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this one is for you matthew .. im sorry

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if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070474 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:26:10" && image=="La_Jetee_Post.jpg")

"this short film from France inspired the twelve monkeys with Bruce willis

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070478 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:30:23")

"endgame : blueprint for global enslavement
you can download this from the link below the video

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070479 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:30:55" && image=="ENDGAME.jpg")

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070480 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:34:05" && image=="Twelve_monkeyz.jpg")

"12 monkeys (1995)

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070482 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:37:01" && image=="-Strangelove.jpg")

"dr strangelove (1964)
what to say about this one
this story despite being fiction is true to the extent that if it ever happened well then this would be the result .. everyone else is dead in the nuclear waste but we are doing alright not alright in fact better than before .. this film is a response to real action the military took at the end of the ww2 and the beginning of the cold war .. "operation paper clip " look it up

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070483 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:40:01" && image=="thx1138.jpg")

"George Lucas before star wars ( this is the revised version after they had access to CGI)

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070485 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:43:34" && image=="wargamez.jpg")

"war games
im posting this thread to honor my dead friend's memory , Im posting all of these movies because they in his book a list of movies .. his name was matthew and he didn't deserve to die the way that he did .. the worst part is that no one knows except for myself and 9 other people how he really died ..
matthew he was the real deal .. this is the only way I know how to deal with the guilt of knowing

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070486 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:45:21" && image=="man v mech.jpg")



if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070489 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:52:14")

"before this next post watch this provides the context for the next posts

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070490 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:54:51" && image=="Terminator-Orion.jpg")

"the terminator

terminator 2

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070491 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)17:58:15" && image=="the matrix.jpg")

"the matrix

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1070498 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)19:17:49")

I'm sorry for your lost, mate
What happened to your friend?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1070525 && dateTime=="09/09/21(Thu)21:55:06")

I posted in your last thread too, firstly thank you for keeping a decent thread on here. Second I'm still sorry about Matthew, I've been thinking about him for weeks now. It's disgusting what happened, I hope you're doing okay, all things considered. <3"

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070586 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)02:55:53" && image=="animatrix.jpg")

"the animatrix
I want to tell the world but my world is not 4chan and at times it seems like some kind of empty vacuum but just as I use it Matthew used it and unlike me he believed that 4chan was and is the most important website on the internet today .. all that left is a boo filled with notes and passwords and diary entries

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070588 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)03:09:22" && image=="51383442_2221207077902850_6616573973356347392_o.jpg")

he was murdered .. and I couldn't stop it .
Matthew was everything he said he was and more as real as crisp new 2 dollar bill .. I feel guilty as I read and re read his diary .. he was at least in my eyes the most outgoing person i've ever met .. he was annoying like no other but if you really got to know him you really wouldn't want any other friends .. it was only 7 days before it happened did I see him smile for the first time .. he told me stories and I thought they were bullshit all of them just like all these movies .. but he insisted that the truth was hidden in plain sight so one would never suspect that the MAN was out to get them .. he drank and smoked weed like no other .. he said he loved to take psychedelics when he was kid but he always said im an adult now .. acid and shit is for kids he told me .. but often said he wish he was well enough emotionally to go into those spaces like he once did .. he was what I now call a dystopian .. a colorado born dystopian"

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070594 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)03:40:57" && image=="23172405_1612015815488649_4510038519567942547_n.jpg")

"matthew never did get to saw this but he would always brag about going to 100's of metal shows .. he always said he loved documentaries and shit like that .. im drunk im sorry
>woodstock 99

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070595 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)03:46:14")


if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070596 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)03:48:43")


if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070602 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)04:50:18")

this was long before I met him .. some time before he came here to Alaska .. I wish he had never fucking come here .. but had he not come here I don't think I would have woken up .. but to be wide awake and regretful .. I hate him for that for this .. that he has burdened me with his death .. he should have never fucking come here if only he stayed in colorado

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070604 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)05:10:03" && image=="NLMG0.jpg")

"never let me go ( 2016) (DYS)
he would sometimes make this joke hw would say "someday you will see in your when you have to wait on a list to get an artificial art while rich white people will have clones but we always get some good fresh organs from some Chinese gangsters " he would laugh but I never thought it was too funny

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070609 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)05:23:39" && image=="ladyalien.jpg")

