But that can wait until she's got the feel of her internal Chi."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053911 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:38:21")

">How do you have Ming start? What do you have her meditate on?
>Have Ming focus inward. Try to have her sense her own Chi (work towards being hyperaware of her body.)
>Have Ming focus outward. She's had a few brushes with sprites. Feeling them just on the edge of her perception. (Work towards sensing spirits and sprites. You and Renshu's thing.)
>Have Ming focus on others. Try and sense the Chi of others around her. (Work towards being able sense things around her body in her eviroment and possible work towards manipulating it)
>Have Ming work it out on her own. (Have her decide how she wants to view Chi and allow her to choose how she wants to use it.)
>Write in.

There we go. A few choices and what they can mechanically lead to. Just to give anons more information on what it can lead to. I spoiled it just incase you don't want to know and I can stop doing it if it's not something you want."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053912 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:39:22")

Oh shit. Just saw that. It's fine though. If you want to change your vote for something else. That's cool."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053914 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:45:03")

>Have Ming focus on others. Try and sense the Chi of others around her. (Work towards being able sense things around her body in her eviroment and possible work towards manipulating it)
Wizard Ming
Wizard Ming"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053916 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:45:30")

it's fine.

Well the gameplan was to get her some ritual based tools and resource management style. . style, similar to Ki's shit.

So with this in mind, I'll say that focusing on Others is a good start. But I'll make one alteration to it.

>Focus on how Chi flows, from person to person, from person to ground, from ground to plant, from plant to person.
Since this should help with her medicinal, ritualistic, alchemical and Kung fu endevours. How chi moves to others to effect them.

Granted, it may mean she can't empower herself too much, or really do anything without taking from somewhere Which is evil unless she is solely taking from herself, we've established but I think this will fit her well. Reduced ease of use for greater versitility."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053919 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)11:48:43")

Actually, this one is the wizard ming, so supporting
I guess it could count as mixing these two
>Have Ming focus outward. She's had a few brushes with sprites. Feeling them just on the edge of her perception. (Work towards sensing spirits and sprites. You and Renshu's thing.)
>Have Ming focus on others. Try and sense the Chi of others around her. (Work towards being able sense things around her body in her eviroment and possible work towards manipulating it)"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053929 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)12:20:49")

I disagree with supporting the pair, since it leads to outcomes which are broader in their powers without the resulting trade in power.
I see it as a one option vote, since she can only really meditate in one thing to make any significant progress

The end goal here is creating Chi totem and chi batteries which she can use at a later date to empower herself or us tricks"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053932 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)12:22:29")

Rereading that I am not being clear.

I see the option as similar to a mix of those two options, but it doesnt have the same results or the same power opportunities at all.
It's really an option in it's own right, if you get my meaning"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5053946 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)12:45:05")

Oh I get it that it's own thing and we are not getting both the powers.
I'm supporting your idea, not voting for both of them at te same time, it was more for Luo to understand what we are suggesting."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5053975 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)13:43:39")

Taking these. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5054008 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)14:25:28")

""Alright. Chi is in everything." You say. "If flows around you, in you, in the plants around you, and the people you interact with. It breaths life in all you see and hear. It's all around you and all you need to do is open your feelings to let it in."

"Ok. How do I do that?" Ming asks with her eyes still closed.

"You just do." You chuckle. "It's not something your mind does conciously. Not like moving your hads to feel the texture of something. Not like your ears straining to hear something. You've done it before."

"That makes no sense." Ming says frowning.

"Not yet it doesn't. Trust me." You assure her. "That's why we meditate. To let go of our concious selves and allow our minds to do what it can without being held back with what we conciously think is impossible. Now, no more words. Focus. Just like you do when you study. Get to that point when you lose yourself to time."

Ming does as she's told and goes quiet. You wait patiently as she meditates. This wasn't something you could measure progress with or train like some form. It was all up to Ming to discover how to do it. All you can do is describe how you managed to get it or at the very least how it felt to you. You wait a bit longer and wonder what she was thinking about or her thought process of meditation. To you emptying your mind was simply not thinking of anything and ignoring all else. But then again, you were stubborn and suffice to say take the most direct and simple approach to things when you could. So just willingly not thinking seemed perfectly reasonable to you. You wonder how Ming would do it. Given how she studies things, memorizes things, could she do it? How would she do it?

You watch Ming for a little while longer. Her shoulders a little slumped and her head rolls to one side. You lean closer to examine her and hear a soft snore. Ming had fallen asleep. You're not sure to laugh and or be confused but you shake her awake. Ming snorts slightly and looks around. "Did I do it?" She asks.

"I don't know. Did the presence of the universe's energy put you to sleep?" You tease.

"I...intended that." She says. "How more subconcious can you be than unconcious."

"Well...I'm glad that you have a unique take on the solution but unless your trying to invent sleeping Kung Fu, then I think we need you to stay awake for it." You muse.

"This stuff is harder than I thought. How the heck does someone not think? That's way too hard." She says as she yawns.

>What do you say? How do you help Ming meditate and extend her senses?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054022 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)14:45:55")

>ask what it is that occupies her thoughts and distracts her."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054039 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)15:21:14")


>Count your breathing. Then steadily start ignoring your surroundings, the wind, the grass, ignore it to focus on your body, your heartbeat, your clothes as they move, then ignore that as well, focus on your breathing and simply count. If your mind starts to wander, go back to your breathing. In-out, in-out"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054063 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)15:44:13")

>Focus your own chi into a clawtip. Have her meditate, and try to feel something denser than the surroundings around her. And have her point at it when she feels it, so you can see if she's actually made progress."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054142 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)17:46:26")

"to break deadlock, I'll move from >>5054039
to >>5054063

I disagree with it helping much but it might."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054152 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)18:02:38")

I'm back
Supporting this."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054159 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)18:14:26")

And back to my original vote I go"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5054190 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)18:51:43")

alright going with this then."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5054253 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)20:18:53")

"The new obi wan series trailer reminded me of an old star wars quest I tried to run but it never took off. Maybe I should add that to the pile of WIP I have. Either way, Ming's gonna become a wizard and beat up Xin Lan for some reason or another.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5054279 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)20:54:45")

""Count your breathing. Focus on that and slowly push away your surroundings, the grass, the wind, the cold. Ignore it to focus on your body, your heartbeat. Then push those away as well. Focus on your breathing and simply count. The way your air flows from your lungs, the time it takes to fill them and empty them. When all you mind is occupied is your breathing, then push it away. That is how you empty your mind and when your mind is empty it will yearn for something to stimulate it. Deny yourself your senses and it will reach out with the only things it has left. That is how you do it." You say.

"You sure there's not like a special poke or something you can do to make this work?" Ming asks.

"I don't think that's appropriate to ask of someone in a relationship." You say without thinking. Ming just stares at you in surprise.

"Did you just make a joke? Like an inappropriate one?" She asks.

"Yeah...I think I did." You say. "Well, seeing as I've done the impossible twice this week. I think that's plenty of reason to say why you should be able to as well. And if you fall asleep again, I might have to recruit Xin next time. I'm sure they'll give you ample reason to not fall asleep." You grin.

"You really are evil." Ming says and she closes her eyes. "I'm pretty sure they're gonna be here eventually so make sure Xin doesn't do anything!"

"I will. I will." You chuckle and settle down as Ming starts up again. While you didn't mind waiting, you come to realize that there isn't much to do while you wait for Ming to go through her training. As you wait patiently, you feel eyes upon you. A familiar sense and you let out a long sigh. A quick glance around, and you see a small brown rabbit poking their face out of the tall grass. You shake your head but pay them no mind right now. You had more important things to do than chastise a love struck bunny.

Ming's progress seems to be going well as she maintains a steady breathing. Even at a quick glance, you can tell she's on that precipice between conciousness and unconciousness. The knife's edge where you know you're no longer aware of your surroundings but coming to this realization will destroy all that you worked hard for and setting you back to the begining.

>What do you do?
>Go and talk to the brown rabbit. Best to get that out of the way now.
>Wait patiently for Ming. Perhaps she might come across something.
>try and help Ming. (What do you do?)
>Write in."

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5054282 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)21:03:06")

>Wait patiently for Ming. Perhaps she might come across something"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054284 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)21:05:41")

>Help by asking some of your wind friends to start moving around the place, She's looking for how chi flows, sprites are bascially just bundles of moving chi.
>Wait intently for Ming to come across something herself. Watch to make sure she doesn't fall asleep."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054287 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)21:09:05")

>Go and talk to the brown rabbit. Best to get that out of the way now.
>Motion for him to be quiet, and if he behaves himself and come by later, we have a proposal that would be of his interest."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054290 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)21:10:14")

Fuck, it was supposed to wait for Ming, but give him a quick message so he won't accidentaly mess this up."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054326 && dateTime=="11/12/21(Fri)22:22:44")

yeah, maybe putting a hand up in his direction to be quiet is in order."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054437 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)02:35:15")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054563 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)09:21:48")

"I swear, if this rabbit ruins Ming's meditation, I'm going to vote for throwing him down a fucking hill.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054572 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)09:40:54")

Yeah, as much as I like him, everything has a limit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054686 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)12:19:36")

to be honest I only like him as far as we can use him to tease Xin (even if we usually lose). other than that I think he's a little creepy."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5054760 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)13:27:29")

">inb4 Xin is dating Ming this turning brown bun evil.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054767 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)13:31:14")

If only we had a killing intent technique.
Just. . . Stare with all the force if our wroth"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5054800 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)14:02:47" && image=="{4C3EFAE8-8CED-460E-8C17-167EBCB83B3A}.png")

"Murder mode Xin.

I think we got a tie between talking to the brown bun and trying to help Ming."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054818 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)14:15:45")

Just motion for the bun to be quiet, do a shoo and later motion and go help Ming.
That's what I wanted, not straight up fo there."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054820 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)14:17:01")

It's not talking to him

It's a "dont you dare mess this up, stay quiet" sort of gesture and helping ming.
Because if we say nothing, the moron is going to make a loud noise and break her focus"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5054843 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)14:34:21" && image=="Spoiler Image")

Alrighty. I'll get to writing. Just remember, you're saying no to this. "

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054845 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)14:41:40")

We said later to him.
It's not like we aren't going to find him so invite Xin can invite him to the couple's night."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054868 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)15:04:43")

We are a reasonable man.

but this bitch cannot be allowed to interrupt the foundational basis of Mings Cultivation.
There is a reason that this shit is done behind closed doors."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5054876 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)15:09:41")

The foundation is the most important part of cultivation, to fail is to be crippled the all the way.
And than it never gets mentioned again because the writer start using artifacts and pills as endless asspulls anyway."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5055002 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)16:51:26")

"You turn to face the bunny and motion for him to be quiet before shooing him away and motioning for him to come later. You would have time to deal with whatever little fancies he had later. This was far more important than that right now and you were sure that this kind of behavior wouldn't endear him to Xin Lan in either case. The small rabbit wiggles their nose and pouts before ducking into the grass slightly and still peeking out. You glare at him and shoo him away again. This time the tiny face disappears and you hear him leave. Turning to Ming, you see that at the very least she was undisturbed. You sit back and wait a bit more.

She remains unmoving and still in her trance. You decide to lay on your back and relax yourself. There wasn't much you could do as you wait for her and any thing you can think of might pull her out of her meditation. You close your eyes and decide that maybe a light nap would be best. You feel yourself slightly dozing off when something lands with a wet 'plop' on you. You open your eyes and see nothing. Frowning, you close your eyes a feel out with your senses. There you see a water sprite with it's eyes closed and drooling slightly as it mimics you. Given the fact you're not Ming and you don't drool in your sleep, you find it rather humorous. Looking around, you see a few more water sprites hoping around you and a handful of them examining your water gourd. They stack ontop of each other to try and look like the groud only collapse under their own weight and coalescing into a large lump, their eyes and mouths swirling around for a moment before they roll out of each other unharmed and happily hopping around.

The large concentration of water sprites aside, you also see several wind sprites and spirites making their way into town. Off near the lake, you notice water spirits concentrating there. "Now what are you all up to?" You ask curiously as you pick up the sleeping sprite. It remains still and it's face slowly slides down until it rests at it's bottom. You feel around a bit more and notice the sudden emergence of clouds, despite the day being completely clear only an hour ago. "Making it rain?" You ask the others and immediately drawing their attention.

"Rain! Rain!" They shout as they rush you and plopping on you. The wind sprites seem to notice the gathering and swoop down upon you as well. They gently tug at your clothing and float around you, signing songs and shouting happily. Fortunately, your sleeping friend remains unconcious as a water bubble rises from where you think a nose would be...or perhaps its it's top.

>What do you do?
>Encourage the sprites to play with Ming. Maybe this will get her attention and she'll notice them.
>Ask where the earth and fire sprites are. Maybe you can get them to come as well.
>Ask the sprites to bring more of their friends. More of them might make them easier to sense.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055011 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)16:57:57")

>Ask them to play with Ming

if she's going to notice anything, it'll probably be this."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055019 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)17:02:16")

Actually no.

We want her to find connections, so the more sprites we have, the more they will bleed Chi into the enviroment.

>Ask them to get more of their friends
I dont think we can ask for rain, and when it breaks she would wake up, but it's probably going to be closer to what she is after."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055032 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)17:27:35")

>Ask where the earth and fire sprites are. Maybe you can get them to come as well.
>You can't keep hogging all the fun you know? They deserve to play too.
Actually, would hogging be an offencive term in universe for boars and pigs?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055033 && dateTime=="11/13/21(Sat)17:28:43")

She may be more attuned to other elements you know?
And if they show up, it also works are more sprites anyway."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5055691 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)13:44:43" && image=="H6543faedd975456ebc6faef6189261d6b.jpg")

"So we're gonna chuck the sleeping friend at Ming's face? I love water sprites.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055702 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)14:11:02")

It is all about training.

Least that is our excuse!"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5055704 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)14:17:58")

"something cultivation methods and hardening of the core.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5055709 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)14:21:15")

"Gonna get to writing. We're looking for more spirits.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055758 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)15:19:30")

Yes, more sprites.
But get them of different elements! We need a party."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5055784 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)15:58:16" && image=="41c94848a5d089e0742241dff62f7e7b.png")

"You try to adjust the sleeping sprite but it seems like it's face is determined to simply float about and not return to it's original position. Admitting this is a futile endevor, you set the sleeping sprite to the side and look at all the others around you. They had decided that the best course of action was to float into the tall grass and cause it to swish around which they seemed to enjoy. You now wonder if random leaves shaking in horror tales were simply sprites having fun and being unaware of the effects of their fun.

"Where are all your other friends?" You ask. "I don't see any fire or earth sprites. There's gonna be plenty of homes starting up their fireplaces when the rain hits."

"We'll get them!" The wind sprites announce and promptly float away. How they were going to find earth and fire sprites in the skies was beyond you but you figured they probably had some instinctual way of doing so and it was best not to question their methods...yet. You idly poke at the water sprites and watch them jiggle for a moment before they roll around you and try to bounce off the back of your head. Deftly moving to the side, you chuckle. "Seems like the others have taught you about tag. Given that I don't want to cause a storm to arrive early, we'll have to play that some other time in another place." You say as you flick another sprite. You feel the breeze pick up as the clouds come closer. Nearby you see a small nose poke out of the ground with a very grumpy looking earth sprite. A few more pop around you, equally grumpy as they look around curiously at the mass gathering of the others.

Though you still can't understand them, you do get the sense that they are quite upset that their jobs are being interrupted. You reach out to pick on up but it burrows underground and leaves. "You know, while I admire your work ethic, even envy it, I think perhaps you might need to loosen up a bit like the earth you move." You say. "Nothing wrong with relaxing here and there."

The earth sprites seem confused, evidentally not understanding the idea of relaxation so you simply attempt to show them the feeling of it, something the earth sprites seem very unconvinced in it's allure. You still don't see any fire sprites but give how much the humidty is rising and the immenent rain, you figure perhaps they don't find the idea of coming over a few fun one. The air sprites return and bob around you as they sing songs and cause your clothes to billow. The napping water sprite continues to snooze away.

>What do you do now. You have quite a healthy congregations of elementals.
>Have the sprites speak really loudly. If you can get them chat, then even Ming would have to hear it.
>Ask the sprites to cuddle up against Ming. Perhaps some interaction might help.
>Try and talk to the earth sprites. Perhaps you can learn a bit more of their language. The presence of all of your little friends should be more than enough.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055824 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)17:09:57")

>Continue to learn the Earth sprites language, By asking them to chat loudly."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055829 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)17:28:01")

>Try and talk to the earth sprites. Perhaps you can learn a bit more of their language. The presence of all of your little friends should be more than enough.
>Have the sprites speak really loudly. If you can get them chat, then even Ming would have to hear it.
>One at a time, please."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5055873 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)19:11:04")

"Making lunch. I'll count votes and do a write up after but this anon >>5055033 made me think. What if each character is attuned or reflects a different element? Which do you think they reflect the most?

