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String image = "9QxzhDz2Gzk[1].jpg";
String date = "06/11/21(Fri)06:39:58";
String comment = "Previous general - >>8932797

So, has anyone here purchased this bad boy?"

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if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9086595 && dateTime=="06/11/21(Fri)07:27:16")

Shit got sold out. And no additional figs were made, right?
So, nothing left for me.
And I sure don't want to get em from fucking scalpers."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9086606 && dateTime=="06/11/21(Fri)07:45:20")

Monkey Depot still has the deluxe available for preorder @ $120."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9087360 && dateTime=="06/11/21(Fri)15:11:26" && image=="IMG_1778.jpg")

"Was doing a new setup for my Detolf and went with a room design since I never cracked open my Furniture I got from HobbyLobby.
Did some new pics with the Felix Toys Clown first"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9087367 && dateTime=="06/11/21(Fri)15:16:29")

I have this exact set."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9087372 && dateTime=="06/11/21(Fri)15:18:23" && image=="IMG_1779.jpg")

It's a nice set
I wanna get more shit. I need a set with an actual desk"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9087846 && dateTime=="06/11/21(Fri)19:20:42" && image=="FIGURE-125679_01.jpg")

First time coming into these threads so forgive me if this is common information here but what's the quality like on Assualt Lily figures?
I really like the look of Yui Matsunaga and am considering buying her but I've never had experience with this company before."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9088664 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)03:48:58")

Decent, at least for me.
But rather pricy..."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9088902 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)08:54:22" && image=="gggg.jpg")

"So, NOTA's Bucky is on PO.
4 versions, Deluxe and Regular, and both of these have material variation: one uses Cloth, the other - Leather.
Which one would you buy?
Is that real Leather of just Pleather?
How quick does it go to waste?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9088903 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)08:55:27" && image=="AB.jpg")

"Here the difference. Leather looks good, but Cloth seems to be more of a long-lasting material.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9088925 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)09:13:27")

Yeah I noticed that, she's about 70 for me before shipping but I'm thinking of making it my big buy for the month.
Hows the range of movement compared to say, a figma? Do the clothes get in the way a lot?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9088960 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)09:36:44")

They do, but it's not that critical."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9089920 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)20:09:21")

I would go for the cloth version, the pleather looks better but i've seen pics of some figures peeling really bad.

Personally the only pleather figures i have is Mezco Dredd and 1000 toys Dante, only Dredd has started to peel but it's just a little."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090263 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)22:55:22" && image=="mezcopolis_20210612_224318_0__01.jpg")

"Looking great.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090266 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)22:56:24" && image=="mezcopolis_20210612_224318_3__01.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090267 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)22:57:31")

so it is mezco, $100 each?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090278 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)23:01:11")

Not Mezco(filename is from an IG account), these are made by a Chinese company.

No pre-order details yet."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090280 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)23:01:57")

ay yo wtf this is Mezco? It looks great."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090281 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)23:02:12")

Even if it was 100 dollars each I would still buy it Its god damn Metal Slug."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090295 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)23:07:24")

Lol why do people think that, there isn't any Mezflair crapping these up.

Company is Tunshi Studios"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090310 && dateTime=="06/12/21(Sat)23:13:05" && image=="mezcopolis_20210612_231123_2__01.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090696 && dateTime=="06/13/21(Sun)02:38:16")

The women look real good. First time plastic ever made me feel like a coomer."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090700 && dateTime=="06/13/21(Sun)02:41:48" && image=="inflames_general_1-12.png")

"So the 1/12 inflames chinese general came out. It's even on BBTS. The armor looks nice and the rubber horse is surprising.
Review by some Thai guy"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090707 && dateTime=="06/13/21(Sun)02:44:51" && image=="file.png")

"Got the filix toys joker adn god damn I love this fucker the clothes might be a bit limiting at times but he is absolutely worth it for the head sculpts. Absolutely want to get some furniture for this fucker";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090712 && dateTime=="06/13/21(Sun)02:50:21")

all 1/12 clothed stuff is fuckin' expensive bro"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090726 && dateTime=="06/13/21(Sun)02:59:16" && image=="file.png")

Looks good next to my only other DC figure"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9090864 && dateTime=="06/13/21(Sun)05:33:53" && image=="IMG_1321.jpg")

I fucking love mine"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9093134 && dateTime=="06/14/21(Mon)02:28:05" && image=="McSs2ayxedQ[1].jpg")

"Here we go.
My boys are back in town."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9094250 && dateTime=="06/14/21(Mon)14:47:41" && image=="i62zTbCwJ0g[1].jpg")

"Robin is awesome.
Figure of the year, even."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9094274 && dateTime=="06/14/21(Mon)14:59:10")

Has anyone ordered at VCtoys? I have mine ordered there and it says processing. I'm hoping it means its shipping soon."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9094280 && dateTime=="06/14/21(Mon)15:01:47")

I guess so. They are fine, but sometimes rather slow.
So, stay calm."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9095261 && dateTime=="06/14/21(Mon)23:05:16" && image=="199703078_313179220509484_6403658437400174202_n.jpg")

"New stuff also at the same festival";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9095271 && dateTime=="06/14/21(Mon)23:07:55" && image=="200403205_223875499554631_2034772423275870033_n.jpg")

"Also new Samurai";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9096039 && dateTime=="06/15/21(Tue)10:43:37")

Depending on when you ordered yours there were two batches. The first, initial batch and a batch that will release later this year."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9096407 && dateTime=="06/15/21(Tue)14:58:00")