"species (1995 ) CONS.
>copied and pasted
A few weeks ago the American government didn't outlaw human animal hybrids .. So human animal hybrids are legal so for a moment remove your sense of disbelievement and think about what if something similar like this happened today .. Just a quick word before I go I showed this to my friend and as we were watching the film he took note that the "girl" in the film went about looking for relationships in a similar fashion that real women do .. Going from alpha to beta .. It was interesting to see because I was looking at it from the news from a few weeks ago because the military in alignment with corporations have been making human animal hybrids for decades in real life .. A difference of 2 percent genetic difference is what can determine one's legal human rights .. They do weapons test and all kinds of other terrible things like sexual abuse to cloned human animal hybrids .. But what can say of things they have never seen with their own eyes

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070610 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)05:30:17")


if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070612 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)05:41:36" && image=="Being_John_Malkovich_.jpg")

"being john M .
the occult is plotting he always said .. devil worshippers and tech people are often one and the same and he always told me these films are concept and metaphors for their true goals .. he told me about carl jung and symbols and critical thought needed to process complex art

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070614 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)05:58:02" && image=="Strangedays.jpg")

"strange days

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070615 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)06:01:41" && image=="heartworn.jpg")

"in the future we will look back to the outlaws .
good old film from 1976
remember to seed after you finish

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070617 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)06:21:20" && image=="MV5BMzg4NTYwMWI[email protected]@._V1_.jpg")

"Arlington Road ( 1999)
what a fucking year for a movie like this to come out like fuck is this fucking heavy .. awesome movie fucking consprifuckinsy fuck .. so fucking dark and heavy .. this one is top notch

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1070820 && dateTime=="09/10/21(Fri)23:32:02")

Im sorry for your loss anon."

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070842 && dateTime=="09/11/21(Sat)02:33:22" && image=="on the beach.jpg")

"On the Beach (1959)
My dad's favorite movie. Haven't seen it yet.
>In 1964, atomic war wipes out humanity in the northern hemisphere; one American submarine finds temporary safe haven in Australia, where life-as-usual covers growing despair. In denial about the loss of his wife and children in the holocaust, American Captain Towers meets careworn but gorgeous Moira Davidson, who begins to fall for him. The sub returns after reconnaissance a month (or less) before the end; will Towers and Moira find comfort with each other?

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070843 && dateTime=="09/11/21(Sat)02:38:06" && image=="children zof men.jpg")

"Matthew always said to me
"predictive programming" is the key word
children of men ( 2006)( DYS/CONS)

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070844 && dateTime=="09/11/21(Sat)02:41:06" && image=="PinkFloydPompeiit.jpg")

"pink floyd in ( somewhere whatever man )
im sorry im copying and pasting from the old thread

if(Guilt && title=="" && postNumber==1070848 && dateTime=="09/11/21(Sat)02:50:10" && image=="AS.jpg")

"Aaron swartz
information has a right to be free

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071769 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)08:17:28")

james Bond .. Moonraker

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071771 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)08:23:56" && image=="Taxi-Driver.jpg")

"A TAXI DRIVER (2017) (cons) (dys)
I got this thinking it was the one with robert deniro
from 1971 or 1976 if I recall correctly
but I got this instead , I was a little bit upset but I keep watching it because i had nothing else to watch that night so I watch this and by the end I thought it was one of the best films I had ever seen.. gotta watch the whole film through the credits

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071775 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)08:34:35" && image=="soldier.jpg")

"solider ( 1998 )

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071935 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)18:52:14")

a taxi driver
> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0B3F7C9DAEB5E4EF48D6BA239CA526EDCC18826E&dn=A+Taxi+Driver+%282017%29+BluRay+720p+x264+1GB+%28Ganool%29-XpoZ&"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071939 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)19:06:48" && image=="world travel.jpg")

"a prophet
I want to tell you all about him he was a good person im sad that I met him at his lowest when he really needed a people to help him my crew mates on the fishingboat got him hooked on H as some sick joke , they knew he liked to smoke weed so tiny pieces of dope at the bottom of a weed pipe .. they laughed and laughed over a few weeks as they slowly got him to point to convince him to shoot up he was a good person the one you see in movies .. he saw me as a friend but I just saw him as just some greenhorn that was going to get me drowned in the Bering sea ..