Personally, I think it'd be something like:

TL: Earth. He's kind of quiet and really task oriented. Tends to stick to his goals even if it kills him.

Ming: Earth/Wind. Ming also tends to stick to her goals and jobs. Although I can see her be Wind as well. She tends to be kind of playful and helpful as well. Loves the freedom she has now as a traveler and would probably go where her legs take her if she didn't have prior commitments. Honestly, she's probably the most balanced of the group being dedicated to her job but willing to subvert expectations or rules if it means assisting or saving those in need.

Xin: They'd probably Water or Fire. They're really passionate, to a fault, when something gets them angry or upsets them. Willing to protect the people he actually cares about even if it gets them in trouble. But they're also increadibly relaxed otherwise. They tend to just go with the flow of things because they're not used to actually caring and they enjoy their friends being happy over their own autonomy. Unlike Ming, Xin isn't as balanced. They're ussually one or the other which makes sense given the elements.

Renshu: Fire. Just like Xin only to a higher degree. Despite him trying to be stoic, his emotions tend to control him at the end of the day. And just like fire which can breathe life or provide comfort, if left unchecked it just burns and destroys everything around him. Even as I type this I realized that both Ming and TL being earth centric help contain him and center him. Much like rocks around a campfire or the bricks in a fire place."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055882 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)19:34:05")

>Xin is water
Can't escape fate"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055897 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)19:49:12")

Sorta ironic that TL is massively wind aligned for being so naturally earth ish.

But while I dont disagree, eastern or western elements have different connotations."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5055913 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)19:59:52")

Giving that Luo is using the four greek elements and not the five chinese ones, using the western connotations should be for the best."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5055948 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)21:08:52")

"Alright, time to get writing.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056004 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)22:16:42")

"You move closer to one of the earth sprites. They small creature burrows slightly more as they watch you with wary eyes. "Cautious little fellow. I thought the earth was supposed to be steadfast and unyeilding?" You joke as you sit down again. The small earth sprite can't seem to decide if it should be indignant at the question or irritated at the acusation of it being being brave. It was, of course, trying to do it's job and it had come here. That was pretty brave. It didn't even dig all the away down when you approached.

"Well, what do you do in the rain little one?" You ask. "Plenty of things to do for the others. But they're not the most subtle of elementals are they?" The small sprite speaks quite a bit but you don't really understand any of it. You do get the note that it is quite proud of it's job. If you didn't know any better, you could have mistaken it for their form of fun. This being the longest conversation you ever had with an earth sprite, you decide to keep talking to it. "Well, at least you're happy with what you're doing. Not many people can say that about their jobs. Where are your older siblings? I've only ever seen sprites. Where do earth spirits live? Deep in the mountain?"

More sounds, these slower this time, but it sounds like small rocks falling on each other and grinding against one another. All you get out of this conversation is even more sense of pride for the spirits and a yearning. A yearning to grow up and take on more responsibility, to honor it's parent and do it's duty like it's asked to. "Might want to slow down a bit." You chuckle, "Every child wants to be an adult but as the earth does, things comes slowly and with great patience. You already have it half correct. There is much joy in the journey as well as the destination. You already pride yourself in your work. Use that to further enjoy your new duties and remember your roots when you become a big earth spirit."

You watch the earth sprite burrow around for a while before you ask, "Do you want to climb out and talk to your friends?""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056005 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)22:17:42")

"The earth sprite pokes it's nose out of the dirt. "No." It says before promptly leaving. You watch it leave in amusement and decide to get up as well. The rain was going to hit any time now. As much as you didn't want to, you move over to Ming and gently shake her. "It's time to go Ming. It's gonna rain soon." Ming frowns and gets up. "You feel anything?" You ask.

"No." She says rubbing an ear. "It was kind of hard to focus with all the chatter around. I thought you weren't gonna have more classes today." She asks. You smile broadly at her.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." You say as you motion around her to the empty field. "It's only been just us."


The two of you manage to get under the back roof of The Warren just before the rain hit. Partly because of the two of you running, and partly because of how excited Ming was to tell the others of her progress. Ming practically had to be carried back to the diner given that she didn't want to stop hugging you out of excitement. She hadn't heard much, only attributing the sounds around her as the white noise one hears in a busy public place. There was no meaning nor recollection of the event, only the innate feeling one has that they did hear something. A faint memory that could easily be confused for something else. Luckily, it was quite impossible for it to be confused for anything else that far out of the city and as such, it was confirmation that she did manage to connect with something. You reach out to open the door but your keen ears catch conversation. One of the voices was distinct, belonging to Renshu but the other was unrecognizable, a stranger.

>What do you do?
>Listen at the door. Could be trouble but you don't want to cause any either.
>Walk in. Renshu is probably speaking with a customer or a merchant. As long as you don't interrupt anything and head to your room, it should be fine.
>Leap up to the second floor and see if Xin is around. If it is important then you don't want to bother the two and you can let Renshu know you're back.
>Leave Ming here to scope things out. You only just remembered the brown rabbit. Best to get that over with before anything else.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056027 && dateTime=="11/14/21(Sun)23:05:49")

>telepathicly ask Renshu if you would be interpreting anything if you walked in.
If he says no then
>Walk in.
if he says yes then
>Leap up to the second floor."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056238 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)05:15:24")

We can also get a read on his emotions that way."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056278 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)07:23:43")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056577 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)16:03:26")

Brain talks. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056638 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:09:34")

"You decide to check in before you entered. It might be something important. From what you can feel, it was anything but. You sense a large measure of disdain and contempt coming off of the rabbit as if whoever he was dealing with was beneath him. Images of Xin Lan looking down on someone flash in your mind which was almost instantly followed by the brown rabbit's worshiping look. Shaking your head to clear your thoughts, you simply ask.

Is everything alright? Ming and I are outside but we don't want to interrupt whatever conversation your having.

Renshu replies immediately, a feeling of relief coming from him. Everything is alright. Come on in, you're not interrupting anything of importance.

You almost nod in response but given how strange that would look you simply open the door and step in. You see Renshu, in his usual simple civilian clothing, speaking to a very well dressed rooster. "As I must reiterate Mr...Renshu. This deal is quite beneficial for both parties. Mr. Dorji, is willing to take on all financial responsibility and purchase your buisness from you. You can still run and maintain the diner as you already are all for a healthy salary."

"Yes" Renshu says, still maintaining an air of politeness, "...and in return your employer will retain full ownership as well as control of what is served here. As I've mentioned already, I am more than willing to consider any offer he has by the end of the year. However, as it is now I am the owner of The Warren and as the owner I am fine with the things are. I understand that his offer is indeed quite generous but this place is a passion of mine. One that I'm not willing to sell away at the moment."

The rooster ruffles it's feathers as it adjusts it's wings. "I see. Then it seems your answer is clear. I would beg of you to reconsider given that many new buisness only enjoy a brief increase in sales in its infancy. After that...well I'm afraid you might only see misfortune. I cannot gaurentee a good future in this industry. Mr. Dorji might not be as charitable in the future should you seek his help." Anger flashes in Renshu's eyes and you feel rage begin to bubble through the cracks. Outwardly, he smiles but cannot hide the contempt in it."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056640 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:10:35")

""I understand. Given his generosity, I would never dare presume so, but one might take that as a threat. I am sorry we could not come to an agreement but perhaps I might ask for one small boon from one so successfull. Given the competitive nature of this industry, and Mr. Dorji's influence, I would ask if he could spread the word among the...lesser buisnesses. They should take care how they speak to me. I don't take kindly to threats and I have a rather sordid history of making sure that those that do longer enjoy the same success that they're accustomed to." He says as grabs a knife and points it at the man before flipping it to a reverse grip and pointing at you with a clawed finger. "Now I'm afraid I must ask you to leave. My VIPs have arrived and I must tend to them."

The rooster's feathers rise slightly before he turns to see you and Ming. It seems your monk robs, as dirty and messy as they are, do not impress as the man fails to hide the contempt in his voice. "My apologies. I did not mean to interrupt your meal." He says to you with a bow that was only just low enough to not be insulting before he leaves. Ming closes the door behind her and asks,

"What was all that about?"

"Nothing of importance." Renshu says letting out a shakey sigh and going back to cutting carrots as he tries to hide his face. "Just someone attempting to buy my buisness." He takes a breath and looks at the two of you with a smile. You of course see through it but say nothing. "Now, how was training? Buisness is slow today with the rain but we actually have regulars who came." He asks. Ming smiles and rocks back and forth on her feet, giddy with excitement.

"I felt a thing! I don't know what but I felt a thing!" She says and shakes your arm. "Tell him Tai Lung! Tell him."

You give Ming a small grin and let the matter drop for now. "Had a few friends come over to chat. Seems like Ming managed to eavesdrop on some rather personal conversations." You tease. "Something involving the person I plan to marry."

"You bully." Ming says batting your arm. "Don't tease Ren like that. Like you'd ever talk to the sprites about stuff like that."

"I'll make sure to pay more attention when you meditate." Renshu laughs. "I need to make sure when you'll be proposing to both me and Xin. We'll need to make sure we have matching wedding gowns.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056650 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:26:46")

"You're not sure how you felt about the idea of seeing the two rabbits in wedding dresses so you quickly say, "A-anyways, It's a great leap for her. If she could hear something like that than perhaps she might be able to do more with more focus. Now that she has a taste of it, she might have a better idea on how and what to focus on next time. The big step is figuring out what you're looking for after all."

"That is true. Soon enough, Ming will be able to conquer China." Renshu muses. "I only hope she is merciful as a ruler."

"Nope. Everyone has to obey me. No sweets for anyone but me." Ming says skipping over to Renshu and giving him a hug. "I'll be up in the dining room." She says.

>What do you do?
>Stick around. Talk to Stripes.
>Head up with Ming. Discuss the next step in her training.
>Go do something else. (What do you do?)
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056651 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:29:31")

>Stick around. Talk to Stripes.
>Head up with Ming. Discuss the next step in her training."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056652 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:31:20")

And now we have a name.
You fool. You moron. You utter buffoon. You DARE mock danger bun and then give their family your name?
Arrogance has made you sloppy! Hubris has made you weak! WE SHALL CRUSH YOUR SALES BENEATH OUR TASTY MEAT BUN SPECIALS!

>Stick around and talk to Renshu.
>Give Renshu a hug.

We all know what that is about. So how are we going to crush them in sales?
Obviously any arson attempt or other violent thuggery is going to be intercepted and stopped. So all we need do is competitive shopping tactics."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056657 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:35:21")

When we are done down here, we can discuss with Ming her future potential"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056658 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:36:01")

>TL learns a new form of warfare. Biological.
>Immediately applies to work at competing resteraunts as head chef."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056660 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:40:58")

>"I once said my skillet were a tool of justice, not used in anger, not used in vengence. Now I'm not so sure. And besides. . ."

>Slowly lights a cooking fire

>"This isnt Renshu's resteraunt""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056663 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:42:00")

I did mean skills, but a skillet is a type of pan. So it fits."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056672 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:53:33")

>Go do something else. (What do you do?)
>Go find brown bun. We did motion to talk with him later."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5056675 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)17:57:16")

The date night is the first step.
We need to keep an eye out, because they will send infiltrators to ruin it.
Than, it's agressive marketing.
And lastly, everytime they send someone or atart a ploy, we break them down like we did that group.
Lastly, on the day that we leave the city, we give him a little a visit, cook him a nice meal.
One from when we didn't care how it was made."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056725 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)19:17:17" && image=="ead8f488206733e43ddd17432c905206.jpg")

Cooking tool of justice."

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5056739 && dateTime=="11/15/21(Mon)19:33:58")

Anon does present a good plan to help the business."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057338 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)15:51:57")

Talking to large bun. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057375 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)16:31:20")

"You quietly place a hand on Renshu's shoulder. He stops pretending to work and places a hand on yours. The two of you don't say anything for a moment before you pull the rabbit into a hug. Renshu lets out a surprised gasp. "Well...this is unexpected if not an unpleasant surprise." He muses before turning around and wrapping his arms around your neck.

"What did he really want?" You ask gently. You feel some of Renshu's irritation return. He sighs and looks at you.

"I'd ask if could not talk about that man...but I know you won't let it go." He says.

"I'm glad you're learning quickly." You chuckle. "Partner or not, you know I won't let this slide. Too stubborn."

"One day I'll break that down. Right now I'm only giving you the illusion of choice." Renshu jokes.

"Illusion or not, I'll take that shot if it means protecting people who need help." You counter. "Now...was he really trying to buy your buisness or was he merely attempting to intimidate you?" Renshu frowns slightly as he thinks.

"I belive the intent was to truly buy my buisness, however if he managed to frighten me in the process then it would be a bonus to his goals. I can't say that his employer was the one behind the attacks but if he was then it makes sense he'd try to resort to legal ways to run me out of buisness. He started throwing numbers, buisness jargon, statistics. Anything that would make it seem an overwhelming task to run an eatery." Renshu lets out a scoff. "Honestly compared to my methods, his attempts to make it seem I only had one choice in the matter was feeble at best." He smirks.

"Speaking of which, that name, Mr. Dorji....It sounds familiar." You say as you strain to remember where you heard it. "I know I heard it before. Is he a member of the Brotherhood?"

"No. He's one of the biggest buisnessmen in the city. One of the first families to settle here but more importantly, he controls the largest supply and fish farm here. Nearly all the fish we eat and is sold here comes from their farms." Renshu replies. "As you can imagine, this gives him quite a bit of influence here."

"Another gang then?" You ask.

"Not quite." Renshu replies. "Think of it more like nobility. Even Hien's court has families that were founded at the begining of the Empire. However, it's much smaller in scale of course and with no real political power. They simply weild their history as if it meant something."

"And this is the man you declared war on. Renshu, I know you look up to me but I don't think you should make it a habit to take fights against foes larger than you." You chuckle.

"I'm afraid I enjoyed a challenge long before I met you." Renshu laughs and then lets out a long sigh. "I try." He says. "I really do. But can I just burn down the man's home? Just this once?"

"Not if you want this relationship to last longer." You chuckle. Renhus gives you a look."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057377 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)16:32:21")

""Threats like that are very unbecoming of you." He snorts and rests his head on your neck. "I'll survive. This is my home and I'll be damned if anyone tries to destroy it." You gently pet the rabbit's head and say nothing as you feel Renshu's whiskers brush against yours. The feeling was oddly...intimiate. The two of you don't have much time to enjoy the moment when the door to the dining room opens.

"Mr. Renshu, we have a few more order- Oh my!" You turn to see Amala, the elder sister of Tenzin's small pack of siblings, blushing bright red and covering her face with a note pad to avert her gaze from the two of you embracing. "I'm sorry! I'll come back later." She says ducking back out. Renshu chuckles.

"It appears I need to get back to work." He says, reluctantly letting go. "Seems like our secret is out slightly." He adds as he steals one last kiss.

"You hired Amala?" You ask rubbing your cheek idly.

"Yes. It didn't slip my attention that she and her family could do with a bit more money. So I offered her a job as a waitress. I figured you and Ming would have done the same if you were in my position." He explains.

"What about her siblings?" You ask. "She has a lot of younger kids to watch over."

"That I'm not sure." Renshu admits. "I think she only comes in when her brother has a day off. She works when she wants to and I don't hold her to any schedule. I can manage on my own. It is something I'll have to look into. I'd very much like her to work for more days. She seemed quite happy to have a way to help support her family."

"Thinking of expanding into child care then?" You joke.

"Oh no. I already have my hands full with Xin." Renshu laughs. "However, I would like to lighten her workload at home or at least alleviate her worries while working her. She's quite the hard worker." He says as he readjusts his shirt. "I'll see you tonight then." He says as he heads out to the dining room. You can't help but notice his tail wagging happily as the door shuts behind him.

>What do you do now?
>Head upstairs. See what the others are up to.
>Head out to town. It's still raining but you might be able to get to some stores to get some shopping done.
>Go snoop around to find out more about this Mr. Dorji.
>Go find the brown bunny.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057396 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)16:51:18")

>heads upstairs and discuss the next step in mings training."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057437 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)18:03:22")

>Go find the brown bunny."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057446 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)18:20:40")

It was a secret? not through much effort.

>Head upstairs, discuss the next step in the training.

After that, we can hunt down the brown bun. He didn't ruin anything so we can deal with him."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057461 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)18:38:51")

Also I think this is relevant"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057464 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)18:43:24")

The art of my time. Just a great philosophical debate.

Anyways, talking to Ming and then finding a brown bun. We gotta be the best wingman ever."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057486 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)19:15:12")

"You make your way upstairs to the dining room and find Ming, arms outstretched and being held back by a rabbit foot to the face. Xin Lan stands ontop of the table as they struggle to keep the cat away from a stack of papers in their hand. "Pleease! Let me read it! I need to know!" She begs.