Thanks for the info anon."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9097543 && dateTime=="06/16/21(Wed)04:20:29")

I wish someone made similar stuff, but for Dark Souls.
Like, come on, the game is full of neat designs."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9097722 && dateTime=="06/16/21(Wed)08:31:17")

Fuck yes, I've been wanting a 1/12 Samurai for the longest time."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9097756 && dateTime=="06/16/21(Wed)09:14:27")

How are these different from the Fwoosh samurais?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9097802 && dateTime=="06/16/21(Wed)10:01:45")

They’re definitely more similar to those than to the COOmodels ones, in that these are fully sculpted plastic without cloth elements."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9097804 && dateTime=="06/16/21(Wed)10:03:22")

There were also some knights, both male and female. Anyone got the pictures?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9098290 && dateTime=="06/16/21(Wed)15:29:51")

They look really similar, but these look more refined and a bit more accurate."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9100837 && dateTime=="06/17/21(Thu)21:57:44")

Anyone got pics of the new knights yet?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9100909 && dateTime=="06/17/21(Thu)22:48:39")

These 3 look really good together."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9101325 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)04:21:32")

Yes, I got mine, ordered October last year. You'll get yours.
And you'll fucking love it!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102492 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)17:32:24")

Huh? Who, what, where? Who is this guy he looks badass"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102501 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)17:37:36")

VToys Cyberpunk Robin."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102504 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)17:39:01")

thank you"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102520 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)17:47:41")

whats the difference btwn deluxe and regular version?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102528 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)17:53:43")

I would assume the amount of accessories, but I can't seem to find a listing for a standard release."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102679 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)19:12:13")

The robot is the DX part.
Everything else is for both versions."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102686 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)19:16:43")

Watch the taint part of the pants. Mine suddenly had a hole in it that I had to sew back shut. No clue how it happened, but I'm glad I fixed it. I felt like that guy in Toy Story 2"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102690 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)19:19:18" && image=="Screenshot_20210617-130710__01.jpg")

"Speaking of Vtoys, the Chinese seller I bought deathknight from apparently shipped. Can't find anything about it actually being released now on twitter or Instagram though.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102776 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)20:04:40")

Ah, thanks."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102796 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)20:12:13" && image=="F0A30AF2-8D38-427B-BA7C-FB180E84E023.jpg")

I only found the female ones. They look kind of dumb with their pleated skirts though. I might have imagined there also being some male knights shown."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9102802 && dateTime=="06/18/21(Fri)20:13:22" && image=="3840A095-53C1-497F-A7C3-27B057A500F0.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9103536 && dateTime=="06/19/21(Sat)04:13:33")

how are the ankles"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9103578 && dateTime=="06/19/21(Sat)04:40:46")

Overall, very good.
Going back (to point) is excellent; rocking in is excellent; rocking out is good and going forward (to heel) is good."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9104942 && dateTime=="06/19/21(Sat)19:46:47")

Are you sure he didn't just mark it shipped due to some ebay reason? Maybe transactions get canceled if not shipped within X amount of time."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9105926 && dateTime=="06/20/21(Sun)05:00:51")

I don’t like it. I’m a fan of historical armor and sexy fantasy armor is okay, but this is a middle ground that doesn’t work for me."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9106071 && dateTime=="06/20/21(Sun)07:51:14" && image=="Screenshot_20210620-074814.jpg")

It seems to actually be moving around though"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9108725 && dateTime=="06/21/21(Mon)11:40:01" && image=="Elite_knight_set_equipx[1].jpg")

Would love to see some Darks Souls Knights, Elite one would make a good start."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9108771 && dateTime=="06/21/21(Mon)12:03:04")

I hate that the only good option right now is an 800 dollar custom."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9109105 && dateTime=="06/21/21(Mon)15:48:42" && image=="Screenshot_20210621-153800__01.jpg")

Still going"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9110644 && dateTime=="06/22/21(Tue)08:18:14" && image=="JfIxSeObDKo[1].jpg")

"Has anyone modified their Beel?
I want to give his legs some articulation, but have no idea how to do it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9110646 && dateTime=="06/22/21(Tue)08:24:02")

>I want to give his legs some articulation

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9110653 && dateTime=="06/22/21(Tue)08:34:54")

Ankles. No points of articulation whatsoever."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9110669 && dateTime=="06/22/21(Tue)08:51:31")

Hmm, looks like all they do is swivel? Looking at the at pics of the buck, it appears to be the boots at fault. The easiest thing would be to get one of the Vietnam bucks. They have a rod that ends in a ball. The articulation isn't great, but it's there."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9112684 && dateTime=="06/22/21(Tue)21:23:12")

Or a $500 kit you need to paint."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9113825 && dateTime=="06/23/21(Wed)09:55:12")

Nah, I want to customize the ones he has."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9113879 && dateTime=="06/23/21(Wed)10:35:07" && image=="C38CF951-BB34-425A-8CCE-984E4E8CCB1C.jpg")

I would have preferred something like this look from Artesia. In fact, I just want an Artesia figure."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9114072 && dateTime=="06/23/21(Wed)12:07:25" && image=="PO.jpg")

"Who POed these two?
I heard, they are gonna be released in August or something."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9115961 && dateTime=="06/24/21(Thu)05:16:32")

Well, its nice to her this.
Got both of them, hoping there won't be any bad QC or further delays."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9117540 && dateTime=="06/24/21(Thu)22:01:24" && image=="199649493_3034589536786624_8107833680370174542_n.jpg")