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071940 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)19:10:46" && image=="gtca.jpg")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071941 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)19:23:40" && image=="Poop-eating-lab-mice-affect-probiotic-research-outcomes-says-study.jpg")

" DNA modification I saw this film as a boy in elementary school about a retarded man who became super intelligent but it was realistic unlike lawnmower man . I oftentimes wonder if the powers that be knew I would connect the dots one day , but now that the time is here I laugh often in silence and disgust as I know its too late for myself and this world . I've been half awake and half asleep all my life , this midnight sun keeps my mind wide awake and running I can't believe they knew this whole time and slowly told us but we thought it was just art or movie whn they went out to tell us the truth behind closed doors "
Flower for Algernon

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071942 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)19:29:40" && image=="dna.jpg")

"this was in matthews diary
"so imagine for a moment one dude that could get all the ladies and his children from all those ladies got all the ladies so that in like 100 years it created like gentic bottleneck where it was just that one guys genes .. yeah pretty bleak .. well they send a time traveler back to time " correct " the past .. a touch of romance and comedy

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071947 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)19:57:01" && image=="MC.jpg")

"The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071951 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)19:59:05" && image=="pv.jpg")

"conspiracy time

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071952 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)20:06:01" && image=="oldboy.jpg")

"old boy

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071957 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)20:31:34" && image=="loo.jpg")

"" I remember when I was a kid I saw this film about the stasi I don't remember it too well its been how ever many years .. but I've known for a very long time communism is bad everytime and everywhere its installed so there was this one time my now ex and I went to a heavy metal concert in denvr and we were tripping on shrooms or something I think . there were these weak spaghetti arm looking socialist in the corner and they were handing out panphelts and my ex she started talking to them and grabbed her and violently ripped her away she asked me why .. and I said " you like mass death and mass murder don't you ?"
she looked perplexed and I explained marxism and social are just the stepping stones to communism and there to massgraves .. it happens this way in europe in asia , south america africa .." I told her and she looked shocked at the intensity in my eyes and then I looked back at those socialist with my eyes of hate .. they looked away as I pierced into their souls ."
the lives of other ( 2006)
films about a stasi agent living in the time before the collapse of the berlin wall and the USSR
its information its control and repression and being spied on by ones government

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1071961 && dateTime=="09/14/21(Tue)20:45:27" && image=="49128274_2165452386811653_7646505030698139648_o.jpg")

"matthews diary entries are about his memories about movies and music and his memories connected with them .. before I never posted the diary entries with them .. because of the dialouges I personally had with Matthew as he would talk about them while we spent time together for 16 to 20 hours together under the midnight sun .. I wish I had pictures of this time but Matthew would never allow anyone to take his picture under any circumstance while I knew him .. I have his Notebook filled with passwords its even just normal diary at points where he just talks about his feelings about homesickness , loneliness .. his ex alot about her .. thoughts of suicide of murder .. confession to serious crimes .. confession of his innocence in light of accusations .. I don't know what to believe anymore .. where do the lies end and the truth begin .. what if its all the truth ?.. no omission of the truth ..";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072204 && dateTime=="09/15/21(Wed)16:25:52" && image=="geo enginerring.jpg")

what in the world are they spraying (2010)

why in the world are the spraying (2012)

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072346 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)02:20:18" && image=="gasland.jpg")

"water and oil

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072347 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)02:21:24" && image=="food inc.jpg")

"food inc ( 2008)
documentary film

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072348 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)02:24:41" && image=="1628456026559.jpg")

"the film that helped start the drug war

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072349 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)02:26:09" && image=="adw.jpg")

"American Drug War
documentary from 2007

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072350 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)02:27:58" && image=="enron.jpg")

"Enron : smartest guys in the room
documentary from 2005 about corporate greed and critical infrastructure collapse

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072351 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)02:32:57" && image=="[email protected]@._V1_.jpg")

""the release of the bioweapon against the gays in 1980's ..familiar faces "
we were here

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072380 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)03:42:39" && image=="aspen.jpg")

"" I for a time rubbed elbows metaphorically and literally with the rich and i've been invited into their parties at time , I've seen things in my hometown of Aspen if only they knew what the rich did behind the veils and what horror they have planned for us .. god help us .. god forgive me what i've done and seen .. I do not wish to entangle myself with the enemy any further but I can only feel hate here in the middle of the ocean surrounded "
born rich