"No." Xin Lan says with a mixture of boredom and exasperation. "I told you that these notes are for me only. You can read the rough drafts of my works but these are off limits."

"But I wanna know who the one and only is!" Ming says as they flail their arms. You quietly grab the two of them by the scruff of their neck and set them across the table.

"Alright. What am I missing?" You ask.

"Ming's curiosity driving her crazy." Xin Lan says as they adjust the papers and stuff them down their shirt with a stuck out tongue. You raise an eye brow. "These are my notes." They say. "They contain all the secrets and plans I have for my novel series and a certain little sister doesn't want to wait and read what happens like everyone else."

"I'm older than you." Ming pouts. "I just wanna know. You left the first one on a cliff hanger and I really wanna know what's gonna happen."

"Let me guess...your book ends with the main character declaring their true love?" You ask.

"Not really." Xin Lan starts before Ming interrupts.

"No! It ends with the hero trapped in a cave and his friends scattered in enemy territory. And there's this prophecy that the only one of his friend to survive is his true love. But the hero only has time to save one before the rest of the army arrives and it becomes to dangerous to go after the others. " She explains excitedly. "So whoever he saves is definitely gonna be his true love but he can't just abandon his other friends!"

You look at Xin Lan. "What kind of books are you writing?" You ask.

"Good ones." Xin Lan says with a smirk. "But Ming needs to wait. After all, the hero still needs to escape his own prison."

"Really wrote yourself into a corner didn't you?" You chuckle.

"Please, as if I would make it that simple." Xin Lan says as they stretch. "You think I'm gonna have a pairing set up in the second book? No no no. I can stretch this out. Think of how many people will want to keep reading for the romantic factor alone? Think of how many more love interests I can add along the way." They pat their chest. "And all of those ideas and notes are here."

"You're horrible." Ming says as they hold their head in their hands.

"Sorry Ming. But I guess you gotta wait." You chuckle as you pull up a chair. "But at least you can read them before everyone else. While you wait however, why don't we go over your training?" Ming's face lights up.

"What are we gonna do? What's the next step?" She asks.

>What will you do next to train Ming?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057522 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)20:27:06")

>Ok, so you managed to hear the sprites I waa talking with, now you got to try and feel their presence, their chi.
>Once you are able to sense being made out of pure chi, we can move to people and lastly places."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057543 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)20:56:58")

>Next we are going to work on you feeling Chi. Once you can feel it, we can start you on moving jt"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057547 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)21:01:58")

taking this. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057589 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)22:41:01")

""Well you managed to hear the sprites I was talking with. Now you have a glimpse of what you can really see. We need to focus on that. To not just hear it but feel it. I started out the same way." You say. "I could hear or feel what the wind was feeling as the wind sprites tried to talk to me. Although, there was also a dragon cat behind them now that I recall so perhaps that's why they were so insistent on it. Either way, before you can see them you must be able to sense them. Once you can do that we can move on to people and after that Chi in places and things."

"No. You can't teach her how to read minds!" Xin Lan protests. "Then I'll never hear the end of it."

"You need to teach me how to read minds." Ming says. "That way I know exactly what kind of trouble a certain bunny will be up to."

"No. I don't know how to read minds. I can feel emotions to some extent but I can't read minds. Besides, it's not that hard to tell when Xin is planning trouble. They get this greedy little grin on their face." You say. "And then their ears kind of get even pointier if you could believe it before their tail starts to wiggle."

"I knew I caught you staring." Xin Lan smirks.

"But more seriously, it seems like we'll be doing meditation mostly." You continue. "We won't be doing much exercise so progress might be slower than your accustomed to. Although the fastest progress is always at the start. Soon enough you begin to plateau and its then where your will defines how far you go or if you stop all together. It's going to be up to you how far you go now."

"Will you teach me how to jab Xin in the arm and make him freeze up?"

"Ha! I grew up with Stripes. You think I didn't have that happen every day? You're strikes are nothing to me." Xin Lan says. Ming simply motions to them as if to prove her point.

"If you intend to use it like a toy then no." You say. "This is serious studies and Chi is not something to be taken lightly. It is a thin line to cross and far too many have failed and fallen off of that path that I am completely willing to stop here if I think you won't take the rules seriously." Ming bends her ears backwards in embarassment.

"Jeez big guy. I don't think I've seen you this serious outside of a fight." Xin Lan says.

"You should know it is. Given you nearly died when we fought a Chi user." You say.

"I mean yeah but like...that was an evil guy. Ming's not evil. I don't think she even has an evil bone in her body." They reply."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5057591 && dateTime=="11/16/21(Tue)22:42:01")

""From personal experience, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And I refuse to give Ming the tools to fall from grace." You say as you stand up and pat Ming's head. "You might be joking around but I'm not. It's ok to be excited and eager but just remember that many people fell to be able to carve the path that you're taking safely. Remember this is serious stuff and I'm still your teacher, even if I am your family." You make your way to the door. "I think this is a good time to meditate on what I said and find out why you want to learn Chi and what it means to you." You add before you leave.

>Where do you go to look for the brown bunny?
>Try the training field. Knowing how "devoted" he is, perhaps he is waiting for you there.
>Check the public dining room. He might be snooping around there to get a glimps of Xin.
>Go to the markets. Perhaps he's there, no doubt looking for a gift for Xin.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057651 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)00:15:01")

>Try the training field. Knowing how "devoted" he is, perhaps he is waiting for you there.
we told him to come back later, if we don't find him there he will eventually come to us so we don't have to worry."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057883 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)07:36:52")

>Try the training field. Knowing how "devoted" he is, perhaps he is waiting for you there."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5057884 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)07:38:11")

Can we ask an sprite if they saw him anywhere?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058063 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)13:51:10")

>Check the training field"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5058170 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)17:10:05")

Going to the training field. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5058219 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)18:53:56")

"You head down the stairs and come across Renshu carrying a tray. "Heading out? In this rain?" He asks. "I was just heading up with drinks."

"Yeah, I promised someone I'd meet up with them." You say as you grab a cup and take a drink. It was hot chocolate. "Keep an eye on Ming and your little sister. They're 'fighting' again." You say with a smile.

"I assume the little one is teasing her again?" Renshu asks with amusement.

"The opposite actually." You chuckle. "Xin won't let Ming see a few secrets they have for their book. You know how curious she gets."

"I'll make sure they settle down. A bit of food and they'll probably be napping together." Renshu laughs.

"I'll see you later then." You say as you get to the bottom of the stairs. You open the door to the rainy streets and head out.


You hurry over to the training grounds, careful to not slip off the soaked rooftops. As you arrive, you see a small umbrella under the large tree with a small rabbit huddled up underneath it. Slightly admiring the rabbit's dedication, you jog over to the tree and pull out a bag full of camping equipment you leave with your training gear. "You know. We could have met up somewhere else." You say as you start a small fire and sit down next to him by the tree trunk. The tree's leaves were large enough that you could sit somewhat comfortably in the rain and not worry about the fire going out.

"I didn't think it was going to rain." The small rabbit says. "And you said to meet up later..."

"I can only guess what you wanted to talk about." You say. "But let's hear it." At this the small rabbit seems to forget about the rain and looks up at you.

"Please! Get me a date with Xin Lan!" He say.

You sigh, "I...we went over this. I told you all I know." You explain. "It's up to you to get her to date you."

"No. You don't understand. There's rumors going all over town. That new place her brother owns is going to have the largest event for couples! If I can just have her go on a date with me to that event then I know I can convice her to date me!" He says.

"And why haven't you asked her yet?" You ask.

"Because I need know how to do it. You're her best friend. If I just ask her and try to use what she likes then she'll think I'm being insincere. She'll glare at me." He says with a content sigh. "But I need to figure out how to show her that I really mean what I say. I want to marry her someday teacher!""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5058221 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)18:54:57")

"You raise an eyebrow. "You want to marry her? How long have you known her?"

"A few months." The small rabbit says. "But I know that she's the one!"

You shake your head. "Why exactly do you like Xin? Besides the whole snow thing and the walking. What none physical thing do you like about her?"

"I don't know...she...she sees through things." The rabbit says. "Like things beneath her don't exist. She lives above us regular mortals and-" You hold up your hand.

"Let's try that again. To you. What about her that applies to you do you like? I...guess I can understand the appeal of her attitude. But what do you two have in common or what has she done with you that you like? You two won't last if you have nothing in common." You say. "Actually...why don't you ask her brother? This is precisely his area of expertise."

"Her brother scares me..." The small rabbit says as he fidgets. "He's a giant and his eyes cold. Calculating. He's the same as his sister but...I feel like anything that catches his attention is in danger...that and I think he'll eat me."

"You know...I always saw it as more mysterious and contemplative." You muse. "But fine. What about my other question?"

"She...noticed me." The small rabbit says.

"Yeah, so did I. You're not gonna ask me for a date are you?" You tease lightly.

"No!" The small rabbit says shaking his head. "She noticed me! When she talks to me she treats me like anyone else! Everyone else just lies to my face. No one ever tries to get to know me. All my life, everyone just does what I want. My snow princess doesn't. She treats me like...dirt. Like I'm just like anyone else. No one's ever done that! To her, I'm just a regular plebian unworthy of her notice! I can finally act how I want and be seen for who I am!" You stare at the small rabbit, utterly confused. You definitely understood trying to escape the shackles of who you were or at least your apperance. Wanting to be seen for your own merits rather than those that preceed you. What you didnt' understand was the poor boy's enjoyment of being seen as lesser.

Scratching your head you ask, "So...I'm guessing your family is well known. What exactly is your name?" The little bunny frowns and fidgets some more. "Hey...I'm the last person to treat someone by their legacy. I'm...well let's say I have friends in very high positions and we've fought together in war. On the battlefield titles and legacy mean nothing. So trust me when I say I won't look at you any different." The small rabbit nods.

"Gyaltso...Gyaltso Dorji. My dad is the biggest merchant in town."

>What do you say?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058227 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)19:23:39")

> have you told Xin your name
> I'll be honest I don't really like your father
> tell him that eventually, he's going to have to man up and talk to her. we can't do all the work for other peoples relationships.
He probably doesn't know about the trouble his dad is causing Renshu but xin doesn't seem like the kind of person who would hate him because of familial relations."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058229 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)19:26:30")

forgot to add
>but you're not your father."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058238 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)19:44:25")

>Well little one, that might be a problem, you see, your father might just have made her brother incredibly mad.
>But this may actually be for your advantage. Go to her, be yourself, don't try to squeeze yourself into her heart.
>Show that you are your own person, that you are not your father's son, that you are not a mold to shape to fit to her tastes.
>I already have given you plenty of advice, I have even told Xin to give you a chance. The reason I told you to come here later was because I was going to tell you about the date night, and suggest you to invite her.
>You have been ignoring my advice, or applying them to the wrong areas so far. I tell you to be persistent, so you persistantly stalk her. I tell you what she likes, and instead of trying to experience those to see if you have a connection, you dress yourself as them to try and catch her attention. If you aren't brave enough to just be yourself, go to Xin, talk to her, than you are never going to suceed. Because I bet you have never even told her your name, have you?
>Do not despair, there is a deep romantic within Xin. You just have to actually be a potential partner, someone worthy of being anothers better side, instead of looking like an obssed infatuated fool.
>I want you to reflect on it, to actually think it through. Because you are running out of time and chances.
I still like him, and I still want to keep him."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058239 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)19:47:50")

Saw that coming as soon as he said "She treats me like anyone else".

>"Quite a legacy. I'm sure some fish would go a ways towards solving this Koi-nundrum."
Give him a little bit of ribbing before we serious up. Some joking usually breaks an atmosphere.

>"Still, that is going to cause some kerfluffle. Regardless, you like them because they saw past the exteriors and pretensions and evaluated you as your own person. Xin Lan is also fond of that and in their own words they don't make it easy to get to know them. The point however is that they are far more skilled in reading people than I am and certainly good enough to discern if you are telling the truth or not. The issue is respect."
>"Xin wears their hearts of their sleeve quite often, and it's reflected in their favorite tales. You're scared that Renshu would eat you and that deterred you from asking for his help and facing the frankly intimidating experience of Renshu in a room of knives. Your conviction lacked.
Xin's enthusiasm for war of the three kingdoms and appreciation for an individuals value are known to you, but you don't use them as an opening to ask her out, or take the lessons from the tale and honestly make your intentions plain. Conviction flagged in the face of doubt.
>And if you regard yourself as dirt, putting them upon a pedestal that you can't ever reach, let alone stand as equal and frank with, then what incentive do they have to give you the time of day?"

to condense this all down into a small and short lesson.
>"Xin knows you are sincere, the problem is they don't value sycophants or those without the will to make their case, in spite of however much it may be daunting. So my advice to you, is remember the fearlessness you felt when your sense left you and you decided your best move was to try attacking me over a misunderstanding, and be direct about your intention. Xin may tell you to go away and that you have no chance with complete honesty, but you may actually gain something like a drop of approval. The risk is yours."

Now lastly, I want to give him a test, to really throw off his game.

>"And I've a question for you. Why are you so certain Xin is a girl?"

I'm also really appreciative of this anons write in, mostly because I feel it encapsulates it all a bit more elegantly. But regardless, I still think my shortened lesson has some room here but the question is definitely an important one to pose. Since even we don't know, though I personally am pretty sure they are a girl."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058245 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)19:57:25")

>And by the way, I still think that literature is the way you are could win her heart.
>Not because it's her greatest love, no. But because it's her love that fits you. All this talk of snow princess, of the clouds, of mortals. You have a poet's soul, and you refuse to see it. Because, like I keep
saying, you are too busy trying to be something else for her, instead of just being yourself."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5058279 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)21:29:47" && image=="2453067-bigthumbnail.jpg")

>>"And I've a question for you. Why are you so certain Xin is a girl?"
To be fair to the brown bun, and this feels like a bit of an unfair question for the guy. Xin's been dressing like a girl, acting like...ok they act like they always do, and you specifically have been refering to them as a girl when talking to brown bun. Not to mention that Xin is the only person in existence that you know that doesn't conform to being either male or female and only because they refuse to tell you and switch it up.

You can't blame the little guy for assuming them to be a girl and never considering them to be otherwise. They have no reason to think otherwise and it's safe to say that they would never consider it in their life time unless you bring it up.

However! I also think this is a good question to ask on the other hand. Not conforming is part of who Xin is. It's how they were raised and if asked (I don't know if it'll ever come up though I guess anons could ask later) whether they actually regard themselves as male or female. They'd reply with neither or whatever they're dressed up as. To them it's just another layer of the mask. Their personality doesn't shift when they swap unless they're actually going undercover and it has to change. So it's only fair that anyone who would date Xin would have to be ok with the fact that they might end up being in a relationship with a man sometimes. But who are we kidding? Brown bun probably wouldn't care if Xin was a guy half the time...right?

The question I feel is, does TL have the right to tip off brown bun about it or is that something Xin should do? Espcially given that Xin doesn't seem particulalry interested in the guy. It is after all their cover as well.

Now of course that is under the assumption you're actually serious about trying to give the brown bun a chance with the snow bun because to be quite honest, the little gag character has actually kind of grown on me. Just look at him! He's adorable. Never actually intended for him to go beyond someone to annoy Xin. Now the little guy might end up getting a character arc where he marries the big guy. "

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058283 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)21:34:39")

I'm pretty sure we told him once we didn't actually know wheter Xin was a man or a woman, and he said he was sure. Time to archive dive again.
Also you replied to the wrong anon boss."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5058292 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)21:46:36")

Crap. My bad. Did a quick skim of the archives. Brown bun appears in thread 14 if you want have a thorough look."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058295 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)21:47:26")

Well, I can't find anything, the closest thing was when we introduced Xin and said that everything might truth or lie about her."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5058296 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)21:47:36")

"Meant to add I didn't find the joke. Though the first time, TL did refer to Xin as a she. Think I went back to they out of habit later on though.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058301 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)21:51:28")

I'll agree that is a dumb question to ask. Xin will have to tell him if this relationship will go anywhere and I don't see that happening anytime soon. I will be honest this will only end in heartbreak in the end."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058304 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)21:55:45")

Oh, no joke.
It seems we been treating Xinas a she the entire time, probably because it was their cover. Still, the brown bunny needs a confidence, the little dude.
Have faith in Xin, if they can manage to open up that much to a normal stranger, than it means they did massive progress."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5058314 && dateTime=="11/17/21(Wed)22:09:41")

Speeches. I'll get to writing. If it's not posted tonight then it will be tomorrow morning. Feeling kinda sleepy. Will true love prevail?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5058536 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)04:12:03")

Points raised and accepted, I withdraw the question from being asked.