"The godfather from Filix toys, looks really nice.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9117544 && dateTime=="06/24/21(Thu)22:03:21" && image=="197112499_3034589523453292_5227498439037175134_n.jpg")

"I liked the movie and this will definetly look nice in display, might get it depending on the price.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9117664 && dateTime=="06/24/21(Thu)23:12:26")

why does the suit look so big for him, it spreads out too much around the shoulders and chest, same with jokeman too. Is this a regular cloth problem? I see it on the Mezco John Wick too."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9117887 && dateTime=="06/25/21(Fri)01:59:35")

Did those cartoonish Nazi figures that were shown a while back ever come out? I have a renewed interest in them seeing these metal slug figures- looks like the aesthetics would fit well"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9118048 && dateTime=="06/25/21(Fri)04:07:50")

1st 2 waves are, with 2 more on preorder."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9118630 && dateTime=="06/25/21(Fri)10:54:59" && image=="10759268a3.jpg")

I was really into the aesthetic of these but unfortunately it seems like at least the ones that are out are really low quality, if the 2 reviews on youtube are any indication. I'd be interested if anyone here has them and can attest to that.

review in question:"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9118902 && dateTime=="06/25/21(Fri)13:01:26")

I want some of the uniform and kit for potential use on a Mezco buck, but haven't pulled the trigger on any loose parts yet. The Pop Toys buck looks like garbage."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9118933 && dateTime=="06/25/21(Fri)13:16:48")

Are they using the same 3A bootleg body? I bought a saving private Ryan Tom Hanks that disintegrated in a similar way. I’m just glad I had an extra crazy figure body around."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9119862 && dateTime=="06/25/21(Fri)20:28:37")

I guess it's because of the scale, if they make it bigger it may look too baggy for the figure."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9120041 && dateTime=="06/25/21(Fri)22:13:39")

Where can we pre-order?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9120701 && dateTime=="06/26/21(Sat)04:37:59")


if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9121003 && dateTime=="06/26/21(Sat)09:37:02" && image=="776547af3f87277a569a07d1f56188a2_1200x1598.jpg")

">random invoice from onesixthkit this morning
>the 1/12 2B kit I ordered in fucking 2019 is out
I can't believe it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9121354 && dateTime=="06/26/21(Sat)13:07:45")

new /ctg/ content incoming"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9122879 && dateTime=="06/27/21(Sun)07:52:10" && image=="9855A984-6E2C-46A8-BE19-B03B5ECABCF6.jpg")

"New Damtoys x CoalDog figure and line";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9122892 && dateTime=="06/27/21(Sun)08:14:16")

"Spae, eh? I hope they don't dump Death Gas Station.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9124907 && dateTime=="06/28/21(Mon)03:53:53")

Why no solomon plan figs?
I mean come on, why they skip so much."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9125000 && dateTime=="06/28/21(Mon)05:53:48")

"Anyone want to post displays? I rarely see cloth or Mezco figure displays here";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9125435 && dateTime=="06/28/21(Mon)11:39:10" && image=="A372C6EA-234C-450D-8AE6-21107A2A7221.jpg")

Sure, I have a couple shelves with cloth figures."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9125446 && dateTime=="06/28/21(Mon)11:40:20" && image=="266F5BC4-F20B-4356-830D-35ECE734862E.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9125450 && dateTime=="06/28/21(Mon)11:41:29" && image=="597BB4C8-8B32-4F59-851E-3CC33EA3C917.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9126194 && dateTime=="06/28/21(Mon)17:11:26")

Nice display anon

Those Damtoys/coal dog figures really pop, sad I missed out on Tony"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9126725 && dateTime=="06/28/21(Mon)21:25:13" && image=="20201105_145130_060__33167.1604588717.1000.1200.jpg")

Love this display, the upcoming samurai bugs would look really good with those figures."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9127246 && dateTime=="06/29/21(Tue)03:18:47")

Never thought about buying Figma Sekiro?
He would look goooood with these samurai."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9129282 && dateTime=="06/29/21(Tue)23:28:15" && image=="20190821_8e5586.jpg")

"Not sure if this is the right place but is this still in stock anywhere? It's called Manipple MP07.
I'm looking for one since the Mafex Batman 3.0 is being sold again."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9129791 && dateTime=="06/30/21(Wed)05:47:43")

I hope so, I ordered the set. I also collect bugs so these were right up my alley.
Figmas have gotten too expensive for what you get imo. Also probably wouldn’t scale."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9130038 && dateTime=="06/30/21(Wed)09:40:03")

I dunno, Sekiro always was a smaller dude."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9130041 && dateTime=="06/30/21(Wed)09:45:04")

fuck that looks good"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9131282 && dateTime=="06/30/21(Wed)21:01:43" && image=="7702F5BC-75D3-4C8E-8D17-1708C56EAF1D.jpg")

All three look amazing. I love how weird and creative they are. I hope they sell well and the line continues."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9131304 && dateTime=="06/30/21(Wed)21:18:31")

Let's just hope they release them at all."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9134557 && dateTime=="07/02/21(Fri)02:02:12")

Have you checked Giantoy?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9135197 && dateTime=="07/02/21(Fri)09:45:44")

"What would be the best place to get Limtoys' Aehab now? Don't need the deluxe set, just want the basic with the Snake head.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9135418 && dateTime=="07/02/21(Fri)11:34:58")

Giantoy dude.
S++ only, but it is worth it.
You can just sell the stuff you do not need."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9136834 && dateTime=="07/02/21(Fri)20:25:34")

>but it is worth it.
I second this, best MGS figure in 1/12, it's just fantastic."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9137393 && dateTime=="07/03/21(Sat)00:09:52")