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072384 && dateTime=="09/16/21(Thu)03:51:51" && image=="twbb.jpg")

"" one of my favorite movies was this film my mom got for me and put in my easter basket one year along with a copy of 'Hitler's willing executioners' wow Im surpised even now that my mom got me both of these .. a book and dvd.. I miss her more than anyone .. I now know she is the only woman that loves me and I love her .. but to know I can't return to the 48 to see my family .. but im here to make my new live to carve a new destiny .. but I feel only sadness under these blue skies and an ever bluer ocean .. want to go back .."
there will be blood (2007) ( DYS)
an oil man at the turn of the last century

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072635 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)00:25:36" && image=="90944021_3023888730968010_6054656753411293184_n.jpg")

"" I remember playing AC with my older brother in 2007 or 2008 but the concept of the game lingers with me just like these dreams ..night terrors , joys and passions that are not mine .. but from those who have come before me .. I remember vaguely .. I remember better my time working in the theater in El jebel .. I never saw the AC movie but I remember see the opening scene when I was cleaning the theater .. I regret not seeing it .. I hope after I get off this boat I can start my new life god thats all I want .. thats all I want now ! "
assassin's creed

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072656 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)02:33:36" && image=="mathew smiling.jpg")

"" who was that guy the economic hitman ? the guy that would put whole nations in debts they couldn't pay back to put whole nation states into debt slavery what was his name .. I wish I could make a change in this world .. but as I hear the water and the waves day after day working in these brutal conditions .. Im afraid i won't make any positive and substantial change in this world .. if I was in control .. things would be different .. sometimes I see myself as a freedom fighter in my dreams other times I see myself as the tyrant trying to kill the freedom fighter .. what the point of being one if you become the other .. what ever happened to freedom .. not just american freedom but real human freedom without kings and tyrants .. what about my freedom "

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072689 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)06:36:46" && image=="Minority Report 2.jpg")

""PKD "
minority report

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072694 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)06:41:18" && image=="drugs.jpg")

"' I remember before I started smoking weed I saw the PDK one about the undercover drug cop who gets addicted to drugs '
a scanner darkly

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072830 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)17:58:33")

"Waking Life, an animated philosophical journey


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072837 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)18:41:14")

I hope these threads bring you some comfort buddy, I know it's a heavy burden. Seeing these pictures of Mathew smiling and learning more about him is heartbreaking. <3 <3 <3"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072862 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)21:14:22" && image=="1617408038645.jpg")

"" I bought the substance on DVD off Amazon .. the one and only time I've ever used Amazon , fuck man I miss LSD and psychedelics .. I miss the time we spent together in Las Vegas at the heavy metal convention .. I miss you even though you will never read this .. I wish I could say I still loved you .. but just as much as I miss you I know I never want to see you again so much so I've come across the continent just to get away from you and your abuse and knowing you fucked up my mind so bad I can't take psychedelics like when I was a kid .. but I've done it well over 100 times .. funny some people never get to have one experience in their whole life .. lucky fucking me all these trips good and bad have brought me here .. I've made more money in this few months than I have since I started working in colorado for what the last ten years .. but I don't even care .. im alone .. adrift in the ocean yet their are people here but I don't trust them I CANT TRUST THEM .. I just want to finish this contract so I can go home .. whatever the fuck that means "
the substance

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072863 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)21:15:24")

matthew had an entry about this movie too .."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072865 && dateTime=="09/17/21(Fri)21:22:02" && image=="420paris.jpg")

"Matthew only had one entry about his ex girlfriend that says her full name .. but deeper he has a afew pages after that where he talks about all the girls and relationships he had that in his words are "worth mention" but all women or young women that if he wishes he could apologize to , there is 10 pages of just girls and the stories with them , all of these photos are ripped directly from his FB account";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072951 && dateTime=="09/18/21(Sat)04:37:52")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072954 && dateTime=="09/18/21(Sat)04:52:29" && image=="13301357_1118405198183049_3227340238935765946_o.jpg")