It is taking things a bit far and really cons right to say"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059003 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)17:37:15")

"Thanks. I too enjoy waking up to no power and ruining all my plans that require the internet. It's back though so time to get writing.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059009 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)17:41:14")

Reject dependence on technology.
Astral project into the internet."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059012 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)17:43:38")

Technomancer quest confirmed then?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059020 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)17:50:58")

Well, there's 2 primarchs quests about techy lads, but an non 40k one would be welcome too."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059023 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)17:54:16")

Namdhalay Haramah Shah braaaaa!

>Technology begins to rattle"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059056 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:39:06")

"Best I could probably do would be like a generic cyberpunk setting, or shadowrun. Maybe a setting set in modern times with the MC being the only technomancer in existence.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059059 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:43:52")

There's also that game set on Mars."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059060 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:44:36" && image=="41239799db052bbe7bcaf8e60b722baa470b7f5f56ada5e8734af1cd0a84e744_1.jpg")

"Been saving this for you guys. I think it's appropriate.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059061 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:46:48" && image=="1629345086367.jpg")

I also been saving this image, but I don't think the opportunity will ever present itself."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059063 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:48:00")

Which one?"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059064 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:49:00")

If I could ever find a reason to stuff one of Shenlong's siblings into a scroll case or something similar. I definitely would put it in the game."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059069 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:55:26")

The Technomancer.
Although the main character is more of a lightning shooting wizard and a technology empath. Also it's a bit buggy and all the story starts getting rushed near the middle."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059070 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)18:56:28")

"Than a", not "and a"."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059079 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)19:17:03")

"Hmm...trying to figure out if we should drop the bombshell that we don't like the bun's dad or if we should give advice first then go into the father bit.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059086 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)19:21:54")

We shouldn't.

We dont know about his dad being implicit in anything. But we should mention that he just made Renshu rather irritated.

We said that we wouldnt look at him different. And telling him that we dont like his dad is going to make him uncomfortable and. . Frankly it would be hypocritical. We havent met the man, and his only interaction is trying to buy a smaller business."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059094 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)19:28:56")

Yeah, that's why I had said that, he is on our suspect list, but we don't have concluse evidence.
But the truth is that he did piss of Renshu, and it just happened. Also like I said on my write-in, it's an opportunity to show he is his own person instead of someone else's puppet."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059098 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)19:37:01")

Sorta what I was echoing but yes it's more plainly put there."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059109 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)20:01:57")

So I guess I ended up supporting your support of my idead by using itself? Some sort of write-inception."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059113 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)20:10:04")

"The chaos of write ins.";

if(Damien Howl && title=="" && postNumber==5059237 && dateTime=="11/18/21(Thu)23:38:55")

"These write ins sure are fuckin bonkers long right now, even for our standards I think";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059250 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)00:10:19")

""Quite a legacy. I'm sure some fish would go a ways towards solving this Koi-nundrum." You joke. The small rabbit simply looks at you. "Sorry." You quickly add. "Nonetheless, that might be a problem, you see, your father might just have made her brother incredibly mad." You say. the small rabbit looks at you, confusion evident on his face.

"What? What happened?" He asks. You shrug slightly.

"I don't know the full details, however, from what I can tell it involved a rather...agressive attempt to buy the buisness Xin's brother owns." You say. This did not seem to clarify anything for the small rabbit.

"I don't understand. My father doesn't buy buisnesses. We simply farm fish and sell them. Why would he want to buy one now?" He asks. Again your shrug.

"I'm not sure but that is all I heard." You say. "In any case, this is to you're not your father. You want her to see her you as who you really are then show her. Don't be someone you think she wants and don't be someone you're not. Just be you. Xin wears their heart on their shoulder and perhaps that's your best course. To simply be who you really are. As I've told you, any attempts to like or get around the truth she'll know. The only thing I can really tell you is that you're lacking conviction. You take the step forward and then become afraid of the consequences or the idea of them and step back. You're afraid of Renshu eating you so you don't ask for his help when he can be the best asset you have. It's almost like you're afraid of succeeding."

"No! He's just...really really scary." Gyaltso says as he fidgets. "Of course you'd say that. You have nothing to fear. I don't think anyone can beat you and he really does look like he'd eat me."

"Well I've given you all the tools I can. It's all up to you to ask." You say. "I'm not sure I understand why you like her seeing you as dirt though. That might not be the best. If you keep putting her on a pedstal that you can't reach, then what incentive does she have to give you the time of day?"

"I dunno...I just like her looking down on me. The way she's so dominanant and commanding..." The small bunny says with a blush. You feel your face grow warm and cough."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059251 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)00:11:20")

""W-well...that aside. I think it would be more important that she knows you see yourself as someone worth her time and then....maybe ask her about that. Once you're someone worth paying attention to...then I guess you can be the one person she can look down on...with love?" You stand up and dust yourself off, only slightly surprised you're completely dry and actually dusty. "So, the question is are you going to go actually talk to her and introduce yourself? Or are you gonna just keep wandering about and waiting for a moment that'll never come? You'll never be her hero. She can defend herself. You'll never win her over with gifts. She isn't a material person. You know the only way to go about this and she may even say no but perhaps that maybe enough to earn a modicum of respect. Something you can build on." The small rabbit nods.

"Where is she?" He asks. "Can you take me to her?"

>What do you say?
>Tell him no. He ask to go on his own.
>Give the bunny a ride. At least so he doesn't get soaked in the rain.
>Just leave. You said all you have to say.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059252 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)00:15:36")

>Just leave. You said all you have to say."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059432 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)05:04:44")

>Check with super friend sonar
>Give him the place and say "good luck""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059486 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)07:23:20")

>You know the places she goes to Gyaltso, and you even share a few reasons to be there.
>Either wait for the end of the classes or go to Renshu's restaurant and ask for her, anything outside of that will make her think you are stalking her again."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059678 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)13:04:17")

They are at the restraunt presently, so now is the time to go."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059723 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)14:04:03")

Yeah, but I giving the initiative to him, and also a bit of time for him to think.
But we can say that if he wants to go to ther restaurant right now we can give him a lift."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059779 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)15:10:19")

So what's the winner? Do we tell them where Xin is now, or tell him to find her, or simply leave?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059781 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)15:15:52")

Tell him that she is back at restaurant, but that he should do it at his own pace.
Xin already has the idea we are trying to set up both of them (not that she is wrong), but if he wants to appear and be his own person, he has to take that step alone."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059782 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)15:18:36")

well, I'm sticking to my vote."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059786 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)15:23:27")

I don't think we should give him the lift, since it leaves him reliant on us.
And the walk will give him time to pussy out.

Backing this explaination.>>5059781
Tell him where, then let him get there by himself"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059951 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)20:43:59")

""You know the places she hangs out at." You say. "And you even have reasons to be there. That's all I'll say. The rest is up to you and ultimately, I'd say you're running out of time."

"What do you mean by that?" The small rabbit asks but by then you're already on top of the wall and heading off. The small rabbit's shouts of your name are lost in the rain as you head back to The Warren and your friends.


By the time you arrive back, the rain has picked up somewhat and you swear the drops of water were at least the size of a small rock. The streets were flooded in places and you were quite grateful to for the heat coming from the kitchen as you step in. The diner is quiet and you find yourself trying to keep it so, as if you were on an important stealth mission. You half expected Renshu to come down and offer you a drink but as you ascend the stairs you find the place to be rather empty. Pushing the door to the dining room open you're glad to see both your friends there as they pour over a very large map of the city. Xin Lan was on all fours pointing at something as Ming seemed to be taking notes of some kind.

"What are you guys up to?" You ask as you close the door behind you.

"We're planning a hiest!" Xin Lan says as their tail wiggles eagerly. "We're gonna rob the Exarch's place for anything valuable."

"No we're not!" Ming says hastily as they pull Xin Lan off the map and sit them down. "They're lying."

"I figured." You say amused as you pick up Xin Lan and set them on your shoulders. They immediately hug the back of your head and rest their cheek ontop of it, drooping their ears to cover your eyes. "So what are you really doing?"

"We're planning on how we can attract customers and build up the buisness." Ming says. "Right now we're just trying to drive traffic in for the summer festival. We're thinking of some kind of day event."

"I thought we were doing a couple's night?"

"We are and we considered it an all day thing but it'll be best if we focus on family stuff during the day. You know, stuff people can bring their kids to. Then at night when the kids are in bed, the parents or young adults can come over. Plus it'd be rather annoying trying to have a romantic event when there's tons of shouting and stuff going on." Xin Lan says."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5059953 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)20:45:00")

""Plus, if we host some kind of family event. It'll look like we care more about just romance too. Problem is that this place is rather small. We just don't have the space inside or out to host anything big." Ming says as she pulls out a scroll that contained a very detailed floor plan of The Warren. "You've already seen that traffice gets really congested and given that we're gonna have a huge city wide event...well we're losing already. We can't compete in terms of hosting a large ammount of people and from what Xin says, we're only succeeding in the couples idea simply because we're new and people are curious."

"Not to mention we're cheap. Well, we don't charge as much as the bigger places. So people from less wealthy parts of the city come to us. Stripes is giving them the chance to try out what they think is the high life without the price tag. Pretty smart if you ask me." Xin Lan adds.

"So, we're kind of stuck." Ming concludes. "Do you have an ideas?"

>What do you say?
>Say you have no clue. You're not a planner.
>Suggest that if the idea is to show people you're invested with the city. Why not host a potluck? You did it a few times after rescuing people and they seemed pretty happy. Renshu could host majority of the food and others can come with their own to share. Some of the poorer areas of the city have quite a lot of space open so it doesn't need to be in the Warren. You're not sure how you'd make money though.
>Suggest a cooking competition hosted by Renshu. Add a cash prize and maybe offer to host the winner's dish in the menu. You can invite some high profile people of the city to judge it. That way you win the support of the crowd and the influencial. Ask for a small entrance fee and you could make a small profit.
>Say Renshu can offer a special night for the rich. Show that you can cater to both sides. If you can get the influencial on your side then there isn't much to fear about anyone else trying to run you out of buisness. The rich are always willing to stab each other in the back if it means protecting something they enjoy.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5059970 && dateTime=="11/19/21(Fri)21:23:08")

Speaking from a hospitality individual, good PR is vital. Our USP is high quality cooking without the tag, and our disadvantage is the space.

So the play is to attract the influential, and for that we need to attract not just the rich, but people who spread the word and are of a respected position. That means market research.

So the peak move is to set up a night and invite these influential people and comp them their drinks or some of the fine foods, and the weeks afterwards make this one of our "specialty" nights with a given theme or style of food or something to keep people coming in. The rest of the week, we keep appealing to the less wealthy with fancy looking and good tasting foods. And get a reservation policy set up, but always leave 2 or 3 tables open for important clients. Makes us seem more exclusive, and let's us plan our dinner stocks much easier.

I dont know how much of this TL thinks of but he at least gets
>Set up a special night"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5060181 && dateTime=="11/20/21(Sat)03:13:02")

>Suggest a cooking competition hosted by Renshu. Add a cash prize and maybe offer to host the winner's dish on the menu. You can invite some high profile people of the city to judge it. That way you win the support of the crowd and the influential. Ask for a small entrance fee and you could make a small profit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5060308 && dateTime=="11/20/21(Sat)08:25:59")

Just remember to enter it ourselfs, it's another goal to help us improve.
And the goal is to not kill a third of the city"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5060945 && dateTime=="11/20/21(Sat)23:34:58")

""What about a cooking competition?" You suggest.

"You're not getting out of it." Xin Lan teases as they play with one of your ears. "You're still competing with your friend." You bat one of the rabbit's ears aside.

"Shush you. If we make a competition, it would show that we care about the city right? That we want to be involved in events. We can offer a small prize and ask for entry fees. If we ask some of the more influencial people to judge we can probably play to both sides and maybe even make a bit of money." You say. "That sounds something more family friendly. We can even work with nearby buisness. They can offer us some of their space for cooking stations and in return the crowd we gather will spend their money their stalls. Solves two problems with one project right?"

"You know, he has a point." Ming says. "If we cooperate with other buisnesses we can get more support from them as well. It might help stave off some harassment if the other resteraunts try to extert their influence against us. Not to mention they have access to the rest of the city as customers. If others hear good things from the places they frequent then they'll be more inclined to visit here."

"They can do the rumor mongering for us." Xin Lan says. "The less work we have to do, the more we can focus on more important things." They place their elbows on your head as they hold their own in their hands. "Still, we'll need to get started soon. If we're going to get permission from other buisnesses then we should do it with time."

"But what about the judges?" Ming asks. "We don't know anyone with influence."

"That is true." Xin Lan says and they pat your head. "So? Who do you know?" They ask."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5060947 && dateTime=="11/20/21(Sat)23:36:38")

""No one." You say. "That's your job. You're the social expert. You'll need to get us some judges. I'm just some of them frequent a few bars and taverns. Unless you want to ask your Gege for help." You tease. Xin Lan tugs at your ear.

"I'll get it done." They huff. "You'll see. I'll get the most important people here."

"Settle down you two." Ming giggles. "We'll need to spread word about this as well then. A cooking competition isn't much without contestants..." She pauses.

"What?" Xin Lan asks.

"I just realized that this is prime opportunity for other eateries to come and mess with us." She says. "They can send their own chefs to completely oust anyone honestly trying to join or even attempt to ruin it deliberately." You and Xin Lan go quiet. Ming did have a point. A compeition, especially from a business that was drawing the ire of the city did bring the opporunity for any trouble makers.

>What do you say?
>Say Xin has their plate full then. You'll need to memorize everyone who works for the competition and screen anyone who signs up. Xin is the best at that and finding names and faces.
>Say that you'll need to roll with it. You can't go through every contestant so you'll have to keep your eyes out.
>Find out some way to prevent people from messing with the competition. You're not sure how though.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5061042 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)02:51:33")

>Say that you'll need to roll with it. You can't go through every contestant so you'll have to keep your eyes out.
xin will already be busy and it's not realistic to screen every contestant especially if we plan on doing it anytime soon."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5061126 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)06:45:31")

>we can roll with it, perhaps have I or Renshu as watchers over the contestants."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5061152 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)08:07:20")

>Find out some way to prevent people from messing with the competition. You're not sure how though.
>I don't know how to stop them from bullying others from joining, but I do know how to stop them from messing with things on the competition itself.
>I can read emotions and have an army of curious sprites, Renshu has his spirits and read my mind and by the time the competition rolls out you also have a few tricks up your sleeve Ming, we will be able to know the worst offenders and keep an eye out.
>I can ask my students to stay close to those suspicious, make it harder for them to move unoticed. If we can get the wolf child to gather his family and friends to do it, it will be harder for them to call them out, since children will be children, having their older sister on our side means she won't tell them to stop. Hopefully their brother is off duty that day, so he can be the one responsible for watch ove them, since he is more leniant he won't nees to be in on the plan, and the mere presence of a guard might stifle any sabotage.
>There are also those ladies I met atbthe mahjong place, they have been very helpful and took an interest on the restaurant and are very gossipy, so they could help. However, that would mean trusting people I barely know on the first impressiona of only one interaction.
>Although, I do have a contact with the son of an influencial figure that could sponsor us."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5061156 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)08:30:40")

Actually, remove the thing about the bun. He doesn't like to be treated special because of his family, and having him as a judge/sponsor could mean the restaurants would try to get his favor as much as it could reduce foul play."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5061248 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)11:37:05")

Lets not ask the spirits. That's just an abuse of friendship and pretty creepy for something as unimportant as a cooking game.

asking our students is again flexing our powers but. . inviting them to the competition doesn't seem too bad. If we set it up like tahashi's new years meal, then we can settle most of our issues. Have two catagories, judged and popular vote. but this may be a bit of scope creep."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5061253 && dateTime=="11/21/21(Sun)11:49:43")

Well, it was not to invite them to participate, but to be part of the crowd.
Just also asking them to keep an eye out if anyone tries to do something and let us know.
And well, it's not really a feature creep since the idea is already to have it open to the public anyway, so having them vote isn't too far fetched.
Very well, let the sprites and spirits alone, but we and renshu should still try reading emotions."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062267 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)14:40:10")

Looks like we're just gonna roll with it. Writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062293 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)15:13:50")

How you feeling Luo?"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062298 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)15:23:39")

Better. My cough has died down considerably. On the quest side of things, I'm contemplating maybe taking a week off for christmas week. Just to bury myself under some blankets and hybernate. Also the idea of putting this quest aside for a new one to take a break is coming here and there but I feel even if I swap quests, it'll be the same thing. All in all, it's back to usual for me. Could go for some takeout. I just hope things are going better for you guys than it was for me."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062307 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)15:33:28")

Job seeking, getting my brother and his friend into dnd and discovering some little Lebanese place which people seem to have overlooked.