"I ordered the grey poptoys Hitler despite finding no reviews for it wish me luck boys";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9137499 && dateTime=="07/03/21(Sat)01:02:47")

Good luck, though I suspect you'll be wanting to find a new body. I await your run-down on him!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9138857 && dateTime=="07/03/21(Sat)14:53:07")

I just got a payment request for de 2B clothes/head set I ordered over two years ago. I’m sure these will be released eventually."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9139268 && dateTime=="07/03/21(Sat)18:05:41")

Post pics when you get it. hope it's a good figure Anon."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9140216 && dateTime=="07/04/21(Sun)02:31:44" && image=="rooty_tooties.jpg")

I keep my toy soldiers here until I can find someplace better."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9140733 && dateTime=="07/04/21(Sun)11:26:43")

And another one for Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann. Why does everything have to hit at the same time?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9141047 && dateTime=="07/04/21(Sun)14:34:59")

I don’t think so."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9141056 && dateTime=="07/04/21(Sun)14:40:17")

Definitely want to see this one with some scale comparisons. I also want them to do one of the Luftwaffe aces."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9141090 && dateTime=="07/04/21(Sun)14:57:25")

I will post comparisons when I get him."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9142510 && dateTime=="07/05/21(Mon)09:17:35")

>Sold out

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9142538 && dateTime=="07/05/21(Mon)09:49:21")

Holy shit this is incredible. The price is a yikes but having this craft get repaired and fueled up by the death gas station crew is going to be a dream. I hope every release in this line comes with some kind of ship or small playset or alien. Anything is on the table and I love it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9144880 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)09:36:05")

"Any news from Limtoys?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9145272 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)14:51:39")

Oh shit it's here. Gonna check it out when I get home, but if legit I might be the first person to get hands on it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9145279 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)14:56:25")

Well, the jacket is based more on his look from Civil War, so I'll probably just go the cloth route over the leather in this case since it's already inaccurate from his TWS design."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9145890 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)20:42:58" && image=="Collage 2021-07-06 20_40_21__01.jpg")

What the fuck is this shit?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9145900 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)20:48:22")

It’s an eBay policy thing. They have to send something within a month or so or the order gets cancelled. So they usually send a letter. Same thing happened when I preordered some nota stuff."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9145904 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)20:52:24")

If i understand correctly the seller gave you that shitty discount card just because the figure hasn't been yet released and the pre-order time it's been extended for more than 30 days, make sure your order is not marked as fulfilled Anon, otherwise it sounds like a scam."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9145915 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)20:55:47")

Ok, I can get that. I don't like that my order is apparently "delivered" now according to Ebay's tracking though."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9145917 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)20:56:51" && image=="Screenshot_20210706-205349.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146035 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)22:42:56")

Why block the seller? Let's the rest of us know who not to buy from."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146048 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)22:57:43" && image=="pots and pans thrown down stairs.png")

Guy is a top-rated seller too, but I will probably open a refund request and wait until closer to actual release. The order being "delivered" is too skeevy."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146067 && dateTime=="07/06/21(Tue)23:14:30")

You can go ahead, but that’s just about how eBay preorders work. Get a refund and maybe try 5ktoys if you’re in the states."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146144 && dateTime=="07/07/21(Wed)00:17:26" && image=="dude trust me.jpg")

Never have tried to pre-order on eBay before, but it works on faith alone? Is there anything stopping sellers from ripping off buyers at all once the item is marked "delivered" well in advance of the actual delivery like this? I'm pretty sure that by the end of the month I won't even be able to leave feedback on this purchase."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146155 && dateTime=="07/07/21(Wed)00:24:00")

They’d have a shitload of negative reviews which would be a death sentence for an eBay business. The faith is knowing you can get it refunded at any time because all these messages are through eBay’s systems which can easily be used as evidence. eBay is also heavily consumer sided."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146171 && dateTime=="07/07/21(Wed)00:33:43")

You can't leave any kind of review after a certain amount of time has passed(A month or two I think), so depending on the length of the pre-order sellers could avoid having any negative reviews on those pre-orders.

Pretty sure there is a closing window of time for disputes as well."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146190 && dateTime=="07/07/21(Wed)00:52:46")

The store would probably be struck down if they're getting multiple messages about a store not fulfilling their orders regardless of closed dispute windows.
And like I said, these messages can be used as evidence. This is a pretty big store that had a lot of orders, so risking scamming you on this single order wouldn't benefit them if it meant their store gets taken down.
Like they've been telling you, they're still waiting on this figure to be sent to them. If I were you, I'd keep the preorder and start messaging them when in-hand pictures start popping up in china."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146416 && dateTime=="07/07/21(Wed)05:09:01")

"i don't know where to ask this but I bought a figma Emily with the intent of having a 1/12 figure to dress up but it turns out it's quite small so i've been looking to get a TBLeague T03A with some figma head, is it worth it or are there any other recommendation?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9146427 && dateTime=="07/07/21(Wed)05:26:44" && image=="7E894718-A01C-4C93-BDAB-D484D2B6397F.jpg")

If you want an anime-style head get the T02A or T02B instead. A figma head isn’t going to fit without heavy modding."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9148132 && dateTime=="07/08/21(Thu)01:05:16")

I don't really like the big breasts, that's why i'm asking about T03 instead"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9149172 && dateTime=="07/08/21(Thu)14:31:57")

What are these? This is my first time seeing them."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9151763 && dateTime=="07/09/21(Fri)16:53:01" && image=="spirit detective.jpg")