"there are so many movie matthew had notes on .. there is one page that is just bullet point of just titls from anime t, manga to hollywood movies and books he read .. as i read reread his words on paper I feel like he is still here .. when I used pirate bay and when I see movies I have never seen or heard of even now .. I feel like he is still with me .. Matthew told me one reason why he came to Alaska was because of the break up with the girl who he planned to marry but also because of that guy from infowars the alex jones guy .. he said he was in the darkest and lonliest he had ever been so he tuned back into infowars , he said when ever he hit rock bottom he would watch the texan .. then he eventually made up his mind I remember he said to me .. the powers that be want to murder 98 to 99 percent of the human race and that the viruses as only the beginning .. he then said vaccines that kill will be next .. then mass death and starvation as infursturce collaspes martial law where the military goes door to door confinscated firearms and killing american citizens that don't comply then fema death camps .. but he said to me all of this primed and set up for decades before but more so since 9/11 . the NDDA and the patriot act were the noose martial law is the chair .. he said as things get worse the BLM and antifa " riots" are just previews for the real show .. in the cities choas will break out and the police won't be equipped evenwith the stuff the Department of defense provides them .. when this break down occurs he told me .. the military nacting martial law will become the police and with thaqt we will never have police again .. he said at worst";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072956 && dateTime=="09/18/21(Sat)05:05:38" && image=="13416889_1129581733732062_6509421016569842915_o.jpg")

case scenario is that the military is replaced by a fleet of terminator style military drones run by the US military or the UN or even worst china that will follow any and all orders as he said .. humans tend to express empathy guilt and human emotion that might make them if even just one out of 100 soldiers to defect .. 1 is enough he said .. but machines don't have feelings or true human emotions they can often detect emotion through advanced AI but he said robots kill on command no matter what .. he said this to me as I smoked him out with a proper joint with the last of my weed I had that fishing trip .. he said he saw the breakdown coming and he wanted to get prepared here in Alaska , he said he always wanted this place to be his home because it was a quiet mosh pit .. the thought of being close to death was cool to him but he didn't deserve to be murdered and if he did then he didn't deserve to go out like that , he told me often he had turned his back on his old life but that was what haunted him , he would often cry her name out in his sleep ,I don't want to say her name he said it was like the villain in Harry potter , when you say it it gives them power"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072960 && dateTime=="09/18/21(Sat)05:25:55" && image=="17311221_1377405878949645_8634678354846006908_o.jpg")

"in his diary it say this
I was not as innocent as I believe I am
I am guilty but often not what im accused of .. I once spoke openly of my involvement in conspiracies but no one believed me because I was always broke .. if I can get my hands on my passport I would show them who has all the gold .. but the borders are closed my passport is not here and im a convicted felon on the run for a crime I didn't commit funny .. all the people all the blood that ever stained my hands all the deaths .. the ones I killed myself and the people who became entangled with my story because of dirty green paper with old dead white guys on em .. 6 physical murders 1 spiritual killing .. a handful of suicides of all people I called my friends .. all those kids in Hong Kong .. fuck one just 1 or 10 or 100 fucking 1000's of people rounded up .. put in slave camps to make iphones, walmart shit or having their organs ripped out and sold to the rich .. jesus Im responsible for that .. I sold marijuana to a chinese agent who then used this marijuana and the protest that were becoming more and more violent to setup the crack down and this I admit to .. I was working for my gov but not directly .. I always thought maybe it was a good idea but in the back of my mind I knew what I was doing was wrong .. I once had an opportunity to travel to china but declined because I knew I wouldn't be able to smoke weed for what would have been what 10 days .. but if I had gone , smoked got busted I would be put to death .. funny im out here in the middle of the ocean because she said I beat her or som BS .. was the lives of all those people really worth a swiss bank account filled with gold next to nazi lock boxes filled with nazi gold .. am I no better than a nazi .. all those people were their lives really worth such a cheap price as 50,000 dollars worth of gold ? millions of dollars of marijuana grown in colorado to help fund gov black projects .. all those people were their lives really worth it ?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1072961 && dateTime=="09/18/21(Sat)05:28:46")

no one left to the UK
unless UK means a massgrave

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1074043 && dateTime=="09/22/21(Wed)03:07:49")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1074782 && dateTime=="09/24/21(Fri)20:05:37")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==1075519 && dateTime=="09/28/21(Tue)02:33:35")


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looks like a nigger to me"

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He was until he was murdered"