Pretty rad week to be hoe st with ya. And a character I have deep emotional stakes in got out of hospital this chapter, so yaaaay!
As for a week off, take it. Its christmas man, enjoy the season of good tidings!"

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062330 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)16:01:39")

Hey, glad to hear other quests are doing good. I've been meaning to browse the catalouge but between this and real life stuff. It just slips my mind. Been a good while since I participated in one."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062389 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:08:29")

""We'll just need to roll with the punches." You say. "We can't stop people from entering the competition but we can certainly do our best to keep them from messing with our event. Renshu and Xin are pretty good at reading people plus we can invite a few of the students over to keep an eye on thing. We can offer them a bite to eat and drink and maybe promise them an nice meal in the future as thanks for their help but that's as much as we can do. If other places send their chefs in and we figure it out then we can call them out. We can thank the other buisnesses for participating and giving their blessing on ours. The owners can't deny this or they'll look bad and if their employees attempt to sabotage our event then it will only make them look bad as well. I'm willing to bet that the chef's have enough pride that they won't sabotage their own meal to make the contest look like a failure. So we know what to look out for, narrowing our search."

"Then it looks like we have a plan." Ming says. "Speaking of which-"

"Why is it that everytime my bunny sense finds danger or trouble. I find you three in the middle of it?" Renshu says with a smile. The large rabbit walks into the room with a tray full of hot drinks, steam rising from the cups.

"You mean the trouble you're setting us up to?" Xin Lan says with a smirk.

"Oh I wouldn't know anything about that." Renshu says with amusement. "I'm a good man. I would never deliberately set up a group of my friends to undermine my competition." He sets the cups on a small stand and hands them over to the group. "What have we come up with?" He asks as he studies the maps. You give him a quick rundown of the plan along with the pros and cons of it.

"Where did you go?" You ask at the end of it as you sip the hot drink. "I didn't find you in the kitchen and the place was empty."

"I escorted Miss Amala home. She unfortunately had no umbrella so we made a quick stop to the store so I could buy her one. Despite her protests. I won't have my only employee getting hurt or sick on her way home or to work. Still haven't thought of a way to ensure her siblings can be taken care of while she works." He admits. "We'll need to invite some of the head chefs of the bigger buisnesses. I'll do that."

"Why would they want to come?" Ming asks. "I would think they would not want anything to do with it."

"They have no choice." Renshu says. "Cooking is a bit like kung fu or their schools. While it's not a big of a tradition, it is a sign of respect to invite your elders to try your meals. Something I did not do."

"You didn't? Stripes if you started this war on your own because you didn't mind your manners..." Xin Lan threatens."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062390 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:09:30")

""I didn't know." He admits. "More specifically, I didn't know such a tradition was still held here given how rare new buisnesses are. More to the point, I planned on that fact to go under scrutiny. Given how small my humble diner is, I figured they would not even consider looking at me." He taps at the map. "However, I doubt such an action would have prompted violence. From what we know, it's too well planned for it to be response to some upstart. The attempts to buy me out seem more in line. Back to Ming's question though, they are honor bound to come and judge. To say no would seem like bullying and hurt their reputation. All I would need to say is that I and was denied. To the public it would look like important figures not giving a new comer a chance simply because he is not a big as they are. Arrogance is not something the common man takes kindly, especially for well known public figures. Imagine if someone such as Oogway harshly denied an eager and well meaning new comer. That is how it will appear. More importantly, by inviting these head chefs and buisness owners I have taken them away from their own places and denying them leadership in a very buisness event. In short," Renshu says with a malicious smile. "I hold all the power here. The only choices they have are the ones I want."

You pet Renshu's head to settle him down. His tail wiggles and his eyes are wide but he says no more and seems content. "Seems like we have all the major points covered. The public opinion, the owner's positioning, and security. All we have left is getting other influencial people involved and we should have a good chance to increase our public opinion. But you were saying something Ming?""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062392 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:10:43")

""Right!" She hurries over to her back and pulls out a large scroll. "I do have this." She says unrolling a huge amount of scrawling and notes. You think a few overlap one another. "I know what we can do for the couple's night." She runs her finger over a few lines. "See, in the early years of the city food was scarce. Given that they wanted to remain hidden and didn't want to trade with the outside, they could only eat what they grew which wasn't much. So it soon became practice to share their meals. That practice evolved over time. Sharing a meal became a big thing. Only done with the people you trust the most, the ones you were willing sacrifice the only thing that kept you alive with. Food was a very precious commodity so to give it up was a major sign of trust and respect. Eventually when food became more plentiful it evolved again. The original meaning was still embedded in the act but now it was saved for weddings. As an act of bonding with families, a sign that you'd sacrifice for your new family members kind of like of a dowry but with food instead of money." Ming unfurls the scroll some more. "A few more generations later, as things stabalized even more, the meaning evolved again and again. Nowadays, sharing food is a sign of endearment. Anyone can buy one another a meal but to share it means you're willing to open up more. To show what you enjoy and risk embarassment or critique. Well...that's the cultural definition. I doubt anyone sees it as that deep during a date but it's the thought and meaning that counts. So I was thinking that we cater our dishes to that."

Renshu nods. "Yes, there are plenty of dishes I can think of that can be shared between two. It'll cut down on prep work and there also plenty of ways to present the dish in a romantic and appealing way. That is a good way to integrate local tradition and gain appeal from the citizens here.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062394 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:11:44")

"Ming nods. "And we can make it as simple as possible." She says grabbing another scroll. "I did some asking around, at least in the library with locals. According to my survey, 60 percent of people prefered the dish to be simple. Either because they were elder citizens who remember simpler times of dating, younger generations with not much money to spend, or a mix of the two who simply think that attempting to make the meal itself extravegant is gaudy. While they didn't mind fancy surroundings and decor, the food itself is meant to be eaten not admired. I'd hazard to guess that this comes from their survival roots. In times of famine, attempting to make the food look good was simply a waste of food. I'm guessing this idea was passed down from parent to child. The 40 percent left was either people who didn't care as long as the food was good, thought the idea of a fancy meal was a nice sign of affection, would prefer that their meals be a nice looking as possible because that meant their date has money, or demanded it because it showed a seriousness in commitment." She quickly goes over her notes, "As for the dish itself? All I gathered was that it had to be hot, given how cold the nights get. No real prefrence. Lastly..." She says as she gingerly grabs on last scroll. It was rather small and didn't seem to give any indication as to why it was handled like that. "I made on last breakthrough." She opens it up, revealing neater handwriting full of numbers and measurements.

Renshu eyes the formulas and raises and eyebrow. " this what I think it is?" Ming nods sheepishly.

"Is Ming making love potions?" Xin Lan asks as they lean over your head to try and take a peek. You grab the back of their shirt to prevent the small bunny from falling off.

"It's the recipie to the drink you managed to get off the resteraunt you visted it." Ming says quietly.

"The one Pema was drinking?" Xin Lan asks in surprise.

"The very one. Complete with the isolation of the addictive ingredient in it." She says. "If we wanted to, we could make our own. Steal our competition's best wine recipie without the additive."

"What's the additive?" You ask. "The way it was spoken about, it wasn't normally there."

"It's a common enough root." Ming says. "Actually, it's a stimulant. I'm guessing as the group drank it, their body would process it, have a sudden energy crash and would beg for more. Just like how water tastes best when you're dehydrated, the wine tasted better when the body was craving spikes of energy."

"And you manged to figure this out from the little that was left in the bottle?" You ask impressed."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062397 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:12:45")

""It was difficult. There wasn't much left to work with but I managed to wrangle it out." She admits. "But it certainly didn't seem part of the wine. More like it was added afterwards but this is their best thing right? Their wine is one of their main attractions...and now we have it..."

>What do you say?
>Tell Renshu to use it. This could be the key in getting an advanatage in this industry. Use your opponent's weapons against them.
>Say that it can't be used. That's theft and if caught, it can cause trouble even if nothing can be proven.
>Leave it to Renshu to decide if it should be used.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062401 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:18:27")

>It's Renshu's call, but I'm opposed to it. More on the drugging the customers than taking their secret ingredient, a root belongs to nature, not a person after all."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062402 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:18:37")

I forgot to post that I remember the time I got my cousin and friends into tabletops. I still remember the Moped of Destruction...good times."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062405 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:21:33")

Lucky lads, my friends are incredibly shit players.
As in they will all arrive hours late, drink instead of play, and straight cancel at the last minute."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062410 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:28:19")

>Personally I am against it, since the same taste will cause trouble. The effect of the root is also somewhat. . manipulative, but people know that it would be unhealthy. Your call Renshu, though if you used the root in something like tea, it could add a pep to wake people up in the mornings? It'd put the information to good use and you can drink tea more than wine. Make it easier too."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062414 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)17:36:12")

I support the tea idea suggestion.
Neo-colonialism was built upon coffe and tea, so they are powerful weapons to be used."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062446 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)18:26:57")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062459 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)18:56:07")

Leaving it to the big bun. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062513 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)20:07:38")

""I'm against it. Using someone's recipie is bound to cause trouble more so if we're manipulating people with drugging people. Maybe we could use the root for teas or energy drinks but I'm not sure. " You admit. "What do you think?" You ask Renshu.

Renshu strokes his chin as he thinks for a moment. "No. We'll hold on to that for now. No need to play our whole hand just yet. Right now we have a solid start and it's best we stay in what appears to be a position of disadvantage for now." He says. "We have a busy few weeks coming up with having to negotiate with several buisnesses and people. I think that's enough without delving into espionage of other place's recipies." Xin Lan stretches and let's out a yawn.

"Well...then I guess it's settled. I say we turn in for the night." They say as they scratch one of your ears and rub the top of your head. "Before that though...what do you two have planned?" They ask mischeviously. You look around.

"What do you mean?" You ask with confusion.

"Couple's night, dummy. You and Stripes." Xin Lan explains rather grumpily. "You can't just hold one and not do anything with your partner." You look at Renshu who is equality surprised.

"I...actually didn't give it any thought. I am rather busy." He admits.

"I wasn't gonna say anything. You have your hands full as it is." You say. "I didn't want to bother you...did you want to?"

"I would love to but...I have the events to run." He repeats.

"How about we spend a little while meditating together in the morning?" You offer. "It would help settle your nerves. If Ming doesn't mind skipping our jog for the day." Ming only snorts as she supresses a laugh but manages to shake her head to indicate she didn't mind.

"I would love to. That's more than enough for me." Renshu says.

"Then...I guess that's a date?" You offer.

"I suppose so." Renshu says as their amusement increases at the rising incredulity of their little sister's face.

"You two are hopeless!" Xin Lan shouts. "Where are the flowers and the nice dinner?!" Renshu chuckles.

"Perhaps you should stick to romance in your novels little one." He says. "Now that all the important things are out of the way, we should head to sleep."

"I swear I'm stealing you away." Xin Lan grumbles. "If only to show Stripes how a real date goes."

"I'd welcome a duel to the death." Renshu says as he walks alongside the two of you. "Because that's the only way I'll let him go." He reaches up and ruffles their sibling's ears. "Good night." He says.

"Night." Xin Lan says as they quickly kiss their brother's hand. You close the door behind you just in time to block out the uproar of laughter coming from Ming as she gathers her things."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5062514 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)20:08:39")


"Man, with all the rain that fell you'd think it be wetter." Ming says as she sets her things down on the damp grass. The two of you settle down to continue your training and you do note that beyond the remaining dew of the morning, the city was just as dry as it was the day before the rain. You wonder if this had anything to do with the elementals working their magic to maintain the balance of nature up here.

"Perhaps it's just normal." You say. "None of the townsfolk seemed all that surprised."

"Yeah, I noticed that and it was quite the big shower too."

"We can ponder that after our training." You say. "Now back to meditation and remember, if I catch you sleeping I'm calling Xin."

"You can't. They're on diplomatic travels right now." Ming counters.

"Then I'll paint your face. Now, meditative position." You instruct. Ming sticks out her tongue and settles into medtitating. You watch as her breathing settles and she slowly slips away in to semi unconciousness.

>What do you do?
>Leave Ming alone. See if she can sense something on her own.
>Try to talk Ming through it and guide her.
>Call some sprites again. Increase the Chi in the area.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062519 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)20:12:35")

>Call some sprites again. Increase the Chi in the area
Get some torches or candles to get some of the fire boys."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062532 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)20:36:20")

>Step out of our body and talk to her through that."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062538 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)20:45:05")

Changing to support this instead, this is smart.
Maybe astral poke her too if she doesn't answer.

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5062570 && dateTime=="11/22/21(Mon)21:21:50")

we can easily do both.
call the spirits to increase the chi in the area so she has a better chance then astrally project ourselves and talk to her."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5063079 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)16:11:15")

Super busy today so I won't be able to post until late but we can do both. Pretty clever to try and mess with ming in the astral. I like it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5063130 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)17:38:10")

also small thing Luo.
Gu Gu is paternal aunt/sister or lady. The masculine is Jiu Jiu.

I just find this funny and demand you don't change it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5063157 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)18:09:13")

Turns out Renshu was a woman the whole time.
Plot twist of the decade."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5063160 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)18:14:47")

The power of one space kek. I was close though. gēge is chinese for elder brother.

There's enough I feel for it to be that Xin is a guy and Ren is a girl...maybe. Something something about subversion of expectations."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5063161 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)18:16:42")

"Jokes aside, I'm ready to write and I'm gonna get on that.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5063223 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)20:02:23")

"As Ming works to meditate, you take some time to start a small fire. Nothing too big but you think it'll be enough to attract a few fire sprites, at least that was the plan. Out of all the elementals, it seemed like fire sprites were the rarest or at the very least the ones you've had the least interaction with. Once you were ready you settle in for another meditation session and take a moment to smile at Xin Lan's reaction last night over you offering a meditation session as a date. Having your bit of fun, you immerse yourself in the world just beyond mortal sight. There wasn't much going on today which surprised you. Given how active the elementals were yesterday in preperation for the storm you had thought you'd find more around your training grounds.

Instead, you find the area quite barren with only an earth sprite or two digging around nearby. Frowning, you wander around to look for some other sprites. Knowing their tendancies, perhaps they were hiding to play a joke on you. You find nothing and scratch your head a bit before returning to where your body is. You still could never get used to the sight of yourself simply sitting there with your eyes closed. Come to think of it, it had been quite a while since you've seen yourself in a mirror. You study yourself, something you don't doubt that Xin Lan would have a field day if they heard of you doing so. You don't look any different than you remember yourself in your mind's eye. You weren't even any rounder than you remember though you attribute that to your jogs with Ming and your classes keeping you in shape. But still you looked...different. You couldn't put your finger on it but there was something less angular to you. You seemed less...menacing? More approachable. Slightly visible only just peeking out of your clothes is the thin line of a scar that runs down your chest. A mark that you often caught a certain rabbit taking peeks at now and then. Even that though seemed less brutal that what it should be. You remember Ming mentioning that by all accounts you should be dead. The fact you got out of it with only a scar is nothing short of a miracle. A small shiver goes down both your spines as you recall all sorts of horrible and crippling injures you should have had given how hard you pushed your body that night. If half the things were true, you shouldn't even be able to move with how many muscles and organs you should have ripped apart. Luckily for you, you had been given a miracle and you were now here, a teacher of all things. All in all you certainly look like a different man than the angry monster that escaped from prison only a year and a half ago."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5063225 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)20:03:24")

"A pop pulls you away from your thoughts and you turn to look at the fire in curiosity. You had heard that in both sets of ears. In reality and in this plane. As you study the flames you see a small sliver moving oddly within it. A small lizard, as if made from a tongue of fire itself, scurries about the fire and under the burning logs. A tiny tongue made of fire itself flicks in and out of it's little head. "Well hello there." You say as you crouch next to the fire. The small lizard picks up it's pace and scurries around the logs before settling in the center of the flames where the fire burned hottest. It's two beady eyes, like small bits of obsidian, look right at you.

Looking up you call out to Ming. "We have company. A small little friend of fire." You say. Ming doesn't stir from her place but her ear flicks. However, you're not sure if she heard you or if she's simply getting rid of an itch. "She can hear us." You tell the small sprite. "But at the same time she cannot. I'd like to ask your help so we can fix that." You tell the small lizard. The fire sprite digs it's back legs into the ash and charcoal causing the flames to pop around it.