"Was stuck in customs for almost a month but this third party Yusuke Urameshi is amazing. I went ahead and bought Kurama and 5ktoys so I don't have to pay latecomers tax again.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9151782 && dateTime=="07/09/21(Fri)16:58:56")

"Review of der Führer."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9154904 && dateTime=="07/11/21(Sun)04:48:11")

I want a realistic looking one."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9159279 && dateTime=="07/13/21(Tue)01:46:52")

"God I was so stupid in not getting Aehab earlier. Now its sold out everywhere and I'll never own it.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9162378 && dateTime=="07/14/21(Wed)11:37:15" && image=="IMG_20210713_211620.jpg")

"I love this guy";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9162385 && dateTime=="07/14/21(Wed)11:38:26")

is it a bad idea to get him from ebay? I see plenty on there still for around 130, but it says he'll be delivered in September"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9162397 && dateTime=="07/14/21(Wed)11:48:31")

Ebay is pretty good cause of the buyer protection thing. If they do scam you, Ebay just gives you your money back and erases the seller iirc. No seller would risk that I think."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9163990 && dateTime=="07/15/21(Thu)00:39:22" && image=="64bc69f8c8b04e1fe18e90460db3c417_d42ceedf-36ea-420f-a6a8-a3a2186b5da8_532x710.jpg")

"Bean Gelo Soviets are up for pre-order.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9164338 && dateTime=="07/15/21(Thu)07:05:27")

They sure did a better job of kitting them out than they did that first wave of Germans.
gpslot has one up for auction that ends tomorrow."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9165928 && dateTime=="07/15/21(Thu)20:47:21" && image=="E6X6f-yWUAI9x7e.jpg")

Hope you find it for non-rape price Anon, also Lim toys said they'll release more MGS figures, don't loose hope."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9166496 && dateTime=="07/16/21(Fri)00:32:09")

"Should I go filix or Patriot for Joker? Filix has more headsculpts but the red suit looks a bit wonky for him, while Patriot has less shit overall but has the better suit";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9166540 && dateTime=="07/16/21(Fri)00:47:19")

Patriots jacket rides a bit high, honestly, but he does have an overall better tailored suit. Filix also suffers a little bit of a big head. How much do you care about scale? Filix is a little tall for something like figuarts while the patriot one is shorter. Here's a video that compares all three. I honestly didn't know bullethead made one and it's so shit."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9166545 && dateTime=="07/16/21(Fri)00:48:21")

Forgot this"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9166729 && dateTime=="07/16/21(Fri)02:43:59")

>rides a bit high
Yeah, any way to bring it down? Like I don’t care if the collar is intact or not I just want the front part to actually look like a suit, Mezco John Wick had this same problem too. I’ve never owned a clothed fig before but can’t you “pull” the suit forwards and have it fit better?
I’m probably going with Patriot desu, it’s got the best headsculpt, like that is straight up Joaquin Phoenix underneath. I can just hunt down the bloody joker heads in a couple months. Or maybe I can order it from the manufacturer themselves?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9166898 && dateTime=="07/16/21(Fri)04:50:35")

Bluetac maybe."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9166903 && dateTime=="07/16/21(Fri)04:54:42")

5K has him on backorder"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9174305 && dateTime=="07/19/21(Mon)01:56:57" && image=="derfuhrer1.jpg")

"He's back! wunderbar !";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9174334 && dateTime=="07/19/21(Mon)02:23:12")

I'm glad I made a last minute decision to get him, now I'm thinking about getting Leon and the winter soldier but I don't have the strongest connection to RE2 Leon and I am collecting dbz Figuarts which is getting expensive as well which is making me ever more hesitant on both."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9174348 && dateTime=="07/19/21(Mon)02:41:34" && image=="derfuhrer2.jpg")

quality is not there for 80 burgerbucks, but there is undeniably a charm"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9176347 && dateTime=="07/19/21(Mon)21:29:45")

Looks very good, shame there's not a 1/12 Toguro to go with him."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9176354 && dateTime=="07/19/21(Mon)21:33:37")

Uniform looks pretty well done, better than some of the earlier figures. General consensus is the body is shit, though that might be fixable."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9176572 && dateTime=="07/19/21(Mon)23:24:49" && image=="derfuhrer3.jpg")

yeah, no gripes about the uniform but the body is pretty bad. no torso articulation, legs don't go forward as much as I'd like and the joints feel like they are already wearing down a bit in the hips. Not sure I'm handy enough to bother replacing it though- might just be really careful"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9176887 && dateTime=="07/20/21(Tue)03:25:51")

I'm waiting for the dandy chap in wave 4, but I'm thinking maybe I should grab one of the PopToys body and seeing if any of the old 1:6 body mod techniques will work."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9180409 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)09:46:36" && image=="DE3F335F-D1C7-4792-B33E-A91376CFB22A.jpg")

"I got this dude yesterday finally and I’m enjoying him a lot. There’s just one problem. Dear lord he’s naked. I’ve never bought clothes for a figure before so I wanted to come over and ask if anyone has any recommended clothes for Body Zero? I don’t want to buy a shirt only for it not to fit yknow. And maybe some heads?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9180463 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)10:07:31")

Heads will be case-by-case, so you'll need to be able to mod. eBay has 1/12 clothes, you'll likely want stuff for sized for Mezco figures, though not ones labeled "slim"."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9180689 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)11:46:03" && image=="296F39C4-7D98-4FB7-8D9F-1D86FBD677B2.jpg")

I’ve got a McFarlane Witcher, Borderlands 3 Psycho, GI Joe Flint, and a WWE Alexander Rusev I’ve found that Flint’s hole is too large, but I could fill it with tissue or something, the McFarlane heads should fit but I don’t know how to remove the barbell neck joint, it’s too small for my hands. I haven’t checked with Rusev but I think it should work. Also yeah can anyone help me figure out how to take out the barbell balljoint from their slots? I’m new to dressable figures lmao"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9180709 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)11:51:48")

Just get a pair of small needle-nose pliers. Lightly grip the shaft (heh heh) and pull the barbell out."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9180904 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)13:00:26")

I'm out of the loop, can someone tell me what the deal is with this figure? Is it a not-cyberpunk bootleg? Is it sold out everywhere? What was the original price? Who is producing this and what is their pedigree? It just looks amazing, may want to bite the bullet."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9180993 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)13:41:03")

Vtoys' Robin. Sold out almost everywhere, thus pay the latecomer tax or wait for a rerelease.
The original price with shipping was around 100 USD.
It is just an original design, but for realz, he looks like modernized version of Cyberpunk's Morgan Blackhand."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9181011 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)13:47:08" && image=="Morgan_Blackhand_2025[1].png")

I mean, just look at him.
Pretty spot on. And I dig it.
Tis gonna look nice with 2077's Figmas."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9181039 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)13:53:39")

>Tis gonna look nice with 2077's Figmas.
I have my doubts about scale compatibility, but here's hoping."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9181422 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)16:29:43")

"Are people fairly confident in Limtoy's quality at this point? Interested in their upcoming Leon and TLOU figures";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9181969 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)20:38:12")

Go for it man, personally I'm waiting for them to drop a 1/12 Arthur Morgan"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9181980 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)20:45:32")

All we have to go buy 1:12-wise is Aehab, but that turned out mostly good."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9181981 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)20:45:42")

Had Aehab for a while now, haven't had any issues yet and haven't read a complain either, so as soon as Leon preorder went up i got one.

I'll say go for it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9182032 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)21:09:09")

What fig is this?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9182065 && dateTime=="07/21/21(Wed)21:20:47")

this is the Bean-Gelo "Devil King" grey version from poptoys"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9183286 && dateTime=="07/22/21(Thu)09:40:06" && image=="90D9F89F-9CDA-4DBB-B068-103E02E53E84.jpg")

"It took a while, let’s open these up.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9183325 && dateTime=="07/22/21(Thu)09:54:30" && image=="89183A65-789F-4399-8C39-29B77C6396B6.jpg")

Nice packaging.ggnj8"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9183332 && dateTime=="07/22/21(Thu)09:56:36" && image=="5CF0A95A-7BF4-4702-93BA-DD802D7D22F3.jpg")

No insignia attached, you get a baggy full of stickers."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9183342 && dateTime=="07/22/21(Thu)09:59:17" && image=="4732A8A9-C6BE-4BA7-9D23-96BEA6D84259.jpg")

Small or far away? Damtoys’ isn’t just shorter, he’s not even the same scale. You can try forced perspective, otherwise they’re not going to look good in the same scene"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9183357 && dateTime=="07/22/21(Thu)10:03:11")

Bummer. Probably works with most of the other clothed 1:12 lines, though. Thanks for the pics, anon!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9183476 && dateTime=="07/22/21(Thu)10:32:54" && image=="32q3YTYCLkw[1].jpg")

"Well, Robin's jasket is nice.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9183627 && dateTime=="07/22/21(Thu)11:33:51")

paid mine in full on ebay in 2019 like a dumbass not anticipating long ass delays... It would be pure luck now if the seller is a good person and would send me my 2b 1/12 kit I paid for..."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9186491 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)05:19:53" && image=="C555E5AD-6773-441B-AA3D-E817BB28AD8A.jpg")

Never preorder on Ebay. Have you contacted the seller?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9186989 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)11:28:06")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9186993 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)11:29:10" && image=="9E0F12A3-0F25-4053-B054-E2A69CD92FD6.jpg")

I had an extra COOmodel body that’s tge right size. I have to find some adapters for the shoes and see if the head and hands fit. I also ordered a second Michael Wittmann head on Ebay so I almost have two complete ones now."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9187894 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)15:51:38")

Hey, anon, where did you get yours from?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9187992 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)16:19:50")

I got it from giantoy, I don't see the product page for him there anymore though"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9188312 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)18:05:24")

How long did it take to get to you? Thinking of just going ahead and pulling the trigger on one of the SS guards."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9188355 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)18:16:24")

I am in the US and I got it 12 days from when I ordered, idk if that's typical but it was way faster than I expected"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9188384 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)18:24:13")

Ah, that's not bad. It felt like I waited forever for my last Chinese (Hong Kong) order."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9188670 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)20:15:08" && image=="20210723_170710.jpg")

It's been well over 90 days, and I lost all information of the transaction and lot number etc...
BUT lol look what shows up today in pic related! Genuinely surprised and thought I was screwed over, but I dont have a body heh..."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9188698 && dateTime=="07/23/21(Fri)20:22:17" && image=="20210316_135135.jpg")

For anyone with the SuperDuck 2B kit: be careful with the blindfold, it can stain her face. My 1/6 2B had some dye on her face, but over time kind of went away. I never put the mask back again."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9191096 && dateTime=="07/24/21(Sat)18:23:04")

Have you put yours on yet? I got a body in the right skintone for her, but the instructions say to put plastic wrap on the limbs before you put the clothes on? Do they just mean like saran wrap or something?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9191214 && dateTime=="07/24/21(Sat)19:14:17" && image=="Magna and 2b.jpg")