>What do you do?
>Call out to Ming again. This time get closer to her. Maybe poke her in the head.
>Grab the fire sprite or at least try to and hold it close to Ming. Should be ok to do so.
>Tell the fire sprite to go talk to Ming. Maybe she can hear them.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5063227 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)20:07:15")

>>Tell the fire sprite to go talk to Ming. Maybe she can hear them"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5063237 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)20:25:23")

>Tell the fire sprite to go talk to Ming. Maybe she can hear them.
>Poke her"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5063288 && dateTime=="11/23/21(Tue)21:23:53")

>Tell the spirit to say hi
>Tell ming a small phrase. Of she recites it when she wakes up, we will be good."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064118 && dateTime=="11/24/21(Wed)16:49:32")

>Gu Gu is paternal aunt/sister or lady. The masculine is Jiu Jiu.
You know the more I think about it. The more appropirate it seems. Stripes did basically raise Xin on their own so I feel like the title would fit as funny as it is."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064121 && dateTime=="11/24/21(Wed)16:52:53")

Gonna poke Ming. She will skip everything and learn to astrally project simply to throw a boot at your head."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064249 && dateTime=="11/24/21(Wed)18:55:33")

""Go talk to her." You urge the little lizard. "She might be able to hear you." The small lizard decides that idea is not very good and simply curls up and takes a nap within the flames. "Come on." You say as you reach for a stick to poke at the logs but your hand fails to be able to manipluate anything. It was an odd sensation. You can press your hand against it and feel the same resistance that would prevent you from going through a solid object in the material plane however, any attempt to grip or lift the object proves impossible. It was as if the object was attached to its surroundings and part of them. Frowning, you get close and blow into the fire thus realizing you have no lungs to push air out. "Come on little guy, I made the fire for you but only if you help me. I can turn it off if we can't work together."

The small lizard looks at you with a grumpy eye and flicks it's tail, causing the fires to crackle and pop, before standing up and scurrying over to Ming. It kind of reminded you of Xin Lan you pulled blankets off of them in the morning and tried to get them off of you to wake up. As the sprite leaves the flames, part of you worries that you might have started a fire in the grass. Luckily for you, the worst that seems to happen is the dew evaporates slightly faster than it's surroundings. The small lizard snaps it's tongue at Ming and speaks but you cannot understand it. It's simply too alien for you. However the intent wasn't for Ming to understand the sprite but to simply hear it speak. You decide to go help the small friend and stand up. You make your way to Ming's side and gently poke her cheek. "Ming, can you hear us? We're trying to speak with you." You poke her other cheek and her whiskers wiggle and flick. The small fire sprite crawls up her back and attempts to speak into her ear. "If you can hear us, say something." You say as you continue to poke her.

It seems your attempts have some effect as Ming hops up on her feet and shouts. "It's not funny Tai Lung! I'm really trying and you poking me isn't helping!" She stomps over to your body and gives it a light shove. "Stop pretending. I know you were goofing around. There's no one else and Xin is helping their brother."

>What do you do?
>Continue to mess with Ming while out of your body. Maybe she'll feel something.
>Play dead. Maybe Ming will stop being mad when she realizes you're not there.
>Get back to her and say you haven't moved from this spot since the start.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064265 && dateTime=="11/24/21(Wed)19:18:09")

>Keep poking her in the back of the head.
>"How can I be there if I'm back here?""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064307 && dateTime=="11/24/21(Wed)20:56:14")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064597 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)08:05:59")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064804 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)14:50:18")

Bullying Ming on thanksgiving. She's gonna throw her shoes at you."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064805 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)14:52:46")

Foolish Ming, I've been trained to dodge all kinds of footwear since my early childhood.
She has no power here."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064844 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)15:42:32")

Ming's been hurling her boots at small bunny since the journey started and now she's professionally trained. I think that negates your training. It all comes down to luck. Like in that dodgeball movie.

On a slightly more serious note, and this is more out of curiosity and I suppose self improvement as a writer. What view do you guys prefer in quests? Do you prefer second person as I write where the MC is written from the perspective of the player (you, you're, ect), First person like I see more isekai or light novels (I, me, mine, ect), or third person where it's more like an average book (he, she, they)?

I think I've seen more quests use second person and third than first but I'm just wondering what feels better to read or get in character with."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064855 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)15:53:15")

I prefer 3rd or 2nd."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064857 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)15:54:57")

I prefer second, and only second."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064864 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)16:07:01")

Any particular reason why? Makes you feel more in character or is it just the association with the over done isekai setting that puts you off of first person?

Personally, I feel like first person makes writing from the MC's perspective a bit easier but there's a lot of information that is left out and given that anon's need that info to make choices, it might make it too easy for QMs to pull some BS although it can lead to interesting situations and surprise reveals. I don't think it would be my prefered writing pov though. Second and Third seem better for writing a quest."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064892 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)16:41:52")

"You chuckle and move behind Ming. "How can I be there if I'm over here?" You say as you poke her in the back of the head. Ming let's out a squeak and leaps forward. "Xin? Xin it's not funny! You said you were gonna help your brother!" Ming shouts as she looks around with a nervous look. She quickly goes to you and shakes your shoulders. "Tai Lung, this isn't funny." She says hurriedly. "I think we're being haunted." She hides behind your back and peeks out. "I feel a presence." She says as she pats the back of your head. The small fire sprite crawls off of her and back to the flames, slightly annoyed at the loud noise. "Come back and make it go away."

"But I just got here." Xin Lan says as they leap off the city wall. Ming screams in terror and hurls one of her boots at them. You were actually impressed at the speed she was able to remove it and throw it. It seems like Xin Lan trained them well in the quick draw. That or they were teaching her how to make anything into a weapon. The small rabbit shouts and rolls out of the way as the boot misses and hits the wall with a hefty "thunk". "What was that for?" They demand. Ming sweeps them off their feet and holds them close.

"We're being haunted." Ming says, half tempted to simply hold the bunny out infront of her like a shield. "Something is poking me and I feel a weird thing around here."

Xin Lan frowns. "Ming I think you're just being weird. There's no one else here but you."

"But I feel something. It's big and scary and it's not going away." Ming insists.

"It's probably just the big guy doing his black magic. That or he's trying to scare you." They say. "You're probably just looking into it too much."

"How can you say that after all the things we've seen? You're even related to someone who talks to ghosts." Ming says. "I can feel it. I swear. It's somewhere over there." She says pointing at you, beyond your body. Xin Lan looks unconvinced."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5064893 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)16:42:52")

""Let's just calm down." They say. "If there's someone here then we'll take care of it. If it's a certain brown bunny then I'll break all their fingers. Actually, if it's anyone then I'll break all their fingers. Now let's go take a look." Ming slowly creeps around the training grounds consistently looking over her shoulder as you follow behind. "See? No one is here. It's probably something being blown in the wind." They say as they turn around to hug her. "Now come on. Let's go dump some paint on the big guy's head for leaving you alone."

"You don't belive me do you?" Ming says.

"Course I belive you...kinda." They say reaching behind them and patting Ming's cheek. "I think you might have sensed something and overreacted. It's gotta be scary to feel something you never felt before. Especially if it involves ghosts or whatever. You got a big brain. Maybe you let your imagination run wild."

"Maybe..." Ming mumbles as they hold Xin Lan tightly. "But I still feel something. It's really big know how you know when someone is following you in the street? Just that weird weight on your shoulders? It's like that."

"So you have been listening to what I've been teaching you." Xin Lan says with a smirk. "Been looking over your shoulder haven't you?"

"Yes." Ming says softly and planting a kiss on Xin Lan's head. "But I know no one followed me here. I ran across the rooftops and ducked in an alley before coming here." She sits next to you. "And it felt like something poked me but like...not. Just like when something barely grazes you and you think you felt it touch you and it lingers."

"Well let's wake up the big guy." Xin Lan says. "See what mess he's gotten into." They wiggle out of Ming's hug and push your chest. "Wakey wakey. It's time for breakfast!"

>What do you do?
>Come back to your body. You had your fun and now your liable to get painted all over.
>Continue to try and talk to Ming. Seems like it's working.
>Try and mess with Xin. Maybe they can sense something.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064900 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)16:48:36")

>>Continue to try and talk to Ming. Seems like it's working.
> plan to apologize to ming we go back

I generally don't like first person because I've been traumatized with too many first-person self-inserts. while second person gives you the feeling of being the character and third person gives you more info."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064937 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)18:12:14")

>Start singing, try to remember the song Ming sang in the tavern. Maybe channeling more emotion into it will help her hear."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5064972 && dateTime=="11/25/21(Thu)19:17:18")

>Ming, I told you once and I've told you before. You can listen and hear, and you are especially sensitive to Chi. Now what about a song?

Lets have some fun with it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5065381 && dateTime=="11/26/21(Fri)10:03:52")

2nd. It's a thing that I get to read, put my perceptions into and enjoy the tale like that.

First person, it's just really hard to do right. If it slips it's ruined but otherwise can be effective"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5065403 && dateTime=="11/26/21(Fri)10:48:33")

I don't know, third and firatboersin always feel weird in quests.
Doesn't help that the only quests I saw use them were pretentious as fuck."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5065741 && dateTime=="11/26/21(Fri)18:58:09")

"Just woke up like an hour ago. I still feel like I gained a half dozen pounds. Once again I fail to heed last year's vow of not staying up and over eating on thanksgiving. No posts today. I need to get the bloat out. Why did they make the meat so tender and good? I swear any meat that took several hours to cook is an instant trap to the food coma zone.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5065766 && dateTime=="11/26/21(Fri)19:20:29")

Maybe you stole my appetite, I could barely finish my plate some reason."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5065797 && dateTime=="11/26/21(Fri)19:41:09")

The scariest of Chi theft techniques. I dunno, I guess it was just because it was extra big this year or maybe we all wanted a break from the gloom of the year but the food seemed to have been made with more care and in far more quantity. I just wanted to try it all."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5065807 && dateTime=="11/26/21(Fri)19:53:48")

Nah, several hours to marinate is nothing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5065823 && dateTime=="11/26/21(Fri)20:14:18")

Pray that you never discover the sinful hell that is Dry Aged meats.
They're the food of the gods."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5066555 && dateTime=="11/27/21(Sat)17:30:37")

I guess we're singing for Ming. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5066682 && dateTime=="11/27/21(Sat)19:48:34")

"When you don't move, though you can feel the rabbit's small hands on your chest albeit it felt like a distant dream, Xin Lan shrugs. "I guess he's gone. Maybe he's off doing stuff in the other world. Which means..." They stretch and flop down on your lap, belly down, before curling up with their legs hanging off your knee. "nap time for me. You should take a nap too. I doubt the big guy would notice."

"You're a terrible student." Ming says crossing her legs. "I think if we went to studies together, you'd get the ruler more than anyone."

Xin Lan closes their eyes. "See that's the difference between you and me, Ming. You worry about what will happen when you get caught. I make sure that no one ever finds out. All about state of mind." They say before wiggling their nose, dropping their ears over their eyes, and falling asleep. You smirk, seems like Xin Lan wasn't as sneaky as they thought. They were probably more so. Ming shakes her head.

"Well, you're right. Cept I focus on actually learning something than wasting time." She teases. "Alright ghosts, I'm coming back and I'm gonna throw things at you if you try to bully me." She mutters before closing her eyes and trying to focus on her breathing. Perhaps teasing her with more pokes wouldn't be the best idea. It was clear she could sense things but her sight was still clouded. It was as if she was wading through a fog, barely able to see and only being able notice the vague outlines of things as she wanders through the mist.

"Ming, I know you can hear me." You say. "You've scratched the surface, hit the false barrier of what you think are your limits. You just need to break through. Push yourself past what you're locking away." You sit next to her, an odd situation where you are now besides her on both sides as you ponder how to get her to push forward. Chi was a rather intimiate and personal thing, perhaps if you could do something that resonated with her then it would be some some assistance.

You're not sure why, but you decide that perhaps singing might do the trick. After all it was tied to one of the biggest events you did as a group and so you do so. You sing the song Ming sang back at new years and though you can't remember all the words, you think you get close enough. It really wasn't the the words that was important but more the feeling you were trying to evoke. Though you did want her to understand you, you think that the less litteral intent would be more beneficial. You do feel rather foolish for doing this as you're not much a singing kind of person but the fact no one else can hear or even see you helps mitigate your embarassment somewhat. It takes a bit but you soon notice Ming slightly bobbing her head and humming to the tune.

>What do you do?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5066701 && dateTime=="11/27/21(Sat)20:18:35")

>Ming, if you don't answer me, I will expand my cooking skills into alchemy. You have 3 minutes to comply, or your art will be desacreted for all eternity."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5066975 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)04:23:34")

switch up the song, use someones else's song from Chinese new Year."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5067181 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)12:20:42")

Maybe Tai lungs song."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5067216 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)13:09:11")


But yeah, It'll certainly cement it as ours."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5067244 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)13:28:39")

We can always use one of those chinese meme songs.
But Judgement is good."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5067389 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)16:14:27")

We're singing some more. The sprites are gonna want you to do this more often if you keep it up. You'll be a spirtual celebrity...more so than you already are."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5067457 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)17:30:35")

Tai Lung will be a super idol."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5067487 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)18:21:41")

We shall be the buff idol, hotly contested by the house-husband idol and librarian idol.
Xin is a manager who isnt a peice of shit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5067511 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)18:48:50")

"Power has been dead for a while. I am very upset.";

if(Luo on mobile !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5067512 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)18:50:48")

Its me. Forgot my trip."

if(Stranded Luo !ZP23o75MkI && title=="" && postNumber==5067537 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)19:21:24")

"I don't know what God I pissed off but my car has died. I am stranded on the road waiting on a tow. So I can't quest nor can I get errands done. Wonderful.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5067538 && dateTime=="11/28/21(Sun)19:22:02")

Oh fuck, the curse is catching up.
We must perform the requiref sacrifices to bless the quest."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5068271 && dateTime=="11/29/21(Mon)16:56:01")

"I got my power back. So I can finally get back to writing. Jesus, yesterday was a bad day.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5068306 && dateTime=="11/29/21(Mon)17:35:43")

"You clear your throat and instinctively look around to see if anyone saw you. Of course no one could, at least none that would find themselves here in your humble little training grounds. Even so the embarassment still wouldn't die down. You guess old habits tend to die hard. Still, your rather silly plan was working and so you had no choice but to continue. At the very least you would be safe from Xin Lan's least until Ming told them about it. You feel a shiver go down your spine at that thought but you press on. There weren't many things you knew how to sing so you simply stick to the stuff that was sung during the new years party.

You're going through the 3rd song that you can think of when Ming sighs and shakes your shoulder. "Stop Tai Lung. It's really hard to meditate when you're singing. Besides, you're gonna wake up Xin."

"No one is singing." Xin Lan says with a yawn and stretch of their foot. "You're the one talking to yourself."

"But I am singing." You say.

"See? He even admits to it." Ming says.

"The big guy is as much as a statue as he always is." Xin Lan says under their ears. "Maybe you should take a nap. Grab one of his arms and snuggle it. He's extra fluffy today." Ming frowns at Xin Lan.

"Or maybe you're imitating him?" She asks uncertainly but the white bunny was already fast asleep. She looks around for any other source of noise.

"No. It really is me." You say. "I think you're finally starting to listen."

Ming fidgets and contiues to look around. "How are you doing that?" She whispers, almost afraid to hear herself. She grabs your arm for safety, her ears flicking around searching for sound that isn't there.

>What do you do?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5068313 && dateTime=="11/29/21(Mon)17:48:06")

>Chi, Ming, Chi. I'm projecting my counciouness through a body made out of pure chi outside of my own body, similar on how sprites, spirits, ghosts and how the masters and Bao on Eureka live.
>One day you will learn how to do this, for now, you managed to suceed at everystep, detecting my exact loctaion, feeling when I was poking you, sharing the emotion when I sang, detecting multiple sprites presences, and now, being able to perfectly hear what is said.
>You now only need to be able to fully see my form to have all the basics. You truly are a prodigy Ming, if you continue at this pace, you will be fluent on the language of all elementals spirits before me.
Maybe beaming with pride will help her see."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5068351 && dateTime=="11/29/21(Mon)18:57:44")

I support the notion.

Ya did good kiddo. Now it's time to get up and back into our body."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5068471 && dateTime=="11/29/21(Mon)21:20:27")

Praising Ming because once she finds out we were behind the spooks, she's going to destroy us. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5068607 && dateTime=="11/29/21(Mon)23:16:01")

""Chi, Ming, Chi. I'm projecting my counciouness through a body made out of pure chi outside of my own body, similar on how sprites, spirits, ghosts and how the masters and Bao on Eureka live." You say. "One day you will learn how to do this, for now, you managed to suceed at everystep, detecting my exact loctaion, feeling when I was poking you, sharing the emotion when I sang, detecting multiple sprites presences, and now, being able to perfectly hear what is said. You now only need to be able to fully see my form to have all the basics. You truly are a prodigy Ming, if you continue at this pace, you will be fluent on the language of all elementals spirits before me."

Ming's eyes go wide and for a moment you think she is in awe, a though that is quickly disproven when she throws her body at yours. With a loud "Oof!" as she bounces off your huge frame, Ming grabs you from behind and begins to smack the top of your head and shoulders. "It was you! You're the one who's been scaring me all this time! Get back in your body mister or there will be bigger hell to pay!"