As someone who got the white dress version, I highly recommend heating up the plastic part of the boots and cutting off the little bit at the end of the stockings, that way you can get a direct connection between the metal ball joint of the phicen body and plastic socket of the boot. I also didn't try to use saran or plastic wrap as the instructions say but you pretty much just keep twisting the limbs until the clothes fit into place, just make sure to push the silicon skin back otherwise you stretch it out too much."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9191265 && dateTime=="07/24/21(Sat)19:32:11")

Wait, the 1/12 version of the kit finally came out?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9192000 && dateTime=="07/24/21(Sat)23:14:37" && image=="Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 13-11-12 Toyz • Instagram.png")

"For anyone interested, Deviltoys have a booth at ACGHK (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong) showing off not just their 1/6 line, but also more of their 1/12 Bullet Punk figures to come.

I am VERY excited."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9192008 && dateTime=="07/24/21(Sat)23:16:14" && image=="Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 13-11-22 Toyz • Instagram.png")

Closer view"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9192016 && dateTime=="07/24/21(Sat)23:18:15" && image=="102202184237AM_8633662.jpg")

...and a reminder about the original figure that kicked off their 1/12 line that has already finished pre-order.
Due to be released next month and I can't wait."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9192071 && dateTime=="07/24/21(Sat)23:36:39")

I'm very interested in what they've got going on, but their 1/12 dude was long sold out by the time I even heard about it. I hope it does well enough to do wider runs."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9192448 && dateTime=="07/25/21(Sun)02:11:57")

It's still available from this Australian site:

They have the deluxe version too."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9192787 && dateTime=="07/25/21(Sun)06:17:49")

I dont have a 1/12 scale body yet. But I do believe they mean saran wrap. I actually had to do that to my 1/6 scale 2B kits. The saran wrap makes putting on the dress and sleeves easy. I wouldnt saran wrap the legs for the stockings, no need because its manageable, and the saran wrap would be too visible.
Sorry for the late reply anon, you probably already put your kit together..."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9193099 && dateTime=="07/25/21(Sun)10:38:49")

wait, are these the rise of mecha designs in 1/12?
If they do the orange one that's an instant buy!"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195116 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)00:03:52")

"I hate that all the new 1/12 stuff is shifting to mostly movie characters. It's to be expected since it's 1/6 companies bread and butter, but the military and historical warrior stuff I've been enjoying is getting thinner";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195323 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)02:28:59")

where do you guys buy these from?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195351 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)02:56:09")

"So an update on anybody who bought the LIM TOYS Leon figure, apparently the box is done and they updated the figure to match mezco height better. It's shipping in october or september for sure. Was confirmed by their PR guy.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195365 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)03:06:13")

I hope it’s optional. I personally don’t need it to be mezco sized."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195366 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)03:06:30")

Lel that's fucking dumb"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195369 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)03:07:46")

I think it's reasonable for you to be salty about the lack of military figures.
I collect realistic-looking futuristic/cyber (Robin, Solomon plan etc) characters and it can be hard to find decent figures that scale well together and look good."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195521 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)05:51:48")

Giantoy, Monkey Depot, eBay."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195592 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)07:54:43")

did they give it dwarf proportions too?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195637 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)08:34:28")

read it again"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195738 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)09:40:30")

Same here, I honestly like more the proportions they used on Snake, maybe it's something optional like they did with the extra boots."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195766 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)09:56:17")

How can proportions be optional? I don't understand."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195860 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)10:42:04")

Thanks man"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9195897 && dateTime=="07/26/21(Mon)10:54:30")

It's actually the height of the figure, they included an extra pair of articulated boots, when you use them the figure becomes a little shorter."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9200308 && dateTime=="07/27/21(Tue)22:12:25")

">looking for some 1/12 medieval weapons
>nothing but guns and katana
Anyone know of any weapon packs or 1/12 figure with lots of such accessories? I can't get those mythic legions easily in my shithole."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9200319 && dateTime=="07/27/21(Tue)22:19:19")

COO models 1:12 bodyguard knights, Palm Empire knights and Vikings."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9202272 && dateTime=="07/28/21(Wed)18:52:36" && image=="waifu_cloth_1-12.jpg")

"New waifu. Seance Era Cerberus 1/12 Scale Figure";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9202474 && dateTime=="07/28/21(Wed)20:34:17")

Giantoy wants $115. Hate to see what other places are going to charge. Speaking of GT, they've got the office worker version of Damtoys' GansBoy in stock."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9202591 && dateTime=="07/28/21(Wed)21:56:20" && image=="QC_Roulette_2021.jpg")

>have ladies in tactical gear fetish
>see this dysfunctional disaster of an outfit
>that dumb giant traffic sign helmet with no optics
>her right eye is covered by hair that looks like chocolate shell ice cream
>further negating the point of the tacticool nonsense design
>comes with a basic bitch Colt AR-15 style rifle for a cyberpunk character

Rainbow Six Siege figures of the the female operators when?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9202634 && dateTime=="07/28/21(Wed)22:21:24" && image=="3F4DFF07-D92D-4B0D-AFB2-C57CAE37309B.jpg")

Do we know how detailed the body is? Asking for a friend."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9202648 && dateTime=="07/28/21(Wed)22:30:27")

Ouch what a fucking mess of a design
The tactical stuff doesn’t even look tactical in any way and the cyberpunk stuff doesn’t look cyberpunk enough, interesting, so that’s what happens if you’re being wishy washy about your designs. Gotta write that down"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9204918 && dateTime=="07/29/21(Thu)21:35:31" && image=="Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 4.38.32 PM.png")

"thoughts on this? i found while clicking around on Amazon.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9204921 && dateTime=="07/29/21(Thu)21:36:46")

never mind, i thought this was just for clothed figures in general."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9206306 && dateTime=="07/30/21(Fri)13:23:18" && image=="werewolf_1.jpg")

"We're getting werewolves. Coomodel is back making 1/12 stuff again.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9206313 && dateTime=="07/30/21(Fri)13:24:31" && image=="werewolf_2.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9206345 && dateTime=="07/30/21(Fri)13:36:18" && image=="corner_1_12_apoco.jpg")

"You ready for even worse threea KO stuff again?";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9206352 && dateTime=="07/30/21(Fri)13:38:19" && image=="220743013_335191454953776_8470694262465288582_n.jpg")

non-SBaHJ version"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9206415 && dateTime=="07/30/21(Fri)13:52:30")

Yeah, I don't know why 5ktoys get the worst quality promo pics ever."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9207063 && dateTime=="07/30/21(Fri)18:29:29" && image=="226645543_10165446066040634_3420672268097123776_n.jpg")

The first one looks kinda interesting for me except for the shoes.

Also more pictures for the Tbleage armored girls, seems they're about to be up for preorder if anyone wants them."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9208259 && dateTime=="07/31/21(Sat)12:11:46")

It's funny how close this is to the female knight I've always wanted, but just like 20% too horny. Lose the bare thighs and throw on a helmet and it'd be perfect. I'll probably still grab one, but hopefully the rest of the line has different parts so I can mix and match."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9208267 && dateTime=="07/31/21(Sat)12:23:24")

They come with helmets. They're pretty much 1:12 versions of the original 1:6 figure."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9208494 && dateTime=="07/31/21(Sat)14:50:59")

That's pretty cool. Too bad the others are just recolors, but I'm sill in just to try one."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210457 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)09:22:23" && image=="B309CBF4-2E00-446D-B289-F7A2295DC9CA.jpg")

"The COOmodel werewolf is looking good.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210458 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)09:22:28")

$85/$125 on Giantoy, but they're supposedly cheaper elsewhere. 190mm, due Oct.-Dec."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210463 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)09:24:08")

Looks like you get a lot of stuff for the price. I would go for it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210464 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)09:25:48")

Weren’t those other werewolves with the soft sculpts and terrible paints the same price?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210470 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)09:29:05")

The Kickstarter ones? Those were $55."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210491 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)09:46:23" && image=="86C38EF8-B483-42B6-BE4D-6CD4284780D0.jpg")

"For those that are collecting American WW2 troops there’s a new 1:12 RC jeep by FMS that looks really good.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210497 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)09:48:08")

I don’t know if they were kickstarted, I remember them being on BBTS or DST."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210531 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)10:08:05" && image=="DoMOmegaStudio.jpg")

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210888 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)13:21:57")

Was this a scam? That campaign makes no sense, the goal was $2,000 and they got $19,000, how are they making an action figure line with that kind of money?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210890 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)13:23:59")

"No idea. I know BBTS has pulled the pages for them, so possibly it is a scam.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210936 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)13:44:31")

How much in USD?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210957 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)13:50:51")

$280-$300+, depending on where you find it."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9210961 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)13:51:49")


That's a bit more than I'm ok with spending."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9212406 && dateTime=="08/01/21(Sun)22:58:47")

>there are people on /toy/ who preordered these"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9212776 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)02:26:05")

"Wasn't there a Daniel C. Bong figure being made?

Where can I find info on that?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9212831 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)03:01:43")

*Daniel C. James Bond
Fuck you know what I meant."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213165 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)07:22:13" && image=="UveigPwqodA[1].jpg")

"So, Limtoys' TLOU Joel is partly in rework.
New sculpt looks nice."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213170 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)07:25:47" && image=="hwp4R9ZKjAg[1].jpg")

"As does the body.

"We're also giving you a look at our newly designed 1/12 scale strong body that fits Mezco's scale!

Everyone, the chest piece is soft pvc, and there is butterfly joint and neck joint inside!

Ellie's sculpt will be updated in the near future!""

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213175 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)07:28:43" && image=="L6Um9m6lf7w[1].jpg")

"BioEvil RPD Officer's box art.

And, finally, Not Leon is coming out in September-October."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213799 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)12:21:52")

You have my attention.
They started showing these, January of last year? It sure as hell seems like they're starting almost from scratch. Q1 2022 announcement, here we come."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213803 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)12:22:41" && image=="0ab1d9fff6fc09730d34c8be914b91e8_630x945[1].jpg")


Here you go."

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213838 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)12:40:47")

"5k toys has my Death knight vtoys and it should arrive today pretty excited.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213841 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)12:41:45")

Thanks. What movie was this based on again?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213904 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)13:13:07" && image=="1604712813882.jpg")

the new one"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9213959 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)13:35:27")

The one where he gets usurped by a "strong" black chick?

Why the fuck would I want a figure from that gay ass shit? Couldn't they have made one based on Casino Royal or something?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9214122 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)14:38:21" && image=="don't talk to me or my son ever again.jpg")

"My Jokers came in at the same time.";

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9214149 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)14:52:48")

Did Joker never use guns in the Gasslight story, or does that figure not have any because DC no-gunz fuckery?"

if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==9214151 && dateTime=="08/02/21(Mon)14:55:46")

Eeeh only like once he used mostly knives and a surgical saw ehich he does come with"