Xin Lan lets out a large yawn, stretches, and begins to bat at your chest their small hands. "Yeah! Wake up! You're interrupting my nap. You're in big trouble mister!" They say as they stand their ears up. With two girls attempting to destroy your physical form, you decide it best to return to your body.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry." You chuckle as you grab both women and tuck them under your arms. Xin Lan wiggles their hips happily and rests their elbows on your arm as they watch Ming, who at this point was still trying to hit you, eagerly.

"You're supposed to warn me about these things!" Ming shouts as she recruits her tail to swipe at your back. "I thought I was under some kind of magic curse after all the things we've done with the dead!"

"I think one of us would have noticed that before hand." You chuckle, still beaming at her.

"Well how would I know? I don't know anything about magic? What if it was invisible?" Ming says grumpily. "What do you know about curses?"

"Err...nothing really." You admit. "But Renshu does and I'm sure he would have known." Ming pouts and crosses her arms. "Come on...I only did it to help you and it did. Look how far you progressed in two days." You say

"Not good enough." Ming says. "I demand recompense for all the stress you put me under. I want a sweet bun with berry filling and cup of cold apple cider." She says. You chuckle and bounce Ming in your arm.

"Alright. Given how soundly you defeated me while I was unconcious, I suppose I should pay for my life." You joke.

"Hey I want food! Why does Ming get food?!" Xin Lan says. "I'm your sister or girl friend or whatever!" They protest. "Love me too!"

"Because if I offer to feed you, then I'll never be able to afford anything again." You laugh."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5068609 && dateTime=="11/29/21(Mon)23:17:02")

""Besides, the only reason Ren doesn't snuggle into bed with Tai Lung is because your fat butt hogs up all the space." Ming says, sticking out her tongue at Xin Lan. "It doesn't need to get any bigger."

"My butt isn't fat! It's plesantly plump and perfectly accentuated with a fluffy cotton tail. Tai Lung stares at it all the time and so does everyone else." Xin Lan counters.

"Alright you two settle down." You say. "Otherwise we'll just skip the bakery and I'll tell Renshu to skip your meals."

"No." Xin Lan says before going quiet. Ming simply settles down. Without letting the two go, you leap onto the city walls, scaring two guards, and then leaping onto a nearby roof top. Xin Lan seems positively pleased at being carried around again while Ming seems thoughtful.

"Do you really mean it?" She asks.

"Of course." You say. "One of us has to keep the two of you from tearing each other's ears out." You tease. "Of course I meant it. You know that I would never lie about a person's potential or how much I believe in them. I meant what I told you and I know it that you have it in your to surpass us all. I have never lied about my beliefs or what I thought of others, least of all you. You can make a fine Shaman one day. Or martial artist. Or even cook. Whatever you want to be, whatever you want to learn, I'll be there even if all I can do is hand you spoons."

Ming remains silent for the rest of the journey but you didn't need to see or talk to her to feel the warmth happiness and hope radiating from her.


"So what are we doing now?" Ming asks as you settle down once again. When you don't answer, she asks again. "Tai Lung?"

"What?" You ask, distracted. Truth be told, you were a bit distracted today. You had spent the past week helping Ming become more accustomed to meditating and listening in to the sprites and spirits. While you've made great progress, she still couldn't see anything but she was getting faster at focusing her mind, scarily so. Normally, you'd be ready to start but during your lessons, a small detail had escaped your mind. A detail that was now eating at your focus. You had a competition in 24 hours. One where you were going to cook without help.

"What are we doing now?" She repeats.

>What do you say? What do you want Ming to focus on?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5068785 && dateTime=="11/30/21(Tue)02:08:41")


>Start focusing on sensing the movement of Chi, perhaps feeling out hers to move.


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5068962 && dateTime=="11/30/21(Tue)08:41:55")

>Well Ming, like I said, you have the entire except being able to see Chi, so we need ro focus on that, moving on without solving it could cripple your training later on.
>As for why it's happening, I'm not so sure. I did kind of cheat with Bao's boon and my ressurection, so I don't have an idea on how it's normally done, but your natural affinity means tgere is something blocking you from seeing it, instead of just being unable to see them.
>Maybe you took my coment to just feel instead of understand too far, and you are depending too much on your natural empathy. Maybe the analytical part of your mind is refusing to help because you see it as superstition, and vision is very depended on that. Or perhaps you fear ghost, spirits and the unknow, and your mind is blocking it out of self-preservation. Ming, on that day on the ship, did see one of them? Or did fear ghost histories when you were young?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5069344 && dateTime=="11/30/21(Tue)15:44:39")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5069381 && dateTime=="11/30/21(Tue)16:43:51")

>>As for why it's happening, I'm not so sure. I did kind of cheat with Bao's boon and my ressurection, so I don't have an idea on how it's normally done, but your natural affinity means tgere is something blocking you from seeing it, instead of just being unable to see them.
>>Maybe you took my coment to just feel instead of understand too far, and you are depending too much on your natural empathy. Maybe the analytical part of your mind is refusing to help because you see it as superstition, and vision is very depended on that. Or perhaps you fear ghost, spirits and the unknow, and your mind is blocking it out of self-preservation. Ming, on that day on the ship, did see one of them? Or did fear ghost histories when you were young?

I'm not sure I understand this bit. Just trying to figure out how best to approach things?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5069386 && dateTime=="11/30/21(Tue)16:53:35")

Yeah, trying to figure what what is holding Ming from being able to see.
Perhaps if we put it forth as a problem to solved, if variables and propositions, she will be able to crack it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5070614 && dateTime=="12/01/21(Wed)18:04:02")

It's possible. her mind is very details oriented."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5070626 && dateTime=="12/01/21(Wed)18:13:25")

"Sorry lads. Things are picking up a bit on my end. end of november and begining of december. I'll get a post out tonight. I swear it.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5070647 && dateTime=="12/01/21(Wed)18:23:25")

Chill man. December is the time for family, so do remember to take breaks as you need them."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5070663 && dateTime=="12/01/21(Wed)18:33:16")

No worries boss.
Oh fuck, it's already december."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5071179 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)01:21:46")

""Well Ming, like I said, you have the entire except being able to see Chi, so we need ro focus on that, moving on without solving it could cripple your training later on." You explain as you pull yourself together. As for why it's happening, I'm not so sure. I did kind of cheat with Bao's boon and my ressurection, so I don't have an idea on how it's normally done, but your natural affinity means there is something blocking you from seeing it, instead of just being unable to see them. Maybe you took my coment to just feel instead of understand too far, and you are depending too much on your natural empathy. Maybe the analytical part of your mind is refusing to help because you see it as superstition, and vision is very depended on that. Or perhaps you fear ghost, spirits and the unknow, and your mind is blocking it out of self-preservation. Ming, on that day on the ship, did see one of them? Or did fear ghost histories when you were young?"

Ming gives you a slightly exasperated look. "Tai Lung, I've already told you. It's hard. You're asking me to use a sense I never even knew existed until a few days ago. Of course I won't be able to do the things you and Ren can do. It's like I ask you to grow wings and fly. Or maybe go out and sing your love for Ren." She teases gently. "Maybe you're just over thinking things."

"That's funny coming from you." You chuckle. "But there must be a reason. You're making progress that people spend their life times to even acheive. The head priest back in Zhengyi spent his whole life dedicated to his faith and even he could only speak to the spirits. You managed that in little less than a week. So it should stand to reason that you should be able to see spirits as well or at least have just an easy amount of time learning it."

"Then maybe it takes another week." Ming says. "Everyone is afraid of ghosts and curses. It's why we make offerings to the gods. It's why we follow our traditions. I can admit that I had some trouble believing in said things, much to my mother's dismay, but even then my upbringing still instilled some fear. Even you have it, we all do. Our travels only really honed in the fact that this stuff is far more real than most people actually think. Even so, you think that's going to dissuade me from persuing the chance at learning something new?" She pokes your chest. "If anyone is afraid of something, it's you fearing that you might not be a good as a teacher as you think you are." She jokes."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5071182 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)01:24:20")

""Now you really are trying to incur my wrath." You say amused. "You realized I can fight armies? Stories say I can flatten mountains with a single kick."

"And stories say you're cowed by two bunnies and a kitty when they start talking about risqué topics." Ming counters with a grin. "So if there really is a problem blocking my focus, I think it's up to you to fix it. Use your magic touch. I promise I won't tell your partner." She jokes. You let out a cough and look away.

"How about we focus on this problem from a mental point of view than a phsyical one?" You suggest. Ming hops up and wraps her arms around you neck to hug you.

"See? Complete softie." She says. "Now, what do you suggest I should do to get past this mental block? Running? Punching? Maybe I should use a poison to go into a dream like state and fight ghosts?"

"Perhaps Xin is starting to be a bad influence on your ideas, or has his newest novel come out?" You ask. "Now back to my question..."

Ming shrugs. "I'm no more afraid of what you said than I was before. The only scary thing is when a big idiot decides to abuse his powers to scare me and refuses to let up when I'm clearly scared." She says jabbing at your nose. "Rather than tell me what they had planned and given me a heads up."

"I said I was sorry." You say. "I even bought you sweets."

"Nope. Never letting it go." Ming says. "You're forever burdened for bullying me." You roll your eyes.

>What do you suggest Ming do to try and get over her mental block. Perhaps she might not even be aware of it conciously.
>Go to a supposed haunted spot. Exposure might help.
>Have Renshu talk to Ming. Speaking to people about their hangups and problems is his area of expertise.
>Go and ask for help on the other side. Perhaps some of the masters might have advice.
>Search the library for information. There could be another old tome that could assist.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071315 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)05:09:51")

>Its not abuse!
>Go find a place with a large concentration of spirits. If its in a loud location, all the better."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071394 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)07:22:30")

>Go to a supposed haunted spot. Exposure might help.
>Have Renshu talk to Ming. Speaking to people about their hangups and problems is his area of expertise.
Not only Renshu is an expert on emotions, he is also an expert on ghosts.
>Maybe try to convince a water spirit similar to the one that borded the ship to help, if there any nearby? It would probably ask something in return.
Supporting this too"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071406 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)08:31:18")

Like ming said, It's probably just a matter of practice. She's doing in a week what it took us months."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071423 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)09:05:19")

I ran out of ideas on how to help her see, so treating it as a block atleast let the creativity flow."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5071438 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)09:39:44")

On my way to work...err carpool. Car is fucked and I'm trying to deal with that as well. But I liked the block idea too. Adds to the character I feel."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071448 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)09:48:26")

Just practice bruh. If we don't get anywhere in a few weeks, we will consider it a block"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071453 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)10:04:02")

Nah mate, I meant for write-ins. There is only so many times I can suggest the same thing and still make it interesting.
But I get your point, and even agree to it, I'm just trying to spice things up.
Like, even if it's the wrong anwer, it helps develop TL's and Ming character through a failure that is in a safe enviroment, and even if she just needs more exposure and training, it ends up having also achieving that, but probably less efficiently.

Hope I could get mys ideas across, I'm not the best at explaining things."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071501 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)11:02:58")

I get the point you are putting across. Character establishment moments with zero repercussions now rather than failures where it matters."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5071577 && dateTime=="12/02/21(Thu)12:05:30")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5072706 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)14:01:19")

Free time. Time to write."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5072731 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)15:05:54")

""It's not abuse! I needed to catch you off guard otherwise you would try and use your real senses and not focus on what lay beyond." You protest. Ming looks unconvinced. "Maybe if we go somewhere with spirits would help. Somewhere haunted..." You think.

"As long as those ghosts aren't you." Ming says.

"Let's go talk to Renshu. Maybe he knows of a place. Otherwise we'll need to find a place full of other spirits. A shrine maybe. Probably also a good chance to talk to him about a mental block."

"I don't have a mental block." Ming insists. You lean forward and study Ming a bit. She automatically stiffens up slightly.

"Nope. I can see it now. Should've have figure it out before." You say with a nod.

"See what?" She asks.

"It's clearly obvious." You say joke. "You're in love."

"What?" Ming asks, in disbelief.

"Oh yeah. Take it from someone who is married to two lovely buns. I can tell that you're mind is just full of romantic thoughts. Is it the brown bun?" You ask.

"Oh so suddenly you're the master of romance now?" Ming snorts and playfully smacks your arm. "Quit fooling around and start teaching."

"Is it the tail? I bet it's the tail." You continue.

"Now I just think you're projecting." Ming laughs and she sits down to to meditate. "If you're just gonna goof off then I'm gonna practice on my own."

"Alright, alright." You say gently. "Let's get started."


Your training goes well as it always does. Ming was slowly learning how to discern the subtle differences in the Chi around her. From spirit to mortal and the differences within both groups. There was a slight hiccup when you instinctively dodged a water sprite that had flung itself at your head and it's trajectory caused it to crash into Ming's face. Despite having no physical presence the impact managed to knock her flat on her back and after having to dodge attacks in the material plane, you manged to take the time to calm her down and show her an actual sprite up close.

This led you both to the city's lake where you found a few more of the little sprites, who were lazily floating around the shores. Ming squeals and squirms at touching the small sprites who were quite confused at someone being able to do so but unable to see them.

"This makes you squeamish?" You tease. "You handle dangerous plants and all sorts of other things most people would consider gross."

"Well I can see those." Ming whines. "I don't even know what I'm holding. Does it have eyes? It's all watery and viscous and it's like I'm holding something but nothing at all. It's all weird!"

"The sprites certainly don't think so." You chuckle. "They seem quite fond of going for the head. At least in my case...could be because of the game of tag. Try not to excite them. They're like children. You might get swarmed with them wanting to play.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5072732 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)15:08:12")

"Ming shudders at the thought of having a small army of invisible children going after her and she gingerly sets the confused sprite down. It decides that it would be more fun to simply roll backwards down the slight incline and disappear in the water.

"Well, you're doing good at feeling things out." You say. "Let's go back to Renshu and Xin's place, see if they know any haunted places." Ming stands up and tries to wipe the nonexistent water off her hands.

"Alright, let's go. I could use something hot to eat." She says.


The diner was now in it's final lulls of the day as the last few regulars were finishing up their dinner and preparing for the walk home. You find both rabbits actually eating in the main dining room for once. You and Ming head out into the floor and pull up a chair next to them. "So, how was training today?" Renshu asks as he dips some bread into his soup. Xin Lan simply looks at the two of you as they chew, their small cheeks stuffed to the brim with food.

"Better." Ming says. "Though I'm afraid Tai Lung has found out my secret. I'm in love." She says dramatically.

"Oh? I had no idea you've involved into quite a romantic. Perhaps, I should expect you to take me out on a dinner date soon?" Renshu asks with a smile. You cough and clear your throat.

"I was just joking." You mumble. "But I still stand by my idea that I think Ming might have some sort of hangup. The progress she's making is something people spend multiple lifetimes attempting, and failing, to acheive. But still, she can't see beyond her normal sight. She can feel and even hear but not see. I was hoping that perhaps you might be able to help with that."

"And I'm saying I have nothing wrong with me." Ming insists as she reaches out to steal some food from Xin Lan though she finds much resistence in her attempts.

"I suppose we could have a talk." Renshu says now eyeing Ming with a trained look. "If you don't mind."

Ming sighs, "Alright. Alright. If it means we can move past this, then sure." She says.

"We should head upstairs then." He says. "Often times, such discussions tend to include rather personal details and I would rather not have it disclosed in a public setting." The two stand up and head to the kitchen stairs in the back of the building.

>What do you do?
>Head with them.
>Stay behind with Xin and let the two of a private discussion. Might be best to give them space to talk.
>Head out and go take care of a few things while Ming and Renshu talk. Drag Xin along with you.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072755 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)15:56:20")

>Stay behind with Xin and let the two of a private discussion. Might be best to give them space to talk.
> maybe meditate and try to ask Bao if our block idea has any merit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072789 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)16:28:37")

>Stay with Xin
>Ask how their day's been. How's writing?

Lets spend some time with Xin. Do some cleaning, bit of bantering. Enjoy ourselves."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5072886 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)18:25:51")

So, which do you guys wanna do? Talk to Xin or talk to Bao? Can't do both I'm afraid. Well you could be you'd be there for the rest of the day and some of the night. You know how chatty our fluffy boy gets."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072900 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)18:56:12")

Eh, we can talk to Bao.

Maybe we can see Shenlong too! It'd be good to catch up with the boy"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072903 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)18:58:36")

>Stay behind with Xin and let the two of a private discussion. Might be best to give them space to talk.
>So Xin, how have you been lately? Is you novel progressing well? Made any new friends? Did a certain lovestruck boy invite you for the date night yet?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072907 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)19:00:00")

Oh shit, we haven't talked to big green in a while, changing to see cat god and flying snake."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5072912 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)19:04:00")

Alright, going to see air friends. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5072958 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)20:26:00")

"You watch your friends leave and give the white bunny a pat on the head. They flick their and continue eating happily but they do make an attempt and scoot their seat closer to yours. "I think I'm going to do a bit of investiating myself. I'll be back in a while." You say. Xin Lan swallows and rests their head in their hand.

"You're terrible at dating. I was expecting a nice conversation." They say.

You smirk. "And you'd have stuffed your face all the while. You're quite the romantic."

"I know. I'm perfect." They agree before taking another bite. You give the bunny one more scritch behind the ears and leave the mortal plane. Stepping out of the thick of the woods, you come into the large clearing full of various out door furniture. The table and gazebo had been removed, only to be replaced by a small house made of wood. Not a true cabin, it was as if the home was grown from the land itself. The windows glittered in the light, far too much to be ordinary glass. As you approach, you come to realize that it was not glass but finely smoothed diamond. You can't help but raise an eyebrow at that. Bao never seemed like the kind of person to fancy gems and other valuables as you would think a noble would but more than likely, she was having her fun with her small bit of land. The water fall was still as it was and unmoved but you no longer see the various painting supplies that once littered about. A small sense of dread nags at the back of your mind at this thought. How long had it been since you've seen Bao. How long had it been for her?

Pushing aside the negative thoughs, you spend a few moments basking the heavy presence of air around you. It was like a warm, heavy blanket, bringing comfort and peace to your body and mind. Several large wind spirits gather in the air, larger than you had ever seen before. They were living typhoons, tornados, litteral storms given life though their presence did not whip up the winds as their father did. It was a difficult to discribe the conflict in your mind as you saw living wind whip around violently to give their bodies shape and yet have no effect on the enviroment.

"You have a knack for arriving at the most inopportune times and at the best ones." You hear a voice say. Turning around, you see Bao walk out of the house and though her face bore a smile and her eyes were welcome, you can sense something lucking behind it all. Like an ache that one had to push past to continue to do their tasks.

"Something wrong?" You ask as you approach, dropping all intents for a light hearted conversation. Bao raises a heavy gaze at the spirits above you.

"No. Just nature taking it's course." She says.

"What's going on?" You ask as you look at the spirits and try to comprehend their vastness.

"They've come to die."

>What do you say?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072971 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)20:43:13")

>"I'm sorry Bao. Even if it is just nature, nature isn't always easy to swallow. I'll stay with you if you don't mind, keep you company for a little while."
>Give the girl a quick hug, longer if she needs the reassurance.

It's time to put the family dog down/watch your cousins lie down on their death beds. So I'd suggest we offer some emotional support."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072984 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)21:09:45")

>Death is always a sad and painful thing, for both the one that dies and those who live.
>But I'm pretty sure that to die happy, knowing your life was well spent, surrounded by friends and family is what most would prefer.
>Hug the cat
>Would I be allowed to see? To witness their last moments, and to honour their memory?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5072985 && dateTime=="12/03/21(Fri)21:11:50" && image=="Spoiler Image")

And for a exquisite meme
>It's just nature taking taking it's course"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5073259 && dateTime=="12/04/21(Sat)03:38:47")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5074626 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)12:03:01")

Okay Typhoon."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5074800 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)14:46:57")

I've spend the last day trying to get my car fixed. By that I mean, I puttered about while my old man gave it a look because I don't know much beyond basic maintainence. I need a break. Time to get writing."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5074816 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)14:59:27")

Hey, atleast your father knows about cars, if it happened to me, the family would just have to deal with public transport and walking for a week."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5074819 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)15:03:45")

Yeah, I don't know how I'd make due with out him sometimes."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5074860 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)15:44:11")

"You give Bao a hug. "I'm sorry." You say. " Even if it is just nature, nature isn't always easy to swallow. But I'm pretty sure that to die happy, knowing your life was well spent, surrounded by friends and family is what most would prefer. Would I be allowed to see? To witness their last moments, and to honour their memory?"

Bao gently pats your arms as if to comfort you. The gesture feels hollow, a mere formality done by a mother who is attempting to keep a strong front for everyone. "Whether you stay or not is up to you." She says. "You are their friend, and though you've never met them all, they have heard of you and are aware of your deeds. Perhaps it's fate that you are here but should you choose to remain, know that you'll be the first of your kind. No mortal, living or otherwise, has ever seen a spirit die. Not in the entirety of all of existence has someone been blessed with this chance. That being said this is a time of great mourning, and I do not know what will happen to you should you remain."

You look up at the great spirits above you once more. The children of the great dragon who's time has not come but rather they have chosen to end their own lives to prepetuate and create the lives of others. Their death was not mandated but one of self sacrifice. Unlike mortals, who could go on to be with their ancestors, these spirits will cease to exist forever.

This was not about honor or the chance to experience something never before in the history of the world. This was about saying goodbye to friends that you'll never have a chance to see ever again.

>Do you stay?
>Yes. You've always stood by your friends regardless of the consequences. Now is just like any other.
>No. Perhaps you're not ready for this or even worthy to see such an event.
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5074917 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)16:31:20")

>Yes. You've always stood by your friends regardless of the consequences. Now is just like any other.
They are the family and extensions of our friends, of Shenlong, of little Fan, of Bao.
We already abandoned our family once, never again."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5074923 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)16:34:24")


I don't know if it's our right to say anything for them. But I think I'd like to thank them.
For their work, for their sacrifice now, and to lament that we couldn't know them better.

But this is gonna be sad."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5074935 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)16:39:31")

Even if they are going to stop existing, they will in a way live forever.
Though their work, through the new life they are bringing, and through the memories they now leave behind with others, like Bao and Shenlong.
Don't be sad that it's over, be happy that it happened, and other cliche speeches to make the situation better."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5074948 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)16:49:56")

I don't think we can make the situation better.
It's just sad."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5075018 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)18:02:57")

Thats how funerals always are.
This being a preemptive suicide funeral with a dash of pure emotion transfer just make it worse."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5075032 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)18:12:17")

"Making lunch. So I'll be back in a bit to do the write up. Looks like we're staying. TL really is a legendary hero now.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5075082 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)19:05:32")

This may actually shake our inner zen.

We can paint them a picture. With the emotions of the scene rather than the physical realities of it.
Paint our heart out with the virtue and gravitas of their sacrifice."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5075099 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)19:30:59")

That would be nice, and it woyld serve as a way to immortalize these spirits as well, like those ancestors shrines in asia."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5075120 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)20:05:36")

"I'm back. Writing.";

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5075313 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)23:07:36")

""I'll stay." You say quietly as you look down from the spirits to Bao. "Like you said, I might not have met them but they're are my friends. Family of the people I know. I'd like to be here for them. They won't be with us anymore but they won't truly be gone. In the mortal world and the spirit one. We'll preserve their memory."

Bao nods and gently pulls herself away from the hug. She doesn't say anything as she approaches the lake and waterfall. As she does so, the impossibly large spirits slowly descend to her. Your mind struggles to comprehend the fact that they fit perfectly in the clearing despite them being far to large for it. There was no squeezing nor shrinking but rather it was as if they both fit within and not at all. None of the nearby structures or objects are disturbed or moved. "There there..." Bao says as she reaches out to soothe the spirits. It only takes you a few moments to realize that she isn't doing it for their benefit but her own. The spirits themselves have none of the feelings you would expect from anyone who is facing their impending death. Instead you feel the sense of duty and honor from them. To them this was simply another task for them and though they bore enough sentience to be see as their own entities with personalities, they were still alien to you. But still, someone would mourn them and they knew of this. You feel their pain as they must face the consequence of their own actions, the pain of what they must do brings, and yet they press on, a sentiement you knew quite well.

"You all lived long lives." Bao says gently. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Are you asking for our sakes, or for your own?" One asks, their voice the sound of roaring winds and snapping branches. Bao stays silent for a moment and the truth of her words dawn on you.

Know that you'll be the first of your kind. No mortal, living or otherwise, has ever seen a spirit die. Not in the entirety of all of existence has someone been blessed with this chance. That being said this is a time of great mourning, and I do not know what will happen to you should you remain.

Technically, Bao was a mortal in the sense that she had never died nor moved into the spirit realm as others do. She had never died...and she has never seen any of her and Shenlong's children die. "Both." Bao mutters quietly. "I'll miss you. Your stories, your voices. You'll be gone. Forever."

"It is nature." Another says, their voice the sound of hollow caves and wind swept oceans. "You let your other half taint you. Your emotions cloud you. Even you have a duty to do in all this."

"Hush." The third says, their own tone one of the soft winds that cool the hard working mortal, that plays chimes for the children to rejoice to. "Even our father laments our passing and so does she. Their love for us is a gift, one that must not be confused for mortal weakness. It is a gift, a mercy.""

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5075314 && dateTime=="12/05/21(Sun)23:08:37")

"Bao motions gently for silence. "This is not a gathering to taint with debate." She says, her voice in a forced calm. "You all are about to make the greatest sacrifice we ask of you. One we beg you not to make but know that you must. It's because we love all of you that I have to ask you to give your choice one final thought." She closes her eyes for a moment before raising her hands. "Alright, if you still wish to go through this then I will respect your decision and I will not waste your time any longer. You have lived long enough."

You feel a heaviness around you. You're unsure if it is simply the mood of what's going on or if it was something else but the feeling is there. You have no real time to contemplate all this as Bao quickly lower her hands and you feel something break. As if something within your was severed, something integral to who you are and yet not wholely yours. There is no fan fare, no ceremony, the spirits simply die before you. You were not sure what you expected, perhaps hundreds of happy little sprites exploding from the forms of the spirits, perhaps they become trees or a breeze, or even them becoming wind once more but no this. Their deaths as slow, their forms slowly collapsing and sagging much like someone who is slowly ebbing away and their bodies no longer able to hold itself up.

You feel your face grow wet as the feeling of emptiness increases within you. You feel like your heart falls, like if you've just seen your friends leave you for good, for them to die besides you. As if in cruel irony, you also feel the essence of wind grow around you and feeding everything in sight. It flows through you, suffuses your soul and the trees around you. The trees themselve bloom and blossom thousands of beautiful flowers, their petals flowing with the wind as they're pulled free from the branches. Plants and grass begin to grow wildly as well, various bushes of fruits and vegetables growing at your feet. But still despite the beauty, you cannot take your eyes off of the spirits. Their sounds, their breathing seems to slow with each one becoming harder to emit and yet at the same time more relaxed.

A roar breaks what little silence there was as the Great Dragon himself rises from the sea of clouds. His infinite form descends upon the small little clearing and much like his children he seems to fit within it and not at all. Shenlong coils himself around his dying children, and looks down upon them. The weight of his heart ache threatening to shatter yours in it's weight. "Was it a good life?" He asks."

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"In what you can only consider to be their last breaths, the dying forms of the spirits nod. "A gift...and an honor." The first one says.

"A life I could never have conceived nor wished for yet I was gifted with." The second one says.

"One I leave with no regrets and yet one I would gladly live again." The third one finishes and with that, the small measure of finality. Their only ceremony they did not want and were given the forms fade away into nothingness. Cruel, unmeasurable nothingness. As if they never existed, as if their presence in this world was never conceived. Shenlong's coils tighten like a man desprate to cling to water running through his fingers before roaring in agony.

The rush of sorrow overwhelms you and floors you. You are not given a chance to be brought to your knees and you sob on the ground, the dragon's sorrow echoing throughout your soul. You feel the pain of uncountable deaths, of children you never had but loved beyond measure, each and everyone who had given themselves up so that small peice of land in the mortal world you call home could continue onwards. You feel pain of your own as the weight continue to crush you, threatening to shatter your very being as every fiber of your being struggles to bear the weight of what it can't contain.

Your mind can no longer handle what you are putting it through and it does the only thing it can do, run. You find yourself back at the diner, on the floor. Your face is soaked in tears and you body aches. Judging by the chair next to you, you had fallen down. Did you thrash about? Did you simply fall to the side as you tore yourself away from the spirit world? You hear running coming towards you.

"What's wrong?! What's going on?" Ming shouts.

"Just let me see him." Renshu says, his voice uncharacteristically cracking. You get up slowly to see your friend barreling towards you. Renshu comes to a halt a few feet away from you, his face soaked in tears as well. You only need to see him to know that he had felt what you had and more. The two of you step forward and Renshu pulls you close. You want to explain, to tell him what happened, but he holds you tightly.

"I know." He whispers as buries his face in your shoulder and you in his. "I know. I saw it all."

Ming and Xin Lan look at each other worried but neither know what to say. So they simply wait.

>What do you do?
>Tell them what happened. They should probably know.
>Simply tell them that it's personal. You're not sure if it would be disrepectfull to tell them of something so personal and close to the Great Dragon.
>Say you'll explain when you can. Head back to the clearing. You didn't mean to abruptly leave Bao and Shenlong.
>Write in."

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>Apologise to Renshu, for hitting him with the backlash.
>"I just lost some friends who I never met."
>Once we have composed ourselves, head back to the other realm. We disnt mean to run away so abruptly."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5075709 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)10:06:12")

>Say you'll explain when you can. Head back to the clearing. You didn't mean to abruptly leave Bao and Shenlong.
Wait didn't Bao day whe had done one of these cerimonies before? Why would it now be her first time? Or was she talking about Shenlong's shared memories, and therefore she did it even when she didn't?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5075944 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)15:10:17")


if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5075974 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)15:35:26")

We're heading back then. Writing."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5076024 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)16:37:47")

The latter actually. Memories being mixed in and accidentally coming out as hers. Not that she's confusing her own life with Shenlong's, simply that it slipped out subconciously."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5076203 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)19:10:17")

Makes sense, shared memories must be a weird things for mortals to understand, even ascended ones."

if(Storyteller Luo !!e08cz8ZGDS2 && title=="" && postNumber==5076304 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)20:32:57")

"momentary power flash. Lost all my writing. Fuck. One last go. Because I need to get up early tomorrow.";

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""I'm sorry. I didn't meant to put you through this." You whisper.

"It's alright." Renshu replies, still clearly shaken. "I doubt either of us could have prevented this from happening even if we knew ahead of time."

You pull back slightly and notice you've been holding up the large rabbit by the hips. Setting him down, you quickly say. "I need to go back. I didn't mean to leave."

"Wait! What happened?" Xin Lan demands. "One moment I'm putting a noodle on your nose as a joke and the next both of you are screaming and bawling your eyes out."

"I...just lost some friends who I never met." You say, only confusing the others. "I'll explain it all when I get back." You take a shakey breath to steady yourself and go meditate. It takes a bit to push away the anxiety and the fear of having to face those emotions again. You arrive at the island and tentatively step into the clearing. The trees are still full of blooming flowers, the various new patches of bushes and plants now well kept and their edible fruits and vegetable picked. In the eyes of someone who hadn't seen the previous events, this was a paradise. A beautiful garden hidden within a thick forest. But to you, it's tainted with feelings of loss.

These plants and flowers, as beautiful as they may be, had come at a cost. The lives of others. Could you ever fully enjoy them knowing that they had grown from the body of others? There was some philosophical merit to meditate on this but you set that aside for another time. Right now, you wanted to simply speak to Bao and comfort her. The small cat was in the gazebo sitting on a small chair and quietly peeling some fruit. You're unsure if they're fruits borne from the lives of the spirits but you can tell that Bao's quiet is not her usual contentment. It's a heavy silence and the way she goes about her task is somewhat stiff. The kind of slow, heavy movement that is done if only to give a person something to do.

You make your way up the small path to the small table and slowly pull up a chair to sit across from Bao. She looks up though you know she was aware of your presence since your arrival. "Hello." She says quietly, her voice soft and measured.

>What do you say?
>Write in."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5076437 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)22:22:50")

>Sorry for leaving like that... How are you feeling?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==5076438 && dateTime=="12/06/21(Mon)22:23:21")

>I'm sorry for leaving, the pure sorrow and grief broke my inner peace, and I couldn't mantain my presence here.
>I know it's not my fault, but I still feel ashamed, because I left you when you probably needed me the most. It's twice now that I have failed you, and twice that you will brush it aside. You are truly a great friend.
>Has Shenlong calmed down? And more importantly, how are you feeling now Bao? There is no need to put up a strong front for me, I found out a long time ago talk talking is the best way to heal the wounds of the hearts.
As for what TL is thinking, everything is built upon the sacrifice of something, be it physical or metaphorical. To believe that ithis truth would taint the results, would mean that all of existance is impure, and to turn the lifes that were extinquished meaningless. It is undue suffering that is the enemy, those who would destroy for ego, greed or vileness, not life itself, with all it's pain and beauty."

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I will support the first post and the third write in of the second.

I dont think we need to explain why we vanished since she knows, nor do I think our flight from the spirit world should be considered a failure. We are only mortal"